Arsenal track Malcolm plan B, and he’s exciting

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I am LOVING the news at the moment. It’s alive. It’s exciting. It’s all the things I dreamed of.

Here’s the update.

Theo Walcott has left the building and he’s off to Everton. The player who rocked 12 dreary years with us, scored 20 goals for a Nespresso machine, and banged in over 100 goals for us has slipped out the back door moving to Everton for a whopping £20m. That’s solid money if you ask me.

No one can ever fault his professionalism. Spies at the club told me he was an elite trainer if you told him to eat 10 bags of peas for 15 weeks and consume nothing, he’d do it and some. Never think he didn’t care. I think the problem in the end is he wasn’t given a specific role at the club, and he wasn’t trained to play like a killer… or more to the point, if you’re not a killer to start with, it’s very difficult to reach those sorts of levels. You’re either Sanchez or you’re not.

Anyway, he’ll be great at Everton. His pace is still lethal, his finishing can be exceptional, and he’ll be coached to world-class standards under the much revered Allardici.

Rhys Nelson to Madrid? Come back to me when you can make an impact against the kids of Nottingham Forest, or in the worst Arsenal midfield in 20 years, then we’ll maybe talk about Madrid. Honestly, if he’s going to go anywhere, it should be Dortmund or Monaco. Madrid? Never. I’d stick around for Arsenal post-Wenger, but damn, I’m an advertising chump, what do I know.

The Sanchez story is still twisting and turning. Rumours that Liverpool are mounting a bid started to surface because of the Raiola influence in the Mikki deal. I still think it’s pretty nailed on he’s going to United. I think the stories about Mikki not being keen on AFC are just rumours. He’s out in the cold at United and wants to play. If he knows PEA is going to Arsenal, I can’t believe he’ll be anything other than grateful to get out of Manchester.

Interesting that we’re engaging with a super agent regardless.

Another carry over from yesterday is that the interest in Malcolm is still red hot. Matt Spiro, French football specialist, reckons we’re signing him. There’s also strong rumours that we’re tracking Leon Bailey of Leverkusen. Another twenty-year-old speed demon who I’ve been tracking over the course of at least two videos. It looks like we’re parallel pathing two young talents to pick up the slack Walcott has left.


Also, really not sure what’s up with Arsenal fans this window. I’ve been getting shit for 10 years because I’ve slated the shit performance of our recruitment, always hushed by the patronising chant of ‘judge him in May’, now I’m excited everyone’s saying I’m being conned?

Bitch please.

I’ve sat through Kim Kallstrom with a broken back. I’ve had the second coming of Jens, Thierry, and Sol Campbell. I’ve been there when we’ve been so down on our luck, we were hoping for a 40-year-old Beckham would join. I’ve had the banter years when Wenger has just ignored issues entirely because he couldn’t find perfection.

Now we’re solving Alexis and Theo leaving with Aubamayeng, Mikki and Malcolm and people want me to complain?

That’s a good run if it happens and it’s a huge departure from our nothing burger transfer windows of yesteryear.

However, I’ll give it to you, many of you are suffering Arsenal transfer window PTSD. But fear not, if Le Grove is here stroking your cold sweats, know that this darkness will pass.

Imagine this is flu, we’ve spent the last ten years sick, unable to get out of bed. The fever is passing now, but we’re still weak… there are signs of improving. In 18 months time, we’ll be able to get out of bed. It’s coming, there’s no stopping the recovery.

I’m positive. I know everyone thinks Le Grove is some sort of pantomime, but we’ve just been calling out Arsene Wenger’s bullshit for 10 years because we saw it coming. Not only that, we’ve been teeing up how to fix it. Suggesting scouts, infrastructure ideas, coaches, sporting directors, ways to spend money…

Now all those things are happening, I can’t complain. The positive spin isn’t me eating shit I hear from agents or people at the club, it’s not feeding you bullshit propaganda, it’s just calling out progress when it happens.

No doubt I’ll still be bitching after Wenger goes, but my angst has always focused on what’s real. It’s never been because the site plays up to an audience. So if there’s a change in tone, that’s because I see a change in the club.

