Auba drops drab performance as fans banner him + Defender loan deal mooted

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'Auba, fu*k off and take your dogs with you'

‘Auba, fu*k off and take your dogs with you’

Not much to update you on really.

Auba played for a dismal Dortmund, unrecognizable from the team that played such majestic football under the mad Thomas Tuchel. They drew 1-1 with Freiburg, the fans rolled out a ‘YOU AREN’T BIGGER THAN THE CLUB’ banner, and the striker put in an abject ‘fuck you’ performance.

Hey, we’ve been there, right?

Dortmund are almost certain to let the problem striker go. They need a unified squad and a pot of money for the next manager to work with. Arsenal just need to stop fucking about and make a deal.

The yer da’s were out in force yesterday, vilifying the horrors of correct decisions.


Look, the new system isn’t perfect, but if you think bad decisions is part of football, you’re greatly mistaken. It’s part of a broken game. It’s like bitching that DNA evidence takes the excitement out of serial killing. Are their quirks to work through? Yes. Is it going to kill the game? No.

Things they need to work on right away.

> Improve the speed things happen. This the main one, let’s not make a show out of getting to the right decision quickly. Pardew complaining two of his players were injured because of the stoppages is a bit OTT, but it’s a point worth making.

> Bring the fans along. Reality is if you go the game, unless you have a radio on, you’re always out the loop on what exactly is going on, so people complaining they don’t have all the detail are just rehashing a reality of going to a live game. However, on this particular innovation, I make them right. Fans need to have the refs system beemed into the ground and they need to hear how the decision is panning out. You can hear what the refs say in NFL and ruggers, let’s get a system where you can hear what the refs are looking for and what the final decision is.

It’s really not that hard to get a system that doesn’t slow the game down. I just hope the FA are quick to advance the process. Let’s not wait a whole season before making changes.

… and please. I just need to reiterate, unjust decisions are not part of a game. If you’re getting off on the drama of bad decisions, you’re a masochist. If you need to be entertained that badly, and the game alone doesn’t do it for you, then go and watch WWE where injustice is part of a carefully planned plotline.

Onto more football like things… Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain getting roasted for being a bit shit is amusing. Not that I have anything against him, but it makes me feel a bit better to know that over half a season in and the mighty Klopp still hasn’t moved his game on.

Also worth noting that the German has dropped £380m on players and he’s still no closer to winning anything. There’s no excuse for exiting the FA Cup with WBA.

Burnley are in for Rob Holding, great move for the man from Bolton if we land Jonny Evans before the end of the window. Sean D is a good coach and Burnley are doing well. It’d be great to see him get 15 games there.

Right, I guess that’s me done today. Jan 28th, come on Arsenal, let’s get moving on this deal and have something to cheer for our next home game against Everton!

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  1. Bamford10

    Mystic — along with Wallace and Goondawg — is one of the guys who used to defend Giroud 3-4 years ago when I’d harp on the fact that he wasn’t good enough. These guys will defend anything Arsenal — no matter how obviously wrong they are on the point — simply out of blind loyalty to the club. Far from being admirable, this is just dumb. Yes, one should be loyal to the club, but one should also be honest. Mystic’s sort always resorts to dishonesty, disingenuousness, logical fallacies, insults, etc.

  2. mysticleaves

    “Whether anyone anticipated Leicester City’s title-winning season is irrelevant. Nice red herring, guy.”

    No it’s not, it’s relevant in the subject matter or being a fluke or not

  3. Bamford10


    You seem to have missed the point. Wenger won those titles in a previous era and with a club that had resources comparable to his rivals. Klopp would be wining said titles in a different (and far more competitive) era and with a club that has fewer resources relative to the new big three (City, United, Chelsea).

    So it’s not apples to apples.

    If you can’t see this, it’s because you refuse to see it. The point I’m making is obvious and correct. Sorry.

  4. Bamford10


    That I wouldn’t have predicted it wouldn’t make it a fluke. In order to be a fluke, it would need to have occurred by chance or accident. As improbable as Leicester’s title-winning season might have been, they did not win the title because of chance or accident. They won because they were excellent.

    So again, you’re wrong.

  5. mysticleaves

    “Mystic’s sort always resorts to dishonesty, disingenuousness, logical fallacies, insults, etc.”

    you are the one being totally dishonest guy. Any rational 3rd party could go over our conversion this evening(my time) and see it. I actually called you out for the fraud on football matters you are.

    You always backed Benteke. whats up? said Sanchez was this and that. Cant even get a game at Swansea etc.

  6. mysticleaves

    Arsenal has never had better resources than Man United. such dishonesty. As of 2013 Arsenals record transfer was 15m

  7. 1886not1996


    Wengers titles came when it was a 2 team
    League and he still never repeated and only won 3 out of 9 before more teams started to complete

    Answer me this please

    Would Wenger have won the tities with Klopp’s Dortmund teams, with Diego’s atletico’s team, with ranieri’s Leicester’s team, or jardin’s Monaco team?

