Observational analysis cost Arsenal £150m

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I remember once as a child, in science class, I called a pal of mine fat in front of a teacher. Mr Smith said,

‘If you were stuck up a mountain, who’d die first? You, because you’re a skinny runt’

‘Well bitch,’ I responded.

‘I’d rather die a painful hypothermic death than look terrible in that Puma shirt I know is coming in 10 years’

I jest, I grew out of football kits by the time I was 11 years old.

Point to my story, never write off a fat kid. You know who learnt that the hard way? Liam Brady. He passed on Harry Kane.

“He was chubby and not very athletic, but we got it wrong.

“Even Tottenham loaned him out to the lower leagues three or four times though.

“But he’s building a great career thanks to his determination and he deserves it.”

What I love about those comments is the sole reasoning for not keeping him on seems to be ‘he was a bit fat.’ No comment on his technical ability, his lack of goals, or his attitude. Just that he was a bit chubby. What sort of analysis is that? I mean, in the moment, when you’re down the Duck and Two Cats with the lads, you’d make those comments for show. But in 2018, when Harry is worth £150m, wouldn’t you rather just make up some nonsense excuse about his fatigue levels? Quite amazing Brady would shower himself in an amateur fat shaming analysis.

Anyway, never write off a chubby kid, they might one day rule the world.

My mate from school? No. He didn’t rule the world. But I tell you one thing, he’d rule you in a drinking session if it stretched longer than 2 days.

In other news, Hector Bellerin reckons Alexis was giving it 100% for Arsenal.

“Alexis is an amazing player. One of the best in the Premier League for sure but he is a player who always wants to win. He demands from everyone, sometimes it can be too much.

“The great thing is he wants to win, to give 100 per cent. This season maybe things weren’t going as well for him but I truly believe he was giving 100 per cent.”

“There was one game against Crystal Palace. We celebrated a goal and some of the players went I stayed back, I was talking to Calum Chambers because there was some tactical stuff.

“For me that was more important than celebrating the goal.”

Can you spot the lie? I mean, pretty clear to me that Bellerin would never be discussing tactics, especially not with Calum Chambers. Anyway, no player is going to come out and slag Alexis off, you just don’t do it. Take the lack of ‘cheerio’ insta posts as the most solid sign that the player wasn’t liked. Also, take it from me, no one was a fan. He was a selfish man, and a bit dim.

Good riddance. I mean, not really. But, you know, like when a girlfriend you love leaves you for SOME SUBSTANDARD HUMAN you’re usually a touch bitter. You always find someone better. Eventually. Right? You do, right?

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Arsenal head to Ostersunds on Thursday night for an away day on an artificial pitch AND temperatures of -20 degrees. That’s obscene. At least their twitter account has some warm banter to thaw your cold toes.

Finally, before I go, I have a VERY exciting guest for the League Cup final preview podcast. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. UTarse

    We haven’t even stood still, we have regressed, and small clubs like Tottenham are now ahead of us. Change has to be now if we are to regain the respect of being a big club. Fucking shambles and yet the fans sit and wait, and take it. No “signs of change” will do shit until the main culprit for our downfall is banished. Sven, Raul, gazidis politicking means fuckall until le fraud has gone.

  2. Marko

    Every time I see the lad play I just think of that yet-to-be-recanted statement you made.

    He won’t recant. If Kane was to go in the summer he’d easily fetch over 100 million. Easily

  3. Marko

    Very true that the spurs squad wasn’t built on 40-50 million pound signings. But also worth noting most of the team was brought in before the madness of the transfer market as we see it now. The bale money helped though

  4. Pierre

    Do me a favour

    Can you dig out those comments from before the weekend game v Tottenham I think it was victorious and Rambo Ramsey ….they were saying that they would have Ramsey over dembele all day long…….l was trying to explain to them why dembele is a class above but they weren’t having it….I reckon they may have a different opinion after dembele’s last 2 games.

  5. Bamford10


    It’s a bit more complicated than you’re making it, but I still think you and others overrate him. He’ll never shine for a top four team. I stand by that. He’s a very good finisher but a very average athlete. He wouldn’t start over Aguero, or Suarez, or Cavani, or Lewandowski, or Ronaldo.

    Might he go for some astronomical amount in this market? Sure.

    However, is he top XXII in the world? No.

    And that’s how you were talking about him (and Dele Alli, btw).

    He’s not that. Sorry.

  6. Bamford10

    I need to know more about who will and who won’t be playing for Juve in the return leg, but I probably still favor them to advance.

  7. Akilan

    I don’t watch spurs. I knew they play good football and they’re a decent team. But I never watched them unlesd it is the NLD. I’ve never had anything positive to say about them.

