Arsenal land mega stadium deal, but is it any good?

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Ivan ‘CASH MONEY’ G x Emirates collab, is ON.

Straight from the BBC’s mouth:

The Emirates name will feature on the shirts and kit of all Arsenal teams until the end of the 2023-24 season.

It is the largest sponsor deal signed by the London club, and will see the Emirates shirt partnership, which began in 2006, run to at least 18 years.

That will surpass Arsenal’s previous longest, 17-year, shirt deal with Japanese electronics firm JVC from 1981 to 1999.

Ivan had this to say on the deal.

‘Our shirt partnership is the longest running in the Premier League and one of the longest relationships in world sport,’

Well, you can’t knock that sort of money. Some might ask why we’re giving them such a long deal, when the value of Premier League sponsors goes up so regularly. Well, I think there might be a couple of things worth noting. Firstly, Arsenal like to treat their sponsorships like partners, versus interchangeable commodities (ala United). There’s method behind this, the idea being that if you treat people well in the good times, they’ll be good to you during the bad and let’s be honest, we’re hardly in good times right now.

The second might be that the neverending deal inflation might not survive a recession. I’m not saying one is coming next year, but with the UK about Brexit, and America overburning their economy with risky tax breaks, there could be some ramifications both sides of the pond that impact brand appetite for dropping £40m a year on a club that’s rocking last 32 games in Ostersunds.

ALSO: Nearly forgot to say. Arsenal are literally not even an important club in Europe at the moment. We’re likely to see another year outside the top 4. We’ll probably not win anything, putting our last league win at 14 years ago. We just flogged our best player. We must be fair, the clubs backroom team do a pretty good job flogging an unappetising marketing proposition in my opinion.

Cannot wait for David Ornstein to tell the fans there’s only enough money for Jonny Evans and Jean-Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting.


Some hilarious rumours propping up some of the tabs. They reckon Josh Kroenke is over in London on a fact-finding mission as Arsenal head into 18 months of managerial uncertainty. Reckons he can learn the whole thing in 3 months. Very arrogant.

Club sources say that Kroenke will not be intervening in the running of Arsenal, but wants to gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of the club.

He is also said to be bringing his expertise in the development of an e-sports strategy, comprising the rise of professional gamers and YouTubers, who can now attract 1.5million viewers to their clashes.

The overarching theme of this article is now the papers are calling Catalyst for Change a project, and Josh is feeling his way in. I love that what little he knows so far, he’s assumed that e-sports is a good fit.

Journo: Josh, I need to pad this story out, what else do you do?

Josh: Errrr, shoot bison, swim in cash money from the Emirates deal, eat out with Thierry, spend money

Journo: Is there anything else?

Josh: e-Sports. It can be soccer. Kind of the same. In fact, it’s probably the same.

This doesn’t excite me in the slightest, it feels like Jared Kushner being put in charge of finding peace in the middle east. What does worry me is it’s the prelude to the 37-year-old trustafarian being implemented as an important part of the Arsenal management setup.

It’s one thing being under the dreary ownership of Big Stan. The idea that you can be bequeathed a football club, and know what to do with it feels me full of dread. I’m having visions of Marcus Aurelius handing over Rome to Commodus.

With his accession, says Cassius Dio, a senator and contemporary of many of the events which he records, “our history now descends from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust, as affairs did for the Romans of that day” (LXXII.36.4).

Indifferent to the affairs of government, Commodus gave himself over to the pleasures of the court, which led to a series of intrigues and miscarried conspiracies.

I mean, sad thing here, is Arsenal haven’t really been the Kingdom of Gold, unless of course, you count having a whopping bank account as gold, WHICH AS I WRITE IS EXACTLY THE CORRECT ANALOGY.

Ffs, we really are f*cked.

Anyway, I’m also still struggling to lean into the notion that Wenger will leave this summer. I was chit-chatting with the excellent Myles Palmer about the above Josh story, I said my semi-worry was that Wenger would win the league cup and win an extension, he said one of his pals said this.

