Fear of deal collapse as Dortmund get desperate in hunt for replacement

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Why is NOTHING easy in this cruel world. Like, it was only yesterday that we were basking in the glory of transfer goodness. Today, we’re all sitting around wondering how impactful the wants of Chelsea, Spurs and Dortmund are to our BIG deal.

So, the gist from David ‘THE KING’ Ornstein is:

DUvklOZXcAU5VuUMy head just exploded.

Here’s my take.

1. Giroud is 31, hitting his big 32 in September. This summer is his last chance at a World Cup. If you can’t pull off a move to Chelsea, you’re heading to Dortmund. It doesn’t matter how badly you wronged your wife, you only have one career in football and he needs to cap it with an international trophy.

2. The absolute ideal for Arsenal here is to loan him to Dortmund for a free. That way, we don’t have to worry about him helping a desperate Chelsea make ground on us. Also, regardless of his overall delivery for us over the past 6 years, I really do love the guy, I’d hate to see him do good things for a rival. Especially a rival that fucked us on two shitters in Demba Ba and Loic Remy. F*ck Chelsea. Glad to read we’re demanding £30m for him from them.

Additional worry, Giroud really is more of a weapon from the bench than WELBZ or Lacazette. Trouble is, can you keep him motivated from the bench?

Still, reality is this… he’s a good striker, not great. As @LankyObserver said on Twitter:

Those that say Olivier Giroud is a big game player are about as wrong as those that say he isn’t. Giroud is all things and nothing.

Almost perfect. He scores against big team, but often against the backdrop of a loss. As @allthatchas rightly called out, the man has assisted winning goals in 2 Cup Finals… but then, we all remember his misses at Monaco in the Champions League. What an enigma.

… but still, more of an Arsenal legend than Sanchez, and I really mean that. Guy has given his all for the club. He’s been treated like the ugly girlfriend who sits on the sidelines as her newly minted lottery winner man tastes the high life. Arsenal being the lottery winner, always return to him. But not this time. We met a high-class hooker called Auba we want to marry with NO pre-nup because this is love, ok mum? So it’s really time for him to pack his bags. But he’ll always be adored.

3. Back to why I think this deal will happen. Dortmund have €63m on the table for a player who doesn’t want to be there. Be real here, they’re not giving that up because they failed on landing a second-rate body from Chelsea or Arsenal. That money is pretty damn sweet and they didn’t get offered anything like that last summer when they were happy for the man from Gabon to move. They have to strike while interest is hot, because my guess is if we’re not landing him this month, the club will work for a younger model in the summer.


Final bit of intrigue, Auba jumped court because of sickness.

On Monday, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang made even more invisible than on Saturday against Freiburg. The Gabonese did not appear in court to testify in the trial of the explosives assassin Sergei W. He did not appear at the BVB training in Dortmund-Brackel at 14.30 clock to prepare with his teammates for the match in Cologne on Friday. And Aubameyang did not appear at the airport in Dortmund to make their way towards London.

With “high fever” in bed

According to his current employer, there was a simple explanation for that. Aubameyang was “sick”, lying since Sunday with “high fever” in bed, let the BVB announced. His physical condition leaves no statement in court, the club said. And those who can not testify in court can not train. And those who can not exercise can not do a medical check. Not only the public prosecutor’s office at the Dortmund district court found this all a bit “poor”.

No idea what’s going on with Jonny Evans. He’s injured, and I’m imagining buying an injured player isn’t cool since Wenger completely bantered us when he signed Kimmy K with a broken back. The Times are saying WBA want to keep him, which is sensible considering their predicament in the league.

Word on the street has it that Wenger is loving the new Greek kid, but I’d still feel way more comfortable with a bit of experience at the back, especially as Chambers and Holding are in desperate need of a loan and Per Mertesacker has lost 4 yards of pace this season.

On the good news front, Ian Wright said he’d heard Mikki was ripping it up on the Arseblog podcast. Exciting to hear, right? Nothing fires a real winner up quite like being humiliated and told you’re shit by Mourinho (KDB, Salah, Bonucci). I’m really excited to see what he can bring to the party. Wenger seems keen also, which is good news.

