Arsenal gives me life (finally)

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Listen, I’m all for being a moaner, but the times have changed. Arsenal has put their name in the hat and now want to be taken seriously as a sporting entity. All the things we’ve campaigned for over the last 10 years are nearly happening.

  • The manager has been defanged
  • We have an elite head of recruitment
  • We have an elite DOF
  • We’re making quick decisions on players
  • We’re bringing in amazing talent
  • We’re selling the utter dross we’ve grown to love

The club is moving forward.

Yesterday was spectacular. Not because we beat Everton, but because from now on, Arsenal are trying to be serious.

Aubameyang didn’t need 6 weeks to adapt, he was straight in the starting 11. Mikki started. Ramsey started. Ozil started. All of them wanted to play. What a difference it made.

Arsenal were an absolute joy to watch. The rain didn’t make a difference, the boys were there to put on a show and what a show they put on. We beasted Fat Sam’s side so badly he called his team’s performance ‘pathetic.’ Music to my ears.

It’s difficult for me not to go totally overboard because I’m genuinely feeling better about Arsenal than I have done in 10 years.

Aaron Ramsey was clearly gifted Alexis Sanchez’s shooting boots when the Chilean bombed out of the club to make sweet piano music at Old Trafford. The Welshman was exceptional, capitalizing on a team that couldn’t deal with his runs, smashing home a hattrick in the process. Word on the street was he hated Alexis, I’m not sure how that ties into the Welshman scoring, but whatever, I’m sure gonna try and link yesterday to some sort of spurious emotional release.

Mikki – a player most United fans conceded was unlucky – with most Arsenal fans concluding he’s the second round of WELBZ, dropped a magnificent display. He gave 3 assists – the first time an Arsenal player has dropped more than 2 assists in a game since Santi Cazorla managed 4. Not just that, he made 9 tackles, winning the ball back 4 times. WORKER.

Arsenal fans who doubted this guy need to remember we’re bringing him in from a manager who sold Lukaku, KDB and Salah. An ‘elite’ coach who is currently destroying Paul Pogba. Mikki is going to be great. Couldn’t be happier about having a two-footed creative instigator back in the side.

Auba? Wow, just wow. I’m going too far with the praise, but fuck it, it’s not often Le Grove is happy. How can I not be when one of my favourite strikers is wearing the red and white of Arsenal? He was part of the move for Ramsey’s first, playing Iwobi’s pass into Mikki who assisted Rambo at the front post. He was nearly on the second, lurking at the back post before Kos nodded in from one yard. He finished exceptionally for the third, his first for the club, chipping over Pickford with sexy breeziness.

What we have here is a striker built for the league. Crazy pace, perfect height, with smart movement and aggressive instincts to be in the right place. He’s going to be fantastic for us.

Two other players deserving of praise are two super unfashionable shouts. Granit Xhaka had a busy game keeping play ticking over, he was efficient, he didn’t make any mistakes and he was committed. The unsung hero was Iwobi. You can slate him, saying he offers nothing, but if you watched that game and felt that way, you weren’t paying attention.

He started the move for the first goal. He started the move for the third goal and gave the assist. He also started the move for the 4th. I’m game for bashing players when they deserve it, but he was great yesterday. Did his bit at the back, offered a lot going forward, and stated moves for goals. He’s developing. Has a long way to go, but he was a problem for Everton today.

So what did we learn today?

Ramsey is a bag of talent when his roaming runs are punctuated with great balls. I’m still not quite on board with hipster love fest for him, he’s too often exposed as inconsistent, and his lack of discipline is frustrating. However, when he’s on it, like today, it’s a joy to watch. Rumours are he’s off this summer. I’d not be against it, because we could spend £60m better elsewhere. Great game, regardless.

Second learning, when the club does the right things… the fans will back them.

There was a protest before the game and about 13 people turned up. Why? Because when the fans can see the club is matching their effort, they’ll bring their A-support-game.

We just dropped a legendary transfer window. We sold the shite. We bought exceptionally well. Who wouldn’t get behind that?