“Arsenal have a habit of coming out of hiding for games like this.”

It’s so true. Don’t write off a League/Europa Cup double, it’d just be so very Arsene Wenger. In one game, at Wembley, you’d fancy Arsenal to put up a fight. Wenger did it in the semi-final against Pep last year no reason he can’t do it again. In Europe, Lazio lost, Dortmund conceded 2 away goals, Napoli lost 3-1 at home, Zenit lost, Nice lost and so did Villareal. Atleti, Bilbao and Milan the only worries, only one I’d really lose sleep over.

So, my point being this, don’t count your chickens on change, Wenger is likely going to be here next season because Stan just can’t quit him.

Right, see you in the comments.

PODCAST recording tomorrow with a very special guest (exPro). We’ll be releasing on Friday this week, after leg 2 of Ostersunds. I’ll tell you the name tomorrow and give you the chance to ask a question yourself.


Alex Fynn, friend of the blog and author of the excellent The Making of a Modern Superclub, is talking at Birbeck College about the future of Arsenal and Spurs. It’ll be a great talk, it’s on Monday, and you should register yourself a seat here for free. It’ll be educational if you’re into the business of football.

UPDATE: Earlier, I stated it was the 2nd largest deal in the world. WRONG. Looks like Wenger averageness kicked in. We’re nowhere near the top table.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    “PODCAST recording tomorrow with a very special guest (exPro).”
    Robby Pires ?? lol

    “Wenger is likely going to be here next season”
    Scoop alert!!

  2. alexanderhenry

    For the record- and let this be the last word on the matter:

    I am not asking for an apology. I never have and I’ve never asked for anyone to get banned.

    However, I’m not going to get involved in pointless name calling, neither am I going to be dictated to by any individual poster, and most of all I’m not going to get drawn into arguments in order to service the bloated egos of some of you on here.


    a) I’ll post what I like

    b) If you call me a ‘cunt’ i’ll ignore you.

    Anyway, on with the football.

  3. Terraloon

    Yet more smoke and mirrors from the heirs you at Arsenal.
    This deal if being reported correctly is a poor return when compared and is an indication of how the value of B

    As I said on the earlier thread Chelsea get £40 million pa for a 5 year period fromYokohama add to that they now have £8 million pa sleeve deal from a subsidiary of that company and in terms of training kit they get £10 pa for 3 years from Carabo. We all know that Man Utd leads the way in commercial deals but surely Arsenal’s deal should be better than has been negotiated.
    I can’t help but feel that continuing with the same company is a lazy outcome the question that begs to be asked is who else was interested and what did they offer? To suggest that continuation with the same shirt sponsor through loyalty, if that is the case , is in any way justified if and I know that it’s a big if, more money was on offer then the lunatics really have taken over the asylum
    In terms of income streams commercial and broadcasting have now left gate receipts in third place and slowly but surely slipping in value in effect all the lean years really are proving to be for nothing .

  4. Bamford10

    One fairly likely CL quarterfinal set of eight is this:

    Manchester City
    Real Madrid
    Manchester United

    When I look at those eight, I give all of them (save United) a better chance of winning the whole thing than I do Tottenham. If I were ranking those eight in terms of likelihood of winning it, I would rank them as follows:

    1. Barcelona
    2. Real Madrid
    3. Manchester City
    4. Bayern
    5. Liverpool
    6. Roma
    7. Tottenham
    8. Manchester United

    What do other people think?

  5. mysticleaves

    Bamford, no! I didnt say Alex was right about the spendings, I said he was right that Kroenke doesn’t have interest in winning. Why I say Kroenke is a bigger problem is clearly because he hasn’t fired Wenger, nothing else. Wenger is a finished coach, done! No matter how you dress it, it can’t be changed. But with owners you never really know right? The decisions they make are not as “in the eyes” as that of coaches. So far Kroenke hasn’t shown he’s a bad owner at all.

