The banter era of transfer windows looks to be over.

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via @Arsenal Instagram

via @Arsenal Instagram

What a bloody great weekend. Beating Palace. Watching Harry Kane drag a late chance wide to see his Spurs team draw at Southampton. Signing one player in Mikki, with another seemingly on the way with Aubameyang. Good times.

So the update: I had to correct my post yesterday, Arsenal didn’t receive any money for Sanchez. It was a straight swap. A player who was leaving on a free in 6 months, for a £30m player who had 3 years left on his deal. A great deal considering the messy circumstances.

Is Mikki the next coming of Pires? Unlikely. Is he going to blow it up with Arsenal? I have no idea. What I do know is he’s a very good player. He offers goals, assists, heavy work rate and a little bit of magic. Restore him to full confidence and he could be quite the player.

The other option was what, £20m in the bank?

If you’re an Arsenal fan and you’ve spent the last ten years crying into your Coco Pops everytime you see a fan brag about our monstrous bank account, you have absolutely no right to be upset we didn’t take the cash. Players win you games. £20m is a drop in the ocean in the game these days, especially if the prize you’re chasing is the £40m+ the Champions League brings in.

Arsenal are a Europa League team. Can you even name off the top of your head who we’re playing next in that competition? No. Nor me. We are not appealing to mega names, our coach is a joke, so when you get offered a good player, you take it. It’s a low risk, high reward move.

The negativity around this signing is crazy when you consider the uprising against Le Grove over the years when we’ve questioned the need to sign players Park Chu Young and Takumo Asano.

‘Give them time’

The second exciting move is Aubameyang. Sven M is in Germany negotiating a deal to bring the man from Gabon into the side. Again, we’re bringing in goals, pace and personality. We’re going from a sulky Chilean who has scored 8 goals in 22… to a guy who is also sulking but has 21 goals in 23 appearances playing for a Dortmund that is going through a very tough spell.

We might be giving them a player in return, rumored to be Giroud. Again, who cares? There’s no space for him in our side, he’s too slow, and he’s never been a big game player for us.

As a friend said yesterday, it’s weird being in a transfer window and not being linked to banter names.

We’ve moved on our dross, taken money off the wage bill, and we’re probably going to come out of this window stronger (and as someone pointed out, our net spend will be about £3m)… because you have to remember, Sanchez has been a passenger this season. He’s been a drain on team morale. He’s been playing for himself. He gave the ball away 100 times more than Christian Benteke last season. Love to watch him, but things will be better without him.

What I am hoping is that come the summer, we see smarter signings. I’m not sure there’s anything particularly clever about signing two of your old colleagues. What is clear, is that wouldn’t have happened under Wenger. He’d have sulked when told Martial wasn’t moving, and taken the cash. He’d have offered £22m for Aubameyang, then cursed the modern game when we missed out him.

The club making moves without the managers blessing, and it’s a real breath of fresh air.

Now we just have to hope that the manager can weave the new players into a system that works. I can’t help but get genuinely excited about Ozil and Mikki feeding one of the fastest players in the world.

Right, that’s me done. Hopefully, we’ll have some exciting news to talk about by tomorrow.


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  1. Marc

    The greatest team going, the almighty Spud’s are now 3 points above the shambles that are Arsenal after almost 2/3rds of the season. With the new guys taking control and Wenger soon to move either upstairs or away things are looking very positive.

  2. Boomslang

    “Now we just have to hope that the manager can weave the new players into a system that works”

    Therein lies the problem. You give a #9 year old a loaded gun to play with, and guess what happens.

  3. Dissenter

    Aubameyang was born in Laval France. He qualifies to play for the national teams of Italy, Spain and France. He just opted to play for Gabon very early in his career.
    Please stop calling him the man from Gabon. I guess that sounds more sexy. He won’t need a home office work permit, will he?

  4. victorious

    pretty nailed on post

    but you should be ready to be devoured by the WOB’s who don’t want to see the club move forward because of a man who will leave very soon

  5. David Smith

    Yes, things certainly looking up, agreed, Wenger , Law and the managers useless scout would never have even attempted such signings.
    Will await some bitter comment from Wenger should these two players arrive about how Sven is nothing more than a provincial font of knowledge.
    Would love to know what our manager makes of it all, he will be under massive pressure to make things work with players he didn’t want but who come off his budget.
    Maybe over optimistic, but just hope this all leads to him walking in a Gallic huff this summer

  6. N'gambo

    I stopped reading at “it’s a great deal”. Its a fucking pathetic deal. One of the best players in the EPL and Arsenal’s stand-out player for the last 3 years in a straight swap for a Mourinho cast-off who can’t get a game?

    It’s fucking astonishing mis-management.

