Ramsey might want out. Do the numbers support £200k a week to keep him?

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Rumours spread around the Arsenal interweb that Aaron Ramsey was thinking about telling the club where to stick it this summer, seeking pastures new at an elite club that understood his talents and promised not to hurt his feelings (here).

Story goes that he’s upset the fans give him shit, doesn’t like that Jack Wilshere has his own chant, and he wants a piece of PSG, Madrid or Juventus.

Now, the only reason I’m giving ITK chatter credence is, firstly, I have no shame, secondly, I’ve heard mutterings for a while that the club might look to ship Aaron on.

If you were brutally honest, forgetting this season, we missed out on selling Jack when he was a £50m player a few seasons ago. Back when City were spending stupid money on players like Jack Rodwell. I think the club are looking at Aaron, the fact he’s 27 years old, and that he’s kind of injury prone and inconsistent… and thinking, we could get £50m this summer and replace him with someone younger who can do the job we need.

But look, let’s not opine without some basic data. The money data. Games played, assists and goals over 5.5 seasons. Why? Because I don’t have data that’s any better, sorry I’m not the StatDNA CEO, hope this doesn’t ruin your day.


17-18 19 app | 6 ⚽️ | 8 assists
16-17 32 app | 4 ⚽️ | 3 assist
15-16 40 app | 6 ⚽️ | 5 assists
14-15 41 app | 10 ⚽️ | 8 assists
13-14 34 app | 16 ⚽️ | 10 assists
12-13 47 app | 2 ⚽️ | 4 assists

Aarons number are good numbers. Perfectly fine. But are they Madrid levels of great? I’m not so sure. You can point to his xG (expected goals) and xA (expected assists) numbers and purr, you can tell me about the ground he covers, the work he does off the ball, but simple fact is, when you’re 27 and delivering simply solid numbers of assists and goals, you’re not the levels of elite you might think you are.

Now here is a comparison you’re not going to like. Cesc Fabregas. I know they’re not the same player, but look at the numbers Cesc delivered for Arsenal before he left, and remember this, Cesc is only 2 years old than Aaron Ramsey.


10-11 36 app | 16 ⚽️ | 6 assists
09-10 37 app | 19 ⚽️ | 20 assist
08-09 33 app | 3 ⚽️ | 16 assists
07-08 41 app | 15 ⚽️ | 22 assists
06-07 54 app | 4 ⚽️ | 8 assists

As a reminder, Cesc left us 7 years ago. He played during the banter years and I mean the proper banter years. Not the ‘we’re rich, let’s buy Ozil’ banter years. The Nikki B, Chamakh and Adebayor years… and remember, Adebayor had 1 good season of 30 goals, preceded by 12 goals in 44 games… proceded by 16 in 37. If you’re honest, it’s very questionable as to whether he delivered more than Giroud. Certainly just as frustrating. Anyway, my point is Cesc played in a more banter squad than Ramsey.

Running numbers for Cesc’s last 5 full seasons before he left AFC, versus Ramsey’s last 5 full season you get the following.


  • Cesc: 201
  • Ramsey: 194 (played 3.6% less games)


  • Ramsey: 30
  • Cesc: 72 (140% more)


  • Ramsey: 38
  • Cesc: 57  (50% more)

You can absolutely tell me that Cesc played a different role, and I’ll buy it. But big clubs demand actual numbers, you can’t sell a DoF on potential if that potential wants £200k a week. That money needs the finished product.

So what are we expecting from Ramsey? Why do we bang on about xG and xA if we’re not expecting that to convert in hard stats? Why is he compared to Lampard (Wenger) and Gerrard (Ramsey himself) if we don’t expect assists and goals?

If it’s about his game that isn’t numbers based, why does he get exposed by bigger teams so often? Why is our midfield so utterly awful, lacking discipline, maturity and power (I know it’s not only Ramsey in midfield, but Cesc rocked it next to Matty Flamini, and he was utter dross)? Shouldn’t a player looking for Madrid moves be capable of dominating games and inspiring others?

