Arsene Wenger nightmare: Players give up on him in February, again

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What a haze.

Pep Guardiola won his first trophy in England in a walkabout less intense than his team’s warmup. Arsene Wenger hoped to save his dire season with another trophy, but he couldn’t muster the tactics, nor flame the team’s belief to even make a half decent attempt. It was a damp affair, but in all honesty, not unexpected.

The Arsenal of last May didn’t come out to play. We were scared, the side didn’t believe for a second they’d win out there. As Matt has said on the podcast, we’re great at doing one thing really well in a game. Yesterday, we setup to defend and frustrate. It wasn’t a bad strategy, and we played fairly well in the opening 18 minutes. Then disaster hit. Claudio Bravo picked out Aguero in a route one disaster class. Mustafi was well out of position, he knew it, and tried to convince the ref he’d been unfairly handled, giving up the run of the Argentinian. Aguero took advantage of our pint-sized keepers late run out of the box and lobbed him. A great finish, but amateur defending for such a big occasion.

Arsenal didn’t have a reaction in them. Their one game plan had been destroyed, and there was no change of approach. We didn’t create anything. We didn’t look like we knew how to. There was obviously no reaction at halftime, you honestly felt like Wenger had told the team that losing 1-0 would be an achievement such was the flatness of response.

The game was all but finished when we were slow to react to a KDB corner finding Gundogan unmarked on the edge of our box. The Turk duffed a low shot into the box, Vincent Kompany reacted faster than all our players and he turned it past Ospina who couldn’t react quick enough to the change of direction.

The final nail in the coffin came when Jack gave the ball away, Danilo played through Silva who roasted the painfully bad Calum Chambers and drilled a shot hard and low across goal.

We had nothing.

What can I add to the debate about Wenger that I haven’t said a thousand times before?

The biggest issue for me yesterday was the lack of belief. The players knew they weren’t winning out there. Arsene Wenger knew his team didn’t have enough to take home the trophy. We played like we knew the result before the game. It was depressing because the players are good enough to give City a run for their money. It’s hard to really hammer the players, because you know that not enough care is going on behind the scenes to make a difference against the best coaches in world football.

I mean, only yesterday, Wenger ignorantly told the press that Pep hasn’t moved the bar with his management techniques. If he can’t credit the best manager in the world, it’s either because he’s deflecting attention, or he genuinely isn’t curious enough to see what he’s up to.

So far, in 2018, we’ve lost 6 times. We tanked against a Forest academy team, we were utterly outclassed by Spurs, we lost to Swansea, Bournemouth and to a team of misfits from Sweden at home in the Europa League. You can say that the achievement is being at the cup final, but sadly, you can’t look at that performance yesterday in a bubble. The bigger picture is Arsenal are in terminal decline under Arsene Wenger.

We’ve also got to start being honest with ourselves. The lack of fight from Wenger is rotting the players. Mesut Ozil takes more holidays than lottery winner, and was totally anonymous yesterday. Aaron Ramsey once again went missing against a top 6 side, and he’s our saviour. Jack Wilshere was off the pace and offered next to nothing bar a fight at the end. Aubameyang had literally no service all day. Our midfield still boasts one of the most calamitous players I’ve ever seen in an Arsene Wenger team. Our defence needs a total reboot. All of our keepers are a joke.

We’re now 8 points off 5th, and 8 from 7th. No chance we’ll win on Thursday in round 2 with City.

How can the club continue to watch this decline? What are the data points outside sentiment that keep Wenger in the job? Even if he wins the Europa League, which he won’t, what does it matter? We are dead under Arsene Wenger. We need to cut the losses this summer, bring in a coach who can build confidence, build out player intelligence and bring some sort of identity back to the club.

If there’s one positive we can take from that defeat, it means there’s only one more season saver, and that’s the Europa League. If Wenger doesn’t win that, and doesn’t make top 4. It’s going to be pretty hard to suggest he’s the man to take the club forward.

… finger crossed this nightmare is coming to a close.

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  1. Ishola70

    You do not need to spend millions upon millions to be able to put out a team that is defensively responsible.

    You just simply don’t.

  2. Micheal

    It says so much about the state of affairs at AFC that we are arguing amongst ourselves and abusing each other because we have run out of constructive things to say about the overall management and philosophy of OUR club. Tragic.

  3. Wenker-wanger

    A really good manager with very good players can bridge the gap to the oil rich clubs and Barca etc.
    We have enough resources and a few very good players(potentially). However the manager is so piss-poor it’s meaningless.
    Simeone, for instance with say £200-300 million to spend would have us competing neck and neck with city.
    Before you laugh, look at the Wigan game. City are a fine team, worthy champions , but not invincible.
    We are currently associating our players with Wenger….I believe remove the burden that isc wenger and many of our players could give 20% more with a proper manager..
    For me the phoenix will rise from the ashes. Just removing Wenger raises our footballing power significantly.

  4. Leedsgunner


    How’s Geoff? The poor fella. He was the original Wenger Out wasn’t he? I seem to remember you had a great double act in the early days where he would write a sceptical article contrasted with your more upbeat vibe.

    Shame that there’s isn’t anything upbeat to write about these days when it comes to the Arsenal.

    Time for a guest post from Geoff?

    Don’t get me wrong, you do a sterling job — but I confess I miss the rant from the Bear.

  5. Wenker-wanger

    Ishola, agree….the defensive unit can be formed relatively cheaply…it’s the structure and organisation that’s key.

  6. Ishola70

    If you guys want to win with champagne football then that’s a different matter.

    Maybe there are some that think they are anti-Wenger but still show signs of being influenced in their football thinking by him.

