Podcast: Iwobi performance, Ozil the leader, plus transfer goodness

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Better late than never, this week’s podcast where we:

Explore shirt number 36

Discuss Iwobi and his understated credentials


Talk about Wenger and ANOTHER FINAL

+ Transfer talk

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Plus, we might be doing a transfer deadline day special. SO STAY TUNED.

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252 Responses to “Podcast: Iwobi performance, Ozil the leader, plus transfer goodness”

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  1. Steveyg87

    “I think auba will get done
    Where are the pics of Sven and Ivan back in London
    They are still in Dortmund
    I wonder what plans are on
    plan D plan plan F?”

    Apparently we are waiting on Dortmund to secure a replacement, but, remember, this is Arsenal and nothing is set in stone when it comes to our lot

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly the only statements which we know are accurate are:

    1. There is interest in Aubemyang
    2.A team led by Gazidis has been in Dortmund all week
    3.We have made two offers which were refused

    The rest is pure speculation or brinkmanship.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Speculation but probably holding up deal.

    1. Borussia need a replacement for Aubemayang.
    2. Giroud is likely to leave Arsenal and I expect him to be sold or loaned out
    with option to buy.
    3. Arsenal will raise their offer before end of transfer window and agreement

  4. Charlie Nick

    How about we pay BD what they are asking and chuck in Welbeck as a freebie? Free up the wages and have lacazette, auba and giroud as our 3. Welbeck is shot. He is at the level of chamakh but not quite as bad as sanogo. Lee chapman is the only Arsenal striker i can remember as being that bad

  5. Victorious

    I will be shocked if the Auba deal doesn’t go through, more likely Dortmund looking for replacement before sanctioning the dont Gazidis and Sven went there to play poker

  6. Bamford10

    Barcelona and Messi were fantastic last night. Top four teams in the world at the moment have to be Barcelona, PSG, City and Bayern, and probably in that order.

  7. Ughelligunner

    Two men went to the market, one has 10k to spend on a Nike shoe, the other 5k on a Fila shoe, who will get the best shoe?

    That’s what Pep and Wenger are when it comes to players in the transfer market.

    How can a person buy a player from a top European team and another buy from a midtable team all from the same league with the first person buying at a cost price of 10m greater than the second buyer and we say the first bought right and the other bought wrong?

    Where is the logic in that?

    Three strikers came into the league in a August.
    Lacazete – 50m
    Morata – 68m
    Lukaku – 75m

    And we abuse the lacazete deal as buying wrong? When we got the cheapest of the deals?

    If Wenger bought the Mustafi for 50m just as man city bought Stones, Walker and Mendy for 50m,then we can say Wenger bought wrong because they are the same amount. But not when you buy expensive and then another buy short of 15m and you say the guy who bought for a lesser fee from a small team got it wrong?

  8. Black Hei


    I think the right approach would be to say they all suck, for now.

    I think Lacazette and Morata will turn out well.

    Not so much for Lukaku

  9. Guns of Hackney

    It’s really no great surprise that we read arsenal are fucking another transfer deal up, is it.

    I mean…we’ve just been named fourth richest club in the world but we’re the ones lowballing the seller? Arsenal just don’t get business do they.

    PEA will not come to Arsenal. Dortmund have no reason to sell their best asset for peanuts, do they. No. Dortmund have the product we want and need, ergo, they control the market.

    So we lose a 20 goal scorer and get a fat winger who doesn’t score goals? Great stuff guys!

    Also, I find it hilarious that BD don’t want Giroud and cash LOL. We can’t give Giroud away.

    We are probably 80% weaker without Alexis and we weren’t exactly ripping up trees with him in the squad.

    Joke club.

  10. mysticleaves

    Just now I was listening go a song by Big Sean and Metro Booming (they released an album together) ft Swae Lee titled “Reason”. Guess what the opening line was?
    “Who Pierre, wanna come out now?…”

    Think the song was playing when Miki was doing his photo shoots and he sang along or someone in the room muffed it cos the song was on…just a coincidence that “Pierre” was the name…

  11. Bamford10

    Ranking of top European teams at the moment?

