The three reasons Lacazette is failing

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Arsenal host Bournemouth for the second time this season after a comfortable spanking at the Emirates earlier in the season. One of the players on the teamsheet that day was our most expensive signing ever… Lacazette.

Extra focus has fallen on his fragile shoulders because, well, you know, he’s not fu*king scoring. He hasn’t found the net in 8 games. The Frenchman came over with a goal a game kinda record – 4 in his first 6 felt like he’d find that kind of form with us – now he’s staring at a very rough 4 in 17. For a player of that price tag, it’s simply not good enough.

Arsene Wenger did his best to ensure he covered a whole plethora of potential reasons his star man hasn’t been performing.


“It’s a difficult period because the family comes over and it’s a bit less football-orientated,”

“I think the fact he lives here with French players and can speak French when needed, and that Lyon is not too far, is OK. But the first six months are always difficult.”


“The physical pressure on strikers in England has become absolutely massive,”

“The physical demands and the intensity in the challenges is much bigger than in France. In England, you play against teams who are organised and can physically cope with 90 minutes’ intensity. The defenders are much quicker than before. They are all athletes now at the back.”


“The body needs to get used to it; the mind, as well,”

Just, you know, being a Lyon player.

“They don’t like to move away, usually. They produce their own players, the players who grew up around Lyon, like Fekir, Lacazette, Gonalons. They usually like to stay there. I did not know whether they wanted to move or not. It is a very specific French player at Lyon.”

More physicality.

“In France, you go down and it’s a free-kick. In England, you go down and it’s no free-kick. That is much more difficult for the striker to get used to. I think he resists better.”

Quite the list. The one about Lyon players not wanting to move is baffling when you consider how exceptional Jean-Michel Aulas has been at selling players consistently for vast sums over the years. Not sure how a self-proclaimed selling club could exist if they weren’t flogging talent.

Anyway, the long and short of it is Wenger signed a player who didn’t look a fit for the Premier League from a physical standpoint, now he’s telling us it’s tough for him.

I hope it comes good for Lacazette, I really like him as a player. He works hard, he’s very good at winning the ball from the front, and on his day he finds the right spaces and he’s very instinctive. I think he’d work well with a partner in crime, someone who could do the dirty work for him when it’s an overly tough game. I can’t imagine there’s any chance of Wenger looking to tweak the way we play to suit the skill set of a player though.

Our options aren’t looking great tomorrow. No Sanchez or Ozil for obvious reasons. Kolasinac, Koscielny and Monreal are doubts in defence. Giroud is out with a hamstring.

Jack Wilshere is fit, which is fantastic news, and I’m assuming Aaron Ramsey makes a return, likely on the bench.

It’s hard to know which Arsenal are going to show up. If it’s the one that played with discipline and purpose at Chelsea, it’s likely we’ll be in pretty good shape. If it’s the team that turned up away at Nottingham Forest, we’re in a world of trouble.

I always think Eddie Howe has half an eye on impressing the board at Arsenal in these games (bit like O’leary), so you’ll know his team are going to be pumped for the occasion. Any sort of switch off will be punished, as we’ve seen before. We really can’t affort to take the foot off the gas because top 4 is getting harder and harder as the weeks go past and our results continue to flatline.

Before I go, the Ozil and Sanchez story is getting more and more depressing. As it stands, it’s the two Manchester clubs brokering some ‘who will blink’ shit on Sanchez. The noise is hotting up that United are going to come through with numbers that Manchester City can’t stomach. Even worse? United are being heavily linked with Mesut Ozil. If anything has been good at Arsenal over the last few years with us, it’s watching those two rip it up together. The thought of them reuniting under Jose is a kicker.

Remember when the sycophants were saying Ozil and Sanchez were waiting on Wenger to see if they’d sign on? As I said at the time, top players like that are waiting to see if he signs on so they can make plans to leave. Great players don’t want to waste their careers under a man who can’t take them to the promised land of Premier League titles and Champions League medals. If you didn’t see that coming, well, read more Le Grove.

Right, that’s me done.

