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Ok, so, this is my SECOND preview of the game because I didn’t pay attention yesterday.

Now, I don’t usually post PR stories, but these stats read really well. Pierre has the best goals per minute ratio of all our past players. Sure, he’s played in way less games, but let’s take the W’s where we can.


What, you want more pictures?

With the Puma deal with Arsenal coming to a close next summer, and Puma dropping a mint-f*ck-you kit, it’s clear a new sponsor is looming. So why not speculate about it being Adidas, and why not share the sweetness of some of the STUNNING designs of @SteveSinyard.


THAT is how you design a kit. Someone sign that guy up and make him head of kit design at our next kit maker.

In yet MORE exciting news, Jack Wilshere is rumoured to be on the verge of signing up to a pay-as-you-play type deal that flexes from £90-110k per week. Jeremy Wilson revealed talks are progressing well, and he’ll likely put pen to paper. But what about Aaron, Mr Wenger?

“I’m positive because I want Jack to stay. I do the maximum I can to make him happy”

“He is a little bit different, with less time constraints than with Jack. With Jack it is now. With Aaron, do we lose two weeks or three weeks, it doesn’t matter much. I want him to stay as well. Especially if he starts to score hat-tricks!”

Yeah, get it, let’s play Aaron’s contract nice and casual, we have the time in th…


Bit of a weird comment. On paper, it’s like he’s been caught lying and he’s covering his tracks. Read the back half of that comment with a nervous laugh and a sweaty brow. Maybe I’m sleuthing too hard. I just think Wenger goes BIG on Jack and wanting to make him a happy camper… and it’s a bit tepid on Aaron.

We shall see.

There’s quite a lot of negativity surrounding Arsenal in the press build up to the Spurs game. I mean, it’s kind of grounding. I think I’ve gotten so carried away with an acceptable trasnfer window, I’ve lost sight of my pragmatism. Jonathan Wilson put me straight.

A rare mood of optimism seems to have settled over the Emirates Stadium, although there have been plenty of those that have gone nowhere over the past decade. It’s likely anyway to be challenged at Wembley on Saturday by a Tottenham side who lie four points above them in the Premier League table and who offer a reminder of their younger selves.

Spurs are youthful and thrusting, blessed with an innovative and likable manager who likes to develop his own talent, and excited by the prospect of a move to a new stadium – just as Arsenal were a decade ago. That should both concern Spurs, for whom their neighbours serve as a warning of the consequences of endlessly deferred fulfilment, and terrify Arsenal, who risk seeing their rivals achieve success with their blueprint.

He even went there… you know, the Ozil place you simply don’t go.

“Whether they are what Arsenal needed is a very different issue. Equally, while the retention of Mesut Özil has been presented as a coup, it may just as well be asked why no other club was prepared to meet the wage demands of a player who would have been available on a free transfer in the summer.”

But, here’s the thing. You can be as pragmatic as you like, but the reality is Spurs/AFC isn’t usually a form game. It’s a battle. Anyone could win the game, so it’s fair to be confident. It’s 50/50. Especially as the hype around Spurs doesn’t tally up with a miserly 4 point lead they have over a team that’s been in absolute freefall this year.

Wenger has a point on Poch. He’s won more. Outperformed him bar last season. Yet his job is under question and the Poch is being linked with Madrid.

Again, I’m getting carried away. Poch is developing players, he’s working on £100m a year less than Wenger, and he is totally worthy of the hype.

I’m just trying to give Wenger some credit before tomorrow.

Right, that’s me done. Last chance for the podcast.

Tomorrow, we dine in hell! 🔴

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  1. GalaxyGooner

    Wilshere the only one trying to do something

    Dele Alli has been doing even more all game .
    Wilshere is doing nothing based on the critical nature of his position .

  2. TR7

    ‘Who scored against Spurs at White Hart Lane a couple of years ago when we were getting battered?’

    We were getting battered though weren’t we? That’s kind of my point. I agree Ramsey is a goal threat with his runs but Dembele led Spurs midfield would have dominated us even with Ramsey in the team. He is a goal threat but he is still not an archetypal top class central midfield player who can go toe to toe with the Dembeles of the world or run a midfield. That Xhaka is a waste of space and Ozil absolutely useless against big teams is what plaguing us and probably makes us see more value in Ramsey than he warrants. Even Jack doesn’t have the fitness or athleticism now to match a physical side like Spurs.

