Inside scoop on Wenger’s departure date

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I think we’re here. The moment Le Grove readers have been waiting 10 years for. fanbase has finally united behind the movement that Arsene Wenger as an idea is finished.

Odd that many seem to think what we’re seeing now is any different to what’s come before. Last year, our new years dive started a bit later, but saw 6 losses in 10 games. 2 of the wins were against non-league teams in the FA Cup, 1 win was against Hull and the other was a City draw. The year before, no different. Quick exit from the Champions League. Losses to top 6 teams. Pitiful draws.

Both times, Arsenal fans wiped their tears away with FA Cup wins. Readers from this site, and many fans were keen to point out that FA Cups are not elite trophies and  didn’t paper over the shocking form in the CL, the terrible record against top 6 teams and the slow decline of our wonderful brand of early 2000s football.

What you saw yesterday wasn’t a tipping point, it was our typical turn of the year decline. Don’t kid yourself things have only just reached this nadir. Wenger has been in full-on regression for ten years, this result was just particularly stinging because it was against the backdrop of Ozil and Sanchez being out of the squad. The amplified pain is because it’s tough to see a way out this time. But may I remind you, Ozil and Sanchez were there last year and we still finished 5th.

I could go into the game, but I’m sure others will pick apart the performance better than I can. Needless to say, I think the below image tells you all you need to know about the levels we achieved in a carpark stadium.


Aside from the lack of spatial awareness, where is the leadership here? How can 4 players be dragged like that? When the ball made it through, what was Petr Cech thinking?

More to the point, Arsenal were 1-0 up against a team that would be sitting 17th. A team that’s conceded 35 goals. A team that we should be able to eat up. Yet still, we gave up the lead and proceeded to collapse.

Ivan Gazidis has made two very good signings in Raul Sahnelli and Sven Mislintat. However, those two can’t save us alone. My big concern is some of the absolute stinkers we have at the club still.

Firstly, Dave Priestly is the clubs sports psychologist. This guy was poached from Saracens (who were a client of mine) when they were the richest team in the UK but kept on choking at the final hurdle (watch this). Can someone tell me how he’s still at the club? If we’re about elite performance, and you look at his record, what has he achieved? Are we stronger mentally? Are we winning big games? Are we able to hold onto leads? How has he moved the needle in 3 years?


Moving on. Gerry Payton is still at the club. His greatest hits include Almunia, Fabianski, Chezzer and Petr Cech. Our current keeper has conceded more than 20% of his career goals with us and he’s 36. Szczęsny left us and now he’s #1 a Juve. Fabianski is a better keeper than Cech despite being at Swansea (coached by exArsenal coach Tony Roberts). Almunia was an abomination. Why is this guy still at the club? What is he doing?

Darren Burgess is our new fitness guru. How’s he getting on with Lacazette who Wenger said is fatigued? How has Ramsey’s fitness been? Where are our three first team defenders? How is Giroud? What improvements have come from this hire? If anything, we’ve regressed fitness wise this year.

Andries Joncker was a disaster, totally humiliated as soon as he left. Hendrik Almstadt who was Ivan’s right-hand man overseeing the dismal STATDNA went to Villa and tanked. Steve Rowley has been allowed to hang despite transfer hits such as Kim Kallstrom, Park Chu Young, Chamakh and Gervinho. Wenger’s inner circle is still at the club despite having nothing to show for their salary.

Anyway, my point here is two-fold. What are all these people doing at Arsenal to stop the rot? Why is Ivan allowing so many people at Arsenal totally mail it in? It’s shocking.

Now the big question, what are Arsenal going to do to stop the rot? Any other manager would be fired after the run Wenger’s just gone on. His record against the bottom 8 is laughable. He went out of the FA Cup 3rd round to a bunch of kids. He just gave up another lead away from home to a shit side. Not Arsenal though. All the noise I’m hearing is it’s highly unlikely he’ll leave this summer, and very likely he’ll be here next season.

His departure date will be 2019.

Arsenal ‘could’ bring in a new man. There’s enough names available to pick up the slack. The biggest name and most obvious is Carlo, but be real, we’re Arsenal, we could pull in anyone we wanted. We have the money, but we won’t do the smart thing and make a change to try and salvage 4th and get someone in early to get the lie of the land for next year (like Liverpool did, and City kind of).