    1. Barcelona
    2. PSG
    3. City
    4. Bayern
    5. Napoli
    6. Juventus
    7. Madrid
    8. Porto
    9. Atletico
    10. United
    11. Liverpool
    12. Tottenham

    Arsenal are probably around 16, I’d say. Bang up job, Arsene.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    There are several points to be made about Arsenal’s Transfer business.

    1. Arsenal do have a finite amount of money to spend annually on transfers.
    That is a lower threshold than Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea.

    2. The Club has not in past planned well our transfer business both when it
    comes to incoming and outgoing deals. Incoming we have often left it
    late, been indecisive or undervalued a player. Outgoing we have held onto
    players, which has impacted on resale value or allowed them to leave on

    3. It is also clear that the longterm planning of transfers has been poor. There
    are years when we have brought in a significant number players and others
    when we have done virtually no business.

    4. Finally the club has in the past reacted rather anticipated to situations and
    often far too late. Who can forget when in past we were left short of centre
    backs or failed to replace Van Persie with goalscoring striker.

  13. Bamford10


    That we got the cheapest of the deals is somewhat irrelevant. If the striker isn’t good enough to help win you a PL title, it’s pointless to spend that kind of money on him. Thus Lacazette was a poor signing, where the other two are not. And Lukaku was already in the league, obviously.

  14. Bamford10

    Which is to say, you can win a PL title with Morata or Lukaku as your lone central stiker. But not with Lacazette. IMO.

  15. Steveyg87

    “Which is to say, you can win a PL title with Morata or Lukaku as your lone central stiker. But not with Lacazette. IMO.”

    Lacazette is making the best of a bad situation at the moment. He was never going to be the target man, hes only 4ft tall. but hes link up play and how he brings others in to the game is fantastic and in today’s market we have done some shrewd business. The rest of the teams problems can not be put on him. I feel for the lad to be honest.

  16. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Speaking about his new man, Wenger said:

    “He is a great footballer. I will know more about him in 2-3 days as we prepare and find out the best position for him. “It doesn’t look like there will be any problems.”

    Jeez, he signs a player and doesn’t know where to play him. Always reactive, never proactive.

  17. mysticleaves

    Which is to say, you can win a PL title with Morata or Lukaku as your lone central stiker. But not with Lacazette. IMO.

    Lol, You watch these 3 Bamford and you say Lacazettte is the worst of them? I’d say he is tied with Lukaku and better than Morata by a mile.

    Reason he’s tied with Lukaku is because Lukaku already knows the league.

    These 3 won’t give you the league on their own, sorry.

  18. Wallace

    “Dortmund have the product we want and need, ergo, they control the market.”

    but the player wants out, and BVB also want shot of the player, so you can understand a buying club using that.

  19. Wallace


    “Which is to say, you can win a PL title with Morata or Lukaku as your lone central stiker. But not with Lacazette. IMO.”

    because Lacazette plays for Arsenal?

    I like Morata, just as I like Lacazette, but baffled you can say one of them will win you a PL but the other won’t.

  20. Victorious

    Dortmund are a pretty stubborn club to do business with,remember the ‘Dembele to barca’ saga
    I suppose both clubs are waiting for who to blink first, Arsenal want them to bulge from the 60m price, It might still drag on a while

  21. N5

    “I will be shocked if the Auba deal doesn’t go through, more likely Dortmund looking for replacement before sanctioning”

    Understandable that they would want a replacement. What is their current situation with strikers? have they not got anyone of quality past Auba?

  22. steve

    Remember the British core project?

    Walcott – sold
    Chamberlain – sold
    Gibbs – sold
    Jenkinson – out on loan, injured straight away
    Ramsey – fitness problems
    Wilshere – managed to be been available


  23. Ughelligunner

    So any other club can win the league with Lukaku and Morata, but not lacazete because he is playing for Arsenal, according to Bamford.. Wow just wow. It now shows that you base your arguments and judgment on players plying their trade from Arsenal.