  3. gonsterous


    I don’t think he completed any forward passes at all.. in fact every pass he managed to make put the other player in immense pressure.. just not bothered..

  4. Zfree

    People on here were saying competition for positions and the striker position would be good. Competition is over, it’s Aubameyang no question. Laca sleepy, offsides, miss firing, low on confidence, slow. Pushing auba out wide was stupid

  5. London gunner

    I told people to calm down after the Everton win.

    So many of you guys are so knee jerk, not at all surprised by us losing today.

    Oh and when we next batter a shite side let’s calm down it will just be another false dawn.

    Nothing will change or can truly change until Wenger the incompetent is gone.

  6. gazzap

    why would you let Ozil take that free kick when you have proper strikers of the ball on the pitch? Ozil is never going to score a goal there against Lloris anyway. Sure I’d let him take the ones where you want it floated on to someone’s head but not a shot.

  7. Paulinho

    As I said last week, Aubameyang is very, very basic.

    He’s probably better than Lacazette due to pace and athleticism, but there isn’t that much in it. Laca very low on confidence but he has more wrinkles to his game.

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Laca has looked more threatening that Auba…that’s a fact.’

    Only because Spuds tired and game got stretched.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    Could see this result coming, we are poor away, Wenger is past it and our season is finished in February. This is a new low for Arsenal even in 2018.

  10. Dissenter

    That’s for the knee-jerk euphoria after the we beat piss-poor Everton.
    It will take a good pre-season with a competent manager to make this unit work.

    I don’t get all the Elneny praise.

  11. S Asoa

    Spurs players greeting Lacazette, their hero
    Wenger Out
    Kane missed a hattrick. Spurs had 14 shots vs 4 for Arsenal. Cech saving face of Wenger

  12. useroz

    Shit performance

    Same old same old

    Ship Iwobi off. Rubbish. Worse than Xhara.

    Pay per game still too good for Wilshere. Useless mo times

  13. Champagne Charlie

    This dressing down of players is pathetic, Lacazette has had one good chance and a half decent one. Kane has had three sitters and scored one.

    We’re expecting perfection because our system and approach is seriously lacking. 5 shots all game is awful, our style is nonexistent.

    New manager is needed, new appprah is needed, and that will starkly improve the output from this group of players. Plus any changes he sees fit to suit said system.

  14. TT

    I dont mind losing even to spuds as long as the team gives it all and goes down fighting.

    But this is just spineless. Living image of the fraud.

  15. S Asoa

    Start of 2nd half was worse. We were virtually swept aside .
    The miss by Laca thought Wenger was getting a stroke. No such luck !

  16. Paulinho

    The goal Ozil scored against Liverpool. Aubameyang doesn’t have those feet to do what Lacazette did to set up Ozil.

  17. Ishola70

    Has everyone calmed down now from last week?

    Has Bamford calmed down?

    Auba is not the second coming of Pele and Mhiki will disappoint enough times like he did today. Ozil and Mhiki in the same side is not a good idea in the long run. They will look great together when the going is smooth but the flowers will wilt together when the going gets tough.

    Arsenal had the late flurry and Laca had a couple of chances but clearly Spurs the better team overall and have been now going on two seasons.

    Cech kept the score down.

  18. TR7

    Lacazzete will come good. He is a good striker. He can combine well with others and has a good understanding of play. As for finishing, he is clinical. We have seen that over the years. Xhaka and Iwobi worry me, they are absolutely bang average.

  19. Jim Lahey

    Second to every ball, had nothing to counter Spurs’ high press. Couldn’t put a sting of passes together. Awful stuff.

  20. Dissenter

    We are lucky that it finished 1-0.
    The Laca chance was very difficult, seeing it on replay.
    Why are people jumping on the bandwagon to knock him?

  21. raptora

    Lacazette is a disgrace of a player. Ship him to wherever and get some money back if possible. Serious player cannot go in as a sub, go offside 3 times in 20 minutes, lose possession at least 3 times, miss a volley and a golden 1 on 1 opportunity. Terrible player.