The only thing left to do is move the manager on (and some of his terrible backroom team), but regardless of whether that happens this summer on next, we can taste that it’s coming. The club are building the talent pool in a smart way so when the new guy comes in, it’ll be a smooth transition.

What else did we learn?

We knew all along that one of our biggest issues was the lack of pace. Auba offered that in abundance, and we looked a different team. I don’t know what we’re going to do with Lacazette, but the brutal benching tells you all you need to know about Wenger’s thoughts on the Frenchman.

It was so f*cking obvious he wasn’t suited to the league.

‘Imagine Ozil feeding this guy’ was the uncultured view over the summer.

You can bitch on about service issues, but you’re lying to yourself if you think that’s been the issue. Ozil creates more chances than God himself. That wasn’t the problem. If it was, Sanchez wouldn’t have been the hottest striker in the world this month. The issue was the team couldn’t support chances for a player that was small, slow and weak.

I’d be VERY surprised if Wenger deviates too far from what he did today setup wise. Especially as he keeps on whining on about defensive stability.

It was also great to see Theo Walcott fail. I don’t care for the sentiment, I find it all a touch embarrassing. Theo, Coquelin and Giroud are all totally average and not worthy of Arsenal. Watching a player who’d been with us for 12 years break free on goal and botch his finish was next level perfection.

Don’t feel love for sub-standard players, it’s embarrassing. This is sport. Save you tears for people that deserve them. Then offer them £60 a week to support them. Don’t cry over a shite footballer that earns more in a week than you do in two years. That’s pathetic.

So in conclusion.

This team is exciting. It won’t make top 4, but it’ll make a glorious attempt at making that position from here. It might win the League Cup. It might win the Europa League. Whatever happens, just be thankful we’re finally watching a serious outfit, and if it goes badly enough, we might see an exciting manager hired.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Wallace


    “Fact is Wallace that we were wrong to target Xhaka and people who still try to justify the signing aft a season and a half of honestly poor performances must have their own agendas for it.”

    maybe Xhaka was the wrong player, but I think we were right to target that kind of player.

  2. Guns of Brixton

    An epic game git to say. Particulary the ladt 15 minutes.

    A draw is an ideal result. Gotta beat the Spuds

  3. graham62

    It’s funny how most of those who criticize the WOB’s and also want Wenger gone, seem to think that by continually supporting the team they are doing the club a huge service and making things better.

    Ok, there are some things that are changing at the club, but the bottom line is that Arsene Wenger, as long as he stays, is crippling the club.

    To be honest, although there were a few positives that came out of yesterdays victory against Everton, the numerous negatives are still there for all to see.

    Anti-Wenger obsessives, we may be, nevertheless, we will never rest until this toxic individual leaves the club……….FOR GOOD!

  4. Bamford10


    When someone “misrepresents” one’s point of view, one corrects them and articulates one’s actual point of view.

    You never do this, though, because you are afraid of making your Wenger-respecting, anti-WOB, anti-Le-Grove POV explicit here.

    If I’m wrong about this, then just tell us how I’ve gotten your POV wrong, tell us what your POV actually is.

    It’s not that complicated.

    You’ll never do this, though, because I am spot on re your POV.

  5. Leftsidesanch

    Dirty bias, not one comment about Beavis diving. He should get a retrospective ban for 3 matches for deceiving the shockingly poor referee.

  6. TR7

    I said a few weeks ago some of the stuff Salah does has uncanny similarity to Messi ‘s work. His second goal today was Messiesque. Of course no where in his league but still has shades of the great man.

  7. Wallace


    “because you are afraid of making your Wenger-respecting, anti-WOB, anti-Le-Grove POV explicit here”

    ‘le grove – where you can have an opinion, not get one’

  8. Champagne Charlie


    Do a poll on here about how receptive you are to other views and see what folk say.

    You don’t listen, you cherry pick a line in a paragraph and off your trot. I’ve communicated my position time and again, but gum flappers like you stick to the Neanderthal basics of writing what they like in place of a persons view.

    Also, the fact you just gave yourself a pat on the back for claiming you were right about my apparent POV was embarrassing. But merely a symptom of your overall disease of a personality on here.

  9. Carts

    “Dirty bias, not one comment about Beavis diving. He should get a retrospective ban for 3 matches for deceiving the shockingly poor referee.”