We’re rolling with another Facebook Live podcast that’ll air at 0600pm UK time (0100 EST). Tune in if you can, would be great to get your reactions to the game and bang them in the podcast if they’re exactly the same as what I think.

Enjoy the game. Also, take a read of yesterday’s post on the direction Arsenal seem to be taking the managerial decision.

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  1. Ishola70

    Laca is snatching at his chances in front of goal for quite a while now.

    He’s an instinctive player so it is no good to ask him to calm down and try to be more measured. That’s just not him.

    Just got to hope he gets in form.

  2. Al

    You omitted to say he has been substituted in just about every game he has played, and this must have destroyed his confidence. Blame Wenger for wrecking him.

  3. TR7

    Well, Ozil likes working with Mourinho and is almost certain to get a starting place in United 11 ahead of Mikhitaryan who has struggled there and Mata who is not among Mourinho’s favorite players.

    Alexis would be a vast improvement over any current attacking player United have in their squad.

    So it would not surprise me if Mourinho wanted to sign both the players.

    Now, will we let both the players go to United? No chance. Even the staunchest Wenger supporters will then turn against him.

    I think we will let Sanchez go to the club which lodges the highest bid for him. Although my guess is Wenger would rather sell him to City who are anyway in a different league to us. Giving him to United would mean straight away strengthening a top 4 rival.

    As far as Ozil is concerned, I think we will tie him to a new deal even if it means we have to pay him mega dollars. Not because we are very ambitious but because losing two star players in what could be one of the worst seasons in recent times would be the death knell for Wenger.

  4. Confidentgoner

    No crosses to him, very rare good passes, how do we expect him to be scoring? Wenger does not know how to play against a parked bus. Pep knows a lot more. Why does he not study City and other teams and learn? Why?

    Well, Arsene, it starts with having the right personnel, and drilling them on crossing correctly, passing correctly! It’s about using the width of the field and the length. It’s about keeping the ball, making runs and when you loose it, run like mad, hassle like mad to get it back and recycle.

    Things that are currently beyond Wenger, ATM.

  5. Confidentgoner

    Let’s all imagine we don’t have Wenger. What do you guys think we need to do to get top 4 and basically rescue our season. We have 6 teams battling for top 4 positions. We need to beat two of the top teams. What will you do if you were Wenger + board!I am aware that Wenger has little capacity to get us to top 4 anymore. That is clear. Any better ideas? Brain exercise, better than worrying about the clown!

  6. Bamford10

    Lacazette isn’t scoring because (i) he can’t create his own chances and because (ii) our super-slow, crab football approach to build up play means all of the space he is accustomed to playing in (or being played into) simply isn’t there.

    Wenger has signed a player who isn’t really a good fit for how we currently play.

    If we attacked quickly, if we played 4-3-3 with Sanchez and Ozil wide, he would be more effective.

    As it is, though, he is not a good fit for our super-slow build up approach.

  7. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @TR7 – “I think we will let Sanchez go to the club which lodges the highest bid for him”

    Sanchez is now free to sign wherever he chooses. Wenger really only has but two options, sell to the team of Alexis choosing, or keep him to the end of season and get nothing in return. I’d be more than surprised if Alexis goes anywhere other than ManCity.

  8. Bamford10


    I think we could do it if we did two things: switched to a two-forward set up — either 4-4-2 diamond or 3-5-2 — and if we signed at least one athletic ball winning CM.

    Play Welbeck and Lacazette together up top for the first 70 minutes; Giroud and Lacazette for the last 20.

    Ozil as CAM.

    If we stick to the current approach, though, and stick with the currrnt midfield, I don’t see us finishing top four. Ramsey will help, but I don’t know if having him back will be enough.

  9. Bamford10


    You make a good point re Wenger not knowing how to break down parked buses, though I’d say the main reason we face so many “parked buses” today is the slowness of our build-up play. Most teams that we play aren’t really parking the bus in the conventional sense; they’re just all behind the ball and in position because we’ve spent five minutes passing the ball sideways.