    This is the reason I tell you that you don’t watch enough football to judge players. Not just Arsenal matches, you don’t watch other teams apart from YouTube highlights.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Lacazette is a decent footballer and can probably play in wide positions as well as a striker. He needs to adapt to EPL, but has been improving recently.

    I am sure that his goalscoring performance will improve albeit not at rate in France.

    He is a different type of player to both Morata and Lukaku. Are they better than him? Personally I don’t think so, but time will confirm one way or another.

    What is more relevant is whether he can play alongside Aubemayang if he
    come to club. Frankly I think he can because he is an “unselfish” player who
    is just as likely to provide assists as score goals himself.

  25. Bob

    The auba deal was never on it was just a smoke screen to get the Sanchez deal done.
    If fans want Wenger and stan out first the fans need to get out stop going to games.

  26. Bamford10

    Both Morata and Lukaku have more to their game than Lacazette does, and both are good enough to be the starting #9 of a PL-title-winning team. Lacazette is not. This has nothing to do with what teams these players currently play for. I would say the same of all of them regardless of who they played for.

  27. Bamford10


    Both have the pace to get in behind back fours, and both have the size to trouble CBs in and around the box. Lacazette has neither of these things. He’s diminutive and yet not pacy. Not a great combination.

  28. Victorious

    ‘Understandable that they would
    want a replacement. What is their
    current situation with strikers?
    have they not got anyone of
    quality past Auba?’

    Dortmund have some exciting youngsters coming through but would still need some experience players to integrate them fully, guess that’s why they demanded for Giroud

    ‘Isak,Sancho(signed from Man city),Pulisic,and Reus(who just returned from injury)..all exciting players,’Isak is their young ST and played in their last 2 matches in the absence of Auba,he is 18,6ft and also pacy,they have huge hope for him though, but he will need time

  29. Bamford10

    But again, please note: I like and respect Lacazette. I think he is doing the best he can with what he has and with what he has around him. He just doesn’t have enough to his game, and he doesn’t make sense in our slow-build set-up.

  30. S Asoa

    Speed , physicality, height to take crosses. For the last reason, Giroud has been playing for France ahead of Lacazette .

  31. Peter12

    Exactly, Asia. I think he is never likely to be as effective as what we need because of his obvious limitations. When you think we were desperate enough to offer £90m for a winger (that we didn’t manage to get) where does £52m we paid for for Laca fit in (when he is second to the ST position for the France team – Giroud being first!). Now for some ridiculous reason we are upping our £48m offer by 1m at a time for Aubu. Ridiculous. He is at least twice as effective as a striker – twice as fast etc. If we paid £55m on last Monday we would have got him on Monday. Everybody would have been happy, the player would have been on the training pitch on Tuesday. The secret of a good negotiation is to reach a level where BOTH parties would be happy with. If you try to screw the other side, the likelihood is that you might end up with more than on our faces. In the end IF we end up getting him it will be because we will have paid around £55m for him. So, Why fluff-around. PAY UP IF YOU WANT TO GET THE PLAYER. DONT BE A WENGER! If we bought him on Monday, there would have been just about enough time to get a good CB and even a DM BEFORE THE WIDOW CLOSES. As it is we may end up with NOBODY. Like when Wenger ‘proudly/smugly’ announced that we would not be getting any outfield player a few Summers ago. Look where that got us. Has common sense deserted us at Arsenal (even the new recruitment guy seems to have made no difference). Has everybody got so institutionalised in ‘Wengerism-mediocracy’ to make a move. Beggars belief.

  32. Ughelligunner

    Thanks N5.
    Bamford, lukaku has no speed… I think his speed can be compared to that of lacazete. He has strength, but rarely uses it.

    Morata is an Ariel threat, he has speed but poor hold up play and lacks the strength to fight defenders hence he falls down easily.

