ÖSTERSUND’S: Cold, artificial pitch, away from him, minnows…

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A really outrageous story doing the rounds that Barca are willing to let the HERO SHOW PONY that is 20-year-old Dembele leave this summer so they can fund a deal for the 26-year-old FRENCH WIZARD Griezmann… and Arsenal are going in for him.

Come on.

I know the new backroom team at the club are talented, but they’re not billionaires. There is no way we’d get anywhere near the needed cash levels to bring in talent of that level. There’s also no way that a player like that loses enough value in one season to merit AFC interest.

Also, imagine how unimpressed Ivan must be.

Sven: I want to recreate the success of Dortmund

Ivan: This sounds great, how?

Sven: By purchasing ex-Dortmund players

Anyway, like I said before, at least our transfer rumours are better these days.


Noooo, not the famous club from back in the day, I’m making reference to Wenger’s apparent request for Mackmyra, fancy Swedish whisky, to be shipped to his room.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.03.49 AM


“Part of the Mackmyra Moment range, which comprises of expressions made from specially selected casks by their Master Blender, Angela D’Orazio. The Morgondagg (which translates to “morning dew”) release was matured in first fill American oak barrels and ex-Sherry casks. A sweet, fresh and subtly spicy Swedish single malt, packed with fruit, butterscotch and oak spice notes.”

Oh Arsene, you shouldn’t have… especially on a school night.


Juventus, serial cheapskates, are circling Jack Wilshere. Word has it they’re after Emre Can on a free, along with Mata and Fellaini. If they land our man, that’ll be quite the bargain bucket of a summer.

Not quite sure Jack seems the type to go abroad, but crazier things have happened! <what a bland line that was.


It looks COLD and picturesque. Arsenal are in for a battle this evening. We don’t like places that are uncomfortable, we’re not great at the minnow thing this year, and I’m not sure the players are going to love an artificial pitch. It’ll be a tough game, but I think we’ll have enough to win over two legs.

Shocking that I’m concerned we might not push it over the line in the first game, but Arsenal are what they are these days!



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  1. Akilan

    You’re assuming things and overreacting mate.
    This IS a Wenger out blog. I suggest you to take a look at the top right corner of the homepage of this blog. The AKB guide. Yes It was Pedro who made this a Wenger out blog.
    Why am I a Wenger obsessive? I haven’t abused him. All I did was calling him out that he’s past his sell by date. I believe and claim that he’s not getting the best out of the players and he’s more of a hindrance nowadays. Am I wrong? How?
    Mate we’re arguing over the Internet. You got it wrong mate. I wasn’t speaking in a condescending tone. I genuinely wanted to suggest you. English isn’t my first language.
    Everybody was an akb once. Pedro switched in 2007. It took half a decade for the likes of cesc appeal, N5 and co to switch. N5 was as AKB as they come. Everybody switches mate. I was an AKB once too.
    If you read my previous posts, you’ll know that I also welcomed the new changes and I still do.
    You’re picking on anyone who says negative stuff about the club at the worst period in a couple of decades shows who you are really. You will rather blame the fans than blame Wenger, who’s the only reason we’re arguing.

  2. Dennis

    Haha cheers mate in anycase.. j
    Laughing indeed..?
    Laughing- living.. what’s that line- there is one or something i recall’ : if one laughs ‘it’s comedy’ if one thinks- ‘tragedy’.

    Re coherency or such about what/how i’m writing – or being read – or both..? : p,
    Yeha i remebr a fews days ago now maybe writing soemthing about a concept ‘enmehmsent, applying it to the arsenal/ suggesting a connectoin haha.. Play and such. (‘Play is serious business’..! ?
    some pyscholgoy’ reltaed idesa i reckon could have some relevance maybe re functioning of the Arsenal…
    ‘Enmeshment is a concept introduced by Salvador Minuchin to describe families where personal boundaries are diffused, sub-systems undifferentiated, and over-concern for others leads to a loss of autonomous development.

    Players ‘gpoing backwards/ not ‘forwards’ after arriving.. Wage structure- diffuse boundaries between top and ”other’ earners… ..?

  3. graham62


    “Are Madrid any better than Chelsea who we just beat over two legs”

    1. Are you being serious or just taking the piss?
    2. My initial comments/views were based on EL/CL,not the domestic cups.
    3. Have you ever played competitive sport?

    Beating Chelsea over two legs, in the kangaroo cup, is not the same as beating Chelsea over two legs in Europe. If I have to explain to you why, then I can only assume you have little or no comprehension of sports psychology.