    Beavis LOLOLOL

  10. Dream10

    Salah is a tremendous player

    The amount of shit Kane and Alli get with away is ludicrous. Both should have seen red at Man City with bad tackles. Alli is a serial diver and Kane joined in.
    Then you have cunts like Danny Murphy on a panel who won’t retrospectively ban both England golden boys. No problem suspending Oumar Niasse for simulation though

  11. Buckhurst Gun


    Here’s the bet

    £1000 says wenger will be gone before the start of 19/20

    You’re on

    How do we get this signed

  12. raptora

    It has always been easier for commentators and FA as an organization to forgive English players no matter what they do. I find the continuity of such thing happening time and time again absolutely intollerable.

    As for player of the season poll. I’d give my vote for KdB. City has been playing unreal football and he has been at the heart of it. Huge desire when defending, great leadership qualities, sublime assists and spectacular goals. Has been the standout player in one of the best teams in England since the Invincibles.

  13. champagne charlie

    If Kane played for West Brom and was Polish he’d likely get a retrospective ban, but he’s from Engerrland and is the poster boy so that’ll be a no from the FA.

  14. Carts


    Even Souness and Gallagher are talking utter shite that it was a foul.

    If that was Firmino who had won the penalty, the entire narrative would’ve been the contrary

  15. Nw9 gooner

    Dele Ali is a hyped up player. I think if Wilshere will take his place in the NT if he is injury free. He is a much better player.

  16. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, what say you regarding the Liverpool vs Spurs officiating today??”

    Poor, extremely poor and it’s not to benefit any team.
    Officiating in the league is declining in quality. Wenger got that complaint right.
    I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theories that we are at the receiving end though.

  17. Dream10


    Souness loves Alli. After almost injuring a player last season, he said “Thank God the young man has the little devil in him”

    Continental referees aren’t so lenient. Alli made a dirty tackle in a Europa league match and was immediately shown a red and given a lengthy suspension.

  18. Nw9 gooner

    Raptora I would say Salah- Kevin has been great in a team of great players. In Liverpool Salah has almost singlehandly led the team to its present position with Mane not at his last years form.

  19. UTarse

    So then, red and buck gun have put their bollocks where their mouths are…. fair play gents. Sorry red but I pray buck wins

  20. Bob N16

    Redruth, the way you refer to fans as something that you’re not – bit of a give away.
    Lazy labelling again…’you nasty AKB’. You choose to ignore the fact that pretty much everybody wants Wenger to be gone. You lamely attempt to compartmentalise people who don’t agree with your nihilistic viewpoint and you have the gall to accuse others of being simple. Oh the irony but then that’s probably above your comprehension.

  21. Bob N16

    NorthernGoon, isn’t it amazing how people can tell others to ‘do this, do that’ and they do f**k all themselves.
    ‘Call yourself a supporter’ they rant but do nothing that could be defined as supporting. Pointless.

  22. Bob N16

    So you’ve never attended a game, thought so.
    Maybe I need to explain about ‘going to games. I go with my mates (they’re people who you get on with and mutually enjoy each others’ company), chat, moan a bit but for the most part sing with, supporting my team. The moaning bit I don’t need to explain, the rest is clearly alien to you.
    Get out of your bedroom sometime and ‘smell the roses’.

  23. tee

    you are the mug. don’t you think insanity is your Case – knowing this team is shit but still coming here to discuss the team. for your sanity, kindly dissociate yourself from anything arsenal. poo brain

  24. Redtruth

    I attended the FA Cup Final replay in 1993

    1 was in the North Bank when we beat Liverpool 1-0 in the League Cup Alan Smith the scorer ..I could go on and on..

  25. Rambo Ramsey

    Spuds are the dirtiest, most disgusting team in the League. What I would give to see these wankers smashed at Wembly next week.

  26. Redtruth

    I was at Stoke when Nial Quinn scored in a FA Cup.fame.