  7. Pierre

    The failure or success of a club /team is down to the players that are brought into the team and the tactics and style of play of that are implemented.
    This ultimately falls on one person and one person alone and that is the manager.

    If the team is regressing and show no sign of improvement then for the good of the club the manager must change.

    There could be other deciding factors on whether to keep or change the manager, for instance,has he money to recruit new players,are there injuries to key players.

    This season there have been no deciding factors, there have been too many poor performances and the team/club needs to move in a new direction.

    I have said previously that the decision to keep Wenger on for another 2 years was a ridiculous decision, any support that was there for Wenger was so fragile that a couple of defeats would make it impossible for the players to perform with any confidence. The 2 early defeats to Liverpool and Stoke set the tone for the season. The team went into the season under prepared again and have never really recovered due to the excellence of city.

    The atmosphere that we are about to experience at the club could and should have been avoided if only someone higher up had the vision and foresight and strength to move Wenger out.
    Instead, because they were all so weak and Wenger so stubborn the fans have been massively let down by them all….. This could have been avoided.

  8. follow the money

    One more year of Wenger and it will take 5-10 years to repair the damage. Our reputation as pussies will be ingrained so deep it’ll take years and years to forget. He must go end of this season. One more year of this and no way in hell will we be able to attract a top line manager. I hope Sven and co are blasting this message at the bosses 24/7

  9. Wenker-wanger

    Pierre, yes bang on!
    A catalogue of mini disasters for years has brought the club to this embarrassing low point. Can it get any worse?

  10. Ishola70

    Any other club now would bring in a manager that would address the defensive issues at the club.

    But as this is Arsene FC and still plenty of the fan base dream of WengerBall once again this will not happen.

  11. Hurst

    Top quality additions

    Gk- oblak-80m,Butland-40m
    Df- alderwield-25m,manolas-35m,

    It can be done the players and targets are available just stomp up the cash with a new

  12. NorthernGoon

    Hilarious and embarrassing at the same time that so many posters could be so happy and be gloating about the result yesterday.

    Sad times that so called ‘supporters’ get more pleasure seeing The Arsenal lose than they do when they win.

    The usual suspects know who they are. They’re a disgrace.

  13. Pierre

    It is possible to want change but still want Arsenal to win you know

    You should try it sometimes as it would enable you to give a balanced view of the games and the football we play…

    It never bothers me the criticism I receive on here just because I don’t follow the Le Grove rhetoric of” being positive or wanting Arsenal to win means you are an AKB”

  14. azed

    I’ve just seen Jack’s post on Instagram and my God as a club, we are in so much trouble, we’ll have to fumigate the club and send all the players to therapy the moment Wenger steps out of the door.

    Our players have been brainwashed so much it’s beyond belief.

  15. steve

    “It is possible to want change but still want Arsenal to win you know”

    Not it’s not, numbnuts. A manager who wins games will not get sacked/resign. You’re just gonna have to make a choice here.

  16. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I have never wanted for Arsenal to lose, Pierre. You show me where I ever stated such an assertion. I want Wenger gone, unabashedly so, but never have I wished the team to ever lose.

    Please dont confuse me with others. My agenda has been crystal clear from day one. I dont contradict myself as a given, like you do.

  17. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Not sure about being obligated to sell, Pierre. They are obligated to open discussions, but im not sure about the sell part. Suarez comes to mind on this one.

  18. Hurst


    Yes we can … I’d love if we can pull it off…. a proper pl proven defender is what we need no more mustafis or holding

  19. Pierre

    “Not it’s not, numbnuts. A manager who wins games will not get sacked/resign. You’re just gonna have to make a choice here”

    Are you happy that Steve is calling you numbnuts

  20. mysticleaves

    Gk- oblak-80m,Butland-40m
    Df- alderwield-25m,manolas-35m,

    Incase it’s too expensive for Arsenal bank plc

    Outs: Arsene Wenger, Welbeck (free), Get any amount you can for another player that wants out but just release Welbeck.

    ins: Gk: Alban La font (15m)
    CB: de vrijs (free), Manolos (35m)
    cm: Max Meyer, Ozyakup (free)

    Just 50m spent

  21. Pierre

    As reported, how true it is I don’t know.

    “Alderweireld’s contract contains a one-year extension option, which is scheduled to activate in the summer of 2019 and would see him contracted until 2020. But it also features a £25m release clause. In the summer of 2019, the central defender would be permitted to leave if a rival club were to pay £25m and complete the transfer at least 14 days before the closure of the window.”

  22. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I believe Steve’s comment has been solely directed at you, Pierre. I have no quarrel with him whatsoever.

    No wonder most people dont like you Pierre. You are as petulant and childish as they come.

  23. mysticleaves

    oh, and a winger is a must. My choice is Bailey at Leverkusen or Draxler at PSG…both attainable. Though draxler is playing enough at CM these days

  24. mysticleaves

    Pierre that contract situation kicks in only if Spuds don’t convince Alderwerield to sign a new deal. At that point they then might be forced to cash in with one year left or activate the extra year clause which them brings about the release clause.

    Ha! Spuds are really fcuked in this scenario. They have to pay up now. And he’s not asking for much, just 100k. I doubt they have it to pay though

  25. Pierre

    “Is Aubameyang shit like Lacazette now?”

    Neither are shit and neither are receiving the quality passes they need to succeed.

    Aubameyang, at the weekend could have been played in at least 4 times against City but each time we took the easy option… Twice within a couple of minutes in the second half , first xhaka and then özil could have slipped Aubameyang through, I couldn’t believe it when they refused the option…. Unless we use these strikers properly they will stop making the runs.

  26. Pierre

    Alderweireld’s not stupid..

    100 grand a week will not be enough to keep him.. He will know that in the summer of 2019 clubs will be queuing up to offer him possibly double that so unless Tottenham offer somewhere in the region of 150 grand then he will leave.

