Let’s all laugh at Sanchez + childish fan abuse tiring

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Nothing moistens my loins quite like watching Jose Mourinho tank, especially after the embarrassing carry on they made after signing ball-giver-away in chief, Alexis Sanchez. He gave the ball away 7 times, 50% of his attempted dribbles failed, his pass completion was 74%, and he missed an absolute WHOPPER of a chance. Not sure whopper worked in that sentence, just felt the need to write it.

Literally, the most entertaining this he’s done in a United shirt so far is play the piano in the worst piece of content a football has ever seen.

Congratulations. Half a mill a week goes a long way these days.

More to the point, what exactly does £300m a year + a £15m a year manager buy you these days?

Not a lot by my reckoning. Two poverty trophies. The drabbest football in the league. The drama of watching one of the finest talents in the world being destroyed by a failing egomaniac. The entertaining sideshow of watching KDB and Salah light up the Premier League… whilst enduring the horrific banter of dropping £75m on a striker slower than Tom Brady just in case he was going to be number three in the ‘oh no he didn’t’ league table of shocking Mourinho sales.

Face up to it people, Mourinho is just a younger, more expensive Arsene Wenger these days. Long may his reign of awfulness continue.

AND BEFORE YOU SAY HE’D BE BETTER THAN WENGER, remember who you are writing that to. I don’t care for Wenger at all, but if you gave me the option of Jose, or Wenger for 5 years, I’d simply drown myself in your matcha latte. Simple as that. Neither are the solution to our future.

Cheslea tackles West Brom tomorrow, my CFC supporting chums are bracing for an embarrassing defeat and the end of Antonio Conte. That led me to believe that maybe Carlo Ancelotti was stalking the Chelsea hot seat this weekend, rather than the Arsenal one? He’s over here for a reason, right?



Before I recorded the latest podcast, I found myself fighting cliched microaggressions.

‘Bellerin should spend less time talking nonsense at Oxford, more time on his game’

‘Iwobes should pack in the Nike ad shoots, and get his head on his touch’

‘Ozil needs to stop counting his pound notes, and find his spine’

I refrained from actually saying those things because they’re a nonsense. Players are only human. They’re just like us. They have interests. Mega money sponsorships deals to think about. Sometimes, heart for the club they love.

That’s why it’s always weird when we lose our minds when a player steps up to apologise for a shoddy performance. Iwobi jumped into the Johann Djourou apology boots with his Instagram story yesterday. A shame really, he’s just one of us and he wants to let everyone know he cares.

I know it’s unfash to say it, but I think there’s a player waiting to break out with our fave old school raver. He didn’t get into the game at the weekend, but he still nearly made a key pass. I think he’ll come good, I’d just be far more confident of that happening if he were actually coached by someone who could help him.

Another of my pet peeves online at the moment are the people that make a big deal out of muppets making threats on players Instagram or Twitter handles post game. Do not give these folk oxygen. It’s attention seeking, by fuelling it, you make it worse.

Players do not care about the absolute minority of muppets who say mean things on the internet. As a previous hate figure in the AFC community, I can tell you, the biggest worry about threatening behaviour online is it spills into the real work. Turns out though, that in my experience, the sort of person that threatens you online, doesn’t do it in real life. Once you realise it’s mostly insecure weak people who abuse on the internetz, you actually feel sorry for them.

Footballers are not paying attention, if they are, they’re not elite in their thinking. Embrace the hate. Channel it into showing up on a Saturday and being a hero for the 99% of positive love the fans bring to the table.

Right, that’s me tapping out. More tomorrow. Listen to the damn podcast, enjoy, and write me a nice review on itunes because I deserve it.

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  1. NorthernGoon


    So you should be old enough to know better you fossil.

    The cowards are the people that support Brighton but spend their days on an arsenal blog.

    The cowards are the people that abuse people that still go to games and don’t only sing when we’re winning.

    The cowards are the people that have make believe season tickets and have a make believe stay at home ‘protest’.

    The cowards are the people that the rest of the football world laugh at….entitled mugs.

  2. Pierre

    A change of subject..

    Why are teams home record in general so much superior to the away form.

    If you look at matches recently ,why have Man U lost to Huddersfield and Newcastle .
    Why have Arsenal lost to Swansea and Bournemouth
    Spurs away record against the top 6 sides is dire considering they comfortably beat Madrid, Liverpool , Arsenal and Man U at home.

    Liverpool Chelsea are far superior at home .