Now, I’m playing devil’s advocate a touch, but I’m also trying to point out that the hype needs to be delivered upon. Up until Saturday, his goal return was 3 for the season. So far, he’s scored 4 against Everton, one against Swansea and another at Leicester. All without midweek the CL games. He’s the freshest in the league and we’ve still only just hit six goals. Madrid levels? Please.

My suspicions are that if he is offered £200k at Arsenal, he’ll absolutely take it, because no one else is paying him that much. I also don’t believe he gets abuse at the ground, he’s so far down the pecking order for that it’s unreal. My gut feeling says that Arsenal don’t want to offer major money to him because they could probably find better value elsewhere.

Now I might be totally wrong here. Sanchez leaving might be a catalyst for something. Ramsey might click in a big way we’ve not seen before. He might stay fit. But as it stands, can you honestly tell me what he’s offering to the team that would convince you he’s going to change the game for us moving forward?

We know he’ll be wanting KDB levels of cash. Question is, do you think he’s worth that?

What would you do?

See you in the comments.


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  1. 1886not1996

    Defending League Champion manager probably getting the sack.

    Wenger the cockroach will get an extension this summer

    Something is wrong with football

  2. DaleDaGooner

    steveFebruary 5, 2018 21:49:53
    The other top teams are clueless. Keep giving the specialist in failure more lifelines.

    LOL….what a tool. Ever occur to you that they’re as incompetent, just on their own? irrespective?

  3. steve


    Cunts like Daledacunt and Vicuntious are what’s wrong with football more than happy to keep that piece of shit Wenger in charge for as long as possible.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    no stephanie….cunts like you and any one else rubbing themselves with the same lunatic cologne is what is wrong with football. Disgusting Chav cunt infiltrating an Arsenal blog.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Ha Ha Ha…Redtruth you’re a lunatic. You’re not even a football fan, you sit on this blog chatting chit all day.

  6. raptora

    I’d take Conte in for Wenga. Make it happen. Top manager.

    Remember when I said that Chelsea have the best organization and the model of a club that Arsenal should be aiming for. Well now I want to take some of that back. Not because of anything else, but it looks like the manager has close to no say in the transfer business – who comes and who hoes. Looks like he is the opposite of Wenga – Conte got frustrated of
    h working with 2 hands behind his back. Wenga has had all the power in our team for a decade.

    Conte’s great.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Conte sent a nasty text to Costa….I don’t think a manager like that would work for me, no self control. Though Chelsea hierarchy and the players ins and outs.

  8. Bamford10

    4th place looks like it might be in play. And Arsenal are worth watching again.

    I like it.

    We still need a new CB, GK and CDM — and of course, a new manager — but the second half of this season will be interesting in a way we haven’t seen at Arsenal in a long, long time. IMO.

  9. raptora

    I’d go far as to say that in my opinion Conte purposely influenced or purposely didn’t influence, some of the bad results at Chelsea lately. Think he wants out anyways so he’s on a mission to fk his chiefs as much as possible.

  10. 1886not1996

    but the second half of this season will be interesting in a way we haven’t seen at Arsenal in a long, long time. IMO.

    The battle for 4th place is interesting for you?


  11. luke

    Let Ramsey go – way too inconsistent and injury prone for 200k/week when there are better alternatives. To Ramsey’s credit, scoring two winners in two FA Cup finals is nothing to be scoffed at, but I wonder if he’d put on those kind of performances under more pressure (ie, business end of the league/deeper in champions league).

  12. 1886not1996

    Can’t wait to see selfies of bam celebrating 4th place, taking selfies and popping the champagne, jumping up and down on his couch as we clinch the 4th place trophy on the last day of season

    glory glory arsenal! Glory glory arsenal!