    Answer honestly.

  8. mysticleaves

    “They won because they were excellent.”

    Which doesn’t stop it from being a fluke…they neither prepared for it nor had it in their targets. their aim was to avoid relegation. Their manager said this. the whole world alluded to this. But just because you are Bamford you argue otherwise? yet am the dishonest one?

  9. mysticleaves


    Not this Wenger. Wenger of old? Yes yes and yes. Leicester and ATM were more like flukes, have not repeated again and wont repeat in a long time so yea, anybody could do that, even this present Wenger.

    Remeber Stuttgart won in 2006 and Wolfsburg won in 2010 (or so) with nothing managers

  10. Bamford10


    Also, why do you keep bringing up what level a poster played at? This is totally irrelevant here and clearly a lame ad hominem.

  11. mysticleaves


    in recent memory, the only club bigger than Dortmund has being Bayern. So it would have been a disaster for them not to have won it at some point.

    Klopp was their coach then, and brought things that facilitated the trophies but dont forget he waa only competing with Bayern.

    Same as when Wenger won his trophies. It’s actually apples to apples.

    In a two horse race the lesser horse will win the race sometimes

  12. mysticleaves

    “Wenger won those titles in a previous era and with a club that had resources comparable to his rivals. ”

    His only major rival was Man utd until Chelsea came. Man utd were singing Ferdinand and Veron for 30m then, we were signing Wilford for 13.5m (record transfer) not comparable at all

    No name calling now, we are all being civil, or are u rattled?

  13. mysticleaves

    Am sorry, I was amused you dont know what a man management is/achieves in a football team. Sorry though if I strayed

  14. Victorious

    “Funny how klopp’s Liverpool keep
    posting 2012-date Wenger-like
    results despite claims he’s better
    lol. He can’t even better the
    washed up Wenger version let
    alone Highbury Wenger.”

    you hit the nail on the head here.wonder what the klopp lovers see in him though,Can’t seem to organize a defence, only plays counter attacking system which explains why his teams run out of gas around the 60 minutes of most matches

  15. graham62

    Since 2006 –

    1. Can’t manage.
    2.Can’t coach.
    3.Can’t do tactics.
    4.Can’t rectify frailties of team.
    5. Can’t spot talent.
    6. Can’t act constructively in the transfer market.
    7. Can’t sort out contractual issues.
    8. Can’t respect the fans.
    9. Can’t read body language of players.
    10.Can’t put the club first.
    11. Can’t communicate openly and honestly.
    12. Can’t see what we see.
    13. Can’t stop blaming others and making pathetic excuses.
    14. Can’t stop embarrassing himself and the club.
    15. Can’t leave the club.

    I’m sure you could add many more.

  16. Redtruth

    Since 1996

    1. Can’t manage.
    2.Can’t coach.
    3.Can’t do tactics.
    4.Can’t rectify frailties of team.
    5. Can’t spot talent.
    6. Can’t act constructively in the transfer market.
    7. Can’t sort out contractual issues.
    8. Can’t respect the fans.
    9. Can’t read body language of players.
    10.Can’t put the club first.
    11. Can’t communicate openly and honestly.
    12. Can’t see what we see.
    13. Can’t stop blaming others and making pathetic excuses.
    14. Can’t stop embarrassing himself and the club.
    15. Can’t leave the club.

    I’m sure you could add many more.

  17. graham62


    Wenger would not have won the EPL, or any other league in Europe for that matter, with any team over the past 12 years.


  18. Pierre

    The assumption that the only reason we won titles in Wenger’s first 8 years because it was just a 2 horse race is ridiculous.

    If Wenger had taken over in 1996 whilst we were a regular top 2 team then maybe you could make that assumption, but even then it wouldn’t make sense.

    Liverpool and Chelsea had very good sides during that period.

    Manchester United had a superb side during that period, the midfield of beckham, giggs, Keane and Scholes were probably the best midfield I’ve seen.

    Even then we could have followed our double of 1998 with another double in 1999.

    Bergkamps penalty miss in the last minute in the semi would have changed history if he had converted it. Plus we took the title to the last day.

  19. Cart


    Couldn’t agree more on your post about Santi. Have recently read that he’d not long ago undergone a 10th operation, I struggled to see how he can possibly come back and perform at the level expected. It’s just ridiculous and disingenuous.

    Which brings me on to my next discussion point, and that is Platelet-Rich plasma therapy. Not sure if you or anyone in here are familiar with this but still.

    I haven’t looked into whether such practice is deemed legal or practical under FIFA rehabilitation/drug recovery code, but I think it’s something that should be looked into further.

    It’s used in MMA (UFC) by fighters that experience injuries in fights, but might not necessarily want to undergo surgery, due to the overall recovery time frame of surgery, as opposed to PRP therapy.

    Now using hindsight, I wander whether this is something that would’ve benefited Santi before his operation or at least after his first operation. I mean, 10 operations deep is wild, especially when you consider that Santi is a professional football player playing for one of the most well recognised and supported teams in the world.

