Could Wenger’s job finally be under threat?

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The debate around Arsene Wenger and his permanence in the Arsenal hot seat raged yesterday. Ian Wright, a man who is far smarter than his cheeky chappy persona gives him credit for laid things bare on Radio 5 Live yesterday. He cut the manager to pieces. This bit about player attitude was stinging.

“Even you are hearing, even young players coming into the squad, turning up late for training.”

“People having to go their houses to get them to come to training.”

“People not turning up to training, calling in sick.”

We’ve long been critiquing the club and their interpretation of what exactly being sick entailed. It’s very rare for young men, who are fed, watered and exercised with scientific precision to ever pick up illness. Mesut Ozil is out with the flu every other week. Interesting that Wrighty would raise that specific point, because he’s clearly been fed high-level information from someone inside the club.

Crazy thing though, is this sort of carry-on isn’t new. If you cast your mind back to this time last year, we were going through a similar miserable run of games. We were bitching that the squad had stopped playing for the manager. So what’s different?

Well, I was told that last summer Ivan Gazidis had suggested deeper changes than the ones we were served up. Wenger hiring Jens and a fitness coach we didn’t need was a compromise. The club wanted to go harder at the #CatalystForChange, but Wenger vetoed.

We know what happened next. We fucked up the deals with half the squad, we sold late, replaced badly and had another shocking start. Piecing it together, there must have been some sort of tipping point, because Ivan landed the big gun names he wanted shortly after. There must have been something that switched with Stan that allowed that to happen.

Was it the results? Was it the cost of selling great players at low prices? Was it the lack of a plan to replace? Was it the realisation that actually, the Wenger of old wasn’t coming back? Whatever it was, the drastic and aggressive moves to bring in a DOF and new Chief Scout were a sign all was not well with Stan and Wenger.

But we’ve been here before. Wenger weathers more storms than the NRA. What else indicates change is brewing?

Well, there was the story about Josh Kroenke conducting a thorough review of football matters last week. A very odd story considering how much data Ivan G and co have collected over the years after their own countless reviews. Then there are the facts.

The fans were leaving a Cup Final early in their droves. That was quite the sight. Expect fans to boycott games, and expect there to be another toxic response in the ground. Stories like this are rarely written down, but we could see the empty seats. Fans are over the way the club treats them, and they’re totally apathetic to what they see.

Our latest sponsorship deal was not blockbuster. We’re getting further away from United and closer to clubs who we were trouncing years ago. Sponsors don’t want to align themselves with a shitty sporting proposition.

It doesn’t matter who we sign, the output is the same. Players come to Arsenal to die. They leave to flourish. This has been happening for years, but it’s really starting to sting now. Even Chamberlain is looking a player at Liverpool now he’s clearly being coached properly. Aaron Ramsey, a man of such talents, looks lost at Arsenal.  You simply know he’d be hitting world-class levels if he were managed by Simeone. Jack Wilshere never fulfilled his promise, and even he looks beaten.

Stan is all about money. Arsenal is now spending a lot of cash on players, he’s wasting a lot on a very dysfunctional wage bill, and he’s about to take us into a second season without Champions League football. Not just that, he himself earns roughly £10m a year. He’s one of the most expensive managers in football and he hasn’t delivered major silverware in over 14 years. To be honest, he hasn’t even come close.

The club has also had the harsh experience of a Wenger in the final year of his deal. Admittedly, not quite as bad as a Wenger fresh off the back of signing a new deal, but still pretty rancid. They either move him on this summer to avoid a calamitious farewell tour, or they give him a new deal.

But based on what? Cup final humiliation? 6th place? A revolting fanbase? A squad who call in sick like naughty school kids?

There is no case for Wenger. He is finished. His credit line has to have run out.

So where do we move next?

Don’t worry about Brendan Rodgers or Joachim Low. I am pretty sure, based on what I hear, and what is public, that we won’t be making a pony signing to replace Wenger.