  13. Batistuta


    Give it a rest man, jeez, we heard you the first 500 million times you’ve literally repeated the same thing over and over again, at least with RED we know he’s just nuts but by God you guys are now so stale

  14. Pedro

    1886not1996, if you’re here to make people feel bad about getting excited about Arsenal, you can blog somewhere else.

  15. Batistuta


    Except no one is calling for an open bus parade or anything, you miserable gits just have to find a way to make every single result on planet earth about an Arsenal you no longer give two hoots about, funny eh

    Chelsea lose—-Bash Arsenal
    City draw—Bash Arsenal
    Spurs lose

    Geez do you lot actually just watch football for anything other than looking for ways to make it all about “your club’

  16. Batistuta

    And conveniently with all your hatred and anger pointed at the manager, you lot never say anything about the horrible owner who has not only refused to sack the old goat but rewarded him with a new contract

  17. leftsidesanch

    Bunch of weirdos, can’t watch one match without relating it back to Arsenal. How can you spend so much of your life moaning, ruins the comment section.

  18. Pedro

    Batistuta, plenty give stick to Stan.

    1886, I will enjoy every minute of it if it happens. That’s the point of football. To enjoy it. If you can’t get behind what’s going on right now, what’s the point?

  19. leftsidesanch

    Hillwood, these journos and reporters aren’t nearly as brave when questioning Wenger when they should be. Something tells me anyway, they won’t need to be..he’s on his way out slowly but surely.

  20. Bamford10

    Yes, 1886, the battle for 4th is interesting. Why? Because we’re playing interesting football again and we’re competing with Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham for a spot in the CL.

    Would I prefer to be competing for the title? Yes. Of course.

    Is it better than watching us play boring football and compete with Burnley for 6th? Yes. Definitely.

  21. Bamford10


    Why would I do that? I haven’t predicted a win over Spurs. As I said, they’re pretty good.

    I can tell you this, though: the Arsenal XI that faces Spurs next weekend will be better than any XI we saw earlier in the season. That is something.

  22. Thanos

    If we get 4 th it will help the new backroom team improve us quicker so I am all for it. I like pedro believe wengers days are numbered. He can’t win 3 games away all season and say we are going places. Worst comes to the worst 18 months he is gone.

  23. Bamford10


    Except that I have never once not called for Wenger to go — and to go ASAP.

    You and Redtruth are just desperate now to be the most negative negative. It’s pointless. Things are moving in the right direction, and we are an interesting team again; anyone who loves football should take pleasure in this.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    ha ha ha….Finally!

    PedroFebruary 5, 2018 22:20:56
    1886not1996, if you’re here to make people feel bad about getting excited about Arsenal, you can blog somewhere else.

  25. Thanos

    I don’t know one fan who I sit with and I drink with before or after the game that advocates arsene now. This is the best window in 7 or 8 years for me. I can actually see the light and the end of the tunnel

  26. loyika

    Are you all defending what being a football supporter means to Josephine!?

    Thank God he didn’t end up a supporter of a team like Newcastle or Villa, poor lad would have turned into a Serial Killer by now.

    Everyone and their Mum knows the issues/troubles at Arsenal….repeating it day after day won’t change that fact.

    Sort of like the non-protest before the Everton game? After a while even “Anti” folks get tired of the same shyte. Things will take their natural course in life….there was an Arsenal before Arsene and there will be an Arsenal when he is gone, so making every working day of your life about him only shows people that you actually don’t have a life.

    Especially as the dude doesn’t even know you exist as a fan.

    People should either just enjoy the results as they come and hope we are getting to the end of this train journey soonest or find somethingelse to do with their time till he goes (which as many reckon should be sooner than we think)

    At least do something different than spewing the same shyte on the blog even if we win, lose or draw…..fcuking boring if you ask me.

  27. DaleDaGooner

    Bamford gets it to……..jo.e and steve would have the whole site tainted….boring just crowing over and over the same thing….we aren’t good enough, boo hoo, but if you can’t enjoy the little bits, then why do you even bother? Doesn’t make anyone happy about the manager, if anything at all, STan Kroenke should be getting the daily abuse if you need an obsession.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Thank God he didn’t end up a supporter of a team like Newcastle or Villa, poor lad would have turned into a Serial Killer by now.