    It’s the same players that go out on the pitch whether it’s home or away so why is there such a difference in results.

    Some would say it’s the home crowd that acts as the extra man and Spurs the players on to higher levels ,but I’m not so sure ….
    My theory is …..it’s the refereeing and this is not a conspiracy thing against Arsenal .

    I watch game after game and there is no doubt the referee is influenced by the crowd , the little decisions(and some big decisions) by and large go with the home side .

    How can we make it fairer ,to stop the ref being influenced by the home crowd .

    Easy , give the ref ear plugs to block off all sound except what he can hear from his ear piece from the Lino.
    The referee would therefore give the decision on what he sees and only what he sees …he would therefore have absolutely have no influence from the outside as he cant hear them .

    It would be interesting to see if they had a trial run with it to see how results would change ..I believe home and away results will even out …

  3. Alan

    This obsession with Sanchez’s plight atm is comical given the shower of shit who has swapped places with him. Also UTD will be playing CL this season and the next. Arsenal wont. Stop embarrassing yourself Peter and the rest of the Arsenal fan base with bullshit articles like this one.

  4. graham62


    Now that you’ve got that off your chest, you must feel so much better?!

    Where’s the intelligent input?



    It’s amazing when you lot froth at the mouth like rabid dogs, you true intelligence, or lack of, comes out!!

    Oops and there goes little JACK RUSSELL VICTORIOUS pumping away on your leg again.

    Feeding off the scraps as always.

    PS: FYI, “cowards” are those people who COWER(got it?!?!) in the corner, accept the norm and do or say nothing


    What a dipshit!

  5. UTarse

    Aside from potential referee “bias” due to crowds I think more importantly players are more intimidated away from their home comforts. Anfield is especially bad for us historically.

  6. alexanderhenry

    On the Jonny Evans transfer that never happened, it’s interesting that Wenger was so uncharacteristically candid about it. He said:

    “He was not available for what we could afford.”

    Usually he’s quick to criticise other clubs for over spending but is cagey about arsenal’s finances.

    For me, it points to a clear power struggle at Arsenal. Wenger wanted a defender but it was taken out of his hands and Misnslat and Gazidis promptly bought Auba.

    It also hints at a ”Wexit” this summer. Although Auba seems a great purchase, in terms of this season, another defender would probably have been more productive.
    Perhaps Gazidis has written off this season- it is a write off if we’re honest- and is preparing for a rebuild.

  7. Pierre

    Arsenal’s home record is excellent over the years but I couldn’t imagine opposing players being intimidated at the Emirates but the Arsenal crowd know how to intimidate the ref.

    If you take tony pullis and allerdyce teams ,when they come to the emirates they invariably lose because they can’t apply their bully boy tactics as they do at home because as soon as there is physical contact on an arsenal player at the Emirates the crowd are calling for a free kick and more often than not would get it . At home these teams can be as physical as they like as referees will not give a free kick so the balance is definite shifted to the home team and I’m not just talking about The Arsenal , the top six sides all experience the same thing .

  8. Pierre

    Giroud may do better at Chelsea but he was never an Arsenal type player as we never really played to his strengths …good assist though .

    Aubamayang /lacazette will give us more going forward now hopefully as long as Wenger doesn’t persist with playing ozil on one flank and mkhitaryan on the other …those 2 have to be within touching distance as far as I’m concerned and they can then link with the striker.

  9. Pierre

    “The obsession with Sanchez plight is comical compared to the shower of shit that’s taken his place”

    I presume you are talking about mhkitaryan …I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is a pretty stupid opinion.

  10. Bamford10

    Fans of other teams laugh at Arsenal because of the cluelessness of our manager and because of our perennial inadequacy, not because many Arsenal fans are tired of Wenger’s incompetence and say so vocally. Most football observers long ago concluded that Wenger needed to go. It’s only the clueless AKB who doesn’t get this, who still thinks Arsene Wenger is a great manager.

  11. alexanderhenry


    Perhaps not, but giroud provided us with a different option. I’m not saying he was top drawer but he did ok for us.
    Also, I’m not entirely sure how arsenal will combine Auba and Lacazette. Also, we are overloaded with attacking midfielders at the moment.

  12. Bamford10


    “Although Auba seems a great purchase, in terms of this season, another defender would probably have been more productive.”

    Huh? So we would have been better off signing a Johnny Evans and sticking with Lacazette as the starting CF? Absolutely fucking not. What a ridiculous assertion.