“I think Mkhitaryan can play in all positions in midfield, box to box, certainly not a defensive role, holding player no but all the other positions are not out of reach,” Wenger said. “Until now he has played in a wide role but he can certainly absorb that role in a kind of winger/playmaker. I don’t rule it out for him to become a box to box player.”

I think Wenger has the Armenian down as eventually playing the role Santi Cazorla occupied. Exciting if he can do it. I still maintain a fit Santi over the past 5 years would have seen us win at least one league title.

Swansea are rejuvenated under the very likeable Carlos Carvalhal. They beat Liverpool. They’re defending well. So tomorrow won’t be easy. FEAR NOT, Wenger knows what’s going on.

“When you don’t win you are criticised. I think Liverpool tried. What is a good warning for us is that Liverpool are an attacking team, you cannot criticise them for not attacking. They are very dangerous going forward and they did not manage to score against Swansea. That is a good warning sign for us that we have to produce an absolute total offensive performance.”

Fingers crossed the boys put in a shift.

FINALLY FINALLY. I didn’t mean to say Santi and Ramsey were dross yesterday, merely that they are likely to go this summer. One because of a horrible injury, the other because I don’t think we’ll offer him a mega-deal and I think he quite fancies Spain.


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  1. arsene's used sock

    literally can’t buy any away form with this manager and we’re supposed to believe that we can challenge for major honours?
    wtf do the players and the board think the fans are smoking to buy into this tripe?
    outright laughable that every year someone from the team has to be be the fall guy and lie to the fans about us being title challengers.

    …bloody hell we had a better eye test when chamakh and senderos were playing for us, are you kidding me!

  2. Relieable Sauce


    Stirling work!…
    If you want the plaudits, you should be wiling to accept your misjudgments and misgivings.

    …Any quotes from me yet?

  3. arsene's used sock


    “I’d take you as the next coach, as long as Wenger is gone. Far out. It’s beyond ridiculous”

    i would take a fucking amoeba over arsene “past it” wenger at this point, I’m that desperate

  4. Bamford10

    Among all the negatives, I actually think there is a good understanding already between Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Ramsey.

    We must replace Lacazette, Xhaka and Mustafi, though.

    And Wenger, of course.

  5. arsene's used sock

    what’s really telling is how I can’t even tell when xhaka arrived at the club…wtf.
    was it this season?
    last season?
    it’s all blurred together, don’t even know when cech arrived cause its the same old shit that was simply punctuated by Leicester pulling a bpl trophy out the ass.

    and now, for extra banter, flappianski looks solid enough to keep us out his net bar 1 while cech looks like flappianski in his arsenal prime.
    you couldn’t even make it up if you tried.

  6. Bamford10

    What kind of tackle was that from Mustafi on their third goal? Terrible. Just terrible. He cannot be allowed to play CB any more.

  7. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “I don’t want to talk about second or third goals.”, said Arsene Wenger.

    Id rather not keep talking about you as well, but your so damned horrible as a manager that it screams for comment – YOU GOOD AND TRULY SUCK, ARSENE WENGER!!!

  8. Dissenter

    One off the most painful aspects of this season was watching how Wenger handled the Iwobi thing.
    Iwobi is young and entitled to make his own fair share of errors as her finds his way in life.
    However the manager shouldn’t have put him back in the team for the next game as a starter, regardless of whether he was fined or not. He should have had to sweat on the bench for a while. It’s not like he’s Messi or some transcendent player.
    That type of weak management just typifies how Wenger has destroyed this great institution. He’s infused Arsenal with his meek and weak character.

  9. Goobergooner


    Auba in goals. Priceless. He has the height for it I guess. Couldn’t be worse than Cech last game.

  10. Relieable Sauce

    The drips will still keep going to matches.

    PEA deal will fall through with BD failing to find a replacement. – hmmm! Wheres Sven when you need him!?!?!?….

    : /

  11. Goobergooner


    I’m with you on trying out mustafi as RB. Not confident with him at CB at all. And he can’t be worse than bellerin atm, surely.

