Exclusive: Winners from the past can inform the future

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Look, I’m going to straight up admit I was planning to hold off releasing this podcast until Thursday, but I just felt too excited and had to let it go now.

The Arsenal Opinion managed to snare the man who scored the first goal at Anfield in 1989 and set up the iconic winner for Michael Thomas.

The hero who won 2 golden boots, both seasons ending in Arsenal winning the First Division title.

The legend that toppled Parma in 1994 with an outrageous goal in the Copenhagen Cup Winners Cup final.

Yes, we managed to land Alan Smith for an hour-long cup themed podcast, and we’re really excited to share it with you.

If you’re not usually interested in hearing us articullately ramble on, fear not, this is all him.

Some highlights:

  • We talk about that incredible Cup Winners Cup win
  • We discuss Arsenal and their chances against Manchester City this weekend
  • We address the state of the squad, and how it’ll shape up this season
  • We hear about explayers and what they could bring to the setup
  • We also discuss the future managerial opening, and who could fill it

I promise you, it’s a fantastic listen and well worth your ears.

Jump in.

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  1. Pierre

    Bamford from previous post

    “I’m with you, Mystic. The fan was in the wrong. Like the FA, I have no problem with Aguero’s actions.”

    Bamford… You’re a teacher, correct.
    If a pupil comes up to you and confronts you, do you strike out at him and then chase him round the school…

    If you did, would you still be teaching now.

  2. Pierre

    I reacted the same as Aguero in the playground when I was 12 years old and this lad was giving me lip so I chased him around the playground and when I found him hiding behind a bush I delivered my own retribution…. Sadly the headmaster heard about it and immediately took the captaincy of the school football team off me and it still haunts me to this day that we went on to win the cup final (I scored 2)and it wasn’t me lifting the trophy….

    Maybe I should have had the FA judging me as they would have given me the equivalent of a Slapped wrist and I wouldn’t be mentally scarred by the event lol.

  3. Dissenter

    Aguero didn’t do that much wrong.
    The fan violated his personal space by running up and yelling obscenities in his face.
    Pitch invasion to celebrate your teams unlikely victory against the premier league leaders is not acceptable but then doing it to attack a football player who’s just trying to get to the dressing room is even worse.
    Aguero should have decked that fan properly. Fans who invade the pitch to attack players should be knocked on their asses and then banned from the game for life.

    Pierre, you’re such a lame ass.
    The teacher-pupil analogy is so pathetic. The teacher and student share the classroom but the fan does not belong. on the field accosting a player.
    Had Aguero jump-kicked the abusive fan sitting on the stands then by all means ban him.

  4. Emiratesstroller


    Reference your post on yesterday’s thread.

    Are you seriously suggesting that Arsenal were flush with money whilst we were building stadium and redeveloping Highbury?

    The club was also faced with an economic recession post 2008.

    So the idea that Wenger is entirely to blame during that period for Arsenal’s
    decline is ridiculous.

    Frankly there was no possibility of the club competing with Manchester United and Chelsea in financial stakes.

    The fact that Arsenal was unable to spend £20 million on a player in transfer
    market before Ozil arrived and our wage structure was well below that of the
    two clubs. is evidence of our financial situation.

    Wenger did make a lot of mistakes pre 2013 not least his egalitarian wage structure which resulted in Cole moving to Chelsea, but somehow I don’t think that our circumstances would have been materially different.

    Wenger IS to blame over last 5-6 year for declining status in EPL. This is a
    manager who does not understand the importance of good defending if you
    want to challenge for League.

    His poor decision making and inability to change his tactical game and personnel is his major weakness and why he should be offloaded this summer.

    Frankly the term “AKB” is outdated. I don’t think that there are many genuine
    Arsenal Supporters who do not believe that Wenger should have moved on
    several years ago, but that does not mean that there needs to be a revision of
    history as some who post here do suggesting that Wenger was always a crap

  5. Dissenter

    A proper analogy would be a “gentleman” stepping into a ladies changing room and get kicked out with a proper beating….not a teacher and a pupil.
    The fan could have run past Aguero to “celebrate” like a wussy yob but he ran straight at him to taunt him.
    Like I said, Aguero should have decked him properly and then the FA should have banned the fan for life.

    Fans don’t belong on the field for security reasons.
    Sergio Aguero didn’t want to end up like Monica Seles. When an out-of- control youth charges at you yelling obscenities, you have the right to defend yourself.

  6. Bamford10


    Of course a teacher would not respond that way. But a football pitch is not a classroom, and a professional footballer is not to an opposing fan what a teacher is to his or her pupil. So that’s not a good analogy.