    Also, lukaku never raises his head when on a one on one with the goal Keeper hence his tendency to score rebounding goals. You need to watch all these three strikers and their goals to measure them.

    Lacazete has more foot work that both lukaku and Morata, less strength for hold up play, and his speed measures that to lukaku but less than Morata. No Ariel threat, but better striking of the ball with his foot compared to the other two.

    Lukaku is the poorest of the three, his goals are against relegation defenders who he can bully. The other two have tested the top six teams and their goals. For a player who has been in the Epl more than the others, he has been poor in his returns.

  33. mysticleaves

    Bamford, sorry you are talking nonsense. How many times has Morata or Lukaku ran in behind to score a goal?

    Lacazette is just shorter than both, yet cause more damage than Morata and about the same as Lukaku (who has poor control of the ball and no beating of defenders about him.)

    I would buy lacazettte if those 3 were on offer and Morata doesnt have Madrid and Juventus on his CV. Morata has to be the shittest top EPL striker. Iwobi has more composure in front of goal

  34. Ughelligunner

    When you guys compare Auba fee and that of lacazete you make a mistake of not putting their age into consideration.

  35. mysticleaves

    Speed , physicality, height to take crosses.

    So who is faster of the 3? And as we don’t play cross ball what does he need the height for? And surely he’s a physical player. His nimble nature suits our game play.

    In all, none of them can win the EPL for any team on their own. Anybody that believes otherwise don’t watch enough footie

  36. Ughelligunner

    Morata is better when running in front of the last defender because of his speed. Lacazete does it to an extent, but his lack of bust deters him.

    I have never seen a match were lukaku is available for an over the top ball or a run in behind the defenders, that tells you his positioning is poor, he rather scores with his head downward and most times, there is a rebound like the game against real madrid in the super cup

  37. Jim Lahey

    Hey guys, so as I proactively avoid listening to anything Wenger has to say (I haven’t heard the man speak in 6 years) I need to ask did he really suggest the club needs to go back to its youth development?

  38. Ughelligunner

    Lukaku ariel threat is poorer compared to that of Morata. His Ariel goals are more of free headers. Morata, has more bullet headed goals from dangerous areas, compared to lukaku. I remember lukaku nearly scoring an own goal with his head when Man utd won Arsenal at the emirates this season.
    So much for a person with good heading ability.

    Watch all of Giroud’s headed goals and you see his strengths even when his shirt is been forced off him by the defenders, he still puts the ball behind the net. That’s what we call Ariel powers.

  39. OleGunner

    Good to know we still have the capability to bungle high profile transfers that are difficult to pull off.

    Auba ain’t happening.

  40. OleGunner

    Jim Lahey

    Here’s the quote you’re seeking on back to focusing on youth:

    “The way football is going is maybe not necessarily only to buy players for a huge amount of money, but to have players in the team who care about the club, who have a sense of belonging to the club.

    “I’d rather encourage the club to push more on the quality of youth work rather than go into a way where it’s only about millions and not about values. We are the only team to play with four, five players who have come out of the club.”

  41. OleGunner


    Yup the natives were restless after Sanchez was sold so the PR machine spun up nicely. I’m sure Ivan planned out those PR stunt pics in Germany too with only a slight inclination to buy him genuinely.

    It’s just Suarez debacle again. Rinse, repeat, wake me up in 2019.

  42. N5

    Ole, it always surprises me how many people still buy into it too. If things happen they do, but I refuse to believe anything now until it’s on the .com. Fool me once and all that.

  43. Elmo


    You seem very confident in explaining our standing as being purely a reflection of money being spent.

    Please explain why the team we most immediately trail (Spuds) have a wage bill that is half ours and who have a transfer net spend of zero over the past half decade. Why have we been behind them in the league for two seasons now, and struggling to finish higher for 4 or 5 years?

    Why did we finish behind Leicester? Why are we behind Liverpool for another year? Why did we lose to Monaco in the CL R16 when their owner had de-funded their team and it was operating on a fraction of what we spend?

  44. Pierre

    I’m not sure what there is to gain if the Aubameyang transfer is just a PR stunt.

