First deal of window nearly done, second deal picking up steam

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Who knew the missing ingredient to our lacklustre attack was Nacho Monreal?

The Spaniard had a real drop the mic moment, coming on, scoring one, assisting two, then floating off to preserve his attacking skills for the Wednesday night game against Chelsea. Jokes aside, all the post-game commentary seems to point towards both he and Ozil being good for midweek, which is a huge relief.

Wenger returned to 4 at the back and watched his side deal out a destruction order on a very off key Crystal Palace.

Fans didn’t hide their disdain for the goings on at the club, thousands sacrificing their tickets, preferring to stay at home for the rainy 3pm kick-off. Those that stayed were treated to an exceptional first half, led by a very exciting partnership of the showboating Wilshere and Ozil.

We were unplayable. The first goal came after a slick passing move from the left ended in Iwobi placing a high shot that Hennesey tipped over the bar. The resultant corner, which was pretty average, floated to the back post where Monreal was hungriest and ferreted out a header he put in from close range.

The second goal came from the left again, Monreal jumping on a loose ball, carving into the box, then picking out Iwobi who guided the ball home from close range.

Our third came from another poor corner that found who other than Nacho at the back post, he volleyed the ball back into the area for Koscielny to bundle home.

Our final goal, which came inside 23 minutes was a masterpiece. Ozil worked the ball into the box with a series of one-twos between Iwobi and Jack Wilshere, he finished the move with a perfect backheel into the path of Lacazette who drilled his shot low across the keeper. One for the end of season highlight reel I know you’ve all got an Amazon preorder on.

We still managed to concede a goal at the death, but considering the circumstances, the day was a welcome exhibition as we prepare for Wenger’s annual Get-out-of-Jail Cup push.

So what have we learned?

Not a lot really, the true test comes on Wednesday. Palace were really poor, you can’t learn a lot from a team on a good day. You need to see how team spirit fares under pressure. That’ll be against Conte at home in a game that could see us back at Wembley. Worth noting they beat Brighton 4-0, though the scoreline flattered.

I also think it’s unfair to judge the team until we have Mikki, who is all but sealed.

Word has it we took £20m and the Armenian for free. Unreal dealmaking. Think what you want of the exDortmund attacker, he’s a great player and he had 3 years left on his deal. That’s good work from Arsenal.

UPDATE: David ‘God’ Ornstein, says it’s a straight swap. Say what you want about that, but if you’ve spent ten years laughing at Wenger and his cash pile, and you’re not bitching about money, you need to have a word. Cash isn’t going to shoot us to Europa League glory, Mikki back with Auba might.

There’s also been positive noises on Aubameyang. We’re up to our usual tricks of playing hardball when we’re fucked. However, our opening bid of 50m euros isn’t far off their 60m euro valuation. I just hope we don’t end up getting gazumped because we tried to pinch pennies (Cheslea rumoured to be sniffing around). We need an injection of excitement sooner rather than later.

If we do land both players, you can’t deny this will have been a good January under the circumstances.

Ignore the fact Wenger is gearing up his excuses for his end of season chat with Stan K.

We have to very quickly get over this transfer period because for us especially this period has been more disturbing than ever,”

This is a man who in September was saying the contract situation with 6 players was ‘ideal.’ He’s clearly planning survival tactics, and this is the verbal equivalent of digging the trenches.

I hope the board saw how empty the stadium was as they look for counter attack pointers.

Before I go, Welbeck and Ramsey were missing again. I really hope the club move those two on this summer. Both haven’t delivered, both are down to 2  years or less on their deals, both could fetch pretty good money. The club need to invest in fit players, those two aren’t cutting it.

Right, that’s me done. We’re saving the podcast until Wednesday. BIG week ahead. See you in the comments.

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Great win, but celebrating this win over Crystal Palace is like being delighted that your new outdoor jacuzzi is working whilst your entire house is slowly falling off the cliff.

    This whole season so far has been a car crash.

  2. Bamford10


    “Play like this again on Wednesday and we are in the final of yet another cup competition.”

    “I wonder if we will have any posters on here on Wednesday when we get past Chelsea and make the cup final.”

    Le Grove is looking forward to speaking to you on Wednesday, Victorious.

    This is going to be fun. Finally a little bit of fun on here. 😉

  3. Mark S

    Top 10… Great performance today from the team. Hopefully my Vikings will do the same thing to the “Other Eagles” tomorrow! SKOL!

  4. Bamford10

    If Mkhitaryan can regain his form from Dortmund, I’m happy to have him, however I still don’t see how he and Ozil fit into the same XI.

    And Lacazette is not going to get us where we need to be, so let’s hope Aubameyaang happens. Why, exactly, did we sign Lacazette, though?

  5. Cart

    “Word has it we took £20m and the Armenian for free. Unreal dealmaking. Think what you want of the exDortmund attacker, he’s a great player and he had 3 years left on his deal. That’s good work from Arsenal.”

    So Utd have valued Mkhitaryan at £15m after 18 months. So his value has decreased by 50%. That’s all well and good.

