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When you think about it, being an Arsenal fan at the moment should feel pretty average. We just sold our 2nd best player to a rival, we sold our most handsome player to a rival, we’re out the FA Cup, we’re playing in the Europa League and top 4 is gone… but life has been SO average over the years, just having a good transfer window feels like winning the Champions League. Even the transfer rumours are better!

Arsenal new boy Raul Sahnelli has identified Jan Oblak as our number one target this summer. The Atleti keeper is, in my humble opinion, the best keeper on the planet. He’s imposing, athletic, and his reflexes are the next level is the next level. ALSO, he can save penalties. He’s the sort of major investment we’ve needed in goal for years. The sort all the big clubs have been making. The Slovenian is also 25, so we could get at least 10 years of value out of him. His release clause is only £90m.Damn, that’s a fine rumour.

A rumour that DID NOT fill me with joy spread like wildfire yesterday. It was revealed that Arsenal are planning for life without Wenger and they were keen on making Jochim Löw our top dog after the World Cup. This rumour horrified me. He’s a yer da type name that gets whipped up into conversation.

Sure, he’s done a fantastic job with Germany. He’s won many trophies. He’s done a great job with players like Mesut.

But let’s not lose our damn minds here. There is a HUGE difference between club football and international. Just ask Scolari, or the Chelsea fans that had to suffer him.

The World Cup is prestigious, no doubt. But the best football is played at club level these days.

International managers have to cobble a squad of players together that are already in peak condition, already coached, and the best in their country. You don’t need to motivate them to turn up for their country, the weight of a nation’s hopes does that. You don’t need to worry about salaries. You don’t need to worry about another country stealing your talent. You don’t need to deal with anywhere near the same levels of craziness or day to day intensity.

… and put the notion that Mesut is driving this in the bin right now. He’s a great player, but he’s not Messi. You don’t determine your manager based on player desires, that’d be so rank amateur.

In short, Arsenal would be utterly crazy to hire a manager who has been out of the club management since 2004… and one that was hardly ripping it up when he was there (remember, Wenger was peak elite in 2004, think how far the game has come?).

Outside Rapha Honigstein pouring cold water on the deal from the German side (and the people I speak to at the club saying the same thing from an AFC perspective), the news made zero sense.

We’ve just signed a new Director Of Football type figure. There is absolutely no way any exec worth his salt is arriving at Arsenal and making demands on a new manager before he’s even had a chance to meet people and understand the challenges of Arsenal FC. That’s not how these things work.

Also, do you really think a Spaniard, who has worked on the Barcelona project for 10+ years, would make moves for an German international manager he’s probably had zero dealings with? No chance. Barcelona operates search and selection like a professional club. They work out what the team needs, they do extensive reporting on the managers character, they discuss the merits as a group, they meet with the candidates and discuss their visions, then they make a decision.

Rolling in and demanding Löw before day 1 would be incredibly sloppy.

Anyway, GOOD news is Germany are keeping him on for at least another year and if he leaves, Bayern would be interested in taking him.

Also, just for your knowledge, I really don’t think we’ll be hiring in a manager like him. We’re looking at more interesting names from around Europe. That said, don’t be surprised to see us hire from Germany, because that’s where we’ve been hunting. Again, that’s before Raul starts working and I’d imagine he’ll have a huge say in who the next coach is and how the backroom team is shaped moving forward.

More great news, Jack, who we greatly missed on Tuesday, is back in training. Aubameyang is also training with the team. Mikki is raring to go. We have a new Wenger, saltier than a freshly gritted side road.

Asked whether he’d reassured Lacazette about his future.

‘I don’t reassure anybody. It is a competitive sport and you must fight for your places. You have to show them respect and they have to accept it is a competitive world.’

Zinger. He also explored what it meant for the team.

‘It means we can play two up. On the other hand, we lost three strikers – Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud. You need at least two top strikers to play in the Premier League.’

One senses that losing his babies hasn’t gone down too well.

What did he think about the transfer window he didn’t control?

‘What I wanted to do, I have done more. But not everything I wanted. We could have done more. We must find an internal solution to our defensive problems. Overall I am happy with our transfer window.’

