Arsenal in the mix for 4 players: Latest on each name

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Celebrating with Big T

Celebrating with Big T

Good morning to yah!

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NEWS wise, Arsenal are baiting City and United for Alexis. The story is that we want one of Martial or Mikki, so United are the faves. There are all sorts of trouble making counterpoints flying around. Some noise that Mikki wants better money and we’re not offering that. Some say Mikki is wanted by Sven, others say Wenger wants the Frenchman. A CLASH IS BREWING.

I’m easy either way because I think both players could offer value.

Mikki has been snubbed, no, humiliated by Jose. The Armenian boasts pace, incredible work rate and at his best, goals and assists. Being pied after a big transfer deal leaves you with a burning desire to impress more than anything. Wenger at his best was great at finding players with a point to prove. Only drawback is his age, which is 28. Still young, but, you know.

Martial on the other is a 1995er. He’ll know first hand about the dark days of Arsenal, rumoured he turned in his season ticket after Paris, so he’ll get the culture of the club. Not just that, he’s super young, just a baby. He was the most expensive teenager of all time, he’s been managed under a group of disciplinarians (which is good), and basically, the world is his lobster. He has so much to give. Is Wenger the one to rejuvenate him? No. But look, he’ll give him a fuck load of game time and the player is young enough to see in the new manager in 18months time. Has it in him to be a £100m player.

Who would I pick? Really couldn’t care less. Both would be additive to the side, both would make Arsenal more interesting to watch. That’s how low I’ve sunk. Mikki would be great for now impact, and if we’re signing Auba, they’d click. Martial would be great to swell the youth ranks and could be absolute talent moving forward under a proper manager.

Couple of people said they felt robbed by post title this morning because I didn’t put a date down for Wenger’s departure. The inside line is he’s not going anywhere as it stands. He’s still within spitting distance of 4th, he could still make it, if he puts up even a brave fight, there’s no way Stan is bombing him off before his goodbye year. That’s the inside track. So put your Ancelotti stories in the same bin as your tear sodden Kleenex.

Things could change, don’t get me wrong, nothing is defacto in sport. But people at the club are mostly resigned to the only way the manager leaving being if he resigns, or…

A clash with Sven…

A clash with the fans…


Nothing else is getting between him, power and money.

There are also a bunch of rumours suggesting Sven M’s big new signing is going to be Malcolm of Bordeaux. The Brazilian looks exciting in the videos. Powerful, fast, direct, beautiful first touch, with a mixture of assists and goals to boot (Grimantube him here). Rumours are his home club want him loaned back, I’d take that if we land exchange players from United.

The latest on this deal is very AFC, this from Sport Witness.

Therefore, Sud-Ouest state that ‘if Arsenal do come forward, the Gunners will have to be very convincing financially’.

As for Malcom himself, the 20-year-old is ‘seduced’ by all the interest in him, and isn’t hiding it, but he’s also been known to follow his family’s and professional entourage’s counsel, and his performance on Saturday (an assist in a 1-0 win against Troyes away) is proof for the local newspaper the Brazilian still cares about the French club.

What I love about this move is it’s exactly the sort of unknown starlet we used to win with. Aubemayang was that player we missed out on years ago. Others like Kante were also sad French misses. The new guys is bringing decisive action early on in his job, and he’s proactive about the issues the squad has. Whereas the dreadful Steve Rowley most certainly wasn’t.

*Also, cultural faux fuck up. He’s Gabonese, NOT Ghanaian.

My main concern though is the one I’ve had for years, unless it’s location or being a family man, elite talent won’t move to regress under a failing coach. That said, money talks. Real loud in some cases.

The final story is about Aubamayeng. Guillaume Ballague (who once said I had great hair and terrific quads) had this to say.

“One of them they want to close and finalise is Aubameyang.”

“They are willing to pay 60m euros. So they hope Dortmund accepts, and are very optimistic that this could be the case. There are other clubs interested but right now Arsenal is ahead of them, but nothing has been finalised yet.”

I’m still game for this, I don’t care what his haters say. He’s been racking up goals in a league that’s superior to Ligue 1. He’s rapid, he’s good in the air and has a physical presence, and I think he’d be an improvement on Lacazette.

Would I have preferred Timo Werner or Mauro Icardi? For sure, but that’s not happening. I think this sort of move could get us to the end of the season.

Right, that’s me done. Check this mornings match review here. Also, please watch our video. WE DID IT LIVE. x

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  1. Pierre

    Come on ignorant ones give me the answer and then tell me if it is not an offensive Comment.

    I can tell you for a fact that it wasn’t meant as complimentary.

  2. Pierre

    Bunch of ignorant wankers who complain about racist and homophobic remarks but are happy to use terms like mongheads which I find much more offensive than anything that Don has said.

    Hold your heads in shame.

  3. Pierre

    Down syndrome people were previously called mongols and and that’s where mong comes from.
    Monghead is a term that is used to call someone stupid, thick, idiot etc.

