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Ok, so, this is my SECOND preview of the game because I didn’t pay attention yesterday.

Now, I don’t usually post PR stories, but these stats read really well. Pierre has the best goals per minute ratio of all our past players. Sure, he’s played in way less games, but let’s take the W’s where we can.


What, you want more pictures?

With the Puma deal with Arsenal coming to a close next summer, and Puma dropping a mint-f*ck-you kit, it’s clear a new sponsor is looming. So why not speculate about it being Adidas, and why not share the sweetness of some of the STUNNING designs of @SteveSinyard.


THAT is how you design a kit. Someone sign that guy up and make him head of kit design at our next kit maker.

In yet MORE exciting news, Jack Wilshere is rumoured to be on the verge of signing up to a pay-as-you-play type deal that flexes from £90-110k per week. Jeremy Wilson revealed talks are progressing well, and he’ll likely put pen to paper. But what about Aaron, Mr Wenger?

“I’m positive because I want Jack to stay. I do the maximum I can to make him happy”

“He is a little bit different, with less time constraints than with Jack. With Jack it is now. With Aaron, do we lose two weeks or three weeks, it doesn’t matter much. I want him to stay as well. Especially if he starts to score hat-tricks!”

Yeah, get it, let’s play Aaron’s contract nice and casual, we have the time in th…


Bit of a weird comment. On paper, it’s like he’s been caught lying and he’s covering his tracks. Read the back half of that comment with a nervous laugh and a sweaty brow. Maybe I’m sleuthing too hard. I just think Wenger goes BIG on Jack and wanting to make him a happy camper… and it’s a bit tepid on Aaron.

We shall see.

There’s quite a lot of negativity surrounding Arsenal in the press build up to the Spurs game. I mean, it’s kind of grounding. I think I’ve gotten so carried away with an acceptable trasnfer window, I’ve lost sight of my pragmatism. Jonathan Wilson put me straight.

A rare mood of optimism seems to have settled over the Emirates Stadium, although there have been plenty of those that have gone nowhere over the past decade. It’s likely anyway to be challenged at Wembley on Saturday by a Tottenham side who lie four points above them in the Premier League table and who offer a reminder of their younger selves.

Spurs are youthful and thrusting, blessed with an innovative and likable manager who likes to develop his own talent, and excited by the prospect of a move to a new stadium – just as Arsenal were a decade ago. That should both concern Spurs, for whom their neighbours serve as a warning of the consequences of endlessly deferred fulfilment, and terrify Arsenal, who risk seeing their rivals achieve success with their blueprint.

He even went there… you know, the Ozil place you simply don’t go.

“Whether they are what Arsenal needed is a very different issue. Equally, while the retention of Mesut Özil has been presented as a coup, it may just as well be asked why no other club was prepared to meet the wage demands of a player who would have been available on a free transfer in the summer.”

But, here’s the thing. You can be as pragmatic as you like, but the reality is Spurs/AFC isn’t usually a form game. It’s a battle. Anyone could win the game, so it’s fair to be confident. It’s 50/50. Especially as the hype around Spurs doesn’t tally up with a miserly 4 point lead they have over a team that’s been in absolute freefall this year.

Wenger has a point on Poch. He’s won more. Outperformed him bar last season. Yet his job is under question and the Poch is being linked with Madrid.

Again, I’m getting carried away. Poch is developing players, he’s working on £100m a year less than Wenger, and he is totally worthy of the hype.

I’m just trying to give Wenger some credit before tomorrow.

Right, that’s me done. Last chance for the podcast.

Tomorrow, we dine in hell! 🔴

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  1. Bamford10


    Sorry, but are you really suggesting that the differences between Ramsey’s game and Wilshere’s game are not obvious? I hope not.

    Am I still on Le Grove? What is going on here?

  2. Marko

    That you have agreed with Batistuta — who sees no difference between the two — is embarrassing.