His complaint about not landing defenders is a bit like the kids in Jurassic Park finding the food buffet and complaining the flavoured jelly is little bitter.Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 10.26.40 AM


Still, at least he seems mostly pleased, and why wouldn’t he be? It’s been a f*cking great window.

Some old habits don’t die easily, Alex Song was let go by Rubin Kazan only days ago, and where is he working on his fitness? London Colney. The most elite gym in Europe.

‘He is looking for a new club. I allowed him to come into work on his fitness. Nothing more than that. ‘

Taking bets he starts against Manchester City in March, and he is the internal solution to Xhaka. My dad, literally crying on the couch at home at this news.

Wenger also tried to mitigate his role in the contract sagas by making out this free transfer thing is new.

‘You will see more and more players going to the end of their contract. That is down to demands of wages so you cannot always give in. Sanchez is a big example. We started a long, long time ago but you can either accept the demands or not.’

It’s not a trend, the Bosman ruling has been about since 1995. Smart clubs tie players down to long deals, or they sell their talent. Arsenal now have a contracts guy and the decisions around the numbers sit with others, so we won’t have an ego trip situation where we sacrifice the good for the club because Wenger can’t handle players earning more than him.

First example of that? Mesut… Wenger had this to say.

‘Many predicted he wouldn’t commit and not sign. It is good news for us – if you can keep a player of that calibre is of course good news. He has committed his future to the club at a period where we are in a tricky period. We expect him to take responsibility to lead the club to success.’

Amen. I’ve really enjoyed Mesut this season, he’s grown as a player, but let’s not pretend he’s been playing like this his whole AFC career. If he carries on this way, we’ll be in for a treat. I just have the Theo Walcott switch off in my head…

Anyway, sorry this was a garbled post today, I drank 3 gin martini’s yesterday and apparently I can’t handle my booze anymore.

Tragic times.

Also, BIG thanks to everyone who has joined the podcast family this month. We trebled listenership and now we are video heroes with a big modelling deal dropping with Head & Shoulders next month.

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  1. HillWood

    I don’t think our abysmal away form will apply next week
    Wembley is almost a home match
    Let’s rip those cunts a new one

  2. London gunner

    Gervinho and auba very different players.

    Where’s the comparison they are both African and have pace?

    Auba is a poacher whose work is off the ball.

    Gervinho is some one who plays with the ball at his feet and progresses play by dribbling up the field.

    Auba is lethal in and around the box, Gervinho regularly shat the bed as soon as he worked himself into a goal scoring/assisting position.

  3. Brooklyn

    Gervinho was better dribbler, Aubameyang is better(>>>) finisher, even though Auba has reputation of missing quite a few good chances. At hold up play even though not great , Auba is upgrade over Gervinho.

    Although pacy due to his dribbling ability, Gervinho was never that big of a threat to run in behind, so Aubameyang will be upgrade in that respect.
    Agreed Gervinho had good movement and good positioning in final third, but his final ball was really bad.

  4. Brooklyn

    Aubameyang should be our obvious tactical advantage. Took the goal well, even though he was offside. But he was not lethal today. 1st game and all that, so thinking his basic quality(pace, running in behind and finishing) will remain as good as it is now, hopefully other aspect of game will improve in relation to our team.

  5. Carts

    woi oiiiii – bouncebackability from Arsenal. Twas to be expected and from the comments we played well? Am I right?

    3 assist for Mkhitaryan; hat-trick for Rambo; and a debut goal for PEA.

    Our home form compared to away form is horrible. So much so, we won’t get top 4. Just don’t see it.

    Guys, how did PEA play?

  6. Carts

    “Reports saying Arsene wanted Auba but the club went cheaper with Laca.”

    I called this. I told Pedro and everyone in here that the Lacazette signing, albeit 2-3 years late, was purely cost indicative. He was the cheapest CF to move this summer. We were no where to be seen while LUkaku and Morata were being linked with Utd and Chelsea: Luakaku- £75m. Moratat- £65m. Lacazette- £53m – was the last bod left hence why we got him for what we did.

    If Wenger had any sense, he would’ve sold the likes of We;beck and Walcott sooner to fund moves for the likes of Lukaku, Morata and PEA>

  7. Mysticleaves

    For Long spells in the game I couldn’t figure which players played where. Iwobi, Miki, Ozil and Ramsey were moving seamlessly and it must have been a nightmare for Everton.