    I’d even go
    Mustafi kosc Monreal kola at the moment, just to shake things up, with amn in front as holding, and Wilshere and Ozil ahead.

    Anything new at the moment is better than the same mistake prone shit Arsene is serving up

  12. Guernsey gunner

    for those of you going to the Everton game get your arses to Highbury for the well publicised demo. Unless of course you still think lord wengo is the man with 3 away wins from 13, only one arsene wenger eh you reach around mongs. Also get your money on the scoring we are that shit at the back it’s almost nailed on.

  13. Goobergooner

    Also mustafi for their third was way too far forward. He’s not the quickest, and I know he didn’t expect Monreal to make such a meal of that miskick, but he’s a CB. He should have been closer to their forward who just strutted on past him and kept his weak attempted tackles at bay.

    Was pathetic

  14. Dissenter

    Leroy Sane is out for 6 weeks while the neanderthal hacked him down is only banned for one game!
    Really the referee that saw enough of that nasty tackle and still considered it worthy of only a yellow card ought to be suspended as well.

  15. Mick Kartun

    Great comment from DM:

    “So Arsenal now is like a 2001 BMW 5 series, and I’m being nice here. Wenger bought new alloy wheels in the Summer – Lacazette, now he is buying an extra set of alloy wheels. They are probably nicer alloy wheels. Trouble is the driver is an old grandpa really sad for Arsenal having him running the show.”

  16. Kay

    I seriously cannot understand what purpose does Ramsey and Iwobi serve?

    Xhaka can be fixed.
    But Ramsey and Iwobi should be sold to get actual players. As simple as that.

  17. GuNZ

    My Nougat Boy!
    Oh Nougat Boy, oh Golden One!
    That’s it, leave me, just fucking desert me you selfish bastard. I loved you Olivier, but you never cared about me and how I felt. What about us? What about all our happy ever afters?
    I am distressed but you offer me cold comfort you solipsistic shit.
    Go then, leave me! I’ll find another you-oo-ooooo . . .

  18. 1886not1996

    Wonder if tottnum can put the final nail in the coffin of Wenger next week.

    Now that would be poetic justice. Our *¥

  19. UTarse

    We beat Everton Saturday and you’ll hear those spineless pathetic “fans” sing out wengers name in adulation, cunts.

    Worst fan base in football.

  20. jasongms

    My heart goes out to those AKB’s, just when things seem on the up their master goes and fcuks them in the Arsene yet again… I should really open a lube store right outside the Emirates and call it ARSLUBE ” the pre-lube to dull the pain”. Great business plan, right, right!
    Pedro could even market it, who’s in? haha

  21. UTarse

    Arsenal fans are happy to take the branch up their rear end with the bark left on, they have been for at least 10 years…. you won’t sell a single tube

  22. gonsterous

    AkBs disappear after a loss, WoBs disappear after a win, players disappear on the pitch, wenger disappears when the window is open.. all a disappearing act. Arsenal should just become a circus act.. manager, owner, players and the fans.. we could rack in millions

  23. TonyD

    Just got to watch the match due to time difference here.

    2 words sum it up for me: clueless, pathetic.

    What made me laugh the most was Pierre’s recent comment that when we get our first choice defenders back we’ll be ok.

    Kudos to Swansea for the grit, determination and something we don’t have: belief.

    Kudos the Swansea’s manager who’s tactics were spot on.

    Schoolboy defending with an aging keeper well past his sell by date.

    PEA is going to have to be some saviour.

    I hope Wenger is feeling the pain because he should.

  24. Wallace

    Champagne Charlie

    “The talent we have is scary for how shit we are week in, week out.”

    yup. can do it when we really have to, but…

    really don’t see how he can stay beyond the summer.

  25. jasongms

    “really don’t see how he can stay beyond the summer”

    Wallace, no doubt you’ll be one of the first here to state Arsene should be allowed to stay if we manage to win that pointless cup.

  26. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘There is no rational explanation for how we played’

    Wenger admitting to the World that he’s lost the dressing room?