So what can we do that doesn’t involve proper decisions? Maybe we should do what all the other elite teams are doing, head out to the sunshine for a few days. Get the players who want to stay to work through the problems as a group. Reassert the vision, give young players some responsibility to shine, give them a break from the winter and the bad news. United, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool have all done so. Why aren’t Arsenal? Because we don’t think like that. It’s the Wenger show.

Also, on the contract issues we’re going through, as much as I want to blame Wenger on this, what the hell was Ivan thinking? He should have offered Ozil and Sanchez £200k a week 2 years ago when they were asking. The CEO knew we could afford it, he knew TV money increases were going to inflate the value of contracts and transfer fees. Absurd that he let Wenger decide the money on offer was too much.

Look at how Spurs operate. They offer the best talent the right money that’ll get them to sign with the future in mind, and then pay the extra to have 1 yr extension option. That means if the player fails, they let the him go at the end of the deal. If they’re in a Sanchez situation, they trigger the clause when they know the players want out and get big money. Deli Alli is on a 7 year deal at £60k a week. Harry Kane is on a 6 year deal at £100k a week. Smart.

Arsenal should know about this sort of deal because we let Johann D enact that type of clause against us. Madness, and again, where some of my doubts about the future come from.

Anyway, some good news. Arsenal are going to try and exchange a player in the Sanchez/United deal. I’d take Martial or Mikki. Both would add value to the squad. I’d really like Mikki, I think the Mourinho burn will drive him to better things, but to be honest, same with Martial. He’ll want to impress and he’s young enough to be part of the next managers thinking.

Finally, Kike Marin reckons we’re in for Auba of Dortmund. I really like him. Some say he’s the Ghanaian Lacazette, but for me, he’s absolutely not. He’s lightning quick, can play all across the front line, he’s 6ft1, good in the air and he’s lethal. Sure, there are better options. Timo Werner or Icardi would be unreal, but we’re not making buys like that right now. But I’d take the Gabonese Lukaku over the French Kevin Phillips.

Finally, Chamberlain did us all a favour and killed City the invincibles story. He dropped an assist and scored their opener. Good for him. He’s going to be a good player, I liked him at Arsenal, he just needed an actual coach. Did you notice he’s not injured every other week? I hope Rambo isn’t paying attention.

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  1. jamdownyouth

    I cant believe some of my fellow Gunners keeps putting blame only on Wernger, even though his stubbornness and outdated tactics are the major cause. However, the truth of the matter is that as long as Kronke and his mercenaries remain in control of the club Arsenal will continue to sink further into mediocrity. I love AFC and I hope I am wrong but on the evidence we have seen so far I doubt I am. In any other team in the world Wenger would have been fired a long time ago but because this management is concerned ONLY about making money, they are completely comfortable with what Wenger is doing hence their reluctance to get rid of him. Any other decent manager in the world is going to demand more of the board in terms of quality players, but Wenger with his archaic belief of buying only 2 million pound players and turn them into stars feeds right into their spending preference. The irony of the situation is that Kronke will only relinquish control of the club when it starts losing huge sums of money, but by that time AFC might have sunk so low it will take new owners significant investment to bring them back into title contention.Your Comment Here

  2. Steveyg87

    You know, we all knew before this season started that Wenger had used up all his good grace with the fans. But we are now reaching a level where if we had to find out he was fired, the fans would celebrate it as if we had just signed Messi

  3. Tomtom

    I’m convinced that Wenger spends his days wondering why his revolutionary ideas of players not drinking alcohol and only eating pasta and rice has failed to pay off like it has done in the past.
    He has even tried tinkering with the canteen menu in a bid to get ahead of the opposition and has installed cameras to ensure all players are following his strict diet plan.
    The stories going around about Wenger bring an innovator in the early days were more or less nonsense and I’m glad that he has been exposed as a fraud that happened to inherit a good team

  4. Leedsgunner

    So we’re shifting out one supposed star with an attitude problem (Sanchez) and proposing to bring in an another star with an attitude problem (PEA). If squad unity is supposedly a problem how is this going to make things better?

    Wenger can’t deal with big stars with attitude. He won’t tolerate dissent because he still is under the delusion that he’s on the cutting edge of football and he still develops players. PEA will fade away like Arshavin etc.

    The current state of our club brings to mind, a cracking quote I saw a while back.