    Given Pedro’s sudden changes of tone and utter bullshit lies like that, I wonder whether he doesn’t now count Arsenal as a paying client.

  7. Elmo

    The flipside of the argument is that Wenger is almost certainly going to be around until the summer of 2019, at which point any new gaffer inherits a first team featuring the majority of the key players at 30+ (PEA, Mikki, Kos, Monreal, Cech), with little relevant under 25 talent forcing their way through.

    Nice to have some adults in the building finally looking to regularise our affairs, though, instead of Wenger literally running the club according to his misinformed worldview, being completely willing to let the club collapse rather than have to make decisions which make the best of bad situations or which offend his ‘values,’

  8. Dissenter

    True, we lose him because he opted to play for Gabon. His father who has worked at AC Milan for over 15 years was a former Gabonese captain.
    He was born in France, grew up in Milan in the AC Milan academy and was almost poached by Italy. His mother is Spanish and he has Spanish nationality too.

    My point is calling him the “man from Gabon” is overly simplistic and rather dim.

    The AFCON stuff doesn’t really matter.
    We all know Gabon are shit, utter shit. He won’t be gone for long because they rarely advance far into African competitions.

  9. victorious

    what a smashing window we are having

    Auba joins and we might as well end the season with a cup and a good place in the league standing

    obviously Minslitat is working without interference from Wenger,let’s see if Wenger will throw his toys out of his pram

  10. Elmo


    The AFCON has been rescheduled so that it will be held in June in the future, so as not to interfere with African players playing in the European leagues.

    Definitely a boost for European clubs and the value of African players.

  11. Dissenter

    Thanks for that bit of info.
    I missed out on that. They’ll be playing in ponchos and rain-coats because huge swathes of Africa will be having monsoon rains at that time.

  12. Elmo

    David Smith

    “Will await some bitter comment from Wenger should these two players arrive about how Sven is nothing more than a provincial font of knowledge.”

    Lol! What may materialise is a whole fresh line of excuses from Wenger about how new players weren’t his own signings so it’s no surprise that they fail etc. He could spin a good year or two of excuses out of that, so expect that if things turn downhill for the new arrivals.

  13. Marko

    pretty nailed on post but you just hold on as the WOB’s devour you for been positive

    Nah he’s more likely to get devoured because he’s a notorious flip flopper. Nothing wrong with being positive as long you realize it’s somewhat misguided with this manager still in charge and its all well and good being excited about these FORWARD players joining but again it looks like the atrocious midfield and defence will go untouched once again.

  14. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal didn’t receive any money for Sanchez”

    But it was a great deal… sure, it’s only the second time that our best striker sign for manure for free lol

  15. Marc


    Do you mean what Chelsea sold him for? According to the press circa £20 odd million. Don’t see what that has to do with it?

  16. victorious

    “Nah he’s more likely to get
    devoured because he’s a notorious
    flip flopper. Nothing wrong with
    being positive as long you realize
    it’s somewhat misguided with this
    manager still in charge and its all
    well and good being excited about
    these FORWARD players joining
    but again it looks like the atrocious
    midfield and defence will go
    untouched once agai”

    how are you sure Minslitat is not also working reinforcement?.. has the window ended yet?..haven’t we already been linked to Evans?

    its also possible to be positive about the club and still yet want Wenger gone,Minslitat and Sanlehhi has given the club hope already, the Wenger obsession should die down already

  17. Marc


    It’s not for free if we get a player in return. Argue whether the swaps a good deal, argue whether Mikhi’s a good player but to slag off what looks like a deal Wenger had little to do with is just childish unless you have a point.

  18. Dissenter

    Highbury legend
    Would you rather have 20 million in the bank compared with having Mikki?
    That’s why it was a good deal.
    It’s the best outcome from a shitty situation. It could have been a lot worse.

  19. HighburyLegend

    @Marc, Mikki didn’t even wanted to join us in the first place.
    And I totally understand him, considering the shitty mess our club has become.

  20. victorious

    “Marc, Mikki didn’t even wanted
    to join us in the first place.
    And I totally understand him,
    considering the shitty mess our
    club has become.”

    erhmmm,where did u read that? Mikki has long been a fan of Arsenal,you don’t have to make sh**t up because you dislike the player

  21. HighburyLegend

    Of course he must be really pleased to leave a top club for Arsène FC lol

    @victotious, first I dont know you, and I’m not your friend,
    second, I never said I didn’t rate him, and guys please show me the post in which I’ve said that he’s a shitty player, please guys, be my guest…

  22. Bamford10


    No matter what anyone says, I am holding on to the hope that Wenger sees the writing on the wall and leaves this summer. The thought of him at the helm for another season is so awful that I refuse to accept it without a fight.