    But you all will agree with me that the greater decision fail in Arsenal even including the numerous fails of Arsene is the one to extend Wenger’s contract, made solely by the owner.

    Secondly, Juventus will knock out Spurs at Wembley. you can bet on that.

  6. Bamford10


    If person thought that all CL semi-finalists have an equal chance of winning the whole thing, that would mean, by definition, they thought each team had a 25% of winning.

    I’m not saying that this is what you think, but the above is in fact the case, mathematically.

    I was asking you if this is how you see it.

  7. Bamford10


    Agreed re Wenger and agreed re Juventus. I look forward to them knocking Spurs out. Some here will be so sad. 😉

  8. mysticleaves

    Bam, scratch Tottenham there. replace them with Juve. and push them up to 3rd.

    I will have this…

    Man City
    Epl boys

    How do good a chance does Roma have of making it?

  9. optimist hablia

    Fantastic article! When the odds go againt Wenger that’s when he seems to bring out the best in his team. Wenger’s season might end with a trophy and a UCL place, you better smell it or at your own peril. And then he moves on until the next season and, may be, trick SK to another contract term extension (which I won’t buy).

  10. Bamford10


    Good for you. However, many here have gotten the wrong impression re your views. They think you abandoned all that “Wenger always spent what was available to him,” “Wenger would have spent more in 2015 were it not for Kroenke” bollocks.

    Could you clarify this for us? Do you still subscribe to the view that Wenger has always spent what was available to him, and that Wenger signed only Cech in 2015 because of the restrictions placed upon him by Stan Kroenke?


  11. Dissenter

    Regarding Josh Kroenke’s fact find tour
    It’s disingenuous to criticize his father for being distant but then call attempts to understand the workings of the club as “very arrogant”
    Pedro, you can’t have it both ways.

    Kroenke wants thave a more hands-on approach sice Wenger is leaving soon. How can that be wrong?

  12. Bamford10


    I only included Tottenham because that was the topic of discussion from the previous. Plus they do have two away goals at moment. I’m with you, though; I think Juve will bounce them out in the return leg, but Spurs would advance with 0-0 or 1-1 draws, which IS an advantage.

  13. UTarse

    Bamford, your opinion on spuds is clearly thru shit coloured specs. So you think, if they get past juve, they would have less chance to go further / win it than Roma ? A far inferior team to juve in their home league ?

    Also, you state they have NO CHANCE to win it ? So if they make semis, they’re at 0% ? You make no sense.

    I’m pretty sure they won’t win it, but I wouldn’t say they have no chance. Sometimes, the underdogs win, god forbid if that was to be spuds in this years champions league but never say never.

  14. mysticleaves

    Yea, maybe Juve underrated Spurs a bit. Especially after going 2-0 up that early.

    Tie favors Spurs on paper but Juve are a very mean machine very capable of grinding out results when need be.

    Buffon shouldn’t keep either. They need someone with sharp reflexes. What can be better than seeing a gunner stop spuds?

  15. Dissenter

    My comments regarding spuds chances is contingent on so many ifs, ifs and ifs.
    If they beat Juve…unlikely because Juve are very good away from home and know that they have to attack to save their lives on a big field they will get their chances.
    If they get a favorable draw in the quarters against a lesser team. There will be at least FOUR English teams in the quarters so they may get a domestic rival.
    At the levels of the semi finals it’s really just 270 minutes of footie.
    That’s just my thinking. I was circumspect about throwing numbers in from the beginning.
    I never imagined that the Chelsea team that won the CL would win it but they did, ditto Greece and Denmark with the Euros.

  16. mysticleaves

    As for the deal. I think, given our recent woes and media image, we ripped off Emirates. This was the best deal we could have got from anyone.