    “Arsenal is the only club in world football, where the manager loses the dressing room and the club decides to get rid the dressing room.”

    The Emirates, the Mockcumentary. Starring, Arsene “David Brent” Wenger, Ivan “Tim” Gazidas and Stan “Gareth” Kronke. Series 2006-2018. Get the entire box set!

  5. Leedsgunner

    Wenger could sign Messi Suarez and Neymar and transform them into bang averageness… oooh, I don’t know like Welbeck, Giroud and Theo.

    The truth is Wenger isn’t very good anymore… and he hasn’t been since 2006.

  6. Bamford10

    I think it might be useful to make a list of the 5-6 principal features of Wenger’s best teams and then ask oneself, where have these things gone?

    Though I wasn’t a supporter at that time, I have watched and read enough about those teams to contribute a few ideas to this project. Feel free to correct me where I am wrong.

    A few characteristics of Wenger’s best teams:
    – a rock-solid, experienced back four
    – a two-forward, 4-4-2 set-up
    – athletic, ball-winning CMs
    – world class attacking talent, both wide & up top
    – experienced, hard-edged leaders nearly everywhere in the XI

    What remains of this? Very little.

  7. Elmo


    It’s obvious that Wenger is long beyond thinking strategically into the future regarding signings.

    He is purely running on ultra-short-term survival instincts. He doesn’t care if he’s buying players who are 29 or 30, who will be of limited use in any rebuild. He doesn’t care that he just spent £52m on a CF and that he suddenly wants to buy another for even more money just 6 months later because the first one flopped. He doesn’t care if he spends every penny that might be otherwise available for the club to rebuild.

    All he cares about right now is survival from week to week, because his sole motivation is keeping at bay the impending fear of retirement that he considers to be his end. If he can finish 5th again and nick the league cup by spending £150m on 30 year olds, he’d do it, because it would give him a good shot at staying in the job for another year; he has no interest whether that decision would screw over the club for the next 5 years because that consideration is far beyond the horizon for a hunted beast.

  8. Leedsgunner

    It doesn’t matter who we sign. A crap coach will have nothing to pass on to world class players except crap. Who wants to have crap on their hands week in and week out?

    Signing this and that player under Wenger’s stewardship like like rearranaging the deckchairs on the Titanic after the iceberg has been struck with nothing to save you except your values.

  9. Elmo

    Remember that Wenger had a strict club policy for many years that Arsenal only gave one year contracts to any player aged 30 or over.

    Fast forward to times where he is desperate and his job is on the line and he’s willing to throw £60m+ on 29 year olds who have never even played in the league before.

  10. Leedsgunner


    Agreed. Wenger is simply the MOST reactionary manager in world football. No longer term thinking. He has made it all about him.

    For a man who continually says he loves the club, he is doing a fine job destroying it because he wants to save his skin.

    If The Board has any smidgen of loyalty to the club that they have a duty to protect, they need to fire Wenger… because no man can be bigger than the club.

  11. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘The stories going around about Wenger bring an innovator in the early days were more or less nonsense and I’m glad that he has been exposed as a fraud that happened to inherit a good team’

    You ever heard of shelf life? Wenger has faded badly and is providing with plenty of stick to beat him with. Is that not enough for you? Why try and discredit his life’s accomplishments and make yourself look a fool in the process?

  12. salparadisenyc

    This whole notion of player swapping with United for Sanchez is desperate.
    Rarely do player swaps come to fruition for a litany of reasons, when they do usually consist of a quality player wanting out and the other club giving lowest common denominator to push deal thru with cash incentive. Something tells me Mourinho would rake Wenger over the embers similar to what he did with Ashely Cole for Gallas in 2006.

    Sell Sanchez for cash and put it into the next managers kitty, don’t give Wenger anything in this window.

  13. Leedsgunner

    Pep often is found lecturing opposition players as they walk off the field… although it’s incredibly arrogant for him to do so, players give Pep a listen because he has the track record to back it up… and a team in fine form at the moment.

    Can you imagine Wenger trying to do the same? He would be derided universally.

  14. Bamford10

    Someone pointed this out yesterday, but compare Iwobi (useless) and Oxlade-Chamberlain (poor with us for stretches, though with some promise; fantastic for Liverpool yesterday as a CM).

    Could Iwobi perform at the level Oxlade-Chamberlain did yesterday for Liverpool? No. Never.