  27. Ishola70

    Let’s not forget that Wenger himself sets the agendas for Untold.

    Refs, the world against Arsenal plus he is back on his only money matters and managers are irrelevant.

    Despicable man.

  28. Pierre

    They were directed I presume at anyone who wants Arsenal to win but wants Wenger to leave …. That would be me and you

  29. Wenker-wanger

    I understand you wanting arsenal to win….I too am very ingrained with the feeling for arsenal…..if I watch them I want them to win… kind of pushes my arsenal forever button.
    However generally I want them to lose, for obvious reasons…..I want that piece of useless crap Wenger out the club. So badly I will sacrifice my normal natural feelings for the team on the pitch. Sometimes. You need to take a limb off to survive. Cut out the cancer as it were.

  30. mysticleaves

    Pierre, he won’t get much higher than 100. By the time the 25m will kick in he will be 30. By this summer he will be 29. Not exactly big money age and he’s not an attacker

  31. mysticleaves

    Ishola, to be fair, Arsenal were soundly beaten yesterday but the first goal was a foul. Either that or the ref made a mistake in giving a foul against Chambers when he gave exactly the same thing to De Bruyne. The free kick immediately before their second goal

  32. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal fans are the kings of wanting to be rid of Wenger but want it done in a classy way. Any other big club in the world and this clown would have been forced out no later than 2010.

    You don’t owe Wenger anything. He makes more in one week than most people in here make in 2 years and he’s been in a job for 20 years. Not to mention he takes the piss out of you every chance he gets and is greedily running the club, your club, nose first into the ground.

    He’s had 14 seasons to build a squad that can win the league and he’s not even come close. Actually he’s further away now than he’s ever been.

    Klopp in year 2 (two full years) has built a squad that is doing better than Wenger’s 14.

    Pep will win league in year 2.

    Pochettino with way less money will finish higher than us for 2nd straight season probably.

    Wenger at one of the biggest clubs in the world finishes 14.5 points behind the EPL winners on avg. Almost 5 whole games worse.

    Jesus. Wake up.

  33. mysticleaves

    “Klopp in year 2 (two full years) has built a squad that is doing better than Wenger’s 14.
    Pep will win league in year 2.”

    Rubbish like this make AKBs attack WOBs. Klopp is not close to challenging for the league, which is what you want Arsenal to do.

    Wenger also won the league before 2 seasons passed.

    Lets just stick to the fact that wenger is past his sell by date and needs to go.

  34. Ishola70

    It won’t do to just focus and talk about winning the league.

    The excuse makers or those that want to portray that it is not so bad because others are not challenging City this season must be thankful that Pep is walking away with the league.

    Arsenal could finish double digits away from fourth place come the end of the season. That’s bad and poor enough to not warrant pointing at others and stating they are not challenging either.

  35. azed

    “He has a buy out clause of 25 million in the summer of 2019… Atm he earns 50 thousand a week.”

    I didn’t know that but also 2019 is next season. I bet if he doesn’t sign a new contract this year, he’ll be sold for more than that.

  36. mysticleaves

    “Arsenal could finish double digits away from fourth place come the end of the season. That’s bad and poor enough to not warrant pointing at others and stating they are not challenging either.”

    Depends on what you want really. If you are ok with being on a par with Liverpool because they are doing better than us now then that’s crazy.

    Last year they finished a point above us in 4th, this year they are 10above us but still a massive 18 behind City.

    Do you want that or do you want to challenge for/win the league? Your choice Ishola.

    You can’t shift the goal post anyhow you want. I want Wenger gone because we have not won the league especially in the last 6 years. Not because Liverpool, who are not close to winning the league, is doing better than us

  37. Ishola70

    It’s not about shifting goalposts Mystic.

    It’s no good talking high and mighty about league titles at this time with Arsenal.

    You need to embrace the fact that Arsenal are in decline. The sooner you do that and others of your ilk the sooner the club can try to get back on it’s feet and start to try to challenge Liverpool for league placing for starters.

  38. Pierre

    Wenker wanger
    “ kind of pushes my arsenal forever button.
    However generally I want them to lose, for obvious reasons…..I want that piece of useless crap Wenger out the club.”

    I get what you mean as I was talking to my brother and nephew at the weekend about the arsenal and my nephew was saying he’s lost interest until Wenger goes and he’s Arsenal mad.. I never thought I would hear him being so negative about the club and that was on the day of the cup final… I suppose there are many that feel the same way.
    I will be surprised if Wenger survives until next season even if we win the Europa…

    Maybe the club should have an online ballot or something from all arsenal members on the position of Wenger to give them an idea of what the fans really want in regard to changing management.

  39. TitsMcGee

    Rubbish like this make AKBs attack WOBs. Klopp is not close to challenging for the league, which is what you want Arsenal to do.”

    I suggest you learn to read and revisit that post when you do.

  40. Paulinho

    “Twice within a couple of minutes in the second half , first xhaka and then özil could have slipped Aubameyang through”

    Maybe you will finally get what I’ve been saying for years about Ozil; he’s completely overrated at playing these through balls from a central position, and the vast majority of these ‘chances created’ come from him slinging crosses into the box over and over again.

    For years we’ve been hearing how great he would be with a mobile number nine, and yet there has no difference at all since Laca and now Aubameyang. Still the same hesitation and square passes from him.

  41. mysticleaves

    Paulinho, I was immediately right on that too when Ozil signed. No matter how speedy the striker is, Ozil is not a master in forward through balls. Miki is though. Whether he is good enough is another issue

  42. mysticleaves

    Ishola, sorry, if Arsenal were challenging for top 4 it would be ok for you, not for me. We have been challenging and getting top 4 for 12 years now it’s no big deal. We are still in and around top 4 with how bad we are in two seasons past.

