First deal of window nearly done, second deal picking up steam

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Who knew the missing ingredient to our lacklustre attack was Nacho Monreal?

The Spaniard had a real drop the mic moment, coming on, scoring one, assisting two, then floating off to preserve his attacking skills for the Wednesday night game against Chelsea. Jokes aside, all the post-game commentary seems to point towards both he and Ozil being good for midweek, which is a huge relief.

Wenger returned to 4 at the back and watched his side deal out a destruction order on a very off key Crystal Palace.

Fans didn’t hide their disdain for the goings on at the club, thousands sacrificing their tickets, preferring to stay at home for the rainy 3pm kick-off. Those that stayed were treated to an exceptional first half, led by a very exciting partnership of the showboating Wilshere and Ozil.

We were unplayable. The first goal came after a slick passing move from the left ended in Iwobi placing a high shot that Hennesey tipped over the bar. The resultant corner, which was pretty average, floated to the back post where Monreal was hungriest and ferreted out a header he put in from close range.

The second goal came from the left again, Monreal jumping on a loose ball, carving into the box, then picking out Iwobi who guided the ball home from close range.

Our third came from another poor corner that found who other than Nacho at the back post, he volleyed the ball back into the area for Koscielny to bundle home.

Our final goal, which came inside 23 minutes was a masterpiece. Ozil worked the ball into the box with a series of one-twos between Iwobi and Jack Wilshere, he finished the move with a perfect backheel into the path of Lacazette who drilled his shot low across the keeper. One for the end of season highlight reel I know you’ve all got an Amazon preorder on.

We still managed to concede a goal at the death, but considering the circumstances, the day was a welcome exhibition as we prepare for Wenger’s annual Get-out-of-Jail Cup push.

So what have we learned?

Not a lot really, the true test comes on Wednesday. Palace were really poor, you can’t learn a lot from a team on a good day. You need to see how team spirit fares under pressure. That’ll be against Conte at home in a game that could see us back at Wembley. Worth noting they beat Brighton 4-0, though the scoreline flattered.

I also think it’s unfair to judge the team until we have Mikki, who is all but sealed.

Word has it we took £20m and the Armenian for free. Unreal dealmaking. Think what you want of the exDortmund attacker, he’s a great player and he had 3 years left on his deal. That’s good work from Arsenal.

UPDATE: David ‘God’ Ornstein, says it’s a straight swap. Say what you want about that, but if you’ve spent ten years laughing at Wenger and his cash pile, and you’re not bitching about money, you need to have a word. Cash isn’t going to shoot us to Europa League glory, Mikki back with Auba might.

There’s also been positive noises on Aubameyang. We’re up to our usual tricks of playing hardball when we’re fucked. However, our opening bid of 50m euros isn’t far off their 60m euro valuation. I just hope we don’t end up getting gazumped because we tried to pinch pennies (Cheslea rumoured to be sniffing around). We need an injection of excitement sooner rather than later.

If we do land both players, you can’t deny this will have been a good January under the circumstances.

Ignore the fact Wenger is gearing up his excuses for his end of season chat with Stan K.

We have to very quickly get over this transfer period because for us especially this period has been more disturbing than ever,”

This is a man who in September was saying the contract situation with 6 players was ‘ideal.’ He’s clearly planning survival tactics, and this is the verbal equivalent of digging the trenches.

I hope the board saw how empty the stadium was as they look for counter attack pointers.

Before I go, Welbeck and Ramsey were missing again. I really hope the club move those two on this summer. Both haven’t delivered, both are down to 2  years or less on their deals, both could fetch pretty good money. The club need to invest in fit players, those two aren’t cutting it.

Right, that’s me done. We’re saving the podcast until Wednesday. BIG week ahead. See you in the comments.

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  1. Dissenter

    “Arsenal are at least recruiting a quality Midfield Player who is worth more than the £20 Million that was on offer from Man City“

    This deal was just a rescue job for Asrsenal, reminiscent of face saving.
    Had we sold him in the summer, we would have had 60 million which would have bought a Mikki like quality midfielder ….and another quality defensive midfleider. Wenger would have lost credibility in the boardroom because he led the club down a rabbit hole.

    Your point is great though.
    In the context of Alexis having 4 months left with very bad form, it is better to have Mikki on a swap than £20 million in cash from City.

    United got the better of the deal.
    Thy would have spent at least £100 million more on a package for say…Griezmann in the summer when you consider the huge transfer fee it would have cost them for a similar player.

  2. TonyD

    I agree with most your thinking but United are the clear winner in this deal.

    We get a player not much better than Walcott and Iwobi who is worth around £15 million and who will be on wages no one will want if we want or need to move him on.

    You’re right, though, Wenger lost on all accounts.

    How Wenger can be paid £10 million a year for such poor returns financially and on the pitch defies logic on any level.

    All we can hope is Kroenke sees Wenger’s financial blunders as we do.

  3. Pierre

    Mkhitaryan worth 15 million …yeah right .

    Walcott sold for 20 million …..who was on high wages.