    Yet here Arsenal sit with the woeful Iwobi a recurring starter in the XI and Oxlade-Chamberlain improving and playing well at another club.

    A good example of late Wenger. He’s the anti-Midas.

  15. OleGunner

    I’ve known, along with countless others, that Wenger has been finished since 2012 at least.
    But when I knew he truly hit rock bottom was when he was pressed hard by Humphries in an interview about the next echelon to move Arsenal to and he gave us the all time gem: ” the next level, is the next level, is the next level”.

    No manager worth his salt in the game would spout such inane horse shit in competitive football. He’s a selfish coward and I hope he implodes on his way to killing the club more in 2018 and 2019.

  16. Marko

    39 goals conceded so far this season and we’re in mid January. Can be best the 60+ we conceded last season? It seems so. Not the kind of progress you’d expect from a supposed big club but when the manager comes out in interviews saying the exact same thing about the defensive performances every game well you hardly expect change. Oh and the smirking you gotta love the smirking it’s like he’s untouchable and he knows it so why give one shit about the results

  17. UTarse

    Elmo / Leeds,
    “ElmoAgreed. Wenger is simply the MOST reactionary manager in world football. No longer term thinking. He has made it all about him.For a man who continually says he loves the club, he is doing a fine job destroying it because he wants to save his skin.If The Board has any smidgen of loyalty to the club that they have a duty to protect, they need to fire Wenger… because no man can be bigger than the club.”

    And you have muppets on here saying he should be respected for what he has achieved at the club ?!

    Fucking moronic fanbase.

  18. Tomtom


    I think Wenger has done enough to discredit himself and the club all by himself.
    Did he win the champions league?
    We only got to one final.
    Did he win back to back championship?
    He had some moderate success in his early years at the club but his shelf life as you call it rapidly faded.
    Wenger deserves all the criticism that he is receiving and his pathetic attempts to shift the blame, including using the supporters is just downright wrong.

  19. Leedsgunner

    Oxlade had a good game yesterday but he’s not all that. Let him produce like Sterling for a season or two before we hail him as somebody worth crying about. We completely mugged Liverpool imo with that £35m price tag.

    Iwobi is a good player but because Wenger doesn’t coach and he tolerates ill discipline if you’re one of the manager’s pets, he is regressing.

  20. Marko

    Please god let the rumours of Besiktas trying to sign Welbeck be true. Could you imagine selling Walcott and Welbeck in the same window and replacing them? And a new manager comes in? And saves us all?

  21. graham62

    Just to reitorate, Sanchez is not to blame for this utter cock-up.

    He was open and honest, from his body language alone, that he wanted to leave a year back.


  22. Wenker-wanger

    When Wenger wasn’t really found out for the incompetent tool some years back, he had some credibility with negotiations with transfers. Seen as a hard bargainer, there was a perception henwas at least looking after the money for the club.
    Now we are at a point where there is no confidence in him from any quarter and as such all his dealings with others in the game are from a weak position.
    Pep, mourinho etc will take this prick to the cleaners. Wenger has made arsenal a 2nd tier team, by that a team like Everton of old scrapping for Europa league entry.
    Consequently the top tier clubs now look down at lowly arsenal and consider our best players as “up for grabs”.
    Such a fall from the top tier without a real fight is a disgrace, as many have said it doesn’t really matter what happens to arsenal as long as this selfish arrogant dictator is controlling arsenal. The man is an addict…..a disease in this club.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    How shameless do you have to be to hang around in a job when you know the vast majority of fans are just waiting for you to f**k off.

    Of course Kroenke is to blame for giving him the new deal, but what kind of pig do you have to be to do that, the ego, the stubbornness, the utter cowardice.

    I think Wenger has f****d his legacy now as well, personally it will take years for me to think of him in any kind of positive light.

    For as long as he is here Arsenal are an utter irrelevance, yet he will hang around as long as it is allowed. You have to have some levels of shamelessness to pull that off, £10 Million a year, fine, but your cowardice and ego must be some size to make up for the shame of fans literally apathetic through exasperation waiting for you to f**k off and the media dealing with you in a patronising tone that is reserved for the elderly who have lost it a bit.

