Wenger finished and he knows it.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the press pushed Arsene for answers, versus goading him into a reaction for the back page of a rag?

I don’t care what his opinion is on his review is, he’s hardly going to want to talk about that right now.

“My job is to perform, I don’t ask if your position is reviewed..”

At least he knows his job is to perform. Not sure how he’ll frame this year as that, but whatever. Point is, I want to hear his thoughts on the problems at the club, and get into specifics.

  • Why is there such a consistent thread of failure against top 6 teams?
  • What are you going to change the narrative this Thursday?
  • How do you react when players are walking on the pitch in a cup final?
  • How do you assess player motivation?
  • Are players calling in sick?
  • Do you think Ozil’s constant vacations are a problem?

I personally think the press give Wenger an easy ride when they goad him. This happens almost every year, it’s the same reaction every time.

“I’ve turned the whole world down to respect my contracts,”

“My position is the last worry I have at the moment. My worry is to get the team focused and ready for tomorrow’s game.”

Absolute nothing comments. The press coverage is now about his loyalty, not his lack of understanding when it comes to Arsenal’s declining ability to compete at the highest level. I think the sad part about the comments he’s making is I’m not sure even he believes in what he’s saying. He looks clueless and lost. It’s sad, but as fans, we can’t feel bad about seeing Wenger in this mess. He stole that new contract last summer and we all knew what would happen.

Wenger needs to start rethinking his loyalty angle. We plucked him from Grampus 8 and gave him a platform to succeed. Sure, there were some years he could have gone to Madrid, but he’d have failed and died off as a top-flight manager 10 years ago and he’d not be in an elite job right now. He’s done very well out of Arsenal. His last 3 contracts have been gifts, he’s lucky to be running a big club right now. Hopefully we won’t double down on our dreadful summer mistake. Hopefully this is the end game.

Also, I appreciate he worked some wonders back in the day, but let’s not pretend the Arsenal job hasn’t been appealing, even in the dark times. Wenger’s loyalty wasn’t linked to club survival. Even in the dark times, he’s was still blasting £100m wage bills. A lot of our poverty in the transfer market was linked to him spending all his money on a failed socialist wage experiment. Irony of all ironies, in the socialist experiment, there was always one man who had to be the richest.

Interesting to see that John Cross has now turned on Wenger, you know that if he’s changed his tune from ‘careful what you wish for’ it’s because he’s been given permission to do so. Also fantastic to read that we’re tracking Jardim and Arteta. Not quite so keen on Brendan Rodgers, he’s not a bad coach, he’s just a bit of a prat. Would want us to steer clear of Loew, such a yer da signing.

This is a pretty detailed overview of Leonardo Jardim, the career coach from Madeira. We’re going to need a manager who extracts 110% out of players, a Pochettino style hire. I think Jardim has consistently demonstrated his ability to take on challenging situations and win out. He’s a great defensive coach, his Monaco side last year were next level in terms of attacking style, and he’s capable of adapting his vision based on the assets he has at his disposal. It’d also be nice to keep the Monaco heritage in our DNA.

I’m just praying we don’t make a regressive crowd pleaser signing. Go for the smartest coach, with the most exciting vision for the club. Interview and meet people. Make them work for the best job in the world.

I cannot wait people. Wenger is could be on the way out.

Anyway, we have the issue of City tomorrow. Not often a mega game like this goes on general sale, but hey, not often a club that charges £95 a ticket keeps a failing manager on the payroll at the expense of success.

Right, see you tomorrow for a plate of masochism.

Also, I did this video for Ball Street. Take a watch. I was next level hungover, so apologies.


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  1. E54_



    37M. Was 20 when he signed. EFL cup his 1st ever senior trophy. German. Came from Schalke.
    Most of City players are not WC on their own. They are not the finished articles. Yes alot of money was spent. NOT because they were WC players, but because CITY pay over the odds to get the deals done fast.


    Their ability/skill level doesn’t change because City pay 20M more than the real price.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Let’s hope city keep going.

    A 4/5-0 and it could be terminal.


    Ozil has earned £700,000


  3. Paulinho

    The deterioration continues under Wenger.

    A couple of years ago we would’ve responded, and some berk whether it be Bellerin or Ramsey would’ve said that we proved the critics wrong.

    Can’t even do that anymore.

  4. Guns of SF

    The nuts of Wenger, Ivan and the board have all shriveled.
    The thoughts of firing Wenger has made them nutless about now…..


  5. Guns of Brixton

    What a player sane is tho.

    And a defence getting penetrated more times than a 2 bit hoe in red light district in peak hours

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    He’s got to be sacked now. Fans can’t be bothered and the ones that are there are now booing. I suspect some might go home at half-time.