    Beyond that, Wenger doesn’t believe in patterns of attack — he prefers that his players make it up as they go along, “solve problems themselves” — so unlike a City, we don’t have practiced patterns by which we break sides down.

    Way too late in the game for Wenger to learn any of this.

  10. alexanderhenry

    I like Lacazette. He’s a poacher- something we’ve needed for years. In the right setup he would score a lot of goals.

    However he is not a player who can create chances from nothing like Sanchez. He is not that exceptional- very good but not ‘elite’.

  11. Dissenter

    Excellent point about Sanchez.
    He’s not a spontaneous creator of chances. He’s a finisher in a good set-up. He’s also come in at a time of great uncertainty in the club.

    To be fair, there a very few players like Alexis. He’s going to be devastatingly under Guardiola. He’s going to be devastating under Jose Mourhino too because he will infuse energy to that United team. He will also open up space for Lukaku.

  12. Paulinho

    Not surprised Madrid have tailed off. They were never as good as three back-to-back Champions League wins would make you believe. What we are seeing now some long overdue reversion to mean of their ability.

  13. alexanderhenry


    What a shocker- I must have made the same point as Bamford. There’s a first for everything I suppose.

    What’s your view on today’s match? I’ll go 1-1

  14. Paulinho

    Alexis will be devastating until he comes up against a team with some chutzpah and defensive organisation, and then he will start dropping deep and take the scenic route again.

  15. Dissenter

    Sanchez is fully in the driving seat.
    By now it is clear to the powers that be at Arsenal that they made school boy errors with the transfer situation. It has to be a salvage pragmatic job to rescue some modicum of sanity from the situation.
    Sanchez will go where he chooses or will be so disruptive that he can’t be played until he leaves in May 2018.
    He’s tested the waters and knows that the his footballing pedigree is not undoubted even though his stats aren’t that great this season.
    These big clubs will still come for him If he scores only one goal a month till May 2018.
    Sanchez is 100% in charge of his destiny. Arsenal aren’t “allowing”anything.

  16. Dissenter

    Don’t you think you ought to give up this anti-Sanchez agenda?
    The players head is turned, his heart is some where else and he’s not the same player we’ve seen in the past three seasons.
    You seem to ignore the obvious when you don’t stop lampooning him.
    Do you ever stop to consider you migh be wrong? Even when you consider how top clubs are offering crazy money for the last 5 months of his contract. Either way he will be the highest paid player in the league which goes to show you’re off the mark.

  17. Dissenter

    Sanchez is not in the squad for Bournemouth.
    Talk around his that he pulled out. It’s gotten ugly and the player is asserting his power, the power we gave him with our bungling of the transfer in January.

  18. Paulinho

    Dissenter – It’s never been an agenda. Just my objective analysis of his game.

    How much he is paid means nothing. What will prove me wrong is him showing something he’s never done before; which is actually producing in ‘locked’ games away from home. I hope he goes to United because City’s all-round quality will make it too easy.

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Sanchez wants Manchester United move? Another former great that’ll struggle to recapture glory days. Can’t remember the last attacking player that flourished there. Great money though.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    The first part of Pedro’s thread is the usual explanation [excuse] for a player arriving at Arsenal who is not performing up to expectation.

    That is not unique to this one player particularly a player who has been effectively a “ONE CLUB” player throughout his career. The player will hopefully adapt and play to his full potential.

    This brings me back to what I wrote in a previous post last week and that is about “PERSONALITY PROFILE”. As I pointed out several years ago Liverpool
    when they dominated English Football did a comprehensive background check on all players joining them and Arsenal according to Ken Friar adopted
    a similar policy when Graham was at the club.

    Sometimes I wonder whether Arsenal adopted similar policy when they recruited Van Persie or Sanchez. Sanchez may be a great footballer but he does not fit into the mould of a TEAM PLAYER. He is a one trick pony who want to be the CENTRE OF ATTENTION.

    Personally I don’t think that type of player is well suited to a club like Arsenal.
    It remains to be seen how he will perform at either Manchester United or City.
    Frankly he is probably better suited at United because Mourinho is a similar
    personality. Neither would in my view last very long at the club because they are both “PAINS IN THE ARSE”, but what they might deliver next season is the
    League Title.

