Podcast/Video: Disgraceful 1-0 hammering and a reality slap for the fans

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How I look in the chip shop after the pub (via @Arsenal)

How I look in the chip shop after the pub (via @Arsenal)

I’ll be back with a full-throated match review tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is the podcast for this week, with a video if you fancy it.

We discuss:

Pre-game feelings of excitement

The first half of pragmatism and hope

The second half and its lack of gears

The problem of creativity

How the club can oust a failing manager

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Enjoy. x

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  1. Peter

    Same old shit. Pedro wetting his pants about Mhkitaryan/Aubameyang. Complete waste of money/wages. Nothing will change until the dinosaur is kicked out. Signings are immaterial.

  2. raptora

    De Bruyne is out of this world.
    Two absolutely top class assists. All that Sterling and Aguero had to was to put their foot in there and score on empty goal. What a talent Kevin is. I don’t really remember anyone in the game making absolutely stunning assists like this week in week out. Not since I started watching the game in 1998. Maybe Bergkamp had it in him but certainly not as often as the Belgian.

  3. Bamford10


    Except that I haven’t said that Ramsey is “the bomb”. I’ve simply said he brings something to our midfield that we need at the moment and that a Jack Wilshere doesn’t bring.

    What bothers me about guys like you is your habit of misrepresenting what others are saying, as I’ve pointed out with the “the bomb” remark above.

    Regardless, glad to hear you see the difference between Ramsey and Wilshere’s games. That some here do not — or are pretending not to — is/was a little bizarre.

  4. Bamford10


    One, you just told us that Wenger “has been a fantastic manager” for Arsenal.

    You haven’t told us when he STOPPED being fantastic, though, so just how committed you are to this claim is a little unclear. Was he “fantastic” in 2008? In 2012? In 2014? Last season?

    As for winning the title, the whole blog remembers when you told us that you believed he could lead us to a title under different ownership. Indeed, you acknowledged today. that you said this previously, so why would I have to dig it up?

    On the other hand, I never said the things you attributed to me. You were simply being dishonest, as is your wont.

  5. Bamford10


    One, you need to make it clearer whom you’re directing your comments at as I have no idea who the Eriksen/Ozil remarks are aimed at. Not me, I hope, as I’ve said nothing about that.

    Two, your reply to my point about Ramsey is just weak. Whether they are both inconsistent is a red herring and beside the point. Whether Ramsey’s energy and running would have brought something different to our midfield today was the question. I think it would have; you apparently don’t think it would have.

    Fine. That’s the disagreement.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    I said Wengers output would change under a different ownership the same way a payers output would change under a different manager. Only you has taken that and ran to the bank saying Wenger can win titles with a new owner.

    The irony of your above postings about others distorting what’s said when you’re literally the most notable person at doing so. Total scumbag

  7. Wenker-wanger

    Aubameyang, Nikki, ozil, lacazette, xhaka, mustafi total cost approx £260 m….yet the performance was worthless. Yes many of them are overpriced and the shrewd Wenger should now be seen as a squanderer of money, but more importantly those players (except xhaka) are quality players that should be making some impact in the game.
    The manager has no influence on the team….players look like they have no confidence or cohesion with one another.The defensive organisation is a joke….and the opposition smells blood when our defenders pass it back to cech. We are lifeless, predictable dross away from home. Wenger is as much use as a bicyclette without wheels.

  8. Dissenter

    “According to Bamford, Arsenal are twice the side with Ramsey….lol”

    “We are/were a thousand times better with Ramsey.”

    actually the multiplier is X1000

    ….now that a real lol

  9. Champagne Charlie


    Yea that’s right, I wanted Allegri all summer but then thought Wenger would win the title…

    Perfect sense as ever.

  10. Don





  11. Bamford10


    Wait, so you didn’t think Wenger was capable of winning a title under different ownership? You thought he would still fall short? You were just saying that he might improve marginally? Well, that’s good to know, because the whole blog thought you were saying that Wenger was still capable of winning a title.

    You also sounded like you were defending this very claim just 15 minutes ago on the previous post.
    But maybe I was misinterpreting you.

    Good to you thought Wenger would still fall short no matter what ownership did, though. I love seeing former AKBs lose all faith in their erstwhile idol.

    (Btw, if anyone has the time, maybe they could track down Charlie’s actual comment on what Wenger could accomplish under a different regime, as I’m pretty sure he went beyond the lame and empty point that he could do “better” and claimed that he could win the title. It would be great to have first-hand proof that Charlie was dissimulating — again.)

  12. Bamford10

    Dissenter, Red

    I never said how much better we are with Ramsey in the side — or with Auba and Mkhi in the side for that matter. I just said we’re better.

    Cheers, though.