    Today, I watched the game and boy do I regret that. I fucking hate myself for watching that. I genuinely feel we are inferior to spurs now. Man it’s 3:30 in the morning and I can’t fucking sleep.
    Spurs actually went there and outplayed juve. It was not a smash and grab like we did at bvb in a group match. When the pressure is high, they can raise their game. Arsenal NEVER did that in Europe. I can’t say they deserved to win but surely they’re the favourites now. Just look at the fight they showed. 2-0 down inside 10 mins and then they show this. Imagine arsenal going down that early, we’ll lose all the composure and let in 5,6. TBF, that’s what I thought when spurs went down. In fact, that’s the reason I watched the game. To see them getting spanked and get some sadistic pleasure, any pleasure from football. It’s been a miserable week football wise and it got worse.
    Arsenal are nowhere near the level those teams are. We couldn’t do it against Monaco let alone juve. We’re fucking shite and a laughing stock right now. The hardest thing is we rightly belong in EL while spending more money in transfers AND paying way higher wages while they genuinely go toe to toe with Europe’s finest clubs in a shoestring budget.

  8. Bamford10


    One, don’t listen to the haters: it’s great to have someone who is willing to go back and dig up old posts. I love that.

    Two, out of curiosity, were you a keeper in your playing days?

  9. Marko

    He’s a very good finisher but a very average athlete. He wouldn’t start over Aguero, or Suarez, or Cavani, or Lewandowski, or Ronaldo.

    Pierre he’s a diving cunt but he can absolutely ball. He’s set to be the premier league’s top scorer for the third season in a row. A league with Aguero in it. He was overrated but now he’s aptly rated imo

  10. Cesc Appeal

    I honestly think Spurs are going to get £150 Million or more out of Madrid for Kane.

    I think he will stay one more season with them to play in the new ground, if nothing changes at Spurs he will be off after that.

  11. Marko

    It’s all well and good making obvious improvements these last few years but spurs need to win something to justify keeping players like Kane

  12. WengerEagle

    There will be drastic change in Madrid this summer if PSG can dispose of them over 2 legs which I fancy them to do.

    Zidane will be sacked, Ronaldo/Benzema sold and think they will bring in Hazard and Kane or even possibly Neymar.

  13. Marko

    I like Hazard, but Hazard and Harry Kane at Madrid will scare precisely no one.

    Eh two amazing players who’d be scared by that

  14. Pierre

    It was Bamford who said he is an average athlete not me.

    Sad to say ,I agree with you regarding Kane ,he gets better and better …for the first time I’m having serious concerns about Spurs ….they look the part

  15. Pierre

    “Keeper of cats”…ha …probably not far from the truth …probably has a parrot as well who sings “one Arsene Wenger”

  16. Marko

    for the first time I’m having serious concerns about Spurs ….they look the part

    Funny thing is that once Wenger goes I see us putting them back in their place I really do. We’re a competent manager away from being blatantly better than them again

  17. alexanderhenry


    ‘We are not allowed to say anything positive about Spuds, however reluctant it may be.
    We are allowed to post nostalgic videos of yesteryears.’

    Well, why not. This guy used to bag a few against the spuds:

  18. Bamford10

    Harry Kane is an “amazing” player?

    Good grief. He’s a good scorer. Nothing more. He’s never done anything “amazing” in his entire life.

    “Amazing.” Good God.

    What’s amazing is that anyone would describe Harry Kane as an “amazing” player.

  19. Akilan

    Kane is a proper centre forward. He scores all types of goals. Towering headers, long rangers, curlers and what not.
    Re pace, lol. It’s not like he is a hindrance during counter attacking situations, is he? He almost always takes the right decisions and does excellent one touch passes and flick ons for others to run onto and then make the perfect run to tap it in.
    I believe higuain is faster than Kane. Juve played on the counter all game, Still it was Kane who ran behind the defence and scored a 1v1 against the keeper. It’s more important to make the correct run and break the offside trap then being “pacy”. I would take Kane over aguero any day of the week. Aguero is the superior dribbler but Kane’s playmaking ability is better. Kane isn’t flashy and doesn’t do ridiculous tekkers to score or pass, but he’s efficient as fuck and leads the line better IMO, a bit like drogba.
    Also consistently shows up in big games. If Kane was an Argentinean, he’d start over higuain, but aguero isn’t and he shouldn’t. He also works his socks off defensively.

  20. Bamford10

    Maradona was amazing. Georgi Hagi was amazing. Zidane, Ronaldo9, Ronaldinho. Amazing players.

    Harry Kane? Fuck off.

  21. Pierre

    I’m not so sure…

    In the last couple of weeks they have outplayed Arsenal, united and ,apart from the first ten minutes , Juventus.

  22. Marko

    Again Bam he’s about to be the premier league’s top scorer for the third season in a row. You wax lyrical about Aguero all you like but Kane has outscored him the last two seasons. What’s amazing is the stubbornness of you not being able to admit that you’ve gotten it wrong with your analysis of him.