    You are either saying that Arsenal done a fantastic deal with Walcott or you are talking ,as per usual , gibberish in your valuation of mkhitaryan .

  4. Pierre

    You say that Sanchez at today’s inflated prices is worth 75 million .

    Yet mkhitaryan at today’s inflated prices is only worth 15 million.

    Given that they are both the same age or maybe mkhitaryan is slightly younger your valuations are slightly biased I would say.

  5. TonyD

    1 goal and 5 assists in 931 minutes game time wanting more than £140k a week Pierre, what would you pay for him based on those figures lollipop man?

  6. Dissenter

    “Mkhitaryan worth 15 million …yeah right”

    He cost them 26 miliion two years ago and he’s not even making the bench frequently. His output has been dismal and he’s been out of form so the 15 million isn’t far fetched.
    They might have been able to flog him off to anothe club in the summer for say…20-25 million but that would have involved giving him a pay-off of some kind to nudge him to move, we all know his agent is hard nosed.

  7. Dissenter

    Everyone knows Sanchez is >>>>>>>>>>>>Mikki
    Every one knows, it’s not even close
    .city were ready to pay £60 million in August 2017 for the last year of his contract. There’s no arguing on this one.

  8. Dissenter

    I agree with Red regarding the Walcott sale. He ought to have cost more than 20 million with all the England caps and CL experience in the current inflated market.
    20 million was a low ball offer that we accepted to honor the player due to his long term “service”.

  9. Pierre

    Dissenter and Tony

    Sorry you are right ,how could I be so stupid.

    Mkhitaryan is only worth 15 million and Walcott is worth more than him and Sanchez is worth 75 million .

    Johnny Evans at 30 million is definitely worth double the amount of mkhitaryan .

  10. Pierre

    Yes dissenter ,we should have received at least double that for Walcott as he is definately worth 25 million more than mkhitaryan .

  11. Dissenter

    Do you even read the rebuttals that are already posted?
    It’s like arguing with jello, at least come up with something better the next round of conversation.
    Mikki cost United 26 million in the summer of 2016. His output has be n dismal. It doesn’t make him a bad footballer. Mikki is not making the United bench and has been a bit footballer with little confidence. They used to groan at every error he made in home games.. They really didn’t have much use for him and would have had to pay him off to move him in the summer, his agent is hard nosed as is widely reported.
    Sanchez was worth 60 million for ONE year of his contract in August 2017.

    Do I have to write in slow motion?
    You’re arguing for arguing sake.

  12. Pierre

    “Mikki has been surplus to requirements at United for some time and no other club has tried to buy him.”

    Yes tony , thanks for that exclusive information. I am sure you didn’t just make that up ..why would you .

  13. Pierre


    Thank you for your last comment .

    Salam ,debruyne….there’s 2 names for you to think about who played under Jose and I would say their predicament were very similar to what mkhitaryan has experienced at United .

    And where are they now …the 2 best players in the prem ….

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    “There is a gulf in class between the Armenian flop and Sanchez….now Arsenal will be burdened with yet another reject..”

    Reject Reject Reject! Wenger motherfucker is gifting arsenal’s best player in 12 years to a club who were Arsenal’s true rival. But thanks to the AKBs like Pierre, Pedro, N5 and others ManU is not Arsene fc’s rival anymore. Hence, best player can be gifted for free.

  15. peanuts&monkeys

    Mikhtaryan will be a mix of Welbeck and Xhaka.
    XHaka… OMG! What the fuck does he do? How loudly Xhaka exposes Wenger’s ZEro idea abt the role of a modern midfielder gives me a kick. Xhaka is the sign that Wenger will be out of Arsenal some day.

  16. victorious

    I can’t help but laugh my ass out when I read comments from some so called “Arsenal fans” here

    its been widely reported that Arsenal got the better deal because Sanchez was an hindrance to the Arsenal team and with 4 months left it was logical to let him leave at all cost,getting Mikki in return just made it a more superb deal

    certainly Man united could have wait to get him in free in the summer and cash in on Mikki who could fetch 40m in this inflated market, Walcot went for 20+m,ffs,..getting a player of Mikki quality for a player with 4 months left on his contract is good business

  17. Pierre

    Tony on mkhitaryan
    “We get a player not much better than Walcott and Iwobi who is worth around £15 million”

    I will leave that one there for you all to read and digest…

  18. Stephan


    KDB was 20 and Salah 22 when they left. Hardly anywhere near experienced or at the peak of their careers as they are now. Mikhi is 29 today. I’ve watched him for Utd, he’s decent at best. We lost massively in this deal. Let’s take the L and chill