    He found it convienient to be an Arsenal fan loyika…the same one he wants relegated because of the manager.

  29. kc

    So apparently Le Grove’s one and only purpose was to get Arsenal to spend money?? Is that really it?? Gone are the days of being critical of the club because Peter boy is happy we dropped some cash. Defense still in shambles, midfield still a mess, and an aging GK that’s losing his skills. But hey we spent a shit ton on offense so get behind the boys already. Just ignorant. Again I ask WTF happened to this site?

  30. Champagne Charlie

    On sky sports:

    “Rooney: Tough for United to catch City”

    Never saw Wayne as a deep thinker of the game. Kudos Wazza, there’s substance beneath that transplant I see.

  31. Bamford10


    As I explained to 1886, football is more complicated than that. Just because we’re now a better XI doesn’t mean we’ll get a better result. Many variables involved. Maybe Spurs play better. Maybe calls go against us. Maybe this or that player of ours makes a poor decision. Maybe Pocchetino comes with an excellent plan.

    Football is more complex than you and your friend 1886 would have it.

    But one thing is for sure: I am looking forward to the match far more than I have looked forward to an Arsenal match in some time.

    As I have said previously, Arsenal are a living thing again. This is a great thing to see. That you can’t see this is sort of sad — sad for you. Your loss.

    The rest of us will be rooting for Arsenal. And enjoying it.

  32. Thanos

    We are not at the lane which will help as long as we don’t lose. I don’t think they will handle our front 4 although I can almost garantee lispy mclispason scores.

  33. Bamford10


    No one is saying those things don’t need to be addressed. People are just pleased that a couple of positive moves have been made.

    (Is this really all that complicated?)

  34. NorthernGoon


    ‘The rest of us will be rooting for Arsenal. And enjoying it.’

    That’s what a supporter does. Win or lose. Signings or no signings. Shit results or great results.

    It seems as though you’ve flip flopped from being very noisy instead of supporting The Arsenal and moaning instead.

    Do you only sing when we’re winning? It seems that way.

  35. NorthernGoon


    It’s just ironic you of all people telling people how to support the club.

    What’s happened to the last 10 years ffs.

  36. NorthernGoon

    J.oes been to 1 game and he thinks he’s the worlds greatest arsenal supporter.

    Lol so I’ll take it I’ll be seeing you at the final then??

  37. steve


    If you love Arsenal and want them to do well you would want to get rid of the specialist in failure as quickly as possible. That means sacrificing results you dimwit.

  38. Thanos

    Steve I have wanted wenger out for years I actively make my displeasure heard inside the ground all the time but i can’t sack the old oaf can I. ?
    I can’t bring myself to wanting us to lose though. Oh and I am not a dimwit I don’t need to lower myself to name calling like some children on here.

  39. Bamford10


    Nonsense. You’re just another brainless cunt who doesn’t know the difference between when the club is serving us shit and when they’re serving us something worth eating.

    The club has been serving us shit for some time now — but dipshit cunts like you have told us we must treat this shit like it’s caviar. Fuck that, and fuck you.

    If the club serves up shit — or more precisely, if Wenger serves up shit — the right thing for a supporter to do is to call it what it is: shit. That you don’t know the difference between caviar and shit is your problem, not mine.

    In bringing in Mislintat, Sanllehi, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, the club is no longer serving us shit. They are trying to move in the right direction; they are trying to restore the club to greatness.

    You’re a moronic, brainless dipshit who applauds whatever is in front of him because this is what he has been taught to do, because he doesn’t know any better. The rest of us have eyes and brains and we use them.

    Fuck off back to Untold, you dumb cunt. If it were up to dipshits like you, there never would have been any change at the club.

    Thank God for Le Grovers, for protesters, for “bad supporters”. Thank God, that is, for supporters with brains.