    But if what I’ve been reading about Sanchez’s financial package is to be true then personally Utd have almost fully lost the plot.

    I’m reading that Sanchez will get £7.5m per year over 4 years + £350k p/w

  6. steve

    “Why, exactly, did we sign Lacazette, though?”

    That was jsut Wengers typical “calm the fans down” signing. No planning as usual from the specialist in failure.

  7. steve

    Number9January 20, 2018 18:29:43
    steveMaybe they should be torching mutinous cunts like you instead.


    Oh look another special needs akb cunt.

  8. victorious

    The opening 23 minutes was ruthless from Arsenal,can we start like that against Chelsea? I hope so

    Minslitat is working really add to bring in Auba and Mikki by the end of next week,add those 2 to a fit Ozil and the race for top 4 is still on

  9. Elmo

    I don’t understand the club low-balling on PEA.

    By all means you try to pay the minimum, but when it comes to poaching a brand name player (with years left on their contract) late in the January window, you pay what is being asked. Dortmund have no pressure to sell, especially halfway through the season when they likely can’t re-invest; why waste everyone’s time with the penny pinching? They’re not going to accept any less than they’re demanding.

  10. victorious

    “Le Grove is looking forward to
    speaking to you on Wednesday,

    Chelsea are not great at the moment, no Morata and Fabregas,we could really get at them,Ozil ,Kos and Monreal back in the side,Elneny might play who is better than Xhaka,

    the team seemed to play better without Sanchez today,I pray that is the case on Wednesday

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Mustafi, Kozz, Monreal

    Is that the team going forward now for this season? Maybe will see Ramsey in ahead of Elneny.

    Need a great CDM and a new CM but it is not the worst.

    Obviously need a new manager in the summer as well.

  12. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Drop Wilsh and Elneny for Lacazette & Ramsey. No point in going defensive. Just push forward and create as much as we can to accumulate points

  13. Cesc Appeal


    Lacazette gets dropped for me, rotated in with Aubameyang and occasionally starting in a two up top in games like today against weaker opposition. Cramming him in leads to an unbalanced team.

    If he does not like the bench then I would sell and buy a top rate prospect in the summer. Never that taken with Lacazette, not a bad purchase but if we could have got Aubameyang in the summer that is what we should have gone with.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    1. I don’t approve of burning of scarf with Sanchez name on it. It suggests to me that they would do same to other players who have left club in similar circumstances and also I suggest quite a few posters on Le Grove if Wenger leaves.

    2. Elneny and Wilshire played quite well in first half but their performance level deteriorated in second half and they lost ball quite often. Wilshire in recent games looks quite good for 45 minutes but cannot maintain it for a full game.

    3. Arsenal will need to play better than this when they play Chelsea next week.
    Our defence is still brittle, although I detected improvement when we played a
    back 4 of Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi and Monreal.

  15. Marko

    Number 9 is definitely a troll. Literally comes on disagrees with everyone calls them a cunt and then fucks off. Usually after a victory too.

  16. TallestTiz

    The boys clearly disliked Alexis.
    Wilshere said this, apparently omitting Alexis’ name:

    “It’s difficult when people like Theo and Francis leave – they’re big characters in the dressing room and I’ve known them for a long time. We’re going to miss them and wish them all the best. But as a team and as a club we need to move on.”

  17. kc

    Our next offer for Aubameyang after being turned down will most likely be 50 million and 1. It all looks to me like the typical name drop to keep the fans off Wenger’s back. Suarez almost looked like a done deal too, as did Higuain. I just don’t see Arsenal splashing the sort of cash needed for a proper and proven ST while Wenger’s still around. FFS we’re getting 45 million from the Sanchez and Walcott deals alone, and still we low ball Dortmund in January for a player desired world wide. Cheap penny pinching by the club with the most expensive ticket in football. Embarrassing. Nothing changes until Wenger fucks off.

  18. Boomslang


    Is that the best your pea sized brain could conjure up?

    Resume banging your sister you knuckle dragging imbecile.

  19. graham62

    AKB’ s would argue that-


    They won’t though have a logical explanation to justify their arguments.


    Yipee, we’re closing in on top 4, so all is good!


  20. graham62

    NUMBER 9






  21. victorious


    ehmmm I think this Auba deal is pretty different from the Higuain and Suarez debacle, did u read what the C.E.O of Dortmund said today?

    rarely do u see a club pay the asking price of a player without negotiating first,I will be surprised if he doesn’t join by next week

  22. Leftsidesanch

    Ornstein reports that deal is pretty much wrapped up for Alexis/Mikki.

    That is prob the only incoming this window. Arsenal will find a way to mess up the PEA deal.

  23. Troy McClurr

    Arsenal need to cough up the euros for Obama and get the deal done. This farting around with low bids leaves them open to a gazumping. Being gazumped is not a good way for Raul and Sven to start, Dick law could have done that for us. Gazump is a great word and I will use it in everyday life from now on.

  24. Barking Arsene

    PEA deal doesn’t make sense after buying Lacazette in the summer. To be honest I’m concerned it’s just a smokescreen anyway and all we get in is Mikki.