    We signed Aubameyang because of how obviously inadequate Lacazette was/is. Playing the second half of the season with Lacazette as the starter — and Welbeck, Mkhi and Iwobi the wide players — would have been suicide. We would have been lucky to finish eighth.

    Lacazette is a bust. Even Wenger sees this, which is why he went straight to the bench when Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan arrived. Lacazette should be moved on this summer. No pace, very little dribbling, not enough class. Not even close to good enough, and we don’t need a £52m back-up.

  13. Bamford10


    Mkhitaryan had three assists in his first full match. He was Bundesliga player of the year in 15-16. The notion that he’s “shit” is ridiculous. He was played out of position and he had a bad outing. That is all.

  14. graham62


    Shizer, another Lacazette hater.

    I’m really worried about you.

    When did you start to side with Wenger on things?

  15. Bamford10


    I’ve made it clear why I don’t rate Lacazette. If he had pace, I could see him being effective, but he doesn’t. He’s a bust. If Wenger agrees, and I think he does, then this is only evidence that even Wenger can occasionally see what is standing in front of him. In this case, mediocrity.

  16. Marko

    “He was not available for what we could afford.”

    For me, it points to a clear power struggle at Arsenal. Wenger wanted a defender but it was taken out of his hands and Misnslat and Gazidis promptly bought Auba.

    I don’t know how you look at that statement and not think anything else other than Wenger wanted to get a defender on the cheap and then refused to look elsewhere. In this instance I kind of agree because at 25 million and 31 Evans wasn’t remotely worth it. And I don’t want to get into a slagging match or categorise individuals but a certain type of fan looks at his statements like that and some of the things he’s done over the years and they blame Kroenke whereas others will think it’s so characteristically Wenger. I mean look if he wanted a defender Alex why didn’t he buy a defender? Honestly answer me this if Arsene Wenger wanted a defender in the last two transfer Windows why not sign one? Couldn’t afford it? He’s spent over 100 million on two strikers.

  17. Wenker-wanger

    Lacazette over-hyped and over-priced. He has significant limitations, although has sharp reflexes and I believe a kind of fox in the box, (given service).
    Wengers love for the French league is obvious, and I believe he enjoys putting large gifts their way as overpriced acquisitions.
    Wenger is a slimy patriot…always had been…..it dawned on me after the continual conveyor belt of French duds came to the club. Squillacci was 6million pounds of useless defensive catastrophy. Was there any worse French duds?

  18. alexanderhenry


    The point I’m making is this: It’s looks like transfers have been taken out of his hands. The powers that be must think this season is write off otherwise we would have prioritised getting a defender.

  19. Bamford10

    “Speaking of Lacazette, you could tell from the way he finished (or didn’t) those two chances that he’s tentative right now. Arsene Wenger, clearly referring to the arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, said that “maybe the confidence is not at its highest because he has seen a competitor coming in for him.”

    There are two points to be made here. Some players thrive when facing competition, some do not. You would have expected Arsenal to know in which camp Lacazette fell when spending big on Aubameyang. The other is that Wenger gave the impression that Aubameyang’s arrival wasn’t entirely down to him. It may be a misreading but the fact remains that last summer, Arsenal (like many others) had the opportunity to sign Aubameyang but chose Lacazette instead. And this was when Wenger was in sole charge, before the arrival of Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat.”

    – Gab Marcotti, ESPNFC

  20. Elmo

    Last week people were pushing that top 4 was still a fair possibility.

    The modern standard for 4th is 2 points from 3, or 76 points over a season. Liverpool, Chelsea and Spuds are all just about exactly on that pace, as they have been for months.

    Right now we would need 31 points from 33 remaining in order to reach 76, representing 10 wins and a draw just to have a shout at getting it.

    Can we all finally agree that top 4 is realistically an impossibility, and that even at this stage we are best served by fully committing our best players to the EL?

  21. Bamford10


    “The powers that be must think this season is write off otherwise we would have prioritised getting a defender.”

    Except that this claim is really fucking dumb. While we do need to improve in defense, the notion that we would have been better off signing a Johnny Evans and going with a front three of Lacazette, Iwobi and Mkhi than we would be sticking with the current back four and adding Auba to the front line is ridiculous.

    Aubameyang helps us far more than a Johnny Evans would.