    This isn’t some Sunday league football playing random who been shegged by an under-performing NHS hospital.

  20. Victorious

    London,I could remember you been a ‘strong fan’ of Theo Walcott The fact you thought he was good enough to start games for us tells us that you know fvck all about football and nobody should take you serious on here

    Thought you will be in Everton by now sucking him off

  21. Redtruth

    Chelsea were never going to win the title indeed they were bankrupt and Liverpool were a spent force which left only Arsenal and Man Utd to battle it out.

  22. Rambo Ramsey

    Mystic, are you new to Le Grove?

    Wasting your time trying to talk sense with Bamford? Better to bang your head against the wall. The pompous fuck has his head so far up his ass that the only statements that are true in the World are his own.

  23. prince of nigeria

    Pierre I am not saying we should have won it 10 times I am just saying three out of ten wen two teams are in it is average and we all knw teams r not financially as capable like they r nw. so we were spoilt wit array kf talents so there should b more output

  24. mysticleaves


    Lol, funny enough me and Bamford go way back. Once in a while I like engaging him just so I can see how long he goes before calling someone dipshit

  25. mysticleaves


    Wenger came in 1996. From his first full season he contended with Manchester for 7 seasons from season ending 98 to 2004 before Chelsea cam on board. He won 3 and lost 4. Chelsea and won twice before man utd reclaimed it the tenth year

  26. Redtruth


    25 Jun 2001 10.58 BST
    First published on Mon 25 Jun 2001 10.58 BST

    Patrick Vieira has launched an amazing attack on his Arsenal team-mates and Arsene Wenger’s summer signings – and made it clear that he wants to leave.

    In an interview with the Sun this morning, Vieira also dismissed Arsenal’s chances of success next season, claiming they wouldn’t even finish in the top five of the Premiership.

    He said: “People should know this is nothing to do with money. I need to leave because I want to win more trophies and I just cannot see that happening at Arsenal. Certainly not over the next few years, anyway.

    “Comparing Arsenal to the big clubs in Europe this season is going to be quite ridiculous,” he added.

    “I do not honestly see Arsenal finishing in the top five in the league – and you can forget the Champions League.”

    In recent weeks, Arsene Wenger has signed Everton striker Francis Jeffers and Rangers midfielder Giovanni van Bronckhorst in an attempt to strengthen his squad and persuade Vieira to stay. However, Vieira sees nothing to be excited about in their arrival.

    “When I told Arsene Wenger I was leaving, he said to me ‘I have £25m to spend on a few players’. My answer was ‘Obviously, Mr Wenger, you are not shopping in Harrods. That will only buy you one good player.’ Now I have been proved right.

    “Arsene Wenger has signed two ‘hopeful’ players who haven’t proved themselves in the Premiership yet. One of them is a boy of 20.

    Wenger the same shit then as he is now.

  27. Chris

    I think it is very harsh of some people to say we should have won lots more titles in the 90/00s. In 1999 we were edged out by the Treble winning Man Utd side.

    2003 is the one that irritates me, that was one we let slip away but getting kicked off the pitch at The Reebok didn’t help.

    Other seasons in that time period Man Utd walked it as they were by far and away the best team in the land. (Huge points deficit to us in 2000 and 2001) It happens in sport. They were an exceptional side.

    Sad to see Wenger’s achievements before this decade belittled. The man has made enough mistakes the last 6-7 years that should see him out of the job now but to criticise past victorious is petty in the extreme.

  28. London gunner

    Victorious you pathetic moron who has to hide behind a new moniker..

    The fact you are a strong fan of Wenger shows your opinions and beliefs have the weight of a dog turd on a pavement.

    And if Walcott was so bad then surely that shows what a terrible manager Wenger was for offering him 120k and keeping him in for many years… lol you can’t even help but put your foot in it and prove what a dunce Wenger is just like his followers.

  29. Chris

    Vivas vs Leeds I guess you mean. A bad one but one of the few errors from the team that season. They conceded a miserly 17goals that season if I am right.

    It was so tight it could have gone either way. Wrong to criticise not winning it in my view, it was a great effort.

    And 2003 yeah, we did throw it away.

  30. mysticleaves


    Funny enough we won the league that year and the invincible the one after the next lol lol

    That must have been a lot of egg on Viera face.

    Though that’s a bit of a pointer to Bamford who said Areanal were comparable with Man utd in riches. We were nowhere Man utd in riches at any point

  31. loyika

    Am i missing something? Did Arsene not win the title with Monaco before things went “Tits up” as well for him in France?

    So all this bs over whether he would have won with A Madrid or Dortmund is just that, Bullshyte. How the fcuk would you know if he would have won with so and so team? If it were that simple Klopp should have won something already, at least Conte won the EPL in his first season innit?

    Poch (The Gza) should have won something as well? After all his sheer brilliance should see his team through regardless of money, after all CR won with Leicester innit?