    Wenger out. ASAP.

  23. victorious

    @victotious, first I dont know you,
    and I’m not your friend,
    second, I never said I didn’t rate
    him, and guys please show me the
    post in which I’ve said that he’s a
    shitty player, please guys, be my

    what gives you the impression I’m interested in been friends with a “knuckle dragger” like you,you made a disingenuous statement and I called you out for it so that next time you type something here you actually know about,now run back to your little hole,you clueless twat

  24. HighburyLegend

    “he’s a great player who’s too good for us”

    Actually as long as kim jong weng still in place, yes I think that there are MANY players which are too good for the joke of a team we have become.

    (Hey look, some manure fans are still in tears seeing Mikki’s departure lol)

  25. HighburyLegend

    Lol victoriousofnothing you made me cry, here’s something I know for sure: you were born from the juce of a used condom.

  26. N'gambo

    Mad Grandpa Wenger (MGW) is totally out of control – a straight swap of Sanchez for Mikki – you’ve got to be fucking joking.

  27. norfolkgooner

    The years of frustration on missing out on signings clouds my optimism. I won’t believe the Auba talk until I see the video of him introduced on the Arsenal website doing keep-me-uppies in the shirt. Just feels like same old; we’ve been here before, too slow to go in hard with proper offer etc.. sorry, just don’t trust the club to get it done. Hopes raised only to be crushed. The proverbial condom is on but you end up with a posh wank rather than getting laid.

  28. tee

    @ngambo, it will be wise if you can post your own part of the story if any than talking without making sense. it’s Pedro’s opinion, so, respect it or give your own genuine part. must you always be senseless?

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Sky have reproduced article + photograph published by Bild showing Gazidis
    and Mislinat arriving by private jet in Dortmund.

    If true it confirms who is probably now conducting transfer negotiations. It is
    certainly not Wenger and Laws.

  30. Freddylekgunner

    Good news all over, if we get Auba and Ozil extends it’ll be a great transfer window plus we sold Coq and Walnut for decent fees. Good times ahead

  31. Freddylekgunner

    He gave the ball away 100 times more than Christian Benteke last season.

    Lol Pedro, Bamford is coming for you.

  32. victorious

    Hillwood, he will probably be a board member or perhaps head of administration’s,you just know the management will squeeze him in,no way they allow him leave the club totally

  33. MrT

    Won’t sulk for a minute. Happy sanchez is gone. Toxic and not a team player. If we pull of Abooom and a defender I will gladly put Ramsey as defensive midfielder and order him never to go into the opposition box even if it would save his life. Leave it to others.

  34. Dissenter

    “Won’t sulk for a minute. Happy sanchez is gone. Toxic and not a team player. If we pull of Abooom and a defender I will gladly put Ramsey as defensive midfielder and order him never to go into the opposition box even if it would save his life. Leave it to others.”

    holy Jesus on high skates
    Ramsey as DMF, never to go forward into the opposition box!
    Save some of that good stuff for me , will ya.

  35. Freddylekgunner

    Ramsey never to make runs into opposition box? Will never happen. According to Wenger it will kill him. Maybe under another manager.

  36. HillWood

    Can you envisage any current top manager taking the Arsenal job knowin Wenger will be lurking upstairs pulling the strings

  37. mysticleaves

    From the other post…

    I still wonder how Eden, Coutinho, and Salah is ahead of Sanchez in this EPL we have all been watching.

    And if Bale is a top 5 player (!) I wonder where it keeps Lewandoski and Robben (before this season). KdB is even better than Bale as it is…

    Bale and Sanchez are same level with Sanchez being more consistent IMO

  38. mysticleaves

    Whatever happened to Diego Simeone replacing Wenger? IMO that’s who I want. A lot of minds need to be shifted and reshaped post Wenger and DS is not adverse to working with a DOF.

    Plus, he must be tired of ATM by now as he brought is contract forward to 2019 as against 2021

  39. Dissenter

    “Bale and Sanchez are same level with Sanchez being more consistent IMO”
    Just want I told raptors. the view that Bale is in the top 5 player list is a static list stuck in 2014.
    Bale hasn’t been the same for at least 2 seasons, that’s why Madrid will sell him this summer.

  40. Do One Gambon

    Liking the romoured signings

    Auba is dynamite, mikki less we forget was clamouered for on here a couple of years back, so give the guy a chance.

    But not a lots going to change while we defend like we do. Its embarrassing at times.

  41. kc

    Cloud Cuckoo Land is quite an interesting place indeed. Back here on Earth Arsenal just swapped a top 5 epl player for a bench warmer. Shine up that turd as much as you like, but them are the facts. This whole window is hedged on getting Aubameyang. And going by our record at signing expensive Strikers over the last decade, nobody should be counting chickens before they hatch.