    It might still go through but even if it does it’s not really what we need, just the usual unplanned opportunist purchase.

  25. Marko

    Number 9 you’re doing yourself no favours here. Wait until you get back from holiday maybe you can make sense then

  26. Bob

    If you had some money good time to place a bet on Aubameyang NOT join arsenal.

    The only other sticker comein is giroud yep he will come in just before the window closes.

  27. Gooner63


    “The boys clearly disliked Alexis.
    Wilshere said this, apparently omitting Alexis’ name:”

    i think its more respectful as he hasnt left yet

  28. Carts

    “So everyone on here would rather keep Wenger than get Conte ?
    Fucking marvellous”

    A lot of poster used to panic at the idea of Wenger leaving because they didn’t think any manager would be interest in us.

    Shows how much Wenger managed to use his potion to psychologically manipulate large swathes of supporters

  29. TallestTiz

    David Ornstein @bbcsport_david 37m EXCLUSIVE: Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan agrees move to Arsenal in a deal that will see Gunners forward Alexis Sanchez go opposite way. It’s a straight swap, no money involved. Paperwork complete, Mkhitaryan will undergo a medical over the next 2 days#

  30. victorious

    I think the players would prefer not to play with Sanchez,he seems to sulk too much when there is a stray pass and he seems to be an individualistic player who doesn’t trust his team mates too much,glad he is gone

    the team certainly enjoyed their game today,Mikki comes in for Iwobi and we are better for it

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I saw that in the mail n all

    Someone’s got it wrong ,

    Surely not the recently moved to Salford man united bias bbc .?

  32. Pedro

    Who gives a fuck about cash, honestly.

    We have a player who can score, assist and offer us pace and hardwork.

    Let’s be happy. Fuck the bank balance.

  33. Bob

    Arsenal are weighing up a move for Paris Saint-Germain winger Lucas Moura before the close of the transfer window, sources close to the player have told ESPN FC.

    Decent if it happens

  34. Marko

    Do you need me to explain the concept of a holiday?

    Let me guess it’s when a person goes away but still finds time everyday to go on a blog and abuse a bunch of people for some reason. A bit bad ignoring the family though. Is that it 9 do you find the family a bit boring? The wife a bit of a drag mate? I’m sure she feels the same way

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Not the greatest deal, that is why we need Aubameyang, we just swapped a £80 Million player (if contract was stronger) for a £35 Million player.

    This whole situation must be why Kroenke finally caved and started to see that Wenger is busted. That and yet another average performance this season, costing the club money now.

  36. Marko

    We have a player who can score, assist and offer us pace and hardwork.

    We just lost one too. Who’s better to boot. It’s how it looks though our best player for a United cast off and no money? We look like such amateurs

  37. Pedro

    Marko, crying about Sanchez won’t bring him back.

    It’s a shit situation, we have to do the best we can.

    Mikki has 6 months to make it happen. Low risk option and more likely to help than hinder us.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    In the context of the total f**k up of the summer, yeah, cannot really complain.

    But if Aubameyang does come in I think it shows how little planning has gone into transfers, makes the Lacazette purchase a waste of £50 Million because we do not have the team to play two up top and Lacazette is not a wide player.

  39. Pedro

    CA, I hope this is an expensive plaster… and we go hard with a proper rebuild this summer.

    Ship off all the contract rebels, bring in a crop of super young elite talent and rebrand as a Dortmund++

  40. Dissenter

    “That’s rich. The guys that’s too scared to admit his origin. Don’t make me laugh you fraud.”
    ‘So you’re embarrassed of you nationality are you?”

    You’re a sick bigoted cretin
    What has his ORIGIN go to do with his opinions?
    Why don’t you go meet Utarse at the George on Holloway like he requested?
    You’re also a coward too, obviously.

    I hope I run into people like you in real life.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    The problem is players out and players in does not matter that much if the players arriving are working under Wenger and his coaches.

  42. Pedro

    CA, I know, it’s so fucking sad.

    I just don’t see a situation where he isn’t making the excuse of:

    ‘Where was my support in getting players tied down, you owe me’

    He should be booted this summer. Can’t believe we’d risk another shocker.

  43. victorious

    I could remember le grove pushing for Milk back then in 2016 after tearing it up at Dortmund, but lost him to United, now we getting him back because Mourinho the rich man’s Pulis couldn’t use him properly, he becomes a ‘reject’

    at least let him come in kick the ball first before losing the plot?I say we got the better deal,35million won’t give you a player with Mikki’s quality this January

    Auba joins and the team becomes far stronger than when it had Sanchez

  44. Dissenter

    There’s gist that Mustafi is still going to request a transfer in the summer for family reasons. I was told that’s why we were seeking to sign Johnny Evans.
    Are you hearing anything remotely close to this.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Who has the balls to say to the old pig though we offered you support and you mocked us in the press asking what a DoF does, direct players to training? You cowardly f**k.

    If I was Mislintat I would not want Wenger and his coaches anywhere near any of my scouted players, it is literally like designing and engineering a top rate race car and then putting some old bloke in it who asked where the indicator paddle is.