    Also, to my eyes, the fan was the aggressor and the problem, not Aguero.

  7. gonsterous

    having seen the video. that fan was a muppet. I would have not hesitated to punch him if I was in agueros place…

  8. steve


    Your classroom anology is pathetic. Also you not lifting the cup haunts you? Haha that is some egotistical shit. I would understand if you didn’t win the cup but not the first one lifting it? Really?

    That fan had no business being on the pitch in the first place. Also he instigated it. He invaded Agueros personal space. Correct call by the FA.

  9. gonsterous


    nice try with the student teacher thing. you are learning the art of explaining bullcrap from monsieur Wenger I see..

  10. Bamford10


    OK, but the only reason anyone here was looking for us to finish outside of the top four was because they thought it would help us get rid of Wenger. One step backward in order to take three steps forward.

    In a certain sense, that’s sort of what’s happening, as Wenger is unlikely to get an extension if he doesn’t get us into the CL.

    However, everyone here would have preferred for the club to have replaced Wenger years ago — as was called for here — than be where we are at moment.

    So you’re “are you happy now?” argument doesn’t make sense. No, those who saw some positive in our finishing outside the top four aren’t “happy”; they would’ve liked to see us replace Wenger a long time ago.

  11. Bamford10


    I didn’t say we were “flush” with money in those years, but I think Wenger had a reasonable amount of money to spend from 2007 to 2010, and he has had plenty of money since then. Not Chelsea or United money, but enough money to compete and contend for a title or two. He has failed.

  12. Redtruth

    This signing of top players if you’re only in the top 4 is a load of old tosh
    Come up with the right figure and the player will sign.

    Emiratesstroller is a longstanding AKB’s. Anyone who is doubtful of Wenger and dislikes him would have banished themselves from the Emirates a long time ago…

  13. Pierre

    Though I do understand that you are a little bit thick, I do feel that you should at least have the intelligence to realise that I was joking regarding the not lifting the cup haunts me remark.

    Also I was trying to explain that although this lad in the playground “invaded my personal space” as you put it…. I was duly punished for my retaliation unlike Aguero.

  14. DM

    Agree with the FA (and most of you guys) on this. Aguero can’t know what the fan is planning to do and has every right to defend himself – it’s nothing to do with football and everything to do with the law. If he went seeking out a celebrating fan then sure, he’d deserve a lengthy ban, but no way can you try to punish a player for defending himself in such a scenario, otherwise what will that tell other players – let a fan run in your face and do nothing? Then what, wait for them to deck you? The FA can’t have more power than the actual law…

  15. Pierre

    OK, so what if Aguero wasn’t held back by the Wigan player and he managed to chase down the player and gave him a couple of more right handers and then all the Wigan fans get involved, you would then have a major incident and possible injuries.

    If Aguero had cuffed him off and then walked away, fair enough, but he was desperate to get at the fan and he was a very lucky man he was held back because there definitely would have been a mass brawl that would have involved possibly hundreds of Wigan fans and many city players and then this could have easily escalated to the city fans becoming irate at what was happening.

    Aguero was totally irresponsible despite what the idiot fan was alleged to have done.

  16. Redtruth

    Top teams manage to combine winning a domestic title with a European title..
    Wenger has not been capable of this achievement in his entire managerial career…

  17. Pierre

    “I like the idea that Sergio Aguero was thinking of Monica Seles when he responded to that Wigan fan.”

    What do you like about that then Bamford… The fact that he may be knifed.. Do you have those feelings in the classroom which gives you the right to strike students in case they do a Monica seles on you.

  18. Pierre

    “This signing of top players if you’re only in the top 4 is a load of old tosh
    Come up with the right figure and the player will sign.”


  19. Redtruth

    Wenger interviewed for the Barcelona job

    Chairman: “Your CV has no European silverware”

    Wenger: “Ah yes, but i have won a few Mickey Mouse Cups and finished in the top 4”

    Chairman: “TAXI…!!!”

  20. DM


    “OK, so what if Aguero wasn’t held back by the Wigan player and he managed to chase down the player and gave him a couple of more right handers…”

    This didn’t happen, though. If he had done that, it would be a different situation – he would probably be in trouble with not just the FA but also the law, for using excessive force. As it is, if someone approaches you and puts their hands on you, you have a right to self-defense – whether you’re a footballer or not. Obviously if you then chase them and beat the everlasting shit out of them, that’d probably no longer be considered self-defense..

