First deal of window nearly done, second deal picking up steam

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Who knew the missing ingredient to our lacklustre attack was Nacho Monreal?

The Spaniard had a real drop the mic moment, coming on, scoring one, assisting two, then floating off to preserve his attacking skills for the Wednesday night game against Chelsea. Jokes aside, all the post-game commentary seems to point towards both he and Ozil being good for midweek, which is a huge relief.

Wenger returned to 4 at the back and watched his side deal out a destruction order on a very off key Crystal Palace.

Fans didn’t hide their disdain for the goings on at the club, thousands sacrificing their tickets, preferring to stay at home for the rainy 3pm kick-off. Those that stayed were treated to an exceptional first half, led by a very exciting partnership of the showboating Wilshere and Ozil.

We were unplayable. The first goal came after a slick passing move from the left ended in Iwobi placing a high shot that Hennesey tipped over the bar. The resultant corner, which was pretty average, floated to the back post where Monreal was hungriest and ferreted out a header he put in from close range.

The second goal came from the left again, Monreal jumping on a loose ball, carving into the box, then picking out Iwobi who guided the ball home from close range.

Our third came from another poor corner that found who other than Nacho at the back post, he volleyed the ball back into the area for Koscielny to bundle home.

Our final goal, which came inside 23 minutes was a masterpiece. Ozil worked the ball into the box with a series of one-twos between Iwobi and Jack Wilshere, he finished the move with a perfect backheel into the path of Lacazette who drilled his shot low across the keeper. One for the end of season highlight reel I know you’ve all got an Amazon preorder on.

We still managed to concede a goal at the death, but considering the circumstances, the day was a welcome exhibition as we prepare for Wenger’s annual Get-out-of-Jail Cup push.

So what have we learned?

Not a lot really, the true test comes on Wednesday. Palace were really poor, you can’t learn a lot from a team on a good day. You need to see how team spirit fares under pressure. That’ll be against Conte at home in a game that could see us back at Wembley. Worth noting they beat Brighton 4-0, though the scoreline flattered.

I also think it’s unfair to judge the team until we have Mikki, who is all but sealed.

Word has it we took £20m and the Armenian for free. Unreal dealmaking. Think what you want of the exDortmund attacker, he’s a great player and he had 3 years left on his deal. That’s good work from Arsenal.

UPDATE: David ‘God’ Ornstein, says it’s a straight swap. Say what you want about that, but if you’ve spent ten years laughing at Wenger and his cash pile, and you’re not bitching about money, you need to have a word. Cash isn’t going to shoot us to Europa League glory, Mikki back with Auba might.

There’s also been positive noises on Aubameyang. We’re up to our usual tricks of playing hardball when we’re fucked. However, our opening bid of 50m euros isn’t far off their 60m euro valuation. I just hope we don’t end up getting gazumped because we tried to pinch pennies (Cheslea rumoured to be sniffing around). We need an injection of excitement sooner rather than later.

If we do land both players, you can’t deny this will have been a good January under the circumstances.

Ignore the fact Wenger is gearing up his excuses for his end of season chat with Stan K.

We have to very quickly get over this transfer period because for us especially this period has been more disturbing than ever,”

This is a man who in September was saying the contract situation with 6 players was ‘ideal.’ He’s clearly planning survival tactics, and this is the verbal equivalent of digging the trenches.

I hope the board saw how empty the stadium was as they look for counter attack pointers.

Before I go, Welbeck and Ramsey were missing again. I really hope the club move those two on this summer. Both haven’t delivered, both are down to 2  years or less on their deals, both could fetch pretty good money. The club need to invest in fit players, those two aren’t cutting it.

Right, that’s me done. We’re saving the podcast until Wednesday. BIG week ahead. See you in the comments.

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  1. raptora

    Foul commited against Lacazette in Palace’s box yesterday wasn’t given either. I mean we were leading by 4:0. What difference does it make if the ref gives them the pen or not. It’s like they are doing it on purpose like “see, we don’t judge differently, just what we see”. Except that pen not given was at 4:0 for us. If it was 1:0 or 0:0 they would have given it.