  40. BacaryisGod

    No doubt we have a still unsatisfactory chance at the Top 4. We’ve all seen this enough times over the years that one or two weekends can completely change the race. Critically now, if we go on a good run, we now need 2 out of 3 teams to slip instead of 2 out of 2 teams.

    Remaining fixtures look fairly even between the Top 6. Most teams, like us, face the other top 6 three or four times.

    Having said that, we have less than 1/3 of the season to go. That’s not much time. First, let’s look at our home games Man City, Watford, Stoke, Southampton, West Ham, Burnley). With our home form, we should be expecting to win at least 4 of those games and perhaps draw a couple. Let’s go for an optimistic 14 points from those 6 games.

    Next the away games (Spurs, Brighton, Leicester, Newcastle, Man U, Huddersfield). Much tougher based on our form and with two teams in Spurs and Man U who recently have had our number at their ground. Looking at all the games though, I think we can reasonably expect 3 wins, 2 draws and a loss. That’s 11 points putting us at 25 points from the last 12 games.

    It would put us at a more respectable 70 points. To top us Liverpool would need 19 points from their last 12, Chelsea 20 points and Spurs would need 21 points. .
    Not much of a margin of error to be sure but if we can keep the momentum going from the Everton win, it can be done.

    Also working in our favour is that Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool have massive Champions League two-legged fixtures ahead soon. It will be even tougher if they advance but Chelsea (vs Barcelona) will almost certainly go out whereas Spurs (vs Juventus) have a 50% chance. Liverpool have to be most concerned. They have a great chance to beat Porto and Liverpool could easily tire as their pressing style clashes with a fixture pile-up.

    The F.A Cup shouldn’t be too much of a worry for any of the teams. Spurs have a simple home replay against Newport and will rest nearly everyone. If they win that, they can do similarly against Millwall or Rochdale in the 5th round. They are fully prepared to sacrifice the F.A Cup if necessary. They have no choice.
    Chelsea will do likewise and have a simple home matchup with Hull. Liverpool are already out.

    We are not free and clear. Now that a Top 4 spot is in sight, don’t be surprised if we field a weakened but defensive team in at least one of the fixtures against Ostersunds FK in the Round of 32. It’s an interesting dilemma.

    After Spurs on Saturday, it’s 4 days rest before Ostersunds, then 6 days rest before the Ostersunds home leg, and only 2 full days rest before Man City in the Carabao Final. Only 3 days rest before we have City again at home in the Premier League and another 2 days rest before a tricky away fixture against Brighton.

    How Arsene rotates the squad over the next 6 games will be critical to how we finish the season. We have 23 players in our squad but really 21 players if you exclude Santi and Mavropanos. However, Nelson and Willock will likely see playing time. Don’t be shocked to see the following line-up away to Ostersunds:

    Ospina, Holding, Chambers, Mertesacker, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Kolasinac, Wilshere, Nelson, Welbeck, Lacazette.

  41. Pedro

    KC, you’re not paying attention to the blog if you think all I’ve asked for is spending money… or that you think we haven’t been spending a shit tonne of it before this last transfer window.

  42. Pierre

    “Thank God for Le Grovers, for protesters, for “bad supporters”. Thank God, that is, for supporters with brains.”

    You should have worded that slightly differently, it should have read

    “thank God, that is, for supporters with shit for brains”

  43. Bamford10


    How do you know about Ospina starting this weekend? Is Cech injured?

    I’m not sure Cech is better than Ospina anyways. Cech has been very poor of late.

  44. loyika

    @ Josephine!?

    Just shut up with your constant bollocks….. We have been on this path before and frankly its boring.

    Firstly you haven’t been a supporter longer than I have (we have addressed this previously, also addressed how many times either one of us have attended games)

    So stop bringing up things we have sorted out in previous threads. Or do we have to bring those posts up again? Or don’t you remember telling us how you almost became a Spurs supporter and our back and forth over GG vs AW?