    Essentially, the situation as it was, was an opposing fan was on the pitch, where he’s not allowed to be, got in Aguero’s face, where he’s not allowed to be, and (I think?) put his hands on him. Aguero pushed him away and, sure, he got a bit worked up, but was stopped and calmed down before anything further happened.

  21. steve

    Though I do understand that you are a little bit thick, I do feel that you should at least have the intelligence to realise that I was joking regarding the not lifting the cup haunts me remark.

    Lol nice try cunt. You’re just an egomaniac.

  22. Ishola70

    lol love the start of this podcast.

    Pedders to Smudger: The impact you had was parallel to Dennis Bergkamp.

    Smudger response: mmmm

    Well done getting him on the podcast.

  23. Ishola70

    Pierre let it go now re: Aguero. The decision has been made.

    As others have said the situation would not have occurred but for the lout fan coming on the pitch and getting in the face of Aguero and being aggressive.

    I hope Wigan give the lout fan a ban for life from the ground.

    Very unfortunate that this fan let alone being on the pitch was unable to celebrate in a happy way and instead reverted to taunting and goading of the opposition.

  24. Dissenter

    “If Aguero had cuffed him off and then walked away, fair enough, but he was desperate to get at the fan and he was a very lucky man he was held back because there definitely would have been a mass brawl that would have involved possibly hundreds of Wigan fans and many city players and then this could have easily escalated to the city fans becoming irate at what was happening”

    What are you on
    A pitch invasion is a mass brawl by every definition: large masses of uncontrollable fans darting around a few players.
    A teacher vs student really?
    Unless the classroom was filed with hundreds of students running helter skelter then your analogy was just an attempt to hav a cheap swing at Bamford.

  25. Bamford10


    Calm down. Jesus. Something about Sergio Aguero thinking of little Monica Seles was amusing to me. I obviously don’t think stabbings are amusing. Relax, for Christ sake.

  26. Dissenter

    The next time a total stranger runs up to you in a mass melee to yell obscenities and spit at you…please keep your “composure”.
    How do you know it won’t stop at just spitting?
    How do you know that your attacker isn’t deranged?

    Oh wait you’re not a footballer.

  27. alexanderhenry


    Good points, but it was worse than that. Arsenal were one of the lowest net spenders in the entire PL during that period.

  28. Dissenter

    You can’t have a conversation without devolving to petty insults
    Now I have to read a book.

    Please tell me the police or stewards had control over the situation when hundreds of fans are running helter skelter, running into players faces and spitting.
    Tell me it was all under control.

    A brawl doesn’t have to involve or fighting, even pushing and shoving people is brawling, so is running into the field.
    Guess what? it’s illegal everywhere, even in England.
    Wigan ought to have had their field surrounded by hundreds of stewards to prevent the invasion, they didn’t and I hope the pay a hefty fine.

    You also whine when a player slides into to taunt fans of his former club after they called his mother a whore all game.

    You’re clearly a short-fused idiot who thinks hurling insults is declarative of your superiority.

  29. Pierre

    The spitting accusation is just that, an accusation.

    Basically, Aguero had the hump because City had lost and a little squirt of a fan came on and wound him up and he reacted.
    Aguero has previous when losing as that 2 footed assault on David Luiz last season when city were losing confirms that he loses control when things don’t go his way.

  30. Pierre

    “Unless the classroom was filed with hundreds of students running helter skelter then your analogy was just an attempt to hav a cheap swing at Bamford.”

    Not at all.. Bamford commented that “he had no problems with Aguero’s actions” so I asked him if he would react in that manner if he was confronted by a student at his school/college as I feel a teacher and footballer have to show self control as they are often put in situations that could escalate if not handled correctly.

  31. HighburyLegend

    “Pierre let it go now re: Aguero. The decision has been made.”

    What was it by the way ??


  32. Pierre

    The definition of brawl

    a rough or noisy fight or quarrel.
    “he’d got into a drunken brawl in a bar”
    synonyms: fight, fist fight, skirmish, scuffle, tussle, fracas, scrimmage, fray, melee, rumpus, altercation, wrangle, clash, free-for-all, scrum, brouhaha, commotion, uproar.. A brawl is a rough or violent fight ”

    I think that clears that up.

  33. mysticleaves

    “but I think Wenger had a reasonable amount of money to spend from 2007 to 2010, and he has had plenty of money since then. Not Chelsea or United money, but enough money to compete and contend for a title or two. He has failed.”

    No. Not in this case Bamford. Wenger was not given any money considerable enough for title contention from 2006-2011. Actually his mandate was to make top4 in 3 of those 5years. He made it every year so I believe that inflated his ego the more and at the same time endeared him to the board and Kroenke.

