NEW KIT LEAK OH MY NO | Wenger wants less emotion and some points

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Bruised Banana COULD have been coming our way.

Nike: This could have been you but you Puma



YES. Yes I am.

The great thing about these games over the years is it doesn’t matter how good your form is… it’s a bucket of madness every time.

It’s cliche to say, but form really goes out the dog flap.

Tomorrow’s game has gone from absolute dread, to slightly intriguing.

Say what you will about the mighty Pochettino, but his Spurs side have been landing plaudits all season and they’re only 4 points ahead of us. Pretty pony if you ask me. That tells me they’re entirely beatable tomorrow.

I watched them against Liverpool at the weekend. If it weren’t for some pretty unfair reffing, they’d have lost that game (great news that it was a draw tbf). Trouble with them is they really are lethal all over the park. Not the ideal side to come up against when you’re defending like amateurs.

It’s a huge game for the midfield. Aaron Ramsey isn’t going to be gifted an opportunity to do whatever like he was against Everton last week. He’ll have to channel that discipline he had against Chelsea away earlier in the season. His runs will have to be timed smartly and he’ll have to consider the team. If you expose the backline against Spurs, they have killer lining up ready to execute you.

I personally think we really missed Jack Wilshere against Swansea. He’s experienced in North London derbies and I think he’d be a great option tomorrow. However, Wenger will be seeing that Ramsey hattrick and the post-Sanchez lift in his performance and no doubt be keen to see if the cloud really has been lifted on his xProduction stats.

So what will we see? Will Arsene play things tactically? Will we see 4-3-2-1? Will he go with 3 at the back? Will he play 2 strikers? So many options. The question is whether he plays Ramsey or Wilshere, in an ideal world, I’d go with both. I’m not sure Xhaka gives us any defensive stability, and to be honest, I’d prefer Elneney over the Swiss.

The forward mix is going to be interesting. If he goes all out, will we see Iwobi on the left because he defends, Mikki right with Auba central… with Ozil sitting in behind? Or will we channel 2006, and rock a 4-5-1 and play the Henry inspired counter attack game?

The Puma 'fuck-you-very-much' we're off kit

The Puma ‘fuck-you-very-much’ we’re off kit

Wenger was asked about cheating and whether he was into the dark arts after the dirty cheating foreigner down the road admitted he is solely responsible for coaching cheating into a sweethearted young boy who just want to make hooker sex tapes in his spare time.

‘We have to get the diving out of the game. I remember there were tremendous cases here when foreign players did it but I must say the English players have learned very quickly and they might even be the masters now.’

To be honest, it’s refreshing as an Englishman, to have your players recognised for being internationally world class at something outside drinking. Also, Wenger’s comments are so on the money. English players are the pits when it comes to cheating, all this ‘honest as the day is long’ nonsense is so old-fashioned. Harry Kane and Alli are disgraceful on the regular.

I’m not saying our players are any better, but they are.

Wenger is keen that the players don’t lose their shit tomorrow. Wembley is basically our home from home of late, what, 10 games there and 9 wins? I don’t think the emotion of the occasion will get to anyone.

‘The players know because we’ve had many players who have been here for years. The good thing in sport is that you have to find a good balance between being rational and emotional.’

I’m actually incredibly excited to see how our attack plays. I’m looking forward to seeing what we do with a striker who can outpace a fat dog on a skateboard. I’m looking forward to seeing if the future is here, or Everton just tricked us by being so utterly useless.

It’s going to be a cracker.

Damn, I’ve literally worked so many hours this week, I thought it was Friday and the game was tomorrow.

What a joke.

Enjoy regardless, and hear our thoughts on Spurs on this week’s podcast.

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  1. PhD07

    MysticleavesFebruary 8, 2018 17:29:37
    Re MahrezHe clearly wanted out since the summer they won the league, yet was foolish enough to sign an extension last summer when they threw 80-100k at his foot. Money is not everything. He is learning the hard way. I have little pity for him. He should get back to work
    Such myopic thinking..

    Let’s start off with the fact,that the club valuing him,wanted to protect their investment,by offering him a new and improved contract,given that he was on the radar of many clubs..

    Thus,should a club seek out his services,Leicester City would demand a premium..

    Secondly,let’s look at it from Mahrez’s perspective,he renews his contract on new and improved terms,based on his performances.With a clause that might possibly stipulate,should a club wish to hire his services in the future,would have to meet a certain asking price/valuation,be in the premiership/top4champions league club,etc,etc..

    What’s to say,the club haven’t held him to ransom?Or have reneged on the deal between player and club,hence the relationship and trust between player and
    club has irretrievably broken down?

