Arsenal and Dortmund games need to end in a win

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It’s January 27th.

I’ve tapped F5 4,576 times.

I’ve refreshed my Twitter feed 12,499 times.

I’ve rummaged through David Ornstein’s bins.

… and STILL no Aubameyang to speak of.

Dortmund are bored. They’re telling us no, but yes at the same time. It’s all so confusing.

‘We are prepared to implement a transfer under certain parameters – but only if these parameters are fully met. Arsenal has started several attempts so far.

‘We have rejected all of the offers so far. ‘Either our demands are fulfilled, then there can be another transfer or else they will not be fulfilled and Auba will play in Dortmund until the summer, so it is also discussed and accepted by the Aubameyang family.’

It sounds to me like they want to get this deal done. Arsenal need to pony up and make it happen. Ivan Gazidis cannot start his first transfer window with the new regime and fuck it up because we wouldn’t pay market rate for a striker who could possibly fire us back into the top 4.

It’s all high stakes poker at this point, there’s no way we’re coming out of this window without the player. I just wish the two parties spent more time talking to each other, less time leaking stories to the press about how shit everything is.

The notion we can’t afford him is beyond ridiculous. We’re £30m up in this window alone. We made money on our summer business. We’ve shaken a chunk of money off our wage bill. There’s literally no reason for us not to push this deal the whole way through.

Things are so boring, even the papers are bored, The Mirror saying Wenger is back in for Karim Benzema. Possibly the longest-running rumour of all time.

In other news, Alexis Sanchez played against Yeovil last night and landed MoM. He had two assists, which is marvellous because, outside that, his contribution was losing the ball 20 times in the first half alone. Cannot wait to see how Mourinho deals with that when he’s up to those tricks in an important game.

Anyway, he’s dead to me.

I watched a bit of Bundesliga this morning. Hoffenheim put a fright on Bayern. Serge Gnabry won a penalty early on, missed it, but they scored the rebound. He then scored a fizzing low shot for their second. Then it all went a bit Arsene Wenger. Interesting that Bayern are now out of the running for Nagelsmann. They apparently either want Hycknes to stay on OR they want to bring Thomas Tuchel over. THAT WOULD BE EXCITING.

Right, not a lot on today, so you should listen to the podcast, write a beautiful 5* review, then watch the video.

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134 Responses to “Arsenal and Dortmund games need to end in a win”

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  1. Guns of Hackney


    Arsenal decided against the signing of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang because his name is a bit too long to fit on the shirt”.

    Arsenal F.C.
    Public Relations Office.

  2. bennydevito

    I don’t reckon we’re signing PEA because as per usual Wenger thinks he’s on Dickinson’s real deal as one of the blaggard dealers trying to buy a clarice cliff teaset valued at £500 For 50p and a 5%off TK max voucher. Sick of it.

  3. Guns of Hackney

    Benzema is 30 and we have been linked to him for 10 years.


    Wenger is like a creepy stalker.

  4. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I find it rather amusing that Pedro has placed a list of politically incorrect words on his “post is void” list, yet he allows for some of the vilest words imaginable, as we are currently witnessing. Does make one wonder.

  5. Bay Area gooner

    I actually kinda love how bvb is calling us out on our shit

    They know our reputation and are rightfully calling us on our shit

    Makes us twitch and squirm like ouch that kinda hurt but shit…. it’s the damn truth

    We are the cheapest asses in football
    No ambition only out to make money

  6. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Sadly, giant killers Notts dreams have ended with a loss to the equally mighty Hull City. Oh what could have been…

  7. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Bay – it does seem rather obvious that Arsenal are rank amateurs when it comes to transfer dealings. Then again, what would anyone expect given that Captain Dithers usually is at the forefront on most dealings.

  8. Guns of Hackney

    Elneny. Straight swap. They would also throw in Rues.

    Elneny will become the new cult hero at Arsenal. A total bag of wet sand but loyal.

    Arsenal love a trier. Remember the disgusting Eboue? I do. He was cult.

  9. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And they are also loaded with money too, Bamford. Come to think of it,so are Arsenal if only their cheapskate owner would open his moth infested wallet.

  10. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Now now GOH, every team needs an ass-kisser, no matter how useless a player they are. Speaking of ass-kissers, when’s lameboy Ramsey ready to play 90 minutes?

  11. Bamford10


    Yes, they do have a ton of money, but if we spent our money more intelligently and had a better manager, we could be loaded with talent too.

  12. Batistuta

    My question to everyone who finds a way to moan about the same thing over and over again is this?

    What makes you guys think even getting relegated will make Wenger leave the club?

    Countless humiliations later and heck they even gave him a new contract to add insult to injury and yet every single day you all are here moaning and doing the whole Wenger out dance

  13. Guns of Hackney


    The welsh dragon, Ramsay has a tongue injury. He broke it while removing it from Arsene.

