Mesut seeks urgent medical treatment at Four Seasons

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Mesut Ozil, is sick again.

“Ozil was in bed Monday and Tuesday. I would certainly have played him, but because he was sick he will have to work hard tomorrow and won’t be involved.”

Or is he? Arsenal fans are convinced that he is in fact on holiday with his lady friend, prepping for the biggest game of the season at Wembley on Sunday.

Look, it wouldn’t surprise me. This is how most clubs act. Players need time off, Ozil certainly needs time off. If you look at his sprint stats over the last 4 seasons, they’ve always massively declined post-December because he’s not that fit. Shout out to Vik Akers for sharing those numbers.

Sending Ozil to Turkey for a bit of sun makes a lot of sense. He’ll break away from the doom pit of Colney, he’ll recharge mentally, and hopefully he’ll deliver an explosive performance at the weekend. It’s a bit rough a player we drop £350k a week on needs to call in sick every other month, but it is what it is, we have to manage that until Wenger leaves.

… you’d also think that if he’s calling in sick, he’d keep the Insta posting to him pulling a sad with a massive dog on his lap.

The game today is going to be a cakewalk. We’re too far ahead to see any real threat. Wenger still sees it as a secondary priority.

“We have to focus on the Premier League,” added Wenger. “The Europa League is one of the priorities we have.

“But ideally we want to come back to the Champions League through the Premier League.”

The Swedes are going to have to come at us, they’ll expose themselves at the back, and we’ll take advantage.

Aaron Ramsey rejoined the squad for full training, so I’d be shocked if he started on Sunday. Even if he did, he’d be utter dross so it doesn’t feel like the gamble is worth it. He’s a player that needs games to find rhythm.

Mikki is cup-tied for Sunday, but he can play tomorrow, so he’ll earn a chance to forget about the shocker he had against Spurs a couple of weeks ago.

Auba, I believe, can play against City at the weekend, so he’ll certainly be rested. There are also strong rumours Iwobes will be played tomorrow, giving a big clue to him likely being dropped on Sunday. Seems really weird that as soon as the Nigerian finds his game, he can’t get a start?

Hopefully, we’ll see some more game time for Eddie and Reiss tomorrow. The perfect chance for those two to show they belong. I’m all about the Europa League, hopefully, the other results go to shit and we can make the semi-final at the very least.

I am genuinely excited to see the British teams doing well in the Champions League. I mean, easier to stomach because we’re not in the Champions League, but it really does prove a point, when you put great coaches with great players, magic can happen. There’s been so much negativity about how being near English soil somehow makes you average.

I think the extra money in the league has helped, Premier League teams need more money for the CL and bigger squads because we don’t have a winter break, and the competition pound for pound is way higher here. Most of the other leagues, bar Spain, have 1 team domination issues… so they hoover all the domestic talent and can rest players in low-intensity games before the CL.

It’s great to see our teams finally make a bit of a mark due to grotesque shared riches.

Right, enjoy the Alan Smith podcast. It’s excellent.

We cover:

  • Patrick Vieira to Arsenal
  • Steve Bould, huuuhhh, what is he good for?
  • What it takes to win elite competitions

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  1. Elmo

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but with us going out the FA Cup without playing a home tie, ST holders’ 7 cup credits mean their seats are included for every potential EL game (3 group, R32, R16, QF, SF).

    Bearing in mind its pretty clear few ST holders are interested in turning up to the EL, can we expect an empty stadium every game until, perhaps, we were to reach the SF?

    The club should just open the TicketExchange to general sale for the EL. The current situation is ridiculous.

  2. raptora

    Ye, Kroenke is to be blamed when we buy 20m youth players and years later, when we are supposed to ripe the fruits of investing in them, they are worse than when they joined. Kroenke’s fault!!!

  3. TT

    Its all on the manager folks. Stop abusing the players they are neither shit or useless. many of the full internationals. No one but Wenger to blame for this team and this performance. it’s obvious that the players are not motivated and held to account.

    Give the squad to a half decent manager and motivator and we will see a different animal on the pitch.

