The three reasons Lacazette is failing

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Arsenal host Bournemouth for the second time this season after a comfortable spanking at the Emirates earlier in the season. One of the players on the teamsheet that day was our most expensive signing ever… Lacazette.

Extra focus has fallen on his fragile shoulders because, well, you know, he’s not fu*king scoring. He hasn’t found the net in 8 games. The Frenchman came over with a goal a game kinda record – 4 in his first 6 felt like he’d find that kind of form with us – now he’s staring at a very rough 4 in 17. For a player of that price tag, it’s simply not good enough.

Arsene Wenger did his best to ensure he covered a whole plethora of potential reasons his star man hasn’t been performing.


“It’s a difficult period because the family comes over and it’s a bit less football-orientated,”

“I think the fact he lives here with French players and can speak French when needed, and that Lyon is not too far, is OK. But the first six months are always difficult.”


“The physical pressure on strikers in England has become absolutely massive,”

“The physical demands and the intensity in the challenges is much bigger than in France. In England, you play against teams who are organised and can physically cope with 90 minutes’ intensity. The defenders are much quicker than before. They are all athletes now at the back.”


“The body needs to get used to it; the mind, as well,”

Just, you know, being a Lyon player.

“They don’t like to move away, usually. They produce their own players, the players who grew up around Lyon, like Fekir, Lacazette, Gonalons. They usually like to stay there. I did not know whether they wanted to move or not. It is a very specific French player at Lyon.”

More physicality.

“In France, you go down and it’s a free-kick. In England, you go down and it’s no free-kick. That is much more difficult for the striker to get used to. I think he resists better.”

Quite the list. The one about Lyon players not wanting to move is baffling when you consider how exceptional Jean-Michel Aulas has been at selling players consistently for vast sums over the years. Not sure how a self-proclaimed selling club could exist if they weren’t flogging talent.

Anyway, the long and short of it is Wenger signed a player who didn’t look a fit for the Premier League from a physical standpoint, now he’s telling us it’s tough for him.

I hope it comes good for Lacazette, I really like him as a player. He works hard, he’s very good at winning the ball from the front, and on his day he finds the right spaces and he’s very instinctive. I think he’d work well with a partner in crime, someone who could do the dirty work for him when it’s an overly tough game. I can’t imagine there’s any chance of Wenger looking to tweak the way we play to suit the skill set of a player though.

Our options aren’t looking great tomorrow. No Sanchez or Ozil for obvious reasons. Kolasinac, Koscielny and Monreal are doubts in defence. Giroud is out with a hamstring.

Jack Wilshere is fit, which is fantastic news, and I’m assuming Aaron Ramsey makes a return, likely on the bench.

It’s hard to know which Arsenal are going to show up. If it’s the one that played with discipline and purpose at Chelsea, it’s likely we’ll be in pretty good shape. If it’s the team that turned up away at Nottingham Forest, we’re in a world of trouble.

I always think Eddie Howe has half an eye on impressing the board at Arsenal in these games (bit like O’leary), so you’ll know his team are going to be pumped for the occasion. Any sort of switch off will be punished, as we’ve seen before. We really can’t affort to take the foot off the gas because top 4 is getting harder and harder as the weeks go past and our results continue to flatline.

Before I go, the Ozil and Sanchez story is getting more and more depressing. As it stands, it’s the two Manchester clubs brokering some ‘who will blink’ shit on Sanchez. The noise is hotting up that United are going to come through with numbers that Manchester City can’t stomach. Even worse? United are being heavily linked with Mesut Ozil. If anything has been good at Arsenal over the last few years with us, it’s watching those two rip it up together. The thought of them reuniting under Jose is a kicker.

Remember when the sycophants were saying Ozil and Sanchez were waiting on Wenger to see if they’d sign on? As I said at the time, top players like that are waiting to see if he signs on so they can make plans to leave. Great players don’t want to waste their careers under a man who can’t take them to the promised land of Premier League titles and Champions League medals. If you didn’t see that coming, well, read more Le Grove.

Right, that’s me done.

We’re rolling with another Facebook Live podcast that’ll air at 0600pm UK time (0100 EST). Tune in if you can, would be great to get your reactions to the game and bang them in the podcast if they’re exactly the same as what I think.

Enjoy the game. Also, take a read of yesterday’s post on the direction Arsenal seem to be taking the managerial decision.

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  1. Bay Area gooner

    The club loses integrity every time this happens and we sit on our hands. Fire wenger and bring integrity back. The club is arsenal fc not Arsene the bully

    Players know we are soft in all areas.

    If we get auba I’ll jump for joy. I always liked him. Take miki and lets make a push to get consistent

    Carlo next season and it’s on.

  2. Bay Area gooner

    Pay his contract out and be done
    The club will recoup anyhow

    We need guts.

    Wenger is gone a relic

    I’d get auba I bet that will be a Sven pick

    Wenger already said not interested in him

    I’d love to see that brother at arsenal

  3. Bay Area gooner

    Gooner 63

    I disagree. Both are skilled experienced players. I do agree we need dm and central defense

    We are a work in progress this window will not change that but hopefully be a signal that times are changing

  4. Wenker-wanger

    Incredibly we are following all news feeds to see if the cnut has resigned.
    Didn’t think I would be this optimistic at this stage of Wenger’s extended lottery-money contract!

  5. Cart

    If Auba signs then it’s fair to say he’s chasing that retirement cheque; and maybe he’s been told Wenger won’t be around past 2018 summer.

    We;ll see.