    As for Josh, he is welcome to stay for 3months as far as he wants a real knowledge with intentions of setting whatever ills he finds right. If that be the case, Wenger and a lot of the staff will be gone this season end

  17. TR7

    Yes, Spurs can win the CL. You got to keep in mind that unlike league titles which are generally won by the best team in the league over a period of time, cup competitions can be won by a team which is not truly the best team in the tournament. Mind you Spurs took 4 points from Real Madrid and are on the verge of knocking Juventus out of CL. If they get Roma in QFs and make it to the semis, it’s game on for them. Mind you Chelsea won the CL despite being outplayed in QF, SF and final of CL, this Tottenham team is miles better than that Chelsea side.

  18. Bamford10


    I actually gave Spurs 19/1 odds if they get past Juventus. That’s something like a 5% chance. If I said “no chance,” this is obviously just an expression, though for me, it isn’t far from the truth.

    As for Roma, I think they have a more experienced European side than Spurs. And just because Spurs would’ve gotten past Juventus, who are ahead of Roma in Serie A, wouldn’t make them a better bet than Roma. Football is not quite as simple as that. However, you’re welcome to place Spurs higher on that table than Roma. Your prerogative.

    Would you place them higher than Liverpool? Than Bayern? Than Madrid?

  19. Bamford10


    Depends on what you mean by “better”. This Spurs team may keep possession of the ball better than that Chelsea team, but I don’t think they can grind out defensive wins the way that team did. This Spurs team should have been down 3-0 to Juventus at HT in Turin. Just because you play prettier football doesn’t mean you’d be more effective in a knock-out competition. That Chelsea side wasn’t pretty, but they had lots of experienced, hardened old hands. Spurs don’t have a lick of that.

  20. Pedro

    Guys, no idea what went on yesterday, but keep it well behaved on here.

    Any casual cunting today will be met by the sin bin. Arguing stops other people coming onto the blog and that’s not fair.



  21. Dissenter

    We produced our best two games of last season in the semi finals and finals of the last FA cup.
    When the games left are fewer it’s easier to raise ones game.
    Call them what you want but spuds have a very continental approach to mailgering. They have some very talented divers that can match anyone else.
    They are well suited for European football in that regard.

  22. Chris

    Can see Dortmund, Lazio and even Napoli turning around or seeing through tricky positions in the EL so an easy path to the trophy isn’t there at all.

    Arsenal have been distinctly underwhelming in European knock out football for 10 years and the probable elimination of a very inexperienced Swedish team isn’t evidence that we can just waltz our way to the final. There are a number of sound, organised teams remaining in the competition who can give us a serious headache.

    All that being said I’d bloody love us to win it.

  23. mysticleaves

    No matter how bad we have been, Arsenal have a very good chance of winning the EL. Even with Dortmund and the likes. The only team I would fear is ATM. And that’s because they are performing in their league. Others are really in a situation like us or just aren’t good enough to trouble us.

  24. UTarse

    Yes I think they stand a better chance than Liverpool, they can defend, Liverpool can’t. Doesn’t mean I think they can win it, just questioning your dismissive opinion on them.

    My bigger fear is they will end their trophy drought by winning FA cup. They’re getting lucky draws and surviving them by skin of their teeth….

  25. Chris


    We certainly have a great chance but it wouldn’t be surprisingly to limp out to a team like Bilbao or Spartak.

    Arsenal have it all to prove in knock out European competition but I pray they do.

  26. Wallace

    I’d say one of Barcelona, Munich or Man City for the CL. exciting young sides like Monaco can take a few notable scalps en route, but it’s usually the big boys with the history that end up contesting the latter stages.

    City are probably the best team at the minute, but if they get Barca or Munich in the final I’m not sure I’d fancy them.

  27. TR7


    That Chelsea grinded out results in that CL campaign is a big myth. I clearly remember all the games they played in knock out rounds. They were thoroughly outplayed and were lucky that the opposition teams didn’t take their chances. Watch again their QF games if you can. We didn’t grind out two draws against PSG in CL a year ago, we were plain lucky. Chelsea had similar luck. As for Spurs, they are quality – good defense, Wanyama and Dembele make a great pairing and then in Kane and Son they have two quality attacking players. For me they are easily better than Roma, United and Liverpool (shaky defense) ,Madrid in poor form right now.. So can’t rule them out.

