An ugly Porsche, some exciting boxes and a f**king piano

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Arsenal announced their second signing of the transfer window… and the crowd went wild.

Or did they?

Some were annoyed. No. FURIOUS. Why? Because United announced the Sanchez signing with the biggest bag of cringe I’ve seen since that Spurs fan song I shared the other week.


Are you having a laugh?

The absolute relief on his face to be joining a Mourinho circus that has no chance of winning a major trophy this season is beyond laughable.

There was nothing genius about that move. The only thing I think they’ve done that’s REALLY clever is signing a 29-year-old, whose game is based on pace and selfishness for £500k a week… and somehow managed to convince the world that’s a good deal for them. That man is due an injury, his Messi like wages are going to cause massive unrest at the club, and I don’t think it’ll bring them the trophies they need.

Arsenal played it a bit more lowkey. Why? Well, we lost our second best player as part of the deal. You don’t want to be banging the drum too hard. Mikki was full of Harry Redknapp like praise for his new club.

“It’s a dream come true because I’ve always dreamed of playing for Arsenal. Now that I’m here, I’ll do my best for this club to create history.”

Very sweet. A VERY SWEET LIE MORE LIKE. But whatever, if you don’t like having your hair stroked whilst being told you’re a beautiful boy then who are you? Also, I liked that Arsenal fans sleuthed him muttering…

‘Hey Pierre, you wanna join me?’

… in his photoshoot.

Another point worth noting… Arsenal are now in business with Mino Raiola. That’s one of the worlds most ruthless super agents. No more moral high ground from Arsenal when it comes to doing business the way big clubs do business. I’d imagine this is a strategic mover from Mino, he’s probably done us a favour with Mikki to open the door to bigger opportunities this summer. Very smart, and a great relief.

The Aubameyang transfer deal is taking time, or it’s slow because Ivan, Sven and Huss are on the rip in Dortmund. The latest movement is that the Germans want Giroud as part of the deal. I thought the hold up might be Giroud not wanting to move to an uninspiring part of the world, but according to Matt Spiro, that’s where he wanted to go this summer.

I really hope we don’t let Giroud hold up the deal. He’s been a great servant, he’ll actually go down as a legend unlike Sanchez, but I think we’ve known for a while his time is up. If he won’t go the other way, tell him straight that he’ll be training with the kids and he won’t play in a World Cup year. Mean, but ruthless, and that’s what football is all about if you want to be the best.

Anyway, short post today because work is going mad.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I left arsenal for the same reason as Henry an Sanchez money

    I would not pay 2 bags to renew my season ticket to watch that shite in 2012
    Been wenger out since 2008 when we choked the league

  2. DaleDaGooner

    we did not show enough ambition in the transfer market, how would you feel after giving it your all, being the combined top scorer/ assists in the league only to finish outside of the top four.

    No ambition? In a team that has Ozil, signed XHaka for 35m, albeit too much, signed Cech, albeit he’s not up to required standard these days, but we were all excited, signed Mustafi for 30m +…..It didn’t pan out and they probably weren’t the right players, but after the “spend some fucking money” chants, you can’t say there wasn’t an ambition…afterall signed for us from Barca for 35m……Sanchez is part and parcel of everything wrong at Arsenal…he was one of those signed! I hate when extremist on Le Grove try to kiss ex players who left for a rival’s cock

  3. Bamford10


    I’m not sure what RVP has said, but I know that it will not change anything regarding why he left Arsenal when he left Arsenal.

  4. Bamford10


    Signing Cech and no one else in a summer window was a fucking travesty, not ambition.

    And more importantly, a player doesn’t need to play under Wenger long to see that Wenger’s Arsenal ship is going fucking nowhere.

    Wenger is terrible, and everyone knows it. His teams haven’t done a thing of note in years.

  5. Bamford10

    Correct, Gaza. Certain fans are calling Sanchez a mercenary simply to make themselves feel better about the state of the club. Fact is, Arsenal under Arsene Wenger are going nowhere and accomplishing nothing; everyone knows this, including all of the players.

  6. steve


    Yep it’s just about shifting focus now. The akbs just can’t accept the fact that Arsenal aren’t a very good team nowadays and their god is responsible for that so now they desperately want to find a scapegoat to blame it on, before it was Van Persie now they’ve changed that person to Sanchez instead.

  7. Bay Area Gooner

    The point is that Wenger fucked up the Sanchez show. He and Ivan should have paid when they needed to, instead of thinking “damn thats a lot of money”
    You want players to stay,, you pay them, especially your best ones.

    Sometimes, its not enough. I do think that we offered sanchez 250k plus per week. Not bad. However, money speaks as well as ambition. He got both with United. Not us. We didnt show enough cards when we needed too.

    Its one thing to pay up, but to also get the world class players is another. Wenger fucked both up. Im not surprised at all he left.

  8. jasongms

    “we lost our second best player as part of the deal.”

    oh, Peter, you went there, damn you, damn you all to hell.

    No seriously what a disingenuous article. First off Alexis was our most prized asset and so far ahead in terms of output or “best player” that is wasn’t even really debatable.
    Secondly, what the transfer does show is that ManUnited are back and back with a bang, signing one of only a handful of world-class players on the market is huge. It sends a message that they mean business and that they willing to exceed budgets to realise their project, which is unsurprising to win the major trophies.

    It also gives notice to other clubs that they are looking to build the best squad, with the best available talent and won’t be beaten on price. It sends another message to agents and players that if you want to be the best and play with the best, then Man United is your club.
    Lastly, yes I’ll concede that it’s not an instant game changer, the league at this stage is probably beyond them. But come next season, You’ll have players like Bale etc that will be looking at Man United and saying yeah, what an attractive prospect.