  23. Bamford10


    No offense as I quite liked your comment above, but starting Harry Kane over Aguero at City would be a massive mistake. There is no chance he would combine with City’s other players as well as Aguero does. None. And I don’t mean because of how long they’ve played together. He just isn’t the right player for a City: not quick enough, not shifty enough. IMO.

  24. Marko

    Maradona was amazing. Georgi Hagi was amazing. Zidane, Ronaldo9, Ronaldinho. Amazing players.Harry Kane? Fuck off.

    Anyone who outscores the amazing Aguero is also amazing. Kane definitely worth more than 40 million. Definitely starts for Madrid

  25. Bamford10


    Well, because I haven’t gotten anything wrong. If he were at City right now, he wouldn’t start over Aguero. And if he did, two weeks later he’d be second choice again.

  26. Pierre

    We all make mistakes in our judgement of players …..just admit you were wrong about Kane and it won’t be mentioned again ..

    To be honest ,I didn’t rate him at first but now it s impossible to deny that he is up there with the very best ….

    Is it because he’s English that you’re struggling to admit your mistake.

  27. Marko

    Good grief. He’s a good scorer. Nothing more. He’s never done anything “amazing” in his entire life.

    Again set to be the top scorer the last three seasons in England and 4 years ago he was second in the charts to Aguero. If Aguero is considered a great striker how come Kane is considered a good scorer? Seems illogical

  28. WengerEagle

    Bizarre Bamford, I think of you had a chat with any top managet about Kane you’d be very surprised.

    Guys that are notoriously hard to impress like Roy Keane and Graeme Souness believe that he is as good as anybody in Europe right now when it comes to strikers and that he is good enough to start for any team.

  29. Marko

    Well, because I haven’t gotten anything wrong.

    First off you’ve gotten plenty of things wrong but you just won’t ever admit it. And you’re changing the goal posts a bit it was originally you saying he wasn’t worth more than 40 million and would he start for the likes of Madrid, PSG or Lewandowski. He’s absolutely worth more than 40 million and he’d definitely start for Madrid as of right now. You could make an argument for him starting for Aguero at City yes because of the fact in the last two years going on three he’s outscored Sergio.

  30. Marko

    I stand by everything I’ve said re Harry Kane. How about another topic?

    You’re a prize Bam I swear. Literally all you have to do is at least appear that you can acknowledge that you got something wrong but you can’t even do that. You gotta be “right” about everything I guess

  31. Dissenter

    Harry Kane isn’t just a goal scorer. That categorization will be for players like Filipo Inzhagi, Alan Shearer, Paolo Rossi and Gary Linekar.
    Harry Kane is a total footballer.
    He scores all type of goals; shots, from distance, beastly headers and of course tap ins. He can hold up the ball like Drogba and was the best crosser of the ball in the last England squad to the Euros.
    He is no longer an aspiring wannabe. He is truly 100% world class, a true match winner who has 100 league goals at the age of 24.5 years.

    Yes I will play Harry Kane above Aguero. Wasn’t Guardiola playing Jesus ahead of Aguero last season?
    Everything Aguero can do, Harry Kane can do…but you can’t but height which Harry Kane has.

    Really the horse have left the barn with Harry Kane. He really is that good.

  32. Akilan

    Bam, cheers mate.
    You’re probably right. Kane may not start over aguero at city but then again aguero wouldn’t start over Kane for Argentina. Where he edges him is showing up at big games and defensive work. I’m not saying aguero isn’t a big game player, he absolutely is. But Kane simply scores that goal which is priceless.
    Let’s put it this way, Kane is a better centre forward while aguero is a better striker. It’s may be a matter of preference.

  33. Marko

    So he would start over Cavani? Suarez? Lewandowski? Of course not. New topic, please.

    Conveniently leaving out Madrid these days I see. I would say that considering he’s outscoring Aguero these days that he’s right up there with the best in Europe. His record speaks for itself

  34. Bamford10


    As for the valuation question, I long ago said that that was screwy because of how volatile the transfer market’s pricing was this summer.

    Value him at whatever you like, he’ll never shine for a top, top club, and he wouldn’t start over any of the best strikers in the game today (as I’ve said).

    As I said, though, new topic. This one has run its course.

  35. Bamford10


    We’ll see.


    If he ever starts for Madrid, he will be a massive disappointment. I look forward to it, actually.

    Until then, new topic.

  36. Marko

    Value him at whatever you like, he’ll never shine for a top, top club, and he wouldn’t start over any of the best strikers in the game today (as I’ve said).