    I agreed with him that they’re both shit and we need better than them in midfield going forward. That you seem to be arguing that Ramsey would have made a difference to today’s performance is embarrassing. It’s not like he’s made that much of a difference in the humiliating defeats that he’s started in. Like I said they’re two peas in the same pod. Funny thing is during the period that he was injured and Wilshere was playing “well” the criticism was that the second Aaron was fit Wilshere would be unfairly benched and now that doesn’t seem to be an issue I guess

  3. champagne charlie

    Eriksen has pace and dribbling ability? LOL shut up mate, that’s an awful comment. Ozil wipes the floor in both regards with him and that’s saying something.

    Can’t even take you seriously after that comment, calling dishonest and saying I distort the truth….then stating I think Wenger is fantastic even though I explicitly said he HAS BEEN. No words for your delusions.

  4. Bamford10


    One, that isn’t what Batistuta was arguing.

    Two, Ramsey WOULD HAVE made a difference today.

    I’m not saying it would’ve changed the result, but to suggest that our anemic and unathletic central midfield today couldn’t have benefitted from Ramsey’s energy and running is just silly.

  5. alexanderhenry

    Well, that’s us definitely out of the CL. I missed the game but I thought we had a good chance today. That’s not how it panned out apparently.

    As bad as it is to lose to Spurs, there is a positive to today’s result. It means that this is the genuinely dreadful season arsenal fans have been expecting for some years now- unless we win the Europa league which is extremely unlikely.

    Fan discontent will increase and the club will have to do something about it or risk losing ST holders. There will a drop in revenue from no CL, rumblings from sponsors and I would imagine less merchandise sold.

    So, the club will have to act. Change at last.

  6. Samir

    Our problem is that the squad is very unbalanced. Look at City with Fernandinho and Gundogan at CM.

    We need a new and tough DM. We also have no proper wingers.
    Let the clear-out continue:
    We need a serious rebuild over the next 2 seasons, under a new manager.

  7. Kay

    For me its all down to the manager.
    When we were chasing the game in the last 10 mins, we were still trying to score those beautiful goals with through balls or try to walk it to the net.
    However when spuds scored it was a cros and head goal.
    Whats wrong in banging in 10 crosses in the last 10 mins when spuds were trying to cling on to thier lead?

    The other point is going the extra mile.
    Xhaka and Iwobi were literally waiting for the ball to come in perfectly onto their feet. Whenever u see someone like monreal pass it a bit wayward even if it is that they can stretch and reach the ball, they dont do it. We ended up losing possession so many times that way. Its just infuriating.

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Bamford – “Batistuta…No offence, but you just don’t see the game very well. A person who doesn’t see the difference between what Jack brings to the game and what Ramsey brings to the game just doesn’t see much when he watches the game. Sorry. Get someone else with more patience to explain the obvious to you. Or review their statistics.”

    Patience? This coming from someone who has cried like a fucking baby to Pedro to have everyone and their Uncle banned because he’s such a miserable jerk that no one thinks like him. Get over yourself you lousy pant-waste!

  9. Bamford10


    If you were only speaking of a past Wenger, when did he stop being a great manager?

    And if you don’t think he is still a great manager, why would you suggest that he could still lead Arsenal to a title under different ownership? Doesn’t one need to be great to win a title?

    And again, I never said any of those things you attributed to me.

    You’re just a wanker.

  10. Marko

    Eriksen has pace and dribbling ability? LOL shut up mate, that’s an awful comment. Ozil wipes the floor in both regards with him and that’s saying something.

    Seriously Eriksen can go past players…Ozil can’t. He can pass around him though. How did they both compare today though? In a big game too?

    Two, Ramsey WOULD HAVE made a difference today.I’m not saying it would’ve changed the result, but to suggest that our anemic and unathletic central midfield today couldn’t have benefitted from Ramsey’s energy and running is just silly.

    One you can use all the CAPITALS you want but it don’t make it so and two Ramsey suffers from the exact same problems that Jack suffers from and that’s consistency. He played very well against Everton but had he started today I don’t think the result would have been much different. We were more than a Ramsey away from competing with Spurs away from home today

  11. Leedsgunner

    Pacey dribblers are easy to the eye but their effect can be negated if you have a solid defence that mark properly.

    That’s what Tottenham did.