    Surely though Sanllehi must come in and know what a shit show our coaching is compared to Barcelona and other elite clubs, when he finds out how long Wenger has kept his yes men in jobs despite Arsenal’s failure to progress, do tactics and develop players.

    I cannot wait for Wenger to leave.

  46. loyika


    Salah and KDB were Chelsea cast offs!?

    Like Pedders says, “who gives a flying fvuk!?”

    Money won’t play the football now will it? All we should hope for is that the lad hits the ground running and comes good. (while wishing Alexis well at United)

  47. Dissenter

    I hope Mikki got assurances form Wenger that arsenal will get a proper squad good enough to compete.
    I hope he got the promises carved into stone tablets.

  48. Pedro

    Dissenter, we’ve been interested in Evans for two years, so there’s truth to it. Didn’t know about Mustafi. If he has a good year, he’ll want to move because we tried to flog him last year… bit Flamini like

    CA, I’ve no doubt the new guys will be telling Stan what a shit show it is.

    Think about Wenger’s summer… players being bought that he has no control over… Sahnelli firing the shit staff he has around him.

    It’ll be really interesting to see if he has the stomach for that

  49. Carts


    “1. I don’t approve of burning of scarf with Sanchez name on it. It suggests to me that they would do same to other players who have left club in similar circumstances and also I suggest quite a few posters on Le Grove if Wenger leaves”

    You’re agenda is beyond comical now.

    Please give me an example of this so-called “similar circumstances”. Let’s try this one more fucking time.

    • Sanchez has been at Arsenal, by the time he departs, for 3.5 years. In that time Arsenal’s notable achievements have amounted to a runner up medal and two FA cups.

    • All the while we’ve been pitiful in the champions league and have not shown one iota of improvements or improving. So much so we finished 5th. *Add in what Bayern did to us…*

    • Arsenal haven’t come close to mounting a sustained challenge for the title. *Don’t let the 10 point, 2nd place gap fool you.*

    • is it fair to assume that somewhere amidst Wenger’s delusion, lies, spin, reluctance to address performance gaps and tired methods – Sanchez decided he was willing to JUST “honour his contract” (remember that line) and leave when his time is up unless SOMEONE made a bid that Arsenal seemed sufficient

    • Sanchez refused to commit to Arsenal. Rumour has it Arsenal should’ve bumped both he and Ozil’s pay to £200k at the two year mark. Arsene thought otherwise.

    • further rumours of an eventual contract offer to Sanchez was met with rejection. (Same with Ozil)

    • additional rumours has it Sanchez still refused to sign terms in the summer of 2017. Now, usually at that stage said team will give the player an ultimatum, otherwise inform the world that said player is available for transfer. At a price. Not Wenger, though.

    • Arsenal’s performances continue to decline. Falling behind the top 4. Strangely, our best player who is reknowned for giving 110% in training (according to Ox & others) and wears his heart on his sleeve during match (albeit his habit can frustrate), is hung out to dry by Wenger and dropped for a must win game V Liverpool. Wenger breaks new ground by makeinh a half-time substitution and brings on Sanchez, but to no avail.

    • summer 2017: Man City offer £60 fucking million sterling for Sanchez, who at this stage will not, under any circumstances, sign a new deal. Meaning he’ll be free to leave on a free summer 2018. Wenger knew this as did Guardiola.

    • inexplicably Wenger seems convinced that there’s a chance Sanchez could well sign new terms (and Ozil). Every man and his dog know this won’t happen. As far as Sanchez is concerned he’ll sign for City in January or July.

    • City set a maximum of £20m as they felt that a 29 year old with 6 months left isnt worth £35m – WENGER is asking for. Who can sit here and say City aren’t within their right to offer what they deem fair.

    • City refuse to budge. However Utd AGREE to meeet the £35m asking price. And City unregister their intetest. Now all of a sudden JUST BECAUSE SANCHEZ WONT STAY AND WAIT TILL JULY TO LEAVE ON A FREE, HE’S CONSIDERED TO BE A NUISANCE AND A MERCENARY.

    How the fuck does that even make one bit of sense?!

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Is Sanllehi going to be able to get rid of Wenger’s coaches though?

    He slithered on his belly crying to Kroenke last year to get his new deal, he will likely do it again if too much is changed.

  51. Pedro

    CA, if Sven M can sign players, Raul will be able to shape the staff.

    Haven’t heard that, just my guess that he’s not coming to be anyone’s bitch.

    There’s a lot of groupies at AFC not earning their coin. I’m sure he’s being brought in to give an assessment and make moves.

    That said, we’re still making bad hiring decisions.

    Per Mertesacker heading up the academy is really odd.

  52. Marko

    Salah and KDB were Chelsea cast offs!?