  9. Goobergooner


    Use the same 4 year period and compare Arsenal’s trophies with man City.

    I’d much rather have been on city’s trophy run than ours.

    Just using stats to fit your agenda as usual, not looking at the whole picture.

  10. Carts

    “If Sanchez’s motivations were football related he would have either stayed at Arsenal and put in a decent shift to help the club who rescued him from the Bench at Barcelona or he would have rejoined Pep at City and be part of attractive free flowing football.
    But no.”

    Where do these idiot come from? See this is is, so-called arsenal supporters are extra salty because Sanchez would rather leave than help secure 6th.

    He owes Arsenal nothing besides agreeing to “honour his contract” he signed. He did that and also told Wenger he had no interest in staying past the contracted 4 years 12-18 months ago.

    Where is the deception?

    If you’ve got a bee in your bonnet, take it up with Wenger and Arsenal

  11. Carts


    Any explanation as to why half a dozen revised posts weren’t appearing on in the thread last night, around midnight?

  12. David Smith

    Auba in Jan, most unlike Arsenal., should it happen. Evans, even more unlikely.
    I suspect the new powers that be have taken control of a damage limitation scenario as they know Ozil will join Alexis, for free in the summer. All this positive stuff about Ozil signing, will believe when I see.
    Wenger would not be decisive enough to respond to this emergency, and his micro management of contracts should by rights cost him his job this summer
    Mikha and Auba, should we get the latter look like replacements for our two best players to me, not the increase in strength the club will claim.
    By June, we will have lost players with a lot of goals and assists in the last couple of years, Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud, Cazorla, Theo.
    Hope their replacements are very quick of the mark and don’t need a lot of coaching

  13. Marko

    The evidence I want to see is Arsenal change this policy when Wenger leaves.

    Alexander we just have to wait and see what a new manager changes.

  14. David Smith

    Evans, should he arrive, will be like any other defender or keeper at this club, thrown to the wolves under wengers system with no adequate coaching or organisation.

  15. Carts


    Purely because we can’t defend for shit – see the last Chelsea game at the Emirates – I can’t see how Evans “sufficient improves” us.

    He’ll have a few stand-out performances, or in other words – Cup final Mertesacker mode – but that’s it.

    We’ll be found wanting at 6s & 7s with the likes of Monreal, Kos and Xhaka all chasing the same ball towards Highbury & Islington stn.

  16. BacaryisGod

    Haven’t had a chance to read the comments but interestingly Mkhitaryan was on record years ago saying he would love to play for Arsenal and it was the team he supported as a boy. Of course, that team he supported back then (he would have been 14 or 15 during our unbeaten season) doesn’t resemble our current outfit but there was at least a little truth in his recent statement.

  17. David Smith

    Alexander, couldn’t agree more.
    The acid test will arrive when Wenger departs, hopefully this summer.
    Sven and Raul could be positive signs, or like new signings, just damage limitation for a Stan club.
    Darren Arsenal 1 tweets saying Stan has just bought another 22 shares, not much in the scheme of things, but..
    Wengers lack of ambition, and clear desire to suck up to Stan for his own survival has cost the club, but the extent of Wenger as the ultimate problem may soon be revealed, I have long suspected Stan has tried to delay us finding that out by allowing wengers cosy little arrangement with KSE
    Once Wenger goes, Stan is exposed, we wait on that one

  18. BacaryisGod

    Here’s my bold and probably way too optimistic prediction.

    We sign Aubameyang and Evans. We renew deals for Ozil and Wilshere. Mkhitaryan hits the ground running.

    Liverpool and Tottenham have already started wobbling. We’ll catch them both in the next 14 games and snatch a Top 4 spot.

    For the first time since the Cup Final, I’m genuinely enthusiastic. There’s going to be a buzz heading into the next run of games if we can pull off all of the above.

    PS. We’ll lose 0-2 at home to Chelsea tomorrow. Sorry.

  19. rollen

    lol so many hart broken AKBs

    Sanchez is just too good for Wenger Circus.
    He went for better things as will do any good player.
    Lets see how much Arsenal will have to pay Ozil to stay in this mess.
    If Alexis wanted only money he could get much more as free agent in few months …

  20. TitsMcGee

    The absolute relief on his face to be joining a Mourinho circus that has no chance of winning a major trophy this season is beyond laughable.”

    Sorry Pedro but you sound quite bitter and petulant over this Sanchez deal which is quite baffling.

    You chastise Wenger for being a mong but then mock the one player who gave a shiiite enough to leave for something better?

    UTD is a bigger club with the ambition to win who are sitting prettier than we currently are. Say what you want about Mourinho but his CV trumps Wenger’s by a mile.

    He’s Facebook and Wenger is Specsavers.

  21. salparadisenyc

    Its def an accelerated punt on summer with hopes of champs league. Agree with BIG, Ozil signs on unless he pulls a blinder this spring to generate interest.

    For me Evans makes sense for that cash if we going to keep 3 at back. Essentially early BFG replacement, he’s no fucking Laporte but were going to have to get new manager in order to shell £60m on a defender of that quality. No chance with with AW.

    Wenger said in presser he’d see Miki in various positions, notably Caz role.

    _______Miki ____Xhaka______

  22. Marko

    No ambition? In a team that has Ozil, signed XHaka for 35m, albeit too much, signed Cech, albeit he’s not up to required standard these days, but we were all excited, signed Mustafi for 30m +…..

    You’re one of those I want Wenger out but here I go with another endless comment about that makes an excuse for his failings.