    Whatever one says or thinks about Wenger, his titles were won for Arsenal FC and will always be his titles regardless of what anyone thinks, same way GG’s will always be his or Chapman’s will always be his. The rest is irrelevant (in terms of what he did in the past or how he achieved it and with whom)

  32. steve

    “Since 1996… 22 years…. 22 1st and 2nd places…one per season..”

    Pierre shamelessly lying again. You really didn’t think anyone was going to call you out on this? Pathetic.

  33. Victorious

    ‘The fact you are a strong fan of
    Wenger shows your opinions and
    beliefs have the weight of a dog
    turd on a pavement.’

    Lol,temper,temper, I must have touch a nerve there

    You know you are a dumb twat when you call someone a ‘Wenger fan’ for supporting the club and been positive, I’m not surprise though as your opinions on football matters are like that of a ‘neophyte,continue to hate on Wenger the only thing you seem to know how to do,jackass

  34. Cart


    I know what platelets is.

    Moreover, google Platelet-rich plasma therapy and you’ll see where I’m coming from..

  35. Carts

    I’m not sure who this ref is, but he’s reminds me of my Nan by how lenient he is. The 3 booking he’s made have been correct, but you can tell that he applies common sense where required.

    Not like them runts we have in the Prem where they wave the card and start getting gobby cos they want their 5 mins of fame the following day.

  36. Henry Root

    BBC journo reporting multiple sources in Germany that deal on Auba is almos5 agreed at a compromise around £53m. The ‘almost ‘ is the worrying thing with Arsenal !

  37. Carts

    If this is to be true, that makes PEA our record signing by a few hundred grand.

    I really do hope Wenger knows what he’s doing. I don’t want to ear any shit about keeping players happy.

    You don’t spend exactly the same money on two strikers, 6 months apart, where both expect to be #1 choice

  38. graham62


    As it’s late and you’re probably getting things ready for school tomorrow, please amuse us all with your “positive” take on being an Arsenal supporter.

    I give you 5 minutes to come up with a relevant list.

    Need a good laugh.

  39. Bamford10


    “Comparable” does not mean “equal” or “identical”; it means compare-able, relatively similar.

    Arsenal’s resources from, say 1997 to 2004, might not have been equal to or identical to United’s, but they weren’t as far away from United’s as you would like people to believe.

    They certainly weren’t as far away as Dortmund’s resources were from Bayern’s in 2011-13 or as far away as Liverpool’s resources are from City’s today.

    For example: in 2000-01, Arsenal’s wage bill was £41m; United’s was £50m. In 2001-02, Arsenal’s wage bill was £62m; United’s was £70m.

    Bundesliga figures are difficult to come by, but I guarantee there was a bigger gap between Bayern and Dortmund than there was between United and Arsenal. Further, contrast that to the gap between City and Liverpool today: in 2016-17, City’s wage bill was £225m; Liverpool’s was £165m.

    Further, what Wenger had spent on transfers at any point is not identical to Arsenal’s resources at that time. As you well know — if you are honest at all — Wenger often has not spent what was available to him to spend. Therefore to say that we had only spent x in this or that year is not the same as saying that that reflected our resources at that point. It tells us only what Wenger was spending at that point, not what our actual resources were.

    Anyways, I am sticking to my POV: Wenger could not have accomplished what Klopp did with Dortmund in 2011-13; and winning the title today with Liverpool would be far more difficult than winning the title with Arsenal was in 1997-98, 2001-02 or 2003-04. The league is far more competitive and there are more big money clubs above Liverpool than there were above Arsenal at that time.

  40. Nw9 gooner

    Bamford , its just hypothetical, you say Arsene could not have done it and others can say he could have easily done it. There is no end to this except that these are just personal point of views.

  41. Bamford10


    I disagree. I don’t think it’s a matter of personal point of view at all. Look at how well-organized Klopp’s teams were, look at how disciplined, look at how intelligently-scouted their players were.

    Is Wenger capable of this kind of thing? Of supremely well-organized sides? No. Of supremely disciplined sides? Not unless a Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira is doing the organizing or disciplining. Of intelligent scouting? Not since 2008 or so. So no, I don’t accept that it’s a matter of opinion. I think it is an objective matter of fact that Wenger would never have been capable of doing what Klopp did.

    I can see why others would think this a matter of opinion, though. I disagree, however.

  42. Bamford10


    As for my second point, that winning the league today with Liverpool would be more difficult than winning the league was in 2001-02 with Arsenal, this for me is a clear matter of fact and not at all an opinion. Look at what one must compete with today versus what one had to compete with then. Much more difficult today.

  43. Pierre

    For all the ignoramisis who find it difficult to believe that we have either won or been runners up 22 times in 22years …here is the evidence.

    “steveJanuary 28, 2018 20:40:27
    “Since 1996… 22 years…. 22 1st and 2nd places…one per season..”Pierre shamelessly lying again. You really didn’t think anyone was going to call you out on this? Pathetic.”