    I was at Old trafford in the FA Cup when Giggs missed an open goal and Wiltord scored, we won 2-0

  27. Redtruth

    Milwall away in FA Cup
    I was at Highbury when we came back from 2-0 down to beat Norwich 4-2

    I was their on the opening game of the seaso. when we lost 3-0 at home to a Micky Quin hattrick.

    I was their on the opening game of the season away to Spurs when Ian Wright scored the 1-0 winner.

  28. graham62

    Why so many orgasmic reactions to yesterdays win against Everton?

    45 minutes where Arsenal played ok and Everton were utter crap.

    Followed by 45 minutes of predictability.

    Maybe I was watching a different game.

    Fine, Mikki and Auba had decent games and Ramsey scored a hat-trick.

    Cech looks finished. Defence still looks suspect and Wenger still suffocates everything.

    Sorry guys, but I don’t get it.

  29. 1886not1996

    At the beginning of this 3 game phase I said it could be a 9 point swing for arsenal because spuds had a very tough phase of :

    United (3 points)
    Liverpool ( 1 point)

    Whereas we have
    Swansea (0 points)
    Everton (3 points)

    So we have actually lost ground on them before a crucial match.

    But you lot are jumping for the moon after beating Everton.

    Let’s wait a bit before we deem this as arsenal “reborn” and “different” than before.


    If anything mkhit would be a replacement for santi and aubu for Sanchez.

  30. Mysticleaves


    You clearly watched a different game. Also if you were in the side if the world where it’s dark noe, I would be telling you to go to bed for your own sake

  31. Mysticleaves


    You clearly watched a different game. Also if you were in the side of the world where it’s dark now, I would be telling you to go to bed for your own sake

  32. rollen

    Pedro Iwobi and Xhaka were shit all game.
    We are great in offense but defense and GK are our weak spots also complete lack of training, system and instructions.
    Its still case of great attacking play when all goes well but this team will still collapse when going gets tough.
    Get old goat and all his minions out!

  33. 1886not1996


    i don’t get it. So easily pleased

    I guess with Wenger you have to cherish the smallest of miracles and celebrate beating Everton like we just beat Barca in the CL final.

    It’s different though. Hahahaha.

    Just like it’s always different after every TW. Every big win. Even after fa cup wins.” This will propel us to great things”

    Nope. Nothing changes until Wenger leaves.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Our attack is pretty good now, but Spurs will be a test for our midfield and defence particularly if Lucas is fit and playing.

    Spurs badly lack pace right now.

    The fact that Xhaka and Ramsey have been such an unbalanced combination and yet Ramsey was essentially able to be another attacker against Everton and we did not suffer for it says a bit about the opposition. That will not happen with Spurs, though Mkhitaryan’s work rate is a welcome addition and helps a little in that area.

  35. graham62

    This ignorant belief that you are only a supporter if you go to games is crap.

    Life and circumstances can prevent many from attending matches.

    Between 1972 and 1984, between the ages of 10 and 22, I attended hundreds of games(home and away)
    1984-2001 maybe 20, as I was living and working overseas.
    2001-2006, 20/25 games.
    2006 2012, 14 games
    2012 to present…………………..0

  36. NorthernGoon

    Think Ramsey and Xhaka know they’ll have to be disciplined against the Spuds or we’ll get over run.

    The good thing about playing them tho is they play a ridiculously high line and providing you can beat the press or go longer there is acres of space in behind them.

    Now we have a CF that always plays on the last man always looking in behind we’ll be so much more of a threat.

  37. NorthernGoon


    Sorry but who gives a shit about your declining interest and dwindling support to the club?

    You’ve openly said you prefer watching Brighton so what do you waste your time with The Arsenal for if you get no enjoyment out of it? And at the same time abuse people that still go and can still get enjoyment out of it?

    You just sound like a bitter old man.

  38. NorthernGoon

    You and your cronies didn’t even go to the protest.

    If it supposedly means so much to you, you’d have been there.

  39. Bob N16

    Yeah whatever Redruth, you’ve quoted a few games. Can’t believe you were at the Norwich game, you’re surely not old enough, I was there and without looking it up it must have been roughly 30 years ago. Are you sure you didn’t read about it in Fever Pitch. Are you really in your 40s?
    Un f**kingbelievable.