    Lastly,a player’s career is finite.A decade at best..Do you think Mahrez play’s for himself?

    Don’t you factor into your arguments,that this guy,could be responsible for an extended family.That he has many mouths to feed..

    Do you think all foreign players,only feed themselves and their wives?

    Some foreign players,find their wages spread over an entire village.So,they would be foolish not to maximise their potential earnings at their peak..

    Would like to see you spread £100k per week,feeding a family of 40 extended family members for a decade…Could you manage it-you snowflake..??

  2. Pierre

    Play jack alongside xhaka and move Ramsey into a more attacking role replacing iwobi… This will allow us to be more solid through midfield and therefore have an attacking 4 of özil, mihkatarhan, Aubameyang and Ramsey who can alternate their position (except Aubameyang).. This will take some of the defensive responsibility away from Ramsey though of course he will still need to track back.

  3. Charlie Nick

    Agree with Pierre, bin iwobi and play jack and aaron.
    Prediction; Ozil is brought down for a pen and 1-0 to The Arsenal.

  4. raptora

    As far as my personal observation go, I think Ramsey literally HATES playing close to the flank. If you think about it, we don’t really see him go too close to the sidelines at all during matches. He prefers to play to operate exclusively in the middle.

    Recent memory is from the Chelsea game away, when he had an absolute gem of a performance, but for the last 10+ minutes when Iwobi got subbed for Elneny and Ramsey had to play on the right flank. He literally lost control of the ball in 4 out of 5 times from then on. Earlier in his career he was used there as well and he was pretty bad at it and didn’t look like he was enjoying his time there either.

    Truth is, his pace is very limited, his dribble and control also. All of those are essential for a winger.

    So probably put Mikki on the flank and let Ramsey play in the middle.

  5. HillWood

    Pedro thinks we play the Scum tomorrow (Friday)
    Pierre talking gibberish
    The return of Phd007
    Wenger talking bollocks
    All is well on Le Grove

  6. Cesc Appeal

    ——Bellerin, Mustafi, Kozz, Monreal—-
    ———Xhaka/Elneny/Maitland Niles—-

    Solid centre and go for the counter attack where Liverpool exposed them.

    High scoring draw I think in any event.

  7. Samesong

    Wenger will play the same team. Unless there’s an injury. I would stick with Iwobi (Am I mad?).he played well against Everton, start the lad against the chavs.

  8. Bay Area Gooner

    I think this is a draw 2-2
    This will be a good challenge for Auba. We need to play to his strengths and somehow have him get a good run at and away from the defense and crack their back line. I seriously need to stop watching TH14 vids with my kids on youtube.

    No but really, hopefully he feels more adjusted now, and is over the mystery illness.
    I want to see him open up space too…. I need to see a volume of shots on their goal

  9. Mark

    Although it would never happen under Wenger, I’d like to see us play the following 4-4-2 with Ozil & Mhki slightly ahead of AMN & jack .

    Mhki has shown he can win the ball back & defend. I’d bench Bellerin , can’t see the new Greek kid being any worse if reports are to be believed.
    Cech is finished still hasn’t saved a penalty since he’s been here! With wanker Taylor in charge I’d put money on Spud’s getting a pen.
    Xaka can warm the bench for the rest of the season. AMN is worth a shot in his natural position , and won’t just watch players run past him to score! Ramsey not enough discipline or good enough consistently, don’t be fooled by his 1st Ever hat trick.

    With Auba & Laca up front we have players who will make runs that Ozil & Mhki can feed. Goals aplenty as with good service (and renewed confidence if he’s played) Laca is clinical and can smash in goals. That disallowed goal at Stoke should remind you of what he can do.

    Laca has had a lot of stick which I don’t feel is totally fair. Our tipi tapi slow build up plays didn’t help. Plenty of times in games I saw him go to make runs but the ball was never released, till he just stopped making them. Constant substitutions on 70 mins … All help to destroy a strikers confidence. Anyway here’s my starting Xl .


    Mavropos Kos Mustafi. Nacho

    AMN. Wiltshere.

    . Ozil. Mhki.

    Laca. Auba

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs strength is their midfield, you have to have bodies in there.

    Wanyama, Dembele and Eriksen will all be in there and Alli will drop in from time to time. If they play three at the back Dier will occasionally go into midfield as well.

    Interested to see if Lucas starts against us,will be a pacey outlet for them that they have not had in recent games. Will be one for Arsenal to watch out for.