    He’s 29 tomorrow it’s not even remotely the same. But sure look desperate times and all that. We’re kind of fucked and going no where so we might has well be fucked with Mikki instead of Iwobi. One of my big concerns is say we finally fuck off Wenger in the summer and then the new guy comes in wanting this this and this player and we struggle to sell Mikki cause he’s going to be on massive wages and we’re stuck with him. Might have been more beneficial to wait until the summer and move for someone like Fekir. Couldn’t we have say for example gotten him on loan as part of the Sanchez deal instead? I mean especially if Ozil is apparently close to a new deal. They’re very similar

  53. Do One Gambon

    I was there (what of it red truth?!)

    You know what we did today that was different? We ran at them.

    That simple, instead of the tippy tappy left to right bollocks, we ran at them, we took them on, we committed them which caused havok in their back line pulling them out of position. Thats it, it was that simple.

  54. Dissenter

    Alexis has to be in the list of top 25 players to ever play for Arsenal
    However I think we got the best outcome in his exit. If someone had told me that we would end up with Mikki and possibly Auba as a result of his exit, I wonder have jumped at it.
    It’s impossible not to miss players like him. Just watching highlights of the first three years of his Arsenal existence gives me goosebumps.
    The sheer desire and industry was unmatchable. All the best to him.

  55. Gooner63

    Wenger must have listened to me – i said the only way to go especially if mikki comes is to go 4-1-2-3

    We did and we looked good for 30 mins – monreal looked like he has been watching eden hazard videos

    Need laca to get some confidence

    Ozil looked supreme

    Just see what happens when we play a number of better teams all coming up soon

  56. Dissenter

    It’s common knowledge that Alexis had committed to extending his contract as at February 2017.
    He changed his mind after the 10-2 mauling by Bayern and the manner the manager seemed to water down the significance.
    If Ozil was as highly sought after as Alexis, he too would have left.

  57. Dissenter

    Number 9
    You’re a coward.
    UTarse is waiting for you at the designated meeting spot.
    It’s easy to be the local keyboard bigot when you think you’re anonymous.
    UTarse will show you his nationality sand origin when he mets up with your in person.

  58. Dissenter

    Number 9
    What has UTarse’s nationality or origin got to do with his opinion?

    Explain and I will apologize for calling you the resident bigot.

  59. Bob

    It Wenger don’t get auba then arsenal are fucked big time. Mikki guy is ok as a squard player. Sanchez has to be a top 3 player in the league.

  60. loyika

    @ Marko

    Sanchez is 29 as well and United also took a punt on Zlatan also.

    The emphasis is also on Mikki to prove his worth (with or regardless of Wenger) United might have not suited him, but its not as if he is a shyte player all of a sudden. We await to see how his time here pans out in the end.

    @ Cart

    You do realise that Sanchez could end up spending his 3 years at United also winning runners up non medals (starting this season and you can’t say United are competing this season now can you?) and Cups as well?

    Only positive for now is that United are a bigger and better run club than we are (and playing in the UCL)

    Regardless of how his time up there goes, he (and his Agent) are sorted financially, so definately a “Win! Win” for Alexis.

    Doubt he cares if folks look at him as “Mercenary”

    Wish him all the best up there, he will be fondly remembered (like others before him) but alas we move on.

  61. Dissenter

    Alexis probably saved United the 120 million it would have taken to sign Greizmann in the summer. That’s not considering the extras; agent fees, sign on bonuses etc.
    That’s probably what motivated United to splash the cash, other than the fear of losing Mourhino

  62. loyika

    Apart from that I think Jose also backed this move to spite Pep and Citeh (in that United want to show the Citizens that they also have the same pulling power as them, matching them for the signatures of top players and all)

  63. Dissenter

    I really think Alexis can still raise his game up by one or two levels.
    Mourhino will love his desire and willingness to press the defenders. Lukaku will benefit from his industry. It will be hard to match United with Pogba and Matic behind Alexis.
    Alexis won’t have to track back that much and united can truly defend from the front.
    He’s made them a much better team already.

  64. Dissenter

    I Dion’t think it’s about spitefulness. It’s about competitiveness.
    It’s a mighty club trying to regain their place…and it’a all within their budget.
    They want to go back to winning the league and hit has too hurt seeing how their city rivals are dominating the league at the moment.
    Also Guardiola’s City have spent a lot more than Mourhino’s United.
    City have spent more than United over the last 18 months but the numbers, £360m compared to £280m, are comparable. Admittedly, City’s spending has had more of an impact.

  65. Dissenter

    “Until he starts losing the ball on average 35 times a game…”

    Did you know that Neymarn has been dispossessed more times (23) than any other player in Europe’s top 5 leagues this season?

    Who cares if Alexis loses the ball so much?
    I would rather watch him try to be positive and lose the ball that sit through endless sideways passing.
    The stats don’t tell the entire story just as it doesn’t tell the story about Neymar.
    Alexis was one if the few players in the team who can unlock defenses with some “magic” so the team tend to pass to him more when they’ve run out of ideas. He tries to do too much hence the loss of the ball.
    Losing the ball comes with being the team’s best outlet at unlocking defenses.

  66. Dissenter

    ***I was referring to Mourinho’s time at United in comparison with Guardiola’s time at city***
    I was autocorrected to “wasn’t”

  67. Nw9 gooner

    We have to play 3 in the middle-we looked great today . It allows our transition to attack quicker and not so vulnerable on counterattacks.