  24. Wenker-wanger

    @ utarse,
    Too right about the Wenger respectors based on history.
    Wengers success( if you can attribute even 10% down to him) was 12 years ago.
    He has lost any goodwill towards him, and that’s his fault.
    You should only be judged on your recent performance if you are in a sporting arena. Yes you can look back and comment about a historical performance, but when you continue failing and selfishly refusing to resign in the best interests of the club then Respect disappears, and rightly so.

  25. Tomtom

    Surely the atmosphere around the club must stink now.
    When Wenger enters a room he must be getting funny looks and also hearing the talk behind his back.
    He’s a dead man walking and the two year contract extension was criminal negligence from the club.
    It’s well known amongst all football commentators and anyone else involved in the game that he should have retired 5 years ago and what’s happening now is a shame to see but also entertaining to watch in a strange kind of way.
    We often think incompetence at the top level of any industry is not tolerated, Wenger proves that theory wrong

  26. UTarse

    “How shameless do you have to be to hang around in a job when you know the vast majority of fans are just waiting for you to f**k off.”

    Sorry to say Cesc but that is bollocks, the majority of this moronic fanbase still think Arsene knows. I went to my first game this season v Chelsea and asked a group of fans at a nearby pub and a couple actually became hostile because I asked Wenger in or out. You couldn’t Fucking make up such a story of stupidity and blind misplaced faith !!!

  27. Marko

    Highbury hope? What is this hope you speak of?

    CA you can see it now he’s doing his usual reactive job and trying to sign a couple underwhelming players in the hope that it’ll buy himself some time with the fans. The usual

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I agree that we have one of the worst sets of fans going who are putting one d**khead’s legacy above the club, but I think you can say the majority of fans want him gone.

    Our problem is the flip floppers, a decent run, get to the League Cup final etc and they start the ‘is it really that bad’, ‘a lot of teams would trade with us’, ‘be careful what you wish for’ etc.

    If you are one of them then you’re a total bellend.

  29. UTarse

    You mean little P ? trust me there are plenty like him. NOT one fan would stand up and back me when I shouted Wenger out. NOT ONE.

  30. UTarse

    I have to agree with Shearer and Murphy that the board are complicit and as much to blame. You honestly could not make this up. BUT what they don’t know is that our fanbase just sit there like lemons and take it, no lube, straight up the backside.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, no vision or plan just trying to get himself out of the hole he has dug.

    That is why the money should be banked and Mislintat and Sanllehi should be dealing with the new manager signing players to fit into a system (Wenger probably cannot spell the word) so not just buying but buying with purpose and vision.

    Get £55 Million from Sanchez and Walcott, bank it. That goes with the transfer budget from last year that was hardly touched and the one this year.

    Gazidis also needs to be aware we need to spend big, maybe even beyond our means, this summer with commercials coming up soon.

  32. Relieable Sauce

    The Arsene-al fans will of course take another 18 months of the same old shit with nothing but promises to pin their hopes on. Just not too sure any good player will.

  33. HighburyLegend

    “you can say the majority of fans want him gone.”

    Except of course the fans from other clubs, whom wants him to stay.

  34. Tomtom

    “Overall I believe that we played since January in a very difficult environment for different reasons. Some obviously that you know about, and that is very difficult for the group of players to cope with that. Some other reasons where we will talk about another day. But the psychological environment for the group of the players was absolutely horrendous. I am very proud of what they have done, the way they responded and finished the season.”

    This was a comment from Wenger at the end of last season.
    Surely he must accept responsibility for the terrible atmosphere and with it starting even earlier this season he really needs to do what’s best for himself and the club by stepping down and admitting that he is an utter c¥nt

  35. Dissenter

    “That is why the money should be banked and Mislintat and Sanllehi should be dealing with the new manager signing players to fit into a system (Wenger probably cannot spell the word) so not just buying but buying with purpose and vision.”
    I disagree with that notion of keeping the money.
    It’s better to bring the players in now and tie them down to long term contracts. the 55 million won’t be able to buy much in 1.5 years. Everyone
    Spend it now to get good players, preferably younger players.
    The new manager ought to have a base of good players to start with.

  36. Marko

    Yeah the shit he comes out with does my head in. Absolutely zero responsibility taken at the club. Every bad or mediocre performance is met with actual praise and a continuation in the side. Xhaka for example has been straight up awful to meh for months now and he’s in 35+ games starting. Iwobi goes on the tear and has been playing poorly to say the least but he’s continuously starting games. It’s honestly a joke. Fucking Hannibal Leckter could be a pretty shit forward player for us on the weekend and be murdering people on a Friday night and he’d still get picked by this joke manager

  37. UTarse

    I’m gonna leave it at I strongly disagree with you rather than letting it degenerate into a slanging match.