  11. Bay Area Gooner

    Or plug the midfield and clog this shit up
    Hit them with PEA when they tire out

    Bell Mus Kos Nacho
    El Neny
    Ozil Wishere Mikki Iwobi

  12. Cesc Appeal

    I would seriously actually consider Maitland Niles for the game.

    Play him at CDM with Ramsey and Wilshere either side, tell him plenty of energy, track Alli and Eriksen, shield the back and just look to stop Spurs breaking on us. He has the energy and the strength to do that.

    He has responded well to big games and it is a big chance to make a name for yourself. I am not really convinced he can do a worse job in that role than Xhaka or Elneny which says something about them.

  13. Carts

    Our midfield is a clusterfuck the longer Wenger persist with Xhaka.

    P4P, Xhaka has fuck all on Wanyama, Dier and Dembele. Only thing worth noting is his height and possibly deliveries from set-piece.

    I’d like to see AMN, Elneny and Wilshere in front of the defense. We need stability.

    Ozil and Mkhitaryan behind PEA.

    I think Spurs will bottle it tomorrow. I predict 3 points.

  14. Bay Area Gooner

    As most are saying, I agree that Spurs have the horses we need to stop them from running us over. Their midfield is indeed a huge strength of theirs. Those fellas have the legs and athleticism to punish us.
    I dont mind AMN playing. We do need to stuff our midfield – make it ugly
    Hit them with PEA or Iwobi or Mikki on the counter late on in the game

  15. WengerEagle

    I think that we’ll beat Spurs too on Sat.

    They’ll have one eye on Tuesday for their trip to Turin, UCL is where Poch’s focus will be imo and our new boys have started well and will be dangerous on the break.

  16. Bay Area Gooner

    of course we can play Song- give him a one game at a time contract.
    That fool is a beast and strong as an ox. Great to shield the back 4.
    Or even drop into a back 5

  17. WengerEagle

    Suarez absolutely back to his best, been MOTM by far tonight.

    He looks a yard faster once again, would not be surprised to hear if he’s not been physically 100% the last year.

  18. Carts


    I don’t see what Spurs stand to gain by prioritising anything towards the Juve game.

    Anything can happen, with the away goals etc, and Spurs can take a lot of confidence from their performances against Real. I think they’ll lose in Turin but win at Wembly

    But in all honesty, they aren’t winning shit. They desperately need the 3 point if they stand a chance of getting top 4. Chelsea and Liverpool are simply to wobbly right now.

  19. WengerEagle


    They’re right on the tails of Liverpool and Chelsea, 3 points at this stage is not make or break, the Juventus game however they’ll need absolutely everybody to be at their peak to have a chance.

    Not saying that they’ll throw the NLD but can’t see them atarting all of their strongest players.

    UCL is cup comp, anything can happen as you say. They bested the European Champions over two matches in the groups finishing top and they have the most prolific CF in Europe, they have more than a chance against Juventus imo.

  20. WengerEagle

    Juventus are in a smiliarly tricky predicament tbf, they can’t really afford to take make the league of lesser importance as they’re away to a dangerous Fiorentina side that are excellent at home and Napoli are a winning juggernaut this season.

  21. Nw9 gooner

    WE you beng sarcastic but its true some people are just stupid how can Song be better than what we have . Even Xhaka with his limitations is a better option

  22. WengerEagle

    Bet the house on PSG to beat Real Madrid btw.

    I think that they could be embarrassed at the Bernabeu if they’re not careful.

    Neymar, M’Bappe and Cavani will be hungry and out to showcase why they’re the best attacking trio in world footy after sleepwalking through the last couple of months of domestic French football.

  23. WengerEagle


    I don’t see what we stand to lose by putting him a pay as you play personally,he’ll very likely be worse than he was in 2012 but he’s another option and he’s better than Flamini was on his return for sure.

    As for Nasri, the lad can still ball, was very good last year for Sevilla.

  24. Carts


    Ah, I didn’t actually realise that they were 2 points off 3rd. I think results will go their way. Have a feeling Liverpool will drop points away to Soton. And seeing how Chelsea looked against Watford, I can see West Brom nicking a point.

    A massive positive for spurs is that they have a near fit squad to choose from. Wanyama, Lamela, Alderwireld and Rose are all back.

  25. BacaryisGod

    Looks like the end has been confirmed for Santi. Arsene, when comparing him with Mkhitaryan just said ‘Cazorla was an exceptional football player’.

    He’s a past tense player now. We all expected it but such a terrible end to a great career. He probably saved Arsene’s career with that free-kick against Hull to make it 1-2, but I’m sure even the true Arsene-haters will forgive him for this.

  26. Carts

    Real v PSG will have goals.

