The three reasons Lacazette is failing

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Arsenal host Bournemouth for the second time this season after a comfortable spanking at the Emirates earlier in the season. One of the players on the teamsheet that day was our most expensive signing ever… Lacazette.

Extra focus has fallen on his fragile shoulders because, well, you know, he’s not fu*king scoring. He hasn’t found the net in 8 games. The Frenchman came over with a goal a game kinda record – 4 in his first 6 felt like he’d find that kind of form with us – now he’s staring at a very rough 4 in 17. For a player of that price tag, it’s simply not good enough.

Arsene Wenger did his best to ensure he covered a whole plethora of potential reasons his star man hasn’t been performing.


“It’s a difficult period because the family comes over and it’s a bit less football-orientated,”

“I think the fact he lives here with French players and can speak French when needed, and that Lyon is not too far, is OK. But the first six months are always difficult.”


“The physical pressure on strikers in England has become absolutely massive,”

“The physical demands and the intensity in the challenges is much bigger than in France. In England, you play against teams who are organised and can physically cope with 90 minutes’ intensity. The defenders are much quicker than before. They are all athletes now at the back.”


“The body needs to get used to it; the mind, as well,”

Just, you know, being a Lyon player.

“They don’t like to move away, usually. They produce their own players, the players who grew up around Lyon, like Fekir, Lacazette, Gonalons. They usually like to stay there. I did not know whether they wanted to move or not. It is a very specific French player at Lyon.”

More physicality.

“In France, you go down and it’s a free-kick. In England, you go down and it’s no free-kick. That is much more difficult for the striker to get used to. I think he resists better.”

Quite the list. The one about Lyon players not wanting to move is baffling when you consider how exceptional Jean-Michel Aulas has been at selling players consistently for vast sums over the years. Not sure how a self-proclaimed selling club could exist if they weren’t flogging talent.

Anyway, the long and short of it is Wenger signed a player who didn’t look a fit for the Premier League from a physical standpoint, now he’s telling us it’s tough for him.

I hope it comes good for Lacazette, I really like him as a player. He works hard, he’s very good at winning the ball from the front, and on his day he finds the right spaces and he’s very instinctive. I think he’d work well with a partner in crime, someone who could do the dirty work for him when it’s an overly tough game. I can’t imagine there’s any chance of Wenger looking to tweak the way we play to suit the skill set of a player though.

Our options aren’t looking great tomorrow. No Sanchez or Ozil for obvious reasons. Kolasinac, Koscielny and Monreal are doubts in defence. Giroud is out with a hamstring.

Jack Wilshere is fit, which is fantastic news, and I’m assuming Aaron Ramsey makes a return, likely on the bench.

It’s hard to know which Arsenal are going to show up. If it’s the one that played with discipline and purpose at Chelsea, it’s likely we’ll be in pretty good shape. If it’s the team that turned up away at Nottingham Forest, we’re in a world of trouble.

I always think Eddie Howe has half an eye on impressing the board at Arsenal in these games (bit like O’leary), so you’ll know his team are going to be pumped for the occasion. Any sort of switch off will be punished, as we’ve seen before. We really can’t affort to take the foot off the gas because top 4 is getting harder and harder as the weeks go past and our results continue to flatline.

Before I go, the Ozil and Sanchez story is getting more and more depressing. As it stands, it’s the two Manchester clubs brokering some ‘who will blink’ shit on Sanchez. The noise is hotting up that United are going to come through with numbers that Manchester City can’t stomach. Even worse? United are being heavily linked with Mesut Ozil. If anything has been good at Arsenal over the last few years with us, it’s watching those two rip it up together. The thought of them reuniting under Jose is a kicker.

Remember when the sycophants were saying Ozil and Sanchez were waiting on Wenger to see if they’d sign on? As I said at the time, top players like that are waiting to see if he signs on so they can make plans to leave. Great players don’t want to waste their careers under a man who can’t take them to the promised land of Premier League titles and Champions League medals. If you didn’t see that coming, well, read more Le Grove.

Right, that’s me done.

We’re rolling with another Facebook Live podcast that’ll air at 0600pm UK time (0100 EST). Tune in if you can, would be great to get your reactions to the game and bang them in the podcast if they’re exactly the same as what I think.

Enjoy the game. Also, take a read of yesterday’s post on the direction Arsenal seem to be taking the managerial decision.

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  1. Ishola70

    lol Pedders on here was saying only a few weeks back that top four would be a breeze.