    Secondly my point wasn’t even about that (which just shows how things go over your head) my point was – just stay silent once in a while with the same old! Same old! (Thats what everyone has been trying to tell you).

    Its not as if people missed your viewpoints when you were sin binned, so one would think you would at least come back with a new approach, but (just like the man you claim to loathe) guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

    At least we know Redbot is a Robot who just happens to be on auto pilot constantly, you on the other hand? Basically just a borefest?

  45. shroomi

    Reading the blog and the comments section over the last several years, its clear that most of the people on this site are just total reactionaries. Such bitter hatred for Wenger lost its innocence long ago. It doesn’t even matter about the results anymore, you’ll still get the majority on here posting nasty comments about Wenger, its frankly getting weird and pathological.

    Oh, and be careful what you wish for with Ramsey. The last Euros were a good reminder of what he’s capable of. At Arsenal he plays deeper, and IMO he’s what Mourinho wants Pogba to be.

  46. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, I’m sure you know this- This poster 1886not1996 is J.oe, you know, the one you banned again and again for being a misery git. A leopard can’t change its spots, so question is why did you let him come back?

  47. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Lille is under threat of being sanctioned by Ligue Un… and under financial pressure. Who is there worth having? Who are their best players?

    I seem to recall we picked up Cazorla from Malaga under similar circumstances, and my only regret is we didn’t act quickly and poach Isco when he was a teammate at the same time!

  48. gonsterous

    the way the other teams are playing, we could end up 2nd, giving wenger another 2 years when he’s done fk all to warrant it…

  49. Leedsgunner

    If it goes belly up for Conte at Chelsea who would people try to tempt away? (apart from the obvious like Courtois, Kante and Hazard?). Willian? Christensen? Alonso? Who is their best youth prospect at the moment?

  50. NorthernGoon


    Do you know me? No you fucking don’t so you can’t take all your assumptions about me and stick them up your arse.

    You and j.oe are the same part time plastic fans who only sing when we’re winning.

    You go through thick and thin with your club not just after a 5-1 win.

    You’re an embarrassment talking up how to support the club. This is just another franchise for you.

    Will you be at the next protest? Course you won’t.

    Please keep the insults coming, they and you are totally hilarious.

  51. Wallace

    Joseph canned again? 🙂

    – whatever you do, Joseph, don’t touch the red button

    – yeah yeah, don’t touch the red button. gotcha.

  52. Wallace


    “Its utter donkeybollocks that has no basis in facts and statistics.Only numbnuts like Wallace propagate this theory because they are suckers for players easy on the eye.Better suited for how we play going forward, eh Wallace? Based on the fact that we couldn’t win a game to save our lives with Wilshere running things?”

    Pierre’s post just afterwards mirrored my take on the situation. I like Ramsey, he can, at times, look like a top box to box midfielder. my worry is a team containing Ozil, Mkhi, Auba, and hopefully a player like Malcom in the summer, doesn’t need a midfielder who spends as much time in the opposition box as Ramsey does. we need a guy who can get those players the ball(Jack), and an athletic, disciplined, aggressive player alongside him. with Ramsey we’d be far too top heavy. great in home games against the rest of the PL, not so great against the other big clubs.

  53. Mysticleaves

    Someone suggested Juventus are offering Emre Can £150k (€169k) per week after tax. Given tax laws in Italy for earners above €75000 at atleast 43% that would make Can earning 393k per week.

    That would make him more valuable than Pogba, Ozil, zlatan, Sanchez, and other EPl high earners. Not to even talk about the Juve team

  54. Mysticleaves


    Ramsey will be good in a team that the manager tells him to be more aware of his defensive side. And also a top CDM with positional awareness, tackling and mobility will go along way to make sure there’s no much problem when he goes forward.