  42. Carts


    ““We’re going from a sulky Chilean who has scored 8 goals in 2″”

    Pedro is one. His posts have been taking lazy dogs at sanchez for the last week or so. He’s reading from the same handbook as Emiratesstroller & that other fickle prick, DT.

  43. Bob

    Sanchez is the best player in the league with the shit behind him he’s done great. Iwobi,Walcott,Ramsay,Wilshere the lot of them are shit.
    How is Sanchez meant to take arsenal to the next level with welbeck and giroud. Sanchez for me is a arsenal legend.

  44. useroz

    Mikki (or his hungry agent) allegedly asks for 200k pw and it appears to becoming a deal breaker?

    Also, ANR reports we wanted 10m + Mikki… is now not a straight swap??

  45. TonyD

    Short diversion while we wait for the PEA signing news from Gazidis and Sven.

    The fact that it’s them in Germany would suggest there ‘s a very strong chance of the signing happening, especially before Sven last summer, Wenger did nothing when PEA was supposedly available and bought Lacazette.

    If PEA is against Wenger’s wishes, will Wenger give PEA the Ashavin treatment?

    If we end up with Mikki & PEA, how about sending Iwobi out on loan and bring back Perez for a 2nd chance?

    Interesting piece for Bam and ? who were talking about Silva’s departure from Watford:

  46. TonyD

    Mino Raiola got paid £15 millions for the Sanchez deal, does Riola get anything from us for the Mikki signing?

    Honest question as I have no idea?

  47. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “I cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal. But, in 30 years of doing transfers, you learn a lot about human beings,” Wenger said.”

    Wow, you want to talk about someone so totally deluded of reality. Wenger truly believes he’s created a utopian society where it would be unconscionable that anyone would ever want to leave.

    The most disingenuous comment ever made by someone so totally delusional. Two sides to every story – let’s see what Sanchez has to say, or perhaps he’s far more a gentleman than Wenger and many on this blog, who have slated him at every opportunity, for simply wanting to win above all else.

    What an a-hole Wenger truly is.

  48. TonyD

    Classic Wenger in denial:

    “Wenger no longer needs to be guarded. ‘I cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal,’ he said. ‘But in 30 years of doing transfers, you learn a lot about human beings. As a professional, it was perhaps his last contract at the top level.

    ‘I have no regrets about not selling him in the summer. We did what we tried to do and went as far as we could. Even Manchester City moved out of it in the end. That tells you we had no chance to give him a contract.’

    ‘The uncertainty [over Sanchez’s future] has destabilised the team,’ revealed Wenger”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  49. TonyD

    I think Wenger is too busy with the upcoming Chelsea game.

    If anything Wenger will be vindictive after PEA arrives unless he see’s Auba as a lifeline, and then Wenger will claim that Auba was all his idea and that Sven agreed with Wenger to get the deal done.

  50. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Regardless of transfers in or out, one thing stands crystal clear – none of this would have been necessary or happened if Wenger wasn’t such a total fuckup of a dictator. All of this, everything, is down to him. Keep that in mind whilst you try to convince yourselves that what’s happening now is a good thing. Remember, as long as Wenger stays, it’s a fucked up club.

  51. Carts

    Self preservation at its finest. Wenger is clutching so hard right now. His delusion is going to be why he’ll probably get sectioned.

  52. HillWood

    Arsenal will be licking their wounds once this Sanchez saga is over.
    They have allowed themselves to be bullied by players.
    Mugged by agents.
    And pissed on by the big boys.
    Wenger seems to think this will be the norm with players running down contracts
    Batton down the hatches it’s gonna get rough

  53. TonyD

    Couldn’t agree more Frankie.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how far Wenger throws his toys out of the pram with the signings that are clearly not Wenger’s appointments.

    I’ve shed my opinions on PEA and Mikki and others have also made some sound posts in their favour.

    My comments on Mikki were founded on his PL stats at United, and my only concern with PEA were whether he can make the same impact in the PL where Lacazette hasn’t.

    We won’t know how these signings if we get PEA are going to play out until they are on the pitch together and how Wenger decides to play them with team formation.

    One thing is clear is that we still have the shit show of midfield and defense unless we find a quality CDM before February 1.

    Will Wenger opt for self preservation or go full on vindictive mode?

    Wenger will either be, “It was all me, I made this happen” if things go well the pitch or h’lle put the blame firmly on Sven & Gazidis if things don’t work out immediately.