    “Since 1996… 22 years…. 22 1st and 2nd places…one per season..”Pinocchio is amongst us again I see”

    League champions 1998-2002-2004

    Runners up …-1999-2000-2001-2003-2005-2016

    FA cup winners-1998-2002-2003-2005-2014-2015-2017

    Runners up -2001-

    League cup runner up -2007-2011

    2018 final in 4weeks

    Champions league runner up 2006

    UEFA cup runners up -2000

    Ha How do you feel mugs

  44. Gooner63

    lol i just love the – anything will do AKBs

    Always sorting stats so they fit the All Hail Wenger mantra

    Why dont we have Pierre , Pedro etc etc

    Do the How many days since for the following

    Won the premier league
    Won a european trophy

    ahhh yh they wont – it dont fit the – paltry trophies mean everything agenda

  45. Cesc Appeal

    A lot of news now that Arsenal have agreed a fee with BvB for Aubameyang at around £55 Million, just breaking in the last hour.

    Chelsea have also apparently asked about Giroud, we should get as much out of them as possible, EPL and ‘rival’ premium.

    We could end up putting a massive dent in the Aubameyang fee with the fee for Walcott and whatever we get for Giroud.

  46. Nw9 gooner

    Agreed on your second point, it’s much more difficult to win now than before cos of the money that has flown to all clubs. Chelsea are seeing it now that Roman is not willing to put in his money now. It could and probably will happen to MC also in the future- there is a limit to their investments also. Once the self models come in it will be more level field for the teams

  47. Pierre

    we haven’t won the league for 14m years and have never won the champions league in our history …

    There you go ,easy .

    There is nothing wrong , in being an Arsenal supporter , taking pride in our acheivements. And although I want Wenger to leave , I can still recognise that even his recent trophy haul is a good acheivement

    For someone who is regarded as incompetent in all aspects of management by the Wenger obsessives I think his record of 22 winners or runners up in 22 years actually makes a mockery of the Wenger obsessives argument …

  48. Nw9 gooner

    CA I gather Giroud is for loan only? Even so at least the wages will be taken care of and we should get a decent loan fee

  49. loyika

    @ Bam

    Total hogwash!!

    Klopp has been given the resources to make Liverpool competitive and he should be doing more than what he has with what he has been given.

    Roger’s got Liverpool to compete (once majorly) and his main player then was Luiz Suarez, klopp has players like Salah, Mane, and co and has been supported amply enough by the Liverpool heads so saying he cannot compete now with Citeh and co is a fcuking cop-out.

    We are quick to push Arsene under the bus for not competing and rightly so, but yet we come up with excuses for every other manager out there?

    Many Football pundits are calling Klopp out, so you can’t say your opinions (and that is what your views are, just opinions and nothing more. The attempts to always try to state your opinions as some kind of facts are just nauseating to say the least) are more valuable than those who have played the game at a higher level than you can only dream off.

    The clear difference with Pool and Arsenal is that Pool act like a real club and i can bet you Klopp will only be given one more season (unless they miraculously win the UCL this season) to get things right and if by this time next season Pool are in this situation he will be fired.

    Same way Roman A will not tolerate Conte’s “Cry Baby” tactics of how he has not been supported in the TM.

    This kind of accountability is missing from Arsenal FC, (at least this is something everyone could agree with), but the attempts to try and make excuses for Klopp when even ex-Liverpool players and football pundits in general are calling him out is plain bs.

    You say we should wait till he last 10 seasons? Do you think Liverpool FC are Arsenal FC? You actually believe they will give Klopp 10 seasons to show he can win silverware?

    Likewise, granted that Big Tone’s presence helped Arsene settle down with the team when he first became Manager of the club (which can never be in dispute same way Arsene helping him extend his career for much longer at the club can never be in dispute) You talk about Paddy V doing the disciplining in the Arsenal side? The same Paddy V who at a time (if i am not mistaken) was thinking of quitting England due to him feeling he was being targeted by Refs? Until Arsene and David Dein persuaded him to stay and fight it out.

    Ok then, which players handled the discipline in the Monaco team of 1987-88? Or did football start for you in 2007?

  50. loyika

    Did Chelsea not seal a move for Dzeko?

    Why should we loan them Giroud? HELL NO!!

    If we want to give Ollie away, it should be to a club outside the EPL.

    Sick and tired of us giving our players to other EPL clubs like some sort of Santa Claus? What the fcuk!!

    Why can’t an EPL club put a bid in for Arsene while they are at it?

  51. Gooner63

    The point is your praising Wenger for not winning the main trophies

    Your saying, that winning trophies that teams dont pay their best players in is classed as a success

    Yes, its a success if your wba, burnley, southampton or teams of that ilk

    But for Arsenal – nothing should be considered a success apart from

    1 Winning Champions league or at least doing well and not last 16

    2 Winning Premier league – no excuses for a club of our stature to not have won it in 14 years

    3 Very very minimum should be Champions league – and he fails even at that now

    Its not a bit like Tennis – we dont get anywhere in the grand slams – but we win Queens – which really means nothing.