I mean, a lot of hope in that sentence. It’s clear that despite Ivan pulling off a coup with Sven and Raul, he’s taken some shite advice with hires like Dave Priestly, who appears to have collapsed the mental spirit of the first team to such an extent, they players don’t even run in Cup Finals. He’s also hired disaster masters like Andries Joncker, and put Per Mertesacker in charge of a failing academy despite having no experience (I love Per, but wouldn’t you let him assist the lead of Southampton’s academy?)

However, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He has spoken to Hassenhutl of RB Leipzig. A manager who develops players, is tactically astute, and has an exciting brand of pressing football we’d kill for at Arsenal. Not quite as exciting, but a name we were set on last year is Roger Schmidt. Again, his side beat Spurs twice last season in the CL, he has a high-intensity game, and his background is in engineering, which would make a nice change from an economist.

Not that I’m saying those two are who I’d like, I’m merely pointing out that we’re not going to do something obvious. I told you when Arteta left the club two years ago that they specifically kept the door open for a return. The Spaniard refused Spurs for that exact reason. Not just that, it makes sense. When Wenger leaves, you either opt for a mega shakeup with someone totally new and risk a bloodbath that kills the spirit at the club even more so than now. Or you opt for someone who knows the culture, the traditions and the staff with a low-risk hire.

Remember, the biggest mistake of David Moyes wasn’t being David Moyes. It was ripping out a well-oiled machine that could teach him the ropes and look after him. I’m not saying Arsenal are well oiled, but there are a lot of good people who should be kept around. There are also a lot of low hanging fruit offerings that a man of Arteta’s character and smarts could pick and serve up with ease.

Again, I’m not saying he’s my ideal, but I totally understand the thinking. You hire a hot assistant coach, see what he can do, and worse case scenario, he makes it easier for the next more experienced manager to come in, best case, he takes us to glory. And just to reiterate, the man’s reputation in the game is exceptional. He is very well thought of. Could be our Zidane or Pep… could also be our Stewart Houston. You just don’t know.

But, needless to say, I don’t think we’ll be signing a Ronald Koeman type. There will be no safe hands approach, and we know Stan was very proud if his ambitious hire at the Rams. Don’t rule out a repeat, combined with a modern rebuild behind scenes in conjunction with Raul and Sven.

Arsene’s career is coming to a close, and I am convinced we’ll win the Champions League within 5 years of him going. We have it all. We’re a London club, we’re rich, we have a massive stadium, a rich history, and we are a sleeping giant ready to be wakened.

Bring it on, and give the fans the buzz of hope again.

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  1. Ishola70

    The next level is the next level.

    In Wenger’s presser today he went on several times about The Carabooboo as if reaching the final itself was an achievement in itself.

    He is more than comfortable to keep lowering the sights of the club.

    The next level is the next level.

  2. Tomtom

    Just seen the latest Wenger interview and you would wonder has dementia set in and the old man is in a constant state of confusion.
    You almost feel sorry for him when you see how pathetic he has become.
    You can hear the reporters laughing and taking the piss out of him

  3. Leftsidesanch

    “Chelsea didn’t get this amount of negative comments coverage when we beat them in the semi.
    Man u when they lost to Bristol City.
    Liverpool losing at home to Wba in FA cup
    Spurs losing a 2 goal lead at home to west ham and losing 3-2
    City losing to Wigan”

    Unbelievable stuff there. Those clubs minus Spurs are big clubs acting like big clubs. Even Spurs are behaving like a big club nowadays. Arsenal have been in slow free fall for the last 8 years. That’s why we receive this press.

    Unbelievable. This can’t be trolling, there’s usually some wit, irony, satire involved in trolling. You and guys of your ilk actually believe this stuff dont you?

  4. Carts

    Wenger drew for his favourite lyrics again, I take it “do you know how many teams I turned down”. Lol

    But like me having to remind my current girlfriend that I turned down Beyonce, Jorja Smith, Asa Akira and a few other fine bitches. But obviously, those ladies don’t realise this.