  13. Champagne Charlie


    Speaking on behalf of the blog are you? Was there a recent vote for speaker that I missed or are you simply assuming a role here that you don’t have? I wonder…

    Amazing the things you miss when your head is up your own arse. Still hitting folk with the AKB tag I see, cute. Moreso after you called me childish for bringing up an example of your inept football knowledge. Pot, kettle.

  14. Redtruth

    “RedI never said how much better we are with Ramsey in the side — or with Auba and Mkhi in the side for that matter. I just said we’re better.”

    We’re no better or worse just the same shit side…

  15. Ishola70

    They made a decent point in the podcast about the lack of pressing of the front three during the game.

    Auba lazy in this respect just jogging/standing around when Spurs built from the back.

    You’re not going to get anything from Ozil in that respect.

    Mhiki did track back at times but that is not the same as pressing high up when the opposition have the ball.

    Ozil and Mhiki no surprises in this aspect but Auba really looked like a plank tbh in pressing the opposition. One of those players that only comes alive when his team has the ball. Not really interested at all when the opposition have it.

  16. Champagne Charlie


    Auba wasn’t lazy, we weren’t executing a press as a team. Either everyone goes or nobody does.

    Expecting the front three to press when we were playing a suicidal sit deep approach makes no sense. If you’ve ever watched Auba at Dortmund he’s a perfect striker for a press, Klopp had them killing teams that way.

    Arsenal play Wengerball, and idk what that even is anymore. But Ancellotti in the summer is on the cards so who cares

  17. raptora

    What I don’t get it’s people saying how Wenger shot Lacazette’s confidence.

    Wenger has started Lacazette throughout the whole winter period. He has picked him as a starter in the last 10 games before we sealed Auba’s deal. How is that Wenger destroying his confidence? He was played as the CF, his position. Wenger picked him ahead of Giroud. He gave him game after game after game.

    In those 10 games Arsenal has scored 18 goals. Out of them Lacazette got a single goal at home vs Crystal Palace. It was the 4-th goal for a 4 – 1 win.

    That’s atrocious stat for a forward. How is Wenger to be blamed for Lacazette not living up to his price tag? How did Alexis reach his peak at Arsenal? Is Wenger supposed to get recognized for getting the best out of Alexis? Was RvP not an absolute beast of a forward under Wenger? Did he suffer from low confidence ever? Adebayor? Henry? Even Giroud had a very, very, very, very stellar career at Arsenal stories of what he’d be happy to share with his kids, especially when you count the money he was brought in for.

    Did Wenger destroy Xhaka’s confidence as an Arsenal player by starting him again and again, so we reached that point of being accustomed to him making a goal conceding error?

    This is anything else but a pro Wenger post.

    It is just a heads up that if you are quality, we might not win the league, but your quality will be seen (Santi Cazorla). If you don’t take the chances being given to you time after time, proving nothing else but being a dud, chances are you are probably one.

    I know Wenger is the main culprit for the weak Arsenal in this time of our history. But being sympathetic to Lacazette’s struggling should not equate in to putting the blame back to Wenger. He got enough chances. Shown nothing much. If we had Giroud today up front, at least we could have used long balls from our side of the field, skipping their mid, and skipping all of the horror view of us trying to move the ball on the grass forward. The passes between our backs and wingbacks + Xhaka, Wilshere and Elneny were an absolute boring fest and giving birth suffering. Lacazette doesn’t even give us that option.

  18. Ishola70

    Well that’s incorrect Charlie the statement either everyone goes or no-one does.

    Teams have players take it in turns to press. Man City this season you see
    a certain player press then next time he is not the one to press it will be someone else.

    Take the point though that the team as a whole were sitting back but don’t like to see players just standing doing nothing as Auba was when Spurs were building from the back.

    Problem is the midfielders are shit at the press and so are Ozil and Mhiki. Xhaka is useless at it, Jack is not good at it and Elneny was picked just to sit in front of the defence.

  19. alexanderhenry


    Arsenal actually made a profit in transfers made last summer and this January.
    Only Swansea and Southampton spent less.

  20. champagne charlie


    It’s not incorrect at all, you all have to press for a press to work. You may have one person engaging the ball, but the others have to be squeezing space and forcing the channels for a pass in order to intercept or force an error.

    Auba running about alone up top would have done nothing but gas him after 30 mins, you can beat a one man press with so much ease. Auba isn’t green, he knows the game and understands he couldn’t do a thing. Henry used to do the exact same thing, his role is to be on standby when we possess the ball. Something we couldn’t do today because we’re fucking shit and have no system.

  21. Ishola70

    This team is so very far away from being able to compete consistently at a high level to win the big trophies.

    You see Man City press from the front as well as having good possession.

    This present Arsenal team so many times are useless at the press.