    It’s over. Done. Finished.

    Wenger is cooked for top four in January. Yes in January.

    lol I think Raptora expected top four. Loyika also expected top four.

    It really mystifies how fans and plenty of Wenger out fans to boot keep on over=rating this manager right to the end.

  2. kc

    Wenger could get the sack right now mid-season and nobody would question why. He’s done this to himself. He’s done this to the club.

  3. John T.

    Absolute crap, glad I didn’t bother waking up for it. Nothing new for the world of Arsenal’s genius. When Kronkey the Donkey sees that fans will not pay premium prices to watch this shit show than the genius will be gone. And for God;s sake do NOT put a statue outside of Emirates for Wanker. Unless it’s a mound of crap. Fear badly for the long time fans on this Board. You deserve better than this.

  4. raptora

    Me too. After we took the lead though, I thought we won’t win. We are just too shitty when the opponent crowd gets on top of us. Weak players gathered.

    A commentator just made a comparison that the Invincibles compared to the players that Wenger has been buying ever since, it’s like being an aviculturist and from raising falcons or eagles, he has moved on to raising game birds. Well on point.

  5. ArseneisaFraud

    Well, well. Not much of a surprise was it? Certainly when you have a manager say: “Why should I change?”.

    Well why should he change. It’s everyone else that needs to change. How dare you to aspire for progress!

    AW is litterally dragging the club down. If any one cares for The Arsenal one must want: Wenger Out!!!

  6. alexanderhenry


    On Stan sacking wenger, it is a possibility.

    What will swing it is money. He doesn’t give a damn whether the team wins or not.

    Allowing sanchez, ozil and possibly wilshire to walk for nothing, and leaving other players contracts unresolved, will surely be unacceptable to Stan. Also, no CL will disappoint him.

  7. E54_

    The fact that pierre Tom and whoever else is a wenger supporter disappear when we lose loke this tells you they are just trolls. Why do you guys give them the time of day.

    They are sent by untold to piss you off.. trolling.

    Anyway this made me laugh, genuine tears.

    “SamesongJanuary 14, 2018    15:35:10


    Xhaka there on their second goal give that man a payrise.”

  8. Gooner63

    Interviewer “So what is going wrong at Arsenal”

    Wenger “Well we have to blame Brexit, the failure to come to an agreement has led to an increase of shit foreign players coming across the border to the Emirates, add to that the failure of the NHS to mend our injured players and the devaluation of the skills of our English players, you can see why its the fault of everything else and not to do with me”

    Interviewer “So Arsene do you think its time to step down?”

    Wenger “Why would I, last year i won the PL and we never lost a game”

  9. Dolomite

    @Arsenes Nurse ……that a very good question, any other manager would have been questioned months ago talk less of the defeat at Forest or todays shitshow.

    I agree that the only player that played despite of Wenger was Jack Wilshere and say what you like he had a good game.

  10. Dissenter

    C’mon Chelski, let’s do this.
    Don’t give this fraud another get-out-of-jail card.
    I’ll go back to hating you after you deliver the kill shot to the dictator.

  11. Ishola70

    Out of the running for top four in January lol.

    Said on here on the previous blog entry that kept saying for a good few weeks now that these league matches were must win games.

    Wenger had never had that sort of pressure before where games where piling up that just had to be won in order to keep in contention for top four. And he and the team have crumbled in January. Said before that there was such a small margin for error and Wenger has fallen at one of the fences with plenty of the season left.

    Love to hear the reactions now from Messrs Pedders, Loyika and Raptora who just a few weeks ago were confident that top four would be gained.

    The man is absolutely finished at the top end and must be replaced in the summer. Fvck the Carabooboo Cup.

  12. GalaxyGooner

    Bamford10January 14, 2018 15:50:12
    Lay off Jack Wilshere. He is not to blame for our current state. He was actually quite good today.

    Actually, there is bad karma about him .

    Our win average dips whenever he plays.
    Wilshere is pretty average player.
    He level hardly dips and makes him look good when our team form dips .
    When the team form returns, wilshere look bad.

  13. Relieable Sauce

    The media – in general – have gone from denial straight to apathy/acceptance, missing out anger completely – as they are not emotionally invested.

    Why should they care if a fool and his money are easily parted.