  22. Champagne Charlie

    The obsession with pace is hilarious, such a Neanderthal approach to football. When you see people chirping about pace you know they’ve got a shallow understanding of football. Tears

  23. Bamford10


    Yes, probably. But we don’t have Aubameyang for the EL, so that is going to be a stretch. Maybe Ozil, Ramsey and Mkhi will be able to create enough, maybe not. But yes, you’re right: 4th is probably no longer possible.

  24. Bamford10

    And by the way, if Lacazette had some other attribute, like Aguero’s guile or dribbling, I wouldn’t be talking about pace. But he doesn’t have that either.

    He lacks a number of key attributes, of which pace is one. But not an unimportant one.

  25. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie July 6, 2017 17:59:11
    “To play your game J..oey, why hasn’t anyone bought Aubameyang? Can’t be because he’s a limited 28 year old goal scorer only available for mega money can it? Arsenal play against teams that sit deep, not sure what you think Aubameyang is going to do on the pitch at that point. You love a name though, little thought to the application in our team but. Lacazette is younger, cheaper, and offers more to the attack – he was an obvious choice over Aubameyang. Worth noting Aubameyang goal scoring numbers only went through the roof when he joined Dortmund…was a pauper in france. Lacazette could very easily do the same at Arsenal coming from an even stronger goal scoring return in France.”


  26. Carts

    Of course Mislintat & co are going to veto a defender. Wenger has two defenders in Chambers and Holding swanning around the training pitch.

  27. Bamford10

    By the way, I’ m beginning to think I was right to suspect that Charlie was a slow holding midfielder. Hence his affection for Xhaka and Arteta and his prickliness about pace. Poor Charlie.

  28. Goobergooner


    What you said about players under a different manager is exactly what everyone else has agreed on already.

    Though I do think the laca trashing is a bit over the top. And still don’t think xhaka should be anywhere near the team even with a new manager

  29. alexanderhenry


    Regarding pace, that’s a good point. There are many great footballers who are not the speediest. Ironically, wenger’s sides have always had plenty of quick players.

  30. Goobergooner

    The Johny come lately Wenger outs are now saying everything wobs have said for years as if it’s new. Geez it’s funny.

    Cc I’m sure you were one of the ones who wanted to keep Sanchez in the summer.

  31. Goobergooner

    The best teams have a mix of pace, technical ability, leadership qualities and a bit of hard man grittiness. Also have quality tactics and game plans around them.

    We have now only got pace into our attack, and our technical ability in the middle of the park is shocking. Even with Wilshere it’s not enough. No leaders or hard men. And Wenger’s tactics are shithouse

  32. Goobergooner

    Coquelin was our only enforcer, but when he got rag dolled by hazard, any respect he had left. That was actually pathetic on his behalf

  33. graham62


    Beg to differ.

    The guy is shot because of where he is and who he’s with.

    I’ve seen enough of Lacazette these past few months to know he can be a major asset, providing he’s given the right service and the right guidance(I know, a big problem at present).

    He has got pace, maybe not blistering, but more than enough to cause problems.

  34. Marko

    The powers that be must think this season is write off otherwise we would have prioritised getting a defender.

    I’m sorry but Wenger hasn’t prioritized the defence or signing defenders in the last 10 years. Mustafi and Gabriel aside, which were never enough, he hasn’t given a good shit about the defence. The notion that if it wasn’t for the new lads he’d of prioritised a defender last window doesn’t hold up. A man who signs Squillaci and sticks for so long with Djourou and continues to be linked with the likes of Kjaar, Loic Perrin and Johnny Evans doesn’t prioritize the defence.

  35. Bamford10


    OK, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Let’s see how he does when he plays/starts. I think he’ll underwhelm, especially against better competition.

  36. Marko

    The obsession with pace is hilarious, such a Neanderthal approach to football. When you see people chirping about pace you know they’ve got a shallow understanding of football. Tears

    I’m sorry but this kind of thinking is one of the reasons why we’re so shite these days. The lack of pace up front over the last number of years has hamstrung us significantly. While on the other hand you see the attack of Liverpool with its explosive-ness and its totally effective while we insist on number 10’s. Who had the right of it over the years us with Giroud or Liverpool with Suarez? It’s not everything but it’s absolutely vital to being a good football team these days. Our lack of pace in midfield coupled with our absolute clueless players is why our midfield is so bad. If it wasn’t for our defence sitting deep by default players like Koscielny would struggle with pace after the first 5 yards. Auba is a straight away improvement on Lacazette because he’s faster.

  37. alexanderhenry


    ‘I’m sorry but Wenger hasn’t prioritized the defence or signing defenders in the last 10 years.’