  40. Bob N16

    Graham, I’m sorry if I’ve given the impression that to be a real supporter you have to attend games. I’m lucky, I live locally and can afford to buy a season ticket which I’ve done since Highbury went all seater and it was necessary to guarantee entrance. Of course you can be a passionate supporter wherever you are in the world. Every time I see an Arsenal shirt abroad either in person or on the telly I metaphorically raise my glass. Passion is not geographical and dependent on going to games.
    My problem is with people who tell me that I am in some way disloyal or complicit by attending matches to support my team. I shouldn’t get irritated by the type of person who doesn’t practise what they preach.
    So, again I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just this lazy cliche that some people suggest that you must be a Wenger fan to attend matches. Simplistic bulls**t.

  41. Bob N16

    You’d have to ask the author… a memorable, passionate match that ended up with 6/7 people in the net after a missed penalty and a ridiculous FA charge. I thought you said you were there.How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking Red?

  42. graham62

    Bob N16

    Actually Bob, I’ve always said that those attending games are Wenger fans.

    Lining the pockets of such a dysfunctional regime is tantamount to treason in my eyes.

    Sorry, but that’s the way I see it.

  43. Northbanker

    Redwotsit – you have been to all those games pre Wenger and really believe it was better then? Time must dim the mind. i go back to the late 60s as a boy watching Arsena and i can tell you I’ve seen some shite in my time. Much as I believe Wenger’ time is done there is still more to watch than there was all those years ago

    Significant Jonson -lol . A real underperformer there that would make Theo a huge successs by contrast

  44. Batistuta

    Almost impossible to even analyse or have meaningful discussions on here with all the absolutely useless and aimless back and forth

  45. Batistuta


    If you feel Bob going to games lines up the pockets of the regime, then why don’t those protecting focus their energy on that, “the regime” because realistically they are the ones who can actually do anything about the manager

  46. NorthernGoon


    No need for the name calling is there?

    It’s seems like you need to up your dose of antidepressants cos they’re blatantly not working.

    Stop me if I’m wrong but you still subscribe to sky and bt sport? Your still contributing to treason and lining the pockets of the regime you fucking idiot.

  47. Bob N16

    I can see you’re in the Trump school of arguing. I admit I did look up Siggi Jonson, I’d completely forgotten about him but the Norwich game has always been vivid in my memory. I was walking away from where I was standing by the dugouts as injury time approached, we’d blown a lead. Just I was about to make my getaway a penalty was awarded. I climbed up on the metal barrier which went diagonally back between the North Bank and the East stand for the taking of the penalty. The penalty was saved and half a dozen people ended up in the net. The ground went mental, incredible atmosphere, unforgettable.
    Be honest now, we’re you really there?
    How old are you? Please satisfy my curiosity.

  48. MuddyGooner

    Watching the Ath Mad v Valencia game and noticed just how awesome Kondogbia is.
    Powerful, skilful and French ! ….. would’ve been perfect for us !

  49. Bob N16

    Your right Batistuta, I’m sorry to clog the blog with my pointless responses to Redruth etc. I’ll just read the comments and ignore him. No doubt someone else will react to his puerile comments. I quit.

  50. Tantor

    Not interested in shite but for me Walcott has symbolised EVERYTHING wrong with our club over the last 10 or so years-forget the dross(insert name here)- no other club with top six? asperations would of put up with TW for even half that time- beginning of the end or vice versa -things are looking up and l feel more optimism than lve felt for years-50yr old lifelong gunner here-lm a northener so thank fuck fer am radio+ paully v 1980

  51. Batistuta


    Those who’ve been here for a while have learnt to ignore RED and co as basically it’s all attention seeking

  52. Samir

    Ndombele to take Xhakas position and Fekir for the wing would be a dream!
    Can we send Lacazette back to Lyon as part of the deal please?

  53. Leedsgunner

    We all hope that yesterday’s result is a harbinger of things to come but honestly? All this gushing over one result?

    Shouldn’t we keep these praises for when the present squad actually win something of note?

    No wonder the club thinks the fans are chumps. Our expectations have been lowered so much we are so easily pleased!

  54. 1886not1996


    Spot on.