    The only people that are stupid, thick and idiotic are the one’s that use that term.

  4. WengerEagle

    Martial is total fiction, Mourinho’s a lot of things but he’s not stupid, Martial is clearly destined to be a top player.

    I’d be a liar if I said that I wanted Mkhitaryan now, he looked mustard in Germany but he’s largely been a disappointment in the BPL, doesn’ score goals and he’s a turnover machine just like Sanchez.

    Aubameyang story is interesting, as good as his stats are it says it all that he’s desperate to move to us in our current state, another elite finisher without much of an all-round game and quite average general technique.

  5. Nw9 gooner

    Sánchez is just a mercenary- if he joins MU and not MC it will just be for more money . Our dislike for Arsene should not cloud the fact that he is after money – all this talk of trophies is just crap. He has a history of disdain for contract renewals. Good riddance of a disruptive influence. Wish we had sold him in the summer- we could not have been worse .

  6. Tomtom

    Sanchez is regarded as one if the best players in the world and now he wants out, won’t matter to him where once he gets out.
    The clubs name must be in the dirt amongst football agents and players.
    It’s poison now to join Arsenal and Wenger is the man responsible

  7. Gooner63

    “Sánchez is just a mercenary- if he joins MU and not MC it will just be for more money . Our dislike for Arsene should not cloud the fact that he is after money – all this talk of trophies is just crap. He has a history of disdain for contract renewals. Good riddance of a disruptive influence. Wish we had sold him in the summer- we could not have been worse .”

    lol yep lets blame alexis, despite him being told he could go in the summer and then his move was stopped on deadline day
    Then he gets blamed for being disruptive despite the way he was treated

    Probably Alexis’s fault they were were still crap for the 7 years before Alexis even signed for us

  8. WengerEagle

    That’s a ridiculous assertion- look at the trajectory of us and United as football clubs, it’s pretty clear that we are both moving in different directions ambition wise.

    United are clearly on the up, 2nd in the league to a record smashing Man City juggernaut and topping their group in Europe, young core in De Gea, Bailly, Pogba, Martial, Lukaku.

    Sanchez wouldn’t have got his game at Citeh, who is he dislodging in the XI? Sterling or Sane? No chance.

    Aguero/Jesus? No chance.

  9. DaveB666

    The fact is ignoring Sanchez as a player – this business that is Arsenal FC have allowed over £100million of assets to get themselves into a situation where they call the shots – our ever frugal chief has maybe saved us that amount in the past but as Danny Murphy said on MOTD2 last night they walk out of the door losing us up to £150million and what we have left is a bad championship team that will take another £150million to renew. Good work Arsene.

  10. Nw9 gooner

    WE my point is that when MC were favourites to land him all of us were asserting that he was not going for the money but to win trophies – now MU come in with a better offer he changed. There are reports MC withdrew cos Sánchez dishonoured the earlier tacit agreement. I wish he had gone to City – like you say, he would have difficulty getting into that side whereas at Utd he would strengthen them

  11. DaveB666

    Sanchez is a mercenary?

    Really no player now has any affinity for a club in all honesty. I think Le Fraud seems to believe that Sanchez and Ozil would sign on again for the love of Arsenal – lets look at what reality brings in the next few days shall we, Fabregas, Henry, Van Persie all sold to rivals because we weren’t a club good enough to keep them.

  12. Cart

    Think people are missing the point with Sanchez.

    To call him a mercenary cos he’s looking likely to sign for Utd is lazy. Why? COS CITY DON’T WANT TO PAY MORE THAN THEY HAD IN MIND.

    At what point do people just accept that he’s had enough of Wenger’s shite…SO MUCH SO THAT he’s not prepared to hang about. What’s so hard about accepting this semblance?

  13. WengerEagle


    Fact is he has a better chance at success at United, a club clearly on the up than here with us, a club clearly in regression with a nutty professor at the helm.

    He’s also a player that needs to be playing, something which he wouldn’t be guaranteed at City.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Moment RVP drafted that letter calling out clubs ambition any player having second thoughts about direction of career /club under Wenger had all justification needed to push on. No doubt Ozil will follow in summer. This club has been tailor made for the Walcotts whom suck on the titty of AW and collect a tidy sum.

  15. Jamie

    I don’t see Alexis as a mercenary either. He was sold a bullshit yarn by Wenger 3.5 years ago. He realised last season that there was no chance his ambition would be matched by Wenger’s.

    The difference between him and RVP is that Alexis didn’t spend 70% of his arsenal career on the treatment table collecting millions. Alexis also hasn’t released any disparaging statements about the club to agitate a move. He’s busted a gut (barring this season) virtually every time he’s played for us.

    He’s earned a move, he’s earned a massive pay hike. We aren’t remotely close to being a super-club. Why would/should he stay and continue to play under Wenger?