    Sadly at Arsenal that was never likely to happen at least under Wenger. This
    is for me the main difference between Sanchez and Ozil. Ozil in the right environment is a Team Player albeit that he needs to be at a club which recruits
    top quality players.

    Arsenal is at the moment a complete shambles, because our squad contained
    too many players past their best or simply not good enough to compete at top
    level in EPL and Champions League.

    The situation has not been helped by poor decision making primarily by Arsene Wenger but also by the major shareholder and board of directors.

    Arsenal is a club which tries to maintain its values in the cutthroat world of
    modern football, where there are a lot of sharks. Realistically that does not
    work in a world where top footballers and their agents are being paid stratospheric sums of money and will go to the highest bidder.

    Realistically there are three clubs in England who can outgun us. Man City
    because of their owners financial resources, Man United because of their annual revenues and Chelsea because of their owner’s ego and willingness to
    throw money to satisfy his ambition.

    Arsenal’s ambition seems to fall below that level. The major shareholder is
    MEGA RICH, but unlike Abramovich is not football obsessed and treats the club as one of his businesses. I am sure that he would like to win the EPL Title or Champions League, but NOT AT ALL COST.

    That is Arsenal’s problem. We cannot win Major Trophies in England, because
    the club is not provided with resources of the other three clubs and we cannot
    compete with the big clubs in Spain, Italy and Germany, because they are at least able to deliver on a regular basis League Titles because of lack of competition.

    The management and coaching at Arsenal has also not helped, because it has
    grown stale due primarily to the longevity of Wenger’s career and increasingly his poor judgment.

    There has been for far too long a lack of decisiveness at the club combined with poor decision making. That has been highlighted not only by the renewal of Wenger’s contract, but also with what is going on with Sanchez and Ozil.

    In June the hope and intention was that the club would finish in top four and
    qualify for Champions League. The club rightly or wrongly decided to hold onto both Sanchez and Ozil in the hope that we achieved this and also possibly
    to offload the players at end of their contracts to non English Competitors.

    We are failing on both counts. Man City or Man Utd will acquire the players
    at our expense and most probably with our club receiving peanuts.

    The contractural situation at the club needs to be changed. In future no player
    should be allowed to run down his contract to final year. If the contract is not
    renewed before then the player must be sold. That seems to be the policy adopted by both Spurs and Liverpool. They get top dollar if a player wants to

    Arsenal can at least do something about their current situation if they act decisively, but it will need time and more importantly better and more ruthless
    management than we have got at the moment.

    The club needs to bed in the new Football Director and Senior Scout, but also
    find a new Manager and Coaching team as well. Wenger should leave when that process is completed whatever the cost.

    Realistically our First Team and Squad is not good enough and that is a major
    REBUILD. That should be left to the new management and not to the influence of Wenger.

    The way it has to be done will be expensive, because we have lost the opportunity to sell for mega bucks the small number of players who could have been
    sold for big transfer fees.

    The club will be forced to dig into their cash reserves if the major shareholder is unwilling to dig into his own resources.

    If Kroenke is unwilling to sanction future investment then he should sell the
    club and allow someone else to do so.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Which are these players that regularly bring their A-game in the biggest games, Paulinho?

    Can’t think of one player in the PL.

    Hazard? Sure, if diving is given consideration.
    de Bruyne? Has a well documented hisrory of starting strong but tailing off in the latter part of season.
    Kane? Don’t make me laugh.

  22. useroz

    How we crab-pass in the final third definitely not helping Laca. It also looks to me Laca has been passing more than taking shots like how he started in the PL, as he ‘settles in’. In short, Laca’s being Wengerised.

    Watch some recent replays and you’d notice Laca reverted to instinct (and started shooting) once we went behind but then got a bit overly eager and scuffled his shots.

    Wenger playing AMN as LB/lWB wouldn’t help his development. At 20, should be honing skills in his natural/best position. Just hope Wenger isn’t ruining a great prospect.