    Europe, in particular the CL, is the ultimate goal for all players. Playing a competitive two legged European tie requires a completely different mindset from both the players and the manager. The pressure is far greater and this is why Arsenal consistently fail when it really matters.

    If we played Chelsea over two legs in Europe, Arsenal would lose. The tactics would be different, the away goal psychology comes into it and the players would feel the weight of expectation from fans, as well from each other. Nerves are greater, tension intensifies, the decision making process changes, the competitive edge goes up a notch.

    Comparing Chelski and A Madrid in two different competitions is therefore totally irrelevant.

  4. Dissenter

    Le-grove is not a Minuchin family therapy class.
    You’re too intellectual for this blog. Just tak your pseudo-recollection of a dated theory and start your own blog.

  5. mysticleaves


    so you suggest if the league cup was UCL Chelsea would have beaten us? The result would have been different?

    LOL! I understand you don’t feel confident about our team. Most people don’t feel so. But tripe like this is laughable

    It’s people like you that will say Chelsea threw the FA cup because they had already won the league lol.

    That a players ultimate dream is to win the UcL does not mean they don’t recognise when they can’t win it and focus on other trophies.

  6. Bamford10


    No offense, but 99% of those who post here are “Wenger out” and have been for a long time.

    As for Untold, that site has been the subject of derision here for a long time on account of their devotion to Wenger, their inability to criticize players or the manager, their referee-blaming, etc.

    To come to Le Grove and demand that it be something other than what it is is a little silly.

  7. Dennis

    JAMES WOOD 0 Wasted potential..? i dunno about that mate.. ; ) ‘time ‘tells”..? (I) dunno if time ‘judges’ though.. What dyou think..?

  8. Victorious

    Correct me if I’m wrong,are you now suggesting I’m an AKB for calling you out when you claimed Ozil and Mikki will wilt under pressure when they face MIGHTY Godin(fu*king Godin who won’t make a current top 10 best CD)right?If anything it should be the other way round,

    I get majority of posters here are WOB but that shouldn’t result to all objectivity and rationality thrown out the window when discussing Arsenal,some posters derive ZERO joy from the club at the moment, at which point you have to wonder what’s the point?,I try to call out the BS at times which you’d imagine are very much the case on here

  9. Freddie Ljungberg

    Knagg Champa

    It’s his first season in the PL so hard to judge if he’s reliable yet, got good stats though.
    I have mostly seen him on the old Grimandtube so I’m no expert but he looks very Vieira-esque in his playing style, chips in with a fair amount of goals as well, 7 so far this season, more of a defensive box to box than a pure dm.

    Ideally we would get 2 central midfielders in the summer but that is unlikely to happen unless we get some random player like Ozy on a free.

    With players like Koulibaly and Doucoure in the team we would finally have back some of that intimidation factor that’s been missing for so long. Sprinkle some Fekir magic on that and we’re looking a lot better for the future.

  10. S Asoa

    Akilan just calling a spade a spade. Wenger is totally finished since last 7 years. So as realisation has filtered in a lot of persons are turning AKB which is in fact keeping the Club ahead of the man, in this case LeFraud Wenger whose only motivation is his salary for which , being a Charlatan, he gives fuck-all . The results all come out the players “who go out and express themselves”, which works against poor teams and therefore Arsenal are renowned as’flat track bullies’.
    So ,coming to what Akilan was saying, AKBs who are for no rhyme or reason so, are akin to the odd bones in the kebab. Considering you’ll can reiterate ad nauseum, could start and fill up an AKB blog of your own where your prostrates will be mutually assuaged – and you’ll can be deliriously happy there. You are jarring here mate.

  11. S Asoa

    Wenger quote
    “ ‘I have always respected my contracts,’ Wenger, 68, told beIN Sports on Thursday. ‘I would like to remind you I said no to all the biggest clubs in the world to respect my contract so that’s always what I try to do.
    ‘After that we have as well to accept in our job that the future is the future but for me that’s to win the next game.
    ‘We have to perform better in every single game and show until the end of the season a complete hunger to win every single game

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5399191/Arsene-Wenger-believes-Arsenal-contract.html#ixzz57N2jKSDT

    In fact Wenger was kicked out for mediocrity in his earlier jobs ‘at world class Clubs’ and left before end of his contract from his last WhatisitsName Japanese Non entity. So in fact Wenger has always been moved out/ has moved out before end of his contract. At AFC the salary is great, expectations are low and Owner is a total Dud Arsehole with an ugly wig