    I don’t care where he goes. We aren’t winning major trophies with or without him, so who he joins is irrelevant to our future as a club. The only thing that matters is the amount we can cash him in for, and hope it pissed up the wall (it will be though).

  16. salparadisenyc

    That said we get Mikki in return w/Malcom and PEA w/ Coq and Walcott leaving signals for me a new decisiveness we’ve not seen from Wenger. New hires are making or having say in the decisions and that is the beginning of the end for Weng.

  17. Cart


    I had ES & Pierre stuck on stupid last night and this morning. Twas fucking painful.

    I mean, it was as if they’re were trying to partly exonerate Wenger from being entirely responsible for this debacle.

    “why didn’t he hand in a transfer”.
    “he should’ve been crystal clear fro the start”.

    Cue the LOL.

    Just heard Gary Neville debating with the air head, Carragher, on Sky sports.

    Nevs said “why would Arsenal entertain City if Utd are offering £15m more…”.

    Carragher’s retort was so dumb, he said “Sanchez should just sit there and say I’m not going”.

    Has Carragher just awoken from an induced coma or something? does he not realise that Sanchez told Wenger 12-18 months ago that he wasn’t going to renew his deal?

  18. TR7

    Rumor – Besiktas interested in signing Welbeck.

    Coq, Theo and now Welbeck….. Is Wenger really leaving? I can’t imagine him letting this lot go if he is staying.

    I backed Welbeck in the hope he would eventually come good but I have given up hope now. No problem if he leaves.

  19. Dissenter

    United will play Alexis more salary
    United will give Alexis more opportunities to play, relative to city
    United will pay the selling club more
    United are the biggest club in Manchester, regardless of Guardiola.
    Alexis will take them to a new level and will energize that club.

    Yet people are still calling Alexis a mercenary???

  20. Dissenter

    Dortmund are not going to let Auba go for free.
    I expect Chelsea to challenge us for Auba. We won’t have a feee run at him.

  21. WengerEagle

    Aubameyang is not as good as people think he is, they will be diappointed if they are expecting him to crack in 30-40 goals a season over here.

    Very muh reliant on service like Lacazette who’s struggled.

  22. TR7

    All footballers are mercenary. You and I wouldn’t mind more salary from our employers, so kind of pointless going in to that debate.

    Besides Sane always starts ahead of Alexis, so the move doesn’t make much sense for either City or Alexis.

  23. TitsMcGee

    Auba will LOVE London. He’s a party boy.
    Chelsea haven’t replaced Costa.”

    So funny to me that we are essentially replacing everything besides the main problem itself in order to appease said problem.

  24. WengerEagle

    Yeah ‘loyalty’ is a laugable criticism to aim at a Chilean who grew up dirt poor in Tocopilla, why should Sanchez show Arsenal loyalty?

    It’s not like we’ve done him a massive favour and have taken him in as a refuge, he would have been an asset to the vast majority of football clubs.

    Loyalty doesn’t exist in footy so it’s childish to bitch about it whenever a top quality player wants to leave, Sanchez isn’t an Arsenal supporter so why should he care as much as you do?

  25. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    I agree regarding Auba.
    He’s not that fast. He’s not strong enough to hold the ball and play alone in the Premier league context.
    I do think Auba can Create his own chances unlike Lacazette.

    Honestly I would have Pavon. [the Boca Junior forward] and Malcolm rather that Auba.
    I want the next manager to have a base of god young players to start with. I don’t want Wenger to load the manager with 30 year old has-beens on long term contracts.

  26. Marko

    Aubameyang is not as good as people think he is, they will be diappointed if they are expecting him to crack in 30-40 goals a season over here.Very muh reliant on service like Lacazette who’s struggled.

    He’s better than what we have. 21 goals so far this season and 30+ the previous two suggests that he’s good enough for a lot of clubs but I agree without service he won’t score much. He also doesn’t address how shit our midfield and defence is

  27. Bay Area gooner

    Miki has to come. If he kills this deal his playing is over at Man U and he knows it. We are reuniting with Sven and throwing s lifeline to him. He will come and. Play hard for us.

    If any money is leftover from ox spend. On defender quick

  28. Marko

    So funny to me that we are essentially replacing everything besides the main problem itself in order to appease said problem.


  29. salparadisenyc

    I’m with Marko there… no predicting what PEA will do if he came in but as stated he’s found net 21 times this season with Lacazette being are leading man at 8.

    We are fucking dire in front of net.

  30. WengerEagle

    Agree Dissenter, I’d rather we buy younger players, Malcolm is excellent I was bigging him up earlier in the season, very much type of player we ought to be pursuing.

    Auba will score a boatload of goals in the right team, won’t be at Arsenal though.

  31. Number9


    ‘Wenger spends big on players who are not ready or not good enough.’

    No Ozil and Sánchez have been atotrocious. At least give mustafi a year and Xhaka is a work in progress.