Plenty more meltdowns are still to come between now and the end of Wenger’s tenure, but like any bad experience, as long as you can see good things on the horizon, you can pull through.

One thing I will say, and I take no pleasure in this, but all those years people told us we weren’t real fans? All the times people said we didn’t know football? All that shit about how good Wenger would be with money? How injuries were about luck? About how Wenger did tactics?  The judge him in May, September and January crowd? The fans that blamed the internet for substandard performances? The people who built followings from being damagingly wrong about the manager?

Always remember, you lot were on the money. Heroes, each and every one of you.

Anyway, we’re all one team one dream now. The Wenger show is coming to an end, so let’s start looking toward the light!


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  1. Bay Area Gooner

    My guess is Dortmund is scrambling to find a new striker and not to happy about that.

    Arsenal need to put a bid in now. Not wait til the last 2 days of the window. Its already mid Jan and this needs to get done now.

    Give them time to get a replacement. Bid now. Offer Olly. Get it done raul and Ivan

  2. loyika

    People here keep saying United are on the up and Citeh’s season is fluky.

    Well we shall see next season if all this money United are throwing to fix their team works out.
    Alexis really has nothing to lose, he will give his all (has too with what he is being paid) regardless of what happens with United interms of winning the Big trophies.

    They should compete, but even if they come short (which i believe they will) he will be a rich man none the less.

    Wonder what wages Ronaldo would demand if he was to return to United in the summer? Would he agree to be paid less than Alexis?

  3. Emiratesstroller


    No-one is arguing that he wanted to leave Arsenal.

    However, he is moving to Man Utd rather than Man City or Bayern Munich who are much more likely to win silver this season purely because of money.

    Do you seriously think that he would not rather go to Man City if he had been
    offered the same deal?

  4. Relieable Sauce

    Dumb cunts expecting Sanchez to take a pay-cut ???

    He’s moving to get away from The Specialist In Failure and his supporters.

  5. Dissenter

    “Do you seriously think that he would not rather go to Man City if he had been
    offered the same deal”
    Utterly meaningless question
    If City really wanted him, they could have matched the United offer.
    City also CHANGED their stance about Alexis.

    5 months can be a long time in the football transfer market, much like politics.

  6. loyika

    @ Reliable

    Couthinho put in his money to push his move to Barca.

    Cesc wavered away some bonuses to do the same.

    As Em said, no one is disputing Sanchez’s desire in wanting to leave the set up at Arsenal, but painting it as the sole reason he chose United over City is silly.

    Regardless doesn’t really matter where he goes in the end or for whatever reason, the bottom line is he is gone.

    @ Herve

    This is football mate, The deal might happen or it might not, we all have to wait and see innit. All talk right now is just that – Talk!!

    The power rests with the player and not the club. If Auba wants to leave to wherever their DoF can talk all the trash he likes, eventually they will have to cash out on him as keeping him (if he is really serious that he doesn’t want to play for them again) would serve no purpose.

    It might not be Arsenal FC that get him in the end, but surely he will move on if he tells them he wants to. (That all we are saying)

  7. Dissenter

    Dortmund know how to extort money from the buying team, especially when they smell desperation.
    Go ask Barca how they overpaid for Dembele.
    We are not going to make the Auba deal because of the asking price.

  8. Ughelligunner

    Legrove as always lack objectivity in all things Arsenal because they don’t follow other clubs.

    Has any of Mendez and Raiola’s players played for Arsenal? Why?

    Why don’t we do deals with big time agents who have worldclass agents under their company?

    So you guys think if we had offered Sanchez 200k as cherry cake on his salary and topped it every year with a 50k increase in the last 3 years, he would have been in a tight situation where he would be left with a year with option to leave? We never pay top dogs. RVP had option of moving to Juventus, he went to man utd and pocketed his 250k per week.

    Why are you guys this less objective when it comes to things Arsenal?

