Box-2-box rumblings point toward a confusing direction

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Double hard.

Double hard.

It’s rude to talk about politics, sex and Ramsey over dinner. He’s quite the fire starter when it comes to conversation.

I am being a touch provocative when I speak of him, I think he’s a very good player. His engine is seconded by none, he has great movement and his game is very positive. I just struggle to correlate the gung-ho ‘extra man’ forward play with an advantage. Anyone can play like a second striker, the skill is in making sure you don’t expose the team in the process. He should be carrying Arsenal at his age, with his reputation, just like Cesc was.

Anyway, interesting that Bild are now linking us with Demirbay of Hoffenheim. I’d be a total lying bag of scum if I told you I knew anything about him before yesterday, but he’s apparently an important box-to-box gem in the setup of Julian Nagelsmann. Great passer, good reader of the game, pretty solid energy.

What does that mean for our midfield? Well, likely, it could mean Wenger is replacing this man. 👇

“I personally prefer him as a box-to-box player,”

“Because he has the engine, he has the power, he has the long pass. He likes to come deep and distribute the game, but he has the engine to have the impact with his runs.”

Is that Ramsey Wenger is speaking about? No. That’s Xhaka.

“We lost our first game; you go a bit for stablity. (Xhaka’s) highly-focused – Elneny as well – they are top, top quality.”

That comment didn’t age well, did it?

Anyway, the write-ups suggest Demirbay’s a very Wenger like player.

“I can play in a two, on the eight and on the ten. As a modern central midfielder, you need strengths in the offensive and the defensive. Without this, it becomes difficult nowadays.”

He can play everywhere, he’s solid moving forward, at one point last season, only two players had more key passes per game. He’s also tough, the start of his career was slogged out in Bundesliga 2 where he had to learn to be a slag to get by. This part of the write-up was interesting.

‘Hoffenheim have often operated with a man marking system and an effective pressing model thus far this season, with Demirbay‘s involvement in the middle of the park a vital component in making this possible, averaging 1.9 tackles and 2.3 interceptions per game. The midfield positional rotation also sees Demirbay cover as the deepest midfielder when tactically triggered, highlighting the faith shown in him by Nagelsmann.’

Sven M is interested in the player. If the club were planning on selling Ramsey, it’d make sense to buy in someone who has tactical intelligence already built-in, and bring in a player who was disciplined. Sure, we might lose something going forward, but I think the notion that having someone who bombs out of position but doesn’t score being an advantage is weird anyway.

Not a like for like replacement, but definitely a different type of option for the club if Ramsey does go.

Oh Mikki you so fine, you so fine, you make other players come join the AFC REBIRTH PARDDDDDY. Auba had this to say about his ex-partner in crime.

“He called me a few times, he asked, ‘Will you come or not?’ I said, ‘First you have to tell me if you sign or not’.

“He told me all was done and of course it was a big factor in coming here.

“We understand each other on and off the pitch, that’s why it’s easier on the pitch

Little bit of cheeky gossip that had me perk up at the breakfast table. Pastorello, an Italian super agent, had this to say on Sarri, to Tuttosport.

“Sarri? Arsenal are mainly being talked about for him,”

“There’s been less talk about Allegri, but it’s hard to find a better coach than him for Juve.

“Still, from experience, I’ve learned that in the market, the most concrete negotiations take place in silence.”

Sexy talk, that.

Finally, before I go, I’m writing a piece for Mundial about Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry. Would love to hear some of your best memories about the pair. I started writing last night, genuinely found myself a little choked up by what a great man Dennis was. Hero. Buy your preorder here, it’s a cracking magazine.

Also, below is a podcast that people seem to be enjoying.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Hard game to predict, if Spurs have Alderwiereld and Wanyama back then that is a big boost to them. But they have not been great at times this season.

    We certainly have enough in attack to cause them problems, but our midfield and defence are big issues.

    A high scoring draw would not surprise me.

  2. PhD07

    Dream10February 7, 2018 16:59:24
    “You’ve always got a chance when you have Thierry Henry!”

    Thank you Dream10…

    Really thanks for the memories..Brought a tear to my eyes..

    What we were..??!!Can’t believe how much time has passed..

    And how Arsene-has reduced us to a ramshackle of a team.

    What happened to him?

    It’s like Jekyll and Hyde..

    Two completely different personalities..
    His 1st decade vs his 2nd decade..

    How sad..The slow deterioration in his capabilities and faculties..

    The man has totally lost the plot.

    How sad…Tears me to pieces,looking back at the team of Viera,Henry,Edu,Pires,Freddie et al..

    It was incredibly hard,not to shed a few tears..Soul destroying in fact,if the truth must be told.

    I’ve just been shaking my head..A quiet resignation,of what was,and what is now.

    He’s torn the club apart.No doubt about it..
    In fact,he’s destroyed it with his own hubris,along with his willing accomplicies(BoD).

    They can go fornicate off.

  3. Dissenter

    What’s going on with Mahrez?
    The PFA needs to reach out to this dude urgently. This is past a tantrum. He’s in the depression range already.

  4. PhD07

    Posting old videos of the invincibles,only adds to the misery,as opposed to uplifting the doom and gloom,we are currently faced with.

    Heart wrenching,looking at the past videos posted by the bloggers on Le-Grovers.

    In fact stomach churning,given where we are today vs where we were in decades gone by.