  22. Micheal

    The only times we looked even vaguely threatening was when we got the ball forward at quicker pace. What is the point of having pacey players like Auba,Welbeck.,etc if we play sideways, tippy-tappy, walk the ball into the next.
    Fucking incredible.

  23. Paulinho

    Wenger just a master of totally destroying a player’s confidence.

    All started when he rewarded Vela’s phenomenal cup performance ten years ago by freezing him out of the squad for months on end and then playing on the left wing.

    Utterly clueless at managing players nowadays.

  24. T

    Man… that was painfull!

    I hate it when wenger puts ozil to the flank.

    it is a bit like saying… “You are our leader BUT I DONT TRUST YOU!”

    and sure enough it showed and our game going forward was shattered.

  25. GalaxyGooner

    Team selection all wrong . Xhaka has to be the worst signing wenger ever made .Xhaka only passes back and sideways. A midfielder with no movement .
    El Nieny for Egypt is a different animal than for Arsenal. Average player but plays better in an Egyptian shirt.
    We can do better than wilshere . There is no use having all those Ferrari priced strikers and saddle them with a Vauxhall cords of a midfielder who is always breaking down .
    Iwobi better for our attacking game than other options available

  26. Dissenter

    “Lacazette is a disgrace of a player.”

    You comment is laughable.
    He looked more dangerous in 20 minutes than Auba looked for 90 minutes.
    Why call him a disgrace before his first season is over, a very one at that.
    He wasn’t the only one what had a bad game, jeez what is wrong with you lot.

  27. TonyD

    That’s how I see it too, said Mikki was poor and showed today, he’ll do ok against lower teams.

    Thought Auba would struggle in the premier against decent mobile defenses.

    Having said that he needs a decent service, which he won’t get against tops sides.

    New manager ASAP

  28. thank you and goodnight

    Firstly, Pedro I apologise you were right about pierre joining us.

    @Champagne Charlie.

    For once in my life I agree with everything you said their. Lacazzette is a very good player, with a better coach and better tactics you’d see a lot more from these players. As you pointed out Harry Kane is WC and yet he missed 3 sitters today.

  29. TT

    raptora keep yer knickers on. None of our players are useless or bad. Just have a shit manager thats all. Give this team to a proper manager and you will see wast improvement in the newer players. Those that have been there longest may however find it hard to change.

  30. Bamford10

    Wait, Champagne, we need a new manager? I thought you said we could win the title with Wenger at the helm? I guess he IS the problem.

  31. Samesong

    In derbies misses like that are not easily forgotten maybe it was difficult, but I expect a player of that calibre to put it away.

    A player clearly low on confidence at the moment.

  32. kc

    That scoreline gives us far more credit than we deserve. There’s no question whatsoever about which team bossed that game today. Arsenal are still a 6th place team this season even after the `greatest window ever’. Nothing changes until Wenger Fucks Off.

  33. Ishola70

    Xhaka was actually less of a liability in that midfield set-up but he remains a nothing luxury player.

    He was strolling around between Elneny and Wilshere offering nothing of substance to the team.

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    Mohammed ‘He played well’ Elneny:

    Zero tackles, Zero interceptions, Zero tackles attempted, Zero keypass, Zero shots.

    Jack ‘Maintains his position’ Wilshere:

    One tackle, Zero interception, One shot, Zero keypass

    Read and weep.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Fair result.

    Reminded me of a less bad version of last season in the same fixture, the scoreline did not actually tell the story. Spurs could have trashed us in a very small window.

    We absolutely must get a new manager in the summer. On just being bored alone people must want a new manager.

    It is like we sit through the same film weekly for fourteen straight years.

  36. raptora

    Maybe because the job of a striker is to put the ball in the net? Lacazette has 1 goal in his last 10 games. Nacho has been way more dangerous than him. He got in, perfect time to prove Wenger wrong for getting benched. Nope, fluffed the only 2 opportunities we made all game. Not doing his job for over half a year, doesn’t have the attributes. Or the mentality. If you are a star, you are a star. You do your job and you prove how good you are. He can’t show his qualities cause he doesn’t have them. Not fit to lead our line. Sell asap.

  37. Goobergooner

    Sorry guys, I jynxed us at half time with my post of positivity about the midfield.