  68. Nw9 gooner

    If we get Aubameyang we will not miss Sanchez goals and we will be quicker is attack. Paulinho had highlighted Sanchz’s drawbacks , selfish player though a great finisher. That will be made up. If we don’t get Aubameyang, then too 4 will be a pipe dream.

  69. Nw9 gooner

    Bob, Sanchez is not top 4 in the league, Hazard, Sane, De brune, Salah, Aguero, Kane,now Sterling , all are better in terms of goals or assists

  70. Nw9 gooner

    Dissenter I agree being dispossessed is not an issue for an attacking player but Sanchez lost possession in silly ways so many times, he slowed our play. Don’t get me wrong I love his play but there has to be a reason why Barcelona wanted him out-

  71. Biggles

    I think it’s a decent bit of business to do a straight swap. From an accountancy perspective, Sanchez was worth about £4m at this point based on amortization, Micky about £20m. Yes, the right call would have been to sell to City last summer, but we didn’t, so this is probably as good as it gets. Besides, Sanchez is playing rubbish at the moment, so he’s no loss to us at this point. Because Wenger is a law unto himself, I have no idea where Micky will play, but he can play out wide or in the middle and at the very least fills the hole Walcott left.

    As for Aubameyang, I’m wondering if signing him is a recognition of Lacazette not being good enough. That said, against weaker teams I’d consider playing both and going all out for goals – goal difference matters after all. Either way, if he’s available we should sign him, he’d be an upgrade.

    I could actually see a 4-4-2 working now, if Ozil is prepared to play wide on the left.

  72. Biggles

    Another thing. I loved Sanchez, he is a great player. But he’s never kicked us on to another level the way Henry did when he was our main man, and it seems like he’s a tosser behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up as a better team without him.

  73. Nw9 gooner

    B Gun, considering that Sanchez was free in May/ June, this is the best possible outcome. We at least get a player who may not in the same class but is good . So instead of nothing we at least get a player who can play for a top team.

  74. Nw9 gooner

    Biggies Absolutely right even with him we &nished fifth and if he was disruptive in the dressing room, probable better without him. I still feel it’s only about more money. He left Barcelona to win more trophies with us? No, we paid more that’s all

  75. Colin

    To graham62 ,utarse and boomslang ,please don’t take this in the wrong way ,i don’t wish to get involve in your disagreement with number 9 because i don’t know any of you, but what i would like to say is ,over the short period of time i’ve been adding my contribution on LE,GROVE ,on like any other fan forum ,i look forward to this one more than any other ,because most of us ,irrespective of the different ways in which we express our feelings about all things ARSENAL, ultimately we share the same love ,passion and desire to see our club moving in the right direction ,so when you stray away from sharing your usual heart felt ,straight forward ,unique and much appriecated opinions ,those of us who value your much needed imput,miss out on your contribution ,because you’ve allowed someone else to get into your heads ,i hope none of your are offended . UNITED IN WEGNER OUT.

  76. jasongms

    “Might have been more beneficial to wait until the summer and move for someone like Fekir”

    Finally, someone’s making sense, instead of the myopic view of “it’s a good deal” under the circumstances.

    Would have made much more sense to let Alexis run out his contract and sacrifice 20 mil, I’d go so far as to let him rot in the reserves. In doing so sends a message to the football world that we actually do have values. after all, we’ve already been screwed over by Arsene’s dithering… Any “deal” now is just a facesaving exercise and will undoubtedly do more harm than good.

    BTW I don’t how anyone in all conscience can think that Letting one of the top 5 players in world football run down their contract and then think it’s a great deal to swap or exchange said player with someone (though has quality) who is 29 years old, out of form and more than likely doesn’t want to come here. Yeah, really great deal :/

    And as for Aubameyang. I don’t really see how buying another forward that plays centrally is going to do anything other than further complicate what is already a confused and disjointed system. What we should be doing is planning for the summer and looking to move Arsene on and bring in players like Fekir, Lemir or Draxler, a decent CDM and look to strengthen the defence.

  77. Champagne Charlie

    Christ, I’ve given Arsenal a swerve the whole season but Mikki and Auba is enough to up the pulse from sedate.

    Usual lot… it’s ok to still want managerial change but appreciate two players of calibre joining. The black and white scenario really needs to die a death.

    Mkhitaryan is a baller, he’s fast, powerful, technical, and can assist and score. He shits on whatever Theo gave us. Aubameyang flat out destroys defences, and actually wants to come here and make a name in England. Scary prospect.

    Arsenal win with this Jan if all papers are signed, no doubt about it. Big Weng is getting ousted by Sven behind the scenes and the club is the better for it. The summer may yet be filled with rainbows and shit.

  78. Bob

    The sun:
    JUVENTUS want to sign Jack Wilshere on a free transfer in the summer.
    A source said: “Jack interests Juventus and feelers have been put out.
    “He is a someone whose game would suit Serie A
    Lol that has to be a joke

  79. Goobergooner

    Number 9

    “Lol internet hardman”
    And you’re definitely not a hypocrite.