    Yes Dale we lack ambition. Sticking with so many bang average players and not improving and continually not even remotely coming close to a title challenge suggests a lack of ambition. How many years have we gone without signing up a proper DM? How many years did it take before we finally brought in a striker with pace? Last season we conceded 60+ goals and then proceeded to continue with the same defenders. Does that sound like ambition?

  23. Redtruth

    The Sun

    ARSENE WENGER fears Henrikh Mkhitaryan could have been scarred for life by his Manchester United nightmare.

    And the Arsenal boss is planning a counselling session with his new signing to work out how things went so wrong for him at Old Trafford.

    Arsene Wenger fears Henrikh Mkhitaryan may be damaged by his time at Manchester United

    Arsene Wenger fears Henrikh Mkhitaryan may be damaged by his time at Manchester United
    Wenger said: “Of course you worry about how much it has affected him.

    “I might have to analyse with him how things went in the past, what we can do and how we can help him.”

    Lol lol lol

  24. TitsMcGee

    “I might have to analyse with him how things went in the past, what we can do and how we can help him.”

    He’s forked.

    Quite astounding that a club that lacked creativity couldn’t find a place for this guy in the starting XI or even as a sub eh?

    That tells me he can’t hack it in the EPL or that he’s disinterested in defence.

    Sounds about right for us.

  25. Marko

    Evans signing is total banter. 60+ goals conceded last season and 40 goals so far this and our response is to sign a 30 year old from relegation threatened West Brom? Like is that the best we can do or do we not care about that area

  26. jasongms


    That article LOL , I can just imagine Arsene sitting Mkhitaryan down on a sofa and asking “Now, tell me about your mother”

  27. Paul Mc Daid

    Arsene Wenger just cost Arsenal 60 million pounds over Sanchez,
    Wanted him gone since 2008, Biggest phony in world football,
    Clowns on here licking his balls all day long, Pedro included.

  28. TitsMcGee

    Evans signing is total banter”

    A total joke signing that would be. Just like people tried to justify Holding’s or Chambers’ signing. Deep down they know it’s a weak signing but they want to feel good about it.

    This guy plays for West Brom for a reason and it’s not because he’s very good.

    It’s a classic case of lowered expectations making it look “not so bad ” .

  29. loyika

    @ Tits?

    And Pep’s cv does what to Jose’s?

    Has anyone read Conte’s views on the matter? He mentions the money aspect as well.

    I guess Conte doesn’t know what he is talking about also.

    Listen Alexis (as 90% of footballers) left with differing reasons, with ambition and money being part of the package, that’s the truth and both sides of the aisle have to deal with that.

    Those that want to hold on to the “left for ambition part and sinking ship that’s Arsenal under Wenger blah blah blah!” can hold on to that narrative while those that want to hold on to the “Loads of money! Chi ching! Sold his soul to the devil blah blah blah” narrative can cling on to that as well if it makes them sleep better at night.

    Fact is he is gone, lets just wish him well and focus on the players that want to be here and hopefully are coming in to do a job for us.

    Alexis is our past now.

  30. Dissenter

    Wenger is the sports psychologist now, right/
    This man is such a clown.
    Mikki is scarred from the united experience???
    What about all the ill-suited players he has in his stable who are lacking in confidence and have deteriorated before our very eyes?

    WTF is wrong with this dinosaur manager?
    He’s preparing the ground for finger-pointing should Mikki not succeed.

  31. Carts

    Wenger getting the excuses in early for when Mkhitaryan wrestled the hide and seek trophy away from Ozil? LOLOL

    So all of a sudden Arsenal now specialise in therapy

  32. 1886not1996

    Liverpool and Tottenham have already started wobbling.

    Liverpool beat man city 2 weeks ago
    And Tottenham won 4-0 and have 4 out of 6 points

    Wow. We are on fire because we beat CP? And signed a Man U reject?

  33. Carts


    Wha you need to realise is that Conte et al seem to be talking retrospectively.

    If no team bar Utd we’re prepared to meet the £35m asking price then anything from that point is moot.

    If Utd decide to throw gold bullions at Sanchez one they had him sitting across the room then that’s their business.

    No one else wanted to entertain Arsenal asking price, not even city

  34. TitsMcGee

    And Pep’s cv does what to Jose’s?”

    Last I checked Sanchez didn’t go to City he went to UTD so it’s irrelevant to anything.

    He’d be at City now if Wenger didn’t bungle the summer just like he bungles everything else.

  35. TitsMcGee

    No one else wanted to entertain Arsenal asking price, not even city”

    Lol We paid well over the odds for Lacazette ourselves. None of these morons were complaining then.

  36. Carts

    “Lol We paid well over the odds for Lacazette ourselves. None of these morons were complaining then.”

    Haha. Let’s not talk about that bit.

    As far as we’re all concerned we’re about to fuck shit up with Auba & Mkhitaryan

  37. 1886not1996

    As far as we’re all concerned we’re about to fuck shit up with Auba & Mkhitaryan

    I think we may go undefeated until the end of the season. Wenger will
    Be re-born. He’s changed. It was all
    Alexis’ fault.

    This is the “ideal situation”

  38. Carts

    We’re going to be so top heavy with Ozil, Jack, Auba and Mkhitaryan that I think we’ll see even more high scoring fixtures with Sunday league ball-watching defending .

  39. jasongms

    “He’s preparing the ground for finger-pointing should Mikki not succeed.”

    Bingo, he’ll just pocket that statement as insurance and bring it up again if the lad fails to deliver. Just another scheme of self-preservation and you have to hand it to Arsene, he does plan ahead when he’s personally affected by any future outcome.