  14. Dolomite

    Same here Dissenter,

    as much as I hate Chelsea a 4-0 humiliation at home should get Wenger the sack

    Its at the critical stage where I want him gone BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  15. Marko

    The man is absolutely finished at the top end and must be replaced in the summer. Fvck the Carabooboo Cup.

    Fuck that must be replaced now. Sack him and give Ancelotti 2 and a bit weeks to bring in anything between 2-4 players and try to salvage something from this season.

  16. Don


    Lay off Jack Wilshere. He is not to blame for our current state. He was actually quite good today.

    If they can’t see that then it’s one of two things
    1. They don’t understand football
    2. It doesn’t matter how well he played, there are certain (not football related) prejudices at play.
    Like the culture he represents
    Hence bob and Omar weighing on on the brits while Ozil, Elneny and Xakha get a free pass
    Mustafi was awful today too. He should be leading the young players

  17. Ishola70

    “C’mon Chelski, let’s do this.
    Don’t give this fraud another get-out-of-jail card.”

    It shouldn’t even be a get out the Carabooboo.

    For fans to ignore that Wenger is out of the running for top four in January just because he carpetbagged a Carabooboo well that would be a new all time low for Arsenal fans in regards to them sticking their heads in the sand and not facing up to reality.

    January though. Out of top four contention in January. Huge new low for Wenger.

  18. Dissenter

    Wenger on Alexis
    “He’s being vague at the moment. His situation is not completely decided, one way or the other so I left him at home’

    What a useless manager. I hate the way he’s groveling at the feet of these players.
    He wants to leave, let him go FFS.
    How many languages does he need to use to tell you he’s done with Arsenal?

  19. Don


    What if Wenger goes and we fet worse
    Seriously? Will you continue to cheer against us? Or is it Solely Wenger?
    What if we sign a player you detest as much as Wenger? Will you cheer them?

  20. Dolomite

    Its got to the point where ALL real fans of Arsenal Football Club need to devote our energy and efforts to getting WENGER OUT.

    Nothing else will do

  21. Bob

    9 games super Jack has started and only have won 2 fucking games. We keep losing points when he plays. Without Sanchez,ozil he did fuck all. No matter what he will still get a fucking 7/8 player rating by the English media and say he was the only player to carry arsenal.

  22. Don

    Hang on guys

    United finished 6th last year and win the Europa and you were all cooing about their “achievement”

    We are well on course to repeat that as it stands.
    Come on. Let’s have some consistency

  23. Bob

    How the fuck can anyone defend when you have the support of chambers,holding, maitland niles. They are top championship players this is disgusting

  24. Dolomite

    Bob – if you watched the game today Wilshere was the only Arsenal player to keep possession with the most touches….. compare that to Xhaka Ramsey Walcott or Welbeck who missed a 1v1

  25. Ishola70

    lol fans used to moan not long ago when Wenger was out of contention to win the title in January even though of course they really knew it was over from the first kick-off in January,

    Now it’s over for top four in January.

    That is called serious plummeting.

  26. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I cannot imagine that Kroenke has seen enough and knows there is serious damage being done to his club that he won’t fire Wenger. Even Stan can’t be this blind to the trainwreck on display? Arsenal are full on horrible and getting worse. Injuries aside, they are horribly set up for ripe failure by Wenger.

    Surely even Stan can’t be this stupid?

  27. TR7

    As far as I am concerned Arsenal were out of top 4 race even before the start of the season. I had City and Spurs as absolute certainties for top 4 and Chelsea and Liverpool as the remaining two strong contenders.

  28. TR7

    I got some serious grief here for backing Ox, always believed in his ability and I am even more certain now he will go on to become a very very good player.

  29. Marko

    His interviews are quite incredible he’s so relaxed about everything he smiles even or is it a fucking smirk. He’s a shameless cunt at this stage

  30. Dissenter

    Sometimes it takes a difficult treatment to save a player who’s at risk of dying like chemotherapy for cancer.
    Wenger has to go for arsenal to start to find her way.
    Can things get worse when he leaves?…certainly possible but at least it won’t be like watching a slow motion accident.
    If a new manager f*cks up, he gets sacked like any other club.
    We won’t over pay dross because Wenger insists on some romanticized approach to salaries.
    I expect that it will get worse for a while while the club intangibles itself from then mess that Wenger has created.

  31. Ishola70

    Although of course the final nail has already been put in with the loss to Bournemouth.

    At this point The Ox is dancing on Wenger’s grave.