    If that is the case it would make the club look pretty stupid and would just turn the fans against the club… Then again….

  45. WengerEagle

    Wasn’t all that convinced by Morata before Chelsea signed him, sure am not too impressed by what I’ve seen of him over here either.

    Imo his all-round game is vastly overrated, you’d swear he wad the 2nd coming of Benzema the way some go on about him and his finishing is actually underrated, he’s been poor in this respect in England though.

    Diego Costa is a better CF, he is a proper league winning striker, something that Morata ain’t unless he’s got firepower support in the way of Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, etc.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    I think why everyone is waiting on this deal is because of Mislintat having arrived and Gazidis seeming to have more power with Sanllehi shortly to arrive as well.

    Wenger’s power seems to have been taken away a bit so some leniency for this one is understandable.

    Time will tell though.

    Aubameyang’s arrival would be weird, I mean great of course, I’ve been calling for him for years, but weird in that Lacazette is a total waste of money then because we are not equipped to play with two up top with our current personnel. We would need at the very least a great, mobile CDM to carry it off.

  47. N5

    @Pierre. It’s not a stunt as such, more just trying to ease the blow of losing a big player. Out of the million players that get linked to Arsenal via reliable sources compared to how many complete is horrendous,

  48. N5

    “We would need at the very least a great, mobile CDM to carry it off”

    Imagine that position ever being filled!! I’d think the end of the world was upon us. I’m sure it’s one of the signs.

  49. Wallace

    I read the Wenger youth thing more as a message to Gazidis and the new guys, in that we’ve obviously decided to throw some big money at our current predicament and while Wenger’s going along with it he’s not entirely happy about it.

  50. Redtruth

    “Rafa Benitez had had enough. His appointment at Stamford Bridge, succeeding Roberto Di Matteo, was a surprise (his previous with Jose Mourinho perhaps key), but the level of hostility had still come as a shock. Chelsea fans took banners to mock their own manager.”

    Dozy Arsenal fans, do you understand the message….

  51. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Wenger’s going along with it he’s not entirely happy about it’

    Great news, he knows where the door is.

  52. OleGunner


    Yeah I wouldn’t trust Wenger or Gazidis with 99p in poundland
    Their ability to bungle transfers is infamous

    “Great news, he knows where the door is.”

    Same thought I had to be honest!

  53. Pierre

    90% of transfer news is just made up so it is difficult to know what to believe or not.

    Obviously there is something going on regarding Aubameyang and it is difficult to believe that it is being held up for the sake of 5/10 million as the fee of about 55 million is pretty reasonable for what he will bring to the team.

    Maybe dortmund are asking for a figure much higher 70/80 million and we are trying to get them down which would be understandable.

    If it doesn’t go through due to our penny pinching then there will a lot of seriously pissed off fans….

  54. N5

    “You dozy **** you need to push him through the door….”

    I tried, but he had Santi with him and I was scared to mess with the big man.

    @Pierre, I get that a lot are made up, hence the comment about the trusted sources, also the ones Wenger admits we’re interested in or acts coy about seem to never come to a conclusion and most the time it’s seemingly over pounds.

    However, I agree is certain instances that we shouldn’t be mugged off etc, but as a gooner I feel most of us feel that ever deal is either going to fall through or never get off the ground in the first place.

    Thanks god Dick Law isn’t involved that’s all I can think.

  55. N5

    “Pissed off but not pissed enough to rebel and boycott en masse the Emirates….lol joke fans”

    I haven’t been once this season.

  56. Jim Lahey

    @OleGunner –

    Thanks for that!

    “We are the only team to play with four, five players who have come out of the club”

    Where has that got us Mr. Wenger?

  57. Jim Lahey

    So I feel that even mentioned the idea of going back to a youth setup for the first team is a slap to the Arsenal fan base considering the absolute shit show we have had to endure for the past 10 years.

    If we really wants to start that garbage again, fine drop the ticket prices by around 40%. Why should the fans have to pay top dollar when the club are unwilling to do so?