    Sometime in the near future.

    Reporter ” why do you think Mikki failed to shine in his time at Arsenal”

    Arsene ” he couldn’t overcome the nightmare of his United experience, it had nothing to do with me”

    Arsenal fans ” you see, Wenger is a great coach, it was Mourinho fault.”

  40. 1886not1996

    And you just know Wallace Pierre etc will blame Jose for ruining him for when mkhit doesn’t produce to his “world class” quality and we still finish 6th.

  41. loyika

    No Tits

    He didn’t go to City because they pulled out of the deal as 1. They didn’t feel he was worth that pay package and 2. probably felt they could cope without his presence and spend that money on a younger prospect. So its not as if he refused them, they pulled out of the deal when they felt he and his Agent were yanking their chain and going against what they had apparently agreed last summer.

    @ Cart

    Conte simple said it came down to money, why are we making it seem so wrong that a player chooses to move for dough? Yes as said other reasons are also involved and rightly, but we can question Arsene’s claim as he does this constantly to manipulate the press and fan base, but Conte and Pep don’t need to do they? Bayern Management don’t need to? So these Managers all allude to the same reasoning, so are they wrong or have an agenda as well?

    Anyways, he is gone. The rest is just hogwash and “tales by moonlight!”

  42. Relieable Sauce

    Martial is coming on well under Mourinho.

    Risen to the challenge, rather than sulking – which he seemed to do initially.

    If you can’t stand the heat…go to Arsene-al.

  43. loyika

    Also the fact that he choose to add TH14 into the convo shows that his people (Agent and PR Folks) knew that this was the way it would come across to the football world and so what better way than to add your reasoning with an Arsenal Leg?

    Not to bright in the end was it. Should have just made his parting shot simple and be done with it. (same applies to Mikhi’s statement on attacking and corner flags, not helpful at all)

    But most are right about one thing though, games against United now should be pure banter with all the sub plots attached.

  44. 1886not1996

    should be pure banter

    When they used to be about the title race

    How far we have fallen

    The banter is they’ve taken our best player for the second time in 4 years

  45. loyika

    And my response Tits was to your “he would be at City”

    He would have still been at City even now if he didn’t suddenly change the rule of the game on them, afterall City did follow through and came for him first this window, so basically they would feel they kept their end of the bargain, but Alexis didn’t keep to his end.

    I doubt they would have not eventually matched Arsenal’s evaluation or been close, so that would have not been a problem if wages were not an issue (afterall PC put in part of his own money to force the Barca move from Liverpool didn’t he?)

  46. 1886not1996

    City also pulled out because Jesus was meant to be back in a fortnight and they thought 30m was too expensive in Jan when he was available for a free.

    It didn’t even get to wages because city didn’t want to pay what we wanted which was 35m.

    Why would they? They have an abundance of talent up front. Scoring for fun. Why pay 35m now for a player they didn’t really need when he is free in a few months.

    Man U offer being the star of the team. A great chance at the title next season
    And CL. A manager who is under pressure to win. Ambition.

    And 500k a week.

    A full package

  47. Relieable Sauce

    Did I hear right? Spurs in for Brandt?

    Superb signing and about time they started investing in quality young players – less they do an “Arsenal” – completely waste a great opportunity.

    Werner as well to play alongside and in place of Kane give them a real dynamic squad.
    Top CM and GK as well and they’d be really strong.

  48. 1886not1996

    Alex Henry.

    Just an FYI

    Not only were Kronke’s LA Rams one of the better teams in the nFL this season, the avalanche , his hockey team are in a playoff spot and only 6 points out of first in the division and 9 points off the conference lead with 40 games to play(80 points available)

    Looks like your whole Kronke conspiracy is going up in smoke

  49. Mick Kartun

    Shouldn’t the old cunt that get the therapy?

    Oh wait, he is already demented and senile. The therapist might shoot himself in the head after one session with the senile cunt with his long wind up “the next level is the next level is the next level.”

  50. Marko

    Brandt is an unbelievable prospect. Fantastic player. Compare him to Iwobi who’s about the same age I believe and its like a joke.

  51. Gaza

    Bay Area Gooner

    We finished outside the top 4 last season. We only signed Lacazette and Kolasinac. (+Chambo out). This is not enough.

    Imagine we signed Aubamayang and Mykitarian in the summer too. Now that would be showing ambition!

    We spent the 3rd least in the Premier League (net) in summer if I was Sanchez I would be absolutely fuming! Only 2 teams spent less than us – Bournemouth and Brighton!

    Make no mistake about it we have money, and lots of it, we could pay double what United offer, but winning is not our main ambition!

    Our owners only ambitions is to spend more (net) on his ranch than on arsenal in the last 5 years! This man is a blood-sucker, no player should want to associate with that.


    See Sky sports stats for our spending last summer (look at the two charts):

  52. Mick Kartun

    “Antonio Conte has claimed Wednesday night’s Carabao Cup semi-finalists, Chelsea and Arsenal, cannot compete with the two Manchester clubs, and are in a fight to be the best of the rest.”

    LOL, Conte is beginning more and more like the old Cunte.
    He’s been watching and learning very well of countless excuses from many Le Wank’s comedy pressconf videos.

    Can you imagine when Roman read his excuse to fight to be the best of the rest.
    Definetely he will be gone this summer.

  53. Bamford10


    Which is why Arsenal officials are in Germany looking to spend 50m on a center forward just 5 months after the club spent 50m on a different center forward. Plus 35m on Xhaka, 32m on Mustafi. Plus one of the 3-4 highest wage bills for a decade now. Yeah, what a penny-pinching owner!