    True. He’s prioritised signing attacking players, a bit like Guardiola. That can work but you need the money to get the very best .

  38. Marko

    To be fair Red Charlie wasn’t the only one who argued that Lacazette was the better striker last summer when it became apparent that we were signing him. It happens

  39. alexanderhenry


    I disagree. Pace isn’t everything. There are plenty ‘headless chicken’ footballers out there and plenty of very good players who have no pace at all.

  40. alexanderhenry


    ‘Walcott has bags of pace and is utter shite..’

    Although I don’t think Walcott is ‘utter shite’, your point kind of su
    ports mine

  41. Marko

    True. He’s prioritised signing attacking players, a bit like Guardiola. That can work but you need the money to get the very best .

    Sure but we’ve had the money. You don’t think we’ve had the money. Our record signings are basically the same. The fact that we signed Auba for 55 million and they signed Laporte for 57 million tells you about our priorities. The idea that we could only afford defenders like Kjaar or Perrin or Evans and that’s why we are linked to them is a joke. If we can sign a striker for 50+ million or a AM for 42 million we can target better defenders. The fact over the years players like Umtiti or Manolas or Sokratis have moved for fees we could have paid says everything you need to know about Wenger and his defensive priorities. Alex the idea that if it wasn’t for the new lads he’d have targeted a defender is weak at best.

  42. Marko

    I disagree. Pace isn’t everything. There are plenty ‘headless chicken’ footballers out there and plenty of very good players who have no pace at all.

    I think it’s vital especially in attack and when we went away from it it’s absolutely affected us

  43. Bamford10


    “Walcott has bags of pace and is utter shite.”

    Right, because other attributes are also required. You can’t just have pace. But if you don’t have pace, e.g., Lacazette, you better have dribbling, or great technical ability or guile or great intelligence.

    Lacazette is not outstanding in any of these ways.

  44. Bamford10


    “I disagree. Pace isn’t everything.”

    No one here said it was, dipshit. Classic straw-man. The point is that it is an important attribute in an attacking player. If he doesn’t have it, he better have other things going for him in spades, e.g., dribbling. Lacazette doesn’t have these other things either.

  45. Marko

    Bam the Lacazette stuff is becoming nauseating. You make it sound like he’s absolutely dogshite. If it wasn’t for a transfer embargo he’d be having a good season at Atletico instead of struggling at a club basically struggling

  46. Bamford10


    If we hadn’t spent £52m on Lacazette, we could have spent on a defender — or better, on a CDM. The reason we spent on Aubameyang and not on a defender isn’t because of Wenger’s taste for attacking players; it’s because we had to sign someone to replace Lacazette, because the latter clearly was/is not good enough.

  47. Bamford10


    He might have been decent at Atletico. I’ll give you that. But only because their quick-attack set-up might have created chances for him that our approach will never create. He wasn’t the right signing for us, IMO. This will become more and more obvious with time.

  48. Champagne Charlie

    No, I wanted Alexis gone. I could see the merit in keeping him as long as he maintained his levels, but still preferred to get shot.

    Your knowledge is as vast as a capri sun pal. Let’s not dick measure because you player soccer in the states when it wasn’t even on the totem pole there yet. Your athletic shortcomings don’t need projected onto me you cellar dweller.

    Lacazette is plenty quick enough to be a potent #9 in England. He stands to improve his potency were he flanked by more pace so not to isolate him. Yes, he’s not aubameyang, but he’s far craftier as proven by his time in France. Sorry I don’t prescribe to talking shite about a player that’s been here half a season.

  49. Bamford10


    I think you mean “subscribe”. The rest of what you said can be ignored.

    I guess we’ll all have to watch and see how Lacazette does. At the moment he is a sub for Arsenal.

  50. alexanderhenry


    ‘Alex the idea that if it wasn’t for the new lads he’d have targeted a defender is weak at best.’
    Not really.

    From wenger’s last interview:

    ‘Our defensive numbers aren’t good enough,. We needed strengthening because we have to improve our defensive numbers to make the top four.’

    Wenger definitely wanted a defender.

  51. Bamford10

    One other thing, Charlie: you once told us that Wenger has “a great eye for talent,” in your opinion. Well, if that’s true, why did he agree to spending £55m on a CF (Aubameyang) just a few months after signing Lacazette for £52m? If Lacazette is good enough, as you contend, why then would Wenger think it necessary to spend so much money on another CF a few months after signing Lacazette? And why would he consign Lacazette immediately to the bench?