    Iwobi has been poor. Don’t like his attitude… commented before on his talking about lacking motivation LAST season! Wtf? Iwobi wouldn’t likely make bench of top 5 PL clubs. Shows how ridiculous Colney really is. A near 30 yo Willian beats Iwobi by miles and Willian has been on Chelski bench these days!

    Media reports been raving about L’pool bidding 35m for Sanchez. I’d say let’s fuel a bidding war! Manure 30m + Miki surely appeals… We wanted Miki before Jose snatched him (agent fee?) and he can’t be worse than Welbeck / Walcott and easily could go for 20m in this market surely. That’s 50m effective fot Sanchez and makes ithe financial loss a bit less painful. Only if true…

    Malcolm + Miki + Laca would seem more than decent if someone can help fix the MF.

  23. Paulinho

    Rambo – Away from home is much harder, and producing your A game is much harder. But the top players find a way to impact the game by adapting.

    Prime example is Robert Pires. Never played as well in general play away from home but found a way to score big goals. Away at Anfield in 03/04, also – and most impressive of all – was his goal against Chelsea in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge. We could’t get through Chelsea with passing so what did he do? Adapted his game and made an off the ball run into the box to meet Ashley Cole’s cross and head the equalizer. That’s what the real top players do. Go outside their comfort zone.

    What does Sanchez do? Drop deeper and deeper, and even then he can’t even complete a pass or dribble. He’s not even decent – he’s crap – in those situations.

  24. Dissenter

    “That is Arsenal’s problem. We cannot win Major Trophies in England, because
    the club is not provided with resources of the other three clubs and we cannot
    compete with the big clubs in Spain, Italy and Germany, because they are at least able to deliver on a regular basis League Titles because of lack of competition”

    We have the resources to compete with the top-three. Teams this is not anymore. How can you keep making the same excuse even after the way we let players run down their contracts and leave for nothing or little money.
    It is a failure of leadership, acceptance of mediocrity, mismanagement of resources and most importantly the stasis of Wenger that’s the problem.
    We have enough resources to compete with anyone if we put every available penny back into football and spend it wisely, not on inflated salaries but on good footballing assets.
    Why are we signing mediocre commercial deals with Emirates that restrict our ability to make money from emerging opportunities like sleeve sponsorships and training kits.

  25. TR7

    Truly great players reserve their best for the biggest games of the season.

    Messi, Zidane, Ronaldo Lima and Iniesta – the greatest 4 players that I have seen play always were/have been their imperious best in big games. The likes of Alexis, De Bryune and Hazard are at least a couple of notches below the elites.

  26. Paulinho

    De Bruyne, Hazard are a consistent threat in open play. De Bruyne scored a screamer against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season.

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    Arsenal should demand in excess of 40 million pounds for Sanchez. The mugs over at Old Trafford will no doubt pay, desperate to assert their fading dominance. Can’t beat the noisy neighbors in football, so securing victory in moneyball dick measuring contests will have to do.

  28. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Man City or Man Utd will acquire the players at our expense and most probably with our club receiving peanuts.”

    Sums up Wenger perfectly. Dithering his way towards defining his legacy.

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘De Bruyne, Hazard are a consistent threat in open play. De Bruyne scored a screamer against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season.’

    As did Sanchez in the Cup Final last year. In the fourth minute in our first attack, it set the tone for an impressive victory.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Sanchez is going to push through a move then.

    At least we can get some decent money for him, please bank it for a new manager.

    When are we finally going to get rid of Wenger? This is just infuriating at this point, everything put on hold while we wait for him to f**k off.

    Have to say though I think Gazidis is doing well in terms of salvaging his reputation after Wenger finally f**ks off, at the moment he can shrug at the fans and say ‘I’m trying’ but I cannot get rid of the pig.