    Actually, Arsenal spend plenty of money. The only problem is that we are managed by a clueless dipshit, Arsene Wenger.

    Wenger out.

  54. Black Hei

    I will have to tip my hat out to Pierre.

    With Wallace nowhere to be seen, Pierre is like a one-man-AKB army.

    I am AKB too but I have better sense than to wade into the battlefield.

  55. Gaza


    Fair point!

    My problem is with ‘net spend’ not overall spending.

    The problem with our spending is that it will allow us just enough to get into the top 4 but not enough to get into the ‘elite’.

    Summer 2017 spend:
    Man City: 217m (-130m net)
    Chelsea: 202m (-93m net)
    Man Utd: 170m (-160m net)
    Everton: 152m (-45m net)
    Liverpool: 90m (-45m net)

    Arsenal: 52m (+18m net) – yes we spent 80m net less than Everton net!

    We don’t go the extra mile, we make a class signing of Peter Cech then no one else.

    We get Lacazette but not extra players that we need.

    It seems like we are always 2/3 players behind what we need to truly challenge for the title.

    Remember this, Leister City won the title, everyone knew that every team was rebuilding, instead of preparing, we just didn’t do enough instead Wenger comes out with quotes such as: This is my best team in years.

    We have spent but just not enough, its like remodeling you’re living room with a 10K Tv but not having a sofa to sit on, somehow we are always short and everyone can see it, but we don’t want to add that extra bit needed.

  56. Black Hei

    BTW, anyone thinks that Mik is gonna be the 2nd coming of Carzola?

    Since Xhaka and Elneny can’t defend anyway, won’t hurt to just plonk Mik in the middle ahead of those 2.

    All out rampage attack.

  57. Mick Kartun

    Arsene was walking along a Hawaiian beach on a holiday when he kicked a bottle poking up through the sand. Opening it, he was astonished to see a cloud of smoke and a genie smiling at him.

    “For your kindness,” the genie said, “I will grant you one wish!” Arsene paused, laughed, and replied, “I have always wanted a road from Hawaii to London.”
    The genie grimaced, thought for a few minutes and said, “Listen, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that! Think of all the pilings needed to hold up the highway and how long they’d have to be to reach the bottom of the ocean. Think of all the pavement. That’s too much to ask.”

    “OK,” Arsene said, not wanting to be unreasonable. “I’m a footbal club manager. Make me understand all my club’s negative moaning fans. What makes them despise me so much, why are they so angry, why are they so difficult to get along with, what do they really want? Basically, teach me to understand what makes them so tick even when they knew that I built this club!”

    The genie paused, and then sighed, “Did you want two lanes or four?”

  58. Black Hei


    Which is why I think Sven is doing a great job.

    The net spend for January is going to be modest with all the outgoings.

    But in return, we have regenerated the playing roster.

    We are getting more bang for buck using the same relatively tiny transfer kitty.

  59. Gaza

    Black Hei

    Credit where credit is due!

    I am happy that we took a potentially disastrous situation (Sanchez leaving) and are about to get some very good news (Auba and Myki).

    Would have just been nice to see them make moves sooner. But I am happy we have something took look forward/ be optimistic about.

    In regard to your last statement: ‘relatively tiny transfer budget’, you’re right on the money there (no pun intended), with our ~+20M profit in Summer + 20M Walcott + 12.5M Coq we might actually still make a profit if we buy for 52M.

  60. 1886not1996

    So is anyone else thinking Mikhit is ozils replacement and if we get aubu it’s Sanchez’s replacement?

    So we don’t get any better. We stand still. As always.

    We don’t spend anything really with sales of ox Walcott etc.

    We are a joke. It has nothing to do with kronke either. He doesn’t have to spend a dime. We are flush with cash. Wenger has not spent it. To save his job. And to get rich. That’s all the greedy mercenary Wenger cares about.

    Just think if Wenger had bought 2 other players the Cech Season and we win the league , Sanchez and Ozil sign on. Guaranteed.

    But no. Wenger believed his own hype and thought he was too good to spend. That he could win with his loser ways.

    He was proved wrong again. For the upteenth time. Kallstrom another example

    Don’t blame kronke. The one and only problem is Wenger.

  61. Gaza

    Black Hei

    I just have to say, imagine we bought Myki and Auba in during the summer window, I think we could have challenged for the title and Sanchez would stay.

    Laca – Auba
    Sanchez – Ozil – Myki
    Jack – Elneny
    Monreal – Kos – Mus

    Now, do you know what I mean about pushing that extra 2/3 players?

  62. 1886not1996


    Wenger doesn’t spend(net spend) because he doesn’t want accountability.

    He has no pressure to win if he doesn’t spend

    He knows deep down he isn’t good enough. We all know. Players know.

    He knows if he net spends 100-150m he has to perform. He keeps his net spend low and he can snake his way to kronke and say

    Errrrrrrr look I spend Errr zero money. I make you money. I win ze world famous fa cup. The biggest trophy in ze world. Ask Pierre on ze Le Grove blog. He will tell you it’s ze greatest trophy. Bigger than PL and Cl combined. Pierre will tell you I am

  63. 1886not1996

    I just have to say, imagine we bought Myki and Auba in during the summer window, I think we could have challenged for the title and Sanchez would stay.

    Wenger would never do that. Too
    Much accountability to win

    The thing is Wenger won’t win

    I kind of got carried away with thinking we would have won the league the Leicester year with more signings. Unless he bought leaders who were strong enough to tell Wenger to beat it ala viera, Henry, Ggs back 4 who led on and off the field. We wouldn’t have won anything with wengers meddling

    Aubu, mkhit the results will be the same. Because the team won’t be prepared properly. Won’t be motivated properly. Come
    Out with the handbrake on.