    If we set up like this next week though we might not be sooo successful. We have Everton’s number

  8. salparadisenyc

    Lacazette always had the look of Darren Bent to me, think I had this argument with London G a couple years ago. He’s done little to disprove that. Agree he should be raring to suit it up in the Europe league.

    Exciting game, so much more dynamic with Miki out there in the trenches. He was fantastic in final third. This summer its defense, GK and a holding mid for sure.

  9. graham62

    GR8. Arsenal won 5-1 against a very poor Everton.

    Second half Arsenal switched off(common occurrence).

    Cech really looks shot. Could/should have cut out the cross that led to his injury.

    Lacazette must feel shite! Yet another kick in the teeth for someone who, I feel, is being atrociously managed by Wenger.

    Missed out against Liverpool!

    Missed out against MC!

    Missed out today!

    Oh yeh and his the clubs leading goalscorer!!!!

    How are you enjoying if so far Alexandre?

  10. Jay

    Not getting carried away, if Wanker gets 4th this year or next, he signs. No doubt in my mind. I’ll enjoy my football again once that cunt is gone. For good.

  11. NorthernGoon

    Did you go to the protest graham?

    Utarse managed to get 3 of his mates to go with him.

    Great turn out lads well done!

  12. Nw9 gooner

    Whatever our position at this season’s end like top four and a trophy, the indications are Wenger will go next year if not earlier. Hope we win something, it does not make any difference it’s under him- most important we have won something

  13. graham62


    No I didn’t go to the protest as I’ve been in Plymouth yesterday and today visiting relatives.

    Have done my fair share of protests over the past few years, but would still have liked to have been there today.

    How many turned up?

  14. karim


    Had few opportunities to really shine bar his goal ( which was offside by a mile )
    Made a brilliant pass to Mikhi who then assisted Ramsey, was also brilliantly launched by Ozil but his shot was saved.
    He does ooze confidence though and it looks like it’s contagious, which is good news.

    Mikhi really stood out, made a great defensive contribution and generally played very well.

  15. Carts


    thanks for the summary.

    From what you witnessed, would you say it was a case of Everton being trash – as what the scoreline indicated or did Wenger actually approach the game using tactical nous ?

  16. Emiratesstroller

    It was a pleasure to go to Emirates and watch the first 45 minutes when we tore Everton to shreds with pace, incisive passing and technical class.

    Aubamayang is a class act even if he was probably not 100% match fit and both
    Ozil and Mkhitaryan showed how important it is to have two footballers in your team with brains.

    Frankly we could have scored more goals than we did in first half.

    However, it was inevitable that we did not maintain the same level of performance in second half and this is where I do have a problem, because our back
    division plus two central midfielders show their usual limitations.

    There was panic and the usual mistakes reappearing as soon as we came under pressure. Someone really does need to sort out our defence otherwise all our good work offensively will come to nothing.

    I don’t know what has happened to Kolasinac, because when he first arrived he
    looked to be a decent player, but on the evidence of what I saw today he looked more like a cart horse.

    What I do know is that whoever is now running our scouting and recruitment
    needs to focus over next four months in bringing in the next transfer window
    a top class goalkeeper and centre back + a top class defensive coach who can
    gel our backline together.

    If we find the right balance then we can start competing once again at top level.

  17. Emiratesstroller


    Give it a rest and take your dose of antidepressants and go to bed. You are not only repetitive but frankly contribute absolutely nothing constructive or intelligent when you post.

  18. Jay

    Nw9… Do you really believe wenger will walk or not get a new contract if he gets 4th? I certainly don’t.
    Wenger regards 4th as a job well done, he even called it a trophy. He believes city, manure and Chelsea financially outmuscle him so 4th is effectively 1st for him, an achievement.
    As for kronke, he’ll have his champions league money again and a manager who doesn’t demand funds. Happy as a pig in shit.
    Have we learned nothing from the last 4/5 years. Wenger will hang onto this job as long as he can.
    I don’t think the new personel at the club bothers him that much, he may have hated it at first but is ok with it now. If he leaves for another club, he will no doubt have to deal with a dof anyway, so why not do it at the club he can’t let go of?

  19. Carts


    I’m not sure if Woodward was born stupid, or whether his fixed facial expression simply gives that impression, but somewhere in there is a breakdown of understanding.