  6. Charlie Nick

    Anyone read the article on Sanchez in the Telegraph today? Good piece. Didn’t know he flounces out of training sessions etc when he feels like it. Saying that, i reckon he is our only world class player and as someone said about the game, it’s Arsenal without Sanchez.
    I really, really feel we are closer than ever to the end game now. Why was wenger ever given an extension in May is beyond me. I’d eat my hat if he goes voluntarily. I reckon it will be more lowering of the bar to denote success. The league cup, ko stages of uefa league, the profit on the property portfolio.
    Question is, will Stan grow a pair and end this decade long farce.

  7. Cart


    “Anyone read the article on Sanchez in the Telegraph today? Good piece. Didn’t know he flounces out of training sessions etc when he feels like it.”

    Ha! funny thing is that Ox is on record saying Sanchez is a total freak in training. To the point where he had to be told to stay away from the pitch when injured.

    Funny that reports emanating now have him down as some kind of nuisance. Even more coincidental is that this now seems to be happening after Wenger besmirched him and the other pussies formed cliques.

  8. Wenker-wanger

    Lacazette, probably Wengerisd in record time.
    Poor bloke, probably thought he was joining a reasonably well managed club.

  9. Salvage

    “Still need a quality defensive midfielder, a play maker and an organised defence”


    We need a new manager. Bring all those positions you mentioned in and they would still become useless under Wenger in a couple of months and fans will start calling them shit once more.
    The best and greatest signing we can make now, is a new manager, any other is just papering over the cracks of the real issue – WENGER

  10. raptora

    Thing is today. No Alexis. No Ozil. You got a mega transfer for over 50m. The only star in the team. Away game but to an average team. You have to show something. You just have to. You have to fight for the love of the fans. He arrived as a fan favorite since he looks like a humble, nice lad. He showed zero. Looked right where he belongs with Welbeck and Iwobi in attack. Which is very sad. Alexis used to carry us versus the minnows on his own. No matter how bad your help is, if you are a top player you have to show your quality. He showed nothing.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    The point I was trying to make about both Sanchez and Van Persie even if I did
    not express it as well as I should is that they are serving their own interest and I think that it has been clear from the body language of other players in last two seasons that most of the other players at the club have grown resentful of Sanchez behaviour.

    If you look back to posts that I made last season on more than one occasion including at FA Cup Final that had been increasingly obvious if you attended matches.

    There comes a point however great a player is that his teammates will lose
    respect for him if he behaves badly or adopts a disrespectful attitude to them.

  12. Cart


    Lacazette let his heart rule his head.

    I mean, Aulas egging you on, on one side; Wenger begging you on the other.

    10% of the transfer fee as your sign on, What’s he on £200,000 p/w. What’s the worst that can happen? Oh yeah, your team mates are trash; your manager is past it and tactically you’re being made out to look shit while your manager concocts canards about Ligue 1 vs Premier league lol

  13. Ishola70

    “Why is everyone so keen to Bolster forwards when we have the holy trinity of complete shit at the back in defence marshalled by walking dead in Czech. Surely keeping clean sheets is war we need. All top sides build from the back. No mention of any defenders in”

    A tweet from Pedro’s timeline.

    Correct to say that focus should be to build from the back but if talking about short term and many fans that still harbour ideas of magically getting into top four to go the Liverpool route i.e more scoring power while still leaking goals is the only option for Wenger for the remainder of the season. The defensive situation is so already done damage and that includes most importantly the midfield balance that any hopes of rectifying that in the short term look very slim. Not unless Wenger drops certain players he has been picking consistently this season. And to go back on focus on forward players just means that defensive problems in the side will not be addressed.

  14. Bay Area gooner

    Leave laca

    Now you know what mess you got into
    Fire wenger please

    Auba arrive and give wenger the heart attack he’s given all us fans

    Personally I’d love a fast skillfully all striker back in the team . Aside from rvp, arsenal has always needed that type of striker year after year

    Giroud god bless you man you just didnT have enough to cut it

    My son is 7 shows some promise and wants to play for arsenal

    I told him keep your options open! lol

  15. Ishola70

    “Everyone hates the idea of Jonny Evans, but the interest in him stems from his experience (3x PL winner / CL games), good numbers, leadership, organizational skills and value.

    Might not be fashionable, but he’d be additive to our shoddy defence.”

    Evans won’t make that much difference.

    Not when you have such an unbalanced midfield in front of them.

    These defenders have no confidence when the midfield leave them out to dry.

    Only in very few matches do the midfield sit and protect the defence in any disciplined responsible way. Like the Chelsea Carabooboo Cup away match the other week. 95% of the time it’s leaving them out to dry.

  16. Cart


    I know exactly what you were trying to convey, and again, it’s contrived. If anything it’s seems to serve as a distraction from the real issue at hand – which is Wenger and the pile of shit that he’s assembled.

    How is it possible that our best player is now serving his own interest like it just happened over night. Refusing to sign a deal isn’t exactly serving ones own interest. He told that idiot he had no intention of signing 18 months ago; this was reiterated in the summer.

    When Sanchez’s body language was exemplary Wenger chose NOT to use him as a beacon of example to the other players. Instead Sanchez grew more and more frustrated and Wenger hung him out to dry

  17. Charlie Nick

    Agree with your observation Carts, the vibe always was/is that Sanchez loved training/playing and had to be rested for his own good. I find the comparison with RVP interesting, when Van Persie left he was demonised by almost all, now Sanchez is doing the same it seems people show empathy. Shows how far we have fallen.

  18. TitsMcGee

    Don’t know what good Evans will be in a broken setup.

    He’ll just be another body.

    I remember when Bould first came on board and the defense looked solid for a few games. Wenger was asked about Boulds influence on the D and you could see his feathers get ruffled and childishly chortled out something to the effect of “I lead the drills, I’m the one who drills them”.


  19. Emiratesstroller


    Look if you read earlier posts I made today I have made the point that Arsenal’s major problem is Wenger and that he needs to go.

    However, that is a separate issue to the character of Sanchez. He is a great player, but I do think that he is difficult to manage and play alongside.

    That is not just my opinion but I have got similar feedback from some reliable
    sources who know the current setup at Arsenal better than me.

    Some clubs and Managers can manage such egos but clearly that is not the
    case at Arsenal. Players like Bergkamp, Vieira and Henry were all great players but they were always respectful of the club and team-mates.

  20. Gooner63

    And on Lukaku’s personal Snapchat, the Belgian posted an image with three emojis.

    The Chile flag had an arrow next to it with a red devil emoji in a black background.

    The image was swiftly deleted but not before fans spotted Lukaku’s apparent confirmation and fans on social media believe it’s a clear sign that Sanchez has chosen United over Manchester City.

  21. E54_

    And Iwobi hit the ball with his arm… in the box.. no penalty given.

    These ref’s definitely have it in for Arsenal don’t they..smh

    These refs really need to improve don’t they Wenger supporters…

    You’re all hypocrites.

  22. Ishola70

    Bay Area gooner:
    “Miki it is then. Bring it on”

    lol he’s a lightweight who has had one good season in the higher standard leagues.

    28yo. Obviously not one of the new scouts purchases for the future that was trumpeted on here.

  23. Cart


    How exactly has Sanchez been disrespectful? Has he pulled an Odemwingie or van Hooijdonk, or something? He hasn’t even handed in a transfer request, ffs. He’s fulfilling out his legal obligation. He owes us fuck all,

    Wenger dropped him from the squad because “Sanchez was being vague”. LMAO. What’s vague about telling your manager, respectfully, that you don’t want to be a part of him shit show?

    Accusing our best player of having bad attitude and being disrespectful is something I’m not prepared to even consider. You’re not even giving any kind of context.

    You’re simply painting him out to be something he’s not.

    Henry signed an extension, cashed in then with a mammoth sign-on fee then bounced, the following season, to Barcelona for peanuts, ffs. Henry at that stage was already going down with weird injuries. I remember that stomach injury he had. lol

  24. Bay Area gooner


    We need what we can get and also accept into the team

    I feel optimistic that miki will come good. For us

    When mourinho has stuck your head in dog shit over and over then you have something to prove

    I’ll take him over inexperience any day

    Very fast bleed in period and if they most us 30m for AS it’s no brainer

    Hey auba

    Keep hope alive

  25. raptora

    Alexis hasn’t handed in a transfer request probably because of the loyal bonus stuff. Anyways, I’m not too fazed about what is going on. Yet another lost season. At least looks like the low will be so embarassing that this time it looks like the end is near. Club making baby steps for the life after Wenger shows that the dreamed moment will soon arrive.

  26. Charlie Nick

    Hmmmm. Sanchez to the scum is odd. I thought he was nailed on City because of the Pep factor. I cant see how we can sanction helping a direct rival for top 4. Does anyone remember when we were worried about strengthening title rivals!!!!!!
    If wenger stays we will be worrying about selling players to Everton WBA and Watford as they will be directly challenging us in mid-table!

  27. E54_

    What the hell can Auba do that Sanchez hasn’t. What the hell can Malcolm do that Ozil can’t.

    Why do people think them coming in will make any difference when they’re not better than the players they are replacing?

  28. Charlie Nick

    Bay Area Gooner, Mourinho has stuck wengers head in the dungheap for 10 years and we’re still awaiting a response!

  29. Relieable Sauce

    Schoolboy stuff from Arsene-al FC again.

    Even when wenger goes, we’ll still have the worst fans ever in the history of sport.

    Sad but true 🙁

  30. arsene's used sock

    what a shit situation the club is in now.
    how the fuck did we not pull the trigger on lemar seeing as sanchez is going anyway?
    come the fuck a 4 year old could have managed this situation better

  31. Emiratesstroller


    Do you seriously believe that Sanchez has not made it crystal clear to the club
    that he is leaving whether it is this month or at end of contract.

    I am pretty sure that he has conveyed that message either through agent or in person.

    Van Persie did a similar thing when he wanted to leave.

    Most players or their agents are intelligent enough not to put a transfer request in writing. If you do so it impacts on monies you may be entitled to receive from selling club.

  32. Ishola70

    Bay Area gooner:
    “Ok well keep dreaminging.
    Miki auba and some are baulking?”

    Auba could be interesting but come on Mikhi isn’t a player that can be relied upon. He has had one good season in his whole career while at Dortmund and he smashed up the Ukrainian League for a few seasons when he was younger. 28 now. That is not a good return I’m afraid.

    Knowing how Kroenke/Wenger operate that will be the lot this window. Mikhi to replace Sanchez.

  33. arsene's used sock

    look man there’s guys talking about players from other clubs coming good for us…no sir, that won’t happen, or else walcott would have been Gareth bale.

    the only reason to get players in is to secure the club for life after wenger, no point having 100 million to spend if we need to sign an entire starting 11 and bench…which is kinda where we’re headed and Arsene might be sabotaging us into such a position so that he can say when the next man fails “I would have handled the situation differently”

    pfffffft thinking about it is making me sick.
    and of course we’ll be following any and all transfer rumours hoping we sign someone decent but we know what happens once they land at arsenal, they regress or carry the shit show to 4th place till they demand out.
    fucked up situation, take away all of arsene’s power and just have him handle press conferences for the rest of the season, he deserves nothing more.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    Henry intended to leave after CL Final, but he changed his mind on the flight home and stayed one further season.

    During the season Henry had another change of heart and regretted staying at

    That was entirely different from what is going on with Sanchez. If the guy is so
    honourable as you portray why is it that he is willing now to move to Man Utd
    rather than to Man City having reached an agreement with them.

    Let’s face it Arsenal cannot be forced to sell Sanchez this month to highest bidder so any change of mind from player and his manager is clearly down to money.

  35. Ishola70

    “Swiss international Granit Xhaka couldn’t move.”

    “The midfielder looked like he was frozen in the middle of the pitch ”

    “Xhaka motionless”

    Sounds like the majority of his performances on the pitch for Arsenal.

  36. Relieable Sauce

    Like any right-minded player, Lemar didn’t want to join Arsene-al.
    Sensible boy.

    Arsene-al are like a pikey domestic – best to steer well clear.

  37. Cart

    Man are we in the shit.

    Get rid of the following in summer:
    Chamber – £15m
    Elneny – £10m
    Walcott – £20m
    Welbeck – £15m
    Iwobi (loan)

    Sanchez – £35m
    Coquelin – £10m
    Ozil – £0
    Mertesacker – £0
    Debuchy – £0

    We need the following:

    GK – Leno/Trapp (demote Cech to #2)
    CB – Tah
    CB – ???
    DM – Diawara (Napoli)/Doucoure (Watford)
    CM – Frenkie De Jong (Ajax)/Weigl (BVB)/Maddison (Norwich)
    RW – Hazard (Borussia Glad)/Meyer (Schalke) Nelson (promote)
    LW – Malcom (Bordeaux)
    CF – Vincent Aboubahkar (Porto)/Auba (BVB)

    We’d realistically have to acquire those players across 2-3 windows. We’re looking at about £200m, easily.

    As thing stand we’re looking at bringing in another £100 with those impending departures.

    Leave the signings to the new manager and Sven

  38. salparadisenyc

    Club gone to surreal with endless leash for Wenger.
    Nothing would surprise me at the moment, from Aubamayang to Mikki. Its desperate, last time it was this desperate 5 came in.

    Lacazette is the second coming of Darren Bent, imagine the scenes of a 442 with both of them up front ( Laca / JPA) total banter.

  39. Relieable Sauce

    Man City have refused to up their bid for Sanchez, it has nothing to do with him what bids Arsene-al accept.
    If City don’t want him that bad and United do, good luck to him and them.
    Whatever gets him away from this stinking organisation the quicker, the better. He has wasted over 3 years of the best part of his career at Arsene-al after all.
    He can’t afford to “wait it out” like some fans are so keen to do.

  40. Cart


    Henry mugged of the board and Wenger. Period. Cashed that cheque quicker than Bolt running a 100m .

    “That was entirely different from what is going on with Sanchez. If the guy is so
    honourable as you portray why is it that he is willing now to move to Man Utd
    rather than to Man City having reached an agreement with them.”

    Who made you the arbiter of who Sanchez should and shouldn’t sign for?

    1) Arsenal wanted more than what City we’re willing to pay for.
    2) Sanchez wants out of a sinking ship s much so that he NOT willing to wait till July. Can you really fault him?
    3) Utd is willing to meet Arsenal’s demands and pay Sanchez handsomely.
    4)Sanchez gets Champions league football this season and next season.

  41. Ishola70

    “Club gone to surreal with endless leash for Wenger.
    Nothing would surprise me at the moment, from Aubamayang to Mikki. Its desperate, last time it was this desperate 5 came in.”

    Many fans will be happy and get optimistic if a few players are brought in the window but the names we are hearing atm means that they are Wenger signings. These are not the sort of profile signings that people were going on about with the new staff put in.

    These signings would mean Wenger is determined to soldier on indefinitely lol.

    Means fvck all though. As long as Wenger keeps ignoring his central midfield deficiencies.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    I have just done the maths of what Sanchez will cost Man Utd if he goes there.

    They will have to pay a £35 Million transfer fee or player equivalent + £10 million agent fee now being demanded as well as a £20 million + annual salary.

    Does anyone believe seriously that Sanchez if he signs a three year contract is
    worth a £105 million investment? Even Man City are not prepared to pay that
    sort of money.

    The player is now 29 so he will soon be a diminishing asset.

  43. Bamford10

    Signing Aubameyang after spending 50m on Lacazette would make a lot of sense.

    Worst run “big” club on the planet. Wenger out.

  44. Dissenter

    It’s not the first time you’ve done a hit job without any context.
    One of my abiding memories was arguing with you while you did a hit job on Usmanov without any foundation. You slated him for criminal activity because he was charged by the communists party of Uzbekhistan during a 100% totalitarian period. It’s like calling Mandela a terrorist because the Apartheid regime jailed him on trumped up charges.
    Today it is Alexis you’re smearing without any foundation.
    “If the guy is so honorable as you portray why is it that he is willing now to move to Man Utd rather than to Man City having reached an agreement with them.”

    City have pulled out of negotiations due to no fault of his. They don’t want to be drawn into a bidding war with United. Everyone knows they don’t really need Alexis. United are the only club with an offer at the moment.
    Your premise is wrong , so are all the contrived conclusions you arrived at.

  45. TonyD

    If this is true then good luck Sanchez I don’t blame you for going.

    I don’t rate Milkki and he is no replacement for Sanchez. A decent player who hasn’t been able to make in the PL and not the standard we need to rebuild our team.

    Just another United reject who can’t play regularly for the club. SAF fcuked us over with 13 goals in 4 seasons Welbeeck and Jose is just about to fcuk us over with Mikki.

    Wenger is so easily fcuked over period!

    Can’t remember who posted it, but with Welbeck & Iwobi/Ramsey and Xhaka and Elneny any player we sign no matter how great, that player will not be the answer to our problems.

    The biggest issue is to get rid of Wenger. He is the cancer killing our club.

    Alexis Sanchez set to leave Arsenal ‘in the next 48 hours’ with £35million transfer to Manchester United close as Arsene Wenger demands Henrikh Mkhitaryan is involved in any deal

    Read more:

  46. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal fans complaining that the club is selling Alexis Sanchez to ‘direct rivals’. He’s going to United, not Burnley!”


  47. TitsMcGee

    It’s sad that the only good thing about Arsenal playing is after the match we all watch @ArsenalFanTV and just laugh. Kmt it’s legit #WengerOut no joke

  48. TitsMcGee

    Wenger: “Tell Arsenal fan TV, Bournemouth were in red and that made it confusing”

    Ty: “Arsene, I don’t think I can do this anymo–”


    Lol Brilliant

  49. TitsMcGee

    The whole club from top to bottom is a shambles. Can’t point to one aspect of the club at the moment apart from Sven and the new DOF that is a step in the right direction.

    From the players to the contracts to being unable to build a squad, unable to develop the players we do have we are a shambles and everyone knows it.

  50. Relieable Sauce

    I did catch one headline on the Sanchez saga which seemed more credible than most of the crap being pumped out.
    Sanchez was apparently after £200k pw and his agent £5m.
    Seems reasonable enough for such a player valued around £20-30m.

    Please no more United cast offs.

  51. Dissenter

    “Arsenal fans complaining that the club is selling Alexis Sanchez to ‘direct rivals’. He’s going to United, not Burnley!”—sammylpowell on twitter

  52. arsene's used sock

    lol I keep picking up details surrounding the match from the internet, we allegedly switched our formation to 4 at the back right after we scored and Bournemouth responded with 2 goals in what, 5 minutes?

    shambolic, and that’s being fucking kind

  53. Relieable Sauce

    Lineker will soon be able to troll us with Everton as well as Spurs and Leicester.

    The next level…is the next level…

    Leicester would be foolish to sell Mahrez to a Euro place rival. ie. Everton, Burnley, Arsenal.

  54. Dissenter

    Only pathetic clubs demand for player swaps.
    Why can’t we attract Mikitarayan on our own?
    We are attracting a player who’s only here because he’s being lumped into a move.

  55. TitsMcGee

    At the end of the day, if you give someone a contract for £20million, you have to make sure it will be paid.”

    All you need to know about Wenger right there.

    Hint he’s not talking about a player.

  56. Carts


    “Do you seriously believe that Sanchez has not made it crystal clear to the club
    that he is leaving whether it is this month or at end of contract.”

    You’re joking , right?

    How Crystal does it need to be when your club offers to make you the highest paid in its history and still you refuse to sign?

    You’re be so disingenuous that it’s now worrying me.

    Respectfully, you’re far too intelligent to be playing this game.

    Besides myself, Dissenter was another vocal poster (and a few others) who said that if Wenger thinks keeping Sanchez instead of taking the £60m is smart then he’ll either lose him on a free next summer or we’ll end up with Bolasie money. Out of desperation Utd are now about to gazump their neighbours City.

    I have it on good authority that Sanchez told Wenger 18months ago that he wasn’t interested in extending.

    Why should he stay? It’s not like Wenger donated a kidney to Sanchez, is it??

  57. Carts

    Lol at us doing our bestOliver Twist impression asking for Mkhitaryan in return. You can’t make this shit up.

    Barring a little bright spell, Mkhitaryan has been disappointed . He decided to go missing during crucial games and Mourinho wasn’t about to entertain that shit!

    Now consider this: this was under a manager who is very demanding. Love him or hate him, Mourinho demands that every player pulls heir weight.

    Over at Arsenal, it’s ad-hoc central. One size fits all. Wenger will have Mkhitaryan playing RWB.

    Next level is the next level

  58. Relieable Sauce

    Great signing for United, Sanchez too. Should nail down 2nd spot for them.

    Surprised there was no interest before but I guess it all played out well in the end.
    As the lost foul wanders aimlessly across the open plain, it is only a matter of time before the predators take action.

  59. HighburyLegend

    Arsènal FC, man utd’s official strikers supplier.

    Maureen has spanked wenger once again, and in fact I find this pretty hilarious.

  60. Relieable Sauce

    Sanchez is as keen on values as wenger…only his are different.

    It’s absolutely astounding people can call him/RVP/”Cashley Cole” out for being greedy whilst defending/deflecting from wenger.
    Defending and maintaining double-standards seems to be one of the values they hold in such high esteem. Is there a word for that?

  61. Elmo

    The club are going to allow Wenger to set it back another 12-18 months in recovery time by allowing him to stay until the end of the season ‘out of respect,’ and permitting him to waste money this window.

    It is so obvious that the medium term interests of the club, and the interests of Wenger are now a wide margin apart. The club needs a full rebuild, which means recruiting younger players who will peak in 2, 3, or 4 years as critical mass gathers and competitiveness is regained. Wenger needs results immediately, and 6 months or a years time isn’t worth even contemplating for him, as the noose is already around his neck, so he doesn’t care if a player is 29 or 30 years old and only has a few years left, no re-sale value, and limited use in a rebuild.

    The club are cowards for not taking a strong stand either way. If you want to decapitate Wenger by shifting power to the new DoF, then announce it’s the manager’s final year and cut him out of any discussions over transfer policy. Of course they take the easy option of trying to shift around the structure in the background while allowing the hapless manager to continue scuppering our chances for the future. There’s no time or money we can afford to waste: sack him right now and let’s start again before a fatal dose of damage has been done that only a sugardaddy can repair.

  62. TitsMcGee

    #43 on the take or something? Wtf was he thinking”

    No idea but looked like he was afraid he’d get an unsportsmanlike penalty if he undercut him in mid air so he bailed on the tackle.

    Stupid because he could have allowed him to catch it then tackled him and the game would have been over.

    I’m glad Vikings won though. Saints were acting like Dicks after every good play.

  63. TitsMcGee

    The club are cowards for not taking a strong stand either way.”

    Arsenal are headed full speed in the wrong direction. It’s amazing nobody has the balls to just walk into Arsene’s office and tell him the deal.

    You look at the post -match interview and he’s just a tired old man , stuck in his ways with ZERO idea of what has gone wrong. He has the look of a dictator who realizes that the gig is up and that his time has come but he’ll never quit on his own.

  64. Bay Area gooner

    The longer we go not firing wenger means more lack of morals and respect and integrity

    You hear that Ivan

  65. Rocko

    “They don’t like to move away, usually. They produce their own players, the players who grew up around Lyon, like Fekir, Lacazette, Gonalons. They usually like to stay there. I did not know whether they wanted to move or not. It is a very specific French player at Lyon.”

    A perfect example of how Wenger harms players. The lack of goals isn’t because the team is complete pony and not delivering enough good chances, it’s because Lacazette is homesick.

    Good grief.

  66. Bay Area gooner

    Auba creating a ruckus at Dortmund today lol

    53 m is a not bad

    35 m for AS

    18 plus sell Theo and nab that Malcom kid

    Miki in too? Or. Swap deal for martial?

    Possibilities seem nice here

  67. TonyD

    Contrary to popular AKB’s here belief I have not indoctrinated my 9 year old son with my hatred of Wenger. I am guilty, however, of showing my son the great times of old with Arsenal, which led to my son wanting to follow his father by supporting Arsenal.

    Last night watching the game with me he was understandably upset, and when the 2nd Bournemouth goal went in, he stood up and said he couldn’t watch any longer and was going to bed; it’s was near 10pm and school night for him today.

    Later when I went up to say good night to him, he asked me why I support Arsenal now? He asked if we can watch more Man City games in the future.

    Not the way a father wants to enjoy football with his son on any level.

  68. Bay Area gooner

    Tony my 7 year old is the same way. He wants to play for arenal some day

    Good thing he also likes some other teams too

    Watching arsenal will kill all his passion for football

    He does like watching th14 vids on YouTube

    We met th14 during the warriros nba playoffs last year in San Francisco and he shook his hand

    My soccer idol shook his hands and chatted with us. Amazing memories

  69. TonyD

    Bay Area Gooner
    I have the same concern.

    Luckily the time difference here means I have to record or download matches for my son to watch.

    I’ll do that for Liverpool and City games. Like you in the States, we get pretty much all the games from Europe & the PL.

    My son loves Barca (Messi) and Real Madrid (Ronaldo) so I’ll get him those matches to watch as well.

  70. Leedsgunner

    After we beat Tottenham we were all in high spirits. Results like yesterday place that result in context doesn’t?

    We had an exceptional day beating Tottenham. We won because of good luck.

    However Wenger will not say this. He only mentions luck when things go against him. Why? It absolves he thinks of blame.

    No doubt Wenger and his ever dwindling band of supporters will no doubt try to place this bad run in the narrative of how Wenger is still needed. In that they will say, the team is just doing badly because he wasn’t on the touch line supporting the team.

    Yeah right. If you believe that, you’re deluding yourself.

    The team was on this bad run of form long before the touch line ban ever took place. Think not just about this season. What is the long term trend? Wenger is transforming us into an example mediocrity and ludicrousness… and still the Board stays silent.

    This is the real problem.

  71. TonyD

    Mirror poll result today

    Is it time for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal?


    YES 90%
    NO 10%

    10% say no? How incredulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pierre and N9 and Wenger’s other cronies hanging in there until the bitter end

  72. Leedsgunner

    Plus, I’m not surprised at all at Lacazette’s abysmal form. Wenger doesn’t actually work his players to improve on their weaknesses so Wenger’s players eventually become lazy and stop putting the effort in. Like manager like players.

    Shame Pep wasn’t persuaded to come to us. The way Sterling has improved his game is to be admired.

    Which player under Wenger has really improved?

    Look at Theo. In the time he has spent under Wenger, he hasn’t impressed or improved but he has become a poster boy for bang average.

  73. TonyD

    By John Cross Wenger’s usual press puppet.

    This is the worst Arsenal team in more than 20 years – and it’s about to get a lot worse

    Arsenal look horribly short in every department as they squandered a lead and lost to out-of-form Bournemouth

  74. TonyD

    Well written piece from the Telegraph

    It would also be folly to think that Sanchez can be adequately replaced – certainly in the short term – by Bordeaux’s Malcom, who although supremely talented is only 20 and would arrive at Arsenal with no Premier League experience.

    With a top four finish increasingly looking like a pipe dream, it could be a long few months for Arsenal.

  75. TonyD

    Bay Area gooner
    Your from the city, right? (San Francisco)

    Dave Meniketti’s On the Blue Side is a classic blues rock CD.

    As has been mentioned here by several posters I can’t see any Sanchez quality replacements wanting to play for us under Wenger.

    What would be their motivation to come when our best players want to leave our club?

    Who would want to play with Wilshire, Iwobi, Ramsey, Xhaka and Elneny?

    Wilshire soon went missing after Bournemouth equalized. He’s not a 90 minute player – never was really.

  76. Pierre

    Wenger has tied himself in knots over Sanchez , he is making a fool of himself defending him.
    When John Gregory (the manager of villa) lost Dwight Yorke to Manchester United he said in a press conference when asked about Yorke wanting to leave and subsequently going to United ,”if I had a gun I would have shot him”

    Wenger would receive more respect for using those sentiments as I am sure that he would love to shoot Sanchez as deep down Wenger must realise that Sanchez has fucked him over good and proper which will ultimately hasten the end wengers time at Arsenal.
    Not for one minute am I saying it is Sanchez fault at all for wanting to leave but it would have been better for all concerned if Sanchez and Wenger had been more open and honest , similar to coutinhos departure at Liverpool . He stated he wanted to go so handed in a transfer request . Simple really . Instead we have had all this cloak and dagger shit and it has been like a heavy cloud hanging over the club.

    With Sanchez going ,at least the club can begin to make the necessary changes in personnel . It looks like Wenger is a dead man walking but he does have that ability to bounce back but Sanchez leaving and the way it was handled could ultimately be the final nail in his coffin.

    Football is becoming like a circus . The media are not really interested in what happens on the pitch anymore . Press conferences are just false .
    This season ,the off field speculation will increase due to the lack of interest in the title race. It will all be about personalities off the pitch not about what happens on the pitch.

    If someone gives you 4 year contract and 180 grand a week ,the least you should do is show respect to the fans and give 100% effort.

  77. Dissenter

    Sanchez has told Wenger in no uncertain terms that he wants out. He’s been respectful abotot it. Wenger persuaded the board he could convince the player to change his mind.
    It’s Wenger who is doing the Clark and dagger BS. It’s Wenger who said he’s convinced that Alexis “loves” the club. It’s Wenger who is still saying Alexis was “vague about playing”. It’s Wenger who is dragging the name of the club into disrepute.
    Wenger is the shameless twat who thought he could get fourth place by hanging the team to Alexis coat-tails.

  78. Emiratesstroller


    Factually what I have said about Usmanov is correct.

    He was convicted of criminal activity and sent to prison.

    Arsenal have refused to allow him to join the Board of Directors as was also the
    case with Roger Levitt when he was largest shareholder.

    Usmanov despite being President of FIE [Fencing] and a close friend of Thomas Bach has also been opposed to join IOC.

    However, what is not widely known is that he was refused entry to the United States in 2015 to attend a Conference, because of his history. It required special intervention at highest political level for a one week visa to be granted.

    So forgive me and others if we are not enthusiastic to see this man taking control at Arsenal or throwing his money at the club.

  79. Gooner63


    Sorry but you cant lay any of the blame on sanchez

    Firstly the guy puts more effort in than virtually the rest of the team put together

    As for the transfer, he has made it 100% obvious to everyone but Wenger for the last 12 months that he wasnt signing a new contract – dunno how much clearer he can be

    Wenger said that if he could find a replacement then Alexis could go to City during the summer, when did Wenger bother, oh yh, on deadline day
    Then he spent the next few months when Arsenal were doing ok, ripping Alexis apart, blaming him for unrest in the dressing room, well as a manager your job is to unite the players not cause rifts.

    So pretty sure that Wenger has fucked over Alexis, not the other way

    Wenger only has himself to blame, any decent manager would have sold Alexis and Ozil in the summer and got in quality replacements with the money.

    They would already know the players they want, as they would always be planning for the future

  80. Emiratesstroller


    I have acknowledged Sanchez football ability, but pointed out that he is difficult
    to manage and seems also to have problems with his team-mates.

    Also I think that players and their agents have too much power and seemingly very little loyalty to clubs that pay their bills.

    Some posters think that it is wonderful what he is doing at Arsenal talking about his football ambition.

    Bluntly that argument went out of the window when he and his agent decided
    to switch from joining Man City and Man Utd who were prepared to outbid
    the former. What it tells you is that they are selling themselves to highest bidder.

    Arsenal were not prepared to meet his demands and it would seem that the
    price is also too high for Man City as well.

    So let’s not pretend that Sanchez is leaving to satisfy his ambition or altruistic

    Manchester United have not won the League in almost 5 years and are unlikely to do so this season.

  81. Pierre

    Not doubting or denying that it is Wenger fault for totally misreading the Sanchez situation.
    At the end of the day it is Wenger who will suffer the consequences for misleading the fans.
    Sanchez is not totally innocent in all of this as he should have handed in a transfer request and that would have cleared up any confusion .
    Wenger , I believe, has lost a lot of respect from many of the players due to the way he handled the Sanchez situation. They could see that Sanchez was being allowed by Wenger to be a disruptive influence to the club and he was being too soft .

  82. Gooner63

    The Alexis going for the money is not quite true

    Firstly City only offered 20mill and since then they have pulled out

    To me that doesnt show a great deal of really wanting Alexis to join them, whereas Jose seems to be doing all he can to get Alexis.

    If the top team doesnt really want you, in the way you thought they did and the 2nd team offer u a better deal and make you feel you are the player they need, then its going to have an affect

    Moving to a team with CL that he can play in this season and next season is pretty much a step up in ambition

  83. Jim Lahey

    @ES –

    “So forgive me and others if we are not enthusiastic to see this man taking control at Arsenal or throwing his money at the club.”

    Have you spoken to any Chelsea fans lately and asked them their opinions on Roman Abramovich, I doubt they would share your sentiment.

  84. Redtruth

    Sanchez waz desperate to stay and turn Arsenal into a winning machine but £52m signing of flop Lacazette convinced him Arsenal are a basket case which left him with no alternative but to leave the Arsenal.

  85. Jim Lahey

    @Red –

    Really… it was our leading goalscorer and not the rest of the dreck he is surrounded by that made him want to leave?

  86. Pierre

    Sanchez should have handed in a transfer request ….why didn’t he ,probably because he would lose his cut of the transfer .

    To say Sanchez put in more effort than the rest of the entire team …yeah right.

    Sanchez ,I believe, improved as a player the first 2 years he was at the club.,..scored goals, plenty of assists , good team player then half way through last season he decided he Started playing up.

    Why did his attitude change..could it be he became frustrated at arsenals lack of progress and investment ….or could it be that someone tapped him up , promised him a move to city , more money , play for pep etc..

    It happened to adebuyor ,nasri, cliche …the Sanchez situation is pretty similar to adebuyor and nasri transfers and how they had change of attitude overnight…

  87. Ishola70

    If Sanchez actions have hastened the departure of Wenger then that’s a good thing.

    In other news:

    “Many news organizations struggled to translate “shithole” countries. In Taiwan, it was rendered as “countries where birds don’t lay eggs”, in Japan as “countries that are dirty like toilets”, and in Croatia as “places where wolves have sex”

  88. Carts


    “Not for one minute am I saying it is Sanchez fault at all for wanting to leave but it would have been better for all concerned if Sanchez and Wenger had been more open and honest , similar to coutinhos departure at Liverpool . He stated he wanted to go so handed in a transfer request . Simple really . Instead we have had all this cloak and dagger shit and it has been like a heavy cloud hanging over the club”

    More bollocks.

    If someone handed you a 4 year deal and with 12-18 months left you say you won’t be hanging around once the 4 years are up, why the fuck would you need to then hand in a TR?

    Are you reading what you’re writting?

  89. Carts


    “Also I think that players and their agents have too much power and seemingly very little loyalty to clubs that pay their bills.”

    News alert: tell me something I don’t already know.

    Funny how we hear this when it’s arsenal players getting fed up & tired of Wenger.

    Give me an example of loyalty if seeing out 4 years of a contract you actually signed for 4 year isn’t actually loyalty

    Or is your interpretation of loyalty having a player sign for another 3-4 years although he can see what kind of shit Arsenal are in?

    Lastly,City weren’t prepared to pay more than £20m for Sanchez. Arsenal want way more. Sanchez obviously doesn’t want to play for Wenger anymore. He’s free to go where he wants

  90. Gooner63

    Bordeaux owner Nicolas de Tavernost has played down rumours that Arsenal will sign winger Malcom this month after he insisted the Brazilian would be staying put.

    He told L’Equipe (h/t Get French Football News): “Malcom will not be leaving.”

  91. Rambo Ramsey

    Yeah, ability to get /hold American VISA is obviously the most important factor while judging a man’s suitability to own a football club in England.

    Emirates stroller, its great that you are a perfect moralist. Live and breathe those values in matters relating your life, but don’t go bringing those expectations into a football institution. You have no right.

  92. Dissenter

    Emirates is a BS artist who likes to express ambiguity with long prose.
    Alexis has been far more honest than the club and the manager. He’s was fuc*ed up in the summer. He told the manager and the club he wasn’t renewing his contract. He told them he wanted to move to city yet they didn’t try to get a replacement until 24 hours before the window closed. That’s not acting good faith.
    Wenger rolled the dice and thought that Alexis would still carry the team on his back becais of his attitude for the game. That’s back fired on Wenger.
    Wenger is the one who’s put the club in disrepute. You never grovel to any player to send a message to your squad.
    Wenger is such a weakling. The way he managed the Iwobi situation is a disgrace too. A young player who goes partying till late in the night 36 hours before a game is allowed to stroll into the next team selection likes he’s Diego Maradona. What message does that send to the rest of the squad. It doesn’t matter that he was fined two weeks wages. Iwobi should have been benched for weeks but he still gets to play with Wenger in charge.

  93. Dissenter

    I also recall you thanking Usmanov for not selling out to Kroenke.
    You don’t get it.
    You can’t besmirch a man’s reputation for a soviet era conviction by the communist party of Uzbekistan. They were convicted for having “capitalistic beliefs”. That’s what constituted “corruption” in a totalitarian commniust regime.
    Anyone who didn’t have links to the party hierarchy was vulnerable to spurious charges.
    For you to willfully take that charge and use is as a tool to smear Usmanov was rather silly.
    It’s like saying Nelson Mandela was a terrorist because a totalitarian oppressive Alrtheld regime jailed him for terrorism.
    You preferred the American and didn’t check your bias for the Uzbeks. YOU
    PREFERRED KROENKE. I won’t let you revise the history here.

  94. S. Asoa

    Klopp getting the best of the Ox .An indictment of Wenger the Charlatan who all through took credit of circumstances and nous of his better players
    ” Jurgen Klopp perfected heavy metal football in win over Manchester City… with the help of brilliant Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Liverpool beat league leaders by creating element of chaos ”
    – from Daily Mail

  95. Nw9 gooner

    Sánchez is just a mercenary looking for the highest pay check- if he chooses MU over MC for money all the talk about trophies is just bullish”t. Our anger towards Arsene should not cloud this factor. And history has shown he has been disdainful of renewal of contracts, pimping to the highest bidder – let’s not paint him as the saint here