    It won’t take aubu and mkhit more than a Fortnight to realize what a fraud Wenger is.

    Laca has gone from a scoring machine in France to how many games without a goal?

  64. Gaza


    I am 90% Sure Myki is Ozil’s replacement. Watched the press conference and a journo asked a similar question.

    This is my point exactly, we only get enough to reach top 4, I don’t think we will push for the extra 2/3 players to complete the squad.

    Wenger made many hints during the press conference i.e. focus on youth (holier-than-thou values), financial obligations, inability to compete with bigger clubs. His excuses are already rolling in.

    Press conference:

  65. 1886not1996


    We will not get 4th. Whatever that even means. And won’t while Wenger is here no matter who he signs. If Jose couldn’t do
    It last year with Pogba and ibra no chance Wenger will again.

    How that became a symbol of success for arsenal is one of wengers greatest frauds.

    And people like Pierre and Wallace have been banging on about the holy grail ever since Wenger said “4th place is a trophy”

    Focus on youth

    Who the fuck has he brought through that’s worth a bag of chips? Iwobi has regressed so much under Wenger since he came on the scene last season. People on here were saying he was better than Sane hahaha

    Ox regressed. Walcott regressed. Ramsey. Jack. Bellerin.

    We have no youth.

    Maitland-Niles. Give it a couple more months and same thing will happen.

    The man is full of shit. Anything to save himself and make himself rich

    The worst waste of £10m in history

  66. Black Hei


    “Wenger doesn’t spend(net spend) because he doesn’t want accountability.”

    I am not going to disagree with you.

    Rather, I think this is exactly what Stan is looking for.

    Perhaps this mediocrity makes Arsenal a less appealing investment for Usmanov and he might sell out to Stan.

  67. 1886not1996

    Kronke is hands off. He listens to whatever Wenger has to say.

    He has too much power at arsenal.

    Like when he went over everyone’s head and had a private meeting with kronke to
    Keep his job

    Who else in football would get away with that?

  68. 1886not1996

    Arsenal truth : on point again

    Current high-profile club rejects being linked include winger/striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – a no-doubt talented yet deeply divisive and ill-disciplined individual, Man Utd failure Henrik Mkhitaryan and the similarly overrated Riyad Mahrez. Younger players such as 20-year-old Bordeaux winger Malcom and Anthony Martial are also being touted, but they’re not going to produce anything close to rivalling Sanchez’s output.

    Whether the rumoured interest in these players is real or imaginary, any signings made by Wenger this month would only be the desperate flailings of a manager that has no plan and no vision. In-keeping with his failed acquisition of Jamie Vardy last summer, he’s merely playing Football Manager, desperately scouring the market for whatever high-profile cast-offs he can find to plug holes in his sinking ship. By signing these players, he might kick the can down the road a little while longer, but for what purpose?

    The fact is, Arsenal needs to be rebuilt and the club should not waste any further time going about it. Wenger has nothing left to offer Arsenal or the game of football. He’s a dinosaur, so focused on maintaining power and longevity that he’s lost all semblance of rationality, and the dressing room along with it. The players only turn up when they feel like it, with varying degrees of success failure.

    But will this happen? Most unlikely – the board’s ignorance and inertia is seemingly set in stone. As the club agonisingly slips into a state of middle-tier Premier League mediocrity, all we can do is watch its slow-burning demise play out and, with it, Wenger’s legacy disintegrate to dust. Personally, I welcome that, it’s everything this egomanical, selfish man deserves, hence why I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about yesterday’s defeat.

  69. Bay Area gooner

    Kroenke just bought more shares around 600m worth
    There is money in the club for sure

    Kroenke has money to spend clearly
    Wenger won’t ask for it

  70. Gaza

    I think Wenger will get 4th

    I’ll give him that, that at least he has proved, especially when pressure is off. He just doesn’t do ‘elite’ level.

    Remember this is the most competitive period in recent Prem history. Chelsea, Spuds, Pool, ManC and ManU. Let’s see how Wenger fairs. So you may be proven right!

    I just feel sad that we couldn’t push that little bit further. What do we expect when we persist with average players.

  71. Gaza

    Bay Area gooner

    Thanks for the new.

    Just checked it out, not quite 600m but more 600K lol

    That being said, he is worth 7.5 Billion.

  72. Bay Area gooner

    Gaza thanks!

    I got the 600 part right
    We have the money
    Pay the extra 15m to Dortmund
    Get auba why all this haggling

  73. Bay Area gooner

    Makes you wonder why now he is buying more of the club
    Will sell soon? More money with increased shares in hand.
    Who is selling. Is a good question

  74. Pierre

    Josephnot1996… Seems like you have gone from a Wenger obsessive to a Pierre obsessive.

    it’s desperation time for the obsessives.

    Desperate for sanchez to score for united.

    Desperate for mkhitarayan to fail.

    Desperate for Aubameyang not to sign.

    I can’t wait for the rubbish on here as soon as sanchez has a decent game… We had it with ox when he had one good game but that will be nothing compared to the the crap that will come when sanchez scores a goal.

  75. Goobergooner

    Ohh dear lord, I totally forgot about Kallstrom.

    That has to be the shittest loan deal ever made. Wtf were the scouts and Wenger thinking there. Also how the fuck did our medical team pass him through his medical.

    Absolute shithouse management.