  5. gonsterous


    He is still very much in charge and would likely still remain that way next season

    this isn’t an interview. no need to give me such a diplomatic answer. what’s your take on the subject ?

  6. Dissenter

    When asked about whether there ought to be consequences for being out if the top four again, Wenger replied I want us to focus on the united way to win the game (on Thursday).
    It’s always about unity and values these days.

  7. Ishola70

    Wenger along with Kroenke is quite comfortable overseeing Arsenal become an irrelevance on the world football stage.

    The dupes will keep turning up. That’s all that is needed. That’s their thinking.

  8. Pierre

    You’re right, unbelievable..

    Unbelievable that all those clubs that are “acting like big clubs” have won fewer trophies than Arsenal in recent years and in fact, out of those “big clubs ” Liverpool and spurs have won nothing and all of those big clubs were out of the title race at Christmas and they still do not receive criticism from the media…

    Why are Spurs being widely acclaimed by the media for winning nothing and finishing in the top 4 when arsenal were in a similar position they were being widely criticised by the media,same for Liverpool..

    Man Utd are going nowhere and Chelsea are regressing.

    City are the only team who are going places, the rest, including arsenal are also rans and will be for the few years as City are set to dominate the title race as they will continue to invest hundreds of millions in the club.

  9. Emiratesstroller


    I have said on here already enough.

    What I did write to the club was sufficient to get a response and to be taken seriously by them.

    I am pretty sure that they have received an avalanche of emails and phone calls.

    As I wrote previously I think that the club would probably have ignored most
    criticism and just issued public statements through their PR Department.

    Clearly that is no longer the case.

  10. Zfree


    You think Danny leading the line at the San Siro will be a good look? Our man in form, full of confidence ready to go bang a few in? Not only will we fail to advance past AC Milan, I’d put the over/under for goal tally for the 2-legs at 1.5. We’re going to get slammed, and it’s curtains for Wenger.

  11. useroz

    So the rumours says…

    ” I’ve been here 2* years and turned the whole world down to honour my marriage […and you sick, old bas* fu* tat French c*]”

    – Arsene Wenger.’ x wife

  12. Marko

    Anyone can see there is an agenda from the media against the club.

    The only agenda I see is from people like you.

    Chelsea didn’t get this amount of negative comments coverage when we beat them in the semi.

    They won the title last season. Those other clubs you mentioned are not even remotely close to being as bad as we are but most importantly and its something that you don’t care to remember is the criticism we face is totally justified. It’s completely warranted when you consider how bad we are and for how long we have persisted with that obviously poor manager

  13. useroz

    Oxford dictionary about to exemplify ‘bulls*” with the following contemporary usage:

    “…the next level is the next level”
    “…my position is my position”

  14. TheBayingMob

    “Liverpool and spurs have won nothing and all of those big clubs were out of the title race at Christmas and they still do not receive criticism from the media…”

    Lord have mercy.

    Surely everyone knows how the press works, right?

    They give not a fuck for being fair, and why should they? If a journalist just stuck to his one fair sided, right minded opinion just to keep the Untold’s happy all his career he’d have fuck all to write about after the first few months, no one would keep reading it and his editor would fire him.

    The press see a club divided, they see the comments on the internet, they know there is trouble in ranks, they smell a story of a long standing manager falling from grace and being dragged out of the club through the dog shit outside the main gates still holding his whistle from the training ground.

    They don’t care about the lopsided approach, they care that the Scum and Scousers will buy the print because they are reveling in a rich club who should be leaving them in the dust getting it all wrong and being owned by a bunch of cunting yanks.

    They will sell inches, they will get hits. That’s the name of the game, and when Wenger reacts like he does, that’s exactly the response they are after.

    They are rounding on a wounded animal and are nipping at the club trying to make it topple. The press pride themselves on being able to bring managers down, it’s what they live for.

    If you can’t understand that and all you will do is cry about how unfair it is, then, I’m not sure what anyone can say to you? All the time you are watching and reading about football you are destined to have the press make you cry every other week because that’s what they do.