    One thing I’ve noticed about PSG and especially Real, if that they concede soft goals. At times embarrassingly soft.

    Casmeiro will have his work cut out if he’s assigned the tasked of hanging from Neymar’s scotum. Neymar win plenty of fouls all over the pitch. However, Emery will need someone to sit very deep cos Neymar’s ball retention at times is shocking.

  27. Carts

    Cazorla was/is an outrageous baller. I maintain that we should’ve signed him 2 season earlier, but he’sbeen a fine servant.

    Unbelievable how it went from an ankle injury to 10 operation and nearly having your foot amputated.

  28. WengerEagle


    Agree, Chelsea are a mess atm and West Brom will be licking their lips. Would be very Klopp/Liverpool to drop points to Southampton too.

    Re Neymar, think his ball retention is better than you give him credit for, he does get dispossessed a lot but he’s by far the best dribbler on the planet, in terms of numbers and his unique combination of pace, skill and unpredictability.

    He’ll give their RB an absolute nightmare, he beat Dani Alves like a ginger step-child vs Juventus last season in their 1 vs 1 duels.

    Carvajal is also out which is huge, no way they play that awful young Morccan kid who’s the usual back-up, extremely green and error prone, he’ll get mutilated wouldn’t even be fair.

  29. WengerEagle

    Fel bad for Santi, wonderful pure footballer and one of the best I’ve seen from a technique standpoint, as ambidextrous as they come too.

    His physical limitations used to annoy me but nonetheless he provided a lot of memorable moments, he made the 2012-13 season watchable and was the sole spark the entire campaign.

    Always played with a smile on his face.

  30. Carts


    Neymar dribbling is nothing short of outrageous. his low centre of gravity and turn of pace is incomparable to any out there besides Messi.

    His ability to win fouls anywhere will be huge; maybe I am being a tad harsh on his ball retention, but Casmeiro nicks that ball and moves it to Modric quickly then PSG will be at 6s & 7s.

  31. WengerEagle


    Could well play a factor, you’re not wrong.

    He’s not as efficient as Messi yet in terms of silly play instances, you almost never see Messi get dispossessed barring a mazy dribble where he attempts to beat multiple defenders whereas Neymar’s more prone to playing bad passes/miscontrolling the ball.

    Having said that, he’s a more dynamic dribbler than Messi who as great as he is, at this stage in his career losing a yard or two is cutting onto that wand of a left 9 times out of 10, Neymar if anything dribbles past players on the outside onto his weaker foot more often than cutting in and shooting.

  32. Elmo

    I’d be looking at the Spurs v United game as key guidance on how to approach this game.

    With Xhaka’s inability to receive under pressure and redistribute quickly, and the propensity for catastrophic individual mistakes from our defenders and GKs, the Spuds high press will lead to us coughing up 2+ cheap goals unless we have a game plan to minimise these errors.

    I simply wouldn’t play Xhaka and would have Wilshere playing deep with the responsibility of receiving from defence and shifting it quickly (he’s not Santi, but he’s the only CM we have who is technically strong). Potentially Elneny alongside him, but I’d risk the partnership with Ramsey in a 4-2-3-1. We’re not going to match them for power and physicality in the middle with our personnel, so I’d be focusing on not handing them gifts in our own half and looking to be devastating on the counter.

    I’d have spent most of the week drilling the defence and MF on how to move the ball out from the back to defeat their press, hoping to make the likes of Mustafi feel more confident and decisive so he doesn’t get caught out. The attackers have the raw ability to ‘express themselves,’ Wenger-style.

    Bellerin Mustafi Kos Monreal
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Mkhi Ozil Iwobi
    Big P

  33. Leedsgunner

    Courtois wants out of Chelsea. We should push hard for him. No doubt if Real Madrid come calling we won’t have a chance but if he wants to stay in London we should be in there with his agent making our case.

  34. graham62

    What’s happening to our wonderful game?

    Players going on strike/The PFA digging a hole for themselves/Rochdale being criticised for having a substandard pitch/English players being praised as expert divers/The affluent Chelsea U-21’s, who have achieved zilch, showing how crazy the game has become.

    Maybe Wenger’s values are relevant.

  35. Brooklyn

    Ali sure, but Kane, I won’t call him a diver yet. Let him dive for penalty or free kicks atleast 3-4 times and then we can call him diver.

    Last year I think when we started playing back 5 I said, play Chambers ahead of Bellerin, for the fact that Chambers is very good on ball, not dribbling but other aspects, like Alonso for Chelsea. But now, Bellerin has become very good defensive RB. His pace and work rate allows him to get forward, so he should probably try improving his crossing and link up play with mids.