  31. Dissenter

    “Wenger playing AMN as LB/lWB wouldn’t help his development. At 20, should be honing skills in his natural/best position. Just hope Wenger isn’t ruining a great prospect”

    I don’t recall SAF playing Scholes as LWB to develop him. The central midfield required unique skill sets that are more than running adorned on the flanks. It’s more of broadening your vision (on both sides) to watch movement pattern and read the game afield.
    It gives him an opportunity to play and stave off his mother coming after Wenger again bit it’s not developing him in his favored position.
    Wenger is just being cute with the truth. He’s a coward and can’t sell off Elneny (who’s as average and comfortable as it gets) to make way for a better younger player. He ought to bench Xhaka once in a while for AMN. That’s what Poch did for Winks.

  32. Paulinho

    Rambo – Neutral venue.

    And everyone played well that day against a sleepy Chelsea. It’s about when the match is a struggle. When we are playing like crap and you need the big players to go towards goal, not consistently away from it.

  33. Dissenter

    40 million will be a stretch for a player who’s out the door in 5 months anyways.
    His agent wants £5-10 million, Alexis will no doubt get a premier league highest wage and a transfer bonus (because his contract is almost run out)
    There’s talk that United re picking him over Griezmann in the summer.

    It’s going to cost United over £40 million no doubt, for starters. Arsenal won’t be the recipient though.

  34. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wenger really has Chernobyl’d this one but good. Sanchez is gone and either way with Ozil it’s the same. Sign him and Ozil will take a permanent vacation with his play – run out the contract and you get nothing. Talk about dropping the ball big time.

  35. HillWood

    Wenger has been at the club over 20years
    If he trained the squad properly with discipline in defence,midfield and attack and stopped wasting money on unsuitable players the club has more than enough cash to compete
    Bristol City gave Man City a run for their money

  36. TR7

    Alexis is not good enough for City. I have said numerous times Pep would be making a mistake by going for a player who has been dispossessed most number of times in PL since he joined the league.

  37. Dissenter

    I’m pretty sure Sanchez is being sold over Wenger’s head.
    The manner Wenger has been bitching publicly about “he won’t be sold until a replacement is signed” suggests this. It’s Wenger’s last stand.

    Signing a replacement is going to be more difficult after the expensive ruse we pulled on Lemar on the last few hours of the summer window.
    No one will ever believe that we don’t have money to activate the £45 million clause for Malcolm since we offered about £92 million for Lemar before.

  38. Rambo Ramsey

    Mhikitaryan, Lacazette and Ozil. As close as it gets to a three kitten attack. And providing cover behind them, hard man Xhaka.


  39. Paulinho

    Got to say though, not a huge fan of Mahrez, but would definitely take him over this Malcom fella. Distinctly underwhelmed by him.

  40. E54_


    “The physical pressure on strikers in England has become absolutely massive,”

    “The physical demands and the intensity in the challenges is much bigger than in France. In England, you play against teams who are organised and can physically cope with 90 minutes’ intensity. The defenders are much quicker than before. They are all athletes now at the back

    Who was it telling me I don’t know shit about football because i said Laca would struggle with the physical side of the PL? Who was it? I told you his body mass and height are not right for a CF in PL. Sanchez is a specimen. Aguero too. You need to have some bulk, you need to be lean and ripped.. yoy need to have that inner-power, if you’re a 5foot motherfucker. If you’re slim, You need out and out pace to make up for the lack of strength. Vardy did this 2 seasons ago. defo has been doing this for years. Laca is not strong enough nor quick enough to ‘MAKE HIS OWN GOALS’

    Sure he’ll score, he’ll do very well if he’s served properly. Hes a natural finisher. But this is Arsene Wengers New-Arsenal. It was never going to happen that we provide good service to Laca.

    This is why Giroud has never scored more than 16 Premier League goals. He relies on service completely. This is why he doesn’t score many. But if you can make your own goals, you can make up for the lack of service ARSENAL provide.

    Sanchez not in team?

  41. Elmo

    Why is there any surprise that United and Liverpool are now in for Sanchez?

    It’s a £100m+ player, in his peak years, who was vital to 49 goals last season and is accustomed to English football, available for less than £35m and not cup tied in Europe.

    Especially with City broadcasting that they might not be willing to financially blast everyone out the water, I’d be surprised if every single one of the top 5 weren’t trying to sign him.