  19. victorious

    Tony on mkhitaryan
    “We get a player not much better
    than Walcott and Iwobi who is
    worth around £15 million”

    lol,this is hilarious, you must be on some hard drugs

  20. Terraloon

    Mkhitaryan as we all know isn’t a starter at Utd come to that he isn’t a regular on their bench.
    Players at the elite level rarely become involved in straight swaps and there’s reason for that and whilst I doubt that any money is changing hands there will be values attached the players and with that will come a whole load of costs
    As we have seen from the Utd end the Sanchez deal how much is being paid in terms of agents fees, player signing on fees and indeed players wages
    This saga smacks of desperation at Arsenal to try and come out of the very poor
    position the descion to keep Sanchez put them in.
    Players, who haven’t asked for a transfer are entitled to a set% of the fee similarly another % is paid into the PFA. I suspect that the players values have both been set at similar sums and from that those basic requirements are met. However from there the agents will want there pound of flesh and as seems to be the case Sanchez’s agent seems to be in line for a £15 million pay day.
    Be under no illusions even excluding his wages the signing of Mkhitaryan is going to cost millions and that doesn’t include his wages which are now off Utd books. Is he a player that would have been identified as a replacement for Sanchez or a player that is going to be a regular starter?
    This isn’t a great deal for Arsenal

  21. Stephan


    You’re missing the point. The club let a player who is worth at least 80M in this market to go in exchange for a bench warmer. It’s shameful and shows incompetence. When he had 2 years left, should have been sold then when he showed no interest in signing a new contract. Even when City brought 60m, should have sold. This deal is rubbish, cuz mikhi might not be better than Iwobi

  22. jasongms

    “its been widely reported that Arsenal got the better deal because Sanchez was “a” hindrance to the Arsenal team”

    Some Arsenal fans would believe anything, little wonder Arsene is still in a job.

    Alexis is a Top 5 player in the world today, whereas Mikhtaryan can’t even make the bench in a United side lacking creativity.

    Yeah, we certainly got the better deal, no wonder United fans are in hysterics as is most of the football world. I seriously wish United end up with Ozil in exchange for Ashly Young, just as to read what utter nonsense you morons come up with..

    This transfer brings to light again the shortcomings of a man that is out of his depth and out of fcuking time, anything else is just a subterfuge for the sycophantic fans to bite on.

  23. TR7

    Sanchez will not win United the league title. In that context, paying a player £7.5M signing fee per year and 450K wages per week reeks of desperation. An attempt to spite City who I am sure are not losing their sleep over it.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m starting to change my mind
    Maybe it’s best ozil stays .

    Also like the idea of making jack captain if he stays ,,,

    Dunno what this means still want wenger out

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    How long before he gloats in the dressing room

    Earning almost double what Pogba bound to be recriminations
    Players get the hump easy and are a jelasous type

  26. victorious

    “Sanchez will not win United the
    league title. In that context, paying
    a player £7.5M signing fee per
    year and 450K wages per week
    reeks of desperation. An attempt to
    spite City who I am sure are not
    losing their sleep over it.”


  27. Terraloon


    You say it’s widely reported that Arsenal got the better of the deal.

    Not unite sure I’ve read that

    Have you not wondered why Sanchez was disruptive? Any well run club would have known how Sanchez was going to behave , taken the £60 million on offer w 22 weeks ago and been in a far far better position than they y now find themselves.
    Sanchez has been a major distraction and that could have been avoided now Arsenal have allowed an elite player to leave in exchange for a mid range PL player
    This isn’t a good deal for Arsenal and it’s churlish to argue otherewise

  28. victorious

    “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for
    the biggest game of the season…lol”

    I suppose you are talking about the semi final against Chelsea on Wednesday?

    Pity your darling and painfully to watch Man united side will not be playing in any semi finals of any cup competition this season,,I look forward to what you will moan about when will get pass your other darlings’Chelski’

  29. Pierre

    “KDB was 20 and Salah 22 when they left. Hardly anywhere near experienced or at the peak of their careers as they are now”

    Oh, that’s alright then..

    Maybe Jose will go back and buy them for 100 +million each the way he bought lukaku for fortunes after prematurely selling him earlier in his career

    The whole point is , it means nothing that mkhitaryan didn’t succeed with Jose as he has history of failure with top quality players …his judgement is flawed.

  30. Al

    Personally I think it’s a crap deal we have got.

    We have extremely strengthened United now to the point that we won’t be even close to them now.

    On top of that we could have sold him during the summer for £60m and replaced him with a player for £60m such as Lemar but instead we have swapped him for Mikki due to the managements terrible planning.

    So which ever way you look at it, it looks like a bad deal for us currently.

    Hopefully Mikki proves us wrong and leads the way.

  31. Dissenter

    So what if Pogba demands for money?
    United don’t have the socialistic wage structure we have, their reserve goalie earns about 50k weekly.
    They can afford to increase Pogba’s salary to match Alexis, most top players have clauses in their contract to adjust for such things. Chelsea did it with John Terry because his contract had a similar clause.
    United have to pay out annual sums to five of the Glazer children ( about 50 million yearly), everything else goes into football. Invited paid similar wages to Falcao without any problems.
    We just tend to hoard our money and waste the rest on extravagant salaries for average footballers.
    The salary Alexis demanded and got is similar to what Griezmann demanded last summer had Atletico not been banned. Alexis still cost them cheaper that they would have spent on him when you consider the 100-120 million transfer fee, it is cheaper to what they would have spent on Gareth Bale
    , if they signed him in the summer of 2018.