  34. Victorious

    Seriously perplexed some posters are condoning such thuggish actions from a supposedly professional footballer,not only did Aguero gave out the punch and tried to walk away,he intended roughing up the fan further, thankfully was then restrained

    The POINT here is the FA has not taken any actions whatsoever on an incident which could have led to a mass brawl,At least a 3 match ban could have been handed to Aguero and a stadium ban to the fan to serve as deterrent for future occurrences

  35. mysticleaves

    victorious, northern, Pierre, I would like to see how y’all react when your walking home and a stranger walks up to you and gives you a piece while spiting at you in the process.

    If decking him makes me a thug am fine by it. Am sure the people that matter most in my life wont see me so.

  36. Leftsidesanch

    Ozil and Ramsey doubts for the weekend?

    Ramsey’s a doubt for a football match just by looking at a football, but Ozil…not sure I’ve ever heard of a footballer having so many little bouts of “illness”.

  37. WengerEagle

    As others have said, if said fan deems it ok to hop the rafters and invade the pitch having a spit at a player and openly abuses him, it’s absolutely fair game to cop a smack off said player even of it’s not necessarily the ‘correct’ response, people forget that footballers are just normal blokes at the end of the day and they have limits just like anyone else.

  38. steve

    DissenterFebruary 21, 2018 13:57:04
    Jack is yet to sign his extension.
    What’s going on?

    Joke of a club. That’s what’s going on.

  39. mysticleaves

    Team wise I think now that we have Auba and Lacazettte we should try as much as possible not to miss out on Bailey or Malcolm type players. Basically a winger that has the X factor about him and also has end product.

  40. mysticleaves

    The fact that FA have not punished Aguero would make a fan think twice about running on to the pitch again lol. I bet that mofo was running scared lolol.

    On to us, news about us scouting Koulibaly really gathering pace.

    With John Evans, Koulibaly and Manolas mentioned lately only Evans is of the wrong age. The other two are at the right age performance and experience wise.

    Sources also say Koulibaly likes the club. Arsenal has a lot of pull to players especially of African and French origins

  41. S Asoa

    On the closed topic of Aguero possibly Monsieur Pierre would have liked the heat deflected off his Monsieur Wenger and continue the diversion which luckily ended .
    Regarding the other thread about funds available to Wenger, if this parsimonious Arsehole was not holding back , how come AFC ended up with a 200 million stash fermenting in the bank at 4% interest and getting depreciated day by day ?
    # WengerOut

  42. raptora

    Top interview with our fave Smudger, Pedro. Really interesting to hear from a club legend that he and us, share pretty much the same view on the club, top to bottom.
    Great job to organize the whole thing and I’m pretty sure that Alan Smith himself, is delighted that he spent an hour of his time the way he did.

  43. WengerEagle


    Never got the chance to respond to you on the older post.

    You can’t be serious in believing that Andre Gomes has the capability to go to another team and ‘tear it up’ or whatever way you phrased it, are you?

    Based on what, he has stunk the Camp Nou out and he has been a nothing player for Portugal anytime he’s featured. He’s basically their version of Elneny, does absolutely nothing of any substance but strangely isn’t as lambasted as he should be because he’s more subtle than a clutz like Alex Song/Xhaka.

    Same goes for most of the players that I listed, which consisted of an obscene €300 million that they have spent since 2015 exluding Coutinho and Dembele.

    In 2014/15 they dominated in a way that we have rarely seen, comparable to their past great Pep sides and Bayern Munich in 2012/13. They should have built on this and won back to back UCL titles, instead of aiding the best front 3 in the history of the sport by adding quality into the midfield and defence, they pumped mostly average talent into the squad spending a boatload of money.

    Their 2015-2017 sides were great in spite of the midfield, MSN basically were behind basically every single goal and everyone could see a disconnect from the midfield to the attack, was blatantly obvious. Iniesta has been past his best for a while and no longer has the legs he had in his 20’s/early 30’s and as good as Rakitic is he’s a big drop off from Modric/Kroos when you compare them to Real Madrid.

    Not saying that this was the main reason that Neymar opted to leave (his desire to be the guy), but it must have been something of a factor.

    As for Higuain, I’m a big fan of his and you can trace back to the summer of 2016 when I was desperate for us to sign him even if it was only as a short-term option due to his age over every other name put forward including Morata, Lukaku, Lacazette, Aubameyang, etc.

    But to say that he doesn’t choke MORE than other elite players at the biggest stage is false, you cited examples of others choking but they are fewer and further between than Higuain’s instances.