    Think I saw a stat from sky a couple weeks back about the amount of goals scored since 15/16 season or 16/17 and it only had Messi and Ronaldo scoring more than Kane. He literally outscored some of those strikers you rate higher

  37. Akilan

    Kane is amazing at doing the “simple things”. You know making the correct pass, decision etc. He uses the ball efficiently and never loses the ball trying the fancy stuff. Kane never seems to take extra touches and does simple things with purpose. He always shows for the ball and is an excellent outlet to relieve pressure. Doing the simple things accurately with purpose while doesn’t look amazing IS amazing in my book.

  38. Champagne Charlie

    Fuck me, whalloper Banford waxes lyrical about Aaron Ramsey but then says Harry Kane is merely a “good finisher” hahaha

    What a tit. Literally not one ounce of humility in his locker, sticking blindly to his ridiculous idea Kane is not elite. Not all heroswear capes

  39. WengerEagle

    Wow just seen a stat that apparently Khedira completed just 7 passes tonight from only an attempted 13, remarkably shit.

    How can you expect to control the pace of a home leg in the UCL with a CM that is literally a statue.

  40. Marko

    Yeah I must admit the last couple days he got very heated even insulting when people questioned Ramsey and about Kane he’s polar opposite. Very strange

  41. Bamford10

    Higuain’s volley (1st goal) was far more impressive than anything Kane did. Did Higuain make it at Madrid? No, he didn’t. Kane is no better than Higuain. Who, by the way, is a very good striker — but he’s not world class. Just like Harry Kane.

    New topic and all that, though.

  42. Marko

    Red ever the opinionated who in the modern game do you think is world class? And you can’t say Ospina other than him. Great chance for you to actually give some insight into the type of player you like

  43. Marko

    Did Higuain make it at Madrid? No, he didn’t. Kane is no better than Higuain.

    Define make it. In 6 years at Madrid he scored 107 in 190 appearances. He won 3 league titles and 3 cups.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    Guys can we please move onto a new topic?

    Please guys, my pigheaded opinion on this one looks dumber by the week, can we move on?

    New topic, new topic. Shut the hell up, you’re not the conductor of the blog. There’s a top bracket of strikers in European football and Hawwy Kane sits head up at that table, it’s really that simple.

  45. Marko

    He loves Lucas Moura , Marko.Rates him higher than Messi, the nutter.

    So we have Ospina and Moura in Red’s favourite 11

  46. Champagne Charlie

    Juve and PSG suffer from the same thing, no competition domestically. Only PSG have this image to live up to that could carry them through, Juve looked clueless how to up the tempo.

  47. Marko

    I purposely dodged calling Kane or anyone world class cause it’s thrown about easily these days and one could argue only Messi and Ronaldo and Iniesta in his pomp were world class the last few years. I said that Kane was an amazing striker though which Bam vehemently disagreed with. A good scorer is all he is

  48. WengerEagle

    They also have Neymar who I expect to explode into life tomorrow and prove himself as the best player in the world with a memorable performance.

    Cavani might be out though which is a blow, could see M’Bappe up front and Di Maria taking his place out wide, or Draxler.

  49. Carts

    Skids gave a good account of themselves after going 2 down.

    More of that intensity and they’ll absolutely pepper the fuck out of Juve at Wembley!!

  50. Batistuta


    Maybe PSG but the Italian league is much tougher and yea Juve may have won it a lot recently but take a look at the league table this season and it’s definitely no cake walk for them……

    Now Bayern and City those are cake walks

  51. Batistuta

    And the English league is probably one of the easiest leagues to win as they’re are so many shitty teams in there

    I mean the dull and uninspiring Pellegrini won it in his first season

  52. Marko

    I fancy PSG but don’t ever discount Madrid in Europe they can turn it on in a second. in saying that PSG have the best front three in Europe at the moment and can fuck anyone up

  53. Champagne Charlie


    In recent seasons I think it’s made their mentality fragile. They’re not as dogged as Italian teams of old, they very much give hope that you can wobble them unlike a Bayern who are always in the game

  54. Batistuta

    Even tactics deficient Wenger went a whole season unbeaten

    Ranieri came back and won it at a canter

    Conte in his first season

    Pep is doing same(the boatload of cash hasn’t been that bad)

    Even in the Europa league, the likes of Swansea and Everton have been stuffed by so called ‘average’ European teams

  55. Champagne Charlie

    “And the English league is probably one of the easiest leagues to win as they’re are so many shitty teams in there“

    Sorry but that’s a fucking crock. The prem is easily the most competitive league in Europe. Less dominated by super clubs and more a collection of pretenders. Supplemented by, relatively speaking, mega wealthy fodder.

    When Spain, Italy, Germany have their shite like Everton dropping mega bucks on quality players you can tell me all about it. Bottom half of England vs the rest of Europe’s bottom halves isn’t a comparison.

  56. Batistuta


    Yea i get that but Juve have been in 2 finals in 3yrs knocking out Barca in the process, takes a whole lot of concentration to achieve that

  57. alexanderhenry


    Regarding Kane, he is not especially skilful, athletic or fast. He’s also not the most graceful player to watch- certainly no Henry or Bergkamp, but he scores lots and lots of goals consistently against all opposition. That alone make him world class.