  12. Herb's Army

    The whole. Hector Bellerin – AFTV is so tedious and boring.
    It runs a lot deeper than that though, the English are essentially a culture of liars and cheats, and use money to either cover it up, or make it disappear completely..
    Arsenal are cheating their fan-base on a monumental scale, and if it were any other business there would be a full root and branch enquiry that would shake the very foundations of society.
    Our sycophantic media have no morals and not a pair of balls between them.
    These are the same people who still celebrate how wonderfully England cheated in beating West Germany to the World Cup, and shamefully knighted Geoff Hurst for a hat-trick he didn’t score.
    If you accept those as your values, you really have no right complaining about the mess at Arsenal.
    Arsene Wenger and Hector Bellerin are modern-day Geoff Hurst’s, happy to live in the spotlight and collect outrageous rewards for cheating their public.

  13. Pierre

    Herpes army
    “These are the same people who still celebrate how wonderfully England cheated in beating West Germany to the World Cup, and shamefully knighted Geoff Hurst for a hat-trick he didn’t score.”

    So besides being an anti Wenger blog it is now an anti English blog.

  14. Bamford10

    No need to blame the English or the English media, Herb. After all, plenty of English media voices have said that it’s time for Wenger to go. The forces that have “lied” about the situation at the club are three: Wenger’s supporters in the fanbase, the club, and Wenger himself.

  15. Ishola70

    What a bore innit with Wenger at the helm.

    Just how good is Jordan Peterson?

    Overlooking his grating accent and that he says “man” a little too often at the end of sentences how good is his content ? Is it any surprise that he has become so popular with his easily digestible layman Freudian output.

    With academics more popular than ever on youtube and such who are the best out there? Most worth listening to? Who are the most over-rated? Boring. Who are under-rated?

  16. Herb's Army

    I refuse to descend to your level of infantile name-calling, we’ve never addressed each other before, so at least try and retain at least the very basic manners.
    It isn’t so much anti-English, more about the lack of morals.
    Every day here on Le Grove, people are jostling for their opinion to be the one, to enlighten us with something we never saw ourselves, the pursuit of the perfect explanation to encapsulate exactly what is going on at Arsenal, and between the Wenger-Outs and the minority who for some reason still worship him, they’re all desperate to claim the mythical moral high-ground.
    The England World Cup triumph is the perfect example of cheat’s prospering when it suits certain agendas way above our conscious understanding, so it totally dismisses the notion that we exist within any moral boundaries.
    And if morality is non-existent, there’s no moral high-ground to be won or lost.
    If you need to respond to me in future, please behave like a decent, grown-up human being.

  17. Ishola70

    Who is that guy who talks about the cosmos and universe?

    He’s a Jewish guy with glasses and he is a self-satisfied smug geek.

    Don’t like that one.

  18. Ishola70

    “What odds do people give Arsenal to beat City next weekend in the cup final?”

    Why? You gonna take them?

    Arsenal are huge odds for a team in the final of teams in the same division. Massive odds. Comfortably over 5.00

  19. TR7


    For me Douglas Murray is one of the most intelligent and articulate voices in the world. Of course I am a bit biased towards voices which are right to the center but if you don’t pathologically hate the right, Douglas is worth listening to.

  20. Bamford10


    Peterson is intelligent and makes some good arguments, but his greatest strength is the weakness and absurdity of the identity politics and postmodernist arguments he is arguing against. It’s because of how bunk the latter are that he seems so reasonable.

    On other issues, however, he is a complete dinosaur. For example, he thinks secular humanism is impossible and that society requires some form of theism in order to have a foundation for morality. This is reactionary and dumb. One can have ethics and morality without theism or religion, and this has been obvious since the Enlightenment.

    Smart guy, but Jung is mostly bogus, as are many of Peterson’s conservative conceptions. He also often confuses postmodernism with Marxism. Far from being identical as he often presents it, the two are irreconcilably opposed.

    Anyone interested in this latter point should read these guys on the topic.


  21. mysticleaves


    Not that kind of odds. Bamford is asking for the kind of odds where le Grove will either decimate or decimate Arsenals chances of winning. And then have Pierre bemoaning all of the decimations

  22. Bamford10


    I’m still waking up, so maybe I’ve misunderstood your point re odds next weekend. I would imagine the betting firms are favoring City and by some margin. If I were assigning us odds off the top of my head at this moment, I’d probably say we are 5/1 to win.