    Its not Kronke or the board. Its Wenger. Stan is in this for the money and while gutless arsene fc fans keep this fraud in a job this rot will continue. Kronke wont sell or change the manager and why would he? His investment keeps growing and while that continues no changes will happen.

    Make the managers position untenable and once he leaves we can get at Kronke if needed. Arsene is his armor plating simple as.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    If we are making hard work of this tie with these players, Ospina included, what chance do we have in this tournament? We have a final on sunday and we can’t rely on Iwobi, Ospina, Welbeck, Holding, Chambers and even Bellerin who’s a first teamer.

  5. useroz

    Blame Ozil who is probably in bed with his lady friend(s)… and he is sick watching this shower of shit

    OST is League 2 level and we can’t deal with it? Some of them played NON league before OST ffs

  6. Marc


    I’m a ST holder and haven’t even bothered trying to put my ticket on ticket exchange outside of the Cologne the games haven’t been close to sold out for the club to do it.

  7. Marc


    I agree with 90% of your post but Kroenke investment isn’t growing at the moment, no CL football 2 seasons in a row (cost circa £60 – £80 million) and the new TV deal is down on before.

    I really believe the new backroom signings are the first move in Wenger leaving and it’s been planned from the looks of it.

  8. Jim Lahey

    “Why in the world are we playing in blue?”

    Apparently both of OSTs kits clash with ours…. Red Vs White should have been fine

  9. NorthernGoon

    The players are fucking so spineless. There’s no excuse for this. The players that come in are internationals and have experience, there’s only one youngster in there, what the fuck are they doing?

  10. Guernsey gun

    Haha….some of the dumbfuckery that gets posted on here. All Wenger rim crew merchants hold tight to your Wenger wanking socks, it’s going to be an interesting second half. Kroenke has just finished delivering the tactical team talk by video conference.

  11. TT

    Marc if that is not the case, that the backroom changes are the first move in regime change then Stans investment will start to depreciate. Thats why I agree with you that change is coming. However I thing the plan is/was to change manager next summer. Me thinks once we are out of Europe and have lost the cup final next Sunday, which ever comes first, that that plan might change. Especially if we wont get into CL next season which is looking very unlikely atm.

  12. UTarse

    I agree with the sentiment that change is happening but the timing is key. if he doesn’t go at the end of this season then it really means fuckall.

  13. Mark

    Wow Vic-the-prick , what an aggressive prick you are. Always on the attack or spouting shit.

    Wenger has made this club the laughing stock of Europe. Where is the guidance? The rocket up their arses? He just stalks around looking glum , with nothing to add.
    2-0 down to a fucking pub team !!
    That’s what will keep happening when the team is led by a selfish old fossil.
    It’s hard to believe there are Mugs out there who still defend this fraud.
    Any other club and he’s getting sacked in the morning.

    Not at this joke club, no-one’s accountable for anything.

  14. Leedsgunner


    I refer you to our earlier conversation today. Do any of our players look like they are honoured to play for Arsenal out there?

    Even if we manage to dig ourselves out of this — the damage is done.

  15. TT

    “The players are fucking so spineless. There’s no excuse for this. The players that come in are internationals and have experience, there’s only one youngster in there, what the fuck are they doing?”

    What our clueless joke of a manager has told them to do? Or is it maybe lack of preparedness? One common denominator in all the humiliations we have suffered over the years and its not Stan or the players. Have a think about that.

  16. Victorious

    You really are a massive buffoon if you think Kroenke has no blame in all of this,shows your utter lack of knowledge and objectivity in discussing footballing issues,When you are and your ilk(Wenger obsessives) thought it wise to end this charade last season, who issued the man with another 2 year contract?I don’t expect a sane response from you seeing that you are very naive to grasp issues such as this

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Where was Ospina diving to for the first goal?????? I don’t get him sometimes…baring saving penalties, and one of shot stopping, he can be poor one on one.

  18. Danny

    I don’t get him sometimes…baring saving penalties, and one of shot stopping
    Check out his sister and all will be forgiven…….