    This moaning is needless. He’s United’s problem to deal with and I don’t see them complaining. United can easily afford him. They’ve had bigger players than him without problems.

    It’s gooners who can’t let it go.

  32. Dissenter

    I agree with you on that one,
    We just disagree on the financial aspects.
    Mikki has a point to prove now and is a good footballer.
    He can prove Jose wrong like Salah and De Bruyne have done already.

  33. Emiratesstroller


    No-one disagrees that we should have taken the deal in the Summer with Man City with the benefit of hindsight.

    However, in the situation we find ourselves in January this is probably the best
    outcome, although as I have written several times recently I would have preferred to have invested in a younger player.


    Once again the only thing that you seem capable of is negativity and the usual
    put down of virtually every player on planet plus the usual abuse of anyone you disagree with which let’s face it is almost everyone who posts on Le Grove
    and beyond.

    Some might find you slightly amusing. Personally I find you pea brained and
    someone who brings down the value of this website.

  34. Dissenter

    I agreed with you 1.5 hours ago.
    “Your point is great though.
    In the context of Alexis having 4 months left with very bad form, it is better to have Mikki on a swap than £20 million in cash from City”

    I would also say we had to negotiate out of a week position and United got the best of the deal.
    We take it and move on..
    There’s no way Wenger didn’t lose credibility with the board and owner on these blunders; Ozil and Alexis transfers. It’s made him weaker with the club.

  35. Redtruth

    “Some might find you slightly amusing. Personally I find you pea brained and
    someone who brings down the value of this website.”

    That’s rich coming from a non football fan

  36. Emiratesstroller


    Frankly I think that the decision was taken out of Wenger’s hands for a variety
    of reasons.

    1. Up to beginning of December Wenger was telling everyone that Sanchez was not leaving in January.

    2. Then he changed his statement that the decision of what might happen in
    transfer window was out of his hands.

    3. Finally he acknowledged in January that Sanchez might leave.

    Frankly I don’t think that Wenger is making anymore the financial/transfer
    decisions at the club, although he will be consulted as Manager about players
    being brought in.

    Personally I believe that Wenger’s current job is restricted to running the first team and that is all.

    No doubt I will be told that is garbage, but I think that there is clear evidence
    that there are material changes which are now being made at club and most would not have been considered or approved by Wenger 12 months ago.

    Pedro has also been suggesting this as well so I am not alone in that opinion.

  37. victorious

    Wenger gambled on Sanchez giving him top 4,which was a heavy mistake because Sanchez really down tools this season,he was tapped up already a year ago

    we take Mikki and move on,Mikki gets back to his Dortmund’s form and we are better off on the deal

  38. victorious

    Marco Silva another le grove favorite to replace Wenger just got sacked, tot Everton wanted him,big mistake he would have jumped ship,now his CV has taken a nosedive. shame

  39. Barking Arsene

    We haven’t gotten a great deal but it’s our own fault.

    Mikki purchased for £26m now approx halfway through his contract. Let’s assume that his value has remained stable (even though his contract length has reduced).

    He is therefore worth approx 25m – which is generous considering his lack of playing time and impact.

    Sanchez was subject to a £60m deal with a year left. He now only had half of that so could realistically be valued at £30m

    What we have done is allow ourselves to get into a situation where we are swapping one player in their late 20s with no real resale value for another – the problem being that due to contract mismanagement we are giving up the more valuable player in real terms.

    Walcott has nothing to do with it.

  40. Barking Arsene

    In fact, based on my post above if we really wanted Mikki (I.E had actually planned it) then we could have sold Sanchez for £60m and paid over the odds for Mikki at say £35m (even £40m)

    Which one would have given us the better deal?

    That is the problem at this club – we just react rather than plan ahead.

  41. Mark

    Interesting article on Ox, and how it talks about Arsenal being a talent graveyard under Wenger.. lolz.

    I was keen on Mikhi before United got him, so I’ll take that & Auba . We still need a DM & a defender and most importantly Wenger gone. At the very very worst , he sees out his contract. Absolutely no talk of an extension.
    It will be clear to the whole world that even after these additions, we still have gaping holes in defence, which have not been addressed properly for years.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    RT has stated that Walcott is worth £40 million in today’s market and that
    Mkhitaryan is worth much less.

    Almost everyone who has posted on Le Grove over the last two weeks has expressed the view that £20 million was a great deal. For the record I have not
    expressed any view. However, lets consider stats:

    1. Walcott cost the club something like £12 million when he joined us after
    fee was renegotiated with Southampton.

    2. He is now 28 years of age and was one of the three top earners at the club
    with £140K pw.

    3. The player was no longer selected to start in EPL games and was struggling
    when everyone was fit to be selected for bench as well. His playing time was

    4. As far as I am aware the offer from Everton was the largest. Only Southampton made counter offer. Teams like West Ham and Italian Clubs wanted to take him on loan.