  52. Pierre

    This wasn’t meant to happen was it.

    We were supposed to be losing sanchez and özil for nothing, Chelsea were going to do us in the league cup and we were going to be stuck with the giroud and Walcott.


    We sign Aubameyang and mkhitarayan, we get to another final at Wembley now all we need is for özil to sign and we offload Walcott, giroud and coquelin.

    There are going to be some seriously pissed off Wenger obsessives if it all falls into place.

  53. Pierre

    Fair enough.. If that’s how you want to be then so be it

    I prefer enjoying the fact we are winning trophies and getting to Wembley.

    Out time will come again in the league.

    The signing of Aubameyang will massively improve our front line and who knows maybe next season we at least give it a go.

  54. Dissenter

    The report is reiterated by German football expert Manuel Veth who wrote on Twitter: “Movement in the #Aubameyang to #Arsenal deal.

    “@kicker believes that the #BVB striker will be sold for €63m.

    “Giroud will not head to Dortmund instead the club is looking at Anthony Modeste as a potential replacements.”

    And when asked how reliable his information was, he replied: “very.”

  55. Gooner63

    I really hope PEA signs – on paper he will be the best striker we have had in a long time.

    Just hope that we now play to his strengths

    The big problem is not the players

    How many thought wow, we are back when we signed ozil and alexis

    But what did we win? – again just a few smaller trophies and went backwards in the league

    I want the glory days of arsenal – but i just dont think its possible under Wenger

    Wenger is like Bread

    Its great for a while
    But then it starts to go mouldy and depressing
    and no one has bothered to throw it out

  56. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    I believe there was no way Ivan G would have been a able to live down the embarrassment if he came back after spending one week in Germany without signing Auba.

    Its obvious we had to swallow our pride and blinked first.

    Good thing is that hopefully the deal can be announced tomorrow to enable us move on to other things.

    Seems we have gone a bit cold on Johnny Evans though? We still need a CB in my opinion (need a CDM as well, but doubt that is in the plans for now)

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal have apparently set Giroud’s fee at £35 Million. We should not entertain loaning him, just sell and get that money in.

    Basically would mean we end up paying about £5 Million for Aubameyang if the price is £60 Million or even nothing if it is £55 Million, we gain a great ST and lose two players who have not really featured that much, especially Walcott.

    That is good business, and is a ruthless style Arsenal have been missing for far too long.

  58. Dissenter

    Why is Giroud the one to leave?
    Probably because he has to play to have a chance at the French National team.
    Giroud was a very good impact player who would have merited his place in the squad, no one else can hold up play in the team.

    Why aren’t we moving on the worst senior striker in the squad – Wellbeck?

  59. Pierre

    Who cares about giroud , let him go …

    Why would anyone want him to stay ..his style has never suited Arsenal ‘s play .next to go should be Ramsey so we can get back to playing decent football again ..

  60. loyika

    @ Pierre

    A bit harsh on Ollie and Rambo?

    They might be to everyone’s taste but they do a job whenever called upon.

    At least, apart from hustling and bustling, Ollie gives more end product than Welbz, or don’t you agree?

  61. Pierre

    They are both decent players but in my opinion, rightly or wrongly, they are a large part of the reason for arsenal’s decline in their style of football we play…. I would put Welbeck in there as well.

    I feel that at last we can get back to playing football with style and pack pace.. Not since the days of ces, rvp, rosicki, Hleb and nasri have we played that style of football

  62. Bamford10

    If the Aubameyang rumors are true and we’ve signed him for £55m, the narrative that said Stan Kroenke is/was a penny-pincher is as dead as fucking dead. No penny-pincher spends £55m on a CF less than 6 months after spending £52m on another CF who has underwhelmed.

    It will also prove that the power has definitively shifted at Arsenal, as there is no chance this was Wenger’s idea.

    None of which is to say Aubameyang will be a solution to our problems. He should be a better CF than anything we’ve had since RVP, though.

  63. Bamford10


    “Klopp has been given the resources to make Liverpool competitive and he should be doing more than what he has with what he has been given.”

    One, he has been at Liverpool for 2 years. Wenger hasn’t contended for a title in ten years. I think Klopp deserves a little more time.

    Two, Wenger has been given ample resources also, along with two decades to shape the club as he sees fit. Wenger’s team is in 6th; Klopp’s is in 4th. I’d say Klopp is doing better than Wenger at moment.

  64. Carts

    One of the most frustrating attributes of Wenger is his reluctance to cut his losses and start over.

    I’m not saying we should bomb players off the same ya Chelsea did the likes of KDB & Salah. I’m talking about having the capacity to conclude that certain players aren’t good enough.

    Let’s kust take this season, thus far. We’ve gotten rid of Ox, Walcott, Gibbs, Coquelin, Gabriel & Wojciech and accumulated the best part of £95m. This has enabled us to sign fresh players.

