Sexy movement in the Aubameyang mini-saga + How our system could work with him

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So many people have been e-mailing in asking what I did about that guy who lives next door to me who plays the drums and has sex really loud all the time.

I moved the TV against his wall.

People, I am in control of the relationship now.

What I have learnt through this experience is there is nothing more unsociable than living next door to an English football fan, especially if you’ve come off the back of a 5am session.

Fuck your percussion drummer boy, THIS IS ENGLAND.

So, where are we on transfers?

Everyone weighing in trying to have their ITK moment on the deals, that’s where.

There’s so much panic because people are eating crap information.

Zorc kicked off about Aubamayeng/Wenger comments. Arsenal fans go into meltdown.


Aubameyang is 28 years old, his game is about to hit his peak value

He’s being disruptive in the dressing room in a bad season for Dortmund

Sven M knows exactly what it’ll take to hire his services

… and what do you know, he’s been left out the squad to face Hertha Berlin.

Lots of talk about Mikki not wanting in at Arsenal. The guy has no future at United, he has a way back to Arsenal where he’ll be playing with a bunch of Germans, and his old team mate from Dortmund. Why wouldn’t he take a pay bump and want to land some games under his belt?

Talk about Wenger not wanting either is beyond bollocks.

Firstly, Wenger wanted Mikki badly a few years back. We reported heavily on that. He lost out to United.

Secondly, Wenger is suffering a goal drought and has a creativity issue. He also has a forward line that lacks grit, pace and power.

Wenger is past it, but he’s not intentionally trying to end his career early. He’s also a short-term manager now. He needs to put in a good run, otherwise it’s over for him, and believe me, he wants to go out on a bang. Mikki and Auba are NOW players. They’re experienced, have all the bits we’re missing, and they’ll deliver. Mikki is not your typical United leftover, he’s a great player. Auba is the best striker we could afford in Europe. I’ve seen him live, he is scary electric

Make no mistake, these are great signings and I very much believe they’ll happen.

The story about Wenger wanting Malcolm over Mikki was beyond absurd… a 20 year old kid versus a tried and true Champions League player.

Just nonsense.

The biggest worry is how Wenger can make them all work. @Gooner_DB who is a great match analysis expert on Twitter had this to say on the pairing.

‘If Auba signs, he can be used as an outlet (something we have lacked) since Alexis was very ball oriented and often came too deep to collect the ball. Lacazette, like Alexis, drops off from the last line to collect the ball constantly, this enables the opposition defender to be drawn towards his marker and thus opens space in behind for Auba to attack, who is a willing runner (and electric) beyond the defensive line.’

‘Having a quick, mobile #9 who has intelligent movement and makes runs into the channels also gives us another option to bypass a high communal press, something we have struggled to do (especially away from home). Formation wise, the 3-5-2 would be ideal as it suits the players profiles, also, this could see Ozil’s full-time transition into a 3rd CM.’

If not, and as Wenger has said he prefers a 4ATB system, we could use Valverdes 4-4-2 template with Ozil in the Paulinho role (given freedom to roam and attack depth) and Auba-Lacazette the front two. Losing circa 50 goals from last season in Theo and Alexis we are also signing an elite goalscorer (100 goals in last three season averaging circa 0.88 xG per 90) who although has his flaws in dribbling plus link up play, is certainly worth the risk at 28 y/o’

I just hope Wenger doesn’t try and puzzle pieces into his current failing system.

As for Alexis, good luck to him. £400k a week is mad cash for a 29-year-old who despite his prolific numbers was part of the team that took us down a level. I’ll miss him, because he was the most exciting thing to happen to Arsenal in years, but I won’t look back fondly at his time here, because his era was so average. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll have a great few years finishing 2nd. He’ll look back on those runners up medals fondly… as he swims in his Scrooge McDuck money pit.

Theo Walcott left, mentioned his departure yesterday. So amusing watching Arsenal fans get all revisionist about his tenure, I’ve heard people reference his career at Arsenal as stellar, and seen Gary Lineker say in defence that ‘they can’t all be Messi’… please, Giles Grimandi had a better Arsenal career.

The fondness of Theo shows how low we’ve dipped as a club. A player who couldn’t land a central striking role in the banter era, couldn’t make international tournaments for England when we’ve been terrible, and constantly racked up mega contracts while the club was struggling doesn’t need your tears.

Anyway, watching Arsenal sell well has been a pleasure.

Now we need to show that we can buy.

Also, just on Wenger’s comment about not being able to compete with City and United money wise. It’s a smokescreen for his ego and the clubs bad planning.

Ivan G knew TV money was landing

He and Wenger decided not to give Sanchez and Ozil £200k a week after the cup final a couple of years ago.

They both would have signed long term deals if we’d done that. We’d be selling Alexis for £90m now if that had happened. There’s no excuse.

Wenger thought they were too expensive at that money, or more to the point, no one earns more cash than the king.

We can’t compete with big clubs offering mega money, but we can look ahead and make smart bets on contracts before we’re down to 6 months of a deal.

Then the manager needs to demonstrate he can be flexible enough to adapt the new guys into a new system.


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  1. victorious

    depends on who the new manager is…for instance I suppose Carlo Acelloti,Allegri,Sarri will be given at least 3 years to win a tittle while a newbie like Artete,Howe,Jardim might be given a chance to rebuild and target the tittle for maybe 6 to 7 years

    I will so much love Acelloti though he will get rid of the dross the moment he arrives

  2. Ughelligunner

    Marko 90m? Lol. Arsenal fans were deceived.

    Arsenal wants to do a deal of 90m and Wenger was in the commentary box running for France Friendly lol.

    So you think Gazidis couldn’t buy worldclass players to convince Sanchez of staying over the years and it’s on the last day of the transfer window that they would do it? Gazidis and Wenger are politicians. They know how to make the fans think they are on the right track every transfer window. Look at Pedro’s optimism after the news of Mykhitayan and Auba… Lol

  3. Marko

    I see the club absolutely flying once a new manager comes in. It’ll be great. Definitely can’t see any reasonable appointment being as bad as Wenger the last 10-14 years. All the new guy has to do is at least address some of the glaring issues in the squad and he’ll get a lot of leeway with the fans. Except for the loolas at untold they’ll probably start to protest to bring back Wenger

  4. Marko

    So you think Gazidis couldn’t buy worldclass players to convince Sanchez of staying over the years and it’s on the last day of the transfer window that they would do it?

    That is literally it. Except that it’s Wenger and not Gazidis who insists on signings and the way we go about our transfer business. It’s all well and good scouting this player and that but without the great ditherer’s say so we generally do fuck all. I mean it’s pretty obvious when you hear him talking about how you get bargains later in the window and this and that. For years he’s convinced that it’s a smart thing to wait until all the other teams make their moves and wait to see what’s left for the picking. He’s a total coward in the market

  5. Bamford10


    “We didn’t pay over the odds for Lacazete, Athletico would have paid more if not for the ban.”

    Complete horseshit.