    I know Utd are looking for managerial stability but Mourinho’s demeanor, after a certain while has always been narcissistic and at time rather spiteful. He’ll throw anyone under the bus and not lose a minute’s sleep. He go at the fans and eventually create a toxic atmosphere.

    And after all that, Woodward still extended his deal. I think Utd will continue to rue the fact that they missed a chance by getting Guardiola cos of their procrastination

  20. alexanderhenry

    Excellent debuts from Mhikitaryan and Auba.
    It’s all set up for the Spurs game and a late charge for fourth.

    What a difference a couple of big signings make.

  21. Jay

    Red..14 years since we last last won the league. In those 14 years we have only once come close, 3 points I think.
    Yet here we are, 6th in the league, our best players still leaving and ‘fans’ still blindly following him. Go figure.

  22. karim


    Everton were rather bad, to say the least and the boys managed to score 3 goals very quickly, which killed the game.
    Our back 4 still had a few panic mode moments.

    Overall, it was rather promising !

  23. HighburyLegend

    “if Wanker gets 4th this year or next, he signs. No doubt in my mind. I’ll enjoy my football again once that cunt is gone. For good.”

    Absolutely in the same state of mind than you, Jay.

  24. LeMassiveCoq

    Went to the Emirates for the first time in a while today.

    Was pretty amazed at the lack of atmosphere. Even at 4-0 up it was pretty quiet.

    Mkhitaryia looks a good buy (swap). I do wonder how Ozil will feel about him muscling in on the no. 10 position though. It looked to me like Ozil was playing much deeper. Auba looks like a good buy.

    Lots of boos for Xhaka after his shit show in recent games.

    The defense did alright, Koz and Mustafi defending well against Evertons aerial threat (which is about all they had).

    Theo got teased about ballsing up his one on one but finally got a warm clap off.

  25. Jay

    Not a fan of arseblog but he wrote an article a while back. Since 2004 regardless of points at the end of the season, we have only once been in contention for the title, ie round Feb /March we were still in it. It may have been 2008.

  26. kc

    There’s nothing good about who Xhaka is or what he does. Total bust. To think we could’ve got a top class defender for all that dough we wasted on his sorry ass. Somebody tell him to keep his dopey ars out of the 18 yard box ffs.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Really happy for Mkhitaryan, great performance.

    Arsenal should have got both Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang a while ago, at least they are here now. Thank you, Mislintat.

    Interesting to see people talking about Ndidi, might be a cheaper option for CDM than names like Fabinho and could be our Kante. You add a powerful box to box CM and in you’re starting to look good.

  28. Leftsidesanch


    I agree, but what I find surprising is that Mourinho wages war in circumstances that are relatively favourable. He burns his bridges early so when he actually needs goodwill he doesn’t get it.

  29. Leedsgunner

    The transfer window was a success not only for the players we brought in, but also because of the players we sold.

    It sends a message if you don’t perform you’re out. If Wenger is unable to protect his favourites it should go a long way in getting rid of complacency that has settled at this club.

    About time too.

  30. Leedsgunner

    Personally I want us to keep Lacazette for the long term but if our club is now open to player swaps it would not surprise me in the least to hear that he is Atletico Madrid bound in return for Oblak if they were open to it bearing in mind they signed him up before they were hit with the transfer ban.

    You heard about it here first!


  31. Cesc Appeal


    They just dropped a fair amount on Costa though, unless they are thinking of both of them up front having sold Griezmann?

    Around about £40 Million and Lacazette?

    Leaves us needing a CDM, CM and then CB, potentially a LB as well as Monreal gets on and it seems Kolasinac may struggle to play there.

    Mislintat and Sanllehi have some work ahead of them, fingers crossed we have a new manager as well.

  32. 1886not1996

    AKB’s like Victorious and Pierre are staying away because even they know it was only Everton….

    And because we are still 24 points behind city!

    Pierre doesn’t care about league matches he told us. So he should have nothing to say on this.

    It’s all about the league cup for him

  33. Goobergooner

    I love how salty Pedro is about Sanchez. He wasn’t our 2nd best player. Even while he was having a sook he was our best player in the time he was here. No doubt about that

  34. 1886not1996

    NorthernGoonFebruary 3, 2018 21:20:56
    Seems a bit quiet on here guys. Why is that?