    Wenger has created the mess we are in, there was no need for it to be like this, it’s time people grew the fuck up on this ‘the press are unfair, boo hoo’ bullshit and just realized that having a club being run by a fucktard who’s losing his marbles is the main problem here, not the half witted hacks who feed off this shite and the cunters who go out and lap it up keeping them in a job.

  15. David Smith

    Dont know about dementia, but wenger looks like he is shhowing signs of burnout.
    He is a workaholic whose life knows nothing but this club, or so it is reported- Amy Lawrence.
    People like that just throw hours at a problem rather than work smart and bring in others who can help. Gordon Brown was another, look at the mess he made of things, with explosive fits of temper and petulance in the process.
    If he is burnt out, his performance will decrease as we are seeing, there is no cure except a complete break

  16. Marko

    Unbelievable that all those clubs that are “acting like big clubs” have won fewer trophies than Arsenal in recent years and in fact, out of those “big clubs ” Liverpool and spurs have won nothing and all of those big clubs were out of the title race at Christmas and they still do not receive criticism from the media…

    It’s been nearly 14 years since we last challenged for a league title or even come close. During that time City and United won league titles and are obviously ambitious. Chelsea have won league titles and even a champions league during that time and show ambitions. Liverpool have won 5 European titles and in the last few years have shown ambition and look like a club on the up. The signings of Salah and Keita show that. Spurs are still Spurs and won’t change. My point is that you can be a dope and point to the recent cup successes as proof that we are ambitious and a club on the up or you can look at the fact that we don’t challenge in the league anymore and that we’re a total irrelevance in Europe as evidence for justifiable criticism. We are about 30 points behind the league leaders have lost 6 times so far this 2018 our away from has been abysmal this season and we’re susceptible to embarrassing home defeats and yet for some unknown reason people like YOU feel the need to make excuses and argue. It’s a joke

  17. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger threatens underperforming players with ultimatum: Achieve top four or it’s ‘all change in the summer’. ”

    He’s joking, right ?? lol

  18. Leftsidesanch

    If you have ever had the displeasure of seeing Ty in the flesh you can probably assume something isn’t all the way right with him. Hes’ in his 40’s dressed in Arsenal merchandise from head to toe, argues aggressively with anybody who isn’t pro Wenger.

    Then you log on to the Le-grove comment section and have a few lunatics who mirror this behaviour online. Your a special bunch I’ll give you that.

  19. Ishola70

    “…the next level is the next level”
    “…my position is my position”


    and he is forever turning questions around from the journalists and asking them about their job security.

    You may not like it Arsene but you will be questioned. Oh yes you will. Suck it up and accept the situation.

  20. Marko

    “It looks like we lost against a team in Division Five, we lost against a team that dominates English football at the moment. We have to take a bit of perspective.

    He’s a reprehensible cunt. Always so defensive. What was the excuse for losing to Osterunland or whatever they’re called or Nottingham forest? They weren’t division 6 teams I suppose. We’re a complete joke and he’s finished and he’s absolutely going to be the last one to realise this

  21. Ishola70

    “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger threatens underperforming players with ultimatum: Achieve top four or it’s ‘all change in the summer’. ”He’s joking, right ?? lol”

    He’s always been big on self-belief hasn’t he.

    You can walk on those hot burning coals boys without feeling any discomfort.

    You sure boss?

  22. Dissenter

    City aren’t even taking us seriously.
    They aren’t even spending the night in London. They will be traveling by rail to London tomorrow morning.
    Such is life. I can’t imagine they will be taking that much chance if they were playing Spuds. We are being turned into a grade B club right before our eyes. The broadcasters and now top-4/5 clubs aren’t taking us seriously again.