    Robben absolutely solidified himself as an all-time great during the 2012/13 season producing match-winning moments in huge ties against the best of the best, Barcelona and Dortmund. His World Cup performance in 2014 also enhanced his legacy as he carried the Netherlands on his back almost to the Final.

  44. WengerEagle

    How can you compare what Higuain has done at the highest level of the game (Cup competitions latter stages) to what Thomas Muller has done for example?

    Not saying that Muller is a better player than Higuain, over the course of a league campaign I would take Higuain.

    But I know which player I would prefer in the UCL knockout stages, or taking a clutch penalty in the league in the Spring with a match on the line.

    It’s also hard to ignore how poor he’s been for Argentina, same critcism I would level at Sergio Aguero.

  45. Josip Skoblar

    Great podcast with Alan Smith who talks sense: “I don’t understand why Wenger wouldn’t have Vieira at Arsenal”…

  46. mysticleaves


    I agree to all you say about Barca. You are absolutely correct but Gomes can go to another club and tear it up. Our Xhaka here can go to another club and tear it up too. Because a player is failing at a other club doesn’t mean he won’t tear it up elsewhere. Paulinho stunk out the whole place in England but tore it up in China and Brazil and got a move to Barca where he hasn’t disappointed by any stretch.

    Luis Alberto flopped so hard at Liverpool that people forgot about him until he rocked up at Lazio and is actually on fire.

    Falcao is tearing it up in France too.

    My point is, I would still take Gomes based on his form and play alone in Benfica. Watch out for Dembele too, if he doesn’t pick up in barca doesn’t make him a bad player at all.

    Aside from this singular point, you were right in all others.

  47. WengerEagle

    Found these goal scoring stats interesting-

    Most Champions League Knock-Out Stages goals:

    1) Cristiano Ronaldo- 69 apps, 56 goals.
    2) Lionel Messi- 59 apps, 38 goals.
    3) Thomas Muller- 46 apps, 21 goals.
    4) Robert Lewandowski- 26 apps, 19 goals.
    5) Andriy Shevchenko- 32 apps, 18 goals.
    6) Raul Gonzelez- 46 apps, 18 goals.
    7) Filippo Inzaghi- 30 apps, 16 goals.
    8) Arjen Robben- 45 apps, 16 goals.
    9) Frank Lampard- 52 apps, 15 goals.
    10) Didier Drogba- 45 apps, 14 goals.

    Couple of things I took away were:

    – Was taken aback at how good Shevchenko’s record was in terms of goals to apps, far surpassed other CF’s from that era such as Henry, Eto’o, Van Nistelrooy that did not even feature in the top 10 to my surprise.

    – Ronaldo’s record is just silly at this stage, it’s astonishing that he’s averaged close to a goal a game in UCL knock-out stage games winning the competition 4 times as the top scorer and best player.

    -Lewandowski is scoring in the knock-out stages at a remarkable rate, as has Thomas Muller.

  48. WengerEagle


    Not even necessarily disagreeing with you, Luis Alberto is a great example of a player that has worked himself into a serious top class operator in Serie A at least after looking like a no-hoper at Liverpool. I would argue that Falcao has simply rediscovered his confidence and his goalscoring touch that he possessed before his injury, he was a world class CF before it let’s not forget.

    I just don’t see anything in Gomes that makes me think that he’ll end up anywhere better than a mid-table side in his late 20’s/prime.

    The Portuguese League is so incredibly weak that it’s hard to take seriously players that come out of it, examples I would put forward are Bas Dost, who averages over a goal a game there for Sporting Lisbon after being a 10-15 goal CF in Germany, Jonas who was the same for Valencia is averaging over a goal a game for Benfica, Renato Sanches, Lazar Markovic, Jackson Martinez, Mangala.

    You will of course always get a couple of players from Portugal that look special, such as Bernardo Silva (ironically didn’t star for Benfica though, had to make his name for Monaco) and Guedes looks fantastic in La Liga for Valencia, in general it’s a very weak league though and there is not as much talent there as there once was, same as the Eredivisie in that respect.

    Re Higuain, never called him rubbish mate, simply called him a big game bottler.

  49. WengerEagle

    What is also very interesting is that every single player on that top goal scorer list barring Lewandowski has won the Champions League trophy, and he’s made the fewest knock-out apps as well as competing in a Final.

    No coincidence that you’re not seeing Ibrahimovic’s name up there, or even Henry who won it as a part of a Barcelona juggernaut led by Messi, not with us as the man.

  50. mysticleaves

    WE, agreed on Higuain too.