  32. DaleDaGooner

    But let’s not act like Ox hasn’t scored such for us, problem is he’s still an average players who’s inconsistent and wouldn’t have added anything to us

  33. Marko

    We are well on course to repeat that as it stands.
    Come on. Let’s have some consistency

    Are you for fucking real? Seriously

  34. Dissenter

    I can’t imagine Oxlade striking that ball at Arsenal.
    He would have side-passed it to another Wenger-bot who would have side-passed it to another Wenger-bot…

  35. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Re Ox – goes to show that a real manager can get the best out of any player.

    Please just go, Wenger. No one will say a word if you just please leave.

  36. Marko

    United finished 6th last year and win the Europa and you were all cooing about their “achievement”

    Thing is there’s a gradual improvement on their part whereas there’s a steep decline in Arsenal

  37. TR7


    Ox is miles better than Iwobi who would fail to make the starting 11 of Swansea. Better than Theo and yes better than Welbeck as well. I don’t know how you say he wouldn’t have added anything to us.

  38. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “United finished 6th last year and win the Europa and you were all cooing about their “achievement”

    That was an achievement, it got them into the CL. Same will never be said for Arsenal again under Wenger.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Today’s performance following that against Nottingham Forest demonstrate clearly that the club is now in a mess.

    There is no point discussing the merits of individual players, because it is absolutely clear that in the absence of Sanchez and Ozil there is very little on offer.

    We have too many players on our books who should not be playing for the club. Some are players who are past their sell by date whether by virtue of age
    or injuries. Others like Iwobi, Elneny, Chambers and Holding would not make
    the grade at another top seven club.

    The major shareholder and Board have failed to acknowledge or redress the
    core problem at the club which is the staleness of the Management, Coaching
    Staff and of course players..

    What we have on offer is now a million miles away from a team capable of qualifying for top 4 place let alone win the league title.

    The problem you have to ask is what top player worth his salt would even consider coming to Arsenal unless you are throwing mega bucks at the problem
    and frankly most of the top players will find now plenty of other clubs in far
    better shape than us who are willing to spend just as much as we can offer.

    It is no longer relevant asking Wenger his opinion about the team or performance. A blind man can see it now for himself. Wenger has had in contrast to
    most other managers in EPL total control of the club and we can see just what
    is the end product.He is out of excuses.

    The club is now in “implosion” mode and the only question now is what the
    major shareholder and board are willing to do about it.

    They have less than 5 months to find a solution before the next transfer window and more importantly season ticket renewals. If they don’t start showing
    some ambition before then they will be playing in front of empty staid umnext
    season. No-one is going to pay £1,500-2,000 + to watch this garbage.

  40. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wenger more likely now be remembered for staying on too long and destroying his legacy. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  41. Don

    Thing is there’s a gradual improvement on their part whereas there’s a steep decline in Arsenal

    Marko. From champions every year to 7th yeah
    Gah ahaha
    Gradual improvement there from a nose dive.
    Lighting you are

  42. DaleDaGooner

    I’m an Arsenal fan, of course I want the Carabao cup. Will we best Chelsea or City is another thing. Now saying that, if you think carabao cup will save Wenger, therefore you want Arsenal to lose, you’re a cunt. If the board and owner were competent enough, they’d sack him regardless. Just loook at LvG at United.
    Don’t let your obsession with Wenger pollute any joy the rest of us can muster supporting this shit representation of our beloved club. Hate the man but hope for great things for the club!

  43. Don


    I agree. The ox can and probably will be a top player. Maybe not in central midfield although I do think he’s stronger there than on the wing.
    I also think there is a lot more to Welbeck than he is currently showing. Ferguson thought war marked him to be a world class striker and that’s some claim

  44. DaleDaGooner

    Ox is just like any of those players you mentioned. I still don’t miss him. The sooner Iwobi, Walcott, et al leave too

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I dare say that no one disagrees with you.

    But there will be some.

    In my opinion the club have lost the current 8/14 years old looking to support a team

    That will come home to roost

  46. Guns of Hackney

    Regardless of the result between the scouse schleppers and city, it’s actually nice to see two teams lining up with a plan and a formation.

    Has Wenger blamed that breakdown on the M5 today for the loss?