  22. Danny S

    We do not have the players in our team to carry ozil. How Pedro got sucked in to his contract winning performances I don’t know but then he seems to change his opinion on players by their weekly performances.
    No matter who we buy, no matter how many relegation fodder teams we thrash, we will do fuck all under Wenger cause the big games we will crumble. Bar the odd one which will get everyone wetting their knickers again.
    This is fucking pergatory.

  23. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “What bothers me about guys like you is your habit of misrepresenting what others are saying”

    What bothers me about you Bamford is your holier than thou attitude, like your some fucking expert and everyone here should somehow recognize that. I said it before and i’ll keep saying it, get over yourself you over-officious jerk of jerks!

    Shut up already, your as annoying if not worse than the AKB’s you regularly hammer. No one is ever the wiser for reading any of your nonsense.

  24. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Interesting Ramsey fact – In the last five seasons he’s missed 28% of matches and that number climbs depending on how much longer he remains out with a reported groin injury.

    How valuable is a player when he misses a quarter of a season to injury? How much is such a player worth? According to Wenger, plenty – Afterall, he’s not adverse to paying guys to sit out for prolonged spells (Diaby, Wilshere, Cazorla, Mertesacker, etc.)

    Utter Madness.

  25. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Actually, I was being generous in looking at five complete seasons for Ramsey. Actually at current date he has missed 35% of matches.

  26. Redtruth

    champagne charlie May 20, 2017 11:08:09
    “Bamford Oh look…there go the toys as per from bumford.
    I didn’t state I “believe” in Wenger, so don’t make shit up moron. I said a change in ownership with a change in ambition and accountability would lead to a different Wenger (something you just agreed with). You’ve said all along that Wenger can’t do this or that, he’s shit here or there. Well last time he was held accountable he was winning titles, so sorry if I don’t buy the idea a new owner would DEFINITELY NOT change wengers output. It would”

  27. Elmo


    Alexis or Aguero isn’t really a fair comparison, though, is it?

    When that was being mooted it was Sanchez for Aguero or a transfer fee north of £60m. At that point in time the idea of straight swapping Sanchez for Mkhi would have been laughable.

    The fault falls on the club: why did they let Wenger make poor decisions and have to settle for Mkhi when they could have potentially received Aguero, £60m+, or even Mkhi + £30-40m?

    On Schmeichel, I think it no longer makes sense as he’s heading towards 32 and we could just be setting ourselves up for another keeper we buy who is rapidly moving into the twilight of their career. If he cost £10m like Cech did, then fine, it would be a fairly risk-free proposition, but Leicester have him under contract for several years so he would cost £30m+.

  28. champagne charlie


    I was merely poking fun at the volatility seen among the posters on here, ive seen players like Aguero and Sterling called shit, whilst players like Iwobi are hailed as class. More of a hat tip to those whose opinions change with the weather. Schmeichel is playing at his level, nowhere near good enough for us.

  29. champagne charlie


    What do you know, what I stated today was true of what I posted in the summer and not what Bamford and yourself suggested. I. am. so. surprised.

  30. Bamford10


    Your clear implication there is that Wenger could win titles under a different regime. And that wasn’t even your original remark, where you clearly objected to the idea that Wenger was incapable of leading us to a title and clearly implied that you thought he was.

    You simply continue to dissimulate. You are shameless, guy.

  31. Bamford10

    “hailed Iwobi as class”

    No one here has ever hailed Iwobi as “class”. Some have said he’s useless, others have said he has promise, others have said he could be useful.

    No one has ever said he’s “class,” and no one has ever come close to putting him in the same category as a Sterling or Aguero.

    Yet another example of why Charlie is literally one of the worst posters to ever show up here. If he’s not inventing straw-men or distorting what other posters have said, he’s being disingenuous about things that he has said. Fortunately he isn’t telling people to “wind their neck in” the way he used to, but that kind of talk could be coming.

  32. Champagne Charlie


    Can you not gasp the idiocy in trying to assert what someone else is implying in their own fucking statement?

    I made clear in the last sentence exactly what my comment was about contextually. It’s you that’s attempted to remove that and suggest I backed Wenger to change.

    Harvard grad apparently, must’ve been a finger painting course because your education is community college level at best.

  33. Marko

    It’s like you could go back one year two even and Bam and Charlie are still arguing about the same things. Man when we finally do get a new manager the things that we’ll be able to talk about…

  34. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie May 2, 2017
    “Poch would do way more with our squad than his current one, which is even more damning of Wenger.”

    Champagne charlie May 20, 2017
    “I said a change in ownership with a change in ambition and accountability would lead to a different Wenger. You’ve said all along that Wenger can’t do this or that, he’s shit here or there. Well last time he was held accountable he was winning titles, so sorry if I don’t buy the idea a new owner would DEFINITELY NOT change wengers output. It would”

    You are all over the place

  35. champagne charlie


    What are you struggling with pal?

    Poch would bring more to the table than Wenger.
    A change in ownership would yield a different return from Wenger.