    Spurs will have a tough time keeping him.

    I now feel weird bigging up a Spurs player. Let that be the first and last time it happens.

  58. Batistuta

    Sorry but that’s a fucking crock. The prem is easily the most competitive league in Europe. Less dominated by super clubs and more a collection of pretenders. Supplemented by, relatively speaking, mega wealthy fodder.

    Final league table last 3 seasons probably says otherwise though


    All won/winning the so called most competitive league at a canter

  59. Batistuta


    Wenger is an average manager, would probably have rotated around 7/8 clubs in Italy with his abysmal record in the league since 06

  60. Bamford10

    Watching the Spurs-Juve replay. Spurs do look really good. Especially Eriksen and Dembele. Maybe I don’t favor Juventus to advance. Hard to say.

    Terrible foul from Aurier for that penalty. Really silly.

  61. Redtruth

    Arsenal’s problem for a number of years has been beating the top 4/6 clubs, whilst routinely beating cannon fodder clubs has saved them on numerous occasions from droppung out of the top 4..

    Now their form against shit teams has deserted them hence them droppung down the table.

  62. Champagne Charlie


    Want to post the winners of the last three titles at all of the major leagues in Europe to see how many have three different winners? Talk about competitiveness and the leagues you’re comparing too all have monopoly players, dafuq.

    Didn’t touch upon how the lower table in England is stocked with shit sides compared to the ‘quality’ elsewhere. Smells of continental bias, where are you from Batistuta..?

  63. Elmo

    Let’s just recall that we lost the last SEVEN consecutive CL R16 first legs BY AT LEAST TWO GOALS (even when we got easier ties like Monaco after their owner pulled the plug on funding).

  64. TonyD

    It’s funny that Loyika and others gave me stick for saying that Poch is a far better manager than Wenger some months ago before the home NLD game.

    He hasn’t won anything Loyika, Pierre and co cried, can’t be called better than Wenger until he wins things they bemoaned.

    Yeah like Wenger won so many trophies before being canned by Monaco and at the point of being canned by Grampus at a similar stage of his career to Poch.

    Well, Poch and the Spuds comprehensively beat us last Sunday and now have a 2 away goal advantage against one of the top sides in Europe.

    All on a significantly lower wage bill and cost of the team.

    I agree with CC Kane can be in the company of Europe’s top strikers. Would I have him over Auba and Laca? Yes! In a heartbeat.

    Bamford is wrong Kane is a top class striker worth every penny of £200million.

    Bamford is also wrong about injury prone Ramsey but that debate has seen too much fuel.

    I also agree with Wenger Eagle and posted as much before we bought Auba. He will score goals for us, but he’ll never be prolific as Henry was. The analogy of Auba being similar to Adebyor is a good call.

    Someone asked why we took Mikhi in the swap, well Wenger put us in that position where we had to accept whoever Jose said we had to have!

    I said I’d give Mikhi time before passing judgement, but so far his game against the Spuds where he kept conning refs for free kick when getting minimal contact was very poor. I don’t think Jose ruined him, I think like Auba, he’s ok in the Bundesliga but not the EPL unless he’s up against minnow clubs.

    Still, at least I’m not calling Pedro to bin Bamford for his poor choice of posts.

    He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard where as far as we know he didn’t get his graduate (Master’s) degree, and he has an undergraduate knowledge of football.

    He’s nowhere near there level of posters here, such as Wenger Eagle, Ishola70, Elmo, Herb’s Army, Marko, Mark, Guns of Hackney, UTarse, CC, Dissenter and so many others, but obviously excluding Pierre and Victorious.

    Although to be fair Pierre does make sense on rare occasions when he’s not on his petty wind ups or in full AKB love defending Wenger mode.

    No doubt I’ll get much abuse for this, but I could really care less. This is an opinion blog and rightly or wrongly that’s my opinion.

    As I said before I’ve be happy for Mikhi and Auba to prove me wrong for the good of the club, but I just can’t see it.

    As for Poch, I still maintain he’s going to be a top manager and is doing exceptionally well at the moment in moving through the ranks to be an elite manager.

    As for Ramsey I see him as a thirds player: 33.3% injured – 33.3% absolute ill disciplined rubbish & 33.3% decent, which is not enough to be anything other than a squad player being kept to his current pay scale. However, I’d move him on to get someone better and more robust.

    Ramsey’s history doesn’t prove otherwise.

    On Lacazette, I instantly thought what CC posted that his knee was suspect before we bought him, whether we know that is a different matter or is he another Kalstrom?