  58. Bob

    We lost 3 players and Wenger keeps saying we got Mkhitaryan? How is Mkhitaryan meant to replace all 3? France frog needs to get he’s face kicked in fucking cunt.

  59. 1886not1996


    Back to how you going on and on about the great tactical change Wenger made in 2nd half

    He asked his DM Elneny to play more defensive.

    Isn’t that what a DM is supposed to do? Help defence when we don’t have the ball hahahahaha

    Wow. What a genius move. Haha.

    Brilliant. Just brilliant

  60. Jim Lahey

    @N5 –

    The audacity of the man is bewildering. Suggesting to an already aggravated fan base that we are going to go back to a policy that saw us not win anything for a decade is astounding. Arsenal fans must pay the highest ticket prices in world football only to be told that we can’t compete financially, its madness.

  61. Bob

    Auba was just a scam so the fans don’t get upset about Sanchez. It’s a fucking joke if giroud stays we don’t get auba.

  62. N5

    Jim, when you have arguably the best team in the world Bayern protesting at the prices they had to pay to visit us when they have the team they have it takes the biscuit. We’re paying the most in the world to watch Elneny, Iwobi and bloody Mustafi!!

    Now Wengers saying he’s not even wanting to spend what he has and is going back to trusting in youth!! Wow, the man is an absolute fruit cake.

    He’s gone from being an Arsenal hero to a lunatic that people will cheer when he leaves.

  63. 1886not1996

    So Chelsea is tried to get Carroll FFS. Now dzeko. They are desperate for a striker.

    Why aren’t they in for aubu.

  64. Jim Lahey

    @N5 –

    It just seems like he has become an agitator. Even if he believes that is the way the club should go, why state it? He has to know it is one of the last things the clubs fan base wants to hear.

  65. N5

    “But Elneny said he’s playing for the logo. ”

    I wonder if he was as good as Sanchez if he’d still be playing for the badge?

  66. Jim Lahey

    @N5 –

    Its funny that you mention the Simpsons as I have always thought that the run of The Simpsons is analogues to Wenger’s own career at Arsenal. First 10 seasons were fantastic and now after 20+ people are just wanting it to end, no vision no substance, both there purely because the money is still rolling in.

  67. 1886not1996


    Funny guys like Elneny taking shots at Sanchez talking about playing for the “logo”. They couldn’t lace Sanchez’s boots.

    Shouldn’t be playing for arsenal at all

    Yet here we are. Sanchez gone and Elneny thinking he’s makelele after playing a decent half

  68. Pierre

    Stick to your hockey and goal tending Jo…

    I would get more sense talking to my 5 year old grandson about tactics than I ever would from you…

  69. 1886not1996

    Haha Pierre

    Discuss what I brought up

    Is a DMs job not to help out the defence?

    So why is such a tactical mastermind for you

    Elneny did his job.

    Wow. Great work Wenger

  70. 1886not1996


    And if hazard doesn’t slip and most likely score then you wouldn’t be bringing up this “genius “ move by Wenger to have his DM play, wait for it, defence.

    Amazing How did Wenger pull it off

    Or maybe more likely what happened was willian getting hurt took the bite out of Chelsea’s attack.

  71. 1886not1996



    I know you at happy about that because we are in the Mickey Mouse Cup final and your hero Wenger will sign an extension

    Who cares about the big trophies. Let’s party with the milk cup finel.


  72. Bamford10

    I love these guys falling over themselves to justify their view that Lacazette is as good a #9 as Morata or Lukaku —- he’s not — while Arsenal are in Germany trying to sign another #9. Why? Because Lacazette is obviously not good enough.

    And no one was ever talking about anyone winning a title on his own, so that is a dumb non-argument.

    Neither Morata nor Lukaku is perfect, but both are better thana Lacazette, which is partly why the market priced them as it did and partly why Lacazette can’t even start over Olivier Giroud.

    Some people simply live in denial about anything Arsenal.