    It’s almost like the two are soundbites from different conversations 18 days apart and have no significance to one another at all. Oh wait….

  36. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie

    Lets get this clear, Poch can improve Arsenal under the current regime and Wenger can improve Arsenal under a different regime……..the man is mad

  37. champagne charlie


    Here it is so even you can grasp it:

    Poch is a better manager than Wenger, so he’d improve us.

    Wenger’s output would change under new ownership (this comes from a discussion about Kroenke being useless, and how changing him would evoke change down the hierarchy).

    Two different discussions, two weeks apart.

    Your finger painting pal Banford was the special mind that got 7 from 2+2. You’ve seemingly joined him in doing so.

  38. champagne charlie


    Look at the state of these two going back to archives from last May to try and mudsling. I’m in tears.

    Arteta was absolute quality, watching him live you see exactly what type of guy he was, he was an actual leader. We have nobody of his ilk in the first XI today. Guy knows his football, which is probably why the best coach on the planet signed him up before he finished his lap off honour.

  39. Victorious

    What absolutely irk me more is the absolute lack of leadership in the side, Wenger has really assembled some bunch of softies in recent years,with need some fu*”king ballsy players

  40. champagne charlie


    Weng got totally derailed by peak Pep Barca. He had the cheat codes before then with his approach and player recruitment, now that’s all toilet.

    Athleticism has been sorely overlooked, and the want for quiet types has been cringeworthy. Mouthy jack Wilshere looks like fucking Gattuso in this squad, it’s awful.

  41. TitsMcGee

    Same old shit. Pedro wetting his pants about Mhkitaryan/Aubameyang. Complete waste of money/wages. Nothing will change until the dinosaur is kicked out. Signings are immaterial.”

    Anyone that was honest with themselves or anyone that wasn’t a complete idiot could tell it was just more window dressing( pun intended).

    New rims, new upholstery, new paint job, new headlights. Same old engine. Same shiiite car.

    Comical that the club is actually trying it’s hardest to hide/save Wenger’s incompetence (purposefully or inadvertently ) but he’s so past-it he can’t get out of his own way.

    Sure we’ll look good against fodder like Everton at home(and we’ll look good again this season against more fodder here or there). Get us against anyone half decent away from home and we’re hot garbage.

  42. Bamford10

    Arteta might know the game well, but he was slow, unathletic and very average. He was constantly forced to foul because he couldn’t keep up with speed of play. A little like Xhaka frankly.

    Champagne has something for these slow, unathletic, average deep-lying CMs. Maybe he himself was just this type of player?

  43. TitsMcGee

    For all the scapegoating Cech gets he is the only reason this wasn’t at least 3-0.

    Free kick save.
    Kane howler saved.

    Still need a refresh there but he’s not the only one.

  44. Bamford10

    I look forward to Ramsey’s return. Then we can see whether last weekend was the false dawn some here think it was. I don’t concur at all, and I think we would’ve been better today if we had Ramsey as the advanced midfielder.

    Do we need a new manager? Yes. Do we need a new CDM, CB and GK? Yes.

    Does the above mean we’re not improved by Mkhi and Auba? No.

  45. TitsMcGee

    Does the above mean we’re not improved by Mkhi and Auba? No.”

    If we’re counting on Ramsey being the savior then that is an ominous sign.

  46. Champagne Charlie


    You don’t have to be Usain Bolt to be effective. You’d know that if you had a clue.

    You love stats so why not lookup Artetas for Arsenal. He was ideal screening the back 4, he averaged 70-80 passes per game, 90% completion, 2.5-3 tackles per game, 2 interceptions. The guy was a leader and an organiser to boot.

    Just because he wasn’t quick or world class, dickheads like you try and belittle his efficiency. Says everything about you frankly.

  47. TitsMcGee

    After listening to the podcast it’s amazing how gullible the average Arsenal fan seems.

    Major issues all over the pitch. We add two attackers and people are surprised we still look shiiite?

  48. graham62

    Ok, lets cut to the chase.

    Wenger is shite, of that there is no doubt.

    Auba. Mikki, Ozil will not make the slightest difference. We all know that.

    Some of us feel that moving forward is forgetting what we see, look ahead to the next game and get behind the lads. What a load of crock! Under Wenger there is nothing to look forward to.

    I asked this question just last week and have done on numerous other occasions this season – WHAT THE #### HAS LACAZETTE DONE TO DESERVE SUCH CRAP TREATMENT?

    If the intention was to destroy a players self-confidence and self-esteem, then bravo Mr Wenger, I can honestly say, a job well done.

    Can anyone justify the way Wenger has handled this situation. You pay 50+M, don’t play the guy in key games, which, incidentally, Arsenal lose and yet, he remains your teams leading goalscorer. Where is the ####### logic in all of this?