  27. Wallace

    “Wallace, no doubt you’ll be one of the first here to state Arsene should be allowed to stay if we manage to win that pointless cup.”

    nope, like under late-period Graham we’ve become a Cup side. the squad is underperforming massively.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    If anyone wants a reality check on the decline of Arsenal’s first team squad go
    and google transfermarkt.

    At the end of last season it was valued above both Liverpool and Spurs and in close proximity to Manchester United and Chelsea.

    Today our squad is valued at just £405 million and a country mile behind the
    5 teams who are behind us in league.

    Arsenal is as many have said before a MAJOR REBUILD job. The question is will Kroenke be prepared to provide the funds? To get on a level playing field with many of the teams above us you are talking about spending £200-300 million+

  29. OleGunner

    Thing is we are nailed on to win Carabaaaaaao Cup. Trust me we will smash City.
    That gives Wenger a likely 2 year contract extension with an appeased docile fanbase.

    Rinse, repeat until 2021 I think.

  30. gazzap

    Wenger could have Man City’s front 3 and we’d still lose games like swansea. Getting Auba in is missing the point entirely. I’m not saying he’s not a step forward but when you have massive weaknesses elsewhere you’re not going to win many games of football. When you have a total disregard for the quality of your defensive half of the pitch you will lose too many. Wenger should be sacked but he’ll get another pay-rise before that happens.

  31. shaun ellis

    “Iwobi is the only real winger in the team now”
    I am laughing so hard I can’t comment …….arsenal fan TV is a bit sad now as I actually feel sorry for them ….but at least here on this forum you still get the occasional gut busting unreal comment and the mofo’s are serious as well that what makes it so hillarious

  32. Wallace

    Nelson & Wilshere are the only two players in the squad who can go past a player. which was why the links to Malcom were exciting.

  33. Mysticleaves


    Cech was better than ospina and chesny when we signed him. It was an improvement on what we had so in that regard it was a good signing.

    But you would also see that I was not really optimistic it will make a difference in the grand scheme of things. I hoped for a stable 3years from him at best and he gave us two. Which still proves me right.

  34. Mysticleaves

    Signing Cech that year wasnt the problem. It was not signing a striker and midfielder and this resignation that we the real problem

  35. Mysticleaves


    We need wingers in this team. We also need a change of approach. And a change of manager. We haven’t had a single winger since 2011-12

  36. Dissenter

    Kroenke doesn’t need to provide ANY funds.
    We.need to spend what we have better. I mean we are still CONSIDERING whether to give Cazorla an extension, that says everything about what’s wrong with the club. Half of the overpaid squad is in the periphery, just aren’t good enough. I mean who authorized a 100k weekly wage for Bellerin?

    It’s going to take some time to extricate ourselves fromWengerism. It’s time and good management we need , not money. Anyone who thinks there’s a short-term solution to our demise is grossly misinformed or deluded. Money ain’t going to fix this.

    You knew Kroenke wasn’t going to spend zilch of his own money when you chose to back him against Usmanov whose model was to spend some of his money to boost the team. Your soft prejudice against the Uzbekh was too great to see reason then. You seem to think some of us have forgotten all the long winding posts you put here.

    Kroenke has always been consistent with the model he wants. He’s fine with us spending every penny we make. The events of the last two seasons have confirmed this. Had he been a money man, he would have insisted on Sanchez being sold last summer to save the club money. We just need to start spending more effeiciently.

  37. Samesong

    Cech is a big problem. He’s shoddy with the ball at his feet. To robotic. Considering we are a team that like to play out from the back.

    Cech has become more interested in giving interviews about players than bloomin saving goals.

  38. Samesong

    However the worst player on the pitch was Mustafi. The guy is a liability.

    You pass the ball back to Cech on his weaker foot in the six yard area ok Cech miskicks it to their player.

    You let Ayew get around you and the assist their player to score. He is not a centre back. But as Bamford said a good right back.