    And I’ll say it again, Sanchez was never going to city this window unless they coughed up the 35 mil we were asking.
    Why the hell would they spend that much when he was free in the summer, also taking into account that they didn’t have a pressing need to sign him.

    In the end Arsene-al was happy with the mhkitaryan deal, knowing that Sanchez has been playing shit and 100% wanted out; and also knowing Mikki’s quality (and like some have alluded to, that maybe they know Ozil is out at the seasons end).

    Sanchez left to get out of this shithouse situation, especially after the way the club has treat him after denying a contract extension 18 months ago. He was going to get a mega pay check wherever he went for free at the seasons end regardless.

    I really don’t like the thought of Mikki in combo with any of our CMS in the middle. That is just inviting pressure on the defence.

    And I’m really unsure as to why we are buying auba. Buy a proper winger to replace Sanchez. One that can properly feed laca the ball.

    Someone the other day mentioned laca not attempting runs off the ball as often as when he first started. I wonder why that is, Wenger wants him to play tipi tapi instead.

    Everything Wenger does is just mindbogglingly stupid these days.

    Also he needs to give AMN a run in the middle. He gets taken apart way too easy on the flanks on occasion, where the ball player gets well in behind. Not to say he is bad defensively, it’s just not his position as a wingback.

    As always xhaka needs to be benched, I don’t even care if it’s for AMN. Couldn’t be worse.

    I just can’t wait to see what the full strength lineup will be after Feb 1.

    I wish it would be managed without the old Kent Wenger though.

    Peace my friends.

  76. Goobergooner

    How are you Pierre? How’s the cold British winter treating you? (I’m from Gold Coast, Australia, not that you need to know, just so you didn’t find it such a weird question haha)
    What’s your prediction for the game?

    I really can’t wait until Wenger is gone and Arsenal fans can have game related banter rather than Wenger shit talk.

  77. Black Hei


    I would gladly bench Xhaka for Mik.

    Hack I would even play Elneny ahead of Xhaka in the deep lying position.

  78. Ughelligunner

    Wenger said: “At the end of the day we are a serious football club with responsibilities.

    “We want to spend the money we can afford. The maximum we can afford we do, but as well you have some decisions to make.

    “Are you responsible in your management or not? If you can’t afford you have to say no, we’re sorry we can’t do that.”

    We will not spend over the odds, and I won’t blame Wenger when we have an owner who can authorize it. Until the owners sacks Wenger for not spending, I won’t belive he is hoarding cash. It’s a club policy.

  79. Pierre

    Gold Coast.. Lucky git.. Nice golf courses there.

    I live on the coast, definitely wouldn’t call it gold though..
    More like the cold coast.

    50 mph winds howling outside, bloody freezing, hate this poxy weather.

    Anyway, to the game tonight… Will be a good one to watch I reckon.. I always think that with Chelsea , it’s down to how hazard performs on the day, if he is on his game then difficult to stop.
    Could do with monreal being fit as he is our most consistent defender.
    Could easily go to extra time.. Anyone’s game really.

    What do you reckon.

  80. Pierre



    When Chelsea or city sign someone it’s done and dusted before the media get a sniff of it ..

    Aubamayang is happening , whether it will happen ,who knows but yes ,90% of transfers are pure speculation it seems.

  81. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Do we try to play hard ball but it’s not really our strength .

    They say they want offer just below if refused pay what they want

    They need to sit down n watch a series of pawn stars instead of watching porn the buying team .

  82. Ughelligunner

    RSPC our transfers drag so long because we hagle prices so much. Ivan is in Germany, yet the deal is still on the balance, that tells you it is a club policy and not Wenger “the powerful” sole idea.

    We don’t want to throwaway our 400m revenue in a year and don’t have money to pay players and staff. Do the math, if we have a revenue of 400m, and our wage bill is 190m,we have little to buy players with and run the other expenses of the club. We are not that rich people, Wenger or no Wenger,. I believe the reason why Kronke trust Wenger so much is because, he is the only manager that don’t care about the abuse of not winning trophys.

  83. Ughelligunner

    Pierre, our deals delay more than the norm, because we don’t pay the asking price and we don’t offer the player a deal he can’t refuse.

    Sanchez agreeing to go to man utd didnt take a week, because the money was right. You offer somebody a simple of money he can’t refuse and the deal becomes faster. While for Arsenal, we negotiate and negotiate until we pull out due to price.

    Man utd bought martial for over the odds, and Monaco at the time said they didn’t want to sell him, but man utd tripled the money 3 times in 1 hour. They couldn’t refuse.

    Arsenal on the other hand searches round Europe looking for castaways super hot players who the parent club don’t want and they go for them.

    If not for Costa’s bad situation with Chelsea, I knew Wenger would have signed him.

    All this fans abusing Arsenal for going for Auba because of his bad behavior forgot that they too all wanted Costa from Chelsea even though they knew he was a problem. And mind you, nobody came for Costa except for Athletico. But they still wanted him for Arsenal.

    If Arsenal had gone for Costa, the story would be against and not for.

    Anything to abuse Arsenal with, legrovers are good for it because they hate Wenger, so the club should fail so that they would have the last laugh.

  84. Leftsidesanch

    Dortmund want 70m and we’re offering 58m? Jesus, this club’s stupidity and arrogance won’t be the death of me.

  85. Leftsidesanch

    You can likely bet, if Chelsea dump us out of the cup tonight the signing will probably be wrapped up by Friday to appease fans. As ever, reactionary and not pro-active.

  86. Ishola70

    That article above also quotes Aubameyang as saying as recently as October the the EPL did not interest him.