    Wenger is a moron and to those of you who feel the need to bite back and defend him and the so called cause, you are all equally as moronic as Wenger himself.

    Jesus, just how far do you have to stick your heads in the sand before you realise there is one simple solution to put an end to all this crap?


  49. TitsMcGee

    We’ll probably look semi-good against City and the fanboys will jump back on the wagon.

    Glorious defeat or heroic draw.

  50. Zfree

    Seems pretty evident mkhi doesn’t belong on the left. Ozil doesn’t want to be out on a wing and is usually dropping deep to pick up the call and carry or pass it forward. He’s a #10 after all not a winger.

    So I guess it should be 4-2-3-1 like against Everton. Ship Xhaka and buy a really strong commanding cdm to pair there with whoever isn’t injured at the moment between Wilshere and Ramsey (unless we sell Aaron). Mkhi on the right, Ozil in the middle, I suppose iwobi on the left, aubu up front.

    Then probably new keeper, right back, CB. That’s only buying 4 players, not asking too much. The priority for me should definitely be the world class CDM. Then either GK or CB.

  51. Charlie Nick

    Arteta was/is class on and off the field. He was brilliant as a creative youngster at Rangers. Not sure if he was moved back due to age or wengers penchant for cramming a player into a totally unsuitable role ( denilson, song, Arshavin). Everyone can see wenger is a busted flush and has been for 10 years. Remember when we laughed at spurs for their occasional foray in the league cup and spursday night football, well this is where we have landed due to a selfish deluded old man and a spineless, unambitious ownership model.
    Still, i’m sure the property portfolio is on an upward trend. Arsenal 2018, Homes (and defence) Under The Hammer!

  52. Zfree

    And Wenger the fuck out this summer. Away form this season, on the heels of the last campaign, is sackable. Last 10-12 years aside, there’s no accountability at an organization if it doesn’t start at the top. Get him out

  53. LINP

    I am so disappointed that our coaching staffs are so dumb. Mkhitaryan is a much better playing on the right. The coach is putting him in a position to fail. Ozil can play left, right or center. Last game, we had a very good set-up. Why suddenly, we changed to this defensive setup. This is madness.

  54. TitsMcGee

    And Wenger the fuck out this summer. Away form this season, on the heels of the last campaign, is sackable”

    0 EPL titles in 14 seasons.
    14 points behind on average.
    Bungled Financials.

    Many items where he can be sacked.

  55. graham62


    Lacazette didn’t start against Liverpool/Man City/Tottenham.

    When Auba comes………………no Lacazette against Everton or Spuds.

    It’s called kicking someone in the teeth.

  56. jwl

    Football365 –

    In their last 26 away league games, Arsenal have taken 26 points. Not only is that fewer than Southampton over the same period, it is pitiful in comparison with their top-six peers:

    Manchester City – 55
    Chelsea – 53
    Manchester United – 49
    Liverpool – 46
    Tottenham – 44
    Arsenal – 26

    Are they even peers anymore?

  57. London gunner

    Lol on the arteta comments

    We must truly be in dire straits if we are harping in about arteta.

    He was a one dimensional player with no athletical ability and above all was responsible some awful unimaginative crab like side ways and backwards passing.

    Never a top mid not even close.

  58. Pedro

    London, he was a top mid for a few seasons. He lacked pace when he joined us, but his leadership never saw us drop out of the CL.

    Anyway, what a shit show.

  59. TitsMcGee

    In their last 26 away league games, Arsenal have taken 26 points. Not only is that fewer than Southampton over the same period, it is pitiful in comparison with their top-six peers:Manchester City – 55
    Chelsea – 53
    Manchester United – 49
    Liverpool – 46
    Tottenham – 44
    Arsenal – 26

    Are they even peers anymore?”


    If these numbers are true (no reason to suspect they aren’t to be fair) it puts statistics behind the accusations of Wenger eroding us away from the inside. Everything looks the part on the outside. New kit deals, arses in seats, fancy new signings but on the inside we’re withering away.

    It’s amazing that Arsenal fans haven’t already revolted about 5 years ago because it’s so bleeding obvious that we are being run into the ground (one has to wonder if it’s being done purposefully at this stage) by Wenger.

    I mean what else needs to be seen at this stage.

  60. TitsMcGee

    but his leadership never saw us drop out of the CL.”

    Us dropping out of the top 4 has a lot more to do with the arrival of Pep, Mou, Klopp, Conte and the emergence of Pochettino than anything to do with Arteta.

    He was a servant of the club but he was hardly a dynamic player for us. He was an Everton caliber player that was very limited and was railed on very frequently.

  61. arsene's used sock

    the sad thing about our current state is that you just know we’re never over the hill.
    oh wow we beat Everton 5-1, tune in next week for your regular reality check.

  62. Relieable Sauce

    Not much of a commendation there Pedro.