  23. arsene's used sock


    i can’t even say its because sanchez wants to win that he left (that should go without saying for any serious professional), he just doesn’t want to be infected with the malaise at the club, legitimately so.
    I mean bloody hell fresh as daisies 18-21 year olds at the peak of physical condition skipping practice and not being fined as long as they have a sick note?
    can’t believe what the fuck I’m reading with that story.

    even in school if you’re sick and you take the sport seriously you go to observe the damn training session.
    this bit of news coming out of Ian Wright is far more damning than anything that occurred the last 7 years…but arsene still has his fucking job, are you kidding me.
    I can’t man, can’t watch the games, can’t follow team news, this must be what spiritual suicide feels like lol.
    fuck why can’t I stop moaning about this team

  24. David Smith

    There are many issues at this club, but breaking this sad, lacking in ambition, relationship of convenience between an absentee owner and a fossil manager will go a long way to addressing things.
    The Kroenke Wenger thing is the worst nightmare for this club, but it is coming to an end, no future manager will have such power, and we have to hope Josh is more concerned for the welfare of this club than his father.

  25. mysticleaves

    Ishola, Zfree

    Milan are on form, yes, Arsenal are low on form, yes but this is not serie A. Most of the Milan players will even be marvelled at our players. Would any of you be surprised if Arsenal battered this Milan? That’s why it will be a surprise if Milan win us.

    And yes yes yes I will absolutely make Arsenal favorites to win over 2 legs.

    It might not play out like that but 7/8 times out of 10, it’s expected Arsenal wins over 2 legs

  26. Zfree

    My predictions for the next 5 matches between now and mid-March.

    City – a battering, 3-1 this time. They didn’t get out of second gear on Sunday and can rotate plenty of players. We’ll probably see Ederson, Laporte, Jesus, maybe some of sterling if he’s fit.

    Brighton away – on short rest and in the state we’re in, I wouldn’t be surprised by a loss. I’ll say draw though, 2-2.

    Milan away (with welbz) – yea right… I’ll go with a 3-0 hammering

    At this point, Wenger might got sacked before the Watford game…

    Watford – we can’t lose ‘em all, right? 2-1 to the arsenal!

    Milan – we’ll be so out of the tie already with no real goal scoring threat and they might sit back. A drab 1-1.

    Time to just grab some popcorn and watch it unfold

  27. Zfree


    I think it’s a very bold prediction from you. We’ll have to see. You seem to think that their players will fear and/or look in awe at the likes of Mustafi, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ospina, jack, Mikki, pansy Ozil, iwobi, and Welbeck.

    What is there to fear?

  28. Zfree


    “Would any of you be surprised if Arsenal battered this Milan”

    Uhh, yea. I’ll feel like I’m hallucinating. Who have we battered recently other than Everton and Huddersfield? The “this” qualifier you put in front of Milan should also be used in front of arsenal. THIS arsenal, with Welbeck as our striker in the competition, is a fuckin joke. Not battering anybody, we struggled over two legs with ostersunds for crissake

  29. mysticleaves

    Minus ospina, iwobi and Welbeck, other people you mentioned Strt for them. Calhanoglu for example is a big fan of Ozil.

  30. mysticleaves

    Yea well, we all are Wenger out. I just called it like I feel the bet sites would, bet sites are wrong too you know.

    However, if we won’t win the Europa league, I will like Milan to beat us silly. so that the end will start immediately

  31. Zfree

    Ozil will shrink in these games with the likes of welbeck and iwobi up there with him. Imagine how frustrating that must be for Ozil??? And as soon as we go down and he’s got those donkeys playing with him he’ll disappear and just cash his 350k check.

    If the betting sites have arsenal favored, I will be betting big on Milan!

  32. Ishola70

    lol mystic sure you ain’t trolling at this stage.

    Milan marvelling over Arsenal players.

    Certain individuals may have respect for one or two but overall marvelling at this present Arsenal team will not happen.

    And let’s not get into the over-rating of the EPL. Leave that to Pedders 😉

  33. Zfree

    Anyone know how often when a manager leaves and joins a new team that a player or two come along as well? I’m wondering if we could pull off a full-on raid of Napoli for Sarri and some players. Already some talk about koulibaly, what about insigne?

  34. Zfree


    You’re right though, just checked and ladbrokes has Milan at 5/4 to advance and arsenal at 4/7 to advance. Guess who I’ll be taking…

  35. mysticleaves

    ishola I guess zfrees betting post answers your question once and for all.