  28. Ishola70

    Marcus Aurelius. Good stuff.

    But there is no need to over-rate Wenger again as was done earlier in the season when top four was talked about as a certainty.

    League Cup/Europa League double? No chance. At the very, very best one.

    It doesn’t tally this sort of talk with at the same time saying he is busted. It’s conflicting. But then conflicting has been the go to for many fans for a long time now regarding Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

  29. Ishola70

    And yes Mourinho is past his best and was last season as well but he nabbed all those trophies eh so why shouldn’t you ask another manager like Wenger who is past it himself be capable as well to nab the second tier trophies?

    The answer is that Mourinho won the Europa League last season through pragmatism. I know Wenger is capable occasionally of pragmatic football but very much doubt now he is capable to string several on the bounce in Europe. Laissez-faire Wenger-Ball is certainly not going to win it.

  30. Ishola70

    Oh and another little fact that a certain Mr Welbeck is going to be called upon for the european adventures.

    Very unlikely Arsenal win Europa League.

    I see Pierre is brimming with confidence though lol

  31. mysticleaves


    Man utd didn’t even need to get out of 2nd gear to win the Europa, the opposition dey faced was gash.

    The matches against Anderlecht twice were the most dire I have ever watched. Then the final against Ajax was pretty boring also. immediately the match started you knew the winner.

    The only scare they had was towards the end of the 2nd leg in Spain against Celta.

    They was no pragmatism, Man utd were two classes above the teams they faced.

  32. Dissenter

    “Ishola, Auba will be eligible to play once Dortmund is out I think.”

    You think wrong mate.
    Dortmund automatically registered him for Europa league when they dropped out of the CL
    We knew he was disqualified before we bought him.

  33. Elmo

    If it’s true this Emirates £40m p.a. extension excludes the possibility of the club negotiating separate sleeve, training kit and training ground sponsors, then it pretty much bakes us in as commercial revenue peasants for the medium term.

    Having said that, it may well have been the best that was achievable under the circumstances of Arsene Wenger running the club into the ground. We’re 6th and pretty much on pace points-wise with what Everton have been in previous seasons, while also being a EL club for the foreseeable future, just like an Everton. There’s a risk to any sponsor that we remain a nothing club for years to come, with diminishing international exposure, so we can’t expect top-end sponsorship to compete with successful clubs that let their sponsors position themselves as being partnered to the elite / winners.

    Arsenal, always being a conservative club, probably sought to negotiate the longest deal possible rather than risk being in a worse position in 3 years and getting stuck with £12m p.a. 1 year deals from the likes of Mansion and Autonomy as traditional 6th place teams like Spuds and Everton have had to endure.

    What will be interesting to see is what deals Spuds and especially Liverpool bring in next year, inclusive of sleeves / training etc, as that will illustrate what the market rate is for English CL teams who aren’t winning the league, and how much our demise is costing the club financially.

  34. Ishola70

    Mystic Man Utd bored and bullied Ajax off the pitch and that goes down as pragmatism.

    It is the sort of “performance” Wenger is not capable of because of his personnel and outlook and fair enough many do not want to see such football anyway.

    The competition looks a little tougher as well this season and add in a certain Mr Welbeck and does not bode that great.

  35. WrightIsGod

    It doesn’t matter if Wenger wins anything or doesn’t these new signings have bought him EVEN MORE time.

    We would need to finish 6 or below to even see a possibility that he walks away send of season.

    He will not be sacked it’s more about him being coerced out the door. So the best we can hope for is that an agreement is met for a succession plan that sees us start the 2019 season with a new manager.

    And that’s being optimistic.

  36. Ishola70

    “We would need to finish 6 or below to even see a possibility that he walks away send of season.”

    So there is a decent possibility then.

  37. Akilan

    Though spurs are a pretty good team and can win against big teams, they have the tendency to bottle it when pressure is high. Didn’t they lose a final against a pre pep city?
    Their big wins in Europe were against the teams who thought spurs were a small team while they themselves were struggling(real and bvb). I would still fancy real to go through in a knock out tie.