    In what way was Arteta better than Xhaka?

    Both terrible without the ball and seriously lacking athleticism. Decision making from both is average/decent at best.

    Xhaka edges it on passing….?
    Certainly has more goals and assists in him.

    Toed the line and could take a good penalty.
    Big whoop.

  63. TitsMcGee

    Tits, City, United, Chelsea, Spurs were all spending big when Arteta was around.”

    City United and Chelsea have always been there with money. Arsenal were 4th in that pecking order.

    Add a good manager at Spurs and enter Klopp at Liverpool and now it’s no coincidence that we dropped two more notches in the pecking order. 5th last season and firmly 6th this.

    Wenger has been coasting for over a decade. Now that he has a fight on his hands we see where his true level is.

    I think Arteta was a good guy and he wasn’t a complete waste but similar to Flammini he probably shouldn’t have even been playing for us if we’re fair. He was just the tallest dwarf who was consistently average rather than up and down average.

  64. Pedro

    Please RS, Arteta wasn’t terrible off the ball. He was brought in to stabilise our midfield and he did.

    How is he better than Xhaka? Didn’t make a game changing mistake every match. Pretty low bar there.

  65. raptora

    I want a stat for the top forwards who have had a barren spell of 900+ minutes in the last 10 years. I bet it’s a very short one. Including Messi, Suarez, Aguero, Neymar, Ronaldo, Lewa, Diego Costa, Icardi, Cavanni and more and more. And don’t give me examples like Benzema, Mandzukic, Dzeko and Giroud, as they are mainly supporting CFs who make forwards around them better, they link up great, are a big target man, dangerous in the air, are great to have for corners and so on and so on.

    Lacazette has none of that. His biggest quality is supposedly that he is a good finisher. Well he needs the ball to be given on an empty net. He’s surely good at finishing those I guess. If he doesn’t score, he doesn’t at to our game. He is the nicest striker to face. It’s a dream come true for any defender in the EPL to face a forward like him. The amount of times he gets shoved out of the ball is laughable. No pace, no dribble, no height, nothing special at link up plays, doesn’t have those long legs, or hasn’t shown his fox in the box instinct.

    Wenger has shot his confidence… He’s played him in 10 games straight and he’s benched Giroud from day 1. What more do you think Wenger should do to raise his confidence? Maybe go on the pitch and kick the ball in for him?! He’s given him an ample of chances. Cause of him we lost Giroud and now we are stuck with the dud. We’ve looked way better as a team in the last years with Giroud than almost every single time that we’ve played with Lacazette leading the line.
    Also Lacazette started vs Chelsea away. Fluffed 2 good chances, one on the rebound from 2 metres on empty net. Versus Manure he started again – made De Gea a hero, except for when Ramsey gave him the pass of the year.

    A quick stat goes as follows – Lacazette started in all of the 4 games we’ve played vs Chelsea – 0 goals. Started vs Pool and spuds at home scored none of the 5 goals that we got in those two games. Started vs Manure and got a goal. Just so you guys don’t say “oooh but we are shit vs the top teams anyways so it doesn’t do justice to Lacazette”. In those games we got 2 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss. Which is a very respectable statistic considering our forward got a single goal in those 7 games.

    Big disappointment for me personally. I wanted him to work but he’s flopped pretty bad. His career in Arsenal should be finished in my eyes. Say whatever just how stupid that is, I don’t care cause my opinion on him will not change. The “specialist” scouts in the forum said that we are buying a Walcott with brain, power and finishing. Jesus, just how wrong were they…

  66. Leedsgunner

    You know something is rotten at the club when a past the hill Arteta is being hailed as a paragon we’re missing.

    He was past his prime when he started at the club. Lest we forget!!!

  67. TitsMcGee

    Didn’t do a very good job of stabalising the midfield that day…”

    It’s amazing.

    A completely different lineup from 4 years ago and it’s essentially a carbon copy of the same mistakes and poor finishing and shoddy defending and just general softness.

    Yet people still wonder what the problem is.

  68. Leedsgunner

    Arteta gave us 18 months? of acceptable football — rest of the time he spent injured. When it came time to retire, he didn’t even give our club a second thought and dropped us like we were a used rag when Pep came calling…

    He was a very tiny footnote in our club’s history. Let’s not make him something he wasn’t.

  69. Dissenter

    It’s amazing how Pedro tries so hard to revise history.
    Areta is one of the most meaningless players we’ve ever signed. He was probably somewhat useful for 1.5 seasons, after that he was utter rubbish.

  70. David Smith

    Leeds, Arteta might well have stayed in a coaching role if the club had given him a first team role, but we all know Wenger never loses his yes man coaches, so there was no position for him, Arteta was offered the most junior coaching role with the youngsters.
    Arteta also turned down a senior coaching role with Poch.
    Basically Wenger was reluctant to take on a man who would one day threaten him, unlike the dross in his backroom staff.