    Also, if you have accurate passers, one can achieve the same effect as the dribblers if you have targets who are willing to run into the correct channels, provided our build up play is quick and crisp.

    Tottenham cut off these channels, our runners and passers were left stranded, left passing into blind alleys where their defenders could press our attackers out of the game. Furthermore our build up play was way too slow.

  12. Kay

    The team had a game plan in the first half and played well.

    Its clearly to do with whatever half time talk that happened in the dressing room.
    We could have wont the game in the 2nd half if we were as tight as how we were in the 1st half.
    We lost our compactness in the 2nd half and eventually we fell apart.

    The Mid and Defense were really compact and Alli, Kane and Erickson dint have anything clear cut except the Kane s first miss.

  13. Bamford10


    Right, I’m not a patient person and have never claimed to be. I think you’re getting a little confused, though.

    Regardless, are you another one of these who sees little to no difference between Wilshere and Ramsey’s games?

  14. Marko

    When we were chasing the game in the last 10 mins, we were still trying to score those beautiful goals with through balls or try to walk it to the net.
    However when spuds scored it was a cros and head goal.
    Whats wrong in banging in 10 crosses in the last 10 mins when spuds were trying to cling on to thier lead?

    Thank you. That’s what I’m saying fill your team up with number 10’s and it becomes all predictable and your left with the full backs to add width and put in crosses. We barely cross the ball anyway

  15. alexanderhenry


    I said there was a positive aspect to it. That’s not the same as being ‘in favour of arsenal losing games’.

  16. Frankie Coffeecakes

    What is it, 10 points in 14 Road matches this season? Thats just never going to be good enough to get you anywhere near Top 4.

    Isnt it time that this sad act comes to a merciful end? Its beyond ridiculous as to why Wenger insists on punishing himself by believing that he can can lightning in a bottle. Then again, it was likely assured that it was going to end this way for someone so self-absorbed and egotistically arrogant.

  17. Kay

    Wilshere had 2 clear through balls today.
    1 for Auba which was ruled offside.
    1 which welbeck couldnt control.

    We were playing well whenever wilshere had the ball in control.

    Wilshere was the least of the peoblem today. Actually he was one of the better players today.

    Its Xhaka and Iwobi who were totally shit and useless today.

  18. champagne charlie

    Eriksen isn’t quick and doesn’t go past players anymore than Ozil does so your narration on the subject is agenda driven and nothing more. I’m not even going to sink to the ridiculous depths of comparing the two players, Ozil shits on Eriksen. They’re both creative midfielders and there’s literally no comparing the two from that standpoint.

    It’s only when people like yourself start altering realities that debates occur. Eriksen is a budget Ozil, fact. What’s the Ramsey soundbite all about? Was he playing today? No, because he’s perennially missing with niggles, debate over.

    I’ve said all I need to on the subject, you continue to trot off into a different direction and make things up as you go along. All the best with that, but you said everything I mentioned….though I’m apparently the dishonest one. Banter

  19. David Smith

    Agree Alexander, the club now have to act, I suspect with Sven and Raul, they are doing just that. Stan has to realise he has made a massive mistake, that the manager is depreciating the clubs expensive assets , and allow those who know about the game to take charge and rid us of Wenger this summer.
    If he won’t go voluntarily, a distinct possibility, they have to sack him.
    Failure to do so will have even bigger negative ramifications for the club than exist already.
    Wenger going into a final season will kill the club for years to come

  20. Bamford10


    One, you need to make it clearer who you’re dirscting your comments at as I have no idea who the Eriksen/Ozil remarks are aimed at. Not me, I hope, as I’ve said nothing about that.

    Two, your reply to my point about Ramsey is just weak. Whether they are both inconsistent is a red herring and beside the point. Whether Ramsey’s energy and running would have brought something different to our midfield today was the question. I think it would have; you apparently don’t think it would have.

    Fine. That’s the disagreement.

  21. Kay

    You can go for high balls too from mid.
    FFS Song used to do it for RVPs goals.

    Whats the use of having Auba welbeck and Lacazette all playing and u still dont ping the ball from deep?!?

    Its all down to wenger for me.