    I don’t get it. Like we’ve never been here before

    Bam has pretty much souled his panties over the win.

    Pedro is almost ready to sing “one arsene weneger”

    Spurs have just got 4 out of 6 points v united and Liverpool and play us next( same fixtures we got 0 points) Where we got 3 out of 6 v Swansea and Everton and guys are taking about a new dawn.

  55. Jeff


    I share your optimism. If it really is true that a whole department of influence (i.e. hiring and firing) has been taken out of Wenger’s hands, that is wonderful news. All we need now is for the biggest piece of the puzzle to also slot into place and my optimism will turn into ecstasy. Hopefully this summer.

  56. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is still at the club, still trying to convince people he has something useful to offer.

    As long as he is still there, the club is in danger of looking back to its past to complain rather than looking ahead preparing for its future.

    Wenger represents regression not progression.

  57. Wallace


    “We all hope that yesterday’s result is a harbinger of things to come but honestly? All this gushing over one result?Shouldn’t we keep these praises for when the present squad actually win something of note?”

    so what, maintain radio silence until then?

    a football blog where you can only be enthusiastic about your team when they actually win something? you don’t think that might get a little boring for 99% of the football blogs out there?

  58. Jeff

    It’s a pity Auba can’t play in the Europa league (cup tied) because if he was able to play I think we stood a chance of winning it. As it is, I think our chances are diminished. Miki can play though, as I understand it.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    Most of the time I tend to ignore Red, because frankly he has a “loose screw”
    and there as absolutely nothing coherent or intelligent in what he posts.

    He has been binned by Pedro in different guises, but unfortunately not for some time.

    Some may find him slightly amusing. Personally I do not. As I have posted previously Pedro should bin him because he has a habit of making personalised insults not just to me, but many others as well.

    In recent times I have suggested that if he is not binned then at least we should have the option to be able to “ignore him”.

  60. Brooklyn

    We desperately need pace on wing, Bailley, perhaps, great pace, good dribbling and has ability to make something out of nothin, and has played quite a few games as wing back, so should have very good work rate.

    Fekir or Mahrez? Not who is a better player, but who would suit Arsenal more, when we have the likes of Ozil, Miki in lineup. I would go with Mahrez, even though I think Fekir is a better player.

    Couple of wingers along with Iowbi and Miki playing on wings will be decent depth. Then may be we can go with beast of a pure defensive mid.

  61. Brooklyn

    Re: Selling Laca, absolute no. We can easily afford him, and don’t need to sell him to get new players. He can play with Auba if Ozil is rested. While some say he can’t make chance for himself, he seems to have some flair to make space for himself in tight space.

  62. Emiratesstroller

    Since the transfer window has closed there has been a modicum of enthusiasm about the business which was conducted.

    Both Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan are of course excellent players and will add some class to what has been a very “average” team. However, the reality is that these signings plus contract renewal of Ozil are still relatively short term
    solutions, because these three players will be turning 30 in the next 12-24 months.

    If Arsenal are to get best value in future transfers then we need to be focussing on players of proven quality aged between 23-25 who will be at least
    4-6 years at the top of their game and still have a resale value.

    Arsenal have at the moment 4-5 players in their 30s who are now past their silly date and/or injury prone and these should be the players who need to be replaced over next 12-18 months.

    Mertesacker has announced his retirement and frankly Cazorla should be doing likewise in the Summer. My view is that Cech should also be replaced this
    summer as first string goalkeeper. If he is retained then it should be as second
    or third string, but with a commensurate reduction in his £100K pw salary.

    Koscielny and Monreal are also coming to the end of the road and will need to
    be replaced in starting lineup in not to distant future.

    So there needs to be forward planning as to replacing them.

  63. WrightIsGod

    Lacazette disallowed goal v Stoke = Auba offside goal v Everton.

    Looks like decisions equal each other out to me.

  64. Wallace


    “Lacazette disallowed goal v Stoke = Auba offside goal v Everton.”

    yeah, a tale of two offside decisions. the lucky striker, and the unlucky striker.

  65. Emiratesstroller


    Spurs may be a decent team, but they are building a reputation of divers and securing soft penalties.