    “If I’m honest, the Premier League does not attract me. This is my personal opinion”

    But now the money on offer attracts him of course.

    Puts into perspective all the frecent Sanchez talk.

  87. Rambo Ramsey

    ”Dortmund want 70m and we’re offering 58m”

    So much for the theory that Wenger fucks up deals, eh. Penny pinching runs from top to bottom, like a club policy.

  88. UTarse

    “Anything to abuse Arsenal with, legrovers are good for it because they hate Wenger, so the club should fail so that they would have the last laugh.”

    You talk utter nonsense.

  89. Rambo Ramsey

    Aubameyang to Arsenal: Dortmund deal and Giroud loan set to go through

    That is according to German football expert and journalist Raphael Honigstein.

    The Gunners upped their bid for the 28-year-old hitman yesterday as they look to strike an agreement with Dortmund.

    Arsene Wenger’s side have tabled an offer of £50.9m for Aubameyang, with all parties keen for a move to go through.

    The Gabon international wants to leave the Bundesliga club and join Arsenal, having already reportedly settled on personal terms.

    But one factor delaying his reunion with Henrikh Mkhitaryan at the Emirates is Dortmund’s desire to replace him too.

    Arsenal frontman Giroud has been out injured of late but struggled for game time on the whole this season ahead of the World Cup next summer.

    In need of minutes, a loan would make sense and Honigstein believes it will happen before next Wednesday’s deadline.

    Speaking during the Euro Leagues Football Show on 5 live sport, Honigstein said: “Borussia Dortmund are saying the first offer from Arsenal only came in at €50m. They want at least €70m. Maybe we can meet at €60m.

    “The bigger stumbling block seems to have been the availability of Olivier Giroud on loan.

    “The latest from Dortmund is that they think they might be able to do that, which then makes it easier for them to do the deal because it was always contingent on both these things – money plus a ready-made replacement.

    “But Giroud would only go on loan because Dortmund don’t want to send half that money back to Arsenal straight again.

    “So I think it is looking as if it’s going to go through, and it’s a really interesting move on so many levels.”

  90. Black Hei

    Are we in the twilight zone?

    Honigstein says Aubameyang deal going through.

    Sam Mokbel says we are in for Evans with City pulling out for other targets.


  91. Carts

    So the loan move is to help Giroud secure a World Cup seat.

    So it’s fair to say he’ll be sold in the summer then?

  92. loyika

    @ Ishola

    Doesn’t put Sanchez’s move into perspective because no one doesn’t accept or know that players move for money. 80-90% of them do. Thats not rocket science.

    Its folks that are making it seem as if money was no consideration for him and it was all about wanting to leave Arsenal and wanting to win trophies and nothing else.

  93. victorious

    Would like to know what the likes of 1886,Steve,Red,UTass,graham and the other shameless trolls have to moan about when Auba starts banging in the goals,woud’nt it be fun

  94. victorious

    Apparently $anchez is not only a “money grabber” but also a ‘liar’..Henry just came out to deny any speculation he told him to make the move,says so much his ‘fanboys’

  95. Ishola70

    Loyika Auba’s father is behind this move. He pushed hard for his son to get a bigger pay deal elsewhere, They were even considering China last summer. And of course the father himself gets a very nice wedge as well out of it.

    As Auba has recently stated that the EPL did not interest him Auba is certainly not primarily at Arsensl for sporting reasons.

    They are all at it.

    That’s why it is pathetic to see Arsenal fans up in arms about Sanchez move.

  96. graham62


    Wouldn’t care if Auba scored in every game till the end of the season.

    The damage done is irreversible.

    By the way, who exactly are the trolls on here?

    Maybe you should take a look at what you and a couple of your bosombuddies communicate on here on a daily basis before pointing your finger at the majority of posters.

    You do get that………………….right?!?

  97. Dissenter

    Santi Carzola is hoping to play for Arsenal again in 2019. He just has yet another ankle surgery, his tenth on his ankle/archilles region.
    You have to wonder why he hasn’t just thrown the towel and moved on to another phase in his life.
    He can still be a very successful football agent, manager or administrator.
    He’s done as a footballer, everyone know that surely.

    I won’t be surprised if Arsenal gives him n extension..

  98. TitsMcGee

    I don’t know if this is Wenger sanctioning these moves or if these are being forced down his throat but he’ll have nowhere to hide if (when) he crashes and burns.

  99. TitsMcGee

    Its folks that are making it seem as if money was no consideration for him and it was all about wanting to leave Arsenal and wanting to win trophies and nothing else.”


    Who would turn down a pay raise that doubled your salary?

    So you work in IT at Sainsburys and one day you actually get offered a job at Facebook /Amazon /Google. This job not only pays more but improves your CV stature. You can want to leave for both reasons.

    You seem hell bent of telling yourself that he left for money because you don’t want to think UTD is a bigger draw than us.

  100. Dissenter

    The rumor mills have it that Liverpool have reached an agreement with Lemar.
    Arsene Wenger will be gutted since he was ready to pay £92 million for him.

  101. 1886not1996

    the other shameless trolls have to moan about when Auba starts banging in the goals,woud’nt it be fun

    We are 23 points league leaders and in 6th place. Sanchez has been banging them in for 3 years.

    I don’t get your point?

    Different players, same results.

    Wonder why ?

  102. DaleDaGooner

    That’s why it is pathetic to see Arsenal fans up in arms about Sanchez move.

    Aubameyang isn’t moving to Bayern again…..he’s moving out of the league.

  103. DaleDaGooner

    Have we forgotten Bacary Sagna? Another that left because things weren’t going as he would like it….money i’m sure