Hector dishes out some fan opinion | 2 exciting attackers linked

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Goooooood morning.

No FA Cup for Arsenal this weekend, so we have nothing much to talk about. Or do we?

Hector Bellerin called out AFTV, stating that they weren’t fans.

“It’s so wrong for someone who claims to be a fan and their success is fed off a failure. How can that be a fan?”

Pretty harsh.

People used to say Le Grove wasn’t a real fan because all we’d do is slag off Arsene Wenger. So I’m not a fan of reading footballers calling fans, non-fans because they don’t like criticism.

However, on the flip-side. It’s just an opinion. He’s entitled to think what he likes. The stinger was that he was basically saying it’s not serious, it’s funny, which is a painful backhander. He’s trying to get at it being theater for views.

Far play to him, not only did he say it, he doubled down on it and basically said they were a bunch of snowflakes.

“I have nothing but respect for all the support we get through ups & downs. I just voiced my opinion about a platform. Guess some people just can’t take opinions about themselves.”

I admire that.

Hector is his own man. He dresses how he wants. Goes wherever he wants. Calls out bullshit as he sees it.

I think the indignation from some quarters is a little OTT. It’s like when journalists get offended when they’re called out. If you’re in the game of criticism, you have to take it on the chin when you get some back.

Not that Hector has been great this year, hard to say the criticism he’s faced hasn’t been fair. He should also understand that fan interest keeps him in business, be thankful people care enough to pay to see you play.

On the other side, people slagging off AFTV. Get over it. If you don’t like it, stop watching it. Simple as that. I have nothing but respect for Robbie, he built a monster from nothing, and now he’s the most dominant football channel on the planet. He didn’t get there because no one watched him, huge amount of hypocrisy going off.

‘They make money off fan angst’

Fair play, because we all watch it. They took the Talksport model of outrage and banged it online. Easy to snark about hustle when you earn £100k a week.


Arsenal are rumoured to be interested in signing the very exciting Timo Werner from Redbull this summer for a tidy fee of £50m. The 21-year-old is an exceptional talent, and I would welcome this. 16 goals in 29 games this season is not bad going.

There are also rumours that we’re interested in the sublime creative force that is Nabil Fekir. I worry about us going back to Lyon again, but this guy looks more accomplished and Premier League ready. He’s scored 21 goals in 31 games, with 5 assists. Not bad from midfield.

I watched Napoli vs Leipzig the other night. The Italians play a sexy style of football to the backdrop of 15 fans, which is depressing. The Germans won out, which some were pointing out as an issue with Sarri. However, it’s pretty clear he only has eyes for Serie A this year. Both managers there would be interesting for AFC in a post-Wenger world.

Right, that’s all I have today.

See you in the comments.


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  1. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Thus far Bellerin has managed to slag off Sanchez for his work ethic and now AFTV for having an opinion. What Bellerin fails to recognize, or maybe he has, is that he is somewhat privileged in that he basically is making a handsome living off having little to no education. Uncultured and buffoonish for certain, perhaps Hector might be better served to keep his mouth shut and focus on being a better footballer, complete with a work ethic that closer matches his former teammate. There is a good reason no one has come calling for his services – there is no future in stupidity.

  2. Masterstroke

    They’re discussing this Bellerin/AFTV thing on 7amkickoff today, but the comments are of a far more mature & literate measure than you’ll ever see on LG. Says a lot for the USA education system.

  3. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Comical take, Masterstroke. Credibility went out the door the moment you mentioned the USA education system.

  4. Masterstroke

    The thing about Bellerin is that he’s at least bi-lingual, whereas some of his most vociferous critics struggle to speak intelligible English.

  5. Dissenter

    To be fair some of the Arsenal fan TV regulars [not Robbie] have grow too big forntheir britches.
    I shuddered when I heard DT call the motley crowd of protesters at the Everton game “idiots”.
    Who’s to say he wasn’t an idiot when he was carrying placards last season.

  6. Mohammed Rizwan

    The difference here is DT knows when its the right time to protect and pull out banners. Unlike those motley crowds.

  7. Thorough

    Coq scored and I just saw Akpom’s goal against Anderlecth. Seems there’s something in Wenger’s arsenal that inhibit players.

  8. Nw9 gooner

    Thorough some one scores a goal and they become great? You must have seen them playing with us and then decide whether they should have continued with us

  9. TonyD

    Is Josh going to kick Wenger out? Maybe there is light at the end of a shorter tunnel than we hoped for.

    What are you hearing Pedro?

    My guess is daddy is concerned about not having CL football next season and protecting his investment.

    “Arsenal ‘planning’ for life after boss Arsene Wenger as owner Stan Kroenke’s son, Josh, begins three-month visit ahead of club shake up”

    Arsenal’s ‘catalyst of change’, which is intended to prepare for life after Arsene Wenger, has received fresh impetus with Josh Kroenke, son of owner Stan, moving to London to conduct an in-depth review of all the club activities.

    Kroenke, 37, has taken a flat in London for three months and is visiting every section of the club in an attempt to gain a better understanding of how they are run.

    It represents a significant change in the Kroenke ownership model, which has previously been criticised for being too remote.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5404147/Arsenal-planning-life-Arsene-Wenger.html#ixzz57QY2C4D3
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  10. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly I am glad that Bellerin expresses an opinion on the criticism directed at the Arsenal Team.

    It shows that he CARES.

    I would be far more concerned about the player who shrugs his shoulders and does not give a damn about what is being said.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    We are seeing once again the silly season starting early about transfers.

    Let’s be realistic I doubt that the club has massive amounts of money to spend
    this summer.

    If we are lucky we will buy perhaps a couple “quality players” and a small number of young untested bargains like Mavropolous brought in in January.

    Personally I would like the club to focus this summer on bringing in a goalkeeper and centre back with wing option if we can offload a couple of forwards
    eg Welbeck and Peres.

  12. Me

    The rise of social media is in part to blame for this.
    Back in the good ole days the interaction between fans and players started and ended on the terraces but now we have Twitter the like and that gap between players and fans has been filled. Players have to be much more careful and smarter with what they say. For him to have an opinion of Arsenal Fan TV is fine but to come out and say what he did shows a contempt with all Arsenal fans because, lets face it Arsenal are not playing as a team and fans are not happy.
    My personal opinion is that Arsenal Fan TV is correct in what its saying – Arsenal are pants and the fans who pay the extortionate sums of money to see them play are right to say negative things.
    Arsenal players need to stay away from social media and concentrate on improving the clubs fortunes before its too late..