    Nice analogy re the UCL KO goals. We really didn’t pull up a lot of trees in UCL in the Wenger era. Its so sad. That Henry didn’t score much is an indictment of our underachievement in the UCL than anything else. Sad really cos so many people on that list are not on Titi’s level.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    There are far too many posters with a short memory of what occurred in 2008
    with the collapse of banks and its impact on housing market.

    Arsenal had committed themselves to redeveloping Highbury and also the blocks of flats surrounding the Emirates. Fiszman had committed the club to
    this project rather than selling off the land in the hope that the club would make additional profit.

    As everyone knows it took a long time to sell off the property and although Arsenal made profits it was considerably short of what they hoped to achieve.

    The reality is that it took almost 10 years to clear the decks and that did impact
    on the club’s transfer dealings.

    RT as usual makes his repetitive and crass statements. Frankly this is someone who makes no distinction between his hatred of both Club and Wenger.

    That also extends to genuine supporters who post on Le Grove.

    As several posters wrote yesterday it is really time that you are excluded from
    Le Grove. You are like like an old 78 Record with a scratch which repeats the same idiotic message.

  52. Elmo

    “Most Champions League Knock-Out Stages goals:

    1) Cristiano Ronaldo- 69 apps, 56 goals.”

    That’s absolutely disgusting! CL knock-out stages are objectively the highest standard of world football (higher than WC knock-outs), where you’re almost guaranteed to be playing teams stuffed with world class and international class players, and he’s averaged almost a goal a game at this level over a long career. Remarkable.

  53. Akilan

    Whispers of Pogba is getting benched tonight. If that’s the case, Pogba could very well be moving on in the summer. I know it’s a bit if stretch but Mou did play Pogba as a DM in his last game and he didn’t play well. Come on you don’t play your best player as a 6 and lingard at 10.
    He missed the fa cup game with “illness”. Now he’s getting benched in a cl game. I do think that Pogba may not be happy with the signing of Sanchez. This is all may be a storm in a tea cup. Pogba could still turn it around.
    I doubt it though. Is Mou repeating another kdb, Salah mistake with Pogba.

  54. Marc


    Pogba’s got a PTR in kicking off when he’s not happy. New guy comes in on a rumoured £500k per week plus Mourinho the diplomat, why on earth would he not be happy?

  55. Marc


    Come on mate – demonstrating a clear and balanced view of history that goes back more than 15 minutes outside of X years without this or that – you know that kind of thinking will just get slaughtered in here.

  56. Akilan

    Pogba and Martial on the bench tonight. Mctominay is starting ffs.
    Why on earth would you bench Martial though. He’s IMO their best attacker. Sanchez has been pretty meh all season and lukaku is being lukaku.

  57. Akilan

    Man u starting 11 vs Sevilla:
    DDG; Valencia, lindelof, smalling, young; matic, mctominay,herrera; Alexis, lukaku, Mata.
    In all honesty, I seriously want this team to destroy Sevilla. So that Mou gets his ego inflated and bench Martial and Pogba permanently.

  58. Dissenter

    Pogba needed to be cut down to size anyway.
    Mourhino has managed him properly, I know some may disagree. No manager of repute will allow any player to try to run the team.
    He’s uber-talented no doubt but is more bling than substance at this stage of his career.

  59. Bamford10

    Mourinho is so weird. His own worst enemy. They could do fine tonight, but why you would bench both Pogba and Martial is beyond me.

  60. Akilan

    May be you’re right. But why would you bench Martial though? He’s not a permanent fixture in the 11, even though he should be. His numbers are far better than that of Alexis, who comes in and takes his place. At least he should be in the starting 11 if not in his preferred left position?

  61. Dissenter

    Mourhino has used this style all his career. He likes to be the alpha-character in his club and would take on the most dominant player until they back off.
    Sanchez ahead of Martial is a difficult call but isn’t that crazy. It could be that a motivated Sanchez is better at defending compared with Martial.

  62. Bamford10


    He’s managed him properly? He hasn’t even played him in his proper position or in a proper set-up. He has been criticized widely for this. Pogba was excellent at Juventus.

    I agree that Pogba might be a little arrogant, but that doesn’t make Mourinho “the good guy”. He’s a bit of a wanker, and this is why he always eventually loses his players.

  63. Bamford10


    Martial vs. Alexis is a false choice; you could play them both. And even if you couldn’t, Sanchez is the new guy who hasn’t shown he even fits in yet; Martial long ago found his place. Regardless, they both could play. IMO.