  54. Marko

    ‘The uncertainty [over Sanchez’s future] has destabilised the team,’ revealed Wenger”

    He’s been refusing contracts for at least a year and a half though. If you sort it out in the summer it doesn’t destabilize the team or the season. Again another season pissed away by this incredible manager. He also admitted that his own contract situation last season affected the team. So two seasons in a row our season has been right from the off over thanks to one man

  55. Thorough

    It’s a shitshow all right but if we get Auba and Mikki in then we are sorted on the strikers front for a while. We can now use the next 2 windows to a dress the midfield/wings and the defense. guess I’m clutching at straws but one’s got to look for a silver lining.

  56. Mick Kartun

    Arsene Wenger says he ‘cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal’.

    Now that’s a real banter, the old cunt could be a stand up comedian…….

    oh wait….he’s already done that in his every presscon.

  57. 1886not1996

    Arsene Wenger says he ‘cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal’.


    Right. No one wants to leave Arsenal, sorry I mean Arsene FC

    ‘The uncertainty [over Sanchez’s future] has destabilised the team,’ revealed Wenger

    In the summer he said it was “ ideal situation”

    Why doesn’t anyone call him out on his bullshit.

    Wenger “ we will never again sell
    To Man U” after RVP fiasco.

    2018 again sell our best player(one of the best in the PL if not world) to
    Them for a bench warmer.

    Hilarious. Banter FC

  58. Goobergooner

    You couldn’t make this shit up.

    I just don’t get how this man is still in a job after 22 years, where 14 of those have been well under par for a club that should be striving to be the best.
    FA cups aside, nothing Wenger has done in the last 5 years has been respectable (double take on that, I’m stoked he is selling some deadwood, but I do doubt that’s by his own accord).

    Selling Sanchez to United boils my blood. Yes we are receiving a quality player in mikki (not that he has really shown it for man U), but seriously, whoever thinks it’s a good deal is beyond a joke. Our best player for a bench warmer. Wtf is that.
    This whole Sanchez situation is fucked up, especially because there is so many “professionals” at the business end of our club. Wenger and his economics degree, where did he even get that thing?

    Yes we still may be searching under the radar for a DM and/or CB, but why the f isn’t that being sorted. How can Wenger seriously not see that his midfield is an absolute joke. I love Wilshere, but I seriously doubt he continues to keep fit, and he is our best cm.

    How xhaka (who is here for his passing and box to box abilities, which I find hilarious) continues to get into the team is beyond me, same for iwobi. I would keep Ramsey, if he wasn’t played as a fucking forward from midfield, he would be a great squad player.

    We have so much shit for Sven and Raul to fix, and I do believe they can at least push us in the right direction, but as long as Wenger is here, whatever they do will be irrelevant in terms of competing for the tie or champs league (yes I know we aren’t in it, or likely to be in it again next year, but who’s damn fault is that? The fucken guy who can’t build a quality squad). He’s fucking useless.

    I can’t wait to see how our team looks on Feb 1, and to see Wenger try to save some face for the season. In my opinion he definitely doesn’t have it in him. Not in this day and age of football. He needs it to be 1996 to become great again.

    Ahhhh that does feel a bit better. Cheers Le Grove for providing the means to have this rant hahaha.

  59. TonyD

    Sanchez is going to take great delight scoring against us at Old Trafford just as Adebayor did..

    Just another way for Jose to mock Wenger.

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    ”I cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal”–Wenger

    Just shows how out of touch with realities you’ve become, old man.

    Can someone at the club help themselves, the club, the fans and this old man by telling him its over?

  61. Rambo Ramsey

    Good luck to you, Sanchez. Sincerely hope you break a leg and your career tails off.

    I had a lot of respect for this player but the way he’s performed this season has left nothing but contempt in me.

  62. victorious

    Everybody waxing lyrical about Sanchez but can never undermine how detrimental Mourinho can be to a talent,I say let’s wait and see how he gets on there,will Martial now drop to the bench?

    We on the other hand better hope Mikki comes good,else the shiit will hit the fan

  63. qna

    Terrible decision to go with Auba and Mkhi. Both very decent players, but this is the direction I feared we would take. How does spending money on these 28/29 year olds put us in a position to have success.

    Our squad and first team are extremely ordinary, except for Ozil and Sanchez. There is zero chance that we will win the league with the current team and these two players are just going to waste away – just like Sanchez and Ozil have been.

    Was really hoping that we would go for high quality youth and build a team over the next 4 or 5 years that could compete again. I was hoping we would take the Dortmund model with our new DF. We should be looking to sign guys like Auba and Mkhi at the start of their careers, not at the end.

    We still have a long way to go down before we hit rock bottom. Its so depressing.

  64. TonyD

    Wenger is completely responsible for the Sanchez debacle.

    Wenger has mismanaged the situation not selling him last summer and before then.

    The reality is that Wenger is responsible for the state of the club and squad and all things football.

