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Ok, ok, ok… I’m over this.

Stop talking about that fu*cking Sanchez video like it was some sort of Martin Scorsese masterpiece sent from the film gods to rattle next years awards seasons.

It was shite. It was cringe. But if that many people can’t stop talking about it, maybe we need to harass the club to get brainstorming on an Aubameyang masterpiece of our own?

This slating of Arsenal’s SM efforts is so tired. A few things to note:

  • Arsenal hasn’t won anything of note in 14 years


  • We play unattractive/predictable football



  • We don’t have a lot of stars, those we do, usually leave


 YET, we are top 5 for social media following. Our fans are truly global. We regularly break the internet.   Saying we should be doing better is all well and good, but if your suggestion is an unveiling video of Mikki on the drums playing ‘in the air tonight,’ I can’t ride with you.

We’re getting the bum deal, everyone would have called Arsenal desperate, and it would have made us a laughing stock. That Sanchez video is a thing of legend because it’s so bad. Motherwell are already roasting it, and I expect there will be a whole host of other content opportunists doing the same thing. It was SO garbage.

Right, onto proper news, and there’s a lot to talk about.

Wenger is already thinking about Mikki in 3 positions. Great planning.

“Personally, I see him first wide but I’m thinking as well that there is the possibility for him to play through the middle? As a No10? Or even deeper.”

Decisive. Thought I like the Santi hints.

Thierry’s statue can stay because he did NOT speak to Sanchez about going to United.

“At no time did I tell Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal.”

“I had no idea he was going to sign for Man Utd until I saw it on the news like the rest of you.”

If you’re dim enough to think it needed a call from Thierry to persuade Alexis to take £500k a week mercenary package at United, then you need a talking to. If you’ve been saying we should remove his statue, you should be stripped of your mobile internetting tool and handed a 3210… NO WAP (one for the old guys).

Next up. Wenger went on a mad rant about how shitty life was now he has no power.

“The negotiations are not as far as that.

“You never know how close they are. These are the kind of things that, at the moment, are one of the possible movements. We have other things in mind as well and we have plenty of opportunities in different positions. The final decision is not made.

“Confident or not confident? I don’t know. At the moment, we are not close to doing any deal, whether it’s Aubameyang or anyone else.”

3 of our top guys have been in Dortmund for three days and we’re not close? Please. That said, I am worried Klopp is interested.

Back to Wenger. Falling back on his comfort blanket, the manager who has a higher 8 year net spend than Real Madrid had this to say.

“You have not to forget that we have as well financial restrictions form the banks because we have built the stadium. it is important, we have to respect the financial plan.”

Then, the man with an average squad age that sits 10th in Premier League standings (oldest being 1st) had this to say on youth.

“I believe as well, despite all the financial superpowers that we have in the league and in Europe now, I believe it’s very important that we keep the basis of our focus on getting people out [developing players] from inside the club. I’m convinced that the way the football is going, it’s maybe not only to buy players with huge amounts of money, but have players in your team who care about your club, have a sense of belonging and a pride of belonging to the club.”

A few things on this.

If we took our youth team so seriously, why are we letting Per Mertesacker run our academy? Should we not have hired in someone from Southampton, Monaco or Redbull Leipzig to shape us up? I’m game for him running a team, but the whole academy? Seems like a HUGE job considering how average Andries Joncker was.

Considering how long Wenger has been hashing away at developing youth players, we have very little to show for homegrown. Our kids took a tanking from Nottingham Forest’s academy only 3 weeks ago. Having youth in your squad that’ll never make it isn’t a badge of honour. Also, bringing in kids from other places at 16 and letting them learn in our first team had a bit of success, but look at the state of Project Youth and British Core. True fact here… Wenger has never developed a centre back or a striker from youth level.

Anyway, point of all these defensive comments is they show the manager is threatened by the slashing of his power.

On the flip side of this, Jeremey Wilson says Arsenal are confident of landing PEA and Jonny Evans this window.

If we land those two, it’s absolutely clear we mean business and the club are pushing hard for the top 4 spot Liverpool just opened up for us! Also, The Sun found these comments from Auba.

“Players my age spent our teenage years admiring the amazing team Mr Wenger put together and the things they won.”


Finally, Wenger is a touch annoyed at the press not giving him the credit he clearly feels Pochettino is getting with Spurs.

“Look, we have been in a few finals. Has it changed your (the media’s) mood? No.

“You celebrate some teams who have not been in a final for 25 years and yet you kill us even though we have won the FA Cup three times in the last four years.

“It’s like that, we have to live with that. I have no illusions at all. The mood is decided by you (the press).”

Fair shout Mr Wenger, head out there tonight and show the world you’re still the king of London and no one will have any complaints.

Enjoy the game, we’ll be back with a podcast tomorrow!






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  1. victorious

    And jo and Tony thinks a new
    manager comes in and we win the

    That’s how delusional they are,the hatred for Wenger has block or rational and objective thinking from them,pathetic

  2. mysticleaves

    Another manager AND smart spending with upgraded tactics and reading of the game will definitely win us the league in 3 years. or at least come very very close

  3. S Asoa


    Yes I saw quite a few posts , even hoping “ Arsenal would lose if it means Wenger and Kroenke would then fuck off “.
    No issue if both go anywhere out of the Club and fuck each other silly. Their pleasure.
    But that Wenger’s presence leads to such rabid hate , would be good for the Club if Wenger leaves walking or in a stretcher

  4. mysticleaves

    Conte didn’t spend a lot last season. He didn’t match the Manchester clubs. he actually made a profit on signings and he still won the league! Reason? He had an upgraded tactics and a bit of an X factor.

    Our new manager has all those, we win the league or come very close in 3 years

  5. mysticleaves

    Asoa I wish Wenger realises what he has done to the Arsenal fandom, how divided we are because of him and walk this summer cos I don’t think Stan can afford to pay off Wenger. He don’t want to lose a penny

  6. London gunner


    So do you think Wenger is the right man to lead us to the title?

    If your answer is yes your a clueless fool who knows nothing of football.

    If your answer is no then stop defending the manager who is holding us back.

    Are you a true Arsenal fan or just an Arsene fan

  7. Pierre

    London gunner
    question to you …

    Did you think that wengers change of formation 2nd half changed the game in our favour .

    If your answer is yes , does that make you an AKB …

    If the answer is no , does that mean your hatred of Wenger won’t allow you to be truthful ….yes.

  8. mysticleaves

    Everybody here knows Wenger’s time is up. No one disputes that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support wins here and there, especially significant ones.

    That anyone says a good thing about wenger these days is out of respect and not out of belief that he’s the right man for the job

  9. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    January 25, 2018 08:57:43
    That anyone says a good thing about wenger these days is out of respect and not out of belief that he’s the right man for the job.
    Respect needs to be earned.

  10. UTarse

    “Everybody here knows Wenger’s time is up. No one disputes that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support wins here and there, especially significant ones. That anyone says a good thing about wenger these days is out of respect and not out of belief that he’s the right man for the job”

    I understand the narrative and for any true Arsenal fan it wears you down , but do you understand or agree that there’s a very high correlation to winning less coveted cups such as the league cup and Wenger staying on as manager ? Just like the high correlation of finishing 4th in years past (and NOT challenging for the title) and Wenger staying as manager ?

    So whilst basking in a victory over a rival such as Chelsea in a semi final is natural or normal, it also has the opposite effect of the big picture we are all supposedly united in, the ousting of Wenger as the manager of Arsenal FC.