  38. Wenker-wanger

    It is true there are some weirdly “loyal” fans to AW.
    I met one in a pub near Leicester. He was drunk so it was an exaggerated emotion I theorised.
    Even so, his reasoning was undrstandable and basic enough, but was lacking any real balance or persuasive argument.. He seemed to imply that we all have to get behind him and it was our duty and that Wenger’s failure was partly due to oil money. He mentioned that “who would we get to replace him”?
    This is an adult. This is some adults mentality… doesn’t comprehend anything more complicated than the siege mentality and tribal mindset.
    For this unfortunate and seemingly failed man, Wenger is like a family member…..and as such has or should have, unconditional support.
    I could’ve bothered to argue but didn’t as such semi-moronic people are unable to grasp a point of view of to encompass a rounded discussion.
    Just a complete tosser really.

  39. Marko

    Does he love the club? I’d say that at this point in time he thinks that he does but how could he truly since he continues to slowly turn us into a worse football club. Now it’s more about self preservation than actually doing a good job with long term goals in mind

  40. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And as though we don’t need reminding of the genius of One Arsene Wenger, was it not the same pompous buffoon who decided to try to play cute by offering 40 million plus 1 for Luis Suarez?

    That one episode defines the audacious arrogance of the fool. We are where we are today cause Wenger is such a categorical genius.

  41. Marko

    The only negative comment I’m going to make towards you today Don cause I’m tired but why do you do the whole I want him gone too but then continue to make excuses for him all day shtick. It honestly gets tiring.

  42. Wenker-wanger

    I can see your argument.
    You are correct in that players have a job to do that they are well paid for. Their feelings shouldn’t affect their work ethic.
    It’s a strange one at this point in time. I can see why the players aren’t giving 100%, it’s like there is a malaise in the camp.
    Yes ultimately they need to work at maximum, track back, put their bodies on the line, but Wenger has lost the dressing room and as such these players have lost their motivation. They find it hard to die for the shirt with Wenger in control.

  43. Marko

    Was actually arguing with someone yesterday about how I don’t think Lacazette should be alongside Xhaka considered one of the worst signings we’ve made. But honestly if we end up signing Aubameyang for 50 odd million this January then Lacazette will end up being an awful signing. Why didn’t we sign Aubameyang in the summer for nearly the same price considering he’s the better striker? Shows a real lack thought. I personally think that Wenger didn’t actually want to sign him or a striker really for some adverse reason. Like Lucas Perez he was probably forced to which would make sense since every opportunity he gets he substitutes him while Welbeck stays on the pitch and he’s much worse

  44. Rrobbins

    I’ve refrained from commenting for months now. Being in California, I watched first half of Sunday on record, turned on the live Liverpool city game. What a pleasure to at least admire what I watched, without yelling at pathetic play. It starts at the top; the legacy is over; if he truly loved the club, he would announce his resignation. I’ve never seen poorer management from board, to front office, to manager. Status quo is erosion. He’s proved it in a most striking way. The entire deal is so very sad for the supporters. The board is brain dead.

  45. TitsMcGee

    . Why didn’t we sign Aubameyang in the summer for nearly the same price considering he’s the better striker?”

    Because Wenger doesn’t really do anything that makes sense. There is no strategy. It’s all just a hodge podge Mickey Mouse operation.

    As has been said. It’s desperate on his part. He realizes that we are in danger of finishing 6th and he’s panicking.

    Remember the trolley dash after 8-2?

  46. David Smith

    There is only one man who is ultimately keeping wenger and his band of failures at this club, the board are complicit in many of the clubs ills, but they cannot actually sack wenger at this rather odd club.
    Wenger and Kroenke have squandered what should have been a competitive advantage with the new stadium, one though greed and laziness, the other through a desire for power and survival.
    We are owned by the most crap billionaire sports club owner on the planet.
    That said, I still think there are factors that could make wenger walk this summer, it wont be poor performance, but possibly the France job, appointments over his head, especially if Ivan can continue making inroads into his merry men.
    But , ultimately, Thats one fine mess you have gotten us into , Stanley

  47. james wood

    Cannot believe how few high balls Welbeck headed on yesterday.
    Feel sorry for Lacazette service to him has been appalling.
    The sooner he and Giroud are paired up the better.
    Wether they get on or not.
    Sell the the two W’S AND SACK THE OTHER W.

