Wenger speak about Mikki | Zorc jumps on a plane | Alexis off to Manchester

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So cool. Doesn't even care his face is about to get smashed by an errant pass

So cool. Doesn’t even care his face is about to get smashed by an errant pass

We’re moving into the home stretch of our January expeditions.

Spurs are jumping the queue for Malcolm. I’d love to be furious about this, but I hadn’t heard of the player until last week and I’ve had my hit of uninspiring French kids over the few years. I still have Gervinho PTSD (I know where he’s from). The line from the club is the fee mapped to experience is out of sync. If that’s what our new scout is saying, it works for me.

The Mikki story is still burning strong. Human trafficker or man Pimp, Mino Raiola is deciding on whether his star can move clubs. Amazing really, why would you let another human decide your path unless that said human was blackmailing you with sordid chat roulette videos? Wenger seems confident.

“It will not be one-way traffic,”

“It will be other-way traffic as well, so that makes the whole thing a bit smoother, maybe, a bit less disappointing. We lose a player, yes, but we could gain another.”

Anyway, your asset is worth fuck all if it’s not playing. Hopefully, Raiola will see the changes at Arsenal as a business opening and take the hit on his usual mega cut of the deal.

The Auba story is chugging along. He’s not in Dortmund’s squad for Hertha, no one else has come in for him, I can’t imagine agreement is that far away. Rumours that their Sporting Director Michael Zorc is heading to London to broker the deal.

This is Ballague – a man who once said my hair was so perfect, he shed a tear – talking on the transfer.

Chelsea right now could be an option, but Dortmund are asking for 60m euros so it’s something that is taking any interest away.

“Real Madrid were never in it, Liverpool feel he wouldn’t suit their group and their XI with what they have – something you can argue about – and Chelsea, I think they could do with somebody like him but the cost is too prohibitive.

Arsenal are obviously financing it with the departure of one of their top players so it makes more sense for them.”

What a guy he is.

Chelsea are holding off letting Conte spend, probably because he’ll be gone in 5 months. UNREAL stories that he’s so desperate he’s eyeing up Crouchy or Andy Carrol. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT. It’s like putting in an order for 25,000 postit notes before you leave your temporary admin job.

Finally, Jamie Carragher reckons Arsenal should hire Conte. I mean, I’d fucking love that, but I’m not sure he’s being a brat because he wants to stay in London. I also think we should try someone making waves on the continent. But whatever, I like the fact big pundits are finally talking about the future of the management role.

Right, that’s me done.

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ARSENAL ARE BACK (kind of, sort of, maybe… soon?)

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353 Responses to “Wenger speak about Mikki | Zorc jumps on a plane | Alexis off to Manchester”

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  1. TheBayingMob

    Ballague – I wish you’d stop giving this fat lying cunt any air time on your blog. He’s a proven fantasist …

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Dortmund have turned down our opening offer. Apparently they want more than one sock and £7.12.

    Silly Dortmund.

  3. Guns of Hackney


    I’ve been saying that for a while, too. Undercut city for the Wenger Boys.

    It must be the same barber.

  4. Guns of Hackney

    In the real world.

    How much do you want?

    Or in Wenger universe

    How much?
    How about £25m?
    Okay, okay…£23m.
    Fuck off.
    (City come in)
    Here’s £52m
    (Arsene) “we tried but can’t compete with the super clubs”.

  5. raptora

    Walcott on his Arsenal exit:

    “It hasn’t even hit me yet, properly. When I go back there it will hit me, I’m sure – it has been my life, my family, so it will hit me.”

  6. victorious

    I called it,when I said the line up was good enough,the hatred some of have for Wenger is clouding your reasoning process, Elneny is mobile and that makes a difference to that midfield

    good to see lacazette back on the score sheet,send a message to the gaffer and Auba that the CF position will not be easy to take from him,bring on the healthy competition

    play like this again on Wednesday and we are in the final of yet another cup competition

  7. Ishola70

    ” Elneny is mobile and that makes a difference to that midfield”

    So you are saying that it has taken Wenger half a season to realise that having someone sitting in front of the defence that is actually mobile is of benefit.

    No wonder the team has such a job on just to get top four.

    Good stuff.

  8. UTarse

    “Sanchez will only happen if Mkhitaryan comes here, that will be decided in the next 48 hours. It is a possibility.”

    Didn’t he say that 120 hours ago ?

  9. Marko

    Dortmund have turned down our opening offer. Apparently they want more than one sock and £7.12.


    Yep CA 4 at the back 3 in mid. Just as well we blitz them because if we struggled we would have needed a miracle with that bench we had. And I know raptora will say that they were recently in good form which is true enough but today they played like someone in relegation form. Not a true indication of how good or bad we are at the moment. That’s like 2 wins in about 11 or 12 games for us.

  10. Bob

    Paul Merson makes extraordinary claim over Jack Wilshere contract situation
    ARSENAL want Jack Wilshere to leave the club – that is why they are offering him less money each week.

    He does have a point why offer cut price money of they want him to stay.