  71. Leedsgunner

    Lacazette needed to give Wenger reasons never to leave him out. He’s doing the opposite. Wenger does not have a clue how to get the best from his players AND we still give him more money…

    Fools and their money are easily parted.

  72. David Smith

    Not only expensive players, Wenger is killing free transfers as well.
    Wenger now kills all who come before him it seems. How are the club and our idiot owner letting this happen?
    Yes, as Alexander H says, Wenger keeps us in the black, but he is creating massive costs down the line

  73. David Smith

    We now know why Wenger spent years avoiding expensive signings, he cannot coach or organise them , and reduced them to the level of his cheaper signings

  74. Dissenter

    Lacazette needs to be handled very carefully, at the very least to help him keep his numbers up to maintain his market value.
    He will probably need to be moved on for a good transfer fee. Hopefully Atletico returns back for him and are ready to pay £50 million+.

  75. TR7

    Why are we talking about selling Lacazzete? He did more in 10 mins yesterday than what PEA did in 90 mins. Let’s face it -PEA is not a Suarez or Lewandowski level striker, so the slot for our no 1 striker is very much up for grabs.

  76. TonyD

    NLD Stats from Live Score
    shots on target 8 – 1
    shots off target 8 – 3
    Blocked shots 3 – 2
    Possession % 57 – 43
    Corners 10 – 2
    Offsides 1 – 6
    Crosses 33 – 15
    Counter Attacks 2 – 1

    This was a game that Wenger said post game meant more than just being a derby, and that he’s not going to give up for top 4 until it’s mathematically impossible, as he says that top 4 is his minimum target.

    So we just need to make sure we don’t drop 3 more points from our remaining 11 games.

    Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Won’t have a problem against these away games will we?


    And City at home will be a breeze

    Mathematically impossible Wenger?

  77. TonyD

    How does this make sense from Wenger? We only had one shot on target all game.

    ‘The game should have been finished before half-time for me. My regret was in the final third we missed something.”

    And this statement:

    “‘It is very poor,’ conceded Wenger. ‘I believe once they scored the goal that maybe played a part in it'”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5375729/Arsenals-Mesut-Ozil-Henrikh-Mkhitaryan-lost.html#ixzz56m0WkidW
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  78. Kay

    I dont understand why ozil played on the right and mikki played on the left (to cut in i suppose was the plan) when it was pretty sure our full backs would not have the freedom to bomb forward like how they had the opportunity against everton.

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be realistic we were well beaten yesterday by a better, fitter, more energetic and tactically better team.

    The only surprise at the end of the game was that the score was just 1-0, because in second half we could have been hammered.

    What we learned above all else is that against teams like both Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Spurs they are buying younger and probably better investments than we are.

    As one or two others suggested the only player who came out of this game with any credit was Bellerin.

    Arsenal are going to have to make some very serious decisions this summer
    apart from the usual point of discussion about the manager and coaching staff.

    There are some young players challenging for places in the first team like
    Mainland-Niles, Nelson and Nkietah who will need to be offered playing time
    if we are going to keep them.

    At the moment we have an ageing team with very little shelf life and the idea
    that you can play the combination of Elneny, Xhaka and Mkitaryan in midfield
    against high tempo and energetic teams with their limited pace beggars belief.

  80. Rambo Ramsey


    ‘He did more in 10 min than PEA in 90’

    What did he do?

    Get caught offside multiple times and break moves ala Walcott?

    Fluff a golden chance by skying it to the stands ala Giroud?

    Skanked another shot at the very end failing to even test the keeper ala Welbeck?

    Only reason he even got these chances because Spuds went to full defense mode and Arsenal started throwing the kitchen sink.

  81. Rambo Ramsey

    All these posts defending Lacazette are laughable. It doesn’t take a genius to see he’s not well suited for this League.

    Too short, too slow, too weak, not enough bollocks. Look at all the strikers who have done well in England in recent past and you’ll understand- Suarez, Aguero, Kane, Lukaku, Sanchez.

    All these fanboys are doing the same thing they did with Xhaka. I remember it well.

    It took me all of 3 YouTube scouting videos to predict the guy would struggle big time. But the fanboys kept singing their ‘Give him time, its only been few games, he’ll adapt bla bla’

  82. Jeff

    The problem with Lacazette is that he’s trying too hard to impress and it’s all falling apart. He’s trying to say “look I really am very good”. The volley that went more vertical than horizontal is prime example. His awareness should have told him that he had time to take a touch and get a proper shot in. As for the attempt right at the death, his brain should have told him the angle is too acute so squaring it to Auba would have been the best option. But he wasn’t going to pass to someone whom he thinks has been brought in because he himself isn’t good enough. As things stand, Lacazette is pretty useless to us. His confidence can only go down and he’ll be gambling more bad decisions in the hope of salvaging the reputation with which he arrived.