  48. HighburyLegend

    “Got to say, that’s really not much of a scoop”

    Especially when you know that he will leave much more later lol

  49. Pierre

    Wenger wanger on a fan who dared to say he will support Wenger ….

    “This is an adult. This is some adults mentality… doesn’t comprehend anything more complicated than the siege mentality and tribal mindset.”

    To be honest this comment from you could quite easily be aimed at the Wenger obsessives..
    What intellegent adults would go marching through the streets of London shouting abuse about Wenger. Is that not some kind of tribal mindset.

    I know hundreds of Arsenal fans and 99% are happy for Wenger to go ,not one will say that he deserves to stay on but there is only one fan that I would call a Wenger obsessive,and by that I mean someone who supports Arsenal but wants them to lose, wants our players injured , abuse jack Wilshere because he is unlucky to suffer injuries, will not recognise when Arsenal repeatedly get turned over by referees, forever tell us how great Spurs and Liverpool are doing even though they win fuck all, will not celebrate us winning a trophy, repeatedly tell us that winning trophies is a doddle …..ah yes ,the mentality of a Wenger obsessive..

  50. Bay Area gooner

    Morning from the cool and cloudy sf Bay Area

    I say we buy now. Dissenter is right. The money will lose its value if not spent asap.

    We have the ox money still to get Malcolm
    We sell as and Theo to buy pea . We get miki or martial. Not too bad for our impotent attack currently

    Not sure who we could buy for a defender
    Sven can sort that out

  51. Billp79

    The notion that Wenger will redeem himself in the last year of his contract is farcical.
    Stan should take his cut of the 150 mil. that’s been generated and hand off the team to some new and upcoming….
    no purchases until the who and why questions are answered…by a new manager.
    Malcom is young enough to weather a transition if known ahead of time…mikki and martial only if the stop gap cost are not excessive and they can be move on at a later date by the new manager …otherwise just stick with new talent like Malcolm

  52. follow the money

    Any signings are a good idea only if Wenger leaves in May. Any longer and they will be Wengerized aka ruined

  53. graham62


    Absorb what I’ve said one more time and come back to me again.

    When players minds are not set in negative mode, they will perform 100%.

    Have you ever worked in an environment that is infected so badly, that you become numb to it’s many problems? If you have not, then I can understand where you’re coming from. However, if you have, then I’m afraid your perceptions on life are slightly limited.

    I’m not saying this in a bad way, just saying unless you’ve experienced working in such a septic environment, you cannot pass judgement.

    This has nothing to do with wearing the shirt/kissing the badge. Look at the players(closely) when things go wrong. They are lost. They have no where to turn.

    I guarantee that none of those players are truly enjoying what they are doing. They should be, but, quite clearly, they are not.

    The dressing room was lost long ago. The trust and belief that is constantly rammed down our throats by Wenger himself, is not there.

    I believe all the players love the club and donning the Arsenal shirt, but if you lose faith in the system(WENGER) performances will suffer.

    Maybe I am obsessive on this (I would say driven) but at least everyone on Le Grove sees where I’m coming from, even though they may not agree with me.

    Nothing/nobody, will change my own perceptions on Wenger. He is the cause of /reason for, all the visible problems at the club, of that I have no doubt.

    He has become an absolute PARASITE that has affected us all, including the players.

    Most on here, I know, would agree with me.

  54. Ben

    Miki gets blown off the ball for Utd. I’ve not seen a player with such low body strength he’s not what we need. That lad Dacoure at Watford has the box to box drive and power we lack.

  55. shaun ellis

    wenger wants martial ….you can just see Martial and Mourine laughing thinking wenger must be high on something …….that old biddy is definitely suffering from dementia …………….like Martial would want to play for that fool ..wenger should just take manu rejects and be done with it …….even mourine is now playing the wenger does not get enough respect card …………………lol………………………lol fuck me when mourine starts defending wenger then we know we really are the laughing stock , it’s like when some of my spuds fan friends try and get all serious and say come on the man has qualified for the CL every year ..then they just burst out laughing………what a sad joke we have become