    Any anger needs to be focused on Wenger and the hierarchy, not individual players.

  65. Wallace

    “The negativity around this signing is crazy…”

    le grove’s down on the Alexis/Mkhi swap? 🙂

    Mkhitaryan’s genuine quality, and Alexis walks in 4mths otherwise…how can anyone seriously find fault here?

  66. TonyD

    The blueprint for our future should be with an experienced spine of leaders and winners in their late 20s.

    Then blended with exceptional talented youth of 22+ year olds.

    That is something we should be able to afford and will take 3 to 5 years to put together.

  67. Steveyg87

    Firstly, we all knew Sanchez was pi$$ing off from the beginning of the season already. Mikki was Bundesliga player of the year before he went to United. We are quick to forget things here on Le grove. People crying over Sanchez leaving us need to get over it. If you were told a month ago that we would have Auba and Mikki in our ranks at the expense of a half hearted Alexis and two bench warmers you would be all over that sh!t

  68. Steveyg87

    I get that it’s not easy being a gunners fan, but if you cant celebrate the small victories then whats the point of supporting the club at all? You are slowly killing yourself

  69. qna

    TonyD: The blueprint for our future should be with an experienced spine of leaders and winners in their late 20s. Then blended with exceptional talented youth of 22+ year olds. That is something we should be able to afford and will take 3 to 5 years to put together.

    Fair enough. But how are you going to pay for that? Those 22+ year olds cost as much as stars in their late 20s. We just walked out of the deal on Malcolm. I am not going to say we should have signed him instead of Auba because I dont know much about him. But thats the type of player we should be looking at. Like for example what we should have done with Dybala when he was still at Palermo.

    Now that we have somebody that we can actually trust to identify good talent (Mislintat) I think we need to spend our money on young players that will actually go on to be top players. We already have a spine of experienced players (not that they are leaders or winners). But we can phase those players out one transfer window at a time and spend all our money on top young players. Forget about adding players that will have no value in 4 or 5 years time. They only serve one purpose and that is Stan Kroenke’s fourth place trophy ambitions.

    The EPL youth league does not seem to be effective on player development. Which means that we will need to pay a premium for young players and bring them in once they are already good enough to play in our first team. Whether that is a player like Malcolm or not, I dont know but hopefully Sven does. We will turn over enough money to put into each of our future transfer windows to build a world class side if we spend that money on players of the right age profile on the proviso that they are correctly identified as top players in the first place.

  70. Pierre

    The way I see it is , rightly or wrongly, Wenger gambled at the beginning of the season in the hope that he could convince sanchez and özil to stay.
    He could have taken the easy option and, sold them received possibly 100 million.If özil signs a new contract then the gamble was worth taking, if he doesn’t sign then it will be deemed a massive error of judgement. Özil is in a fantastic bargaining position as he knows that Wenger will be desperate for him to sign so he can name his price. Wenger will not want to lose özil and will pay him whatever he wants. If özil and Aubameyang sign then Wenger will have done what he usually does.. Fall in a pile of shit and come out smelling of roses. I can understand people making noises about the age of the potential new signings but sanchez is 29 so it’s just like for like age wise. We need a quick fix and mkhitarayan and Aubameyang will get the fans back onside and take away some of the negativity surrounding the club. Sanchez leaving won’t affect the club, you always got the impression that he thought he was bigger than the club.
    Sanchez leaving is best for all concerned… A great player for 2 and a half years but a liability for his last year.

  71. TallestTiz

    From reliable source

    Chelsea enquired about Giroud, were knocked back because he’s likely going to be used as a makeweight for the Auba deal.

    Word has it we’re negotiating Giroud plus £20 million for Auba.

  72. TonyD

    That’s why I said 3 to 5 years to rebuild.

    We should be able to afford £100+ million a year for the rebuilding. Someone mentioned we had £300 million in the bank at the moment.

    We are missing leaders in our team, which are essential to bring on the youth.

    I didn’t say it would be easy and Sven & Raul are supposed to be experienced at finding talent and negotiating contracts.

    Of course what we need first an foremost is the right manager, which clearly Wenger isn’t.

  73. jasongms

    Arsene could literally take a dump of the halfway line during a match and the resident AKB’s would find some positivity in it, you people are just unconscionable.

    Not once have I heard a dissenting voice among them..

  74. TallestTiz

    Mislintat personally discouraged the club from signing Malcomn for anything more than £25 million.

    Saying with time over the summer, we’ll scout out a young winger who will cost less.

    Now, we’re stepping up!!!

  75. qna

    TonyD: That’s why I said 3 to 5 years to rebuild.We should be able to afford £100+ million a year for the rebuilding. Someone mentioned we had £300 million in the bank at the moment.