    Almost equivalent to your true love eloping with your brother.
    Just speechless…

  5. PhD07

    DissenterFebruary 8, 2018 16:57:17
    What’s going on with Mahrez?
    The PFA needs to reach out to this dude urgently. This is past a tantrum. He’s in the depression range already.
    So,what are you going to do?

  6. PhD07

    I’m sure,he can afford to check himself into rehab,or the “Priory”..
    Such opportunities,aren’t available to mere mortals..!!

  7. PhD07

    Anyway,don’t blame him..I’ll too be in depression mode.Being denied opportunities to better myself over two transfer season windows.

    The straw,that would break the camels back,would be Guardiola coming for you,and you being denied that opportunity to travel upon that holy grail..

    Enough,to break anyone..Besides,Leicester isn’t exactly paradise..And the team isn’t exactly trail blazing on the European stage.

    I feel his pain.But only to an extent..

  8. Mysticleaves

    Re Mahrez

    He clearly wanted out since the summer they won the league, yet was foolish enough to sign an extension last summer when they threw 80-100k at his foot. Money is not everything. He is learning the hard way. I have little pity for him. He should get back to work.

  9. Dissenter

    Yes he was rather foolish to sign an extension when his stock was at it’s highest. He has just win player of the season and he should have just waited out his contract until he became the author of his own fate. Instead, he signed for a little bit more money and is now stuck
    I believe he was probably verbally assured that they will let him leave if a good offer came. City offered 50-55 million for him, which is reasonable but Leicester demanded about 90 million which is mind-bogging crazy.

  10. PhD07

    MysticleavesFebruary 8, 2018 17:29:37
    Re MahrezHe clearly wanted out since the summer they won the league, yet was foolish enough to sign an extension last summer when they threw 80-100k at his foot. Money is not everything. He is learning the hard way. I have little pity for him. He should get back to work

    Such myopic thinking..

    Let’s start off with the fact,that the club valuing him,wanted to protect their investment,by offering him a new and improved contract,given that he was on the radar of many clubs..Thus,should a club seek out his services,Leicester City would demand a premium..

    Secondly,let’s look at it from Mahrez’s perspective,he renews his contract on new and improved terms,based on his performances.With a clause that might possibly stipulate,should a club wish to hire his services in the future,would have to meet a certain asking price/valuation,be in the premiership/top4champions league club,etc,etc..

    What’s to say,the club haven’t held him to ransom?Or have reneged on the deal between player and club,hence the relationship and trust between player has irretrievably broken down?

    Lastly,a player’s career is finite.A decade at best..Do you think Mahrez play’s for himself?

    Don’t you factor into your arguments,that this guy,could be responsible for an extended family.That he has many mouths to feed..

    Do you think all foreign players,only feed themselves and their wives?
    Some foreign players,find their wages spread over an entire village.So,they would be foolish not to maximise their potential earnings at their peak..

    Would like to see you spread £100k per week,feeding a family of 40 extended family members for a decade…You snowflake..

  11. Mysticleaves

    Lol. Why the name calling? I don’t understand how it got to you taking it personal.

    “Do you think all foreign players,only feed themselves and their wives?
    Some foreign players,find their wages spread over an entire village.So,they would be foolish not to maximise their potential earnings at their peak..”

    Which is why you should give your current employers, from whom you obviously want out, lesser leverage. There was no buy out clause, it would have been said.

    Foolishness is when you want out of something yet tie yourself the more to it.

    It was obvious he was getting a raise any where he went. It was obvious clubs Wer still gonna come for him.

    How long has he been on the 80-100k? 6 months? Smh

  12. Nw9 gooner

    PhD what stupid logic. 100 k is not enough for an extended family? You are not making the rest as comfortable as your family. He knows Leicester have reached their peak . In fact a bad season and they can go down also . Yea he is justified to go a bigger club, win honours and also earn more in the process. He is too good to be at Leicester

  13. graham62

    Maybe these values that Arsene Wenger continually harps on about, are more relevant than some of us think.

    This week alone we’ve seen –

    1. The Riyad Mahrez saga unfold.(Now we’re all being told he’s suffering from depression…..LOL!)

    2. In respect to the same subject,Gordon Taylor, head of the PFA, being made to look/sound utterly stupid, by former CP owner Simon Jordan.

    3. Rochdale’s pitch being criticised prior to Tottenham’s visit in the next round of the FA Cup. Really, what’s the point of the FA CUP when the great levellers of the competition are eradicated.

    4. The affluent Chelsea U-21’s proving that Football, in this country, has gone stark raving mad. Kids who have done nothing, on 20,000/week!!!

    5. Dele Ali and Harry Kane confirmed as EPL’s #1 divers.

    What’s happening to our wonderful game?

  14. TonyD

    As difficult as it may seem to some people I’ve always been club first, but at a stage in the recent past I could only see Wenger being pushed out if the results were so poor; hence my wanting to lose, but more importantly drop points.

    That’s how bad our decline and the BoD’s greed for money and obvious disdain for fans had made me feel. I hated feeling that way, but I saw it as a necessary evil.

    However, now there is light at the end of the tunnel and obvious forward thinking changes going on at the club and on the pitch, I have faith/hope that things are going to change for the better in the next 18 months at most.

    The fixing of our club is no short term remedy, but as long as we continually move forward, I’ll take the positives from that as well as deriving happiness from winning games again.

    So good to walk down memory lane with the past players’ goals from the Charlie George era when I was 17 onwards.

    Guess that’s not complete without Michael Thomas’s goal at Anfield in 89. Not an easy goal to score or a spectacular one, but for gooners around the world, one that will never be forgotten.