  38. Elmo

    So the Telegraph are reporting:

    “Arsenal’s new deal includes Emirates as the training kit sponsor whereas Chelsea and Liverpool, as well as United, have also generated additional income from separate training kit sponsors.”

    “Arsenal have also negotiated the freedom from next year to seek a first sleeve sponsor which is expected to be worth annually between £5 million and £10 million.”

  39. Marko

    Let’s be honest Bam is a bit biased towards Spurs these days because he’s trying so hard to be right about the whole umderrating Kane stuff. Obviously

  40. Ishola70

    Spurs can’t win CL. Spurs won’t win it.

    Haven’t got the proper pedigree.

    But if by some miracle they did it would be of course the darkest day ever in football. It was bad enough when Chelsea were the first London club to win CL. For Spurs to do it would be unimaginable in it’s horror.

    It would mean Wenger would be run out of North London very quickly no respecting contracts but everyone would be begging him to stay for one more season in comparison to Spurs lifting the CL.

  41. UTarse

    This sponsorship extension does lend some credibility to the notion that he is leaving this summer. I think major sponsors require detailed assurances on how the club is planning for the next 3,4,5 years, and I would imagaine that Emirates aren’t stupid and do see Arsenal under wenger being in decline for a sustained period.

    I remember the World Cup final in 98 when an injured and very out of sorts Ronaldo had a stinker and most attributed his inclusion to the sponsor….. Nike.

    Sponsors do have clout. Maybe I’m clutching at straws, but it beats the alternative of Groundhog Day for another season.

  42. Carts


    It’s been alleged that Emirates aren’t keen on sharing the sponsorship platform with anyone else. It’ll remain to be seen what happens, as of 2019.

  43. Ishola70

    If Spurs did win CL and Wenger won the League Cup /Europa League double in the same season there would still be Wenger dolts claiming Arsenal have had the better season because Wenger has won one more cup than Spurs.

  44. Marko

    Wallace that’s assuming Lacazette comes back in time and also what kind of a mind set is he gonna be in considering he’ll be a bench warmer mostly these days.

    Ishola Spurs can win the champions league but they won’t. They’re capable of beating anyone on their day especially at home and they’ve arguably the in form striker in Europe atm. Definitely capable but I agree will not. But to completely discount them? They’re not arsenal in the champions league

  45. alexanderhenry


    Good article.

    The fact that son of Stan:

    ‘is over but wants to gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of the club,’

    …despite having been on the BOD for about five years, hardly fills me the urge to proclaim that arsenal’s bright new Dawn is now upon us.

    Surely if you’re on any BOD in any company you should have a pretty good understanding of how it works.
    Of course there are plenty of shit companies out there.

  46. Carts

    “Cannot wait for David Ornstein to tell the fans there’s only enough money for Jonny Evans and Jean-Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting.“

    Pedro, don’t say dem tings 🙁

  47. Dissenter

    Upon further reflection, it’s unfair to mention spuds with the same breath as the Chelsea team that eventually won the CL.
    The Chelsea team had several near misses, some of it due to bad officiating from the likes of Ovrebo. They did have the pedigree at the time of the CVL win.
    This spuds team is still rather green by CL standards.

  48. Danny S

    Shirt deal seems decent for what we could expect now. It’s the stadium deal that’s shit. We have it until 2028! You can’t tell me 5/6 years from now it will represent any kind of value.

  49. Danny S

    @london gunner

    2012 article.

    Arsenal football club have signed a new £150m deal with Emirates airline, extending its shirt sponsorship to 2019.
    The naming rights to the Emirates Stadium in north London were also extended to 2028 as part of the deal.
    In total, the agreement brings in £30m a season for Arsenal in terms of shirt and stadium sponsorship.

  50. Terraloon

    So the new kit deal includes the training kit sponsorship . The going rate for that sponsorship package alone is £10 million. So it’s highly debatable that the deal itself has any increased value over the previous deal .As I said earlier smoke and mirrors.