  19. ArseneisaFraud


    AW went to Kroenke and BS him into giving him another contract. The BoD were set to discuss his future but AW went over their heads to secure this new contract. Sounds desperate doesn’t it?

  20. Wenker-wanger

    The first half was a complete shit-show….no urgency, no aggression. No accuracy, no skill….. And a defense that looked like it’s never been together before.
    Wengers fcking arsenal……just useless..

  21. TT

    Arguing with akb’s is like arguing with NRA. Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Wenger is not to blame for shit performance the color of the shirts is…

  22. Mark

    Fuck me , when are we gonna see the new Greek kid? If he’s been kept this season, I would have thought this would be an ideal game for him. Can’t do any worse than the defenders out there. ( If he’s as good as has been said)


  23. thank you and goodnight

    Zidane should be looking over his shoulder as I reckon Real Madrid will come in for Wenger again at end of the season. Just so glad Wenger is loyal to us or where would we be

  24. Paolo

    Been a gooner for as many of my 40 years as I can remember…

    This is the most pathetic performance I have ever seen.. every player & member of staff connected to Arsenal should be ashamed tonight

    Absolute joke of a club.. this is a pub team & we are the 2nd best team on pitch!?

    How has it been allowed to get to this… but still no end to in sight

    Welbeck is dreadful doesn’t look like he wants to play!? Iwobi, Chambers, holding, Xhaka, Ospina all terrible players under a farce of a manager

  25. Jim Lahey

    “Probably won’t get 10m for Welbeck. It’s that bad.”

    He wasn’t worth £10m when we bought him, certainly not worth anywhere near that now.

  26. NorthernGoon


    ‘I refer you to our earlier conversation today. Do any of our players look like they are honoured to play for Arsenal out there?’

    It’s nothing to do with honour some of them just aren’t good enough.

  27. gazzap

    I actually like Kolasinac. sure he made some mistakes in defence, but he hardly ever plays. No wonder he is rusty. but you can at least see there is quality in there unlike some of our other players.

  28. Wenker-wanger

    We will get through… doubt there…..But it’s another lame performance which is further proof that Wenger is now totally inept and has no use at all as a manager. He just turns up and spouts bullshit. A deluded charlatan only in his position because kroenke knows or cares nothing about football and gazidis obviously has no influence at all. The incompetent tool is free to further destroy arsenal until he himself calls it a day. But he won’t do that as he is addicted to his fantasy of being a top manager in a great club. Wenger has issues therefore and anticipating his departure on the basis of him recognising he is regressing arsenal is highly unlikely. It’s a crazy situation….

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    It certainly is a crazy situation. But what do you expect from a deluded power obsessed egomaniac?

  30. Mark

    Fuck me , when are we gonna see the new Greek kid? If he’s been kept this season, I would have thought this would be an ideal game for him. Can’t do any worse than the defenders out there. ( If he’s as good as has been said)
    Apparently Nelson hasn’t signed a new contract yet. Didn’t get a look in tonight. Doubt he’ll play Sunday. Wouldn’t surprise me if we lose another promising youngster .
    Lost at home To a pub team.
    No way Wenger takes this team to the Europa cup.


  31. Elmo


    Napoli out
    Nice out
    Villareal out
    Atalanta out
    Sociedad out

    Atletico, Dortmund, Lazio, Sporting, Lyon, Zenit, Bilbao, Milan, Marseilles amongst the teams left in.

    At least four teams I’d put us as underdogs against. The first XI should be starting every remaining EL tie.

  32. Ishola70

    Absolutely embarrassing.

    One of the most embarrassing results in Arsenal’s history.

    And there will be more of these sort of results against these sort of teams playing at the second level unless Arsenal can shake themselves free of Arsene Wenger.

  33. NorthernGoon

    Atletico, Dortmund and Lyon are the teams we need to avoid really.

    Playing a full strength team over 2 legs we wouldn’t have to worry about the rest.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    We just lost to a team that you can’t even select on Fifa.