  36. Brooklyn

    Courtious wants out of Chelsea, but reason he gives is because his childrens are in Madrid, with his ex-gf. If he stays in London(England), I am sure he will resign with Chelsea, and all this posturing is for higher salary for ongoing contract negotiations.

    Nacho will play as RB for Madrid against PSG. While decent going forward, he is very good defensively. But still Neymar is Neymar, we shall see. I give that game 50-50, but if I have to choose, I will go with Madrid as favourites.

  37. Brooklyn

    I think we will do better tomorrow, if we manage to make game boring, with odd sprinkle of some quick and direct play. Not, playing exclusively defensively and trying counter attack. But, playing boring possession football, from time to time with out losing defensive solidity, to lower the tempo of game. I would like to think, we have some x factor in our team now. Our bench strength should give us advantage, we can manage to make game boring, specially if we manage to go to 60 mins mark with draw or with a goal lead.

  38. Bamford10


    Agree with all you say there, but given that Elneny is tidy and reliable with the ball and hard-working, I would pair him with Wilshere and push Ramsey forward more. Like so:


    While Iwobi has been decent of late, I think we need to focus more on central midfield and less on their wide play (hence Elneny in, Iwobi out).

  39. raptora

    I like your 11.

    My biggest concern is that I don’t remember the last time that Ramsey and Wilshere both started a game for us. And if there was this one odd time, it surely wasn’t more than 10 in the last 2 years or more. I am really struggling to remember if we have had a solid run with both of them playing in the last 5 years. Not sure how they play together. Of course, they’ve done that during training sessions but it will be very interesting to see how will they play together on the pitch. I have my reasonable doubts that they would be a good match tbh. Something like Gerrard and Lampard for the ENT. Still, I want to see it with my own eyes, just in case they do work together, it will be a great thing for Arsenal going forward.

  40. Pierre

    How do you reckon it would have gone down in the media and on here if Arsene Wenger had complained about the pitch before an away cup tie against the mighty Rochdale .

    Seems like the media is on pochettino’s side regarding this ..on talksport yesterday they were even considering funding Rochdale to lay a new pitch in time for the cup tie .

    I see deeney escaped a ban for his 2 fingered gesture to the crowd whereas Wilshere received a 2 match ban for exactly the same act.

    Maybe the FA took into account Deeney’s previous exemplary behaviour on the pitch .

  41. Brooklyn

    I think you got it opposite. While Spuds are strong in midfield, it is defensively, not offensively. Their technical ability is limited to hold off opposition and pass it on to wing backs, who really push up. So, may be we should strengthen our wing defensively(with Iwobi) and have technical ability in middle to nullify their defensive center.

    I would go with last game line up, except for maybe Wilshere for Ramsey, if we want technical security in the middle. Wilshere ability to hold onto ball will help pull their defensive mids, from staying just ahead of defence, and so the likes of Iwobi, Miki and Ozil will have more half spaces between their midfield and defence.

    While I agree with having Elneny in place of Xhaka, but I will prefer Xhaka along side Wilshere and Elneny alongside Ramsey.

  42. graham62

    I loved it yesterday on TalkSport, when this guy came on and said in a broad northern accent –

    “If I were the bloody groundsman, I’d put more bloody sand down and then saturate the bloody pitch. Tell them to bloody get on with it!!”

    I sort of agree. Another joy, or should I say LEVELLER, in the past, was for a smaller club to get one of the bigger boys on home turf.

    The FA Cup is gradually becoming less and less meaningless and things like this won’t help matters.

    Full stadiums, crap pitches, potential upsets. Where’s it all gone?

    If your getting paid 200G a week, you should be able to play on ####### anything!


  43. raptora

    I think that Ramsey will surely start given his performance vs Everton. I think that if you give him proper instructions he will do as you wish. Obviously he was told to make runs in and around the box vs Everton at home, and his runs are always good to have vs teams who are with lower class than ours. Problem comes vs top teams when the space that Ramsey leaves in the midfield area, is being used by the opponents to launch deadly counterattacks. If you tell Ramsey to be way more conservative with his offensive runs, he will do it. And spuds away is a perfect place for him to be careful, to play more secure and defensively sound. He is good in both sides of the game so it really is all about how you decide to play him.

  44. Hurst

    Morning grovers, team for the NLD,
    Aubameyang………..counter active football…

  45. Pierre

    I can see what Ramsey brings to the team in that his runs into the box creates space for the attackers but I’m not sure he has a good football brain.