    Oh and a resounding Wenger Out ASAP

  65. arsene's used sock

    we are a joke of an elite club.
    you would think that some fat could be worked into muscle or just burned off with a good diet and exercise regime, NOT AT ARSENAL THOUGH.

    kill me now

  66. UTarse

    4 years I go I labelled Kane a one season wonder and the main reason I gave was that he had no first touch, the ball would bounce of him when he tried to control it. How very wrong I was, the following season he finished top scorer and ever since my son kindly reminds me how I got it wrong and I have totally admitted I have. The lad is top drawer and gets better every year, if he was in an Arsenal shirt, we’d say he is one of the best. Bamford, you are being bitter by not admitting that you got it wrong, that’s a bad trait.

    We used to say mind the gap, well the tables have turned and how. If we don’t address the most obvious decision in world football then I’m afraid that saying will be shoved down our throats for a while to come. If spurs do end their trophy drought, they will only get better and we will be playing catch up for a long time to come.

    A sad state of affairs given where we were just 8-10 years ago where we were a dominant force in the European game, a feared club, a big club. Liverpool haven’t won the title in 26 years, I fear our wait could be at least that long.

    Shame on us.

  67. graham62

    Although it pains me to admit it, Tottenham were excellent last night.

    2-0 down after only nine mins, away from home, against one of Europes toughest opponents, they showed the rest of the footballing world what they are all about.

    What would Arsenal have done in the same situation? I think we all know the answer to that one!

    It’s not just the fact that we have fallen behind the Spuds on the field of play, it’s how far we’ve fallen behind that concerns me.

    This is all down to Wenger. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The solution is obvious and as @UTarse highlights “If we don’t address the most obvious decision in world football”, the gap between ourselves and the rest(not just Spurs)will only widen.


  68. Victorious

    Tony D
    I see how you conveniently highlighted some bunch of “Wenger obsessives” as the PILLARS OF KNOWLEDGE on here,why not eh? when you all have the same agenda

    Disgusting to see so many posters still sucking off spuds in the wake of their 2 all draw against MIGHTY Juve,have some self respect you mugs

  69. graham62


    Expand your horizons young man.

    You are so narrow minded.

    Stop gloating over something that doesn’t exist.

  70. Tomtom

    Asked the mrs what she wants for valentines.
    She said “give you a clue . Ex england goalie..

    Shes expecting flowers.. shes getting seaman

  71. Pierre

    A manager is rightly judged on the trophies in the cabinet unless they are managing a relegation threatened club.

    Pochettino has assembled a very good well balanced team who play good ,high press football .

    It’s now or never for pochettino to win trophies . He has been very fortunate to have a striker in Harry Kane to come through the system and to be honest , Tottenham are under achieving as they are only 5th in the league and are further away than ever in the league despite having probably the no.1 striker in Europe at his disposal.

    In 20 years time when fans will look back at this period they will see Tottenham no trophies and no cup finals and one league runners up and they will see Arsenal possibly 4 trophies ( depending on next week) and one league runners up .

    Tony , who will be regarded as the more successful manager .

    Drawing away to juve is a good result and you can try and embellish it by saying they have a “2 goal away advantage” but the fact is if juve g win one nil , they go through ….so try not get ahead of yourself .

  72. GoonerDNA

    Harry Kane at Madrid reminds me of Ibra at Barca…..wrong fit.

    You need a ball playing CF at Madrid otherwise prepared to get benched by Ronaldo.

  73. thank you and goodnight

    Ffc Victorious, there is no spuds love in. You think any on here want to see spuds do well…..behave. But the fucking truth is those spud cunts look very very good and poch has done an amazing job. When we were winning things we only had utd as real shout for the title. Nowadays there is 3 or 4 teams capable of winning it, and considering their wage bill they are doing a fantastic job of keeping up. Wenger moans non stop about money but spurs are doing better with less. Truth is Wenger is a fraud and always was. Arsenal made Wenger he didn’t make us

  74. Leftsidesanch

    No here’s where your all wrong, Wenger built the club remember. Didn’t think he could top that comment till his recent barb of why would anybody want to leave Arsenal.

    Simply put, the man needs saving from himself and it needs to be this summer. I hope we have targets and are aggressive in purchasing them as post world cup, fees will be distorted.

    Imagine if Wenger was still in control of transfers solely like years gone, we’d all be frustrated at the lack of incomings while the old man is commentating on French television or parading his gaunt body on the beach in a volleyball game again.

  75. Victorious

    “Arsenal would have capitulated at
    Juve last night.

    Except its subjective and its a one off game and anything could happen,depends on how the team play,referee decisions,luck,etc..Let’s not also forget Juve were missing some of their best players too,let’s get some perspectives and stop acting like Spuds just won the champions league, ffs

  76. Leftsidesanch

    Except that it’s really not subjective. Arsenal of 2018 even from positions of strength falter away leads. Arsenal of 2018 don’t enter the field with any plan amongst themselves – its questionable whether they’ve even been instructed anything by their manager.