    Chelsea had already invested over a billion pounds in years, they now sell those players for more and invest the rest, and somebody is camparing a billion pound investment to Arsenal? We don’t have players in the first eleven worth selling talkless of players on loan worth selling.

    Chelsea spent a lot with those investments and if Abrahimovich was to take back his money, there will be nothing left to buy players with, just no wonder they are struggling to pay top dollar these days. Of three years investment, only Kante has been satisfactory, maybe Alonso, this was not the case when Abramovich first came in 2003.

    The year we placed a bid for Suarez, Liverpool increased his wages to 200k, before Continho left, he was on 200k. How many players has Arsenal payed 200k? We can’t even do business with big time agents because we don’t pay them enough. And people think it’s isn’t about the money? Pogba was always on Real madrid’s radar, guess what he switched to man utd.

    Rooney still earns 300k per week, Everton and man utd shares his salary just to make him leave, even the legendary status didn’t make him drop his wage demands and people say players don’t come to Arsenal because of wage demands?

    Man city came into the limelight by paying over the odds. Psg are back because they paid over the odds. You guys think so cheap and you blame Wenger for been miserly.

    Barcelona spent over the odds for Dembele and Continho and you think Arsenal would buy a player for over a 100m in kronkes’ and Wenger time? You are dreaming. Maybe that scout would get us enough players like that Greek boy to push us over the line, I promise you we would be in relegatio.

  9. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    Citeh changed their stance when Alexis and his agent changed the terms of engagement.

    The fact they put in an initial bid shows they wanted him, United only got involved when they heard that there seemed to be an impasse.

    You can’t tell me that Jose thought in a million years Alexis would turn Pep down to play for him? Come on!!

  10. Leftsidesanch

    Bay area

    Auba hasnt travelled with the squad, for Wenger to so openly talk about it and what he was saying makes me think you’ll have your wish.

  11. Bob

    Arsene Wenger has spoken of his delight that there is a core of English players who have forced their way into the Arsenal first team this season.

    Carl Jenkinson recently became the fifth Arsenal player to become an England international as he followed in the footsteps of Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Wonder how that worked out lol

  12. Ughelligunner

    Even when player like Continho and Fabregas put o way their bonuses to leave, the buying clubs still needs to offer the selling club money they wouldn’t reject and a salary that will motivate the player to move. How many times has Arsenal paid top dollar or broken records of salary or buying players. ? Money talks. If Real madrid can offer over 70m for a player to force a move, you think Arsenal won’t have to cough out money to lure players, seeing we can’t even pay our best players?

    If we pay our best players well enough, trophy or no trophy, they would stay. Offer Sanchez 400k and ozil 400k and they would forgo trophys to stay. That’s what the market is.

  13. Bob

    I believe we have a good core of young English players,” added Wenger

    Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger says young British core the key to future success at the Emirates Stadium.

  14. graham62


    Agree. Sanchez is moving because he wants to get out of the club. Pure and simple.

    What’s the big deal. He’s going to a club that are at least trying to win the EPL, are in the knockout stages of the CL and have a manager that, although being an absolute prick, will have a system set up around Sanchez, that will ensure he maximises his effectiveness.

    Maybe he had his heart set on moving to MC, nevertheless, when you’ve been tricked and badly treated, as he has been by Wenger, you sort of understand his motives.

    Ok, the money is outrageous, but good luck to the guy. Anyone who leaves Arsene FC to progress their career, has to be applauded.

  15. Globalgunner

    Sanchez wouldn’t stay past this summer even if Wenger offered 700kpw. He wants out of the asylum sharpish. The fact that Utd are offering big money only adds to the incentive. No top player wants to keep shooting for 4th place which is all Wenger cares about.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are more or less in a similar boat to Bayern Munich. Neither club can
    match the mega transfer fees or wages.

    Both clubs are from a financial point of view similar in that they operate within their financial means and have a wage structure. Bayern have three advantages over us namely they dominate German Football, pick up the cream of the crop in Budesliga often for Bosman e.g. Lewandowski and now Goretska or for below market value e.g. Hummels.