    Re Wenger picking Xhaka ahead of Kante. Pretty sure that Kante picked Chelsea ahead of Arsenal. Wenger has been a huge fan but the player preffered understandably to go to Chelsea.

    Kantr joining Chelsea —> not a Wenger fk up.
    Xhaka not having the profile to be a lone CDM but still used at it by Wenger —> Wenger fk up.

    If you think that Alexis is as good as Bale then I cannot help you. Bale having injury after injury has nothing to do with his quality. Around 160 games, 80 goals, 45 assists. Whoscored gives him around 8 on the average rating in his RM seasons. This season 7 games started, 8 goals, 3 MotM awards. If Madrid sell him it will be because of his injury nightmare, not because he doesn’t have the skills. Healthy he has been up there with Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar for years. Alexis never has. When we got Alexis he was considered a top player but never elite. He achieved somewhere elite status in the EPL playing for us. I will never understate how good he was for us, especially compared to most of our players at the time, but he was never elite. Bale is the icing of the cake. Best British player to ever play in the last 10 years surely. He has not fulfilled his potential but it doesn’t mean he is a top, top class. Top 5 offensive player in the world, no doubt about it. Alexis is behind Hazard, KdB, Coutinho and now Salah just in the EPL. Possibly Aguero and Kane as well. No way that he is as good as Bale. If Bale moves to let’s say United or City or Chelsea, and manages to play over 30 games, you can give them the trophy right now. He is that good. Has absolutely all the skills in his locker. Speed, dribble, devastating in the air, free kicks, penalties, long shots, fox in the box. All of them and more. So please do not say that Alexis is as good as him. He simply isn’t.

  2. raptora

    Bale is also a leader. Alexis bar couple of games on the tough stadiums have never made anything spectacular or game changing. Theo had more important goals than him in the away games at the top stadiums.

  3. Ughelligunner

    The media don’t talk about the Referees and they are selective when it comes to decisions in their reports. They don’t talk about our issues, how many times have you read in the papers that a ref had a bad officiating against us?

    Compare it to the number of times you hear them say we were favoured?

    I guess most of you lot read the media and draw conclusions. You don’t watch the games. Bamford has been on record a million times saying he missed Arsenal matches, when you miss a match and you watch selective highlights in the media, you miss a lot of moments.

    I am not saying we don’t get decisions coming our way, but a lot has gone against us than for us. You wouldn’t agree though. You dont watch our live matches. A lot of you don’t though.

    So you need keep quiet about this type of issues when you base your decisions on match reports and high lights from the YouTube.

  4. raptora

    Bale is probably on the level of prime Suarez. We know how Suarez singlehandedly almost won Pool the title with Brendan Rodgers as a manager. Alexis has never been close to doing that. Top class player for us, but not a player who naturally has all the skills in his locker. Desire and determination, yes. But not the natural talent to be an absolute force to be reckoned with.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    The ‘negotiations’–or so what’ll be fed to the media–will drag on till 31st. In the final hours Arsenal will lodge a ridiculous bid and make it known well for the public. Ofcourse Dortmund will reject the late offer.

    Where have we seen this picture before?

  6. David Smith

    No further funds for spending? We have 300m in the bank.
    If we can spend no more, can only assume
    1/ the club are lying
    2/ we are the only club adhering to the EPL ver of FFP
    3/ Stan needs big loans and a cash rich asset in London helps with preferential rates
    I am no fan of Stan but guessing 1/2 nearer the mark

  7. Bamford10


    Please fuck off. I have missed a match here or there in ten years, but I watch them in their entirety on replay (unless they were terrible games).

    You’re just fucking clueless. About everything.

  8. TR7

    Yes I am in agreement with Raptora on Alexis. A great player when he is in top gear but not elite. Suarez and Bale at their best were a cut above prime Alexis. Failed at Barca and failed to move us to the next level.

  9. Ughelligunner

    Most on here expecially the ones hoping Arsenal lose a match don’t watch our matches except highlights. And the media don’t focus on costly decisions against us, they only focus on the ones favorable to us. How do I know this, I follow all Epl matches and fan zone.