    1 out of 4 doesn’t exactly back up your argument.

  32. TR7

    Yes I want us to go for young players like Fekir, Malcom and Pavon who will hopefully play under a new manager. What’s the point in signing people like Miki who is not interested in joining us and probably anyway past his best. The only thing signings like Miki do is to delude a section of the supporter in to believing we haven’t lost our way and that we can still draw ‘top’ players.

  33. Dissenter

    I have never fancied Elneny and I cannot understand what he is doing last Arsenal.
    I disliked him more when I saw the Alexis trolling;

    “Mohamed ELNeny‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @ElNennyM
    Who will come with me Russia
    @MesutOzil1088 @MustafiOfficial
    @_OlivierGiroud_ @LacazetteAlex @6_LKOSCIELNY
    @HectorBellerin @_nachomonreal
    sorry my friend Sanchez There is no place for you


    Who jokes with stuff like that?
    How can that be funny???
    A part-time bench warmer who is happy to enjoy the sights of London messing with a grievous wound.

  34. Carts

    I’d make a b-line for Vincent Aboubakar from Porto.

    His powerful style remind me a lot like Costa. Porto usuallybget paid in gold and it wouldn’t surprise me if his agent is Mendes. But I like him a lot.

    Late bloomer but solid

  35. Carts

    I can’t stand Elneny’s face. Let alone his bang average football ability.

    Biggest waste of £10m ever!

    As for Welbeck packing his bags to Turkey lol. No chance. He’s a bit like Wilshere and Walcott in the sense that they need that extra comfy spot.

    Maybe someone like Huddersfield or Brighton. Even Newcastle

  36. Dissenter

    I dislike players who are comfortable not playing…in the prime of their careers.
    Good managers move those players on quickly.

    Elneny is the epitome of that type of player. He’s living his dream already playing in London. That’s all that matters to him.
    Until he raises a fuss to play, he’s a nobody.

  37. TR7

    What is Xhaka exactly better at when you compare him to Elneny?

    I list down aspects of Elneny’s game which are better than Xhaka

    1. More mobile
    2. Always available to receive the ball – in both attacking and defensive areas and as a result helps in build up play
    3. Has a better understanding of the game – when to move high up on the pitch and when to sit back

  38. Carts

    Admittedly, Auba over Lacazette was my preference.

    However how much of a risk is he if he’s acting up at BVB? Or maybe he’s doing it to force a move hence the TR.

  39. WengerEagle

    Xhaka’s better defensively and has a better range of passing, Elneny is better ar retaining the ball and is cleaner in his distribution, both are shite though and neither are close to good enough to best any half decent opp CM.

  40. Dissenter

    You’re wasting your time comparing Elneny with Xhaka.
    It’s like comparing rotten garbage with putrid garbage. You’re not going to have either in your living room, are you?

  41. Carts

    Get rid of the following in summer:

    Chamber – £15m
    Elneny – £10m
    Walcott – £20m
    Welbeck – £15m
    Iwobi (loan)leaving:
    Sanchez – £35m
    Coquelin – £10m
    Ozil – £0
    Mertesacker – £0
    Debuchy – £0We need the following:GK – Leno/Trapp (demote Cech to #2)
    CB – Tah
    CB – ???
    DM – Diawara (Napoli)/Doucoure (Watford)
    CM – Frenkie De Jong (Ajax)/Weigl (BVB)/Maddison (Norwich)
    RW – Hazard (Borussia Glad)/Meyer (Schalke) Nelson (promote)
    LW – Malcom (Bordeaux)
    CF – Vincent Aboubahkar (Porto)/Auba (BVB)

  42. WengerEagle


    Always had a soft spot for Aboubakar, bit like Draxler in that for years he’s performed very well in the UCL if you go and look at his whoscored, but has struggled for consistency domestically.

    Had a very decent spell for Besitktas last season and has built on that coming back to Portugal where he’s now scoring on the reg in the league too. Scored a beaut of a winner in the ACN a year back vs Egypt.

    Don’t ever see him ever hitting that next level but he’s a very good CF.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Here is latest valuation of leading 6 English Clubs playing staff on Transfermarkt. This is before sale of Sanchez.

    Man City £704.25 Million [21 players]
    Chelsea £636.08 Million [26 players]
    Man Utd £633.15 Million [26 players]
    Spurs £610.65 Million [24 players]
    Liverpool £527.40 Million [29 players]
    Arsenal £455.36 Million [27 players]

    Valuation of individual players shows:
    KANE ranked 3rd
    DE BRUYNE ranked 5th
    HAZARD ranked 7th
    POGBA ranked 9th
    LUKAKU ranked 12th
    ALLI ranked 15th
    SALAH ranked 16th
    STERLING ranked 17th
    SANE ranked 21st
    AGUERO ranked 26th
    ERIKSEN ranked 29th
    SANCHEZ ranked 30th
    LACAZETTE ranked 41st
    OZIL ranked 54th

    This tells you everything that you need to know about the decline and fall of
    Arsenal this season in relation to our competitors. Our squad valuation at start
    of season was above Spurs and Liverpool.