    The key difference between Arsenal and Man utd/City is that the two Manchester clubs can afford to make mistakes if they make stellar transfers whilst Arsenal cannot afford to do so.

    People should not forget that Di Maria went to Man Utd the year before Pogba
    and was sold the following year at a substantial loss to PSG.

    What is of concern at Arsenal at moment is not that we cannot compete with
    these clubs in transfer market, but how Arsenal’s football programme is run.
    The club is stale and making all the time serious mistakes.

  17. Ughelligunner

    Why do Wenger haters think if they agree a player is moving because of the money, they are doing Arsenal and Wenger justice? Is not a crime though. Sanchez had Bayern, Man city and man utd. He choose the club with the highest salary. He left for glory and money. It isn’t bad to agree to it. It doesn’t make him a mercenary.

    Arsenal don’t win trophys, then they should pay top dollars to existing players. Arsenal don’t, players can’t stay. We neither win or pay top dollar. It’s clear players would leave and others would refuse to come. We have to pay top dollar.

    Before Sanchez came to Arsenal, he had the option of Liverpool and Arsenal. Liverpool just lost Suarez, how do you accept him to go to a team that just lost thier star player? Arsenal on the other hand, just won the Fa cup, and were offering almost the same wages. He choose us. If we had offered 100k,he wouldn’t have come no matter the number of Fa cups we had won.

    Payment Mykhitayan 200k and offer his agent 10m and this deal would be wrapped up in 5mins. But as usual, Arsenal accounting fans will Blame the club for wasting funds. People are still crying every day for funds used in signing Xhaka and Mustafi as if it’s thier money. And they choose to abuse Wenger for penny pinching, when the fans are now turned accountants. This is the only club I have seen fans cry everyday on players salaries.

    Bug clubs buy players for expensive amount, sell them at a loss if they flop. We remain with ours, because we can’t throw away our investment, we always make a return on players bought unless they retire.

    Bayern bought Renato Sanchez and sent him on loan after they discovered he flopped, that’s what big clubs do. Arsenal don’t. We ain’t a big boys in spending or paying salaries or winning, we are only big because we a big stadium and our merchandise sales out expensive.

  18. UTarse

    So then Ughelli, I take it your opinion is that we got Ozil and Sanchez on the cheap at the time and offered below market salaries ?

  19. Ughelligunner

    Emirates, yes it’s true. Bayern and Juventus do business at the cheap too. But we have seen expetional cade where both clubs spent over the odds on buying players.

    Martinez was bought from Bilbao for a record fee back in 2012-14, can’t remember the years. Bayern spent over the odds on Renato Sanchez. Juventus bought Higuian for 70m. This clubs tent to spend over the odds at times to beat the market. Asenal never does.

    How can we be competitive on the pitch when we ain’t competitive in the market?

    How can we be competitive on the pitch when we can’t compete with wages?

    How can we be competitive on the pitch when we can’t even buy a goal Keeper worth 15m?

    How can we be competitiv on the pitch when we don’t have any dealings with world class agents?

    How can we be competitive when we are the least club in agent wages?

  20. DaleDaGooner

    will have a system set up around Sanchez, that will ensure he maximises his effectiveness.

    lol…like he did for CR7 at Real Madrid?

  21. Bay Area Gooner

    I just hope we dont haggle. Given our time constraints etc.
    BVB know we have the cash. Not like its a mystery
    Pay them and be done with it.
    Raul you hearing me???

    only thing is we might lose him to the ACN. isnt that yearly?

  22. Ughelligunner

    Utarse, we doubled ozil and sanchez salaries at the time they came. We paid top dollar for ozil, 42m. Even Real madrid was surprised. Yes we paid the going rate at the time for both of them.

    And just so you remember, man utd were reluctant on ozil, and Liverpool were the other club for Sanchez. So yes, we paid what was worth that year. The mistake we made was that after the first season, we should have topped both of their salaries and increased their wages to 200k or something closer. We couldn’t, we had to wait till 2 years remaining in their contract to offer them money, when the going rate has left 200k.