    I know Arsenal could still lose, we were odds on to win against Monaco over 2 legs and fluffed it…so it’s not all cut and dry

  36. Ishola70

    “ishola I guess zfrees betting post answers your question once and for all.”

    No it doesn’t at all Mystic. Far from it.

    Look at these odds for the first leg in Italy. Milan are favourites to win the tie and are being backed.

    If Arsenal were good thing favs in this tie they would be favs to win in Italy. But they are not. Truth is Arsenal are weak “favourites” over the two legs to go through.

  37. Dissenter

    “Most of the Milan players will even be marvelled at our players. Would any of you be surprised if Arsenal battered this Milan? That’s why it will be a surprise if Milan win us.”

    Milan marveling at our players?????????????????????
    What are you on?
    How do you account for these grandiose themes you’re spilling out.
    We have very little to no European pedigree.
    AC Milan as an institution is on another planet compared to Arsenal. They have been to eleven CL cup finals and won seven.
    You don’t seem to realize how shitty and average we have been in he last decade.

    That’s one of the most laughable comments ever made on this side.

  38. Dissenter

    Can you imagine being coached by Gattuso, a manager who cut his reputation as a 100% industry grafter with a take-no-prisoner approach.
    How can a team managed by Gattuso be afraid of a Wenger managed team of spineless sops. Arsenal under Wenger is as tough as bread dipped in gravy.

  39. mysticleaves

    ishola you are fucking crazy. Arsenal are odds on to win over 2 legs. On the decimals it’s 1.65 for us and 2.15 for them. you want to call it weak fine. Please move on…

    Zfree, Sarri is old though and smokes a lot lol. We all didnt like it when Sczc and Wilshere did it so would the fans two face this one?

    Exceptional manager though but I think with what you said about players, if we get Simeone we could get Gimenez with him. Or we get Jardim and with him comes Lemar and Fabinho.

    Who else would you want from Naples? Allan?

  40. thank you and goodnight

    Your all selfish bastards. That man turned down the world to stay at Arsenal. I well remember God tapping him up and telling him he was about to retire and he’d like Arsene to take up his role as “God” as he’d lost faith in his sonJesus, what with the partying and drug taking who can blame God, especially with his otber son mohammed playing up as well. But true to his word Wenger stayed loyal to us…..brings a tear to my eyes.

  41. Ishola70

    Mystic you are showing yourself up.

    Do you not have understanding of sports betting?

    For Arsenal to not even be favourites for both ties shows that they are not strong favourites over the two legs . It is quite simple.

    And btw expect those odds for Arsenal to win over the two legs to drift and the odds for Milan to come in the nearer we get to the match.

    Milan are favs for the first leg.

  42. mysticleaves

    Dissenter you make me laugh really. Maybe “marvelling” was an overstatement but this Milan is sooooo far off the pace that they have epl mid team rejects setting the pace for them.

    The only play that would interest me from their team is Bonucci, Donaruna and Calhanoglu (cos I like him personally but he still won’t start for us if he came)

    Of our starting 11 only Cech is nailed on as not starting for them. pretty much 8/9 of our 11 goes straight into their team, pound for pound.

    We are currently a joke but milan have been jokers for years. If you think that all changes because of a 11 game unbeaten run you re a bigger joke. Milan these days are happy to make Europa because it atleast gets them back to Europe. We are baying blood because we will miss UcL for the 2nd year..go figure

  43. Ishola70

    lol Mystic.

    You have certainly gone out on a limb here.

    Just out of interest if Milan are so tame as you imply what do you see being the overall score advantage to Arsenal in the end over the two legs?