    During the Jose Chelsea years Lampard did this to devastating effect and they didn’t suffer much counter attacks against

  55. Wallace


    Ramsey’s not great in building the play. remember those few games when it was him and Coquelin in central midfield? his best spell came alongside Arteta, who looked after that side of things, and also kept him on a tight rope positionally.

  56. Brooklyn

    Lampard had excellent shot from outside the box. Sure he got inside the box, but rarely ahead of play. Mostly when ball was in crossing position and when Chelsea had possession in and around box. Meaning never lung bursting runs(except when played as 10), which will allow him to recover defensively if Chelsea lost ball. On top of that Chelsea always had excellent DM, some times two playing alongside him.

    I will argue even without his lung bursting runs, Ramsey gets into as many goal scoring or shooting position as Lampard did, but he doesn’t have 10% shooting ability of Lampard. And he seems to want to score goals, which should be good thing, but not when he regularly has to get near goal post to score. If only he could improve his shooting from outside the box, he will feel more secure about his goal scoring, and so maybe will be more disciplined.

    Also Lampard was very good passer of ball along with good ability to hold onto ball, and quite intelligent in all aspect of play.

  57. Brooklyn

    Re: building play, I am not fan of goal keepers who are better passer than at doing actual keeping so other than keeper we can use good passers in our back line. Time has come for us to get one or two CB’s within next season and another.

    So, maybe get CB’s who are decent at getting ball out of back under pressure. And another winger with pace and dribbling ability, to really stretch play, and pull couple of opponents defender with his dribbling ability, allowing the likes of Ozil, Miki and Iwobi some space to dictate play, than perhaps we can handle Ramsey and DM together.

  58. Mysticleaves

    Brooklyn, Wallace

    Exactly why I said we need to upgrade our CDM and get a manager that can show Ramsey up for his ills and actually improve his overall game(awarenesses and defensive nous, his passing game is okish)

    Lampard didn’t score many 30yard screamers either. He scored goals like the 2nd and 3rd Ramsey goals against Everton very often. They are similar in that regard.

    If Ramsey wants off sell him, obviously, but never should we engineer the sale by ourselves, that’s all

  59. Leftsidesanch

    ‘I don’t know one fan who I sit with and I drink with before or after the game that advocates arsene now. This is the best window in 7 or 8 years for me. I can actually see the light and the end of the tunnel’


  60. Brooklyn

    Re: Can, due to being free, he is set to become top 3-4 earner in Juve squad. But time for renewal of few of their star players has come, so should be around top 7-8 earner. Which is decent enough for a player who came for free, and will fetch around 20-30 million if things don’t work out.

  61. Mysticleaves

    Brooklyn: So, maybe get CB’s who are decent at getting ball out of back under pressure.

    Totally not their fault if your deepest midfielder doesn’t have the awareness or positional discipline to create a passing lane for them. Which is why we need to improve on Xhaka. El Neny is good at that but rarely plays and for good reason too

  62. raptora

    I’m not going to surprise anyone when I say that Ramsey has been one of my favorite Arsenal players for years now.

    This said, it is true that he is not extremely consistent in his performances. In the last year he has had two absolutely top performances, where he looked like a top player that could even be our top earner. His game was complete. Tackles, interceptions, energy, discipline, passing, dribbling, attacking threat, huge contagious desire. The FAC final vs Chelsea and the Chelsea away game this season.

    Now if he wants to earn 200k he’d have to have a bit more than 2 top performances in a year to be worthy of the money.

    My view is that we should see how it goes from now till the rest of the season. We saw the positive vibe around the players in the game vs Everton, so hopefully it continues and we will have a better, clearer idea on Ramsey’s position in this club.

  63. Brooklyn

    Exactly what I was saying, shooting from just outside the box. Ramsey is not very good at it. If he could get 8-10 goals shooting from outside the box, seeing the amount of free space he manages, he would be asset to our team, just due to his lung capacity, even though he is not very good at tactical aspe;ct of game.

  64. raptora

    As a follow up to my post.