    Should be back taking selfies in 4 weeks.

  14. Redtruth

    Man City richest club in England top of the league.
    Bayern Munich richest club in Germany top of the league.
    PSG richest club in France top of the league.
    Barcelona richest club in Spain top of the league.

  15. Victorious

    PSG absolutely pissing the league 1 ,total dominance, I suppose thier ability will ne gauge better in the champions league

    on Auba,I suppose Dortmund will soften their stand as the window draw to a close

  16. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Careful Bamford, you wouldn’t want to wake up the sleeping giants of the comedy world, otherwise known as AKBs.

  17. Frankie Coffeecakes

    You know GOH, those selfies seem so much weaker now that Szczesny, Walcott and Chamberlain are gone. All Ramsey has now is he and his coif.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    PSG handed Barcrlona £200m which they promptly spent…Barcelona richer than Real Madrid..

    And the logic is where?

  19. Guns of Hackney

    Ramsay and Elneny are the new selfie boyzzzz.

    Can’t wait until the fat Armenian winger gets an Instagram account. Should be good. Mostly it will be big plates of food.

  20. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @GOH – yes and Arsenal too have money, but we’d were reminded once again that we have a stadium to pay off. Funny how Wenger always seems to find a loophole out of spending on transfers – yet blows the wage scale into oblivion cause he’s a French socialist at heart, don’t ya know.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Iwon Gazidis: “If you look across the world of football, you don’t find better candidates than Arsene Wenger.”

    I think all doubts of Gazidis’ shame or lack of it were put to bed that day.

    You could easily see Arsenal walk away from Auba deal citing that new chestnut ‘Values’

  22. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Well they do have seriously good coils, GOH. Got to keep appearances of at least pretending to be professional footballers.

  23. Guns of Hackney


    Oh yes, the stadium. That pile of bricks.

    I won’t get political but seeing as Wenger is an admitted socialist, really doesn’t help him in my eyes.

    If Jeremy Corbyn is a fan, then I ain’t.

  24. Frankie Coffeecakes

    That day, Rambo? The BS he fed Pedro, who coincidently bought it lock stock and barrel, is when the jig was up.

  25. Guns of Hackney

    I heard a rumour that Gazidis bathes in the tears of Junior Gunners.

    Also Gunnersaurus is being given a new brand identity. He’ll now be an Excel spreadsheet with legs and called “value man”.

  26. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Ah come on GOH, leave Barney alone. I actually like him, he’s the only amusement that I get from AFC these days.

  27. Guns of Hackney


    Me too. I had a late 60s/70s mick jagger style going on.

    Then I had a Zidane thing…although I am a little better than Zidane was.

  28. Frankie Coffeecakes

    LOL GOH! I had that Disco Stu thing going, complete with the cheesy moustache that never saw a razor before. The ladies used to love the the fro, run their hands through it – nowadays I appreciate my wife simply not commenting on the shiny section!

  29. Guns of Hackney


    Commentator just said that Coquelin is having one of those days. Apparently his debut was the 8-2 against Man Yoo? This I didn’t know.

  30. Bamford10

    13-14 Atletico were La Liga champions – not the richest team in Spain
    11-12 Dortmund were Bundesliga champions – not the richest team in Germany
    10-11 Dortmund were Bundesliga champions – not the richest team in Germany
    15-16 Leicester City were PL champions – not the richest team in England

    And just to note, according to Business Insider, Arsenal are the 7th richest club in the world.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    Disco stu is one of my favourite characters.

    Did you have goldfish in your platform wedges?

    I found losing my hair fine. Some men go to pieces…but I guess I was blessed with an inordinate amount of money to hide my insecurities.

    Spent thousands on whores.


  32. Frankie Coffeecakes

    No convincing required Bamford, 15-16 Leicester will forever be the team that destroyed Wenger’s so-called power theory and cemented his reputation as the penultimate bag of wind.

  33. graham62

    Whatever way the Auba saga pans out, it’s a lose lose situation.

    He stays in Germany or moves to another club, Arsenal become even more of an embarrassment(if that’s possible).

    We secure his services…………..WE STILL HAVE WENGER!!

    Oh the joys.

  34. Bamford10

    13-14 Liverpool were one Steven Gerrard slip away from being PL champions. Were far from being the richest team in England.

  35. Frankie Coffeecakes

    No platforms GOH, they just looked so bad, along with the polyester bell bottoms and large collar shirts. I take hair loss in stride. My sisters were more upset about it than I ever will be – they kept saying there are treatments for that. Me, I was born with little hair and I will die with little hair. Everything in life comes full circle.

  36. graham62

    People who have so many irrational thoughts are classified as being clinically insane.

    Welcome to the world of an AKB.