  23. Bamford10


    You might find Chomsky boring, but unlike the rest of the US and British establishment, he has been telling the truth about US & British foreign policy and its aims for a half century now.

  24. Ishola70

    I like the Englishness and snobbishness of Roger Scruton.

    Probably not much real deep content there but a cultured man no doubt.

  25. Ishola70

    “If I were assigning us odds off the top of my head at this moment, I’d probably say we are 5/1 to win.”

    Yep that’s around the price they are hovering at now. At this time

  26. Ishola70

    Bamford academics are here to entertain us as well now.

    Obviously Chomsky is of the old school.

    See Zizek and Cornel West .

    Both of those above could actually be termed over-rated. They go over the same ground with the same quotes many times especially West.

    Camille Paglia is also of the entertaining kind but she is still saying things she uttered over a decade ago.

    And that French guy they all bow down to he holds the distinction of not having much interesting deep content and boring as well. Badiou.

  27. Herb's Army

    Our English snobbery and the Established order were put in place by the French aristocracy, our structure and autocracy has been exactly the same since the signing of the Magna Carts in the 13th Century.
    It started after the Normans defeated Harold in 1066.
    Our upper-classes have much more in common with the French than anything English. We merely represented a large plot of land that was ripe for them to invade and seize control of.
    But the French were the last to successfully invade England and implant their philosophy, which has been in place so long now, it is impossible to dislodge.
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Wenger was directly related to the English monarchy.

  28. Bamford10


    I really like Camille Paglia, but you’re right that she isn’t really saying anything she hasn’t been saying for a long time. She’s brilliant, though.

    Zizek is a fraud. I saw a video interview of his last night, in fact, where he claims there is no alternative for humankind other than “extreme capitalism”. He’s essentially now a fascist who deploys “left” phraseology to cover over this fact.

    Political leadership isn’t going to come from any of these affluent, self-satisfied, ruling-elite voices but will instead come from the working class in every country.

  29. TR7

    Brazil’s coach has already declared his starting 11 for the next World cup.

    Alves Miranda Marquinhos Marcelo
    Casiemero Augusto Paulinho
    Coutinho Jesus Neymar

    Safe to say this starting 11 not going to win the World Cup for Brazil. Absolutely bang average midfield and not a single grafter in the front 3.

    Nothing that I have seen of Jesus makes me believe he is better than Firmino. Firmino is more versatile and hard working.

    In midfield Fernandinho should start ahead of Augusto. Even then it wouldn’t be a good enough midfield though.

    That guy Allison must be real good to be preferred to Ederson who has been the unsung hero of Manchester City team this season.

  30. Ishola70

    Isiah Berlin – Roots Of Romanticism


    Reminds me of the story of Jews who in England just after WWII were more English than the English. Afternoon tea and crumpets and such.

    Jewish guy is summoned to embassy and is informed he now is a British citizen. He bursts out crying. Guy asks him why are you crying? This is what you have desired for so long. You should be happy now. Jewish guy answers yes of course I am happy but we should never have given up India lol.

  31. mysticleaves


    What I read was that he name dropped 15 people he was sure we’re going to the world cup.

    Will Miranda Strt over Silva? will Willian not be given a starting place? Fernandinho? Been excellent this season.

    Also it’s interesting how Ederson is not guaranteed a place in the team yet. He has been awesome too.

  32. mysticleaves

    Poch prioritising style over trophies. Says he doesn’t care if he wins or not as far as they play beautiful footie. That’s what the fans pay for. Arsenal fans (Le grove majorly) would lynch Gazidis or Wenger if they said that.

    Then again it shows difference in expectations. Not matter gow progressive Tottenham are, they are still doing things we did some 25 years ago.

  33. TR7


    Poch gets his team to play practical football though, good balance between attacking and defensive football. I don’t know why he is talking about style, Pep, Klopp and Wenger saying that would make more sense.

  34. London gunner

    “It took half a decade for the likes of cesc appeal, N5 and co to switch. N5 was as AKB as they come. Everybody switches mate. I was an AKB once too.“

    Cesc Appeal was always Wenger out. N5 was a proper AKB, but he saw the light.

  35. Nw9 gooner

    Poch also emphasises hard work – thats why his team fade away later in the season . But undoubtedly he is a good coach – average players like Davis, Dier, play well above their ability

  36. London gunner


    I’m going to get flamed for this, but I think firmino is a better all round player than Jesus.