    My main points to take away from the game.
    1. I fucking hate spurs.

    2. We are fucking soft.

    3. How does Wenger still not know how to nullify Kane. Mark that Kent out of the game. And definitely pressure the early balls in.

    4. Ozil when on the break was only playing one direction. Cutting it back then spraying it left. If he passed it right on a couple of occasions we had better options free.

    5. How fucking hard is it for laca to stay onside. Fuck me.

    6. What the actual fuck has happened to laca’s poaching ability. He can’t even by a damn goal at the moment.

    7. I am stoked with signing auba and getting another creative player in Mikki,
    But why the fuck did we disregard DM and another CB or rb. Or GK.
    We are so damn poor on too many occasions. At least twice a game the defence has a mind fuck moment.

    8. Cech was the reason we didn’t concede more. But was also prone to his mind lapses which is becoming all too regular.

    9. Iwobi is useless.

    10. Why does elneny always get subbed before the shitty xhaka. It does my head in.

    11. Our passing is waaaaay too slow. Moving forward the ball is always released one or two touches too slow. A man is free to pass to, the ball player takes an extra touch then passes to Said free man who is now under pressure. Watching that happen all game is a fucking drag.

    12. Why were we not playing more long balls to aubas strength.

    13. Fuck arsene’s Arsenal. He isn’t good enough for top 4.

  38. Jim Lahey

    Harry Kane really is the new Alan Shearer, lots of goals and can smash a man in the face with his forearm and walk away like nothing ever happened!

  39. Ishola70

    ”No, he didn’t, he was just as calamitous as the rest of the nescient buffoons”

    Er he made an excellent save from the Eriksen freekick and he made a very good block save from Lamela that was destined for the net.

    Spurs after the Kane goal had a 10-15 min period where they were looking to put the knife in.

    Clearly the better team and have been so for two seasons now.

    Nothing of note will occur at Arsenal until the old man leaves.

  40. Dissenter

    At some point the club has to realize that buying more good players for Wenger is like buying expensive lipstick for a pig.

  41. Ishola70

    “Maybe because the job of a striker is to put the ball in the net?”

    And what did Auba do most of the match? Great was he? He was mostly anonymous.

    Laca is a bench player now. It is clutching at straws to put all focus on Laca.

  42. jasongms


    It’s over for Cech, the saves he made were average at best, his distribution is nonexistent. Basically, he’s become a liability

  43. Dissenter

    “Maybe because the job of a striker is to put the ball in the net? Lacazette has 1 goal in his last 10 games.”

    The problem is the midfield that’s barely existent in big games.
    Auba now has one goal in two games and even that was a blatant offside.

    That comment about Lacazette was probably written in frustration. Hope you didn’t really mean that.

  44. Marko

    So Everton were really that bad, normal service resumed then.

    Pretty much yeah. Lacazette and Aubameyang are the least of our problems. Mhiktaryan, Ozil and Wilshere being lauded recently (Jack and Ozil for months) and they create 4 chances all game?

    Are we still treating signing Ozil to 350,000 a week as a major coup? At nearly 29 and on that money and he still plays like a vagina

  45. ArseneisaFraud

    I don’t know what to say… then again I do:

    Wenger Out!!

    How can one find this stat of 6 goals shot and to have only 1 on target acceptable!!!? Someone has to be made accountable. … Ah shit! I have just used a word that the BoD is ignorant of. Well, we’ll just have to look forward to AW next step in his master plan which is of playing well at the next game (aka “bouncing back”) to unfold.

  46. Victorious

    Could see this result from a mile the moment I saw the team sheet,Midfield was utterly embarrassing, Elneny,the only decent player on the day gets hooked off for pony Iwobi

    Referee didn’t cover himself in glory,got 1 absolutely correct decision wrong,scums players diving all over the pitch,simply not good enough

    Wilshere was decent, Lacofgoals missed our best chance,Auba and Mikki struggled badly,Ramsey was hugely missed,absolutely gutted to lose to those twats

  47. Dissenter

    Ozil’s salary pays for the entire Spuds midfield, all four of them.
    We left Highbury to pay mega wages to players that go missing when the heat its on.