  37. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Geez but ManU still must be laughing at the fleecing they gave Arsenal. Sanchez for essentially nothing (when you have a player who is considered not fit for purpose going the other way, it is nothing). Factor in Sanchez’s salary at the time and Mikkis reported salary coming in, yeah Arsenal got fleeced on many fronts. No other way to look at it, typical Arsenal dealings.

  38. Bamford10

    And btw, Liverpool’s 2013-14 wage bill was £132m, while City’s was something like £190m. Liverpool finished two points off the top.

  39. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Ozil & Mikki…The Indifference Brothers. Play when they “feel” like it, both of them. If this were not a contract year for Ozil you know he’d simply go through the motions as he has pretty much from day one at Arsenal, with occasional flashes of sublime play. To be honest, Arsenal – if they were smart – should have sold him in the summer (of course no one came calling for an indifferent performer), but equally now should not re-sign him, he will only become indifferent again given his predictability.

    Fun times ahead.

  40. Buckhurst Gun

    ‘ I heard a rumour that Gazidis bathes in the tears of Junior Gunners. Also Gunnersaurus is being given a new brand identity. He’ll now be an Excel spreadsheet with legs and called “value man”.‘

    Quality LOL !

  41. Redtruth

    Bayern Munich have won the last 5 Bundesliga titles.

    Since 2005 Barcelona have won 8 Spanish titles, Real Madrid 4 Spanish titles and Atletico Madrid have won 1 Spanish title..

    You were saying Bamford….

  42. Bamford10


    Right, money helps. No doubt. But teams with slightly less money can still contend and can still win from time to time. This has been shown repeatedly.

    Plus Arsenal are the 7th richest club in the world and should be well-capable of contending and winning.

    Be careful, Red: your argument sounds a little like the AKB’s, according to which we should be grateful Wenger has managed to finish third or fourth at times.

  43. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Jim – Don’t know why, every time I see your name I am always think of Jim Lacey, the chapter from Trailor Park Boys. Coincidence?

  44. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Lets try this again

    @Jim – Don’t know why, every time I see your name I always think of Jim Lahey, the character from the Trailer Park Boys TV show. Coincidence?

  45. Bob N16

    Frankie cupcakes,
    How do you explain supporters of clubs in the lower divisions who never win anything , who are stuck in the’also rans’ for their whole supporting lives? Are they mugs for unequivocally, persisting with following a team that will never win anything? Those Newport fans who will travel up to Wembley to play the scum, are they mugs?
    Arsenal fans who continue to pay for season tickets( mine, a still expensive £800 or so) , are we all mugs? I never feel like a mug supporting Arsenal, they’re my team.
    Some people ‘choose’ not to go to Arsenal as a protest, fair enough. I support my team through thick and thin, in the same way as Carlisle, Darlington and Newport fans do.
    If you really think you’re going to affect change by not turning up, well, ok. I don’t.

  46. Bob N16

    Red Ruth….apart from being rude, you’re puerile and relentlessly negative. Your response is of a spoilt child.

    ‘My club is rich and historically successful therefore I deserve success or I get cross. I support Arsenal, I deserve success. Three FA cups in four years, it’s not acceptable. We don’t compete for the league very year, unacceptable!’

    How old are you? Some people, including myself, remember years of mediocrity. What we’re experiencing now is annoying and change is not coming fast enough but grow some bollocks Red Ruth, otherwise you just come across as a bit of whiner.

  47. Bob N16

    Red Ruth – I support my team every home game by singing my voice hoarse. That’s called supporting, what the f*** do you do except for whining pointlessly every day on this website. Call yourself a supporter, you’d be a joke if anybody cared enough!

  48. Bob N16

    Redruth, ever considered how you get in the community shield? Winning something.
    We all have our reasons for supporting a team. We are lucky enough to support a team that historically and in recent years has been seriously successful. Domestically third most league titles and most FA cups. Right now we’re up against the commercially richest team in the world and a club ‘financially doped’. Chelsea and Liverpool are more or less on our budget, Spurs are overachieving. We’re bored, frustrated, annoyed with Wenger. There’s a but coming…in this shitty time, we’ve been,apart from this season,always been in the top 4 and had some memorable cup runs. If this is as shit as it gets, we’ve not suffered that much.
    I’m sure you’ve got mates who support poorer, unsuccessful teams- are they mugs for continuing to follow their unsuccessful clubs?
    Am I wasting my time trying to reason with you? I suspect I probably am.

  49. Bob N16

    Red Ruth- whether my singing, supporting my team has worked or not isn’t the point. I support my team. Should you walk away when the team is comparatively unsuccessful? Is that not the definition of a ‘fair weather supporter’?
    You don’t ‘walk away’ from posting on this blog, are you making a difference, are you successful?