    It’s not about giving a certain money to a certain player. It’s about deciding whether or not we want our team to be build around him. Whether or not we see this player as the foundation of our club for the coming years. With his recent performances Ozil has earned that right, no doubt about it. Ramsey? Not so sure. I’ll wait until the end of the season to have a more solid opinion on it.

  65. Brooklyn

    Everton game,
    Why is there so much space between or backline and mids . If opponent holds unto ball for more than 10secs, backline drops deep, and CM’s continue half ass pressing. CB’s should immediately push up after the long ball threat has been dealt with, but they continue staying deep after clearing the ball.

  66. Pierre

    Mysticleaves /Wallace /brooklyn

    Lampard had the most important attribute for an attacking midfielder….. Timing.

    He timed his runs to perfection, he knew when to stay and when to go and consequently was rarely caught out of position.

    Over the years there have not been many players who had the instinct from midfield to arrive at the right time… Probably Robert Pires was the best at arsenal , though he played out wide, he had the ability and instinct to be in the box but very rarely was he caught out of position.

    Paul Scholes, Bryan robson, Steve gerrard are a few over the years but not many others I can think of.

    Sadly, Ramsey, as much as he tries, does not possess the ability of the above players and also doesn’t know how to time his runs to be more effective.

    His 3rd goal at the weekend is the sort of position he should be taking up, it was positionally perfect in that if the move broke down he was in a position to slot back into midfield plus it was an excellent finish.

  67. gonsterous

    are people here seriously comparing ramsay to lampard.. lmao.. only deluded arsenal fans bring up such debates. Ramsey has skills but is no where near lampard in terms of understanding the game, being a leader, playing for the team. lampard is in Thierrys bracket of players. now ask yourself , Is ramsay in the Thierry bracket ??

  68. Brooklyn

    Buy one DM(some one like Fernandino), and ball playing CB, we can’t afford to sell anyone from our CM’s. New DM/Xhaka and Ramsey/Wilshere with Elneny as backup for either position is just about enough depth. If we buy 2 CM’s/DM’s then we can sell anyone, except probably Elneny, as he won’t fetch too much money, seems perfectly happy being backup and will be decent backup.

    But seeing as we should go big on a winger and GK and probably a CB, can we afford 2 DM’s/CM’s?

  69. raptora

    lol at Kevin Nolan. Scored a lot of goals didn’t he lol.

    Re Ramsey, I mean if we could get two out of Fabinho, Goretzka, N’zonzi and Danilo from Porto, we should totally do it. I’ll be very fine with a midfield in the mold of Vieira and Petit from our glory days. I give two potatoes for easy on the eye players if we can get tough players that just dominate the midfield with their presence, long legs and charisma. Would eat midget teams for breakfast.

    Re about this guy Danilo Pereira from Porto, that people seem to rate here but I haven’t really watched. He is 26 yo, has a 40m euro release clause in his contract and apparently his youth team is called Arsenal 72. Destiny?

  70. Brooklyn

    Ramsey, will be great in current Chelsea’s 5-3-2, along side Kante and Fabregas.

    Fabinho, people seem to rate him, but for me he is a meh player, neither here nor there in terms of DM or a CM. Would take him in place of Xhaka, but I think we can do better.

    Goretzka is Bayern bound, would have been perfect to replace Ramsey/Wilshere.

    N’zonzi, seems to have good attributes suited to our team needs, but i think it is 1 or 2 year too late for him. 29 already, and will be playing most over worked position in our team.

    Also, If Wenger is leaving by the end of this season or next, we should be mindful of the type of player new manager will want at base of his midfield.

    Onto our new scouts.

  71. Mysticleaves

    Gonsterous, except no one has compared Lampard with Ramsey. That’s the level we want him to come to, is that a bad thing now? That they both had similar type of games (knack of arriving the box or thereabouts and that is not comparison but style of play)

    Am also surprised how highly Bamford has talked about Ramsey recently because he hated Ramsey so much and once called Pogba “3x the player Ramsey is”