    Imagine if Hazard had 6 months left, wanted to stay in England, and the one informal offer on the table was £20m. Were we remotely relevant you’d expect the club to at least be sniffing around.

    Pedro – I assume you meant 1300 EST / 1800 GMT.

  42. Dissenter

    All the commentators will want to talk about today is the player that’s not on the bench. They will use that as a segue to critic the club’s management style.
    That ought to be entertaining at least.

  43. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I’m more than sure that Wenger will spin things so that the clubs lemming supporters will overlook the fact that he has botched up things for the future. Equally sure that Sanchez will be made to be a Dirty Sanchez in all of this.

  44. E54_

    It was tom. A geezer called tom who was mocking and scoffing at people for saying ozil and sanchez won’t sign if wenger stays. He was saying the opposite. That they were waiting for him to sign and stays so they would feel secure in signing on themselves..


  45. TR7

    Watched Malcom again on YT, he looks good.

    But yes he is heavily left footed like Robben but does not have the pace of Robben though. PL defenders might figure his game out.

  46. Paulinho

    TR7 – Youtube scouting extraordinaire.

    He’s too short and squat for me. I want a Douglas Costa/Robben type runner from deep that can consistently dribble long-ish distances. Malcom seems very decent in the final third, but Mahrez is the best around in the final third, so we may as well go for him.

    If we sign Malcom i’ll give him time before making a definitive judgement but I just can just see him getting dispossessed in midfield too often.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    If any fan gives Sanchez stick they need their head examining, he has not done a dirty he made it very clear he wanted to leave and openly said so throughout the summer on top of that despite his sulking he is still our top scorer and best player which also says a lot about the rest of the team.

    This was Wenger’s choice, it was always stupid and any pathetic weasel like attempts to squirm out of it from him should not be tolerated.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool still trying to bring Keita in now instead of waiting for the summer.

    Seems they are going after Lemar as well, wonder if Klopp is thinking of Lemar in attacking midfield in a 4-3-3 with Keita as a box to box, Mane, Salah and Firmino beyond?

    Still badly need a CDM with that, though that would be an exciting side to watch.

  49. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Agreed Cesc, the only thing Sanchez is guilty of is wanting to win. It’s down to Wenger for reasons as to why they cant compete.

  50. TR7


    Fekir would be my first choice. The guy is a baller. We let Costa and Salah slip through our fingers – two wide players who can actually dribble. Mahrez is a good dribbler as well but Fekir has a more all round game.

  51. Frankie Coffeecakes

    You have to know that Wenger will spin this as a contract distraction and that is why he had to rid himself of Sanchez now rather than let the contract run its course. Ironic when you consider that it was Wenger’s contract situation that was clearly a distraction last season and of course, he stayed.

  52. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “Seems they are going after Lemar as well, wonder if Klopp is thinking of Lemar in attacking midfield in a 4-3-3 with Keita as a box to box, Mane, Salah and Firmino beyond?”

    Pffffttt… Do they have Danny Welbeck though?! Or Theo?!

  53. Bob

    Now Sanchez is gone maybe wilshere can finally step up and cover the goals and aast of Sanchez after all he is England’s best player.

  54. Jim Lahey

    So Sanchez off to United for about £30m I would say and Ozil will no doubt join him in the summer! What a fucking joke this club is! United bringing in our two best players for less than what they paid for Victor Lindelöf!!!

  55. Guns of Hackney

    Language barrier? That old chestnut. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Lacazette probably speaks better English than Wilshere. Also, football is football and if you can play, you should be able to play in any team anywhere in the world.

    The premier league is physical? Wenger has been here for 21 years. He should know this before he buys weak players.

    Free kicks? Fouls in France? So? Lacazettes shitness isn’t down to lack of getting free kicks, it’s down to the fact he’s utter garbage.

    £56m on a player who cant get to grips with the language. A player that is too weak for the league. Wenger gets £10m for this.

    It’s amazing how much outrage there is for people who swindle the system but Wenger? The biggest fraud in sport. Out.