  44. Buckhurst Gun

    If you look at football as a whole you have to be honest with yourself and admit that the game of today has moved on so much in so many aspects that winning domestic knock out competitions such as the fa cup and curly wurly cup have become irrelevant in the grand scheme of things – if you want to count your team as one of the big boys then you measure the teams success against title wins , relevant title challenges and champs league wins and final appearances and at a push semi final appearances – you can’t seriously sit there and bleat on about ‘ 3 of the last 4 fa cups ‘ – at the elite level the fa cup is irrelevant unless it is part of a double or treble – to win that cup means different things for different level teams – it’ll mean more to spurs because they’ve won fuck all recently so it’ll show they’re on the up – a club like arsenal that has spent 100 mill on 2 strikers – has a 10 mill a year manager – has the highest ticket prices and is now paying a footballer some of the highest wages in the Prem CANNOT use the fa cup as any kind of measurement of success – those figures simply do not allow it – and if you’re a fan that thinks fa cups are good enough then you really need to sit down and have a re think – it’s that simple , this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular but as a supporter of a club like Arsenal , you should really be damnding more

  45. mysticleaves

    predicting matches are a totally different ball games from predicting scores it could be 1-0 as much as it could be 5-4 aren’t you the betting expert?

    1.65 to 2.15 is weak favorites but 2.4 to 2.8 is not?

    That Milan have won 8 straight without conceeding in 5 and we have won 6 in 12 since 2018 and are still favorites shows you the state of Milan

  46. Ishola70

    lol Mystic.

    By how many goals are Arsenal going to trounce Milan by over the two legs?

    Your prediction please.

    btw 1.65 is not real low for a sure fire winner as you mark Arsenal as for this tie. And that 1.65 will drift out to bigger nearer the match.

  47. Dissenter

    You don’t seem to realize that we are a joke when it comes to European football, that will be Wenger’s legacy.
    No one fears us and are happy to play us.

    You’ve lost your way. What you’re saying doesn’t make sense.
    Now I understand why Wenger Wenger lasted for so long.
    AC Milan still won the CL in 2007.

  48. mysticleaves

    Agree to disagree dissenter and ishola. Let’s not lose sight of the more important thing here, Wenger out. If Milan helps in getting it, the better

  49. mysticleaves

    As all must have seen here, I only give my opinions and nothing more, I respect people’s opinions too. i will never sound like I know for sure what will happen because football is not like that. I always give room for the opposite of what I have suggested.

    But I also always detest people who think their opinions are law…guess that’s why more than anybody else I have had run ins with Bamford

  50. follow the money

    This isn’t about trophies and it hasn’t been, not for me. Pool and Spurs and Man UTD haven’t won as many trophies as we have but they haven’t folded like a wet paper bag under pressure like we have literally dozens of times since 2006. In games, in seasons, whenever the pressure is on, whenever there’s a big game against a top team, we have underperformed massively. Wenger’s record vs the top 6 even including the early years is a total disgrace.

  51. Wenker-wanger

    The media, paddy power seem to be certain Wenger will be gone by the summer, or at least his job will be assessed by the board before the start of next season.
    Wenger appears to ignore this which maybe indicates he is mentally ill and addicted to the power of controlling arsenal.
    Wenger would be gone years ago in any other similar size club, but here the tolerance to Wenger’s calamitous failure is seemingly endless.
    There is a glimmer of hope for wenger and it would arguably be winning the europa cup or finishing 4th.
    We pray and hope this useless pile of crap doesn’t fluke either target.
    I find it ironic that many people talk about the respect they have for wenger and what he did for arsenal, yet he (wenger) has absolutely no respect for the club or its fans as he is currently dragging the club down with him in his unfit state of health.
    I hope the selfish cnut gets asked to leave and burns his bridges in a petulant outburst so that he doesn’t hang around the club like a bad smell.

  52. Pierre

    Follow the money Obviously the clubs you mentioned must have been doing something wrong to not even keep up with a team that are so inept as arsenal… So what do you think their problem has been.

  53. Elmo

    “Milan these days are happy to make Europa because it atleast gets them back to Europe. We are baying blood because we will miss UcL for the 2nd year..go figure”

    Completely incorrect. Milan are absolutely desperate to qualify for the CL, even more so than us, as the Chinese guy who bought the club in the summer spent huge amounts (EUR 200m) on transfers assuming that it would be enough to get them back into the CL. He borrowed a lot from hedge funds at high interest and it’s being reported in Italy that he has been declared bankrupt in China.