  64. Akilan

    No wonder when he leaves, the club is almost always in tatters. Did it at Real and repeated it in Chelsea.
    I’m pretty sure both Ronaldo and hazard despise him. This alienating tactics works for short term but blows back big time when he tries to build on the success.
    Appointing Mourinho is the football equivalent of Johnny blaze signing the deal to become the ghost rider. Just not as cool and it backfires really big time.

  65. Bamford10

    I personally would sit Lukaku before I ever sat Martial or Sanchez. They fit together better, are better players, and Lukaku would be better coming on late anyways.

  66. Dissenter

    Yes Mourhino left Chelsea and Madrid…after he had won league championships.
    He’s the manager that comes in to do a job and then leaves in a wake of turmoil but that’s after he added to the trophy collection.
    He is more graceful in defeat relative to lord Wenger who’s a lousy loser.

  67. Akilan

    The question is not Martial vs Alexis. It should be at the least Martial vs Mata if not Alexis vs Mata.
    Does Mata really offer more protection than Martial? Is it significant enough to sacrifice the attacking threat of Martial? Curious.
    Anyway manure is gonna be fun to watch from the outside as Mou burns them down to ground. You know it’ll happen in the next season or in the one after that.

  68. Dissenter

    Actually Martial vs Sanchez isn’t a false choice
    It’s an away CL game and Martial is still coming to terms with the defensive side of the game.
    A difference of opinion I guess.

  69. Dissenter

    Mata has a long history with Mourhino.
    Don’t forget that Mourhino ran him out of Chelsea because he was neglecting the defensive side of the game. He’s faced the Mourhino challenge and obviously has his confidence now.
    Another thing you’re forgetting is that Martial has been great coming off the bench for United this season.

  70. Akilan

    Come on mate. Let’s not compare mourinho and Wenger. There’s no comparison. We all know Wenger is finished as a top coach.
    Mourinho is still being considered as a top coach, that’s why manure hired him. He’s won a top league just 3 season back where Wenger did it 14 years back.
    Wenger’s European pedigree is abysmal. If you give this city squad to Wenger, it would look closer to pellegrini’s city than pep’s.
    I would honestly steer clear of both of them. Pretty much everyone’s agreeing that Wenger is yesterday’s man. Mourinho is becoming one.

  71. Akilan

    The thing with mourinho is he wins leagues in his 2nd season. He always has. Except at inter, his 3rd season has always finished with disappointment. His last 2 stints were so abysmal but he had a league title to show for it. This time, he doesn’t have that option.
    In his first seasons, his sides always showed some grit and determination like beating pool at anfield. Last year united was pretty flat apart from zlatan. This season too, both spurs and Liverpool showed more than his united side. If they’re not careful enough, they could finish below Liverpool and Chelsea or even spurs which again shows they’re not ready for the title. Instead of building the momentum, he already is moving towards the self destruction, we all know is coming.

  72. Alex Cutter

    “As several posters wrote yesterday it is really time that you are excluded from
    Le Grove. You are like like an old 78 Record with a scratch which repeats the same idiotic message.”

    Shut the fuck up you old, long-winded twat. At least scrolling past RT’s posts doesn’t give someone carpal tunnel syndrome like it does with your bible-length blatherings.

  73. HillWood

    Emirates stroller
    Calling for Pedro to bin another poster is like a spoiled child spitting it’s dummy
    I’m guessing you are in your 60s or 70s
    Act your age man it’s only a blog

  74. Marko

    Martial for all his qualities still cannot hold down a regular starting spot on a consistent basis and he’s there 2/3 years? A good player for sure but he struggles with consistency.

  75. Marko

    Ozil a doubt for Sunday with another “illness”. Man has pussy-itis I swear. Got the biggest vagina for someone making 350,000 a week

  76. Akilan

    This game is pretty similar to our game at The Emirates except the 2 gifted goals.DDG saving their asses again. Why the fuck can’t Real pay up and sign the fucker already. Single handedly keeping them in the game.

  77. TT

    DissenterFebruary 21, 2018 19:25:32
    Actually Martial vs Sanchez isn’t a false choice
    It’s an away CL game and Martial is still coming to terms with the defensive side of the game.
    A difference of opinion I guess.

    Jaysus man have you seen Sanchez defensive play? How ever bad Martial is tracking back he is still better than Sanchez. As a pure striker Sanchez all day long though.

  78. Paulinho

    “Martial for all his qualities still cannot hold down a regular starting spot on a consistent basis”

    He will get a regular spot once United realise Sanchez hinders rather than helps the collective.

  79. London gunner

    “He will get a regular spot once United realise Sanchez hinders rather than helps the collective.“

    Logic fail again Paulinho.