  44. TR7

    WE and Dissenter

    So that’s kind of my point. Nobody goes gaga over Elneny. It’s just that some still prefer him over Xhaka who has his own limitations. So when you say it irks you that he sits on his arse picking up his salary, it could well have been Xhaka warming the bench and Elneny playing under a different manager. Both are below our level though.

  45. WengerEagle


    Na it irks me that Xhaka gets destroyed (rightfully so) but Elneny strangely gets a pass by a fair few on here for perceived ‘smoothness’, ‘calmness’ and other BS intangibles.

    Elneny whenever he has played has shpwn himself time and time again to be a nothing player.

  46. TR7

    ‘Na it irks me that Xhaka gets destroyed (rightfully so) but Elneny strangely gets a pass by a fair few on here for perceived ‘smoothness’, ‘calmness’ and other BS intangibles.’

    Look at Carts’ exit list and see who gets a pass. Elneny up there in the list, Xhaka?

    You will see scores of posters saying Xhaka will come good in a good set up or perhaps in next season while as far as my memory goes, Paulinho and myself are the only ones who kind of like Elneny and that too in the context of Xhaka’s limitations.

  47. salparadisenyc

    I use to call Lacazette, Frances version of Darren Bent on here. I’m not sure he’s proved that wrong thus far, although second half of season hoping we see more than we have. He needs better service thats for sure.

    Aubumeyang is Wengers stab at glory a band aid to ease the pain of Sanchez, risky as fuck but could be a season saver if the stars align. Either way that mid field needs to find a rythym or were finishing with the Evertonians.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Latest Valuations of Major Clubs in Europe according to Transfermarkt.

    PSG £583.43 MILLION [24 PLAYERS]

  49. Carts


    I hear you, pal. Fair point made.

    Also reason Xhaka didn’t make my list is purely down to his price tag and the fact that he should be playing alongside 3 other MF. As opposed to just Wilshere or Ramsey

  50. Carts


    “Aubumeyang is Wengers stab at glory a band aid to ease the pain of Sanchez, risky as fuck but could be a season saver if the stars align. Either way that mid field needs to find a rythym or were finishing with the Evertonians.”

    Agree with this

  51. loyika

    If Alexis moves to United its basically for money (not that there is anything wrong with that, the lad is 28 going on to 29 and being South American he surely deserves every penny he can get before he hangs up his boot)

    No way are United on the up far more than Citeh (that’s a fallacy) Pep shows that he doesn’t need Alexis as much as Alexis thought and thats fair also seeing as he has worked with him before and knows what he will bring and his limitations.

    FFS Coutinho put in his money to force a move from Liverpool to Barca, because he wanted to go to Barca and no one else.

    Now not escaping the fact that Alexis clearly wants to leave Arsenal, lets not make it seem as if he will have a better chance to win the EPL or CL with United and under Jose.

    Jose doesn’t really work well with flair players usually after one season (ask Hazard or MIki)

    We don’t know how that will work out (we only speculate to say he will blow up beyond what we saw at Arsenal) But really? Jose over Pep? Have you all been watching United of late?

    If Sanchez was as good as we say, he would pick Citeh and force himself into that squad regardless of whom was there.

    PC left Liverpool to Barca to push himself to be the best and in the EPL right now Citeh are the best and might be for a long while, so why would Alexis move to the second best team?

    Besides if Pep felt Sanchez was the best they would not spare money to get him (they have more money than United can ever dream of getting if they wanted him that bad) He had assured them he was coming only for he and his agent to flip the script this moment (sure that didn’t go down well with the Citeh Heads and they must have felt; “fcuk him!!”)

    Alexis has every right to leave Arsenal, but lets not make it out as if money is not a major factor over trophies. Fcuk he even has more chance to win more with Chelsea than United (especially if Allegri comes over next season and Chelsea do their “New Manager wins league in his first season” dance).

    Jose will love him for his work rate (any manager will) but lets see how the chemistry works with the rest of his team mates (if its United he goes to).

    But in the end if he moves to United and we get MIki as part of the deal, then that’s a fair deal. Doubt Chelsea have that sweetener included and might just be full cash payment. (would rather a player and cash, because we know the club will not re-invest the money got) and Miki will surely have a point to prove regardless of the issues at Arsenal (guess the same might be also the case with with Auba)

    All in all, despite some silly behavior, he served the club with distinction and all fans should wish him well (and no silly booing when he returns back to the Em for any game) So sad that apart from the FAC he couldn’t achieve his desire of winning more with Arsenal, because i feel he really liked the club.

    All in all, the mess is firmly on Arsene’s door step.