    There are websites where your view will be applauded Vic, it’s not here.

  77. graham62

    @thank you and goodnight

    Really can’t comprehend the ignorance on here when it comes to looking at the wider picture.

    Arsenal won trophies when basically there was only one other team in competition with us. Nowadays it is totally different.

    Wenger was found out years ago and as you rightly highlight “Wenger is a fraud and always was”.

    Now that he has been found out, we are seeing his true colours.

  78. graham62


    Hypothetical scenario.

    Present day Arsenal 2-0 down at Juve after 9 mins. What would happen?

    You really are a wally and a half.

  79. graham62

    If I was a betting man, which I’m not, and Arsenal had been 2-0 down after 9 mins away to Juve in the round of 16 of the CL, I would have put a bet on something like…………… 5-1!


  80. Pierre

    It seems to me we are rebuilding the side arse about face…normally you sort out the defence and go from there but we have started from the front .

    Though I think mkhitaryan and aubamayang will prove to be excellent signings ,it will mean nothing unless we address our weaknesses this summer,namely central defence and midfield. They don’t exactly install confidence in the team do they .
    I’m not sure what style of football ostersunds play but if it is similar to our teams in the bottom half of the prem then we could struggle .
    What’s happened to holding and kolasinac …Holding has disappeared and kolasinac has lost all confidence on the ball and his defending leaves a lot to be desired …they are regressing as did chambers.

    Wenger should step down even if we win a trophy or 2 as our league form , especially away from home has been abysmal. Will he step down , I doubt it .

    I do think we have enough about us to get at least to the final of Europa cup and I also believe we will continue to be inconsistent in the league…on a good day we will hammer teams but on a bad day we will struggle ..

  81. Ughelligunner

    Graham, have we won Juventus before? I think the Epl teams tends to do so well against the Italian teams, just as Italians play poorly here in the Epl.

    Spuds also trashed washed Inter Milan, I seem to remember that

  82. Bamford10


    Agreed. Spurs played well and 2-2 away is a good result. But Juventus could come to England, win 1-0, and Spurs will be out.

    Juventus could easily have been up 3-0 in the first half, and they also missed a penalty.

    Some people are getting a little carried away with praise for Spurs, IMO.

    Sure, they’re better than us at the moment. But they’re not City, they’re not PSG, they’re not Barca, they’re not Bayern.

    They’re a good Spurs side. That’s it.

  83. Ughelligunner

    People have short memory. Spuds won Inter Milan under Rednap, let’s not forget inter were the then champions and Spuds played them off the park.

    Italian teams struggle against the Epl most of the times.

    That said, how can a great tactician like the Almighty Allegri cough cough, legrove best tactical manager lose a two goal margin, cough cough again a spuds side. Cough cough.

    The serial A is a poor league these days, no wonder Juventus haven’t conceded like in ages.

  84. Bamford10


    Don’t be ridiculous. Juventus were without Matuidi and Dybala and they could have been up 3-0 at half. Plus, Napoli is the top team in Serie A.

  85. Ughelligunner

    But Dembele, that guy is a baller. The Juventus players were just bouncing off him. That guy is keeping Spuds midfield rolling, they better protect his injury prone legs.

  86. Victorious


    Don’t get me wrong,I completely agree Spuds are better at the moment because of the managers,Poch seems to bring out the best out of them,and they seems to be very hungry when they play,but we have the better players and I think we will be superior again when a new manager comes in

  87. Pierre

    Good morning Graham
    “Arsenal won trophies when basically there was only one other team in competition with us. Nowadays it is totally different.”

    It’s not really an argument is it …..from 1991 until 1998 we were not even close to winning the league and going by your reckoning “there was only one other team in competition with us”

    We won 2 doubles and 3 titles because Wenger bought very good players and we played very good footballand and yes ,we had a good defence when he arrived but that team was going nowhere ..

    IT was more a level playing field back then money wise but when city and Chelsea arrived on the scene wenger put his hopes on ffp coming into operation but that proved to be a mistake.

    The ces ,rvp ,Hleb team were an exceptional team who played fantastic one /two touch football but needed another year or 2 together and they would have won trophies ….similar to what we are seeing at Tottenham at the moment.

    Our football has not been of the quality consistently since that era though we are still capable of bog performances.

  88. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, matuidi? Another old player. And Spuds were without Son. Also, spuds didn’t make a sub through out the game. So? Juventus have been playing in a poor league. If they had played another poor European sides, they would have won convincingly and you wouldn’t be bringing up their misses.

  89. Rambo Ramsey

    Well, Spuds have done so little of note for the majority of their existence that even the small victories get viewed through giant magnifying glasses.

    Juventus probably got carried away after getting an easy 2-0 lead. I expect the Italian juggernauts to put the tiny totts in their place at Wemberly.

