Greatest window since David Dein departure: The Future is HERE!

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I’m not leaving the GREATEST transfer window of recent times without a quick positive post.

Arsenal hasn’t delivered a non-banter transfer window since David Dein was unceremoniously fired way back when. After that, Wenger assumed his all-encompassing role, and we haven’t looked good since. Well, that’s all changed. HUSS, Sven, Raul, Dick and Ivan have just shown what happens when you take power from an incapable set of hands and give it to competent people.

Le Grove correctly told you Ozil would be signing a new contract a few weeks ago, so I’ll bask in the glory of getting something right.

Then, just to cap a superb month, we finally landed Pierre for a record fee.

Did the club drop an anthemic video to welcome him? Not really. But fuck it, I’ll take a cute gif.

The even more exciting news is our business might not be finished. Rumours we’re still chasing Jonny Evans are all over the place, as well as Schalke midfielder Max Meyer.

Think of all the exciting things that have happened people.

We sold a player who didn’t want to be here.

We did a part exchange that will actually benefit us.

We replaced the loss of goals with the one of the most prolific strikers in Europe, in one window

We tied our best player down to a mega money deal, moving away from the stupid regressive model of awarding our failing manager the biggest contract at the club

We moved on Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Matty Debuchy, and Franny Coq AND made a bit of money

We did everything at an unreal pace

I’m not going to say I feel vindicated, because this isn’t about me, this is about us. We were all right.

All those naysayers who polluted the internet over the years trying to make out the issues at the club were Stan Kroenke, the market, the lack of quality options, the lack of money, wages or Champions League. All those who professed ITK knowledge, well, turns out they were absolutely wrong.

Who was right?

We were.

Ivan Gazidis brought in actual professionals attuned to the market, and he empowered them to make things happen. Let’s also not forget that Dick Law has still been on the scene.

The key here? No Wenger involvement.

The decisions about wages, transfers fees, and who to bring in have rested elsewhere.

I’m not saying Wenger wasn’t consulted, I am saying the manager’s power had been greatly reduced.

This is the model for the future.

The summer is likely going to be even more brutal.

I expect Mustafi, Bellerin and Ramsey will be sold off to the highest bidder.

We’ll move probably move on Welbeck, Ospina, Cech, Koscielny. Mertesacker and Santi will retire.

I’ve no doubt a lot of the hangers on around the club will be axed as well, because Wenger’s backroom team needs a massive revamp unimpeded.

The club will go on a mega rebuild.

My hope?

It’s Dortmund 2.0. Players 19-24 years old. Power, pace, exceptional technical ability. CLEVER. We need clever players. Tactically smart. No more Theo’s or Chambo’s.

The very best in coaching staff. The very best of tech. The best analysts. Pure innovation.

I really, really, really, hope the club is moving Wenger on this summer. There’s no point in investing in great players and having the local drunk driving their careers.

Hassenthutl, Allegri, Jardim, Marcelo, Sarri…

But that’s a conversation for another day.

For now. Bask in the glory of a non-banter window.

See you in the comments.

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  1. David Smith

    AFCamden has tweeted that he has heard the management are working on an exit strategy for Wenger this summer, and that Joachim low is first choice to replace him after WC.
    May or may not be true but might explain wengers current demeanour, the club seemingly going a bit German and not acting now to remove Wenger, and ozils renewal

  2. Pierre

    “. No understanding of what a quality defender is. Never fixing the DM position”

    Maybe the Swansea performance could be the turning /breaking point regarding our midfield and defence.

    On the midfield.
    Xhaka was culpable in 2 of the goals and for a defensive midfielder obviously doesn’t understand or can’t play the role.
    Ramsey will never be an effective central midfielder as he vacates the middle too often and, especially away from home, is a liability.

    Maybe it’s time to give AMN a run in the middle with Jack….
    Unlike xhaka, AMN has the pace to cover any breakaways, he is good on the ball and is also not afraid to use his pace in the attacking third, the more he plays there the more his confidence will grow.
    Jack is our best midfielder as he has a good football brain, he makes himself available and is a team player. So, unlike Ramsey, he will be more than happy to feed the likes of özil, mihkatarhan, lacazette and Aubameyang and is not a glory hunter. He understands the game, unlike Ramsey.

    Let’s hope the Swansea defeat is a blessing in disguise.

  3. mysticleaves


    I get what you mean re Moura but I think both suffered lately in their clubs too. None was exactly playing.