    Moving on – SS says Auba’s decision should be tomorrow, so guess we don’t have long to wait to clear that transfer rumor out

  52. Emiratesstroller

    The most serious consequences of Arsenal’s current malaise unless redressed
    very quickly will not be the difficulty in bringing in top class players, but the
    serious loss of both ACTUAL and COMMERCIAL value of the Club.

    It is abundantly clear that Arsenal has in relation to at least 11 clubs that I have
    listed who are playing in Champions League far less ability to attract top class

    Our failure to qualify for a second successive season will also impact on the
    club’s negotiations to find new equipment and shirt sponsors when they are
    due for renewal in not too distant future.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    There is at moment far too much focus on the 2 Manchester Clubs and not enough on the serious decline of Arsenal not only reflected in our detachment from the 5 clubs above us in League, but also the serious decline of the club’s performance level.

    The real concern is that the club has not only grown stale, but it is failing to
    redress core weaknesses in management and playing personnel :
    1. Board of Directors 50% of whom are in late 70s and 80s.
    2.CEO with limited control over decision making on investment in team.
    3.Renewing Contract of Wenger is now causing serious damage to club
    4.Coaching Staff has been also too long in job.
    5.Academy Programme is by all accounts also not fit for purpose.

  54. Dissenter

    You vexing over Alexis moving over to the biggest club in England.
    Yes, United are undoubtedly the biggest club in England. Alexis is making the right move.
    Like you said, City don’t need him and he’s less likely to play at City. City have pulled out of negotiations so it’s hardly any fault of Alexis thjatbthey aren’t in the conversation.
    If you were in Alexis shoes, which club will you have chosen. The one that’s offering you less money, less opportunity to playing won’t fight tooth and nail to get you?
    I would absolutely have chosen United.
    They are on the up and will be challenging next season for the title.

  55. Emiratesstroller


    The valuation of individual players is going to be subjective.

    I agree with your comments about Lukaku. In case of Alli the valuation will
    probably reflect the high cost of buying English Players.

  56. Number9


    ‘When that dust had settled all that was left was Benzema, Auba & Lacazette, realistically. Who ever was the cheapest was who we were going for, That simple.’

    Forget benzema he was never coming but with add ons Laca was was more expensive dummy. So what you on about?

  57. BacaryisGod

    Merry Go Round…Malcolm to Dortmund. Aubameyang from Dortmund to Arsenal. Alexis from Arsenal to Man U. Mkhitaryan from Man U to Arsenal.

  58. BacaryisGod

    Having said that, I would be much happier with Malcolm coming here over Mkhitaryan but as betting has just been suspended on Malcolm to Dortmund, maybe it all makes sense.

  59. BacaryisGod

    The smart move would be a 3 team deal with Mkhitaryan to Dortmund, Aubameyang to us and Alexis to United and then we can go out a grab Malcolm as he has so much upside.

  60. Number9

    Sánchez is a mercenary (sorry his agent). If people are disputing that’s ridiculous.

    Everything was in place to join city it was just up to the clubs to find some agreement. They had until 31st jan to do so.

    Utd came in and gazumpted city offering a ridiculous salary, a player in exchange and what we wanted in a fee so why wouldn’t we agree terms with them?

    All Sanchez’s bullshit about pep and trophies go out of the window when he goes to the highest bidder.

    He can go where he wants cos compared to RVP he played most games whilst he was here and helped us win trophies so goes with our blessing.

    He’s a mercenary cos he could have held out for city if that’s where he wanted to go. And for all the clowns that said he wouldn’t start? Get a grip. He’d be straight in that 1st XI.

  61. BacaryisGod

    If Mkhitaryan comes, it means the club will have finally given up on Ozil renewing. Malcolm’s directness, pace and vision would be a perfect match for Ozil, Laca and Aubameyang.

  62. BacaryisGod


    Every player acts in his own interests. Some want to move for a new challenge like Ox and some move for more money. I’m guessing we would have paid Alexis close to what Man U are paying. Come to think of it, most people act in their own self-interest in life.

    Anyone who thinks a player should show loyalty to a club they had no family attachment to are insane. Wilshere is a rarity.

  63. Emiratesstroller

    The real issue when discussing Sanchez is not his final destination, but the impact on Arsenal and more importantly how the club will fill the hole when he

    Sofar Arsenal have recruited just two players since the beginning of the summer in Lacazette who is not scoring and Kolasinac who looked to be a decent
    player at start of season but has been dropped to bench.

    The defence at Arsenal this season is disastrous whether we play 4 or 3 at back. Arsenal’s record of defending under Wenger since the retirement of
    Graham’s famed back 4 of Dixon, Adams, Bould/Keown,Winterburn has always been average to poor.

    Our midfield used to be one of the best in the league, but is realistically now
    nothing to write about. Ozil on his day is a wonderful player, but frankly needs
    to play in a team, which complements him and compensates for his weaknesses.