  11. victorious

    “So you are saying that it has taken
    Wenger half a season to realise
    that having someone sitting in
    front of the defence that is actually
    mobile is of benefit.”

    no I’m saying as poor some of you think Elneny is,he is still better than coquelin, who just got flog to Valencia, he is also better than xhaka who seems to be a Wenger favorite, you could see the midfield was a bit better today

  12. Marko

    Wenger might have stumbled upon the benefits of having a 3 man midfield when you have such a bad group of midfielders. He’ll drop it to accommodate the 8 forwards he’ll have to play soon.

  13. victorious

    Dortmund want 53m and Arsenal should just throw it to them? no it doesn’t work that way,even as much money Man city have they are not that dumb,there has to be some form of negotiations

    that said,reports are that the first offer wasn’t that far off,sop hopefully that can be concluded this week

  14. UTarse

    Victorious…. another authority on anything football and business related in the little P and ughelli mindset….

  15. UTarse

    “We are the only team to beat Palace in their last 12 games.”

    Maybe he can make that a trophy ? I despise this man.

  16. victorious

    you see the thinking regarding the purchase of Mikki when you watch our play today,put Mikki in that attacking 3rd instead of Iwobi today and we might have piled more misery on that place side

    the players seems to be happy Sanchez is no more there to force play too much at the same team,they played more like a team,If Wenger finds a way to integrate to both Auba and Mikki,and the season might be that bad

  17. Cart


    Frankly Arsenal have actually realised that since Jack signed pro terms all those years back, we haven’t come close to getting a ROI from him.

    And lets face it, any reason given by Jack and his agent as to why he deserves an increase on his current terms is unfounded. I mean, for once, Arsenal is actually applying logic.

    A lesser basic salary with extras is the way to go. That way, he stays fit he’d probably earn close to what he’s demanding. As for the captaincy rumour – that banter.

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Just returned from ground.

    Saw Arsenal fans burning flag with Sanchez name on it on way to ground.

    First half played okay for 30 minutes with traditional back 4. Team looked solid until Monreal came off.

    Scored one decent and three scrappy goals in first 23 minutes. Crystal Palace were frankly defensively shit.

    After half an hour Arsenal started to take foot off pedal and Crystal Palace came into game.

    Second half was different story Arsenal were bluntly poor with too many back
    and square passes and more importantly giving the ball away to opposition.

    Wilshire played okay in first half and Ozil controlled game, but for me Iwobi is
    a headless chicken. He keeps on giving the ball away.Wilshire appears to use
    up too much energy in first 45 minutes and then runs out of puff.

    CPs goal was as usual quite unnecessary. Panic stations in defence resulting in
    unnecessary corner. Poor man marking resulting in a goal. This team cannot deliver clean sheets.

    Stadium had a lot of empty seats and my impression is that quite a few regular
    season ticket holders have given their tickets to friends or relatives, but the poor weather and maybe holiday season has also contributed to what is going on.

  19. Cart

    That Dailyfail link about Aubameyang was the tackiest shite I’ve seen.

    What a cringey camel looking pleb. If he comes I don’t want to see any of that crap. I mean, handshakes and shake-a-leg stuff is cool. But the haircut, swag and loud cars are just euuuuggghhhh.

  20. victorious

    Number 9

    I’m left wondering also,the blog seems to be so dry?why might that be?yep you nailed it Arsenal just won to close the gap on top 4,

    Arsenal loses today and there would have 8+ page of absolute bollocks

    I wonder if we will have any poster on here on Wednesday when get past Chelsea and make the cup final

  21. Cart


    “Saw Arsenal fans burning flag with Sanchez name on it on way to ground.”

    Bet you provided the lighter, didn’t you.

    Honestly, the false narrative that’s emanated is pathetic and disingenuous.

    Hope you’re happy.

  22. UTarse

    Why would I be embarrassed about my nationality you turd ? Begs the question ; Why are you so interested in where I was born ? How is that relevant ? Fucking troll…. you forgot Africa, the biggest continent of all.

  23. steve

    “Saw Arsenal fans burning flag with Sanchez name on it on way to ground.”

    Just goes to show how thick some Arsenal fans are. How about burning flags with Wenger on them. Thick cunts.

  24. Nw9 gooner

    We looked better cos Eleny was the defensive midfielder. Improve upon him , Auba instead of Iwobi and we are instantly better

  25. UTarse

    I have a proposal for you and your little geriatric assailant Pierre, let’s settle this juvenile debate shall we ?

    Why don’t you, Pierre and I meet at th George off the Holloway road, i’ll Even buy you a pint, I show you my ID (picture) and my 2 season tickets then we walk to the stadium and I use the ticket to enter the stadium. If I’m not a liar as you are painting me out to be then I come straight out and you let me jump on your fingers for 10 seconds so we can be spared the bollocks you type for a couple of weeks at least ? If I’m a fraud, then you get to do it to me ? You up for that Mr big ??

  26. graham62

    Wouldn’t surprise me if those that were seen burning Sanchez flag were promised free season tickets for next season.

    Ignorant #####!!

  27. victorious

    4 3 2 1 will be the formation going forward





  28. graham62


    Nice to see ‘THE SPINELESS ONES’ back in their comfort zone.

    “Please Sir, I don’t like Alexis. He wants to win too much”

    Steven Speilberg would have a field day with AFC.