    In terms of talent we edge them, but in terms of organisation, discipline and drive they are ahead of us. It’s finely balanced. My worry is we have struggled for years against defensively solid sides who are happy to absorb pressure and hit back with fast counters.

  54. PhilF

    Where’s the logic… or is it LeFrauds usual arrogance? Get top 4 or it’s all change…? What…. with one year left on your contract? Deluded….

  55. Marko

    Absolutely agree with what Danish said the media contrary to what Pierre thinks is really letting him off easy. The second he said he was amazed at the speculation about his job someone right away should have followed up with I dunno are you for fucking real? And then hit him with the lack of a title challenge for about 14 years, 27 points behind City 10 points behind Spurs, the embarrassing defeats to Osterland and Forest. How about mentioning the fact we’ve lost 6 in 12 games so far this year and have the deplorable charlatan acknowledge that for once instead of talking about the next game and bullshit about togetherness and focus and values. The shameless bastard is leading this club he pertains to love down a dark path and to what end? He’s not going to turn it around those shit players are done playing for the fool. And he’s amazed people question him? Is he fucking nuts. I wish to god he took one of those job offers over the years that we didn’t have to suffer him like a malignant tumour.

    Good one thank you and good night up top

  56. Marko

    So what do you think their problem has been.

    They aim higher I guess. I mean Spurs for example yes they need to win trophies but it’s pretty obvious they’ve put a bigger emphasis on the league and champions league qualification so too Liverpool perhaps at the expense of competing for the FA and League cups. Everyone wants to play in the champions league it matters when you attract players obviously.

  57. Mark


    ” but most importantly and its something that you don’t care to remember is the criticism we face is totally justified. It’s completely warranted when you consider how bad we are and for how long we have persisted with that obviously poor manager ”

    Great response Marko to the smokescreen of there being media bias against AFC.

    I sometimes wonder if the AKB’S ever did those’ join the dots’ pictures as kids. Cos they don’t seem to be able to link all of the, poor tactics, dithering transfers,shit man management, nonsensical team selections, unable to motivate, etc…,
    And see the whole picture. Wenger has been past it for years !

    All this ref & media bias is pretty lame, and only serves to deflect from the truth.


  58. Mark


    If you have ever had the displeasure of seeing Ty in the flesh you can probably assume something isn’t all the way right with him. Hes’ in his 40’s dressed in Arsenal merchandise from head to toe, argues aggressively with anybody who isn’t pro Wenger.”

    You guys are on form tonight, I was cracking up at the above. It reminded me of a bid of Ty shouting down a 12 yr old who said he was Deluded.
    Then I think about some of the posters on here and pity them ( not much tho ) . If kids are able to see how bad Wenger is, Wtf is your excuse ???

  59. mysticleaves

    Elmo, he borrowed to buy the club, not finance the transfer spree. …Milan don’t have organisation. Silvio belersconi was their Wenger in that he controlled every thing and run them into the ground.

    Till Silvio sold up (don’t know of now) Maldini was not with the club, so many legends don’t work with the club and Maldini has voiced out overtime about the rubbish organization and refusal to let legends and football people back to the club just like in Arsenal.

    Milan are really rubbish lately and it didn’t help that their investment in terms of coaches and players always tended to go south.

    This 11 game unbeaten run is just what it is; a run! We would have to watch Milan the whole of next season to conclusively say they have turned a corner for the better.

  60. Ishola70

    Well Arsenal should target that raggedy left back/wing back Rodriguez in the Milan match.

    Another dodgy Swiss footballer.

  61. Bamford10

    “Anyone can see there is an agenda from the media against the club.”

    Ludicrous. None of the clubs you’ve mentioned are in anything even remotely resembling the situation we have been in for some time, and none are in anything approaching the sad state we are at the moment.

    You are deluded.