  7. useroz

    The booooooooooooooooooooos are on…

    FFS. Sead and Bellerin (+ Musrafi) are not even fit for the recycle bin

    Well, it’s 1 goal per 11 min and fucking track another 8 – ? loss

    Wenger Fuck off

  8. Marko

    Wenger I’m sure will talk about how this City team is the greatest of all time and nothing about how abject Arsenal is under him

  9. Guns of SF

    Im changing my prediction mid game.
    6-1 CIty
    I still think we get some sort of lucky one goal in this

  10. Guns of Hackney

    If this was a fight, the ref would have stopped it.

    This is a 10/7 round. Three knock downs. Probably the TKO stoppage.

  11. Champagne Charlie

    Remember: Stan Kroenkes “only mistake” is extending Wengers contract.

    This is embarrassing.

  12. TT

    Im changing my prediction mid game.
    6-1 CIty
    I still think we get some sort of lucky one goal in this

    That would be an own goal then……

  13. Guernsey gun

    Justify this rim crew….you know who you are. There’s only one Arsene Wenger……haha tick tock you french cunt time is running out.

  14. Barking Arsene

    The Arsenal fan in me is absolutely hating this.

    But it is totally necessary.

    What an awful position to be in.

  15. Guns of SF

    Boys versus men.
    Worse than Sunday.
    No words for the humilation

    What are the odds wenger is fired tomorrow?

  16. E54_

    Wtf is bellerin doing hahahahahahaha he is absolute DOGSHYTE. He can go F*** himself talking about AFTV. Concentrate on playing basic football.

    You have to question ANY PLAYER that signs for arsenal the last 5 years. Why oh why oh why would you sign for Arsenal if you really want to win things??? They all came for the Money and Easy ride.. all of them.

    Wtf is wenger sitting on a fluffy rug????

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger-‘I turned down the World for this, my wife left me so needed new way to satisfy my fetish for spanking’

  18. Victorious

    Would imagine this will be a great a night for the Wenger obsessives, would rather see the club suffer because of a manager they hate so much, see them wetting themselves, plonkers

  19. Guns of Hackney

    If city keep going, it’ll be 7-0.

    It’s like playing a closed doors match.

    Who are the 10,000 dick wadds who actually showed up for this?

  20. Mark

    Thing is the team are trying but they don’t have the benefit of being very well drilled. I mean why is he just sitting there? Where is the direction?
    City are relaxed and are playing well. Lucky not to be 4-0 just then ! They are ripping us apart at will.
    A better coach would have the defence tighter to start with, and would have changed something or given some directions to the players.

  21. thank you and goodnight

    Hahahahahahhaha let’s see TY’S excuses this time. If Wenger had any decency, yes we all know he hasn’t, he’ll resign tonight. We want 10 come on shitty

  22. Marko

    Would imagine this will be a great a night for the Wenger obsessives, would rather see the club suffer because of a manager they hate so much, see them wetting themselves, plonkers

    That’s what you want to focus on Victorious attaboy blame the fans

  23. ArseneisaFraud


    Who do you support? Wenger or The Arsenal?

    If you love The Arsenal then you would want the best for the club. And the best is for AW to leave.

  24. Barking Arsene

    Don’t bother coming out for the 2nd half, take the 3-0 forefit score line and save our Goal Difference.


  25. E54_

    VictoriousMarch 1, 2018    20:26:48

    Would imagine this will be a great a night for the Wenger obsessives, would rather see the club suffer because of a manager they hate so much, see them wetting themselves, plonkers

    Yes!!!!! Hahahah oh yes we are plonkers and will continue to plonk away because… YOUR SHIT LOVE AFFAIR with wenger is unfolding before your very eyes. I love it.. i absolutely love it. Wengers pissed. Your pissed. Akbs are pissed.. this is wonderful. All of you EXPOSED.

    Years ago You said you believe wenger is the right man to lead us back to the top… you and your friends were wrong!! Hahahahah Good! I Hope it stings!

  26. Guns of SF

    This reminds me of the Man U game. Every time they broke on us, even with one player, it was literally almost a goal every time.
    Our entire back line has to be replaced. Goodbye losers.

  27. Mark

    Vic back to being a prick again Cos you got a Big fat humble pie to eat.

    Wait till full time it could be like one of those pies you get a f#ckin T-shirt if you finish it.
    Just shut up when you’re wrong don’t start attacking those who were right!

  28. Marko

    Ramsey has been our most dangerous player going forward.

    He’s one of our two holding midfielders and we’re 3-0 down. If that ain’t a problem I don’t know what is

  29. TT

    This reminds me of the Man U game. Every time they broke on us, even with one player, it was literally almost a goal every time.
    Our entire back line has to be replaced. Goodbye losers.