  90. Ughelligunner

    I hate managers with sides that think they can defend, soak up pressure and win games. That’s why I dislike Athletico Madrid and Juventus. With all thier quality, they should be attacking Spuds from the beginning till the end. I hate too Much of a conservative side.

    Conservative approach cost us against Tottenham too last weekend

  91. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘but we have the better players’

    Nah, Spuds have better players in every department. Arsenal squad is trash but we’ll still have added more trophies to the cabinet over this period. That is what is most hilarious.

  92. Bamford10

    “All options for Wenger’s future at the club remain on the table, including making a change of manager this year, extending his contract beyond 2020 or announcing that next season will be his last as manager of the club.

    Arsenal feel better equipped to deal with Wenger’s eventual departure & are adamant that any decision will be taken in the best interests of the club rather than sentiment.”

    – Telegraph

  93. Bamford10

    “Arsenal reportedly have an ‘exit strategy’ in place that will see Arsene Wenger’s tenure as manager brought to an end in the summer if the Gunners miss out on UEFA Champions League qualification.

    According to the Daily Mail’s Sami Mokbel, Wenger’s contract expires at the end of next season, but Arsenal are keen to avoid a repeat of the uncertainty over his future that plagued the team last year.

    Some of the powers that be at the Emirates Stadium want the situation resolved one way or another this summer, whether it be Wenger’s departure, a new deal or definitive confirmation he will see out his contract until 2019 and then leave.

    It seems reaching the Champions League—either by finishing in the Premier League’s top four or winning the UEFA Europa League—will be the overriding concern when the decision is made, as the club are worried their absence from Europe’s elite competition for another year will hamper their income from commercial deals.”

    – BleacherReport

  94. Bamford10


    Matuidi has been excellent for them this season, is a starter, is a workhorse. And 30 is not ancient. You’re just getting carried away.

    Juventus will beat Spurs in the return leg and all of this silly talk will cease.

  95. WengerEagle

    It’s cringey to label people who call it as they see it ‘Spurs lovers’.

    Fact is they dominated and outplayed Juventus in their own back garden last night, they were good value for the draw and had Juve chasing shadows for large spells.

    Their only real notable absentee was Dybala too, Matuidi also adds a bit of spark in the middle (anything is an upgrade on Khedira).

    Still hard to imagine the 2nd leg will play out much differently to last night, if Dybala makea such a drastic difference then he really will solidify himself as one of the world’s elite.

  96. TitsMcGee

    Kane’s a very good player . To suggest otherwise is just ridiculous “Spurs-hating” to be honest. No doubt that it comes from certain posters.

  97. Cesc Appeal

    A decision needs to be made this summer on Wenger.

    Either he gets a new deal or is pushed out the exit.

    If the club let him go into his final season again that is just utter stupidity.

    No way should there be any doubt right now, no way should anyone be saying ‘if Wenger can do this or that he should stay’, have you not seen enough the last two years?

  98. David Smith

    the club are getting very leaky, can only assume an Ivan on the war path is behind it.
    All over by June, unless, it seems Wenger gets into next years ECL

  99. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger to pull the Europa Cup out his backside. It’ll be tense, it’ll be scrappy but he’ll pull it off just like the FA cup campaign of 2013-14

  100. UTarse

    You make no sense at all. The premise behind why I tag you the 12 year old is because you are juvenile and immature in your responses. All you have is contempt for what you call the obsessives yet you have no position yourself. What is it that you actually want to see ? You say you want the manager out yet you mock those that are trying to influence or expedite that exact notion.

    You’re now implying that the Italian league is shit and hence Juventus are too ? That Spuds should expect to get past them ? Yet last night you blew smoke up Juve’s arse and their manager as you gloated how spuds were 2-0 down and ridiculed some on here (not me I should add) who forecasted that Spuds can and will get past Juve ? And now you say Spuds are better than us ? Doesn’t that put you in the same camp of posters on here who you say are sucking off Spuds ?

    You’re a numpty. A 12 year old one.

  101. Dissenter

    The decision that we need to mak this season is not whether Wenger gets an extension or not.
    The decision has to be whether we exist as a proper football club or just an organization that exists to not offend Wenger’s season.
    Wenger ought to know by now what he needs to do to keep him in the job.
    It can’t just be staying alive and giving silly press conferences.

    We are giving away 5 years of our existence if we let a Wenger finish out this contract. It will take 5 years of getting 100% of the subsequent decisions right to rectify that one decision to let him stay till 2019.

  102. Pierre

    Is it really that much of a disaster having welbeck leading the line on Thursday …of course not.

    On the plus side ,he has good pace, he works tirelessly , he’s a team player .he makes good runs off the ball .

    On the minus side ,he lacks composure in front of goal and is injury prone …lets hope he shins one in or it goes on off his backside or knee.