  10. Dissenter

    I don’t need your help.
    Bale had a brilliant 1.5 years at Madrid, the rest has been bang average.
    You do realize that with Alexis Sanchez, Chile won their first Copa America, right.

    We can agree to not agree.
    Alexis Sanchez in his first three Arsenal seasons was as good as anything Bale did for Madrid in the same time. Just factor in that Bale was playing in an excellent Madrid team while Alexis was toiling under Wenger.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Gazidis and Mislintat are in Germany to get the deal for Aubameyang done.

    Please say this is a power shift in the club. Can only get stronger one Sanllehi arrives. Might see Wenger finally go.

  12. Bamford10

    “You dont watch our live matches. A lot of you don’t though.”

    Who the fuck do you think you are talking to here? People who regularly don’t watch our matches? Jesus, you’re clueless.

    According to this dipshit Ughe, most Le Grove posters watch neither Arsenal matches nor other clubs/leagues matches. They just come here and talk about players, matches, teams they’ve never bothered to watch!

    Actually, Ughe, what’s going on here is you’re speaking with people who watch just as much Arsenal and other football as you do but who have far more insight into what they’re watching.

    You are honestly one of the most clueless people to ever turn up here.

  13. loyika

    Say what TR7!?

    How dare you mate? Don’t you know Alexis is among the Top 5 footballers in the world right now? (As said by someone on the blog)


  14. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah the bitching on Sanchez is embarrassing.

    We’ve lost a great player, don’t try to downgrade him and make out we have lost some standard sort of decent player.

    He was our best player and is one of the best players in the EPL.

  15. loyika

    @ Samesong

    Doubt folks are hating on him, just tickled by all this “Alexis is World Class” banter being thrown around.

    A very good player and head and shoulder above most of what we had in our squad, but there it ends. Nothing more.

  16. Bob N7

    Sánchez at his best not as good as Bale at his best.
    Sánchez this season, nowhere near Bale’s form since his return from injury. Not a bad performance today from Bale, a couple of goals, one a top corner curler.
    Don’t let the truth get in the way of your narrative though- your mission to put down Arsenal is more important than reality.

  17. loyika

    @ CA

    One of the best in the EPL but nowhere in the Top 5 (or 10 for that matter) in the world as someone suggested.

  18. Bamford10

    If Spurs draw today, they remain three points above us in fifth, I think. A contest b/t us and them for the Europa League spot, it seems. Sixth place gets nothing, I believe. This is where we are under late Arsene Wenger.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    We’re being more proactive in this window than we have any window I have ever seen before.

    If only we had Mislintat and Sanllehi in the summer.

    Replacing Sanchez with Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang would have taken Wenger two or three years ordinarily as we f****d about with Walcott, or Nelson, or Ramsey or something.

  20. Dissenter

    I wonder how hard it is for people to understand that we had a player of distinctive class in Alexis Sanchez.
    Comparing Alexis stats to bales is rather dim considering Bale plays with a team of excellent footballers.

    If you ever doubted that Alexis was world class look at the fees that were being offered for the last year of his contract. Virtually every top club in Europe considered signing him last summer.

    Bale’s Madrid career has been sputtering for the past 2.5 seasons. I’m not even suggesting that he isn’t as good as believed but he hasn’t been recreating the same form for several years.

  21. London gunner

    Lol le grove is an embarrassment.

    Particularly raptora the akb mongo.

    Sanchez is suddenly not that good once he leaves us… he has been one of the top players in European football for the past few seasons. Wake up and smell the coffee

  22. Akilan

    Kante chose Chelsea over arsenal.
    If I remember properly, Leicester had just won the league. Chelsea had finished 10th. Their new manager conte had just arrived. The transfer fee was around 30m. His wages as far as I’m concerned are not extragavant.
    Arsenal finished 2nd having signed only cech that season and we were the only club that somewhat looked decent and stable that season. Man u, Chelsea, pool all were outside the top 4 and had new managers coming in except klopp.
    Wenger still looked a top manager back then and we had cl football. If we can’t outdo Chelsea it was Wenger’s fault. But I do believe Wenger chose xhaka over kante.