    I disagree with you there guns. This is a different defense entirely from the old days but the mistakes are the same. Only the manager is constant.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger-‘ The bad weather conditions and uncertainity over the game being played/ postponed affected our preparations’

  31. Paulinho

    Guardiola at this point must think so little of Wenger as a coach.

    Been nearly ten years now of his teams absolutely dicking all over Wenger’s in terms of simply being the far better coached side.

  32. jasongms

    “Remember: Stan Kroenkes “only mistake” is extending Wengers contract.”

    Remember, absolute cretins like you were saying ” Arsene still has it in him to win another premiership”

  33. Guernsey gun

    This could be wengers turning point…..after an inspiring team talk of go and express yourselves, arsenal win 4 3. The rim crew whack skippy, Wenger is back, with a few additions we can challenge. Haha this is end of days stuff, and yes dickhead I’m loving it.

  34. Coach 15

    Your not fit to wear the shirt chant as they walked off,even the die hards sound like their at the end of the journey!

  35. WengerEagle


    Fair point, at least they’re not being muffled by the brainless cheerleading of the tourist fans we normally have on show on Emirates matchdays.

  36. Carts

    Fucking hell.

    When you pick apart the goals conceded it’s even more comical.

    I mean, take Bellerin for example, not one did he look over his right shoulder to see where Sane was going.


    Then they all walk off shaking their heads LOLOLOL. Frauds!

  37. Zfree


    What would you like to see? I am just confused by you. Why don’t you explain your dream scenario for what you’d like to see from Arsenal over the near term future.

    How far do you want to see the club fall before you would say it’s too risky having Wenger at the reigns? Are you into that S&M shit, a little torture play get you going?

  38. gazzap

    I just cannot see wenger surviving. the fans have got to stop supporting him every time we thrash some crappy team 4-0 at home. just remember how low we have stooped. The players have clearly stopped supporting wenger.

  39. Guns of SF

    how I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the locker room right now.
    What the heck would be going on….
    Arsene talking about use de mental strenght!!!
    Players on their cell phones…
    Some quick texts, then back on the field for more beatings…

  40. Elmo

    Let’s put this in perspective: Wenger supposedly told the squad in the past week that he was out of a job if they didn’t start performing, and that it would be “all change” in the summer. Look how they’ve responded. 100% they want him out.

  41. Hughie

    It’s difficult to know what kind of players we have. Uncoached, demotivated and no game plan then what else can be expected from them.

  42. galaxygooner

    Players to get rid of .

    The entire academy – all the player coming out of that place including Niles are mini – Bellerin or mini-Iwobi.

  43. David Smith

    Players not playing for the manager. The manager won’t leave, and resents board changes and leaks.
    Scorched earth, it will get worse until he goes

  44. WengerEagle

    I doubt that they want AW out at all, most of the players would get turfed out by a new and ruthless coach with any ambition, they are all on bloated wages and are currently in an ideal environment being pampered by Wenger.

  45. Mark

    Let’s see the team response in the 2nd half.
    Let’s see if Mr Magoo can motivate them.

    If it turns out to be a 5 or 6 -0 , it’s another nail for Wenger. He’s reaping what he sowed. I hope it gets ugly for him. You refuse to spend properly, don’t listen to anyone else, you’re arrogant. No DM when everyone &his dog knows we’ve needed one forever!!! You have no leaders.

    This is what you get.!!

  46. thank you and goodnight

    He’s definitely taken us to the next level is the next level. All i can say to the rest of the premier league is, if we get to the next level is the next level IS THE NEXT LEVEL……then your all fucked

  47. Terraloon

    The folly of the January window is there for all to see. Ok Sanchez was a no brainier in that he had to go but the areas that needed attention were everywhere bar the ones where players were bought in.
    The midfield is being by passed, being over run, being made to look like non league players treading treacle.Those playing in defence can’t be called defenders as that would be an insult to defenders evertywhere and Cech is doing nothing to dispel the view that he was passed it when Chelsea were talked(cough cough) into selling him on for 40% more than they paid for him
    Neville is waxing lyrical about Sane and yes he is. a very good player but Arsenal’s defence aren’t prepared to be professional to hit him and take the card they seem more intent to stand back and admire him..
    If KDB and Auegreo come more into the game then the score could be even more embarrassing and the damage going forward should be the catalyst for change but amore likely it will lead to nothing more than platitudes

  48. Akilan

    It’s not like Ramsey went on a run, we lose the ball and they score on a lucky break, is it? Their players especially sane can dribble our entire defense with or without protection. He played like Messi, goddamn it. Our defensive organisation is pathetic. Blaming a player is not gonna solve anything.