  39. raptora

    I rate your opinion but this right here is so out of place:
    “To get on a level playing field with many of the teams above us you are talking about spending £200-300 million+”

    We’ve exchanged some of our dross/ players who don’t want to play for us for good money while getting good players in their place. Thing is 1. Good players on key positions are needed; 2. Wenger cannot extract the maximum out of this squad.

    If you tell me that what we have is normal to have 7 losses already, our stats saying 12 W/ 6 D / 7 L, we are struggling to get 2 wins in a row nowadays. We have had the same problems for years. Same person in charge. Same stupid mistakes for a decade.

    Half of the dross was moved on, the other half can be moved for decent money as well. With the money we can get the right players. But it won’t matter. Lacazette was playing a CM last night. Look what Wenger will do with him and Auba playing at the same time. Look what a shit show Mustafi has turned out to be from a very capable defender. Look how Bellerin, Iwobi progressed. Chambers, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Gibbs, Holding, Debuchy, Xhaka. All of them have not progressed at all. Most of them were bought for very hefty fees. He is the problem. Not the money invested.

  40. Ishola70

    lol too hot for Wenger Poos.

    What’s the point of getting Auba when Wenger keeps picking his Albo-Swiss love child every week.

  41. raptora

    This squad of players should not lose to Swansea. This guy is average, this guy is dross. Fact is even the worst player in our team yesterday is more talent than any of the Swansea players. Compare them one by one and see if they should have won. Thing is they had a game plan to defeat us. We didn’t have a plan to do anything. But fall in their trap. Tragic set up by Wenger and right after he watched this same movie a week earlier when Swansea won vs Liverpool. Absolutely tragic.

  42. Ishola70

    Mustafi is capable of good defending at times but as said on here many times before far too rash overall.

    Not as hopeless a case as Xhakattack but even so another player with plenty of errors in him.

  43. Ishola70

    Wenger will be closer to Leicester come the end of the season then he will be for top four.

    Game’s up old boy.

  44. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Last season P38 W23 D6 L9
    This season P25 W12 D6 L7

    I think we can safely say that we have regressed from last season when we finished 5th and a total of 18 points behind the champions.

    Judge him in May – when he will still carry regardless of how far we have regressed.

  45. Ishola70

    Park Chu-young’s left testicle
    “Last season P38 W23 D6 L9
    This season P25 W12 D6 L7I think we can safely say that we have regressed from last season when we finished 5th and a total of 18 points behind the champions.Judge him in May – when he will still carry regardless of how far we have regressed.”

    Regression it is but his loyalists will try to paint a different picture if he nabs a Carabooboo.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    I never visualised Kroenke investing personally in the transfer market.

    However, as I pointed out yesterday Arsenal’s spend in the transfer market in
    this financial year will be actually LESS than our sales even if we buy Aubameyang.

    I maintain that Arsenal’s annual net spend on transfers should be at least £50
    Million so that there should be at least £50-60 million available in the pot in
    current financial year.

    It has been very clear to me that Arsenal’s major failings over several years has been the defensive side of the club. That has been due in part to poor investment in our back division, but also the management and coaching staff.

    I do believe that players like Bellerin, Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac could be
    improved under new management/coaches, but the bulk of what we now have
    on books is either too old or not good enough.

    Basically we are going to have to follow Man City’s example albeit not on same
    investment scale if we are going to put house in order.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    To follow on with what I have just posted Arsenal need to buy in summer at
    least a top class GK, CB and DMF/CMF and that is going to cost the club between
    £150-200 Million in today’s market if you want to buy right calibre players.

    Frankly I don’t see Arsenal spending that money.

    If we spend anything and Wenger is still at club he will go out and spend £50-60 million on a winger and if you are lucky £10-15 million on a CB.

  48. HighburyLegend

    “Apparently Auba is done”
    And so Cech.
    And so kim jong.

    Not funny ?
    In any case Petr, WE DON’T WANT YOU TO STAY.

  49. HighburyLegend

    “Wishing for a humiliating performance and result in the Carabao.”
    Cech might help if he plays, but unfortunately I’m afraid Ospina will make some great saves to save kim jong’s ass.

  50. Ishola70

    “Basically we are going to have to follow Man City’s example albeit not on same
    investment scale if we are going to put house in order.”