    5. His valuation on Transfermarkt was £18 million before he was sold. This compares with Mkhitaryan who is valued at £31.5 million. Mkhitaryan has not cost us a transfer fee.

    I mention this to demonstrate the value of RTs opinions and the quality of his]
    research on most subjects.

  43. Mark

    ” This is Ballague – a man who once said my hair was so perfect, he shed a tear – talking on the transfer.”

    Pedro, you’ve mentioned Ballague’s comments to you on a couple of posts now. Are you trying to share something with us ? I know us guys can be blind to this type of thing. Especially being a football blog an all .

    I hope this isn’t a ” You too” type situation.
    and that you haven’t been Weinstein-ed by Ballague .

  44. Cesc Appeal

    This might have been what cost Wenger in the eyes of the Kroenke and led to Gazidis getting the changes he wanted.

    Not only did he lose out on UCL money but he also placed about £100 Million in danger with Sanchez and Ozil.

    Insisted in September that the situation was ‘ideal’ and now we arrive in January and we are swapping a player we could have got £60 Million in the summer for a £30-35 Million player, Sanchez with his contract handled properly is about a £80 Million players as well in this market.

    Those are the kinds of failures Kroenke will not tolerate.

    I do like Mkhitaryan, I think he can be a good player for us if he can find his BvB level where he was great and put a shift in. Bringing in Aubameyang as well might get the best out of both of them, what we be getting there is a understanding which certainly has value.

    Before we even consider spending £30 Million on someone like Evans we should be looking for a great CDM which would permit us to play more attacking football. If he ends up benched could even try to use Lacazette to get Fabinho in the summer?

  45. Dissenter

    I still can’t believe we offered 180k weekly for Oxlade to sign an extension.
    It just shows the degree of madness that has gripped ‘this club. This was a deal that was offered with Gazidis in the room.
    180k weekly!!!
    Talk about a grave yard for talent. We are a gold plated mausoleum for talent.

    Now I see why Mikki played hardball to get a wage increase.

    No one will ever sell a player to us on the cheap again after the botched £92 million deal for Thomas Lamar.
    I’m glad we dodged a bullet on that one.

  46. Leftsidesanch

    Myles Palmer reporting that Wenger will go upstairs next season. This can’t be true, this man literally wants to haunt us till his last breath.

  47. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with you that the last minute offer of £90 million for Lamar was utter

    Sadly the Neymar and Mbappe deals have greatly inflated market.

    Arsenal could probably afford to spend £90 million if we needed to buy only
    one player and he was the icing on the cake of what was already a very good

    However, everyone can see that Arsenal is now a rebuild job and that we need
    to buy at least 4-5 quality players for our first team to cover its shortcomings.

    For the record Man City have not made such an offer on a single player. The
    maximum offer was £60 million for Sanchez.

  48. TR7

    ‘no way is Lemar worth 90m…40m at best,we are lucky that deal didn’t go through’

    I concur with you. I just do not get the hype about Lemar. In fact all the Monaco players were overly hyped during last summer.

  49. Dissenter

    Watford have sacked Marco Silva!
    Silva was the bright new thing just a few months and clubs were fighting for him.
    It just goes to show that we can’t epwaste our time in a novice like Arteta when Wenger leaves. Thes young managers struggle to steady the ship once the shit hits the fan.

  50. Emiratesstroller


    This was what I wrote earlier in the week. My source has regular contact with
    club and its personnel. His view was that Wenger would retire as manager in
    the summer.

    Wenger’s demeanour has also changed dramatically this season.

    The only issue might be that Wenger declines to accept offer of a Directorship.

  51. TR7

    Marco Silva is a terrific manager. Very poor decision by Watford to sack him Owners and executives of most clubs are extremely knee jerk and trigger happy when it comes to appointment and sacking of managers,it is becoming ridiculous.

  52. Dissenter

    That 92 million could have rebuilt a back line; goalie and two defenders
    Thankfully, Thomas Lamar cared more about Arsenal than the muppets who were running the club.

  53. Leftsidesanch


    Wenger retiring but going upstairs leaves us in the same position. He will still impose his will, he needs to leave full stop.

  54. steve

    Shocking how most Arsenal fans are more than happy to attend games and buy merchandise to continue this tedious status quo situation. The club is just terribly run across the whole field. Player contract negotiations, scouting, medical staff, commercial department. Shocking really.

  55. Dissenter

    I agree that Marco Silva is a good manager, terrific manager ….not so sure.
    They’ve lost 8 games, drawn 2 games and won only one in the last 11 games.
    That’s abysmal and below relegation quality. That’s worthy of a sack.

    It’s unfair to call the sacking “knee jerk and trigger happy” when you don’t know the state of the dressing room. Sometimes a team is really in free fall and the owners have to act quickly.

    You also have to aassess managers based on how they handle adversity; Silva hasn’t proven that yet so labeling him as “terrific” may be an premature.