    Far better hold up play, link up play and scores all times of goals from scorchers outside the box, to dinks and of course tap ins.

    Jesus for me is overrated in the fact people act like he is such a complete player when really he has been this far a tap in merchant for city. A poacher. Not saying he can’t become more complete player, but people acting like he is some flawless striker is a bit of a joke.

  37. Bamford10


    We neither play beautiful football nor winning football. Not to mention this is a bogus opposition and false choice in the first place: one doesn’t need to choose b’t winning football and beautiful football. One can do both. This false choice is simply a piece of sophistry employed by certain types to cover over their failures.

  38. Bamford10


    I think most people here would agree that Firmino is better than Jesus. I don’t think that’s controversial at all. I also think it’s a little early to be drawing final judgments on Jesus: he is still a pretty young player.

  39. TR7


    Totally agree with you on Jesus and Firmino. I don’t understand all the hype around Jesus , he is decent but there is nothing special about him in my opinion.

  40. Redtruth

    Bamford10 February 5, 2018 22:08:31
    “4th place looks like it might be in play. And Arsenal are worth watching again. I like it.”

    Bamford10 February 17, 2018 16:23:46
    “MysticWe neither play beautiful football nor winning football.”

    How many Bamford’s on this blog…

  41. mysticleaves

    Bamford, I don’t get what you saying. I actually copied what Poch said about style and winning and compared it to Arsenal. What would be the reaction etc etc. Not in vindication or anything.

  42. Akilan

    Nah mate. I didn’t.
    The reason I told all of us were AKB once was to explain to you that we don’t blindly hate Wenger. We all loved him once. Every single arsenal fan. It is impossible to criticize arsenal without arsene because he virtually controlled everything. That’s all.
    Nothing to forgive mate. As mystic noted above, Iam an Indian.
    Lots of love from Le Grove. We really are a wonderful bunch of cunts. I look forward to the day we overcome the stupid AKB-WOB division.

  43. Akilan

    Jewish guy is summoned to embassy and is informed he now is a British citizen. He bursts out crying. Guy asks him why are you crying? This is what you have desired for so long. You should be happy now. Jewish guy answers yes of course I am happy but we should never have given up India lol.
    Mate, it really is wonderful to think what 70+ years did to Britain. From the biggest empire in the history to a sidekick to the US. Forgive me if I am wrong, we really see the UK as not so politically influential little brother of the US.
    I’ve had enough arguing with victorious. I don’t wanna start another argument with triggered people. Old Britain is still a cultural and linguistic influence to the entire world. It always will be.

  44. London gunner


    We brits (we don’t call ourselves that)
    Don’t really give two shits about the British empire.

    As for America in some ways it’s great but fuck me im glad I don’t live in a country that has multiple school shootings a year and has the rich and poor divide as vast as yours so much so their are entire districts of people living in shanty towns.

    I’m proud to be a Brit and hope are country doesn’t turn ever more into a mini America.

  45. Bamford10


    OK, so we did play some good football against Everton. This on account of having added Mkhi and Auba, and on account of having Ramsey in a more advanced role. But our playing good, watchable football has been very rare in recent years. Very rare. Perhaps that’s why I was so happy to see us play good football, to field an interesting XI.

    What the above has to do with being an AKB. No matter how good of football we play, Wenger still must go if we want to win things. This is obvious and I have been saying this pretty much every day for years now. Conflating limited praise of our play with support for Wenger is just you oversimplifying matters, as usual.

    You do you, though.

  46. Bamford10

    I meant to say: “What the above has to do with being an AKB, I haven’t the slightest idea.”

    Was distracted by the bartendress.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    You should know by now that in RT’s eyes anyone who “supports” Arsenal is an

    That is unfortunately the nature of this beast.

  48. Bamford10


    I think you mean “our,” and there’s a pretty big gulf between the haves and have-nots in your society as well —- though I grant it’s nowhere near the feudalism-like situation in the US.

    You have right-wingers coming for your NHS, though, you invade oil-rich countries on the basis of outright lies, and you have a political system run by the monied and monied interests.

    Your society is less dysfunctional than ours, no doubt. But I don’t know if you should be crooning about anything.

  49. Akilan

    Did I just open a can of worms? Both the US and the UK are awesome. I do think in the US, they give importance to some stupid shit more than any other developed country.
    We Indians are awesome too. We’re poorer, more conservative country, still awesome.
    The right wingers are on the up pretty much everywhere. I do understand the importance of conservative, genuine right wingers. But absolutely hate the hatemongers. There are some politicians in India of the ruling party that genuinely hate the muslims. The horrible things they do for power and money is disgusting. They genuinely make normal reasonable people hate each other.