    Literally, this madness feels like its been going on forever and feels neverending.

    No matter how this is spun, this is s woeful result for this football club.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    I just hope the media slaughters Wenger.
    Arsenal will make a game of it against city…..that’s because the players will motivate themselves as they do against Chelsea recently.
    When it’s Swansea, west brom or ostersund, they haven’t the motivation.
    A proper manager would earn his money motivating his players when it’s obvious they could switch off. Evidence here and generally that Wenger gives no motivation. It’s a holiday camp run by Mr magoo.

  36. NorthernGoon


    Wrexham 1992 3rd round was the worst.

    This is a blip it’s a dead rubber game after winning it in the 1st leg. If we’d have gone out then yes it’d have been the worst result we’ve ever had but we didn’t.

    Bet it fucked everyone’s bets up lol

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Sooner we start prioritizing Eddie Nketiah over Welbeck, better, I’d even have kept Chuba Akpom….Welbeck isn’t going to score the goals needed to win this, and that defense, pathetic….Atletico Madrid owns this competition.

  38. Mark

    Do you seriously believe that the performance tonight is down to Kroenke??
    £10M a year and you don’t think Wenger is accountable for tonights shit show.
    You are the Buffoon mate, every time you post , it shines through. What’s even funnier is how you keep telling people how they struggle to grasp the basics of football.

    Yet you clearly are Deluded and have very little knowledge of football. Try listening to what the pundits and media are saying about Wenger.

    Right now the buck stops with him, blaming Kroenke when all he did was show the same (stupid) blind faith that half of the AKB fanbase would have done, and gave the grovelling turd another chance.
    It’s not an excuse. So piss off you numpty.

    You can’t even grasp reality.

  39. DaleDaGooner

    “One of the most embarrassing results in Arsenal’s history.”

    Calm the f2ck down! the most embarrassing??? Have you watched any other games?

  40. Dissenter

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger
    One Arsene Wenger…There’s only one Arsene Wenger

    Long may he live to ‘honor” his contract.

    Were the Wenger drones singing like they did last week as Ostersunds?

  41. NorthernGoon


    ‘Yet you clearly are Deluded and have very little knowledge of football. Try listening to what the pundits and media are saying about Wenger.’

    I don’t think you’re anyone to talk about delusion if you’re getting your football knowledge from the media and the current pundits in circulation.

    I genuinely feel sorry for you.

    Go son fill your boots reading the shit in the sun, listening to Danny Murphy, Carragher and Jamie fucking redknapp.


  42. Wenker-wanger

    The kroenke responsibility assertion is a long running joke. To blame him instead of Wenger is like blaming a barman for a drunk-driver car crash.
    KROENJE ONKY CARES ABOUT MONEY……All control of football matters is in the egomaniac control freaks hands.
    Forget kroenke he is a shite owner, but Wenger is 10 times more destructive.

  43. Alex Cutter

    “Go son fill your boots reading the shit in the sun, listening to Danny Murphy, Carragher and Jamie fucking redknapp.”

    Said northerngoon, as he lubes up his buttocks in anticipation of Wenger’s insertion…

  44. Rainman

    “Bet it fucked everyone’s bets up lol”

    Nope, I chose over 1.5 goals, so they came through, unfortunately Athletico Madrid spoilt my acca

  45. Victorious

    ‘Yet you clearly are Deluded and
    have very little knowledge of
    football. Try listening to what the
    pundits and media are saying
    about Wenger.’

    This Mark chap is a bit of a joke,isn’t he?You speak of delusion then you come out with this utter balderdash, WTF man? you fill your knowledge with tripes like talk shite,sun,Jammy Rednob and the rest of those knobs heads,Lol

    No wonder you are the PILLAR OF KNOWLEDGE on here,lol

  46. Wenker-wanger

    Alex, he will be disappointed,Wenger is bound to be dysfunctional….Mr flaccid…like his limp touchline antics. Ha

  47. Mark


    I use my own eyes and brain to get my knowledge on football.
    I suggested you try listening to sources outside of le Grove, as you clearly have problems when posters here try to enlighten you.