    He wasn’t getting a regular spot before Sanchez joined man united… maybe he is just an inconsistent player and you can’t pin this on your fetish/obsession with Sanchez m.

  80. azed

    Mourinho will be out of UTD by this time next season except they are dominating the league like City has done this season.

  81. Paulinho

    London – No logic fail at all really, in fact you’ve used faulty logic in attempt to disagree (which is no surprise considering the last few years of you being schooled continually)

    I can have the opinion that Martial will get a regular spot and Sanchez will get dropped without it hinging on Martial’s past appearances at all. Simply on his ability and age. He was also starting to become a regular – and score goals – at the start of the year and up until Sanchez joined, with Rashford being rightly benched.

  82. Elmo

    Mourinho post-game on BT Sport:
    “I think Old Trafford is missing a big game in Europe. Last season there was a QF and a SF, but of course we know the Europa League is something different.”

    Lol – very clear in saying exactly what he thinks of the EL!

  83. WengerEagle

    EL is very different, people barely remember who even wins it. No elite sides give a shit about it, I have never heard a Chelsea or Man United fan brag about winning it or even use ot as an example of success in recent years.

    You’d honestly forget the winners were it not for the fact that Sevilla win the comp every other year.

  84. Elmo


    Totally agree, but no current player or manager will publicly say that, so it’s amusing to watch Mourinho with a low key but completely withering dismissal of its relevance in a post-game.

    Hope we win it, though. We have no recent European or domestic pedigree, so we can’t turn our noses up at it.

  85. Bamford10

    Martial should be starting. No question. He’s excellent. As I said above, I’d drop Lukaku before I dropped Martial, and there is absolutely no reason to start Mata ahead of him. Mourinho just isn’t getting United’s personnel and personnel combinations right.

  86. Bamford10

    Sevilla had all of the decent chances. United are kind of pathetic, and Mourinho kind of doesn’t know what he’s doing. Seriously.

  87. TonyD

    Seems you still argue like a 12 year old Pierre. Is Northern a relation as he seems to be of the same ilk.

    The fan should be banned not Aguero. The Cantona ban was for a much more serious offense against a spectator in the crowd not on the pitch.

    Your teacher analogy with Bamford is back to the 12 year old logic.

    You could always get your 100s of AKB gooners you know to write to the FA to get the decision overturned. Better be quick, though.

    Wenger says today in the DM that he has 2 world class keepers. What world does he live in, definitely not the real world. Just the make believe one.

    Ozil sick again. He’s just a one match a week player these days. I wonder if he’ll turn up on Sunday?

  88. Boomslang

    “Seems you still argue like a 12 year old Pierre. Is Northern a relation as he seems to be of the same ilk.”

    Northern gigolo was passed around by his father and his associates.

  89. TonyD

    Great podcast Pedro.

    Funny to hear the restraint in Smudger’s voice when talking about Wenger and the problems of the last 10 years. Was always going to be the case when he has to go back to the club for games and pundit duty.

    I’m reading Romford Pele at the moment and seems Ray P has similar thoughts at times, especially about GG.

  90. Thorough

    Mourinho is an idiat, pure and simple. Till this day I still think Sanchez played his best football for us us as the centreforward. Coupled with that Martial has that stardust that even the blind can see. What I really feared hasn’t happened yet – Martial, Sanchez and Lingard in attack.

  91. Boomslang

    Northern gigolo

    You keep regurgitating the same crap like it’s having some kind of effect, it’s not. Try coming up with something you else. Inbred pig.

  92. Boomslang

    Northern gigolo

    Mr self important, I’ll post whatever I want. Last I checked, Pedro ran the blog not you.

    Fantasies about you???
    You’re obviously mistaking me for your boyfriend.

  93. Boomslang

    “Don’t address me you little freak it’s that simple.”

    Don’t throw jabs if you can’t take it. Pussy.

  94. Boomslang

    Northern gigolo
    “It’s no drama to me I’d paste you all over his blog you little weasel.”

    Take your pseudo tough guy act and go chase pigeons. Mighty mouse.

  95. Boomslang

    “Why don’t you meet me at Wembley on Sunday seeing as your such a massive arsenal man?”

    Er, not interested in meeting you.

  96. Pierre


    I had you down as a man with morals who would teach their children right from wrong… I got that wrong didn’t I..

  97. Dissenter

    Why did you disclose your occupation to people here?
    All it’s brought you are cheap shots from clowns like Pierre. That teacher-student analogy he used to attack you yesterday remains befuddling.