  47. DaleDaGooner

    Ox scores his one in 20 stunner, all of a sudden his the best thing since slice bread. He was a Wenger boy, he left cause he wouldn’t play where he wanted with Arsenal. He did well as a RWB and he loathed that, otherwise the cunt would have stayed on. Just like Walcott crying about playing striker and held the club ransom till Wenger teased him playing him there for a few games

  48. Marko

    Marko. From champions every year to 7th yeah
    Gah ahaha
    Gradual improvement there from a nose dive.
    Lighting you are

    Thought you said 6th? 7th is it now. But yeah gradual improvement went from no champions league to champions league and what you don’t think the biggest club in the world won’t be properly challenging for the league next season or the season after (certainly if Mourinho goes imo). Whereas we haven’t challenged for a league title in going on 14 years and sit sixth currently in some shocking form and about to lose our best player. Question is why the fuck do people like feel the need to make excuses or to argue on behalf of the absolute shitshow that’s currently on offer? Are you on the take? Are you secretly in love with the man? Are you that clueless that you can’t see that we are the definition of a club in crisis.

  49. Guns of Hackney

    Cool your jets everyone. Ox scored one goal. That doesn’t make him Ruud Guillett.

    Lacazette cost more than KDB and Salah.

  50. Paulinho

    If there is a game suited for Ox it is this.

    City give you a chance to play. You don’t have to overthink. Ox just needs to put his foot on the gas and move in a straight line.

  51. DaleDaGooner

    No glory in playing Wing Back, so Ox moans off to Liverpool. Chelsea we’re going to use him as a wing back too

  52. TR7

    Ox ended the Arsenal season on a high as well and has done reasonably well for Liverpool in the limited game time he has had. Today’s goal is just yet another story in his continuous gradual improvement. Anyway in another 12 months it will be apparent to everyone how good he can be.

  53. Marko

    Hate the man but hope for great things for the club!

    The only great thing that can possibly happen to this club is a new manager. Winning the league cup will probably be enough to keep up with the charade of the current manager so therefore for the good of the club a new manager takes precedence over a fucking league cup

  54. Bamford10


    One, winning the Europa League and qualifying for the CL is an achievement. How great of an achievement? Well, certainly not equal to winning the PL or CL, but it’s not nothing. So when some here said United’s winning the EL was an achievements, that’s really all they meant.

    Two, unless I missed something, Arsenal haven’t won the Europa League. Further, they don’t look anything like the kind of team that could win the Europa League. So I’m not quite sure what your point is: If Wenger manages to win the EL this season — he won’t — we’ll all gladly acknowledge that it is an achievement of a certain kind, just as I laid out above.

    Three, I find it interesting that on a day when Wenger’s failures have never been so obvious, you decide to aim your criticism not at Wenger but at Le Grove. As always, though, you’ve missed.

    Better luck next time.

  55. TR7

    ‘No glory in playing Wing Back, so Ox moans off to Liverpool. Chelsea we’re going to use him as a wing back too’

    Why would an attacking player like to play wing back? I thought we had a problem with unambitious players, not the ones who had ambition.

  56. Don


    Yes but the dropped to 7th from champions
    Then they went to 6th playing the most one dimensional, boring football while spending more than any other club in the country and you’re all drooling

    So come on. Bit of consistency. That’s all I ask. I was honest enough when asked on Xakha.

  57. Wenker-wanger

    Hold on tight lads the Wenger lunatic rollercoaster is just about to leave the rails.
    This is close now to the exit date we have been praying for. 4,8,or 12 seasons of decay(dependant on when you realised wenger was a fraud), is now close to finishing.
    People timidly saying “be careful what you wish for”, are not worth contemplating seriously.
    Look if you are dying for sure, and someone offers you a cure…do you say I’m not sure, I could get worse?
    If you’re dying it can’t get worse!!!!!
    Anyone taking over the management of arsenal over the useless destructive Wenger must be a good thing.
    This useless cnut Wenger is on his way OUT.
    The bubbly is ready , it’s guaranteed to accompany the news of his departure.

  58. TitsMcGee

    How are the media not calling for Wenger to be sacked?”

    He’s the most coddled manager/head coach in all of sports around the globe. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    He’s a train wreck and he’s stubbornly taking us for the ride.

  59. Bay Area gooner

    Wenger must be fired.
    Tie Chelsea at home and then lose to this team. I bet he won’t sell as until after second leg carabao cup as that is his only hope

    What a dirty smelly cunty rat face


  60. DaleDaGooner

    TR7 , Ox doesn’t score enough goals, even in comparison to Walcott and Welbeck. He just not going to get ahead of certain players. Even Liverpool we’re struggling to play him centrally. Let’s not let one nice goal adjudge his time in Liverpool or at Arsenal. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not bothered about his defection compared to RvP, Fabregas or Sanchez

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Frankie Coffeecakes

    As I have said many times before I am a lifelong Arsenal Supporter and Season Ticket Holder going back many years.