  56. Bob

    Jack wilshere
    Juventus are keen to snag the 26-year-old play-maker for free, if contract renewal talks with the Gunners run stale.

    Can’t keep losing all our best players like this. Ok maybe Can replace him from Liverpool

  57. TR7


    I am sure you would have observed bottom 7-8 teams in the league always tend to go on a wretched run at least once in the season where they can’t seem to get anything right, suddenly one big victory changes the mood and confidence of the entire team and then teams start getting a few results here and there. Watford were doing well until Silva got linked to Everton job. I guess Silva could not handle the distraction. But my feeling is now that Everton thing is a matter of past he would have got his act together again and proved himself.

    Anyway, in the annual managerial merry-go-round you have the same usual suspects – Pardew, Roy, Big Sam, Pulis- switching from one job to another. I don’t know what that really adds to the teams fighting relegation. Silva for me is a cut above the Pardews and Roys of the world and should have been retained in his job.

  58. Marc

    If we come out of the transfer window having lost Coq, Walcott and Sanchez and brought in PEA and Mikhi for an outlay of £30 odd million and more or less wage neutral and I’ll be pretty happy with that.

    These don’t look like Wenger moves and hopefully we’ll see Wenger step down in the summer and the new guys continue to reshape the club.

  59. TR7

    The gist of my post above is Watford most likely won’t get a manager better than Marco Silva, so I don’t see the point in sacking him.

  60. Dissenter

    I hear you on that one. There’s a Mary go round with the same managers on board
    The Pozzo owners of Watford are real football people. They own Grenada (La Liga) and Udinese ((SerieA). They have some of the best scouting in the world and run these clubs day to day.
    My pint is they know when a manager has run his course.
    Having a 1W 2D 8L in the last 11 games is worthy of the sack. There was talk that he had also lost the dressing room as well.
    Young managers don’t have the repertoire of skills to reach for when the ship starts going down. It’s hard to motivate players when it’s one loss after the other.
    It maybe that’s why clubs keep reaching for the older ones. Experience only comes with longevity I guess.

  61. victorious

    BBC reporting that Arsenal and Dortmund are in talks about Auba

    deal should be over 50m,begs the question what do u with Lacazette who just arrived last summer for a huge fee as well

    Lacazette, Giroud,welbeck… think 1 of them will get sold this window,..will Lacazette play wide or push for the move?..time will tell

  62. Dissenter

    It’s hard to say they won’t get a better manager.
    Premier league teams have the advantage of money.
    What if Silva had lost the dressing room. Don’t forget he was changing their playing style and was relegating the old timers like Deeny to the bench more often.

  63. TR7

    I think if Auba joins us it will benefit Lacazzete as well. Lacazzete often drops deep to get involved in build up. Having another player (Auba) who has the mindset of a striker will ensure Laca has the luxury of dropping deep without bothering about getting back again in to the box. I can see both of them being played together. It’s Welbeck who should be more concerned about Aubameyang’s arrival.

  64. Dissenter

    Number 9
    I was referring to the size of the bid for Lamar and what that insane amount could buy. It doesn’t have to be a binary or dichotomous choice.

    “‘Thankfully, Thomas Lamar cared more about Arsenal than the muppets who were running the club.’”
    That’s was sarcasm.
    I’m sure they still teach that in schools.
    If Lamar had accepted to come here. We would have been the laughing stock of the entire footballing world.

    Did you meet up with Utarse last night?
    You’re just here to demonstrate needless hostility to those who disagree with you and make bigoted demands to show their origins/nationality.
    Left to you we should put up our national flags on our posts.

    Just scram dude. You’re a sniveling coward.

  65. gonsterous

    fast forward 6 months and every one will be asking to get rid of the injury prone miki. he may visit the hospital more times than diaby… what’s with arsenal fans and having short term memories ??

  66. gonsterous

    miki is the laca 2.0.. looks great now but we will regret it in 6 months time.. waste of time, and resources..

  67. Dissenter

    “It’s Welbeck who should be more concerned about Aubameyang’s arrival.”
    I assume like you do that Giroud will move on, he has to if Auba comes.

    Welbeck needs to move on just for the self respect. I would rather sell Welbeck and give the likes of Nketia a go as number three.
    Will Welbeck request to leave?

  68. Akilan

    When mkhi moved fhrom bvb to manure, wasn’t he on the last year of his contract and had a 30m euro release clause? I’m not sure on this tho.
    He was the hottest shite on that window. He had stats of 40+ goals and assists combined and Dortmund with Auba upfront under tuchel were scoring for fun.
    Still I agree united got the better deal factoring in the last 18 months. This deal kinda saves our face though. If mkhi and auba, assuming he signs can rekindle their form from their bvb days, our attack is a match for anybody in the league.
    I wouldn’t hold my breathe though with le slothe in charge

  69. TR7


    Yes Giroud was looking to leave even as we were bringing in Lacazzete. No chance he stays now given he will become the third choice striker in our squad.