    Could it be that Wenger himself sees that Lacazette isn’t good enough? Likely so.

    So who has the better “eye for talent,” Charlie? You or Wenger?

  52. Champagne Charlie


    Uhm no, I don’t mean subscribe. Arrogance and ignorance, what a fucking package lmao

    Seriously, what Harvard did you go to? Because it’s not the one most are associating…unless that finger painting course is precisely what you double majored in.

  53. Marko

    ‘Our defensive numbers aren’t good enough,. We needed strengthening because we have to improve our defensive numbers to make the top four.’Wenger definitely wanted a defender.

    And yet he didn’t sign one the January transfer window or the summer transfer window. Strange that he was linked all window long with Evans but only tried to sign him literally in the last few hours of the window. Strange that we also were linked all summer long with again Evans and Simon Kjaar but signed no defender. We’ve also been linked with Rugani and Perrin and Manolas in seasons past but again nothing. Why is that Alexander? Are we blaming the new lads or Kroenke?

  54. Marko

    Signing Auba absolutely negates signing Lacazette. Absolutely Auba was who we should have signed in the summer. But in saying that Lacazette is not nearly as bad as people make out and is still more likely than not to come good. He’s being scapegoated for the lack of consistent creativity in the attack

  55. alexanderhenry


    The point I’m making is this: wenger is clearly no longer in charge of transfers.
    Arsenal have written off this season and are planning for next season.

  56. Marko

    The point your also making is that if it was up to Wenger that he’d have signed a defender thus blaming the new guys for not signing a defender and I’m saying that’s nonsense. He’s had plenty of opportunities to sort out the defence and he’s continuously failed to

  57. Goobergooner


    Wenger the cun+ is definitely lying.

    That he said he wanted a defender and didn’t get one being down to money is the biggest load of shit going around. If it’s got to do with money, it’s that he gawks at the value of a quality defender these days.

    The fact he hasn’t properly sorted the defence in years speaks volumes. He’s bought kids, and mustafi, who I only see as a rotational CB. Not good enough. The amount of goals we are conceding each season is increasing. And it’s not because our defence is getting better. He could have done sooooo much more with that 100 odd million he spent on 2 strikers. And if he had sold sanchez in the summer.

    What has happened the last few transfer windows has been nothing short of a farce

  58. Champagne Charlie


    The “situation” is you arrogantly attempting to correct someone, and it being a totally redundant attempt at doing so.

  59. Marko

    Well, he said he wanted to sign a defender but didn’t have the money.
    He may be lying, who knows

    He absolutely is. He had 55 million for Auba and 52 million for Lacazette so he did have the money and he spent the last two Windows linked with defenders but didn’t sign any. If he wanted a defender he’d have gotten one but no instead he decided to keep Chambers last summer (why?) and he decided that the new Greek kid was good enough to keep around instead of loaning him to Bremen. His idea of wanting a defender consisted of trying to get Evans on the last day of the window on the cheap. Like I said glad we didn’t get him but don’t for a second think Wenger wanted a defender and was deterred either financially by Kroenke and Co or by the new scout interfering. He gambled as per

  60. Goobergooner

    Wenger as a gambler, started off winning big, tried to double it and ended up losing, now is just putting his savings into it to try win it back. Unfortunately for him the odds are against him big time.

  61. Goobergooner

    He’s addicted to the game. I just don’t understand why he can’t just let go and go coach a youth team or something where there isn’t any pressure. He doesn’t have to leave the game after here.

    He just loves the power Kroenke has bestowed on him. That’s why I love his reactions to the new guys. He hates it haha

  62. UTarse

    Wengunt has been lying for a long time so no change with his current statements. I don’t get the whole analysis, he’s just burnt and wasting away, the fraud.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    There is a huge difference between expressing an opinion and criticising constructively the way that the club is run and half a dozen people turning up outside the Emirates and providing a meaningless protest.

    I am fairly certain that the senior management are well aware that there is a
    growing number of people who are concerned about Wenger and the way that
    the first team is performing.

    As several including Pedro has suggested Wenger is now in “last chance saloon” and many people close to the club are of the opinion that Wenger will be
    gone this summer.

    The question will be who will take over and what resources are being made available to rebuild the team.

    My opinion about Usmanov has not changed, because I know more about his
    background than probably 99.9% of the posters on Le Grove. He is not someone that I would want to see owning the club even if he threw a billion pounds
    at the team.