  48. raptora

    Wenger is as clueless as anyone. Arsenal should most certainly play a hell of a lot better than they did today. Wenger is the responsible person for that. Lacazette scoring would have been his jail out card.

    Did Lacazette miss? Is he on 11 starts – 1 goal streak? Has Nacho managed to score more than him? Does he give us speed, height, power, strength, dribbling, great link up play, anything?! Poacher who needs the ball to be given on a plate.

    Waste of money.

    Wenger should quit in the summer. I’ve said that already.

  49. Leftsidesanch

    Wenger that shameless/clueless/blameless he will probably refer to Kane’s Michael Phelps impression last week and say he should have never been on the pitch in the first place.

    Kane’s quality is a problem alone, and he has a point to prove being released by Arsenal at 8 years old. Yet there’s no plan for him.

  50. Frankie Coffeecakes


    1. Mikki was by far the worst player on the pitch of both teams
    2. Auba was onside
    3. Kozzer was rock solid
    4. Ozil was basically invisible
    5. Wilshere was steady but very pedestrian
    5. Elnenny belongs on a Championship division squad, maybe lower
    6. Peter Cech was Arsenals Man of the Match
    7. Eric Lamella is a flat out cockroach
    8. Lacca needs more playing time – crisis of confidence if ever there was one
    9. Arsenal had no answers to counter Spurs play
    10. Yet again Arsene Wenger had no response tactically to an agressive Spurs attack

    Final conclusion, the score flattered Arsenal who clearly were the lesser team today

  51. S Asoa

    DissenterFebruary 10, 2018 14:40:40
    At some point the club has to realize that buying more good players for Wenger is like buying expensive lipstick for a pig.

  52. jasongms

    Spurs weren’t even great today, we were just really average. But is it really surprising that we find ourselves in this position when we have fans like ours? I’ve come to the opinion that we have the most deluded fans in world football.

  53. Guernsey gun

    I think we can see what Mikki and Auba have been up to since arriving in London. And how shit was Ozil? Who gave him that free kick? As for wiltord least said all you wankstainers getting excited at the end of Jan, get a grip this is it to year end. By the way all you cheese dicks who slag Cech and xakha trust me it could have been a lot worse with out them. Ohh Sven ooh Auba oooh Mikki…your so fine you blow my mind.bullshit. We weren’t even close and they’re holding back for juve. Wenger out now

  54. Bamford10


    Not exactly, as Aubameyang is much better than Lacazette. But you are right that there was nothing coming through midfield today, and that’s because we didn’t have Ramsey and had three slow, immobile, unathletic midgets in central midfield. Totally undynamic.

  55. Ishola70

    Kane could well have got a headed hat-trick today.

    Bad miss in the first half with a headed chance and the chance he missed after he scored the goal when he put wide with another header looked easier to score than the one he put away.

  56. Leftsidesanch

    The same guy we said weren’t good enough torments us so much our reactionary fans are begging for Madrid to pick him up so he doesn’t bully us anymore.

    Joke side.

  57. Batistuta


    Ramsey playing this game wouldn’t have made any bit of difference or am i getting something wrong and have Arsenal won all the away matches against big teams Aaron has played in

  58. raptora

    Never said anything good re Mikki’s swap. Read the comments.

    Needed a real pacy winger instead of Mikki and a powerful CDM like N’zonzi or Danilo or someone. Auba had to be bought in the summer and keep Giroud. Lacazette shouldn’t have ever landed at our club. Half of your problems solved in this shambolic lineup that has no balance in it.

    Our plan to seat back tight was never going to work. All on Wenger for picking this strategy. We played like a minnow team. And he thought that his team can defend? In which world has he lived?

  59. Bamford10


    He would have made a siginificant difference. Not saying we would’ve won, but we would’ve been much better going forward, much better on the counter on account of Ramsey’s running.

    No offense, but anyone who can’t see this basic point should either be watching a different game or not commenting on this one.

  60. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Seriously Bamford, get over your sudden love-in for Ramsey. All he would have done is what he does 99% of the time, run all over the pitch like a headless chicken and disrupt the flow. You fawn over the guy cause he has one match in twenty where he shows some potential and then does what he does best, gets injured.

    Stop it already, its beyond embarrassing.