  50. London gunner


    I love American movies, music and you guys have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Your women are far more attractive as well.

    Still what’s bad about America is truly awful. Health care, gun nuts, cops wiping or black propel indiscriminately, prison industrial complex, politicians sold out to lobysists, rampant in your face corruption and corporatism on unparalleled levels.

    I was listening to a podcast today about some civil servant/politician flying around the world first class on tax payers dime and I think even lying about attending business meetings so his wife could attend with him. That’s a criminal offence yet remains in his job. In the UK he would have either resigned or been sacked..

    We aren’t perfect, but our politicians are far more accountable. In fact the most negative things you can say about British politics is the fact it’s becoming ever more like America’s.

    Really wish we’d look towards the Scandinavians as inspiration not the yanks.

  51. Marc


    Whilst I prefer to keep politics away from football blogs you’ve just made a comment about right wingers going for our NHS and invading oil rich countries.

    Just a small point – if you’re referring to the invasion of Iraq that government was a Labour government not decent right wing people.

  52. Marc


    “I was listening to a podcast today about some civil servant/politician flying around the world first class on tax payers dime and I think even lying about attending business meetings so his wife could attend with him. That’s a criminal offence yet remains in his job. In the UK he would have either resigned or been sacked..”

    Mate every time there’s a major meeting of world leaders do you really think the officials are flying Ryanair?

  53. Marc


    On a serious note – After the school shooting two days ago it seems to me at least as if the response in the US is more militant this time – finally enough is enough. Is this the case or is it just our media slanting the reporting?

    I honestly couldn’t believe this was the 18th school shooting this calendar year.

  54. Dissenter

    “On a serious note – After the school shooting two days ago it seems to me at least as if the response in the US is more militant this time – finally enough is enough. Is this the case or is it just our media slanting the reporting?”

    I don’t think anyone here believes that.
    The only way it changes is if it goes to the voters. We all know we have a die-hard low information jingo-filled section or our electorate who are happy too give sicko assault rifles no matter what.
    It’s not going to change.

  55. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Still what’s bad about America is truly awful. Health care, gun nuts, cops wiping or black propel indiscriminately, prison industrial complex, politicians sold out to lobysists, rampant in your face corruption and corporatism on unparalleled levels.”

    All factually true. America are a very proud people but equally they are arrogant and dumbfoundingly ignorant. They carry a stigma related to a dark period in their history that they cant shake (slavery) and it impacts their society today like the proverbial albatross around their neck (Black Lives Matter).

    There remains a lot of good in America but slowly they continue to head into an abyss of uncertainty with a President who is more a staggering fool than a leader. Personally i’m good with where i am from – we may be perceived as many things, but i am always comfortable to travel the globe with the flag of Canada on my belongings. What a world we live in today…

  56. London gunner


    But in the Uk politicians have resigned over such matters… obviously their not taking Ryan air… don’t try and make my argument what it’s not. This is disingenuous to say the least.

    The fact is there is some measure of accountability within England.

    This American politician purposely doctored emails to say he was on a business trip meeting diplomats when really he was vacationing with his wife… it’s a criminal offence in the uk a politician would resign over that. Many have over similar matters and some have even faced criminal cases for fiddling expenses.

  57. Marc


    But doesn’t it go to the voters every election?

    There’s an episode of the West Wing where a Republican tells a Democrat the NRA has 3 million members (can’t remember the exact number) all you need to do is get 3 million and one to join up. I appreciate special interests etc but surely the average American must see that a limit should be put on gun ownership?

  58. Dissenter

    I don’t think the second amendment issue has ever been the main topical issue for any election that I remember. The republicans have always been good at run-in interference with other issues. The gun lobby will create nonsense issues from immigration, abortion, Obama care, Clinton email and every other nonsense to fool people. We have a very short attention span as a nation sonic always works.
    We [the US] are an inherently violent society. Don’t be taken by the immediate outpouring of grief. The right wing is intertwined with religious zealotry and they have chosen the “constitutional” right to bear arms as one of their litmus purity test.
    This school incident, as harrowing as it may be will repeat itself unless voters deal the National Rifle Association-backed elected officials a blow in the polls, until then politicians will fear them and do nothing. It will happen again.