    And maybe having Ozil, a player with Moura’s skillset is who we needed more but the team didn’t have enough time to go over those details

    ESPN also said Arsenal enquired about Martial but was flatly refused. Frankly speaking nobody will trade Martial for Sanchez when they know they can get him for free in 5months.

    Am being cautiously optimistic about Miki though. He is close to De bruyne in how he runs the midfield when played through the centre. speaking from Dortmund days. direct, purposeful and a very good eye for a goal. Infact he shoots as much as he lays a pass for someone. Too bad he ain’t getting that middle role here. but let’s see… I would rather he succeeded than failed though

  4. UTarse

    “Nothing to do with the managers more to do with the teams they play in.”

    Can you tell me where you bought your wenger rose tinted glasses ? I need a pair just like yours.

  5. graham62


    Different ball game.

    The Ox wants to play in an area of the pitch where he is going to have to learn to play in a new system and a new way. It will probably take him a year to adapt.

    Walcott has been given an open pass. Allardyce knows that Walcott is most effective given a free rein.

    I rated Walcott but Wenger ###### him around so much(as he did the Ox) he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing.

    Both will excel, I’m convinced of that.

  6. mysticleaves

    Wenger might not have properly coached Walcott but he didn’t use him in multiple positions like he did Ox. Walcott as always a winger till HE and not Wenger said he was a striker. That’s why his negotiation took long when he renewed to 110 and when he failed at that experiment I believe that was why Wenger had even little time for him afterwards. That and his injury problems

  7. Mark

    “Get Guns and the rest of your ilk together, light candles, hold hands and repeat ‘I want Arsenal to lose’ a couple hundred times ”
    As opposed to you sitting there with victorious, Pierre & others of that ilk , sitting in the dark hoping to win a cup or 4th place so your hero can stay.

    Each to their own mate. Some of us will continue to hope wish and pray for change, instead of just meekly accepting a washed up fraud and thinking that he still deserves respect.
    The more people show/post how unhappy they are with the current regime, may convince other fans to make their voices heard ( apart from those already mentioned, there’s very little hope for you guys).
    Like a snowball rolling down a mountain .
    Once the cancer is cut out, the fanbase will reunite.

  8. TonyD

    I’m not wishing Mikki to fail but the German league is much different to the EPL.

    The biggest problem is still Wenger, so we’ll have to see if the system changes sufficiently to accommodate both Ozil and Mikki.

    It all depends on Wenger and that is a recipe for no hope to challenge for top honours as the last 13 years have shown us.

    Mikki , Auba and Ozil cannot change or make up for the worsening problems we have in defense and midfield along with our tipi-tappi tactics.

  9. TitsMcGee

    yup. only on le grove will you still find mostly moaning after this window.”

    6th place.

    Defensive issues.

    26 points off 1st.

    Only on Le Grove would you find imbeciles celebrating signing attacking players to play for a manager that hasn’t a clue.

  10. TitsMcGee

    Blind faith is a hell of a thing.

    “Let’s wait and see what Wenger can do with Auba”

    Like he hasn’t had:


    …in recent years and done sweet fork all in terms of a) building a squad that can compete and b) getting the most out of each player.

    But yes let the AKBS close their eyes and wish that for some strange reason players that were force-fed to Wenger are going to be the key to unlocking that light at the end of that Wenger tunnel (the same light that he’s been unable to unlock for 14 straight seasons).

    People want Wenger to NOT be the problem so bad that they make themselves look like idiots. Wenger has failed DESPITE all of the efforts to hide his incompetence.

  11. Bamford10

    The planned “Wenger out” protests will help to further weaken Wenger and will highlight for Gazidis, Sanllehi and Mislintat that Wenger has lost support among the fans.

  12. 1886not1996

    Maybe the Swansea performance could be the turning /breaking point regarding our midfield and defence.

    Yes because so many other big/bad losses have really been turning/breaking points for us

    Because Wenger really learns from losses.

    But you’re right. This will be THE one that spurs Wenger into action

    Pierre, are you new to Arsenal?

  13. Victorious

    ‘Only on Le Grove would you find
    imbeciles celebrating signing
    attacking players to play for a
    manager that hasn’t a clue.’

    Only a ‘tit’ can type something as stupid as this, no surprises then

  14. Goobergooner


    If you read the whole of tits’ post (well I guess you did that is why you’re so butthurt), he does have a very solid point.

    Go back to your blow up Wenger doll and pretend like things are great.