  83. Jeff

    We needed tactics in that game – as you always do when two sides are pretty evenly matched. One of the biggest Achilles heel we have when it comes to Wenger is that if he starts off with a particular plan and it’s not working, he is very slow to change it. In fact, he won’t change it till very late when of course the game’s nearly always gone by then. We saw it again yesterday. The substitutions in the last 15 minutes were more desperation than tactics. This is the primary reason why we cannot win big titles because there will come many instances where we have to beat good sides and we have to beat them in football as well as tactics.

    We might have the necessary ammunition on the pitch but unless you’re using that firepower in the most expedient way against your opposition, you won’t win. On paper, the Arsenal side has more talent in it than Tottenham. But it’s not enough – not against top 5 sides. For that to improve, we need a better manager – but then again you all know that don’t you.

  84. Kay

    I think spending big on the recent signings and the failures will atleast make Gazidis s case strong in his fight to oust Wenger.

    I just hope we finsh trophy less and wenger finally fu*ks off end of this season.

  85. TR7


    Laca is a reasonably clinical finisher. On 8 out of 10 occasions he scores the goal he fluffed yesterday. But when you are low on confidence and try too much, it shows especially in the case of a striker who has only a fraction of a second to decide how to strike the ball so that it is in the back of the net. The guy was scored a few good goals when he arrived, so I don’t buy the argument on his unsuitability in the league. PEA will be a passenger in many games as well because he relies heavily on supply from the midfield, does not have the ability to create his own chances.

  86. Emiratesstroller

    I would not be so quick to write off Lacazette as so many posters are habitually

    He got into the right positions to score goals on two occasions. At the moment
    confidence is low, but with any striker that can change very quickly. PersonallyI think that he can turn out to be a very good player providing that he is given the chance.

    The players up front whom I would be more inclined to offload are Welbeck and Iwobi. Neither is good enough to be a striker or playing wide and the Club needs to bring in “quality wingers”

  87. Ishola70

    ” PEA will be a passenger in many games as well because he relies heavily on supply from the midfield, does not have the ability to create his own chances.”

    I don’t think he is as good as some thought do you?

    As you say he is a player that relies heavily on service from other players.

    Tidy finisher no doubt although he does miss some sitters as well, good physical attributes but tbh don’t see a real top class player there.

  88. TitsMcGee

    I don’t think Lacazette is a bad player but it’s no surprise he has struggled.

    He has less time/space on the ball than he did in France in a more physical league.

  89. graham62


    Many thanks for your detailed response, although your take on the matter is based on a comparison to other players and the all too predictable statistical analysis.

    Lacazette has come into a ship wreck of a club and is playing in an environment that is detremental to his abilities and desire to improve. With no structure and no systems set in place, Lacazette has regressed. An all too familiar trait at AFC.

    Early doors we all saw his strengths but where was the service. Tippy tappy wasn’t his style. The key for me was when Wenger left him on the bench at Liverpool and Man City. After this Lacazette lost his confidence, as well as his trust and belief in Wenger himself. Again we’ve seen this happen to so many players over the years.

    At Liverpool,Wenger’s tactic’s and team selection were appalling. Bringing Lacazette on at 3-0 was merely a PR exercise on the part of Wenger.

    Against Man City,Lacazette came on angry at 2-0. Scored/ got booked. This sowed the seeds of doubt in Lacazettes mind.

    The Sanchez saga was destabalizing. What was Wenger doing playing someone who was clearly leaving the club. At Anfield The Ox started and yet he was also in the process of leaving. This affected the whole structure and mindset of the team, but for Lacazette it was a sickner.

    Lacazette was starting to show a lack of desire and motivation. His body language, which hardly ever changes, became timid and lacking in confidence. When this happens, your natural instincts become impaired.

    Look at yesterdays game at Wembley. At the start of the season he would have hit the target with both his efforts. Now, he is doubting himself. This is down to Wenger’s failings to see the bigger picture.

    Yes you can criticise Lacazette, but the reality is he has been thrown into an unhealthy environment, created by a manager who is blind to the problems around him

    Why not play Auba and Lacazette together?That’s what I would expect. 100M of talent on the pitch at the same time. Auba comes in and suddenly Lacazette is put on the back burner. Yet another kick in the teeth for a guy that is totally lost.

    You say that “his career should be over”. I think what you should be saying is that we have a Manager in place who is ####### us all over with his delusional arrogance and, more significantly, causing mayhem on the field of play.

    Lacazette is a very good player, with a shite manager overseeing him.
    Consequently it’s a recipe for disaster.


  90. Emmanuel Nwaneri

    Is there really anything else to say here? As long as rejected AW is still managing his collection of rejects like Ozil, Mikhy, etc we are doomed.
    We just keep plodding onto another failed season