    Disclamier: not matter who we sign,I have zero confidence in Wenger getting the best out of the collective*

    Why it’s taken this long is beyond me. Pragmatism isn’t in Wenger forte, that much is obvious. I feel as though if this practice was something that was being done several seasons ago, things could’ve been different. That injection of new blood could’ve galvanised the squad.

  65. Black Hei

    “No penny-pincher spends £55m on a CF less than 6 months after spending £52m on another CF who has underwhelmed.”

    My guess is that with Giroud’s sale to Chelsea, we are breaking even.

    And if we sign Johnny Evans, that will be the net spend.

    So, no. I still think that Stan is a penny pincher.

    But, the transfer team has done very well given the situation we were in. Give them credit, it is a great transfer window if we nail Evans.

    On the other hand, Debuchy looks really hard to shift.

  66. Elmo

    Wouldn’t be surprising if the club are desperate to sign brand name players this window because Ozil has specifically said he will sign if there is evidence of ambition for the next few years.

    Ozil still probably intends to walk, though, and just told the club that because he doesn’t like to be in confrontational situations. Sticking to my belief that there will be continuous noises of him extending for the rest of the season, then it will be quietly announced that he’s joined United to link up with Mourinho and Sanchez.

  67. Dissenter

    If we succeed in moving in Giroud for £35 million then he would be one of Wenger’s best signings.
    He cost only £11.8 million from Montpellier in 2012
    He is only one of the seven Arsenal players that have scored more than 50 league goals in the Premier league era.
    His goal per minute ration is one goal every 158 minutes which is in the top 25 on all players in the premier league era.

    All this for a player that’s th go to guy for finger pointers. He never got the respect that he deserved and people judged him from the RVP perspective.

    He has been my favorite Arsenal player since 2013, it maybe that I like underdogs. The last five jerseys I’ve bought all have his number and name.

    I’ll absolutely miss him.
    People that cussed him out need to ask why a “bad” striker will fetch 35 million at the age 31 years old.

    He has to be one of Wenger’s Best buy’s if we get 35 million for him

  68. Emiratesstroller

    I suppose that the recruitment of Mkhitaryan and Aubemayang will be considered adequate compensation for loss of Sanchez particularly if Ozil signs an

    However, the proof of the pudding will be Arsenal’s final outcome this season in the three competitions. We need to finish in top 4 in EPL and win either League Cup or Europa Cup.

    What we are seeing at Arsenal is a complete reversal of previous teams which
    have been recruited by Wenger. Previously we built teams around British and/or younger more immature players.

    My main concern about what has been going on in recent years is the erratic
    nature of the club’s transfer and contract policies.

    Now the club needs to focus on recruitment of new Manager/Head Coach and
    start raising the bar of our ambition.

  69. useroz

    If Auba , Giroud deals are through, we need to line up a new manager/ coach for next season who knows how to use our assets and achieve much better outcomes. Wenger can’t; and he had proved it over 50,000 games. .

    Still cleansing to do. Welbeck, Jenk, Debunchy, even Ramsey….and so ‘kids’ such as akpom.

    First things, see if we really got Auba and sold giroud.

  70. Bay Area gooner

    Hi everybody just checked out the news that were in for Obama Yang for 55 . If so I’m ecstatic !

    I don’t expect miracles but it sure is exciting to get a electric striker what we once had

  71. Thorough

    If we end up signing Auba and Mkhitaryan in a window Wenger messed up long before Sven was appointed then I might start having hope in this club again. Hats off to Gazidis and Sven. We can now concentrate on the midfield/wings and the defense in the summer. Now to go learn how to spell their names and speak better English. I feel Arsenal finally rising from the rubbles Wenger has relegated us for so long. Finally!

  72. mysticleaves

    Am really disturbed at the direction we are taking in transfer activities. Signing 28yr olds surely isn’t the new way?

    I just feel gutted that we have missed out on Fekir. A proactive transfer team would have got h last 2 seasons for below 18m. Now he will go for 60+..

    Am not sure we can compete with those figures esp when a club with proper ambition rolls on.

    Have always been wondering why we don’t do bidding wars with our rivals though. Is it because we don’t sell proper ambition to them?

  73. Victorious


    See you are now moving from a ‘Wenger obssesive’ to ‘Victorious obsessive’ not bad considering you’ve had your tongue up Wenger’s ass far too long for your own good,

    Apparently we have gone from losing $anchez and Ozil for free to losing only $anchez and gaining Mikki and Auba,not so bad for a club in “crisis’, we have shifted Walcott, Coq, and it looks like Debuchy and Giroud will follow suit,long overdue for all the deadwoods stealing a living in our club,good way for ‘Sven’ to start the mighty rebuild this club so need

    Ozil should sign on now with Auba and Mikki coming in,he can’t leave on a disguise of ‘ambition’.I wish Welbeck is the one leaving instead of Olly though,

    Now let’s go win the league cup and get back our top 4 place

  74. Wallace

    exciting re Aubameyang. puzzled how he’s going to fit in with Lacazette, but signing two big time players and shifting some bench warmers, this will have been our best transfer window in a very long time.