  49. galaxygooner

    Sane is the player our fans think wilshere or Ramsey is .
    Creating and scoring consistently.
    Bring out the best in the players around him.
    A straight upward trajectory in his development.
    He is a better player than he was last season and the season before that .
    I followed the career of Messi ,, The real Ronaldo, Ronsldinho , Xavi , iniesta, Harry Kane etc . The kept improving year in , year out . The same can not be said for the deluded fan favourites Ramsey and Wilshere . Two players who should have been bombed out 5 seasons ago .

  50. Paulinho

    “His post-match interview will be a highlight at least, intrigued to see how he wriggles his way out of this one if it gets much worse.”

    He will get away with it again and be left to talk as much as nonsense as he wants by the interviewer for Sky. They are almost desensitised by his ineptitude as we are.

    This is the same interviewer, by the way, who is consistently an aggressive tosser to Klopp and Conte. Patrick Davison I think his name is. Complete tosser. Irony is both Klopp and Conte are far more candid and genuine than Wenger.

  51. Marko

    60+ goals conceded last season and a whooping 55 so far this season. Training and tactics won’t be enough to fix this issue

  52. Mark

    @ Vic-the-prick
    “would rather see the club suffer because of a manager they hate so much”

    You got it twisted mate.

    Should read
    ” would rather see the club suffer because of a manager I love so much”

    That’s the reality of you so called ‘True’ fans. Once Wenger goes you can rename yourselves ” Ty’s Barmy Red Army “!

  53. NorthernGoon

    W eagle or is it weasel?

    Taking enjoyment out of getting spanked off a very good team playing even better football?

    You’re fucking embarrassing. If this isn’t hurting you as an arsenal supporter then it speaks volumes.

    You then have the cheek to say the fans that turn up should boycott the 2nd half? Who the fuck are you talk about boycotting sitting in a little potato patch in Ireland having never set foot in the ground?

    Typical Jonny come lately laptop supporter.

    Pathetic steve kean is a very suitable avi for you.

  54. Mark

    Wenger later tonight ” I only think about the next game.. it is how I am…”

    If he had a shred of decency he’d go tomorrow. But we know he won’t so it has to a drubbing.

  55. Buckhurst Gun

    “Would imagine this will be a great a night for the Wenger obsessives, would rather see the club suffer because of a manager they hate so much, see them wetting themselves, plonkers”

    You can’t be this stupid , surely ?

    It’s this simple – we win even once and our spineless board and owner stick with wenger

    We lose as much as possible and hopefully it pushes Wenger out

    Do you understand yet ?

    The only way for this club to move forward is for wenger to go – the only way wenger will go is if we lose so much he just can’t stay and the board of cunts just can’t keep him on

    You call people wenger obsessive like he isn’t even a problem – when a manager is not performing the fans of that team begin to make him the focal point of the teams woes this is something that has happened in football teams across the world for decades – you go on like we’re the first set of fans to moan about a manager

    I think you need to get over the fact that we don’t want wenger here anymore – he’s finished

    Until he’s gone he will be the topic of discussion so get used to it

  56. galaxygooner

    Not watching the shower of Shiiiiiite.
    give Aubameyang and Ozil to Bournemouth and they will be competing

  57. LeMassiveCoq

    Surely Kronke has to see it this way…

    If we were 6, 6 or 8 points of the top of the prem, the fans would be there. Yes there would be some empty seats because of the extreme cold, but 75% of the Arsenal seats empty? No. I was offered cheap tickets for tonight (suprise surprise). I’d rather cheese grate my own bollocks.

  58. ArseneisaFraud

    And we can’t even score from a penalty now. That’s progress. This is the fabled next level.

  59. Guns of Hackney

    PEA from one of Europe’s top scorers to a Sunday morning clogger in 12 days.

    Wenger is a talent hoover.

  60. Leftsidesanch

    “The decision on when to leave has technically always been mine – and that will remain. It’s part of my job.”

    – Arsene Wenger

    He is a f*cking pig.

  61. WengerEagle


    Lol you’re clearly a loser if you’re backing this regime.

    Love how you bring up the fact I’m Irish as if it’s even relevant, you gimp.

    What hurts is seeing this team go backwards season after season under a tosser that’s about a decade past his expiry date. Supporting the club under Wenger at this stage is sabotage, you like seeing us suffer.

    Johnny come lately, supported the club all my life you fool.

  62. Guns of Hackney

    It’s too fucking icy for the planes to be out but…there would be a floatilla of airplanes dragging banners tonight.

    City are actually making a game of this now.