  50. HillWood

    Imagine how much more success we would have had with a manager who put winning things at the top of his list

  51. tee

    put the blame at the door step of the man who has the power to fire his subordinate but refuses to due to a reason best known to him. @red, go to where you will be heard – not on le-grove.

  52. Bob N16

    I know Pedro has written this Hill Wood but the fact is Arsenal’s potential is fantastic. Our wealth and our location means that a top manager can put us in the mix. Sure a sugar daddy owner would gives us even more of a chance but when Wenger leaves, this summer or next, with a bit of luck we’ll be up there competing for the league. The CL is a long way away.

  53. Bob N16

    Pointing the finger again Red….did it happen to you a lot at school? At least now with the internet you can ‘fight back’. Flex those typing muscles and tap away…

  54. Bob N16

    Not sure about 10 years Hillwood. I felt Wenger deserved to spend some money after his successful period had facilitated the building of the new stadium. It’s been Groundhog Day for years now as I think we all agree. The lack of a proper defensive midfielder, the misplaced loyalty in numerous players, the lack of success in the transfer market. How many amazing young French players are there around at the moment? How can we not have acquired any of them?
    Wenger’s ‘sell buy date’ has long gone.
    Bring in a new manager who can trim the dead wood and get in a strong spine. I’ll stop now, I’m preaching to the converted!

  55. HillWood

    Thank you Bob
    Wenger has had ample time and resources to be much more successful in England and Europe. Therefore……
    Wenger Out

  56. Bob N16

    I suspect Kroenke is the real problem…Some would blame the ‘fickle fans’ but as Tee rightly says, Kroenke has the real power to affect change.
    Good night.

  57. Bob N16

    One more thing, tee if you’re there, I’m intrigued to know where you think Red Ruth should go to be heard….

  58. Henry Root

    Bob N16
    If Arsenal loses fans like you the club is dead. Great posts.
    Wenger out definitely but Arsenal is the club of my grandfather , dad, my daughter and my grandson and it is special to man6 people. Just read the memorial walls outside the stadium to see what it means to people.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting to see that Chelsea are looking at Enrique to replace Conte.

    That leaves us to have free run at Allegri, Sarri etc, by that I mean free to run straight past and stick with our dud.

  60. Frankie Coffeecakes

    That is your choice Bob, but be certain of one thing, i never called nor insinuated that you were a mug. Thats what you are calling yourself. Believe in what you want, but in the end nothing changes and that is a direct result of your choice.

  61. Frankie Coffeecakes

    There is no greater offense than a solid defense. Once again Liverpool have proven that in spades. I can honestly say that Liverpool have the most horrendous defense in the EPL – and i thought Arsenal’s was weak.

  62. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “I suspect Kroenke is the real problem…Some would blame the ‘fickle fans’ but as Tee rightly says, Kroenke has the real power to affect change.”

    And you dont think that you showing up to every game and paying your 800 pounds has no play in Kroenke’s ability to affect change? Why should he, he has those like you to thank for the status quo. Get over yourself, Bob!!! Self righteous fool.

  63. 1886not1996

    I suspect Kroenke is the real problem…Some would blame the ‘fickle fans’ but as Tee rightly says, Kroenke has the real power to affect change.

    Why would kronke want to change anything when mugs like bob , Pierre , Victorious etc are singing one Arsene Wenger all the time. Because they are true “supporters” they say. They get behind the manager

  64. 1886not1996

    “Don’t be in a muddle about who calls the shots about football at Arsenal,” said Keswick. “It is not the chairman, it is not the fans, it is Mr Arsène Wenger. If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet. Our board backs him 100 per cent.”

    That’s why aubu hasn’t happened yet. Wenger isn’t sanctioning what they are asking

  65. useroz

    Wouldn’t be at al surprised Wenger has his hands meddling with the deal.

    Watched the Bvb game and Auba was very ordinary. Hardly touched the ball in the 2H even when Freiburg was pinned back in their own half esp during the last 20 min or so. A little alarming. Hope he’s just distracted by the deal or else… .

  66. ArseneisaFraud

    AW wouldn’t want to sanction the deal considering PEA is a strong character. AW doesn’t want to have another disruptive personnality among his team of yes men.

    The only reason Sanchez had gone through in the first place is that on first sight he looks like a really nice guy.

    This is one of the main reasosn why there a no strong characters in the team.

  67. Dissenter

    Why can’t Santi Cazorla just retire and pursue other options in football. He souls get his coaching badges, go back to school to become a physio, start an informal apprenticeship to become an administrator or agent or just write a book about anything – buttterflies or whatever.
    I’m sick and tired of seeing the same picture of grafted skin on his archilles.
    He’s 33 years old and hasn’t played in two years. He’s had multiple surgeries on his Achilles’ tendon- he’s not going to play at the top level.

    Why is Arsenal still waiting to see if he can prove his fitness.?

    He needs to move unto the next chapters in in his life.