  23. Bamford10


    Whatever his failings, Sanchez has always been a Top XXXIII in the world player. At times, many would have had him in their Top XXII, and at certain times, some would have had him in their Top XI.

    I guess the same could be said of Ozil, though.

    Bottom line is Alexis Sanchez is/was a very good player.

    I was never a massive fan of his — not my style of player — and I think Wenger deployed him incorrectly, but he is/was a top player. No doubt.

  24. UTarse

    “Most on here expecially the ones hoping Arsenal lose a match don’t watch our matches except highlights.”

    You do talk some shit don’t you ? You think you’re such an authority on anything or any subject matter on this blog. Have you sat there and done a poll to come up with you’re opinion of “most” ? Get a fucking grip lording it above everyone ffs.

  25. Bamford10

    Bale at his best is/was a force, no doubt. So much pace, strength, athleticism. Could simply run past top class defenders. He has never, to my mind, been all that consistent, though, nor has he demonstrated himself to be a consistently clever or intelligent player. I’d say Alexis has been a more consistent top player than Bale has ever been, even if Bale’s “ceiling” potential might have been higher than Alexis’s.

  26. raptora

    Here comes the name calling. People grow up. Since Alexis left he is suddenly an elite player. I have a poster of him in my room. He was amazing player for us. Was he as good as RvP? Henry? Bergkamp? Prime Cesc even? Vieira? I don’t think so. I’ve always said that Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale, Suarez are top 5 attackers in the world. I cannot put Alexis in there. Not even close.

  27. Marko

    Certain types still pushing the ref conspiracy. I’m telling you you’re on the wrong blog you’re wasting your time

  28. Dissenter

    “Was he as good as RvP? Henry? Bergkamp? Prime Cesc even? Vieira? ”
    Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    Other than Fabregas, the other players you listed there played with other good players.
    Like I said lets agree to disagree.

    Why are Madrid set to sell Bale next summer?
    He as supposed to be the heir apparent to Ronaldo, what happened?
    He’s not recreating the same form he initially showed and Isco is actually a much better footballer [a different type of player too]

  29. Do One Gambon

    Steady on guys, Sanchez is a great player.

    If you’re going to slate him do it for the facts he’s an unprofessional little fuckwit who caused disharmony among the squad with his primadonna antics ever since November 2016. Also a selfish player who plays for himself with a penchant to give the ball away and causing his team to be broken on time and time again.

    Good luck at united with the rigid tactics of mourinho.

    He’s a great player, but has his flaws. Mainly in his character.

  30. Do One Gambon


    You can’t compare Sanchez to centre MIDs you Muppet.

    Its like saying schmeichel was better than Pele.

    Sanchez is better than hleb, but not pires works, for example.

  31. Dissenter

    the heresy is actually lumping Bale in with Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi.
    Those three are on a. different level then the rest can compete for the other slots.

  32. Marko

    How can you compare Bale to Sanchez when Bale has been ravaged by injuries for the last few years while Sanchez hasn’t

  33. TR7

    Elite players make the game look very simple, are very easy on the eye, have the ball glued to their feet and win big games single handedly. Alexis does not match these parameters.

    Suarez was like mini Messi in his prime years and Bale was like a marauding bull especially at Spurs. Those guys were just fantastic. They created jaw dropping moments. Alexis no match.

  34. Dissenter

    ‘How can you compare Bale to Sanchez when Bale has been ravaged by injuries for the last few years while Sanchez hasn’t’

    That was my point.
    Also factor in the fact that Bale is surrounded by excellent footballers at Madrid when he fit, which is rare.
    Alexis is largely surrounded by numpties under a has-been manager at Arsenal.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Mustafi Koncisly chambers

    Bellerin jack xhara Monreal
    Laca pea

    Potential starting 11

    Still don’t overwhelm me


    Holding mustafi chambers
    Mikki jack amn nelson
    Ozil laca pea

    Still no interest