    As for Welbeck, I have run out of patience with him. I backed him for his pace, physical strength and industry and presumed eventually goals would come but he hasn’t improved one bit. Will he request for a move? With Theo gone he has some leg room and will probably stay another season to see how many chances does he actually get. I don’t see any big club lining him up, so doesn’t make any sense for him to agitate for a move.

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You want to clear the emirates of all Akbs ?

    Is that correct , people are allowed their own opinion and if it don’t marry yours you want to boot them out ?

    Ain’t that the dictators way of running this football cleansing ,

    Some times your funny
    Sometimes your a wum
    Sometimes your off that mark ,

  71. Dissenter

    Who’s this insensible idiot who’s so obsessed with my post.
    Just ignore me, pretend that I don’t exist.
    Anyone who read those post would have recognized sarcasm.

    Like I said jog on. It’s 8.29am on the North American east coast and I can’t start a week with a simpleton like you.

  72. TR7

    Mine Raiola is a cunning fox. Gets Mikhi (one of his many clients) a pay raise at Arsenal and then uses Sanchez’s wages at United as a tool to pressurize United for Pogba’s wages hike. It’s almost as if he were running an orchestra, the guy has immense power to dictate the proceedings of every transfer window.

  73. victorious

    what has happened to kolasinac, seems to be freeze out by Wenger,he was excellent in his first few games for us even scoring a fee,too fat maybe?too slow?Wenger just don’t fancy him?

  74. Dissenter

    In the last few hours, I have disagreed and agreed with TR7, Emirates, Victorious and even Redtruth. The disagreements were heated but always cordial.
    Not so for the cowardly poster who’s called number 9.

  75. Dissenter

    Agents are very smart people.
    I’m sure they have very high IQs.
    They have to cram these players to get their trust, then be at their beck and call to keep their trust. They have to multitask and be out-scheming big organizations that have more resources than them.
    The agents often have more information than the clubs in negotiations.

  76. Bob

    kolasinac is turning out to be the next debuchy.

    Kolasinac is on £150k and they expect Jack wilshere to a pay cut? Wenger is a joke

  77. Dissenter

    Thanks Bamford for the line about Javi García

    That’s precisely my point.
    The Pozzo family who own Watford are real football people, through and through.
    They have possibly the best scouting in Europe. They get all these young players from South America and Africa like it’s a conveyor belt.
    The Pozzo family were the ones who gave Alexis his first European contract at Udinese.
    They won’t have fired Marco Silva without lining someone else already.
    I suspect Silva lost the dressing room.

  78. Bob

    Mail online:
    Juventus lining up free move for Jack Wilshere in summer as Serie A giants put ‘feelers out’ for Arsenal midfielder

    Maybe arsenal can replace him with Emre Can?

  79. Micheal

    All the transfer talk obscures one blindingly obvious point. The comings and goings do not adress the team’s two glaring weaknesses and urgent requirements – 1) a strong centre back and 2) a disciplined, defensive holding midfielder.

    The current philosophy is built on the simplistic belief that if the opposition scores 4 we will score 5. Needless to say, this approach has failed again and again over the past decade.

    Buying PEA or Miki might turn out to be good business. But it does not address the huge weakness in the team.

  80. raptora

    Lol at the post that Man United made a great deal with Alexis because in next summer they would have to spend way more to secure Bale. So in the end they saved money.

    Lol! Except that Bale is a superstar and twice the player Alexis is.

  81. Bob

    Even wilshere did go juve he can still play for England so that’s fine. Arsenal will just have to make do with emre can

  82. Dissenter

    Bale is twice the player Alexis is?
    How did you come up with that?
    Bale has been injury prone and one can argue he hasn’t fulfilled his potential at Real. He had a very good start but has been sputtering over the last two seasons. Isco and then Asesio have occupied his space at Madrid.

  83. Mark

    Hahaha Numbnut 9 shittin his pants.

    You’re quick to fling the accusations, yet when offered the opportunity to prove if UTarse is as you say a fraud. You talk more shit.

    You Post just like another aggressive knob we had on here Dick head Don.

    Typical AKB mug going in about where fans are from or how long the support for AFC has run in yer family….

    It’s all bollocks if you can’t see the wood for the trees.

  84. Bamford10

    Let’s see some starting XIs that include both Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. I am curious to see how people think this might work.

  85. TonyD

    I can see why you think that.

    Great elite players as Mikki was billed going to United can slump but get their game going in time.

    Miki didn’t and still hasn’t lived up to expectations. Like I said 1 goal and 5 assists in 931 minutes of PL game time doesn’t do it for me.

    If he was 24 then ok he has time, but he’s 29 and light weight injury wise.

    Happy to be proved wrong but somehow in a years time we’ll be stuck with him on rediculous wages.

    I also said let’s see if PEA and Mikki can play well together having Ramsey and Xhaka in support.

    If Ozil stays and can play regularly maybe something will gel although as has been said Mikki and Ozil are similar.

    The joker in the pack is still Wenger. Who knows who he’ll play in what position.

    If we weren’t pushed into the position we’re in through Wenger’s arrogant, naive stupidity, would you buy Mikki and what would you pay for him?