    If I stop going it will be a hard decision not least because I have some of the best seats in the stadium.

    The decision would be taken with other members of my family and one or two

    At the moment I am 50-50 as to whether I will continue if the club does nothing to remedy situation, but I do know that there are plenty of other season
    ticket holders who have either left or are seriously considering doing so. Most of us are already not motivated to turn up to every game. That would not have happened 5 years ago.

  62. London gunner

    Welbeck garbage was garbage under fergie one of the best managers ever and is just as garbage under Wenger.

    Ox I thought was shite, but his performances for Liverpool have improved massively and the fans love him.

  63. Don


    Did you not read my earlier posts?? The man has to go. Pay whatever it takes to get rid. Honestly. Throw what ever money we have at Carlo. Give him whatever he asks for. Flog Iwobi, flog Xhaka, Elneny, Mustafi and the rest.
    But I hate arsenal losing. I’m not rejoicing at how shit we are. I also wasn’t talking up United last season who were fucking poor considering what they’ve spent.
    That’s my point
    Be consistent.
    I’ve made no secret of my feelings when arsenal lose and continue to malfunction as a club. But at least I’m consistent.

  64. Sensible old man

    Haven’t come on here in years – I totally gave up with Arsenal 2/3 seasons ago – until the old cunt leaves. But respect for u guys still posting on here. Hopefully we’ll finish 12th, ozil and Sanchez leave and the old cunt will finally walk away so we can rebuild the club.

  65. gazzap

    OK Arsenal do need to replace Sanchez but we have just as big a problems in central midfield and central defence that need solving probably more importantly before we can even think about a top 4 challenge.

  66. Bob

    If you watched the game today you can see we keep dropping points when super Jack plays. He did fuck all beside few pass that’s all. 2 fucking wins out 9 wilshere is a omen for the arsenal.

  67. DaleDaGooner

    I go against many on here who wish us ill just because they hate Wenger. Remember United with all their spending aren’t as glamorous as they were under Fergie and they’ve changed managers several time. That said, Wenger has to go now!!! Today!!! But I still don’t pray or rejoice in Arsenal demolitions and I will be glad even if it’s just a carabao cup

  68. Guns of Hackney

    When Chelsea capitulate, Wenger’s job will be safe again.

    It never gets so bad that the ONLY decision would be to sack him.

    Wenger is always one win away from everything being okay again. Low expectations from a very outdated organisation.

    Pathetic club.

  69. Frankie Coffeecakes

    A very sad day today. I don’t enjoy seeing my team lose and I am not enjoying anything related to the club any longer. Sad that one man can literally hold a club hostage because he can’t fathom a life after football. A very very selfish man Arsene Wenger is. Please just go.

  70. Marko

    Then they went to 6th playing the most one dimensional, boring football

    You talking about us.

    So come on. Bit of consistency. That’s all I ask.

    What are you talking about? Again I ask why do you feel the need to argue or make excuses for the current shitshow especially giving everything that’s going on. Again are you on the take? Are you secretly in love with the man? Or are you clueless? Also why bring up United in the first place why bring up them when talking about how bad we currently are? Since our last title challenge how have they done compared to us?

  71. DaleDaGooner

    Agreed gazzap. So many holes in the squad. Poor management all around. This will be very difficult for the next manager

  72. DaleDaGooner

    AKB’s hate to see Arsenal lose. Arsenal supporters rejoice seeing the team lose.

    Lol what a moron. How would Arsenal “supporters” rejoice at Arsenal losing? How’s that even possible? You are either a supporter or not at all.

  73. Buckhurst Gun


    Haven’t you been watching for the last fucking 10 years its not just wilsheres fault is it , wake up and change the record , we finished 5th last year in case you’ve forgotten- where was Wilshere last season

  74. raptora

    Lacazette not having a single goal opportunity in a game that we had a whole bunch of counter attacks says it all. Giroud at least has his strengths, Lacazette’s level of performance thus far has been similar to the one of Xhaka. Some blame Wenger for Kalstrom, Cygan, Stepanovs and Andre Santos, but it is those two transfers who have been his worst ever in my eyes. A manager who puts all of his eggs in his players arms, you cannot rely on those two, that you’ve bought for big money.