  75. Wallace


    “Arsenal’s resources from, say 1997 to 2004, might not have been equal to or identical to United’s, but they weren’t as far away from United’s as you would like people to believe.”

    I usually find you quite entertaining, but lord…you’ve admitted you didn’t start following Arsenal/football until 2004, so no idea why you think you can lecture those who did about what it was like back then.

  76. Victorious

    A bit surprised Auba are demanding for Giroud instead of Welbeck, surely Welbeck is more suited to their style of play,or are Arsenal just flaty refusing to let go of Welbeck?.. that would be mind boggling

  77. Dream10


    Man Utd won three titles in a row and five in six years up until 2001. They signed Veron and van Nistelrooy in the same summer. Financially, they were on a different level to the rest of the PL

  78. Dream10


    Welbeck has a poor goalscoring record.
    Dortmund have a class scouting network and are ahead of the curve in identifying the future attacking stars of tmrw. Giroud would be decent stop gap for them till the summer

  79. Black Hei


    “They signed Veron and van Nistelrooy in the same summer. ”

    I still remembered being angry that we signed Henry and Pires while United signed the big guns like Veron, RVN and Jaap Stam. I mean Henry and Pires were rejects while Veron and RVN were the cream of the crop.

    Especially Veron who had a very successful World Cup.

  80. Dream10

    Black Hei

    Yea. You knew van Nistelrooy would be an unbelievable goalscorer in England. We needed another one like him to partner Henry, since Bergkamp wasn’t a regular goal getter after turning 30. I was so jealous when they signed Veron. One of the best passers I have ever seen. What a player man. Imagine Veron with Vieira ?!?!

    Always loved Pires. Knew he would be great for us. Took Nesta to the cleaners in the Euro 2000 final to set up the golden goal for Trezeguet. Did the same to Stevie G at Anfield in ’01 as well. A player with an aesthetically pleasing style. Never ever thought Henry would ever each the level he did.

  81. Emiratesstroller


    You can play Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Ozil as a collective BUT
    the rest of the team will need to be disciplined, hard working and defensively

    We have offloaded already in last and current transfer windows a lot of squad
    players who needed replacing. My guess is that Giroud will go before close of
    transfer window. Personally I will be sorry to see him go, but he can play only
    one position and would now be our third string striker.

    Frankly I will be very surprised if Arsenal spend mega bucks next summer. We need to start looking at the goalkeeper position, because Cech is slowing down and also a quality centre back.

    Our 2 acquisitions in January have been experienced players aged 28/29 and are realistically short term solutions to current problems.

    We need the scouting system to start delivering young talent before they start
    costing the club mega bucks. Our weakness in recent years has been a failure
    of the Academy System.

  82. Steveyg87

    Really glad to come on here and see some optimism re. Auba. Please guys remember, we are not over the line yet. 3 days to go, Ivan has a chance to build some credibility with the fans again, for his part, I hope he does.

  83. Black Hei


    Its kind of weird, but I think I remembered Henry debut for us on the left sided wing, I think.

    He had the ball at his feet, looked up, got confused and dribbled out of play.

    Now, that is just off my memory and it isn’t that good to begin with.

  84. Steveyg87

    We cant be haggling this late in the window, if Chelsea don’t wanna pay up, give them your best offer and if they don’t want to cough up, tell them to p*ss off politely like BVB did with us

  85. Wallace


    “Never ever thought Henry would ever each the level he did.”

    yeah, he improved a lot! unusual as he was 21/22 when he joined. usually wherever you’re at technique-wise at that point is where you stay.

  86. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    I think that it is likely that this deal will be concluded. Most of the rumours
    circulating until now about lack of progress have originated from Borussia Dortmund.

    For the first time a journalist [Ornstein] who is close to Arsenal has opened his
    mouth in a fairly positive way.

    Frankly I think that this transfer has been complicated just like that of Sanchez not so much because of cost of transfer and personal terms, but BD
    needing to find a replacement and Arsenal needing to sell/loan out Giroud.

  87. Wallace


    “Our weakness in recent years has been a failure
    of the Academy System.”

    I think AM-N & Nelson are as promising as we’ve produced in quite some time. was very disappointed we decided against Malcom this window, but if it means Nelson gets some time on the right of the attack I’ll be pleased.

  88. Dream10

    Wallace & ES

    If we can produce academy players for the role of making it as squad players, that would be fantastic. Wilshere is a good example right now. Alright if he starts 10-15 PL matches per season, but should not become a mainstay.
    Our major issue is we have a lot of 7/10 players in our squad overall. We shouldn’t be buying that type for the starting XI.

  89. mysticleaves

    Dream 10, Wallace

    I might not have known that Henry would make it to the level he did but his talent was clear. He was always going to be a great player. His career bar the blip at Juve showed this. Both in club and national football.

    Wenger rescued him and set him, again, on the right path.