Wenger finished and he knows it.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the press pushed Arsene for answers, versus goading him into a reaction for the back page of a rag?

I don’t care what his opinion is on his review is, he’s hardly going to want to talk about that right now.

“My job is to perform, I don’t ask if your position is reviewed..”

At least he knows his job is to perform. Not sure how he’ll frame this year as that, but whatever. Point is, I want to hear his thoughts on the problems at the club, and get into specifics.

  • Why is there such a consistent thread of failure against top 6 teams?
  • What are you going to change the narrative this Thursday?
  • How do you react when players are walking on the pitch in a cup final?
  • How do you assess player motivation?
  • Are players calling in sick?
  • Do you think Ozil’s constant vacations are a problem?

I personally think the press give Wenger an easy ride when they goad him. This happens almost every year, it’s the same reaction every time.

“I’ve turned the whole world down to respect my contracts,”

“My position is the last worry I have at the moment. My worry is to get the team focused and ready for tomorrow’s game.”

Absolute nothing comments. The press coverage is now about his loyalty, not his lack of understanding when it comes to Arsenal’s declining ability to compete at the highest level. I think the sad part about the comments he’s making is I’m not sure even he believes in what he’s saying. He looks clueless and lost. It’s sad, but as fans, we can’t feel bad about seeing Wenger in this mess. He stole that new contract last summer and we all knew what would happen.

Wenger needs to start rethinking his loyalty angle. We plucked him from Grampus 8 and gave him a platform to succeed. Sure, there were some years he could have gone to Madrid, but he’d have failed and died off as a top-flight manager 10 years ago and he’d not be in an elite job right now. He’s done very well out of Arsenal. His last 3 contracts have been gifts, he’s lucky to be running a big club right now. Hopefully we won’t double down on our dreadful summer mistake. Hopefully this is the end game.

Also, I appreciate he worked some wonders back in the day, but let’s not pretend the Arsenal job hasn’t been appealing, even in the dark times. Wenger’s loyalty wasn’t linked to club survival. Even in the dark times, he’s was still blasting £100m wage bills. A lot of our poverty in the transfer market was linked to him spending all his money on a failed socialist wage experiment. Irony of all ironies, in the socialist experiment, there was always one man who had to be the richest.

Interesting to see that John Cross has now turned on Wenger, you know that if he’s changed his tune from ‘careful what you wish for’ it’s because he’s been given permission to do so. Also fantastic to read that we’re tracking Jardim and Arteta. Not quite so keen on Brendan Rodgers, he’s not a bad coach, he’s just a bit of a prat. Would want us to steer clear of Loew, such a yer da signing.

This is a pretty detailed overview of Leonardo Jardim, the career coach from Madeira. We’re going to need a manager who extracts 110% out of players, a Pochettino style hire. I think Jardim has consistently demonstrated his ability to take on challenging situations and win out. He’s a great defensive coach, his Monaco side last year were next level in terms of attacking style, and he’s capable of adapting his vision based on the assets he has at his disposal. It’d also be nice to keep the Monaco heritage in our DNA.

I’m just praying we don’t make a regressive crowd pleaser signing. Go for the smartest coach, with the most exciting vision for the club. Interview and meet people. Make them work for the best job in the world.

I cannot wait people. Wenger is could be on the way out.

Anyway, we have the issue of City tomorrow. Not often a mega game like this goes on general sale, but hey, not often a club that charges £95 a ticket keeps a failing manager on the payroll at the expense of success.

Right, see you tomorrow for a plate of masochism.

Also, I did this video for Ball Street. Take a watch. I was next level hungover, so apologies.


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  1. TitsMcGee

    I’d wager at least 30% of the fan base is ok with how things are going.
    Lots of Wenger in fans (from around the world) called into some football fan show I watched begging for Wenger to be given more time. That’s more than enough cover for management and the manager”

    It really is sad how mindless people are. Even the chap in Pedros embedded video (the one with the pony tail) couldn’t bring himself to roast Wenger he kept prefacing his criticisms with diluted compliments.

    I will be very interested to find out at some point in the future what Wenger had on Gazidas etc that allows him to tell the organization he works for that he’s only leaving when he feels like it.

  2. OleGunner


    We won’t finish 10th. 6th-7th is our new level, which is far from a sackable position as you can clearly see.

    All you can do is wait for him to decide when he leaves. It’s practically his club after all.

  3. Ishola70


    Their goals was like seeing a team rip a pub side apart. But Wenger has been outclassed and humiliated on the playing field on plenty of occasions in the past and still he lingers around.

  4. Ishola70

    See the usual crew were deflecting from Wenger again.

    Once this site allows truthful comments to be aired regarding the fanbase then we can dissect bit by bit the fans involvement and culpability in the situation Arsenal now find themselves.

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Unless the fans continue to stay away from games, last night will be seen as an anomaly.

    If we get a result against Milan or in the next league game, Arsene will continue spewing his demented rhetoric. He can spin results.

    The one thing he and arsenal can not spin is an empty stadia. That was live tv and we all saw it.

    To announce a 58,000 attendance was embarrassing beyond words.

    You want Wenger gone? STAY AWAY.

  6. omar

    -30 points behind 1st place.
    -Have conceded more goals than Brighton and Newcastle.
    -1 win out of 9 so far vs other top 6. 6 points from 27.
    -10 points behind 4th place.
    -Lost 7 out of 13 in all competitions in 2018, winning only 4.

    How much worse must it get before the plug is pulled on Wenger? How much further will Arsenal allow him to drag them down? Can Bould do any worse as caretaker manager until end of season? The sorry excuses after every game have no meaning even to the most ardent Wenger believers. What does Arsenal owe Wenger? Because when last I checked he hasnt done Arsenal any favours, he is an employee. A well paid employee at that? What he won he was paid to do so, so nothing is owed to him.

  7. NorthernGoon


    ‘If only we could play Sutton city or Lincoln city
    How I miss 2017.’

    And then Man City and Chelsea. Cunt.

  8. NorthernGoon


    ‘Auba and Mikhi were living up to my assessments pre signing, last night.’

    You fast forwarded through the match you lemon. Great assessment as per usual from the joker.

  9. NorthernGoon


    ‘It’s a bit like Wrighty, he would never have scored as many goals as he did without the genius of Bergkamp.’

    Why do you continually embarrass yourself?

    Wright without bergkamp goals – 121
    Wright with bergkamp goals – 64

    He seemed to do ok before came. How do you explain that?

    Again you win your own gold medal for stupidity. You’re top of the medal table in the stupid olympics by a mile.