    24 points behind in the lofty heights of 6th place

    Go on though Northern goof. You be happy with beating a crap Everton and berating proper arsenal supporters who protested for a better arsenal.

  35. DivineSherlock

    Here’s a stat for All the Sanchez ass lickers . Mkhitaryan just equalled the number of assists Sanchez made in this season. Just in one match . Not even surprised people are saying Everton were crap . It was Arsenal that made them crap ! The movement of our attack was so good , they were chasing shadows all night. Very promising. Ramsey got so much space to run into when Aubameyang made those runs . And the atmosphere was brilliant , Ospina chants were back . Walcott got good reception.

  36. gonsterous

    what a time to be sick, missed the only game of the season I was looking forward to. let’s see the lads perform against spuds next…

  37. Pierre

    ” I do wonder how Ozil will feel about him muscling in on the no. 10 position though. It looked to me like Ozil was playing much deeper. ”

    Ozil is a team player so no problem there.. I should imagine he is pleased to have another player (mhkitarean) in the side that’s on the same level as him football, technique and vision wise…plus at long last a pacey striker who makes intellegent runs .

    Have to say ,our defence is not looking good at all..

  38. Pierre

    20 fans at the protest ..what a joke …how do you feel Ufraud …slightly embarrassed I should think. ..they are blaming the bad weather for the pathetic turn out … Pathetic .

  39. Jeff

    Very happy with the performance yesterday. We looked like a team that can go places. Thoroughly enjoyed the win. But as ever, consistency is the key and we will see in the coming games how we fare. Very impressed with both Miki and Auba.

  40. Leedsgunner

    I know Cech is in most of our bad books because of his poor form… but personally I would resist throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    Remember who Cech is being coached by, Wenger’s mate Peyton.

    Keep Cech as our backup keeper next season, sell Ospina and bring in a new goal keeping coach to freshen things up — let Peyton go and give Jens (who’s already part of the back room staff the job.). Cech has so much experience that would be invaluable as a backup while we allow a new no.1 to settle in the role.

    As for a new keeper, Oblak is in pole position for me but I think it’s worth keeping an eye on Tom Heaton and Jack Butland, young keepers with plenty of EPL experience organising their defenses and commanding their area.

  41. gonsterous

    can’t wait for Pedro’s new post. he must Still be jizzing his pants after that performance.. I most certainly am 🙂

  42. Leedsgunner

    Fairnez, is a young keeper I think we should also keep an eye on. Venezuelan, playing for Caracas… he’s already a number one for his country and club and not even 18! Being mentioned in the same breath as Donarumma, in terms of sheer talent…

    I would imagine Sven and Raul have a dossier on him already!

  43. graham62


    Probably the most embarrassing aspect of yesterday evenings match was the lack of atmosphere in the stadium.

    You’re right, even at 4-0, it was as flat as a pancake. I wonder what Auba thought of it all after arriving from Dortmund?

    Of course, we know the majority of these folk are not real fans.

  44. Leedsgunner

    If we manage to obtain a top coach I would be curious to see who they keep. The most infuriating aspect of this squad is who would blossom under a new coach with proper coaching?!?

    Xhaka looks hapless now but I reckon there’s a good player who’s not being directed. Or do you say it’s time to cut our losses?

    The players I definitely feel that way about is Welbeck, Jekinson, Campbell, Ospina and Akpom. Even if we sell low we should be able to achieve £25m for the group?

    I like Perez but he’ll probably ask to go… so there’s another £10m.

    So £30m without even touching our squad at all. Use the money to buy a new GK!

  45. NorthernGoon


    ‘’NorthernGoonFebruary 3, 2018 21:20:56
    Seems a bit quiet on here guys. Why is that?

    ‘24 points behind in the lofty heights of 6th place’

    We were 23 points behind in 6th on Tuesday night but it was heaving in here with numerous posters frothing at the mouth. Why so quiet last night?

  46. NorthernGoon


    I saw the embarrassing footage of the few morons that turned up to the ‘protest’.

    Let’s be fair you can’t even describe that as a protest. More like a mother’s meeting crying woe is me and attention seeking.

    Were you there Utarse? I feel sorry for you if you were.