    The departure of Sanchez if not adequately replaced raises very serious questions about our goalscoring ability. Lacazette is not playing well at moment and Giroud is no longer considered good enough for starting lineup. Welbeck
    and Iwobi are no better than journeymen. Frankly they are not remotely good
    enough to play in starting lineup of a team challenging in League or to qualify for Champions League.

    As I wrote over weekend Arsenal’s priority must be to replace Wenger with a
    top class Manager [Coach]. Frankly it is a plum job in the world of football despite the current state of club.

    The major shareholder then needs to provide the investment to allow the team to be rebuilt properly. That will take time.

    My main concern at moment is that Arsenal are being pressured into buying
    players in January transfer window, who the club might think twice about in
    normal circumstances.

    Let us hope that if we are spending a lot of money in this transfer window it
    will be on players who will improve both in the short and long term. We do
    not need panic buys.

  64. Dissenter

    “The major shareholder then needs to provide the investment to allow the team to be rebuilt properly. That will take time”

    I disagree.
    Kroenke doesn’t need to “provide” anything.
    We need to spend what we make, every bit of our resources should be pouched back into th club. We don’t need the stupid mega cash balance. We still have over 100 million in splash deposits, WHY
    We need to spend what we have better, no more socialistic wages for average players.
    We need to work harder to expand our commercial deals.
    We need to operate self-sufficiency PROPERLY.

    Chelsea, City, Liverpool and United work harder than us regarding commercial deals.

  65. Marko

    To be fair stroller this club wouldn’t be as bad off if they didn’t think twice or three times or four about signing players. Less dithering more incisiveness. Most of our signings are panic buys with no real thought if we’re honest. Mostly late in the window after every decent club has had their fill

  66. Denisk Birdkampf

    I thought City pulled out of the Alexis deal because he was asking for too much in wages, would have made him the highest earner there? On top of fees and agent fees, its what I’d seen reported.

  67. TallestTiz

    Does a potential Malcolm arrival men Özil is out?

    I would be absolutely livid with Wenger if he shoehorns the young lad into the left wing which might begin to limit his ability.

    Wenger is pathetic nowadays

  68. TallestTiz

    Regarding the Bournemouth game

    While we were still leading and Bournemouth were beginning to pressurize, I wonder how Wenger nor Bould could see what I was seeing.

    I expected Xhaka who was on a yellow card and very poor, to be hooked off and replaced by Kolasinac, (who was on the bench)?. Moving Niles to midfield and Kolasinac shoring up the left wing which Bournemouth were attacking.

    But no, Wenger and his toy sat there and watched the team get ripped

  69. Bay Area gooner

    Wenger is pissed that he is basically Making a decision now that will bleed into his final year at Arsenal it’s ironic because I don’t know what he’s really thinking- he never spends on the right players or the right amount but yet he’s balking at the chance to get a workd class player right now.

    Anyone we pick up in the January window will be here next season so this old senile fool is probably freaking out because he hates buying players and this is just giving him more and more palpitations

    I can’t wait for Pierre Emerick Auba Yang to show up in his Mercedes and give him a big old high-five and a hug with all his bling

    Somebody should have a stretcher ready for that moment lol

  70. Bay Area gooner

    Sometimes I really wonder about wenger! there’s more to life than football This guy just cannot seem to like go .if sir Alex was able to do it why can’t he ? clearly this man is obsessed, possessed and so one-dimensional that it’s really kind of pathetic and sad

    This asshole has a daughter and also lost his marriage to his obsession what a dickhead

  71. TonyD

    haven’t had time this morning to read the back log of comment made during my night time.

    Apologies if these articles repeat what’s been said.

    Arsenal ready £53m move for Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as Arsene Wenger eyes Alexis Sanchez replacement

    Arsenal are discussing a January deal for forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Borussia Dortmund striker was left out of the squad who drew with Wolfsburg

    Gunners’ head of recruitment Sven Mislintat signed Aubameyang at Dortmund

    Arsene Wenger is desperate to replace Alexis Sanchez, who looks set to leave

    Old pal of Aubameyang’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan could also be on his way to Arsenal

    Read more:

  72. TonyD

    Interesting viewpoint.

    “Alexis Sanchez’s agent deserves every penny of his millions if the Arsenal forward signs for Manchester United”

    “Consider it. He will have made a transfer happen that few believed possible. He will have diverted a player from the club of his choice to a presently inferior rival.

    He will have persuaded him not to reunite with a coach he plainly admires to sign for one whose reputation is of difficulty.

    He will have earned Arsenal more than they expected this January; he will have beaten Manchester City in the transfer market.”

    Read more:

  73. Ishola70

    “I expected Xhaka who was on a yellow card and very poor, to be hooked off and replaced by Kolasinac”

    Wenger’s fixation/ favouritism towards this certain player is proving very costly to the team.

    You live and die by your decisions.

    If Wenger continues to pick this guy week in, week out as he has been he will die. Simple as that.