    If you want confirmation of this, have a look at at the last couple of minutes play v Chelsea in our 2-1 league cup victory.

    Ramsey came on as substitute and looked like he was playing on the right side of midfield… In those last couple of minutes Ramsey made 4 fundamental positional errors considering we needed to protect our lead to see us through to Wembley.

    4 times Ramsey made attacking runs ahead of the ball vacating the space behind him. Each time he made the run we lost the ball so consequently Ramsey was out of position… This was schoolboy football and could possibly have cost us a cup final appearance.
    If we were chasing the game and needed a goal then it’s understandable to try and get forward but to me it looked like he was just glory hunting… A professional footballer should have a greater understanding of what is needed for the team at a particular time.

  46. Park Chu-young's left testicle


  47. Davey

    Totally agree Pierre, I was shouting at Ramsey as some of his actions were bizarre if you did not know the score you would have thought we were 1-2 down. He is a very selfish player and became worse after the euros when he had a decent tournament but played in a different role. I fancy us tomorrow now we have pace but worry we will get over run in the middle.

  48. Leedsgunner

    Yes, Ramsey had a good, no a great game versus Everton and yes we hope he continues on in the same vein but they way some people are speaking about him, you would have thought he was Arsenal’s version of Steven Gerrard at his peak.

    To Aaron’s credit, he is a consummate professional, hard worker and a team player… and he has a great engine but let’s not put him on a pedestal just because he scored a hat trick against a very poor Everton side.

    As I said before the real question is not is Aaron good enough but why under Wenger is he so inconsistent and injury prone?

    It would be of great interest to me to see if our present squad would be able to raise their game and be more consistent and less prone to breaking down if Wenger was replaced by someone like Sarri or Conte.

  49. Buckhurst Gun

    When was the last time Arsenal won a 12:30 ? , and if it was recently how many 12:30’s did we lose before that ? …..

  50. Leedsgunner

    Petit reckons Lacazette will be under huge pressure to perform or he will be sent packing in the summer…

    I find myself asking, isn’t this a good thing? For far too long we’ve put up with complacency, I think it is brilliant we have some some actual competition.

    Let’s hope Wenger doesn’t make a hash of it!

  51. BacaryisGod

    Really simple solution to beat Spurs.

    You play a 3-5-1 formation.

    Kozzer, Elneny and Monreal at the back
    Bellerin, Ramsey, Wilshere, Mkhitaryan and Ozil in midfield
    Aubameyang up front.

    That’s only 9 outfield players. Exactly. We have one roaming player called Mustafi who spends the whole game glued tight to Eriksen and follows him wherever he goes.

    For once, I would love Arsene to do something like this. Really cut the head of the snake off and catch them on the counter.

  52. Bamford10

    Martin Keown’s combined XI—

    Right back: Kieran Trippier
    Centre back: Laurent Koscielny
    Centre back: Jan Vertonghen
    Left back: Nacho Monreal
    Central midfield: Dele Alli
    Central midfield: Mousa Dembele
    Wide right: Christian Eriksen
    Attacking midfield: Mesut Ozil
    Wide left: Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    Centre forward: Harry Kane

    7 Spuds, 4 Gunners.

  53. Paulinho

    “I can see what Ramsey brings to the team in that his runs into the box creates space for the attackers but I’m not sure he has a good football brain.”

    You do realise when we continually get battered by teams like Bayern Munich, in terms of possession as well as the scoreline, it’s because their players are consistently making runs ahead of the ball? As a way of imposing their game on the opposition and forcing them to constantly be in reactionary mode?

    That’s what Ramsey does. It’s only a problem when the rest of his teammates are not on his positive wavelength and play square negative passes that get intercepted instead of actually trying to pick out his runs.

    You can’t have it both ways. Whenever Ramsey does score or make an assist I’m constantly reading bollocks on here that he ‘picked his runs well today’, and ‘didn’t leave us exposed’, when the only difference is his teammates actually passed to him and didn’t give away stupid possession due to nerves/lack of ability. Which happened away at Stoke earlier on in the season when Xhaka gave it away.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Mustafi, Kozz, Monreal
    ————-Maitland Niles———–

    That is what I would go with, make the centre strong, mobile and hardworking and then look for the quick and direct counters.

  55. shaun ellis

    everyone seems hopeful …………………but Xhaka will be playing you guys do no wenger picks the team right ?

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Lots of rumours that Adidas are going to become Arsenal’s kit supplier from 2019.

    Would likely mean doubling our yearly income on the kit deal front.

    What a year that could be, Mislintat and Sanllehi bedded in fully, new manager and new commercials. Long overdue freshness.

  57. Pierre

    Any theories why Ramsey neglected to act like a professional footballer as mentioned earlier against Chelsea and decided to play schoolboy football.

  58. Paulinho

    Pierre – Because just simply sitting back is a guarantee of anything?

    I’ve lost count of the amount of time we’ve been chasing a game and then concede a third on the break to put the game beyond doubt. Why is that? Because the opposition didn’t just sit back and let us dominate, they realised we were crap and thought ‘we can get another here’. Chelsea are shit.

  59. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If Jack plays he will either get sent off or get a yellow in the first 15 minutes meaning he will have to play the rest of the game with a little bit the handbrake on.

  60. Jim Lahey

    “Just throwing it out there,considering they both divide opinions so much,whose the better midfielder between Ramsey and Wilshere?”

    Can I suggest that neither are good enough for us to challenge for a title or have a realistic chance of winning the CL..

  61. Rambo Ramsey

    Remove players and bring in training cones. They will hold their position to perfection, Pierre will be happy.

  62. Rambo Ramsey

    Pierre, you should be thanking your lucky stars for Ramsey ‘recklessness’. Winning goals in 2 of 3 Cup finals, saved your man Wenger’s career.

  63. Pierre

    “Pierre – Because just simply sitting back is a guarantee of anything?”

    Erm… A solid midfield..

    When you the have attacking options that we have now, a solid base is needed behind them…

    Obviously you would rather have one of your 2 central midfielders vacating the midfield…

    We’ve tried that for the last 5 years and guess what….. It doesn’t work.

  64. Jim Lahey

    @Victorious –

    I see both of them signing new long term contracts, I wouldn’t classify either player as being bad, just not what is needed for us to get to the next level.

    I wouldn’t have any problem with them staying if they were mere squad players.

  65. Uwot?

    On no account must hacker accident waiting to happen..but you just know “the clueless one” will pick him.just to spite his usual f** k the fans.what do they know?

  66. Pierre

    Victorious and RR
    “Stats says Ramsey all day”

    The stats say that Ramsey has scored and assisted 6 from midfield whilst dembele has none

    Who is the better midfielder in your opinion and who would you rather have in your team.

    And by the way Wilshere and Ramsey play the role completely differently.

  67. raptora

    Watch this fantastic game from back in February 2012.

    What a promise this team had back then. How badly did it fail in the end not winning absolutely anything. One of our best players headed by Cesc, RvP, Rosicky, Sagna. All could have their place in our best 50 players to wear our shirt. Won nothing.

    Special finishes by RvP and our very own Theo Walcott. Twice. His first one, a mirror goal of Auba’s vs Everton.

    Remember the c*nt Mike Dean celebrating Zaha’s goal, jumping in anticipation to get in.
    Special mention deserves another British diver – Bale. Wenger was very right with his comment. In recent (10-15 years) English players have really went the extra mile in their simulations. Most of the native top players do it and they feel no shame. Rooney, Bale, Vardy, Kane, Alli. I’ve seen Gerrard and Lampard do it, even though way less times than the rest. Literally most of the English attackers dive. And no one talks about it.

    I’m not trying to make us some sort of saints. We’ve had our fair share with RvP and Eduardo in recent years. Still nowhere near close to some of the other teams. I’m glad we don’t do it. Any manager going in the dressing room and encouraging diving has no place in the game. Wenger deserves a good word for it. I don’t think of us as some sort of cavaliers of fair play, but I won’t feel good to have cheating c*nts in my team just for the sake of getting an undeserved win. Fk that. Pochettino has to be ashamed of himself. People congratulating him for being bold and have the balls to speak his mind. How did we come to this? And he is proud to promote his view of supporting cheating. What?!

  68. Pierre

    Rambo Ramsey
    “Remove players and bring in training cones. They will hold their position to perfection, Pierre will be happy.”

    I don’t think you realise what a dumb comment that is .

  69. Pierre

    The best bit about the video is seeing Harry Redknapp’s miserable face as the goals were going in…priceless.

  70. HillWood

    Spurs cunt manager Pochettino is crying to the FA about Rochdales pitch and wants the match moved
    The pitch has been deemed safe to play on
    It might not be the bowling green pampered Prem are used to but that’s the beauty of theFA cup.
    Just get on with it

  71. raptora

    6 goals, 8 assists in 15 EPL starts.

    You should be looking at Cesc’ numbers, or Nasri’s numbers. Or Lamela’s numbers, or Coutinho’s numbers, or KdB’s numbers, Lingard’s numbers, maybe Alli. Sigurdsson. Pogba.