    If players like sterling and Continho were been offered 200k by Liverpool, why can’t we pay them more? We are miserly since time immemorial when it comes to salaries. Even Dean couldn’t pay Ashley Cole additional 5k

  23. Ughelligunner

    Pogba was already winning trophys with Juventus, when Man utd paid top dollar. How many players has Arsenal forced to leave their top clubs with top dollar? It’s all about the money people.

    We are either buying players from midtable clubs or from big teams that are disposing thier worldclass players. (OZIL, SANCHEZ AND CECH). We never push the boundaries.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    £53 Million and £170 000 for Aubameyang. That is not bad in this current market.

    It really is shocking (well it is not but you know what I mean) that we are not going for a CDM. Wenger clearly going to give Xhaka, Ramsey and Wilshere the time this season which is a massive mistake.

    I really think the £50 Million on Lacazette is just looking like a mistake now, should have gone for Aubameyang in the summer.

    Bellerin, New CDM, Ramsey/Xhaka/Wilshere, Kolasinac
    ———————-Ozil————- Mkhitaryan

    Still could be better, but not bad.

  25. Ughelligunner

    Kronke, Gazidiz, Wenger, legrove fans are all cheap stake. Nobody complains more than you guys on Arsenal players salaries.

    Walcott earns this, Giroud earns that, Welbeck earns this, which top club fans does this?

    Why did we spend so much in Xhaka, or lacazete or Mustafi, why should we buy Auba for 60m? Why are we buying another striker after a year, we wasted money. IS IT YOUR MONEY?

    isn’t it worth big clubs do? Ferguson spent money in buying close to 6 keepers before van da sa. Pep has don it with Eder son.
    Chelsea/Mourinho did it before they got coasta.

    Barcelona bought dembele and have now bought Continho. Chelsea bought Drink water and Bakayoko.

    Only on legrove you see fans talking about wasting funds and wages and players prices, and then they will abuse Wenger for not spending.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    If United were to land a player like Pjanic they could have a great team, Matic, Pjanic and Pogba in midfield and then Sanchez, Martial and Lukaku up top.

  27. UTarse

    Firstly that means you’ve contradicted yourself, you now agree that we have payed top dollar and market rate for players. Secondly, if your business model is to give 50% annual wage increases after 1 year even though you have a player tied down to a 4 year contract then I don’t think you possess much business acumen.

    Secondly, Why can’t you see that the main premise behind Sanchez and Ozil wanting to leave is the state of our football club and its downward trajectory ? According to you, these world class players would be happy as pigs in shit playing in the Europa league and in 6th position in the league as long as they are paid 2-3 times their current salary ? Utter bollocks. You’re deluded.

  28. Number9


    ‘Mkhitaryan’s reluctance to join Arsenal just goes to show how far we have fallen. He is reluctant to “drop down” to a Europa league team!’

    Talking shit again? Didn’t Mikki join Man Utd when they were a ‘Europa League team’?

    Did he tell you personally that he was reluctant to join? Or you just believing everything you read via your tabloid subscription?

  29. Redtruth

    “Bellerin, New CDM, Ramsey/Xhaka/Wilshere, Kolasinac
    ———————-Ozil————- Mkhitaryan
    ————————–AubameyangStill could be better, but not bad.”

    That’s a mid-table mediocrity team lol

  30. Number9


    ‘The trouble Arsenal face today is, we don’t offer enough of market price on salary to the players. It’s all about the money. No worldclass player has moved for less money, the record is always broken to force the move. Today’s football isn’t about the type of club, but it’s about how much you can offer.’

    Exactly right. If we offered £300m for Neymar and £1m a week wages he’d be playing at the Emirates every week.

  31. Ughelligunner

    People on here argued that ozil isn’t worth 300k, and then if Arsenal was to offer Sanchez 400k and he renewed, Wenger would be abused.

    Now he has gone, we are saying a different thing.

    We can only survive this if we pay top dollar.

    We would have have to accept that we would waste a lot of funds to get back at the top, the first point of consideration is to spend first and count your loses later.