  61. Buckhurst Gun

    I said The league was dead for us before this and it defo is now , all the stuff that’s been going on at Arsenal so far , new scout etc , it’s all being laid out for the new manager , can’t even force any emotion for this loss because I’m just looking forwards to the big change coming , new managerial blood will ramp up this team – genuinely not bothered by today’s result because I am absolutely certain Wenger goes this summer and a new era begins

  62. Guernsey gun

    When you pay 52m for a striker who’s clean through, away at your biggest rival, losing 1-0 in the 90th minute but sorry I expect the cunt to hit the target and if it’s saved I expect him to fuck their keeper up in frustration. What we get is a beautiful replay of walcottism. Fookin shoot me in the head right now.

  63. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “No offense, but anyone who can’t see this basic point should either be watching a different game or not commenting on this one.”

    Says LeGrove’s Over-Officious Jerk of Jerks!

  64. raptora

    Three of their players pressing not even that much and we can’t move the ball forward. How is Wenger getting paid if he hasn’t thought his team the basic of moving the ball forward when under pressure?! Holly balls that was a new low for Arsenal. Not making a single attack for over 70 minutes. Iwobi although he fked up several attacks, was at least willing to try stuff. Terrible display. Should have lost by 5 goals really.

  65. Bamford10


    Except that all I said is that we are better with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, and better with Ramsey in advanced midfield positions.

    I stand by that, and today doesn’t touch that opinion in the least.

    I also told you that whether we could beat Spurs remained an open question.

    So I don’t see how anything I said was/is incorrect.

  66. Batistuta

    Have to agree with RED

    Jeez the jizzing over Ramsey thing especially after the Everton win has been pretty embarrassing


    We’ve had Ramsey in games where we’ve been hammered badly and having him in a game like this where our midfield was constantly over run wouldn’t have made any difference

  67. Bamford10

    Tony D

    Except that deployed as the advanced midfielder, Ramsey would’ve had two holding mids behind him, and his runs wouldn’t have exposed us at all. So, no.

  68. Leftsidesanch

    Stop reaching Bob, Sanchez wouldn’t have affected today’s result. Our games v decent teams (Spurs aren’t a big team) are won and lost in the middle of the park. Our midfield hasn’t been good enough for years. No combo in our current squad would have changed today’s result.

  69. Guernsey gun

    All the cunts on here knocking one out for Henry the Hoover as I will hereby call him. His display today was utterly shocking and entirely how you would expect someone to play who’s been on a 3 day coke binge. Where was Ramsey not even in the squad… cos Henry sorry Mikki the coke snort gets priority. Embarrassing stuff.

  70. Hurst

    Everyone is loosing their heads over the performance today but here is my take

    That defense is an issue we need to get it sorted ….bellerin ?
    Elneny is not a premier league level player
    Ozil is not a winger Mr wenger get it through your thick outdated
    Finally we have an outdated and reactionary manager at the helm
    Get arsene out and we have solved 70% of our problems

  71. Leftsidesanch

    The last time we won a game away to a top side was with Cazorla and Coq in the middle of the park which was our last competant pairing.

    Even early Arteta and Ramsey were more effective than what we have to offer now.

  72. Bamford10

    No one is “jizzing” over anyone. All that is being said is that Ramsey gives us something in midfield which neither Wilshere, Elneny or Xhaka gives us.

    Again, no offense, but if you can’t see this, you shouldn’t be commenting on football, at least not here.

  73. Guernsey gun

    Don’t blame the Defence on this one. Auba, Henry the Hoover, Ozil and wiltord were utter dog shit. This is the first live game I’ve seen in a while and Hoover needs serious detox. Jose is no fool.

  74. TonyD

    Sorry Bam I don’t see it that way.

    Spuds would have run riot with the 2 DMs

    Ramsey is an ill disciplined one off game merchant.

    His next Everton game performance is due near the end of the season against a relegation team.

  75. Buckhurst Gun


    Didn’t Sanchez just play for a man united side that got beat by spurs ?

    Thought so

    He wouldn’t have changed today’s result m

    Only one thing would have and that’s a new manager

  76. Batistuta

    Again, no offense, but if you can’t see this, you shouldn’t be commenting on football, at least not here.

    Yea Bamford, we should all now to your superiority of all things football, you really have a bloated sense of your importance on here