  74. graham62


    Sanchez wants to leave not because he wants “glory” but because he wants normality.

    Arsenal have become the ultimate in abnormal clubs, consumed by a philosophy that doesn’t promote winning and doesn’t rectify failure.

    Sanchez wants to compete and try and win things at the highest level. He knew, long ago, that he was never going to do this under Wenger.

    Well done Sanchez and good luck.

  75. graham62

    Even if money was no object and Arsenal assembled the greatest squad of players in Football, it would still not work because of Wenger.

    The senile clown will still manage to cock it up.

  76. Emiratesstroller


    The cost of rebuilding Arsenal’s first team/squad over the next two to three years will far exceed our usual budget or revenues available for that purpose.

    Realistically there are now very few players in our current squad worth keeping as many posters have already suggested.

    The problem has been compounded by poor transfer mismanagement in recent years e.g. allowing Sanchez and Ozil to run down their contracts so that
    we do not get full market value or indeed a transfer fee.

    I made the case last week that I thought that Arsenal would have around £200
    million in next two transfer windows, but beyond this summer the budget will
    drop significantly unless we get back into top 4.

    No-one surely believes that you are going to rebuild our squad with players on
    Bosmans or from our current academy. If you are lucky you might pick up one
    or two players that way, but certainly not top line players.

    The football transfer economy in England and Europe has now changed. Arsenal are no longer struggling to compete with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern,
    Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea. There are plenty of other clubs in the frame
    who are now capable of competing with us in transfer market.

  77. E54_

    Sanchez fucked up. He was in the right road to city. Damn.. going utd now, under jose. I think this is a big mistake

  78. Ishola70

    SOS to Auba. Are you receiving? I repeat SOS to Auba are you receiving?

    Your bling arse is required in North London pronto to save the skinny arse of a certain Frenchman.

  79. E54_

    Forget Arsenal we are irrelevant. Comparing city and utd, its got to be city for me. Trophies and money. No brainer.

  80. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Masterclass head game by Mourinho on display. He’s going to wreck Wenger and Arsenal and no agreement will be forthcoming, thus leaving Sanchez with 6 months of a busted spirit and leaving Wenger with nothing but his stupidity for allowing this to drag on when he should have jettisoned Sanchez in August.

    You have to know Mourinho is playing at something. This has all the earmarks of a masterclass game from Mou. Wenger is such a bufoon.

  81. WrightIsGod

    Like the new podcast format but as I’ve said before…..

    Pedro calling out Gazidis is pretty rich. He was the only one on Le Grove who backed him.

  82. Thanos

    I want sanchez to ruin wenger when he leaves. He has to put it out there as say what we are saying. Wenger has to go now

  83. Dissenter

    “The cost of rebuilding Arsenal’s first team/squad over the next two to three years will far exceed our usual budget or revenues available for that purpose”

    That’s not true
    We don’t spend enough of the money we make.
    The money we spend, is often maladminsitered to soothe Wenger’s romantic beliefs. We have a lot of dead weight on our books on high wages with little or not contributions. Rebulldinb our squad in the same manner is going to cause the same problems.
    I do believe that things are not going to get better instantaneously after Wenger leaves because it will take the club 1-2 years to extricate ourselves from the tangle of mess that he’s leaving behind.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, a problem that was created by 22-23 years won’t be resolved in 2-3 seasons by over-spending.
    Aren’t you supposed to be the management guy with friends on the Russian desk?
    Surely you know it takes more time to redress contractual and structural errors?
    It will take money which we have already and will continue to earn as well as good people making good decisions who have the freedom along with courage to carry them out.

    We’ve allowed a trophy of many areas of operation any club our size should have. Our commercial deals are middle of the road average, it’s s safety first approach. That needs to change.

    Kroenke isn’t going to put a dime into Arsenal. He was 100% honest about that from the beginning. Usmanov wanted to put in money yet you refused him so deal with it.

  84. UTarse

    “You live and die by your decisions.If Wenger continues to pick this guy week in, week out as he has been he will die. Simple as that.”

    If this was the case, Wengunt would have been culled/dead/finished 10 years ago. He is untouchable, thanks to the weakest fanbase in football.

  85. Thanos

    Totally agree disenter there is a lot of rubbish on high wages we could get rid of.
    The manager first 10m a year when alegri is on 3m

  86. UTarse

    It is beyond laughable to brand Sanchez a mercenary. I’m guessing those of you who have this opinion would turn down a 180% pay increase to join a competitor to whom you work for ?

    A competitor that is head and shoulders better than your employer with better prospects and the largest and most successful in the industry you work in.

  87. John T.

    Does it really matter who Arsenal brings in? As long as the crap show walks the sideline it does NOT matter. This genius could have Neymar, Roanaldo, Messi and Suarez at his disposal and Wenger would still screw it up. First and foremost this so called genius NEEDS to go.