  22. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Bamford – No, I see differences between the two, they are who they are and each are talented in their own way. Similarities between them are obvious, they both are injury prone and as such, basically offer limited value to the team long term. What bothers me about you is that suddenly Ramsey has become da bomb. Youve never given him two thoughts pretty much all season and now suddenly you cant stop gushing about him. He’s not all that and a bag of chips, so why try to make him out as the second coming of what never was?

    You are making a big deal over nothing and you are getting lost in your passionate defense of what never was. Think about it, this is Ramsey we are talking about, not Patrick Viera.

  23. Bamford10

    Again, I never described any of those players in the terms Charlie says I did. He is simply being dishonest, again.

    Search the record and dig up the quotes if I said those things, Charlie. That’s how we do things here.

    You won’t be able to, though, because I never did.


  24. Bamford10


    Except that I haven’t said he’s “the bomb”. I’ve simply said he brings something to our midfield that we need at the moment and that a Jack Wilshere doesn’t bring.

    What bothers me about guys like you is your habit of misrepresenting what others are saying, as I’ve pointed out with the “the bomb” remark above.

    Regardless, glad to hear you see the difference between Ramsey and Wilshere’s games.

  25. alexanderhenry

    David Smith

    As you know, Stan is happy for his clubs to just muddle along as long as they stay in the black.
    Arsenal are now unquestionably in a downward spiral. It’ll be fascinating to see how he reacts.

  26. Redtruth

    Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal:

    Player ratings from Anfield

    Cech 7 – Produced a string of saves to stop Liverpool winning by a cricket score.

    Holding 4 – Booked. Was left with third-degree burns after being scorched by Mane.

    Koscielny 6 – Not even the skipper’s return could steady Arsenal’s rocky defence.

    Monreal 4 – Wilted under the white heat of Liverpool’s almost-constant pressure.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain 5 – Another victim of Mane in what could be his last Arsenal game.

    Xhaka 4 – Booked. Was a virtual spectator at times as Liverpool bypassed him.

    Ramsey 4 – Struggled to get a foot in against Liverpool’s rampant play.

    Bellerin 5 – Lost the ball to Salah for Liverpool’s third and was poor.

    Ozil 5 – Booked. Dragged a shot wide and can do better than this.

    Welbeck 5 – Booked. Missed a good early chance when he shot over off balance.

    Sanchez 5 – Pretty anonymous on his return and possibly farewell appearance.

    Subs: Coquelin (Ramsey 45mins) 6, Giroud (Sanchez 62mins) 6, Lacazette (Oxlade-Chamberlain 62mins) 5

    Subs not used: Ospina, Walcott, Mustafi, Kolasinac.

  27. champagne charlie


    Hilarious. Doling out quips about how ‘we’ do things here. It’s a blog and you’re not more important than RED ffs, despite where your ego places yourself.

    But by all means go and search out where is stated Wenger is a fantastic manager and that we should continue with him as you’ve said I have. It’s what we do here supposedly…

  28. Bamford10


    One, you just told us that Wenger “has been a fantastic manager” for Arsenal.

    You haven’t told us when he STOPPED being fantastic, though, so just how committed you are to the claim that he has been fantastic is a little unclear. Was he “fantastic” in 2008? In 2012? In 2014?

    As for winning the title, the whole blog remembers when you told us that you believed he could lead us to a title under different ownership. Indeed, you acknowledged that you said this today, so why would I have to dig it up?

    On the other hand, I never said the things you attributed to me. You were simply being dishonest, as is your habit.

  29. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “What bothers me about guys like you is your habit of misrepresenting what others are saying”

    What bothers me about you Bamford is your holier than thou attitude, like your some fucking expert and everyone here should somehow recognize that. I said it before and i’ll keep saying it, get over yourself you over-officious jerk of jerks!

  30. TonyD

    Leicester were chasing shadows for much of the game against City.

    Hence the 5:1 score.

    Nothing short of a miracle can help us win the cup.

    Ditto the EL cup.

    6th place and nothing else will be or best effort this season.

    Plus s hell of a lot of lost revenue from no CL and the knock on from reduction in sponsorship income.