    “…being scared to disclose your nationality cos youre the pussy and can’t take any stick that might come with it.”

    Why should he take any stick for his nationality.
    You are such a coward and equally as much a twat.

  80. TonyD

    Wenger promised to replace Sanchez with a world class or equal talent replacement and we get Mikki and £20 million.

    Is Mikki on the same level as Sanchez? Nowhere close.

    Will Mikki score the same amount of goals as Sanchez did? Well he scored 1 goal in 931 minutes of PL game time with United. That’s some return.

    Will Mikki offer the same amount of assets as Sanches? Mikki gave 5 assists in 931 minutes of PL game time with United.

    Is Mikki another United cast off? Without question look at his above stats and from the link below:

    So is Mikki a world class player with a proven track record in the PL ? Is he the same class as Sanches Wenger promised us?

    How many other clubs wanted Mikki? NONE!

    Anyone but a deluded AKB would say no.

    This is a deal that smacks of desperation that left Wenger with no choice as United always does with Wenger:

    From Oliver Holt

    “Pouring scorn on Manchester United for paying millions for Alexis Sanchez? You must be joking… he’s a bargain and they should be praised for stealing a march on Premier League rivals”

    “Sanchez is one of the best players in the world and United are about to get him in what appears to be a swap for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Take anti-United jaundice out of the equation and there is only one way of viewing that: they got themselves a steal.”

    “They got a bargain. Yes, I know, they could have waited until the summer and got him for nothing. Except they couldn’t. Because if they had decided to wait until the summer, Manchester City or Chelsea or Liverpool would have bought him this month. There’s no question about that. United wanted him and so they went out and got him.”

    Read more:

  81. Elmo


    Arsenal dealing Sanchez now and re-investing in a player under a fresh contract is a sign that under Sanllehi, Mislintat and a new manager, the club might actually be moving towards being run properly, or at least better than the complete shitshow of recent years under Wenger’s autocracy.

    There is NOTHING strong or principled about refusing to move on a hugely valuable asset who doesn’t want to play for you, and then letting them leave for nothing. Maybe City or PSG could make such a move because there is little opportunity cost; for Arsenal to do so would just be met by laughter from the boardroom of every other big club in world football as they lick their lips at the prospect of a notional competitor voluntarily weakening their future potential.

    Do you see City, Chelsea, Bayern, Juve etc letting star players run down their contracts? The only stupider thing than allowing that is refusing to cut your losses while a reasonable deal is on the table. before your asset and your money finally walks out the door forever.

    I agree with you in being sceptical of whether Mkhi can have a great impact, but it’s an outside shot at getting 2-3 years of high level performance from a talented player; that’s better than 4 months from a uninterested Sanchez within a season which is already a write-off.

    Clearly Wenger should be binned just for his mismanagement of Sanchez and Ozil alone, and Gazidis really should go for failing to do his job as CEO in maintaining oversight of the existential threats to the health of the business.

    A separate question is whether in the current market and at age 29, Mkhi is worth £35m (it sounded like the deal was only ever a player swap, though, and United weren’t willing to pay cash), or even the £20m City offered. Just as how nobody came in for Ozil, even at a nominal transfer fee, because he’s perceived to be not worth his huge wage expectations, would there be a market for 29 year old Mkhi and his £200k pw wage packet? If there HAD been £35m cash on the table for Sanchez this window, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mkhi would have been available next summer for less than a £20m transfer fee.

  82. Elmo

    David Ornstein‏Verified account @bbcsport_david

    EXCLUSIVE: Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan agrees move to Arsenal in a deal that will see Gunners forward Alexis Sanchez go opposite way. It’s a straight swap, no money involved. Paperwork complete, Mkhitaryan will undergo a medical over the next 2 days #MUFC #AFC

  83. TonyD

    According to the Daily Mail this morning the deal is the following:

    It’s confusing, though with various reports:

    “United will pay a £20m transfer fee to Arsenal and £15m to the player’s agent Fernando Felicevich. The Chilean forward will earn a £350,000-a-week wage plus an extra £100,000 a week for image rights over the course of a four-and-a-half-year contract. He will also receive £7.5m a year for four years as a signing-on fee.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  84. TonyD

    If it is a straight swap then that makes it an even worse deal.

    Sanchez a player who is easily worth £75million at todays inflated prices, a player we could have sold for £60million last summer now returns us Mikki and no additional money?

    Then that makes no financial sense at all.

  85. TonyD

    I believe that United paid £26.3million for Mikki back in 2016. With his stats I would imagine he wouldn’t be worth more than £15million in todays market.

    Mikki has been surplus to requirements at United for some time and no other club has tried to buy him.

    We’ll have to wait and see what he gives us on the pitch, but all I see is a very poor replacement for a great player (Sanchez) even if Sanchez has been very poor this season, which most of here said he would be with him desperate to get away from Wenger and our very poor current squad.