    You can keep on fooling yourself, cos your smug pendantic attitude ain’t fooling anyone else.

    Just a blip , indeed. I thought blips only happen very rarely? Nottingham forest , etc we’ve all seen it many times . Complacency, arrogance whatever it is, it’s nothing new.
    Yet with all your ( so called) football savvy, funny that you ain’t seen this shit before?

  48. azed

    Also worth nothing that apart from the Everton game Mkhitaryan has been poor.

    Have we been scammed by UTD for a 3rd time?

  49. Mark


    Tell me about tonight’s performance then , give us your wisdom.
    You and Northern prune can continue the Wenger wankfest all you like, blame Kroenke and everyone else. Plonkers.

    Once that cunt Wenger is gone from this club, you will see.

  50. Bamford10

    Absolutely shocking that a club of Arsenal’s resources & stature is fielding such poor players, is putting such a poor product on the field. Wenger is a complete and utter joke.

  51. UTarse

    Let me get this straight, the goon and the 12 year old proclaim to know more about football than ex professionals and the whole media of sports journalists ?

    Arse head up. Rearrange.

  52. Marko

    After tonight’s result I for one absolutely agree with Pedro’s assessment that Ozil deserved to have himself a little break while “ill” he deserves a rest for the tremendous effort he’s been putting in this season and last. Bless his socks

  53. thank you and goodnight

    You lot are really upsetting me with your constant abuse of Wenger. Carry on like this and he won’t come out for the end of season saluting the fans.

  54. thank you and goodnight

    Apparently we have lost all of our last six home games in European competition in the knockout stages……hahahahahaha. Wenger was never any good he was just lucky. Right place right time

  55. Mark

    We have a woeful record with that kit though,like we’ve won just 1 out of 13 matches or so while donning it,lol.

    Very insightful knowledgeable facts you’re sharing with us all.

    Nothing to do with tactics, the manager, lack of motivation, complacency it’s about the colour of the kit.

    No wonder you are a pillar of knowledge or is that just a pillock ??

  56. jasongms

    @David Smith

    Go and read any of the comments section on the daily mail, Sun, etc with regards to an article on Arsenal and you’ll get your answer.

    I can assure you there is still a large majority of the fanbase that are ‘Arsene In’ and their opinion hasn’t faulted in the slightest nor will it.

  57. Guernsey gun

    No team in the next round will fear arsenal. If ostersunds hadn’t bollxed up the first half in Sweden this could have been very different. The season lumps on beyond Sunday arvo but we all know where this ends. Still only one Arsene Wenger, tactical genius, master motivator and grade a cunt.

  58. Marko

    Definitely still some remnant of “akb” left if you want to call anyone that. Wasn’t too long ago after a victory he was being given credit for Elneny dropping back to make a back 3 like it was some masterstroke instead of us sitting back because we’ve got atrocious defenders. Every time there’s a defeat it’s downplayed. Like northern goon says tonight’s just a blip. Plenty still who make excuses for the absolute shit show we’ve become accustomed to

  59. omar

    So we went to their house and left Wilshere at home and hammered them. They come to the Emirates and we give Arsenal legend Wilshere the arm band and we get beaten, surprise surprise. Every game he starts in our midfield he proves how overrated he is. Put sentiment aside, he would be playing in the Championship. One of the most overrated players in Europe.

  60. Gooner63

    Its just a blip

    along with the notts forest blip, the continual last 32/16 CL blip, the now many blips that stop us getting top 4 let alone winning the league blip.

    just a blip

  61. Leedsgunner

    We played one of weakest teams in this round… and we still lost! Sure we limped through over two legs but let’s be frank, we looked hapless, hopeless and disinterested.

    Why? Where’s the mental strength and focus that we hear Wenger always boasting about when they win? The people who paid their good monies to watch that deserved better. We all deserved better.