  51. UTarse

    I think pep spat his dummy out because the ref changed his mind after seeing reaction of Wigan players and coaching staff…. he had the yellow out to begin with

  52. raptora

    Yeah, probably ref had to take his time before pulling any cards out. Not changing the color of the card in the process.

    He was so vocal for ref protection versus bad tackles and there we go – his player made a potential leg-breaker right there.

  53. NorthernGoon


    ‘I think pep spat his dummy out because the ref changed his mind after seeing reaction of Wigan players and coaching staff…. he had the yellow out to begin with’

    That’s exactly why there was a kick off. You can’t change your mind like that.

  54. NorthernGoon

    Doesn’t matter how good your team is, if a referee fucks you, you’ve got to play pretty well to beat a team.

    Even from league one.

  55. Ishola70

    New contract for Wenger on the horizon after that result lol.

    Now Man City can’t get the domestic clean sweep their hunger for the Carabooboo may lessen.

  56. Danny

    So is this good for us? Well I guess Man City will try even harder against us in the final, plus it means one top team less in the FA Cup which will make it easier for The Scum.

  57. london gunner

    What I love is how patronising the match of the day pundits were before the match! Had to eat their own words now.

  58. Ishola70

    “So is this good for us? Well I guess Man City will try even harder against us in the final, plus it means one top team less in the FA Cup which will make it easier for The Scum.”

    As said above can work the other way. Let’s be honest these are secondary cups for Man City but as long as they were in them all with a shout to win them they would have the real hunger to win them all. Now one has gone may dampen them.

  59. UTarse

    Sorry, this won’t dampen shit, pep will stick a rocket up each and everyone of his players arses to make sure they come home with coconut cup.

  60. Danish Gooner

    Ohh Pep lost to a player called Max Power,cant stop laughing,anyone remember the episode of the Simpsons where Homer changes his name to Max Power,legendary.

  61. Ishola70

    “Sorry, this won’t dampen shit, pep will stick a rocket up each and everyone of his players arses to make sure they come home with coconut cup.”

    lol you said it “the coconut cup”

    As long as they were in contention to do a domestic clean sweep their hunger would be without question, Now they tumble from one of them they may start to put their gaze a bit away from coconuts to the bigger prizes.

    That’s not to say that Man City still won’t win lol.

  62. Ishola70

    Who really wants the Carabooboo more now after tonight?

    Wengz Poo or Pepi?

    I’d say Wengz Poo to try to keep kidding on he is still really relevant and at the top of the game. He loves kidding folks on does Wengz.

  63. Bamford10

    Terrible mistake from Walker. What was he thinking there? All the same, even with 10 men, City should have found a way to win. Really dumb tackle from Delph. If Pep is angry, he should be angry with Delph and Walker, first and foremost.

  64. Victorious

    As said above can work the other
    way. Let’s be honest these are
    secondary cups for Man City but as
    long as they were in them all with
    a shout to win them they would
    have the real hunger to win them
    all. Now one has gone may
    dampen them.”

    Sorry,this is a flawed logic,if anything,they’ll even be more fired up to win the Carabao cup now

  65. Ishola70

    Only teams that are capable to win every trophy on offer want and desire to win them all.

    After last night this is no longer the case. At the start of the season the FA Cup and League Cup were secondary considerations for Man City as they are for any side with league title aspirations and consider themselves good enough to have a tilt at the Champions League.

    If Man City are indeed fired up and on their game on Sunday as Victorious suggests then it’s just a case of how Man City win by.

  66. Ishola70

    You guys are talking yourselves out of a game here.

    It would be to Arsenal’s advantage if Man City lose a bit of focus.

    Or are you seriously suggesting that Arsenal can go toe to toe with them with Man City fired up and on their game and beat them in those circumstances?

  67. Ishola70

    Er lack of focus can equate and be linked to lacking a real hunger for something.

    They are not totally separate from one another.