    I agree it will take time, closer to 5 years given the state of our playing squad imo. Not sure about your numbers. I doubt we have 300m. We have just squandered 100m on a poorly thought out gamble by keeping Ozil and Sanchez.

    We also just bought a second rate striker for 50m just 6 months ago. I am just saying that spending another 90m on a 28 year old and 29 year old is a poor way to spend our money considering the 5 year rebuild we have in front of us. In 4 or 5 years time, these two players will be worth nothing and will not be part of the rebuilt squad. In the meantime they will drain world class wages from our wage bill and offer us little more than a young player of equivalent transfer fee that we might have bought instead.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    There has been a lot of rubbish written recently as to why Sanchez has left Arsenal and joined Man United.

    Ince wrote yesterday that he had joined Man Utd, because of tradition and it is
    a bigger club than City. Frankly that is complete hogwash. Since Fergies departure Man Utd have finished behind Arsenal in the last 4 years and City have won League Title and look like repeating it this year.

    What is true is that Man City can outspend United any time they want, because their owners are 20 fold richer than those at United. United do have larger revenues, but so what. The revenues generated by football clubs are
    no longer the factor, which decides how much a club can afford to spend on a
    player as we have seen recently with both PSG and Man City.

    Man City chose to pull out of deal on three counts. First because Sanchez and
    his agent welched on agreement negotiated in summer, second because they
    did not want to unsettle squad at their club and finally because they did not consider paying these stratospheric sums was merited for a player who is now

    Manchester United has always had an oversized ego as a club even when they
    could not afford it. That is the nature of professional football. They can afford
    to buy Sanchez because despite the huge wages the transfer fee is fairly modest for a player of his calibre. When you analyse it Sanchez annual cost is less
    than 10% of the club’s revenues.

    Sanchez was clearly unsettled at Arsenal more than 2 years ago. I raised the
    issue of his body language then and also expressed surprise when he did not leave at start of last season.

    Some players do not settle into certain clubs and for the record that applies to
    Manchester United just as it does to Arsenal. Di Maria joined them for what was a British Transfer Record Fee and lasted just 12 months.

    Frankly you don’t need to spend mega bucks to be successful if you have the
    right people and philosophy running the club. Bayern Munich have been successful both in Germany and Europe and as far as I am aware they have never
    spent £50 million transfer fee on a single player or more than £100 million
    transfer budget annually.

    Arsenal’s weakness is not just Wenger being past his sell by date for 10 years
    but frankly a lack of ambition. They have allowed themselves to be second to
    fourth best in English Football for a very long time.

    That has also resulted in some exceedingly poor decision making in the transfer market not least dithering when it comes to buying players. We saw it over Higuain and Suarez and last Summer over selling Sanchez and replacing him.

    I regret that we have lost Sanchez because of his football ability, but frankly he
    was a pain in the arse and that was crystal clear for a very long time.

    What we need to see now is that the club does something about replacing the
    manager and coaches as well as showing better judgment and ambition in
    transfer market.

  77. Terraloon

    If you deliver a turd in wrapping paper it really doesn’t alter that fact that it’s a turd !
    How on earth people are buying into this being a good deal I really haven’t got a clue
    Someone posed the question about the agent being paid. You can bet your bottom dollar that he will get several million add that to a signing on fee and a wage that is reported to be around 50% more than Sanchez was being paid . It’s this point that intrigues me because had Sanchez been offered £200 k a week say 18months ago would he have signed an extension ?

  78. Pierre

    If giroud is going then I am liking the road we are taking…
    Next should be Ramsey.. Will receive 35/40 million for him and get someone in midfield with a football brain.

    Wenger has built an unbalanced team for the style of football that he has always preached. .. Too many players not comfortable on the ball and unable to receive the ball under pressure and wasteful in possession and distribution namely Welbeck, Walcott, sanchez, giroud, Ramsey and xhaka… plus holding, Chambers and Bellerin’s distribution from the back is poor.

    Keeping players like özil and Jack and bringing in mkhitarayan and Aubameyang will help.

    Lacazette has received a lot of criticism on here but I feel he will come good. Technically very good, links the play well, can receive the ball under pressure but maybe not sharp enough round the box.
    Maybe we can have our version of Liverpools fab 4 in özil, mkhitarayan, Aubameyang and lacazette with a couple of holding midfielders behind and a back 4.

  79. raptora

    Pretty painful to see the picture of Alexis wearing the coveted number 7 Manchester United football shirt. It will hurt watching him do well in that precise team.

    Walcott, Coquelin, Alexis and possibly Giroud out,
    Mikki and Auba + maybe some surprise signing or money stacked for the summer.

    Doesn’t sound half as bad. Alexis was gone either way.
    Things are definitely different at the moment though. You can feel the influence of Sven and Raul already. Hopefully this is the beginning of the new Arsenal, where Wenger has as little say as possible. Eventually leading to the signing of a new world class manager. This new future is starting to excite me. Especially if we get the Auba deal done. What a striker he is.

  80. UTarse

    “Arsene could literally take a dump of the halfway line during a match and the resident AKB’s would find some positivity in it, you people are just unconscionable.Not once have I heard a dissenting voice among them..”

    See little P comment “Wenger will have done what he usually does.. Fall in a pile of shit and come out smelling of roses.”

    Only AKBs will think he comes out smelling of roses. As for the whole “stop moaning and get on with it” soundbite, the fact of the matter is that the whole planet could have told Arsenal FC that Sanchez WILL leave by hook or crook, but Le fraud persisted in his deluded state and lost the club circa £30mm…. never mind eh…. watch Ozil leave for free in the summer and cost the club another circa £40mm….. never mind eh…

  81. Barking Arsene

    “Mkhitaryan’s genuine quality, and
    Alexis walks in 4mths otherwise…
    how can anyone seriously find
    fault here?”

    “It boggles the mind”

    What boggles the mind is why Wenger/the club didn’t sell Sanchez for 60m in the summer and then use the money to buy Mikki. Sure, we may have paid £35/40m for him but would have had £20m profit to use elsewhere (towards a DM for example).

    There was no doubt at all Sanchez was leaving – none whatsoever. Yet we allowed his value to diminish and have watched his output (unsurprisingly) reduce. Why do people let them off the hook saying the deal is good?

    I like Mikki but this is a terrible deal given that we knew the Sanchez situation months ago.

  82. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Ozil, Mkhitarayan, Aubameyang and Lacazette.

    Our forward line will have an average age of 28. Three of them having being purchased in the last six months. Liverpool have the fab four. We’ll have the veteran four.

  83. victorious

    “What is the point of splashing the
    cash just to reach no higher than
    top 4. It’s counter producti”

    So what would you rather the club do?..continue to languish in 6th?,at least the signings of Auba and Mikki means we are trying to move up the table

    you praise Liverpool for spending on Keita and splashing 75m on a defender,,Man utd splash 80m on donkey ‘Lukaku”..Chelsea on Morata,,, you all praise this club for trying to compete but when Arsenal do same on Auba and Mikki, you “ask what’s the poin’t’..
    that’s very dumb,don’t you think?

  84. Biggles

    I still find it odd that people are saying we got a bad deal here.
    “Our best player, a £90m world class-er for a United reject, terrible”.

    I’d agree with that IF he was under contract for long and we could have sold him for his full value on the open market. But that’s not the case – he was able to sign a pre-contract agreement and leave for nothing in just a couple of months. You think he was actually going to turn up and put in a shift for his last 14 league games? Of course not – he’d be “injured” for most of it.

    At least this way we got something for him – a player we coveted a year or two back and who has played at the top level. Mkhitaryan isn’t a like-for-like replacement for Sanchez, but he’ll add something to the team. I know his time at United wasn’t great, but let’s face it, Mourinho is the master at losing players. The last time he was sacked by Chelsea he managed to make Hazard, Costa and Fabregas underperform and look rubbish. I’m clutching at straws a bit with this one, but Bergkamp and Henry were both established players languishing in poor form for a club after a big money move.

    Was last year’s Man City £60m offer a better deal? Well yes it was, but it’s not like we could go back and take it now. There was mismanagement of the situation at the time and this is the best we can do in the situation.

    Finally on the subject of Sanchez, I’m pretty sure that Wenger is actually right about the move being all about the money. I can’t see United winning anything under Mourinho, not whilst Guardiola is at City AND has unlimited money. He could walked into the squads at PSG, Bayern Munich, Juventus or Real Madrid, especially on a free in the summer and won league titles or Champions League medals. He’d even have a better shot at winning the Premier League with Chelsea than with United. But where did he go? To the one paying him the most. I’m not saying that Sanchez will flop at United, but he’s swapping medals for money and I don’t think that’s a desirable attribute, especially when he’s won a singular league title and three cups, plus some diddy cups like the charity shield and UEFA Super Cup. There are players younger than him with 3 champions league titles to their name.

    The big question really is how are we going to setup a team? I’d be tempted to go with a 4-4-2 with a diamond in the middle, but there’s no way Xhaka can anchor that, he’s too slow and would get sent off too often. We need to cut our losses on him ASAP. I’m also not fussed if we lose Ozil at this point – Mkhitaryan prefers to play centrally behind a striker rather than wide right, so I’d have him heading the diamond in a 4-4-2, or in the number 10 role if we go 4-2-3-1 again.