    Or would you be looking at other players?

    Martial would have been my choice of swap player.

  86. emmanuel nwaneri

    Gud point RedRuth…we cld have pocketted $70m cool ones in the summer, but now we are stuck with a clearly-unhappy Mikki and only 20m to show for the loss of a superstar like Alexis. Like it or not, he was our best player. Mikki wasnt even making the bench at Old Trafford. Good deal my left thumb.
    Once more, for failing to act decisively in the transfer market, old, clueless Wenger has cost the club a whopping $50+m. The fact the whole business dragged on for an entire week meant simply that Mikki didnt wanna come here. He didnt fancy his career going anywhere under Wenger.
    For a player who couldnt be motivated by the super-competitive Mourinho, he surely will be a sponge under clueless Wenger.
    The creche welcomes another baby

  87. kc

    Mikhtaryan and Aubameyang were a killer combination at Dortmund. I think this move for the Armenian only works if the PEA transfer goes through as well. Just adding Mikhtaryan does not come anywhere close to making up for the loss of Sanchez. It’s more like a straight swap in talent for Walcott than Alexis.

  88. Ughelligunner

    Robert Pires in an interview with a Chilean Newspapers says he doesn’t know why Arsenal sell its best players to our rivals….

    Is he for real? I thought he trains with the team most times and he is a club ambassador? Lol if Pires who trains with the team is in the dark about things ongoing at Arsenal, I bet nobody (journals, Pedro) knows a thing of what’s going on inside the club. It’s a cult between Wenger, Ivan and Kronke.

  89. Dissenter

    Has this “number 9” knob ever said anything remotely useful on this blog?

    This simpleton was demanding that UTarse “prove” his origin and nationality to deride him.
    What does our opinions about Arsenal got to do with our nationalities?

    Every comment he makes are to insult people.

  90. Globalgunner

    Pires is a legend and a lovely man but along with most of the old pros whose present livelihood extenuates from Wengers fiefdom. He talks a lot of crap. everyone who is not unholy bound, knows that players make no difference while Wenger is still here making glaringly idiotic decisions.

  91. Ughelligunner

    “This referees are so cowardly.
    Kevin Friend has been talking to Dembele all day, no yellow card.” (they follow the media love in to some teams.)

    Dissenter, you won’t agree they give Arsenal the yellow without talking much, would you?

  92. Akilan

    I guess we need to update gk as well. Cech has been pretty average this season.
    I don’t think our defensive problems are due to lack of quality defenders. Our lb options are pretty good, kos and mustafi are decent, bellerin is pretty erratic but is still a good rb.
    Xhaka has been pretty poor. He’s a downgrade on arteta. He’s been our main problem. He’s prone to brainfarts, losing balls in dangerous positions. He’s not even as mobile as arteta. His fouling techniques is scandalous and kinda looks blatant.
    He looks good on the ball and has a good passing range, but looks clueless in this midfield. I still think he’s a good player but Wenger hasn’t got a clue what to do with him.
    Xhaka/DM is still our main problem this season and I think its fu*kin incredible after all these motherfuc*ing years.
    Choosing xhaka over kante should be up there among the biggest f*ck ups Wenger has ever did.

  93. Dissenter

    I’m not a card carrying member of your referee conspiracy club.
    Kevin Friend had called Dembele over for chats… four times in 10 minutes without giving him a card.
    There’s no conspiracy, just poor refereeing. He needs to regain control of the game because it’s confrontation after confrontation.

  94. Bamford10


    Agree that Elneny is better than many here think, but he’s still not good enough to be in our XI if we want to win things.


    Referees do not treat Arsenal any differently than they treat other teams. The notion that they do is ridiculous and silly.

  95. Bamford10

    Can’t remember the Arsenal defender, but the ref could have given Palace a penalty yesterday and didn’t. One of a thousand calls you’ll never hear the conspiracists talk about.

  96. Dissenter

    I recall one of the most obvious penalty that wasn’t given was in our favor.
    Mustafi took out Jay Rodriguez in the seventh minute in September at the Emirates.
    It should have been a penalty and a RED CARD, it wasn’t given. We went on to beat Brom.

  97. David Smith

    Myles Palmer saying Wenger will leave his post and go upstairs next summer.
    If he says that, means Wenger will still be manager in four or five years time

  98. Bamford10

    “If we sign Aubameyang we wouldve spend NET £3m this season so far, yet Ornstein is telling us we have no funds for further signings. What the fuck is going on at the club, and why is no-one asking these questions?”
    – @themightygambon

  99. Dissenter

    I thought Zorc was flying to London.
    You’re the one who so rightly reminds us not to believe everything we read in the papers.

  100. Pierre

    There was only one obvious penalty yesterday ….check it out …last few minutes , foul on lacazette but didn’t warrant a mention in the media or on here.
    Shame really as lacazette could do with a few more goals..

    In the first half there was a foul on the edge of the area on a palace diver, sorry I mean player, but was inconclusive…maybe on the line