    Fans should forget about how much waste a player is and focus more on the support.

    Chelsea has Morata (75m), Bashuayi (35) and they are after Carol, I don’t see fans complaining. Spend as much possible and get it right.

    Man utd bought Falcoa, he flopped, went to Chelsea, he flopped, they didn’t stop they bought more. Counted their loses and moved on.

    I’d it was Wenger, hell would break lose.

  32. Ughelligunner

    Number 9, dissenter only knows Arsenal. Most of them see other teams matches when they play against Arsenal. Their statements has proved to be so.

    They don’t know things about the other clubs.

    Pogba, Ibrahamovich, Mykhitayan, Bailey, Mata moved to man utd when they were in Europa and they spent top dollar, but Arsenal fans would make you think Wenger is the reason why players refused to come.

  33. graham62


    Good evening.

    There are some players, like Sanchez, who play because they want to compete and maximize their potential.

    Offering 400K would not have guaranteed him staying. His desire to win was there for all to see. Money, although important, was not his motivation.

    He wanted to work and play in a competitive and winning environment. At Arsenal, under Wenger, he would never have found this.

    Yes, we want/need players at Arsenal who want to COMPETE AND WIN AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, but we all know that Mr Wenger no longer promotes this philosophy at the club.

    The sooner we all realise this, the better for everyone.

  34. Number9


    ‘I fail to see how in any way possible us losing our best player for a United cast off is evidence of a good window. ’

    Its nothing new to assume you’re a limited moron but by your assumption every player not playing regularly is a reject or a cast off. Didn’t work out so bad for us with Bergkamp, Henry and even Sánchez and Ozil did It?

  35. Bamford10

    Saying players move for money and money alone is what AKBs and former AKBs say in order to avoid the obvious conclusion that many good players simply don’t believe in Wenger’s project.

    RVP got more money from United, but that’s not why he left. Anyone who says otherwise is being dishonest.

    Wenger is s joke; if you want to accomplish something in football today, you don’t stay at Arsenal. You go elsewhere.

    A new manager can change this, but we must get rid of Wenger ASAP.

  36. Bamford10

    Oh great, Ughe is back. Not only does he get everything wrong — he lays waste to the English language in the process.

  37. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, Graham,

    Don’t you think if Arsenal spent top dollar on worldclass players, they would still be here, in addition to their salary demands?

    The clubs you mentioned spends top dollars on top played hence their players don’t leave. So Arenal players are tempted to leave. If we pay top dollar, we tie them to long deals like Liverpool and then when tops clubs come, we sell them for a high price. We can’t even pay our best player 200k per week. What is then their motivation to play to win?

    Hazard, Rooney has been on subject of moves for every year now and more money is given to them to quench their taste. Neymar moved for more money.

    Every other player has been bought for more money.

    Well, shouldn’t Sanchez be in man city them? If he went for only trophy? Man city are top of the league with better players.

    And RVP didn’t go to Juventus, he opted for man utd.

    Maybe you should focus on other clubs players and how they move, using Arsenal only players leaving shows your myopic view of the transfer market.

  38. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, lol the Harvard man, lol. He was so good in football, he never played professional football.

    He went to Harvard but he prefers teaching grammatical structures on legrove

  39. Buckhurst Gun

    so who honestly wouldn’t take Mkhitaryan

    You really think he’s that bad and just another Man U reject ?

    Just because a player doesn’t nail it there , doesn’t mean they’re shit

    Think this one is more to do with Jose

  40. graham62


    I have to say that many of your comments are rather naive.

    I’ve been watching football for nearly 50 years and can name players/teams/formations that you’ve never heard of.

    Modern day football is thrown at us 24/7, so before you write on here, try and remember who you promoting your views to.

    All the best.

  41. Ughelligunner

    Graham, yes, but when people become abusive to my views, you give them a little back.

    I hate been abusive, but I can dish out when necessary.

    Take a survey why players like Sanchez leave, yes we are not competitive, why? Because we don’t buy worldclass players? Why, because we don’t spend enough to lure worldclass players.