    The best signings are those that fit an overall system.

    How about the club starts getting in people that actually have a clue in what they are signing.

    Too many signings now are bought just because they look shiny. Oh look there’s a midfielder that was in the best Bundesliga XI one year. Let’s sign him. Doesn’t matter that he is not suitable for EPL and is a pussy. And let’s throw him in into a totally unsuitable system. And let’s lie and misled people about what sort of player he really.

    Oh look there is a German international defender that is available to buy from a weak Valencia. Let’s get him. Looks good on youtube. All those sliding tackles he does miles away from his own penalty area. Must be good.

  51. HighburyLegend

    Any signings will make sense only if we get rid of le senile one (and of our senile goalkeeper of course) next summer.

  52. Dissenter

    “I never visualised Kroenke investing personally in the transfer market.”

    “Arsenal is as many have said before a MAJOR REBUILD job. The question is will Kroenke be prepared to provide the funds”

    Make up your mind first. You’re speaking from both sides of the mouth as usual. You backed the wrong horse, with all due respect.

  53. Pierre

    The result and more importantly the performance last night may prove to be a turning point for certain players… Namely Ramsey, xhaka and cech.

    Midfield is the real problem and until we get the balance right we will continue to put in performances like last night.

    Probably our 2 worst performances of late were last night and v forest and Wilshere played in neither of those games.

    Of course, I am not saying he is the answer to all our problems but We do look better balanced in midfield when Wilshere is in the side simply because he plays the role how it should be played.
    He is also willing to commit players when he has the ball and very rarely vacates the area in the middle.

    Playing Ramsey in midfield is pointless really as he doesn’t know how to play the role and goes missing from the middle and must be a nightmare for defenders to play behind.

    Xhaka for his part in the Swansea first goal should be dropped from the side, I wouldn’t even call it a pathetic attempt to stop the scorer as he never even made an attempt.

    Sadly, Wenger has his favourites and Ramsey and xhaka seem top of the list so will they be dropped… I doubt it.

    Though I don’t think generally that cech has had a bad season It hasn’t helped that in the last 2 away league games cech has made crucial blunders to gift the opposition goals. Both in the 2nd half at roughly the same time…these errors will have affected his confidence.

    For the remainder of the season I would like to see AMN play centre mid alongside Wilshere.. It may not look a powerful midfield but I have always believed that playing in midfield is about good positional play and until we get in a dominating centre mid that plays the role to how it should be played then AMN has to be worth a try.

    Luckily Wenger has a chance to get himself out of jail again with 2 winnable home games which will give the new signings a chance to bed in.

  54. raptora

    If we were to make smart signings on paper, and I’m nothing but a viewer so I obviously don’t have all the knowledge that our scouts who get paid to do their job do, we could have gotten Auba in the summer (the deal was already talked about back then), get Zaha or this Malcom kid (cause we desperately need some wingers who can take on players), get N’zonzi or similar (cause we so badly need a DM who can stand his ground defensively), would not have touched Lacazette even if my life depended on it, would have sold Alexis to the highest bidder.

    At this moment I don’t approve any of our last 4 signings. Xhaka, Mustafi, Lacazette, Mikki are all not worthy of their 30m+ evaluation that our club paid for them. We will have trouble shipping out our newly formed dross soon. Mark my words.

    Basically this summer could have been among the lines:

    Auba 60m
    Zaha/Malcom 40m
    Manolas 40m
    N’zonzi 20m
    Aurier 20m

    Alexis 60m
    Bellerin 40m
    Chambo 35m
    Walcott 20m
    Coquelin 12m
    Gabriel 10m
    Gibbs 7m

    And finish with 4m profit. Not saying that this should have been the exact players. Change Zaha to Lemar, or N’zonzi to Fabinho. Still a much balanced team than what we have at the moment.

    Still we should be able to win vs Swansea no matter what. Wenger should not fall into the trap of a Championship level manager. Same happened vs Forest just couple of weeks earlier. This guy just never learns. Has been years and years. He just doesn’t get it.