  62. Dissenter

    Arsene Wenger criticizing his players; “‘they thought they just had to turn up’

    He’s speaking as is he was a pundit commenting on Arsenal from the studios of TF1 in Paris. It’s almost as if he’s not the man earning £10 million yearly to prepare the team.

    His responsibility dodging routine is just pathetic at this point.

  63. Rocko

    Have a look at the ‘positioning’ for their first goal and you get a good sense of why Smith despises what Wenger is doing to the club.

  64. NorthernGoon


    Nice to see you come out of the wood work you cretin after we secure our place in the last 16.

    We need more supporters like you that only show up when we lose.

    ‘I use my own eyes and brain to get my knowledge on football.’

    ‘Try listening to what the pundits and media are saying about Wenger.’

    Hang on a minute which one is it? You’re a very confused little boy. I’d say you fill your boots listening to Talkshite and wanking over hyperbolic pundits that are rarely objective and just perpetuate lazy narratives.

    If not I’d get a new brain and new eyes.

    Playing the game and and not listening to mug pundits helps me draw my own conclusions, not being obsessed with a pensioner also helps me to remain objective. You should try it sometime.

  65. Leedsgunner

    “It’s better not to talk too much tonight, and focus on our next game”


    Translation: Sweep the bad news under the carpet. Hype the good news.

    No wonder we’re not learning from our mistakes if he doesn’t want to face them!

  66. gonsterous

    you know what this team is missing ? a rosicky, Cazorla type, who would run at defenders and make them commit fouls.

  67. Guernsey gun

    There’s none so blind as them that won’t see. Sad that some here are hopelessly lost to wengers jw / Scientology cult. Don’t worry guys when that french cunt FOADS you will see a real arsenal team with input from real arsenal legends. Can’t wait, rim crew will be forgiven you are in a controlling abusive relationship and it’s no joke. Particularly when the cat, kroenke, gets the kicks and the blame.

  68. Mark

    Ok Northern,
    You are the footballing sage, a Blip was all it was. You know more than ex players & managers. #deluded.

    Sad little man. If you have to resort to taking part of my quotes from two separate posts, and then join them together. It’s like you have problems grasping the basics of football.
    If that’s how your brain works, no wonder you’re confused in the head. Yet you think you’re objective ??????

    Just a Blip ,eh !! You should put that on yer tombstone. LOL

    For the last 6 mins if the 1st half, they played with 10 Men!!! Yet we still never looked like scoring , in fact I’d say they outplayed us.
    Was that a BLIP ??
    Anyone who can say that about last night’s performance doesn’t know Jack Shit about football. Which you confirm with your next gen.

    ” Playing the game and and not listening to mug pundits ,helps me draw my own conclusions.”

    LOL. You must be really shit at football as well as blind.

    Northern Loon seems more appropriate.

    Instead of talking about me , give us your synopsis on last night’s game?

  69. gonsterous

    wenger is a half decent manager. what we need is a good manager to take us to the next level which is the next level…

  70. Victorious

    Mark Talk-shite

    ‘Very insightful knowledgeable
    facts you’re sharing with us all.’

    Obviously poor old Markie wouldn’t know ‘sarcasm’ if it smashed him in the face

    You also seem to be BUTT-HURT since I labelled you a ‘pillock of knowledge’,wonder why is that,if anything you should be proud the whole of Legrove look up for your inputs everyday on here seeing you gather your knowledge from Talk-shite and the likes
    Point is not the best time to come out and let desperation and frustration get the better of you not especially after the club just booked a place in the round of 16 and a cup final to look up to

  71. Mark

    You can keep the false positives if after that performance you are looking forward to round 16. That was an embarrassment !!! Just cos you’ve accepted mediocrity &(Wenger’s) low expectations, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to.

    Butt hurt from a Butt head like yourself or Northern loon, don’t flatter yourselves. That would insinuate that I give a toss what you say. Based on your posts & point of views , Blips, Kroenke s fault & all that shite. Trust me, I treat all that you say with the total contempt it deserves.

  72. Mark

    Pray tell, What was the sarcasm I was supposed to have missed? Or is that just another unexplainable smokescreen from yourself.