    Why, money…..

    Is it difficult to understand?

  42. DaleDaGooner

    Dortmund should stop dicking around and take all our money and give us Aubameyang already……Raiola the fat cunt should also stop dicking around. Mkhi+Auba should soften the angst I feel towards Sanchez

  43. Ughelligunner

    Legrove, to prove that Arsenal don’t lure player because we don’t spend enough, Let’s do a survey, leave Arenal alone a bit, let’s be objective.

    List worldclass or top players that have left to top clubs on small deals and reduced salary? And let us do a survey if it isn’t money oriented.

    Ps. Not players leaving who are close to retirement eg Alonso to bayern or Kedira to Juventus.

  44. Number9


    ‘We are not going to make the Auba deal because of the asking price.’

    He’s got a £53m release clause doubt we’re going to be extorted Dembele style.

    dissenting opinion on everything but knows nothing.

  45. Ughelligunner

    Graham, if you want to ridicule Arsenal, and at the same time say we are not wining like top clubs and we can’t lure players like top clubs, is it difficult to also compare how much we spend and pay worldclass players with other top clubs?


  46. Carts


    “No-one is arguing that he wanted to leave Arsenal.However, he is moving to Man Utd rather than Man City or Bayern Munich who are much more likely to win silver this season purely because of money.

    Do you seriously think that he would not rather go to Man City if he had been
    offered the same deal?”

    would you have much rathered Sanchez stay at Arsenal, instead, then join City on a free?

  47. graham62


    We didn’t need to go out and buy world class players to compete.

    We only needed a manager who knew what he was doing.

  48. Bay Area Gooner


    Im with you brother! Stop fucking around. Reports now that Auba get a 3.5 year deal . 10m per year.
    We have the 53M . Pay the fucking money please. I want this announced today or tomorrow

  49. Bay Area Gooner

    Sanchez- a poor kid from the streets of Chile. Used to act like a monkey to get coins to help feed his family. I hope that with the cash, he can do something good for the folks in Chile, the poor etc. He is a hero to them. I hope he has the ability to make a difference.

    If Man u is offering crazy money like that, who is he to say no? As some have said. he wants out of Arsenal. 300pw was not enough for him to stay. It would not have made any difference. Im glad he is gone. He is Man U problem now.

    He will have one good year, I can see him declining after that and being sold. Mourinsho doesnt mess around.

  50. graham62


    Sorry mate, your making too much out of nothing.

    There’s nothing to analyse here.

    We have a shite manager who is ####### it up for us all.


    Have a good evening.

  51. Ughelligunner

    If there is nothing to analyze, then you have given up on been objective and rather blame the manager.

    I would have have joined you in blaming the manager, if the top managers don’t over spend in buying top players like Arsenal Wenger and they win trophys with average players like the ones we have at Arsenal

  52. Ughelligunner

    Klopp won trophys in germany, but he has been forced to spend over the odds in England. Lol. It shows he had the best players at dortmund when Bayern were rebuilding.

    When the hawks came cycling, he crashed.

    Leicester, an exemption, when the big clubs faulted in England, they couldn’t sustain it.

    Athletico, third best Spanish team with players that would walk into Arsenal starting eleven (he too bought over the odds players and offloaded them too…. Martinez… Legrove hot shot at that time.. Lol). When the big two bug clubs crashed, he won the league, got to the champions league final twice with a superb squad. Yes he is a great manager. But it lasted only a while because his best players were sold too(Costa). They couldn’t sustain it.

    Monaco, yes what an exemption (as always in France… Montpelier, Lille) . The only player doing so well outside Monaco is just Mbape.

    Arsenal, on the other hand have won a few Fa cups during these years in a more competitive, high spending league which doesn’t compare to a major trophy but, the fa cup is a trophy too no matter how we discard it.

  53. Marko

    Don’t you think if Arsenal spent top dollar on worldclass players, they would still be here, in addition to their salary demands?

    No ugh we lack ambition and competitiveness.

  54. Marko

    List worldclass or top players that have left to top clubs on small deals and reduced salary? And let us do a survey if it isn’t money oriented.