  86. Gunnersince1996

    I believe the Auba deal will happen; I have a sneaky feeling Arsenal is determinedly gunning for the mickey mouse cup domestically and the Europa cup as its route back into the Champions league next season. Having a front 3 of Miki, Auba and Laca (MAUL) firing on all cylinders gives us a chance of not just gunning out the opposition but mauling them to bits 🙂

  87. Leedsgunner

    If they’re getting Alexis for nothing, but a shadow of a player in Mkhitaryian we really have been transformed into Man Utd’s feeder club in London. We give them our most potent attacker and we receive their equivalent of a Theo Walcott or Elneny… we really have fallen in the pecking order haven’t we? They must be rolling in the aisles at Old Trafford.

    Mkhitaryian might still be great player– I have absolutely no confidence that Wenger will be able to rebuild his career.

    If Wenger implodes the Auba deal, we’re going to look completely outmanoeuvred again the transfer market.

  88. mysticleaves

    ‘Having a front 3 of Miki, Auba and Laca (MAUL) firing on all…’

    What of a front 4 of Lacazettte , Mikitaryan, Ozil and Aubameyang (LMAO).

    Lol. Did it for the jokes. couldn’t resist

  89. Ishola70

    “I believe the Auba deal will happen; I have a sneaky feeling Arsenal is determinedly gunning for the mickey mouse cup domestically and the Europa cup as its route back into the Champions league next season. Having a front 3 of Miki, Auba and Laca (MAUL) firing on all cylinders gives us a chance of not just gunning out the opposition but mauling them to bit”

    Don’t think Auba can play Europa League for Arsenal this season.

    Although he had previously played in CL this season for Dortmund they were one of the clubs that fell out and now find themselves in Europa League in same competition as Arsenal.

  90. TonyD

    My thoughts entirely.

    My only concern regarding the PEA signing is that he’s unproven in the PL, which is far above the standard of the German and French leagues he’s played in.

    There’s no denying his stats; he’s an obvious improvement on Giroud, Welbeck and Lacazette if he can step up to the rigors of the PL, and I’m not really bothered by his unprofessional conduct off the pitch; that is up to a manager to keep him in check. However, is Wenger that manager? Only time will tell.

    This situation of losing money with players’ transfers we desperately need for future quality players is far more worrying.

    We can only hope that Lacazette can play with PEA. If he can’t then we’ll end up losing a further £10+million having to sell Lacazette in the summer.

    For the record, I’ll be the first to hold my hands up if I’m wrong about Mikki, so we’ll see over the remaining cup and league games.

    There is still one HUGE issue regarding the incoming transfers of these players and that is Wenger and his coaching staff.

    The next few months are going to be very interesting with many dramas still to unfold.

  91. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly it does not matter what the final deal is with Manchester United, because at the end of the day Sanchez would have left in the Summer on a Bosman.

    Arsenal are at least recruiting a quality Midfield Player who is worth more than the £20 Million that was on offer from Man City.

    If Arsenal secure Aubameyang as well then the club will have recruited two players who are used to playing together successfully at Borussia Dortmund.

    Combining them with Ozil and Lacazette in a successful unit may be difficult but not impossible. If it works then we have the makings of a potent AND creative side.

    However, none of these players are strong defensively so it will add pressure
    on the rest of the team to defend properly and with more discipline and intelligence than we are showing to date.

    Sanchez is of course an excellent player and probably more gifted than the two who are replacing him. Nevertheless for all his individuality and goalscoring ability there are question marks about him. He likes to be the “king” in
    the team as he was with both Chile and Arsenal.

    He is clearly difficult to manage and work with. Some posters may not attach
    much importance to that because of his ability, but football is a team game.
    Having a disruptive influence particularly one who does not want to play
    for you can be damaging.

    What is now important is the club finds stability in central midfield and defence. There has been too much turnover of personnel sofar this season and
    frankly our discipline and defending has been pretty awful.

    It may be too late to get into top 4 this season, but it absolutely imperative that
    the club invests properly in that department by start of next season.

  92. N'gambo

    Mourihno completely outplays the stupid old fool yet. Get’s our best player for a reject and no cash?

    Wenger just cost the club 50 million pounds.

    When is someone going to tap him on the shoulder? He’s like an old man in a mental home thinking he’s running the country.

  93. Dissenter

    “Sanchez a player who is easily worth £75million at todays inflated prices, a player we could have sold for £60million last summer now returns us Mikki and no additional money”

    It makes all the financial sense in the world…to both parties
    I get your point though.
    United weren’t mugged at all. They didn’t over pay the agents because they would have had to pay same fees to the agent of Griezmann in the summe pr along with a mega transfer fee in the range if 120 million. They wouldn’t have been able to sell Mikki for more than 20 miliion on his current wages in the summer.
    Arsenal just wanted closure of what was a finically blunder not selling him in the summer. The club hierarchy knew that Wenger led them down a rabbit hole.
    I believe the way Wenger managed Alexis/Ozil has lost him credibility and cost him respect in the club. He bet big in convincing both to sign and he lost. He also bet big that Alexis will,still produce the same form despite being in the last year of his contract…he lost.