    The real challenge however, is in challenging for or winning the league.

  43. Ishola70

    Stupid comment Mystic.

    Yet again you are talking way above the current Arsenal station.

    Arsenal are slipping away from top four.

    Wake up and try to face reality.

    Are you telling me that if Arsenal can’t win the league then you are not bothered if Arsenal cannot even get back into CL for a good few years?

    That’s nonsense.

  44. Ishola70

    “The first step to resolving a problem is to admit there is a problem
    Arsenal and Wenger haven’t taken this step”

    Nor have the fans.

    Listen to Mystic tonight.

    He thinks it’s no big deal that Arsenal will most likely finish double digits adrift from the top four places.

  45. Jamie

    Top4 was only ever about participation money. 4th or 6th, we were always bang average.

    Surely Kroenke won’t tolerate losing champs league money for a 3rd season running.. Worst case, Wenger leaves next summer. Not sure how shit things have to get for him to receive his marching orders this summer.

  46. Ishola70

    “Arsenal had 20 years in the Champions league and done fuck all…”

    Whether they did Jack in the past means nought in the here and now.

    Arsenal are slipping away and declining. They won’t be in a position to improve if fans have got their head in their arse and can’t get it that two years away from CL can quickly become multiple years and missing out this season by a big distance.

  47. UTarse

    I find it baffling that it appears 99% of fans on here agree wenger needs to go and ASAP yet apart from redtruth and I , not one fan is calling for a protest or demonstration ?! Wtf ? If this was Manure or chavs there would be fucking riots.

  48. TitsMcGee

    If this was Manure or chavs there would be fucking riots.”

    Passive fans.

    Half the ones crying on AFTV last night will be jumping for joy come Thursday night should we best or heroically draw with City.

    Pedro will probably post something semi positive instead of continuing the pressure .

  49. Pierre

    You are misinterpreting what mysticleaves is saying.

    He is setting his sights higher than you and I agree with him.

    It’s like you are saying 4th place is a trophy and you will be happy for that..

    For me it’s top or nothing or at least competing for top spot…
    Who gives a toss if we finish above spurs or Liverpool if it means we only finish 3rd or 4th….
    The club must start aiming to be the best, we have had 14 odd years of being happy with top 4.
    It seems like spurs are the new arsenal in that Pochettino thinks top 4 is worth celebrating, it’s not.. We need to emulate city.

  50. UTarse

    AFTV is a marketing gimmick, I don’t get what is so difficult for Arsenal fans to figure it out ?

    “Continuing the pressure”

    Tits what pressure ? The slimey smile cunt just dusts it off and on to the next game…. nothing changes, it’s fucking Groundhog Day ERRRRRRRGAIN !

  51. mysticleaves

    UTarse so you think AFTV are all about the money? Would like to know what you thought of what Bellerin said about them

  52. Ishola70

    Again it’s ridiculous that certain people are talking this way about league titles or nothing at this time.

    For Arsenal to improve and win these league titles that everyone desires first Arsenal have got to get themselves out of this current decline.

    After they do that then talk about league titles.

    Atm it’s about addressing the decline now. Nothing else.

  53. TitsMcGee

    Tits what pressure ? The slimey smile cunt just dusts it off and on to the next game…. nothing changes, it’s fucking Groundhog Day ERRRRRRRGAIN !”

    There is no pressure because after we beat Everton 5-0 etc everyone is back on the wagon again. Arsenal fans live very much in the now. We could lose 10 games in a row and then beat Huddersfield Town 5-0 and 80 % of Arsenal fans will be shouting “Wenger is back”.

    If the protests continued and didn’t stop and the negative articles continued and didn’t stop then there would be no choice but remove him.

  54. UTarse

    I didn’t say that now did I ? what I am saying is they can do far more to actually bring about change than the usual fucking rants from the same people saying exactly the same thing. They have a bigger audience I would imagine than many Arsenal fan sites ? so why not actually use that reach and call for a 15 minute delay before entering the stadium to a home game and then taking banner to the game to demand change ? Or any Effie protest for that matter ? Instead, they have become “fan celebrities” for ranting….And nothing more than that.

  55. UTarse

    As for bellend, he’s just that. A fucking bellend who will fuckoff back to Spain as soon as a Barca or Madrid come calling. Fuck him, he’s shit.

  56. Bamford10


    Liverpool aren’t challenging this year, true, but they’re playing fantastic football, are 2nd at moment and are heading in the right direction. In contrast, Arsenal are playing drab football, are in 6th and are in something of a downward spiral.

    That Klopp is a better manager than Wenger is obvious. That we would have been better off today if we had replaced Wenger with Klopp two years ago is also obvious. Now, would any of us be satisfied with being 15 points off of the leaders? No, we would demand that we challenge for the title. But unlike under Wenger, with Klopp that looks a possibility.

    Are there other managers out there who could take Arsenal and challenge? Yes, there are several and their names come up often here.

    However in no way is it “moving the goalposts” to say that Liverpool are better off than we are. They have a competent manager and are moving in the right direction. We have an incompetent manager and are moving in the wrong direction.

    As for Wenger’s titles, those were in a previous era. He hasn’t even been able to challenge for a title in the current era.

    Again, my point is not that Klopp is the answer or that Klopp is a genius. There are a number of managers out there who could do what we need done at Arsenal. But to deny that Klopp is doing good work at Liverpool or that he’s a better manager than Arsene Wenger is a little silly. He’s a much better manager than Wenger, though he will definitely need to improve that Liverpool midfield and defense if he wants to challenge.

  57. Bamford10


    That is precisely why I called for a re-start of the protest movement (in one form or another) when Wenger said a few weeks back that he planned to honor his contract. The fans must make it clear that that is not acceptable. This is a man who still talks glowingly about a Danny Welbeck, a player who had one thing going for him — pace and mobility — and now doesn’t even have that. Wenger is a complete fucking disaster and he must go ASAP. But the fans need to help the board and ownership see this. There are plenty of other things that are helping them to see this, but the fans must help as well.

  58. Bamford10

    Liverpool are actually 3rd, I guess. For some reason I thought they were 2nd. Point remains the same. That wouldn’t be good enough, but at least they are moving in the right direction and have someone competent and promising at the helm, someone who is capable of leading them to a challenge.

  59. Arsnil

    Many on here are proposing this player and that player and if we bring them in then everything would be alright. Same as when they were wetting themselves when we signed Auba.
    Christ do you not realise that the whole thing is fucked. Not just Wenger. He is no more than another symptom of the malaise. The chairman is a despot, the board have been sitting on their collective hands for years, we couldn’t source a young talent to save ourselves, our second string is absolutely useless, our wage structure has now gone through the roof, no fighting spirit, we have too many My Little Ponies, no cohonas. The list goes on and on.
    What has caused the above is that there is no overall vision apart from our chairman, board and manager making lots of money. Long ago we stopped being an F.C. and became a P.L.C.
    The solution is terribly simple. e stop going to matches and hurt these imbeciles in the only place that they understand. In their fat pockets. By abstaining doesn’t mean that you don’t support the Arsenal any longer. It mans that you want Arsenal F. C. back and to fuck with Arsenal P. L. C.

  60. Bamford10

    Ian Wright on BBC 5 Live tonight: “Even you are hearing, even young players coming into the squad, turning up late for training. People having to go to their houses to get them to come to training. People not turning up to training; calling in sick.”

  61. BacaryisGod

    Pedro-you have it absolutely correct.

    I can’t think of any Arsenal fan who would agree Arsene should keep his job if we don’t win the Europa League and realistically winning that would only give him a final season.

    He had a few great years punching above his weight, a few years punching around his weight and the last few years of punching below his weight, although the F.A Cups were enjoyable and kept him floating for a little while longer.

    He can’t complain that he hasn’t been backed by the board. There’s been Ozil, Alexis, Xhaka, Mustafi, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang in the last 5 years. That’s nearly 300 million of transfer funds (assuming Mkhitaryan has 30 million of value based on the Alexis deal). Out of those, we have found decent value from Ozil and Alexis, Mustafi, Xhaka and Lacazette have to go down right now as flops and Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan are too soon to tell.

    I have a strong sense that Aubameyang can’t do what Alexis , Thierry, Dennis, Robert Pires and Ian Wright could do for us and that’s win games on their own with flashes of brilliance. He needs service and is going to look average on an average team.

  62. Ishola70

    “What has caused the above is that there is no overall vision apart from our chairman, board and manager making lots of money. Long ago we stopped being an F.C. and became a P.L.C.”

    On the button.

    Culture has to completely change at the club.

  63. Arsnil

    Thursday night and I ain’t going. At the same time I am not going to try telling anybody else what to do. It’s completely up to every Gunner fan to decide what he or she wants to do.
    But this is not the club that I began supporting believe it or not back in 1970!!!! Would say most of you weren’t even a dirty thought at that time!!!!
    In my heart I can’t support what’s going on any longer. If I turn up then I am complicit in it. They have ripped the heart out of my club and I want it back.

  64. Leedsgunner

    5 live football daily podcast dissecting Arsenal today.

    “Arsenal players own easy street. In fact, they rent out properties on it.”

    Ian Wright

    “There is no case for the defence.”

    Steve Claridge

  65. Ishola70

    lol at that Guardian article quoting Shakespeare and Freud.

    Bit this bit was good:

    “Granit Xhaka would be an odd presence in any Premier League midfield, a paradox of a player who can look absolutely miles off the pace one moment and only a few miles off the pace the next. What is he doing playing for the seventh richest club in the world?”

  66. Buckhurst Gun

    Tricky one this wanting Arsenal to lose business , I’ve never bought into it before but it is completely logical to think that way – we know that if he had won that game yesterday he could possibly have got another extension , but we lost and I think it’s a real possibility now that he goes in the summer – we lose on Thursday and the possibility edges nearer reality – get knocked out by Milan and there can be no other outcome than him going – The losses would ultimately be for the greater good – I don’t think there’s any shame in wanting this series of events to unfold if it’s souly to get rid of wenger because that really is the only way to be rid of him

  67. Bay Area Gooner

    I also wonder about how we are doing training with the style of Auba brings.
    He just sits on the last defender. We cannot even get him the ball half the time, and when he does drop back, he doesnt really do anything.
    We need to have a style that quick movement and incisive passing to him. How the hell was he so effective ad Dortmund? They had a more fluid attack…. that means better transition from def to mid to attack…. We stuttter all the time.

    We have an awful to watch team. Not even beautfiul anymore. Its ugly football.

    Against City, we were hoofing the ball to Auba on occasion since we could not get through the midfield area.

    Play the long ball in the EPL….

    Anyhow, I blame lazy Ozil for this. He was utter shit. At least the others were involved in the game…. shit yes but involved nonetheless.

    Im questioning keeping Ozil. He is slow, doesnt defend and only shows up against shit teams.


  68. Ishola70


    Dortmund more direct in their overall attacking play plus use the flanks more effectively offensively than Arsenal do.

  69. Guns of Brixton

    “Not that Arsenal should not sack Arsène Wenger. Probably they should sack him twice to make sure. Or best of all go back in time and sack him two years ago, bring him and sack him again now just to make the point”.

    At this point in the article i was in tears and applause at the same time. LoooooooooL

  70. TitsMcGee

    Every month Wenger has stayed in the job past the last Champions League season has lessened its appeal to his successors, has made the task of reconstruction more profound ”

    This is what gets lost in all of the ridiculous sentimentality over Wenger. He’s not only effing us with a broom handle now he’s effing us for the near future as well.

    It boggles the mind that nobody in the club see this.

  71. TitsMcGee

    The only thing worse than Wilshire crying is his spelling.

    I refuse to believe he actually buys that tripe. How on earth is the second goal offside?

    Even if you take away the two goals we still lose 1-0. Lol

    It’s self preservation time clearly.

  72. TitsMcGee

    Changes behind the scenes in recent times have been widespread. Scouting, fitness, psychology and player recruitment have been overhauled to give Wenger the best chance of rediscovering what he once had.

    Arsenal have many more support staff than, for example, a club like Tottenham but at first-team level improvement has not arrived — partly because of Wenger’s blind faith in his ability to turn things around.”

    It’s amazing because I said it a few weeks ago. Arsenal have bent over backwards to make things easier for Wenger. He loses the dressing room and they change the dressing room.

    They’ve tried to protect him from himself by actually “modernizing ” the setup and backroom team and recruitment around him. This past January they’ve actually gone and taken the TW out of his hands and sold/bought players (if you believe what Pedro says).

    All of that and he’s still face-planting. That should be all anyone needs to see.

  73. TitsMcGee

    Wenger does still trust long-term confidant Boro Primorac. The Bosnian watches games from the stands but often converses with Wenger before the manager makes his half-time address.

    But another assistant coach from Wenger’s early years revealed on Monday that the manager sometimes pays only lip service to new ideas.

    ‘He would seem to listen but then nothing in training would change,’ he said.

    Coaches at Arsenal can be unsure of offering strong opinions. They are not always confident these are welcome.”

    Sounds about right.

  74. E54_

    Remember the protests? Remember the game where ‘time for change’ messages were held up. All you AKBs who spoke out against that, all of you who sang “One arsene Wenger” this is all on you.

    Don’t be flip flopping hypocrites now. Stick to your guns. Continue to stand firmly with Wenger. Don’t buckle now, he needs you more now than ever before.
    You believed in him, so go ahead believe. You’re the real fans, the rest of us WOB.. we don’t know what we’re talking about.

  75. Bamford10

    Jack Wilshere should be ashamed of himself. That Instagram post is pathetic. Not only were both of those non-calls correct, but a professional footballer —whose side got played off the pitch without the other team so much as even breaking sweat, btw — should not be moaning about calls in public. Pathetic. I will never defend Wilshere again. He can fuck off. Just pathetic. Have some pride, mate.

  76. Dissenter

    “We were worth watching again … momentarily.”

    You should have placed a smiley at the end because Red zinged you there.
    You certainly were conned by a singular home game against a shitty Everton.

  77. TonyD

    All we can do is hope and pray Wenger is going and then the board and Gazidis gets the right man going forward. Low and Rogers would not be my first top 5 managers to replace Wenger although the’d be a huge improvement:

    “Arsene Wenger faces axe as Arsenal plan to review his position in summer with Brendan Rodgers and Joachim Low on list of possible replacements”

    Arsenal have begun compiling a list of candidates to replace Arsene Wenger

    The Gunners will review Wenger’s position this summer and could axe him

    Germany boss Joachim Low and Celtic chief Brendan Rodgers are on the list

    Monaco’s Leonardo Jardim and Manchester City coach Mikel Arteta are there too

    Read more:

  78. TonyD

    Now Wilshire is claiming the loss was down to refereeing mistakes not the team’s performance.

    That is just pathetic, deluded and the guy is totally in denial.

    No way his contract should be renewed.

  79. Guernsey gun

    At least Wright has nailed his colors to the mast. It’s time for a few more ex players to do so. We have become a laughing stock. In a real club Wilshere would be fined for the embarrassing shite he posted. 3 0 is three fucking nil end of discussion. What a joke we have become.

  80. Guernsey gun

    Looking at our next 10 fixtures including the Milan ones is interesting. Aside from possibly watford at home on 11th March, the rest in March look like potential defeats and I include Brighton away as they are scrapping for survival. The first 4 fixtures in April are winnable although some teams may still be in the relegation fight. My point is you don’t want a little 4 game winning run to cloud that cunts end of season review. I’d take plenty of losses and draws from here on in to see that fraud go. Man Utd away at the end of April is a nailed on defeat of course.

  81. Bay Area gooner

    If wenger only read he would be gone a long time ago
    Not one person is defending him in the media
    Wenger has seemed to unite everyone including our former enemies against him now

    Who thought!

  82. mysticleaves

    Bamford, Klopp is a better manager than Wenger. Even Eddie Howie is but the truth is that le Grove as a blog started because of posting Liverpool performances…which is playing attractive football, not winning zilch and making top 4.

    I don’t have anything against Klopp as a person really because heaven knows I will take him over wenger two years ago.

    Am just saying Liverpool aren’t doing enough for us to warrant to be like them except we have been wrongly flogging Arsenal for years.

    As for your points about Klopp and their performance, you are right but will you be happy of we finished 3rd/4th but 18 points behind the winners every year? I doubt that…

  83. mysticleaves

    Brendan Rogers absolutely needs to be in any list of potential replacements. Liverpool board having an English based player recruitment agenda didn’t help him at all. Excellent trainer and a good tactician. He does the gengen press too. love him

  84. Bamford10

    “Arsenal will review Arsene Wenger’s position this summer — with the prospect of ending the Frenchman’s 22-year reign now emerging as a genuine option.”


  85. mysticleaves

    Even if Wenger doesn’t read papers, Josh K does and must have read the scathing attack from all comers since then.

    He also witnessed the rubbish on Sunday first hand from the directors box. That helps

  86. ArseneisaFraud

    Tony D’s Daily Mail link.

    Who would have thought that we would be at last reading such an article? … Hopefully Kroenke makes the right decision and convinces AW to retire (or even sacks him, but I doubt this). Kroenke has one reason to do so: he must’ve been lied to at the time of when AW ran to his office to get his extension as AW would’ve promised him a swift return to top 4 to get CL money back rolling in.

    I can only agree that protests should restart. I am going to get flamed for this, but there needs to be a time for this. And that time should be once we know that we are out of the EL. Why? Because some fans are still convinced, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some on the BoD to, that we can still win the EL. Once it is crystal clear that there is no way back (And that should be at the hands of A.C. Milan; watched the highlights of their game vs AS Roma and boy did they look galvanised at the hands of Gattuso), these protests should be there to give a helping hand to the BoD to make the right decision and thank AW for his time and move him on.

  87. Thorough

    I said a while back to become a world class team we would need to intelligently spend a billion dollars and I stand by that.

    But to become decent again, we may not need to spend more than 300 dollars. Bring Perez back and buy a Pavon/Malclm/Draxler and the attack will be sorted. Buy Fekir and Docoure and the midfield is sorted.
    Buy Koulibaly and the central defense is sorted.
    Convert someone like Ramsey to a WB/RB where hid energy and tackling can be utilized and he won’t need to do much creative work.
    And the next coach must definitely have the guts to bench pussies like Ozil. We re stuck with him but we don’t have to watch him ruin our game with his nonchalance every two weeks.

  88. Emiratesstroller

    The culture at Arsenal under Wenger is completely to blame for the current malaise. There is currently no accountability, direction or discipline and by all
    accounts the coaching staff such as Bould are nothing more than yes men with no say in the tactics and planning.

    We know also from feedback of ex players that there is only one Plan at Arsenal and that Wenger never takes into account the way that opposition play. That may have worked in past when we had exceptional players, but not now with the mediocrity on offer.

    The real concern this season is threefold. First our defence has been absolutely appalling. The goalkeeper and backline have been making continuously schoolboy errors culminating with the shambles of first goal conceded against
    Man City.

    The current central midfield is probably the weakest to have played for Arsenal in the past 30 years i.e.I include those who played since the era of George Graham. When you compound it with their injury track record it tells you everything about Wenger’s problem.

    In the past 5 or 6 years Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshire and Ramsey have spent almost as much time under treatment as actually playing. That would not have been acceptable under any other Manager.

    Finally the football is now stagnating, because one suspects that most of the
    half decent players want out of the club. There have been few regrets from almost all those who have left since summer.

    When you see so many players wanting to leave the club you know that there
    is a major problem and that is entirely down to Football Management and Coaching Staff.

  89. Guernsey gun

    The guardian article a couple of posters put up is well worth a read. Poor old arsene thinks he’s still relevant, in reality he’s that pissed old relly making a tool of himself at the big party. Jog on ya fraud.

  90. Jeff

    Even if Arsenal do cancel Wenger’s contract at the end of the season, it’s at least 15 years too late. Better late than never I suppose.

  91. Danny S

    Arsenal need to grow balls, get rid of wenger now and bring someone in to try and win the UEFA cup. At least then the new manager can offer champs league next season and we can get rolling.

  92. Pierre

    And here is the comment of the day from Titsmagoo about Jack WILSHERE

    “The only thing worse than Wilshire crying is his spelling.”


  93. ArseneisaFraud

    The Guardian article is brilliant as it shows how deep the malaise actually goes. The BoD and IG have made one crucial mistake: to have sat on their hands and let AW deal with everything. Just shows how much greed can blind you. They were just happy to cash in on the easy money rolling in, instead of focusing on what needed to be done to ensure the Arsenal still acted as a football club at all times.

  94. Pierre

    Brendan Rodgers I rate….

    He did a fantastic job at Liverpool and if it wasn’t for the Steve Gerrard Gerrard slip they were odds on to win the league.. Also has done a fantastic job at Celtic albeit with less competition and his teams play great football…. I think he could get the best out of our attacking players and hopefully have the sense to realise that we need to build from the back.

    Of course, he will be ridiculed by many on here as not being up to standard but I disagree…

  95. Victorious

    Wonder where some of you lot are getting the optimism from thinking the club might pull the plug on Wenger this summer,still can’t see,Kroenke has got no balls,Wenger will never step down (as much as I would want him to)most of you will be brought right back to earth at the end of the season when it will become more obvious Wenger is still very much in charge, brace yourselves

  96. Barking Arsene

    Even though Brendan Rogers irritates me and looks like a shark, I would still take him if it means Wenger going.

    I suppose at least we would become exciting to watch again.

  97. Ishola70

    No to Brendan Rodgers.

    Arsenal need a new manager that will install defensive discipline and cut out goals against.

    Sees some of you still want to win games by 4-3.

  98. Emiratesstroller

    The Guardian article makes one major valid point about the future and that is
    whether Wenger’s departure will solve the current malaise at the club.

    Clearly that depends on who is next appointed. If the club appoints someone in Wenger’s image then I suspect the answer will be no.

    What is very clear is that the Wenger’s replacement must be a TOP CLASS Coach and prepares his team properly and in his tactical gameplan factors in
    how the opposition plays.

    Also I suspect that the new Coach needs to instil some discipline in the culture at club. That appears to be noticeably absent today.

    What is also very clear is that in recent years there is a total absence of “ruthlessness” at Arsenal. The players and their agents appear to be in total control of decision making as we have seen with Ozil, Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Allowing contracts to run down to final year is ridiculous. That is fine if a player is crap with no marketable value, but not in the case of better players.

  99. Ishola70

    “The Guardian article makes one major valid point about the future and that is
    whether Wenger’s departure will solve the current malaise at the club.

    Clearly that depends on who is next appointed. If the club appoints someone in Wenger’s image then I suspect the answer will be no.”

    Well you are getting your answer from some on here ES.

    They want I will score more goals than you Brendan Rodgers.

    Congratulations btw in finding a valid point in that Guardian waffle.

  100. Victorious

    Bredon F””king Rodgers?… scrapping rock bottom of the barrel that,Would be an embarrassing and absolutely panic move,he is a poor version of Klopp,Don’t want him near the club

    Arsenal is big enough and has the pull to attract Carlo Ancelloti, Allegri,Jardim,Sarri,I will even take Low or Arteta before Rodgers

  101. Ishola70

    It is achingly obvious what the main Arsenal weakness has been for many years and that is defensive issues in all it’s guises but still fans want to ignore that and call for a coach that is known to ship goals but outscore the opposition.

    The Wenger syndrome lingers on forever doesn’t it among the fanbase.

    Look at Milan. They were struggling this season conceding too many they bring in a coach in Gattuso who went to work on their defensive frailties and now they look in much better shape.

  102. TitsMcGee

    “The only thing worse than Wilshire crying is his spelling.”Classic.

    Lol if you’ve been paying attention (I know you haven’t ) I’ve always called him Wil-Shire.

    As in “the Shire” from The Hobbit.

    Keep up. Pay attention. Remove your tongue.

  103. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I have made the point on many occasions that a team will only win the LEAGUE
    TITLE if they are watertight at back. That means conceding fewer than 30 goal in a season.

    Arsenal’s record over last 10 years does not lend us to that possibility, because of the style and manner we play our football under Wenger.

    The club’s primary weaknesses is the lack of balance and solidity and above all
    too much duplication in certain positions whilst other positions are neglected.

    Part of the problem at the moment is that we have no set formation. One week
    we play four at the back and the next we are selecting three at the back.

    Bellerin and Kolasinac are highlighting the problem at the club. Both could be
    excellent players under the right coach. However, they play gungho football
    and far too often leave us exposed at the back with gaping holes in defence. A
    decent tactical coach would correct these flaws.

  104. Dissenter

    I believe the news of Arsenal reviewing Wenger’s contract in the summer are just smart manipulation by the Arsenal hierarchy. They are feeding the press false rumors to steer them away.
    If we are waiting UNTIL the summer to evaluate him then surely that’s too late to make any change.
    This is just their way of staving off supporters malcontent.

  105. OleGunner

    Ian Wright on BBC 5 Live tonight: “Even you are hearing, even young players coming into the squad, turning up late for training. People having to go to their houses to get them to come to training. People not turning up to training; calling in sick.”

    Jesus Christ.
    Wenger has completely lost his grip at London Colney. Its farcical.

    I can totally believe Wrighty after Ravewobi was partying before that Chelsea game and is rewarded with a start by the manager.

    Pathetic man management. This squad will need real slaps across the face to stop all this nonsense. I want a hard as nails disciplinarian in charge next.

  106. TitsMcGee

    They’d go after Rogers because of his style of play. Not my 1st choice but I’d take anyone right now once they are given the mandate to clean house.

  107. Ishola70

    All the players look at the media so it is no surprise especially with the younger players that they do not have much respect for Arsene Wenger.

    They may have some sort of affection for him but that is not the same as real respect.

  108. TitsMcGee

    If we are waiting UNTIL the summer to evaluate him then surely that’s too late to make any change.”

    By waiting for summer they can avoid protests at the ground week in and week out.

    They’ll announce he’s staying after we’ve played our last game of the season . What can the fans do then?

  109. shaun ellis

    there does not appear to be any talent in the arsenal youth at all it’s a joke.the thing is you don’t who is the better option now it used to be between ravwobi and welbeck with most of us thinking hope he plays welbeck but now you see chambers ,welbeck , niles,eleny, mustaffi ,bellend and xahka and they are all shite the reality is they are doing well to be sixth because they are dropping points again on thursday and have no hope in hell against AC or manu basically they are done for the season with 6th place as there prise .if arsene does leave this summer it’s an open top bus all day long from me

  110. Bamford10

    Lois Langton, chair of the ultra-conservative Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, has made a public statement calling for Wenger to go. From @GoonerFanzine.

  111. Bamford10

    “Some potential new managers seem to have been leaked to the press by Arsenal. They include: Jardim, Arteta, Rodgers, Low and Ancelotti.” – @th14Renato

    Jardim, Low or Ancelotti, for me. In that order, probably. No to Arteta or Rodgers (though I do think the latter is a good manager).

  112. Hi Berry

    To all those above who are calling for a protest of some kind I would recommend emailing Ivan Gazidis…….and get all your like-minded mates to do so as well.
    I did this towards the end of last season when the will he/won’t he debate was at its height regarding Wenger being given a new contract and was actually surprised to get a phone call later in the day from someone in Gazidis’ office who was very sympathetic and described the situation as ‘very difficult’. Some of you might think Gazidis is part and parcel of the overall problem, but I got the distinct impression that he was as frustrated by the way things are going as we are and the subsequent recent backroom appointments would indicate he is determined to succeed in his longer-term strategy. You may not agree but every email sent expressing dissatisfaction adds to the pressure building up.

  113. Jeff

    BBC: Arsene Wenger says keeping his job as Arsenal boss is his “last worry” after losing six of their 12 games in 2018.

    Of course it is – because he knows he can’t be sacked.