    You are making no sense. Are you suggesting for example that Sanchez is leaving Arsenal for a better club purely because of money? Do you not for a second think that the fact we’re 6th not in the champions league and haven’t won a league title in 14 years let alone competed for one you don’t think that has anything to do with it?

  55. Ughelligunner

    I replied you, I dont need to mention your name for you to know I did.

    My comments since you made yours has clarified that.

    If you have worldclass players at your disposal who has delivered success in football for your team, after a year it’s best you offer them an increase before the thought of earning more gets into their heads , not wait until he has a two years left and the wolves are cycling before you offer them something more.

    Contracts are best offered when there are no opposition turning your players head. If they earn more, opposition tend to run away seeing that they can’t match your wage demands. We tend to do this only for players earing below a 100k per week, but can’t pay above 200k without having issues.

    In the case of RVP, if we had offered 200k at that time, he would a have stayed. Sagna, the same thing happened. He left cause he was almost in retirement and wanted his last pay check.

  56. Ughelligunner

    Marko, and how does a club show its competitive nature?

    By paying below participants salary? By buying below market rate?

  57. Ughelligunner

    I have listed examples of players who sighed a new contract when offered more money,

    Example, Rooney, Suarez, Hazard, Ronaldo, Merci, Vardy, Marhez, Henderson., Walcott, Gerard (when he was on a 120k, no Arsenal player was close to him), Kane (He was earning a 100k before his first champions league with Tottenham after becoming the country’s highest goal score in two years. ),

    Players who left for more money,…. NEYMAR, COSTA, ROBINHO, POGBA, Mykhitayan, Dimaria, Ramirez, Paulino, Hulk, Lewandowski, Hummels, (they won trophys with dortmund yet still left) and people think players would stay at Arsenal?

  58. Dissenter

    Number 9, Ughe
    The reports in the media are that Dortmund want 70 million euros. Arsenal is yet to make contact.
    There’s no way in hell that Auba accepts 3.5 million p.a.
    He will be asking for the salary we offered Sanchez and Ozil, no less than that. These player’s agents have access to lots of data.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    The problems at Arsenal are not about money, but the way the club is and has been run for a long time.

    When you discuss money you should not forget that Arsenal built a modern
    stadium and infrastructure on a new site at their own expense and we are still
    paying the bill. Also this country went into serious recession whilst we were
    building and selling properties supposed to cover part of cost.

    Spurs by contrast are building a stadium on an existing site and are receiving
    quite a lot of government support for the project.

    I concede that the club should have done better in raising commercial sponsorship. We should not be ranked 5th behind Chelsea and Liverpool.

    However, the real issue at Arsenal is not how much we pay in transfer fees and wages, but rather how we organise and plan our transfer business and wage

    It seems to me that the club buys in in duplicate and triplicate players for certain roles and positions whilst neglecting others and too often in recent years
    we have walked away from deals having spent time dithering for months. Classic examples were the Higuain and Suarez situation and how we were negotiation in last transfer window over Sanchez and Lemar.

    Finally we know that Wenger does not understand the importance of building a balanced team where you focus as much on your defence as you do on the
    attack and flair aspects of team. We have lost too many games this season and
    conceded goals through poor team selections and bad planning.

    That is down to Wenger and the coaching staff at the club. No-one else is responsible for that.

  60. TonyD

    So Poll thinks VAR isn’t ready for next season with the main problem being technical difficulties using Slo Mo technology with the replays.

    How is it that we can use frame by frame replays at home and rugby union TMO has it, but the mega rich football world doesn’t?

    So it’s not perfect and mistakes can still be made, but that will keep Wenger, and his chief lackey “it wasn’t a penalty, red the rules, Pierre,” still in with their conspiracy excuses.

    Guess that’s a win win for them.

    However, even if it’s not 100%, it’s still worth using for the errors it can pick up for the time being imo.

    “Willian penalty blunder proves VAR is nowhere near ready for the Premier League… more mistakes are inevitable”

    Read more: