Most expensive squad list revealed, Arsenal feature, but where?

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It’s been a slow week on the football front. Arsenal slinked Lacazette into the operating theatre the other day, he’ll now be missing for 6 weeks. I’d have to make a very educated guess and say that the club knew this operation was needed, and that was why they bought Aubameyang. Still feels like an odd move to sell Giroud, knowing he’d likely land a bunch of games.

Not quite sure why the club hasn’t come to terms with the fact that Danny Welbeck isn’t that great. I mean, unless your expectations of a striker are ‘running around with purpose’ versus scoring goals.

Also, hot-take here. Arsenal fans have the worst Stockholm Syndrome in world football

Why do I get jealous seeing Giroud in a blue shirt?

Why am I wondering what could have been with Coquelin?

Why did I question the sale of Theo Walcott on the podcast the other day?

I am a f*cking embarrassment, and so are you if you’re thinking these dark, weak, pathetic thoughts.

Snap out of it.

It was the right thing to do. Stop moping around like you just put the family kitten down because it sneezed. Embarrassing carry on.

We had some good fun watching Spurs go 2-0 down in Turin yesterday, until we had to stomach the reality that our rivals are pretty good whilst watching them beast Allegri and make Juve look very much like the away team. 2-2 in Italy is very good. I don’t think I’m speaking too early on this, but I think we really are starting to see the benefits of brilliant coaches and a more monied league paying dividends in Europe.

One of the best journalists in the game, Rory Smith, penned this excellent article on how the new format of the Champions League is entrenching wealth in the minor Euro leagues. It made me think of two things, as gates begin to fall in leagues where there’s no competition, the answer won’t be to distribute wealth more evenly, it’ll be to double down and build a super league. That’s a worry for all of us.

The second thought… the Premier League has done an excellent job building its product. Richard Scudamore is a genius. He sells the Premier League, a mostly substandard product, for record amounts year on year. This year, it looks like it might have plateaued. This from Nick Harris at @SportingIntel.

Premier League has sold 5 packages (of 7) of UK live TV rights, 2019-22, for £4.464bn, or £9.3m a game for those 480 games. With 120 games in last two packs still to sell, at same avg they would net £5.58bn v £5.14bn last time. Would be vg result for them.

There must be a decent chance that the two remaining packs will attract close to £9.3m per game; those packs by definition each contain two ‘first picks’ per season, and two ‘second picks’ etc. There’s a premium on that.

If those remaining games sell for as little as £5m each then PL income for live UK rights will be just under £5.1bn for 2019-2022 against just over £5.1bn for 2016-19. Either way a plateau at worst, which is not a burst bubble. And overseas rights will be up.

Still a monumental amount of money. As Alfred pointed out in our chat group, interesting that tech giants, Amazon, Google, and Facebook all steered clear. Preferring to invest their money in more traditional Netflix style content.

In the US, they have something called SlingTV. It’s cord cutting for LIVE TV. The equivalent in the UK would be having the ability to buy an internet package that looks like Sky without the box and the 18month contract. Anyway, with BEin Sports, the channels that offers up La Liga and Serie A, they have a section where you can go back and watch a whole bunch of games. Like a Netflix for European football. I’d buy into that shit.

I’d also buy a season ticket to the Premier League through my Apple account. If the Cupertino giant wanted a quick way to dominate the TV space in the UK, they could buy Premier League rights and bundle it with their hardware. I’d imagine that the tech giants might be more willing to play this game when all the games are put up for purchase. Their infrastructure could globalise the game pretty easily, and if it was centralised through an iTunes like entity, it’d be pretty damn efficient.

Anyway, I veered off the literary motorway into the central reservation there.

My point was, the Premier League distributing wealth fairly has made for a competitive league. Not this season so much. But in general, at least there’s a point to watching it unlike Germany, Italy and France.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.33.43 AM

What should give you solace, is you can still compete at the lower echelons of finance. Monaco have made a semi-final, Atleti have made 2 finals, Bayern are always there or thereabouts. So whilst money is usually king, it doesn’t mean you give up. The two biggest spenders on that list have never won the Champions League. Sad stat, the only two teams in the top 10 of transfer spending that have never won a CL? Arsenal and Everton. Everton, mostly because they’ve only played in it once in 25 years. Arsenal’s excuse is a little harder to come by.

Right, that’s me done. If you want to listen to some detailed stuff on Ostersunds, check out the Nordic podcast below I was on. The Just Football chaps are professional analysts/scouts in Norway and Sweden. Bit embarrased to be speaking to actual pros about Arsenal, but good fun regardless.

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  1. Bamford10


    Thanks for your input. His “lols” wasn’t civil; it was snide. As for the rest, I couldn’t care less what you think.

  2. Marko

    Oh no I know Bam I’m just saying when you’re so quick to insult someone unnecessarily you’re giving people an excuse for thinking you’re a massive dickhead. I’ve never seen Batistuta insult anyone he seems pleasant enough

  3. Carts

    “Neymar holds onto the ball far too long…..”

    Agreed. He’s does this more with PSG than he ever did with Barcelona.

    Now that he’s PSG’s alpha dog he won’t change anytime soon.

  4. Batistuta


    It’ll probably go to Kevin as City are most definitely nailed on to win the league

    Salah has been more than brilliant this season though

  5. Sancho Monzorla

    Almost a year gone since I visited the comments section I think, good to see things at Le-Grove are immutable.

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t entrenched myself in the daily happenings of the club but it really seems Arsenal are on a better trajectory (i.e. away from Wenger) compared to the decade previous. There is hope yet 😀

  6. Pierre

    I think you owe batista an apology.

    Here is your first comment

    “Lame. PSG play prettier football than Madrid. I hope this isn’t the end of them.”

    And here is your second comment aimed at batistuta.

    “And I didn’t say that many people think they play “prettier” football; I said many people think they play “pretty” football. Different claim. Learn to read”

    Looks like prettier to me

  7. graham62


    So, based on your observations over these past two nights of CL football, who do you think looks good enough to go all the way?

    Bearing in mind most of your responses, to any opinions, over these past few days, are becoming rather aggresive and insulting, am I right to assume you feel Liverpool played against a shit Porto team, who wouldn’t hack it in the EPL.

    Chill out a wee bit and accept that, as long as it doesn’t involve Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in particular, football can be quite enjoyable.

    In my opinion, any team that reaches the QF’s is in with a chance, including Liverpool and Spurs.

    Take it easy now.

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Pedro – “I am a f*cking embarrassment, and so are you if you’re thinking these dark, weak, pathetic thoughts.”

    Nope, just you and your poor fashion sense, bud.

  9. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I see that Bamford remains LeGroves resident limp noodle. What with all your foul and abusive language I’m frankly surprised you havent been banned already. Oh yeah, only you actually go off crying to Pedro to get people just like yourself – you know, crude, insulting, vulgar, and downright abusive – banned.

    Take your own advice already.

  10. Bamford10


    You need to read more carefully. When I said PSG play “prettier” football than Madrid, I was stating my own view. When I talked about what many people believe, on the other hand, I said they think PSG play “pretty” football; I didn’t say that many people think PSG play “prettier football than Madrid”.

    Those are two different claims. See how that works?

    As for an apology, you can take that and shove it up your ass. I don’t owe this dickhead an apology because he “lolzed” my fairly innocuous opinion that PSG play prettier football than Madrid.

  11. Bamford10

    Just want to note that a 2-0 win in Paris would send PSG through. While Madrid look very good, I still think PSG could pull it off.

  12. Bamford10

    Apologies for my unpleasantness, Batistuta. I was in a mood today. Madrid play some pretty nice football as well — 😉 — so perhaps my comment seemed a little off.

  13. Bamford10

    75 minutes in, and PSG have definitely dominated. Could easily be 3-1 at this point. Asensio coming on now, though.

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    Graham62 is the classic Le Grove dingus.

    Say something controversial and have people call you out on it? Just call them AKB and hope noone notices your stupidity.

    Comedy gold.

  15. karim

    Agree about Neymar, he did wonderful things with the ball last night, but Psg would have been 2 up had he not been so selfish.


  16. Pierre

    I think you owe me an apology for your “unpleasantness” towards me.

    And yes, you did say “unpleasantness” in case you want to deny it.

  17. Hurst

    Real Madrid should be our template for success……. they spend when they need to…..Zidane ye pavon system reaping dividends t

  18. alexanderhenry

    Park chu

    ‘Two comments in two hours – on a match day!’

    I think we’re all a little underwhelmed by the prospect of playing Ostersunds away in the Europa league.
    The last two nights have been party time in the Champions league as well.
    We’re like the fat kid at school who’s been given the special ‘well done for taking part ‘ award.

  19. S Asoa

    Le Fraud says
    Arsene Wenger has insisted Arsenal will not be affected by the cold weather when the Gunners take on Ostersunds FK in the Europa League. The first leg of the last-32 tie is set to be conducted in -7C conditions and could drop even lower, with temperatures plummeting to -23C in recent weeks. The pitch and weather are likely to affect Arsenal’s fluidity in the game, but Wenger has confirmed he turned down the chance for his players to train in Sweden before the game on Thursday night.

    Read more:
    Twitter: | Facebook:

    And what about getting the feel of the turf Imbecile ?

  20. Bamford10


    I wasn’t really all that unpleasant to you, and I was correct about the pretty/prettier issue, but I’ll play nice and apologize. My apologies. Cheers.

  21. Bamford10


    Your point about it looking like we’ve given up on this season makes more sense now that you connected it to the entire picture of our transfer activity (incl. Walcott, Giroud, Oxlade, etc.).

    It did not make sense, however, when it looked like you were saying that signing Aubameyang rather than a CB suggested that we were giving up on this season. That just wouldn’t follow.

    I still don’t know if our transfer activity means what you think it might, but your point makes more sense to me now.

    Your claims re Wenger and Kroenke, however, remain complete and utter nonsense.

  22. HighburyLegend

    What’s the point in watching an AFC game as long as le senile one is still in charge ??
    Only the true Akb’s are doing this…

  23. Victorious

    Bellerin Kos Holding kolas
    Wilshere Xhaka Elneny
    Ozil Welbeck Mikki

    If this line up can’t get a result away to Ostatsund(spelling?) then we don’t deserve to lift the cup

  24. Victorious

    “What’s the point in watching an
    AFC game as long as le senile one
    is still in charge ??
    Only the true Akb’s are doing

    Then why don’t you fu*k off instead of been a pick on here everyday, Redtroll wannabe

  25. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If this line up can’t get a result away to Ostatsund(spelling?) then we don’t deserve to lift the cup

    We don’t deserve to lift the cup.

  26. graham62

    I also apologise!

    In theory, Arsenal should go through comfortably against Ostersunds FK. However, in practice, we know things can go pear shape.

    By the time kick-off comes around, it will probably be -5 degress. The pitch will be an issue, especially as Arsene turned down an opportunity to practice(typical).

    The player’s mindsets will be critical. If apathy sets in, which is possible, Arsenal could struggle. After the euphoria of CL Football the past two nights, which I’m sure all the Arsenal players sat down to watch, it will be interesting to see how they apply themselves.

    Of course there should be no excuses, but remember this is Arsene FC!

  27. graham62


    Have we been spoilt and these past twelve years?

    Consistent top 4 finishes/CL Football/A few FA Cup successes/Top notch facilities…………….What is there to complain about?


  28. Dissenter

    I see no one is talking about Liverpool’s devastating destruction of Porto away from home.
    The three English clubs that have played in the last-16 stages of the CL have done very well, so far.
    There’s no Arsenal to stink up the place. Chelsea might yet lose 0-5 to Barca next week,

  29. Dissenter

    Salah is scoring some very Messi-esque goals this season.
    Goals that you can’t coach- you either have that level of talent or you don’t.

  30. Denisk Birdkampf

    Cold, wet and windy, players expecting to just turn up and win could be a bad combo. Do we know who’s travelled? Full squad or second string?

  31. Marko

    I wasn’t really all that unpleasant to you, and I was correct about the pretty/prettier issue, but I’ll play nice and apologize. My apologies. Cheers.

    You told him to shove it up his ass. Pretty unpleasant all things considered

  32. Marko

    As Alexander said earlier very hard to get excited for a europa league game against Osturland or whatever the fuck when you see some of the performances from the English teams in the champions league the last couple days

  33. HighburyLegend

    “very hard to get excited for a europa league game ”

    Yep, and we are excited enough with the spot 4 chase in the PL.
    FFS, I’m speaking like an akb!!

  34. graham62


    It seems if you give positives on any other English team in Europe, you’re betraying the cause.

    Yes, Liverpool were excellent.

    Arsenal tonight.

    All a little bit flat, don’t you think?

  35. TitsMcGee

    It seems if you give positives on any other English team in Europe, you’re betraying the cause”

    Nobody more childishly naive/blinkered than Arsenal AKBs.

    “Pep is overrated ”

    But in same breath:

    “Wenger has been betrayed by the refs ”

    Lol for 14 years.

  36. S Asoa

    Raging on Twitter

    Mugabe gone, Zuma gone. Appears Wenger is the last notorious dictator left in the seat of power. #WengerOut

  37. Goobergooner


    You really over reacted to a “lol”.

    You don’t do yourself any favours on here. Ever since Ramsey scored his hat trick you have somehow started making even more rash claims than usual.