    The notion that a midfielder can be compared to any other midfielder is wrong.

    Aaron’s a weird case though. He is not ONLY creative, as most of those players are considered to be weak in challenges or shy of defending at all. He is not a defensive midfielder either, because he is good at scoring goals and creating goals also so obviously that is a good reason for him to go further up the pitch and be useful there. Some of the players I’ve mentioned can be considered similar to him in a way. KdB, Pogba, Sigurdsson.

    Football came to the point that as a player and a team, you have to be like a computer. Be outstanding tactically, always be in your place, have a certain defensive shape to follow, offensive shape to follow, know your job and that’s it. Few players in a team are allowed to be more free in their responsibilities mostly the attacking players. Aaron needs that freedom to pick his place depending on the situation. Having good stability in the back in case we lose the ball. We don’t have that. We don’t have a defensive midfielder. We don’t have fast/smart central defenders. One is aging in Kos, the other one is extremely rash and risky in Mustafi, third one is extraordinary slow in Per, and the other two are not good/experienced enough in Chambers and Holding. The club hasn’t been good defensively for well over a decade. Those are the problems.

  72. Victorious

    “The stats say that Ramsey has
    scored and assisted 6 from
    midfield whilst dembele has none”

    I will take Ramsey all day,I understand the different roles they play,I would rather take a goal scoring midfielder,

    Ramsey has a genuine goal threat as well as unbelievable engine

  73. Paulinho

    “When you the have attacking options that we have now, a solid base is needed behind them”

    Nah, we still need runs from deeper. Ozil spends too much time wide, actively looking to drop deep and let runners go beyond him, and Mikhi and Iwobi are not consistent runners from deep either. Both go completely missing when the going gets tough. So we need someone like Ramsey, who doesn’t bottle it and stop looking for the ball, to continue to make runs right through the middle.

    Better that than the quasi-security of players like Xhaka, who create illusory solidness while providing very little of it in reality. And Ramsey presses and wins ball high up the pitch, so he’s very good defensively,just not in the simplistic, pigeon-holed way you view it i.e Midfielder sitting deep all the time.

  74. Kay

    I agree with Pierre and CA.
    We just need to have a secured midfield.
    To break up spuds play, move the ball to our half and hand it over to our attack.

    AMN, Wilshere and Elneny should be the mid.
    Ozil, Mikki and Auba as attack.

  75. Victorious

    “Better that than the quasi-security
    of players like Xhaka, who create
    illusory solidness while providing
    very little of it in reality. And
    Ramsey presses and wins ball high
    up the pitch, so he’s very good
    defensively,just not in the
    simplistic, pigeon-holed way you
    view it i.e Midfielder sitting deep
    all the time.”

    This is it basically,The same reason I will opt for Elneny before Xhaka

  76. Pierre


    Ramsey over dembele…

    I’m confused by this blog as some people have learnt nothing from our previous failings in midfield …it appears that quite a few of you are happy for the status quo to remain.

    Personally , I would have thought that dembele is exactly the type of midfielder we should be looking at not a gung Ho player like Ramsey who lacks the football intelligence to remain diciplined when needed.

  77. Pierre

    “The notion that a midfielder can be compared to any other midfielder is wrong.”

    That is exactly what I was implying.

  78. Rambo Ramsey

    Gungho Ramsey: 1.6 tackles per game, 1.1 interception per game
    Maestro Wilshere: 0.8 tackles per game, 0.5 interception per game
    Hardman Xhaka: 1.7 tackles per game, 1 interception per game

    Dembele: 1.4 tackles per game, 1.2 interception per game


  79. Mysticleaves

    Harry Kane against Liverpool was making a case that he didn’t dive and said something like…

    “I didn’t dive, I felt a touch and I went down”.

    Lol. That was funny and unintelligent. If you have to go down after feeling something then it was a dive you scum. The touch is supposed to take you down punk head diver

  80. Mysticleaves


    I wonder what would have become of Alli if spuds fans reached out to him to curtail his forward runs and goals when he was playing as part of the midfield 2.

    Ramsey is ok with what he does, it’s the supporting cast that has been bad.

    I would pick Dembele, just because I will put him alongside Ramsey.

    And as you have seen, with Rambo’s stats, on the defensive side, Ramsey and Dembele are equals. Care to see their offensive contributions?

    More so, Dembele will appear more pleasing I’m the eye because he is a controller and Ramsey is more passive

  81. Mysticleaves

    Got to say, Nigeria’s new kits are awesome. The one sample here reminds me of Rashidi Yekini in tears, tearing the net after scoring against Bulgaria in ’94