  75. Bob

    Haven’t you been watching for the last fucking 10 years its not just wilsheres fault is it , wake up and change the record , we finished 5th last year in case you’ve forgotten- where was Wilshere last season

    He was on the bench at Bournemouth a team full on championship players that’s he’s level.

  76. DaleDaGooner

    Looking at what we have as a squad now, including Ozil and Sanchez, we are a shit show. No excitement, no organization, no tactics and it just seems a mismanagement of personnel. Wenger has killed off any thing good in his handling of Lacazette. Perez shouldn’t have been treated like shit and players like Ramsey wouldn’t be starting for City, Chelsea or United

  77. DaleDaGooner

    Redtrick, no! It’s arseholes like you. Cunts like you who are in fact Man Utd fans disguising as Arsenal fans. Redtruth as in Red Devil?

  78. Buckhurst Gun


    Exactly, so what are you going on about Jack being a bad omen ? We’re shit with him and we’re shit with out him so do us all a favour and stop going on about Jack fucking Wilshere like he’s the heart and soul of our problems

  79. DaleDaGooner

    Arshavin, Park-Chu, Perez, and going back to other players, Wenger mismanages personal. We are watching Lara suffer same fate now.

  80. Guns of Hackney

    Just have a look at Arsenal’s squad inc first team.

    Mid table.

    No CL for 2 years.
    No premier league challenge for 14 years.
    Worst commercial deals of the ‘big six’.
    No world class players.
    Second highest wage bill in the league.
    A disgruntled fanbase.
    Rapidly emptying stadium.
    Rivals building better, more modern stadia.
    Toothless CEO.
    Aged board.

    If anyone thinks this will be okay, you’re wrong. Arsenal F.C. are in major trouble. The team rebuilding job alone would run into the hundreds of millions. Will stan stump up Abramovic kind of money? Unlikely. Will Usmanov go elsewhere? Maybe.

    This isn’t just about sacking a dictator. It’s also about rebuilding an entire club.

    When Arsene does pop off, expect a few years of wilderness.

  81. Emiratesstroller

    Frankie Coffeecakes

    My personal view of Arsenal is probably very different to that of most other posters on Le Grove.

    1. I have seen some shite teams and players in the past, but at least they played
    to the best of their ability and were proud to play for the club.

    2. I have seen Arsenal win the League Title on 6 occasions including three doubles.

    3. I have watched most of Arsenal’s greatest games including some of those
    we lost not least the Busby Babe’s last game in England before Munich.

    4. I have watched England win the World Cup at Wembley.

    5. I have seen Arsenal play some wonderful football in the first 7 years when
    Wenger arrived at Arsenal. Unlike many other posters I will not denigrate
    the manager or the players who were at the club in that era.

    Arsenal have always been a conservative and stable club, but there has always
    been ambition and more importantly a pride by players to represent the club.

    That seems to be lacking at the moment. I don’t blame Wenger for everything
    that he has done recently, but I do blame him for hanging on to his job when
    he is clearly past his sell by date.

    The major shareholder and Board must also take blame for what is happening.
    Surely they see and understand what is going on.

  82. Bob

    You need to see last 9games when wilshere didn’t play? He’s a omen needs to stay at Bournemouth. Fucking countino got sold for £145mil a proper no.10.

  83. Marko

    Lacazette’s level of performance thus far has been similar to the one of Xhaka. Some blame Wenger for Kalstrom, Cygan, Stepanovs and Andre Santos, but it is those two transfers who have been his worst ever in my eyes

    Not even remotely close to being as bad as Xhaka imo. Say what you like about Lacazette while forgetting others but he still has 9 goals and is the top scorer and yeah he’s gone 8 games without a goal but I’d assume that Welbeck has gone longer without a goal. His form is worrying but there’s bigger problems around him

  84. Rambo Ramsey

    Coquelin must be laughing now. I’d want to leave too if I saw Xhaka continuously preferred over me. The cunt lives up to his name alright, moves like his body is made of heavy granite.

  85. WestLondonGoon

    Stick Swiss Tony in me pocket,
    I’ll etch Squillaci from the van,
    Cos if you want defenders, then don’t ask Wenger
    George Graham, he’s your man

    Cos where they all come from is a mystery
    It’s like replacing Ashley cole with Gael Clichy,
    But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk
    How is Arsene Wenger still in work?
    La, la, la, laa
    La, la, la, la, la