  56. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Our supposed rivals keep on moving towards getting better and Arsenal? Well, they’ve got “Values”.. The clusterf* of a s*show just keeps getting better and better. But it’s okay cause we have the bestest manager in all of football!


  57. Emiratesstroller


    You are wrong about Arsenal’s capacity to compete financially with two Manchester clubs and Chelsea.

    The major shareholder is not going to dig in his own pocket and perhaps more
    importantly the club is run like a business and not a football club. Based on that format I don’t see Arsenal matching them in transfer market.They will
    always outspend us.

    Second you make a statement about Sanchez joining Manchester City and the

    There is no question that he is a brilliant player who can not only create but score extraordinary goals. Yet I do have some questions about him which do need to be answered.

    1. If he is such an exceptional player why did Barcelona let him go at the age of
    25 when he was in his prime? Barcelona is a club who like to hold onto their
    best players and if they do sell them as was case with Neymar they want top

    2. Sanchez left Barcelona for a very modest fee of just £35 million. Yet there was not exactly a queue for his signature at time. The only other club who were interested was Liverpool.

    3. Arsenal are notoriously secretive about what goes on at the club. Yet it is
    clear that Sanchez is a maverick and difficult to manage or more importantly get on with other players. You have to ask whether that was also the case at
    Barcelona also?

    4. Yes there is now a queue of other clubs in England wanting his signature.
    After all they do not have to pay a huge transfer fee, but also it is going to weaken a potential competitor for top 4 place in League.

    5. Do you think that Guardiola or Mourinho will handle him better? Maybe,
    but only if Sanchez is treated as top dog and the club delivers the League Title
    and Champions League Cup.

    6. It would not surprise me that you will hear similar stories to what is going on at Arsenal if they win nothing.

  58. Relieable Sauce

    A move to United does look the better fit for Sanchez imo.
    City fans can be a bit limp at times supporting their team – similar to the sheep at the Emirates – whereas MU fans are much more demanding of their club.
    I think this will suit Sanchez down to the ground, Mourinho and the fans will love him and his “rotten apple” attitude.

    Good luck to him, shame Spurs won’t consider smashing their wage structure to throw their hat in the ring.

  59. Bamford10

    I do not want Mkhitaryan. Much prefer Martial.

    Wenger looks like such an idiot at the moment, by the way. What an idiot. He really must go this summer.

  60. Guns of Hackney


    One gone, another very likely and the other two possible.

    5 months ago, we could have probably sold these for £150m. Now, we may get around £90m (if we’re lucky). However, we may actually only get the £10m already received for Francis.

    So we lose either £60m (over five months) or possibly £140m (over 9 months).

    Imagine if you took those figures in isolation and told it to a successful business person…they would laugh in your face and show you the door.

    Arsenal F.C. are a total and abject shambles.

  61. Bamford10


    Barcelona sold Sanchez because, as good a player as he is, he wasn’t good enough for them, and specifically, he wasn’t intelligent enough to play in combination with players like Messi, Iniesta, etc. You have to be very intelligent, very quick thinking to succeed there: Sanchez is not that.

  62. Dissenter

    The managers of City, United and Chelsea disagree with your assessment of Sanchez.
    Only “exceptional”players fetch £30 million transfer with huge wages (highest in the league) with only FIVE MONTHS left on their contract.

    Your point about Barca selling him for 35 million and having few takers is not meaningful. Barca made a mistake selling him for that low figure, not the first one they’ve made. He was excessive baggage in a very loaded Barca team.

  63. raptora

    That moment when you realize that you’ve lost another star player who was managing to be the difference one too fat many times. And there is no turning back. Felt this when Henry, Cesc and van Per$ie left. Shitty feeling.

    No way that shitninho gives us Martial even though he looks like the perfect player for us. Exactly why mouninho won’t let him to come. Not that he will want to anyways. Miki? Way more possible. Could be the best player with real possibility to join. If it’s him, Mahrez, Fekir or this kid Malcom, we’ll have done decent. Still a heavy, heavy hit.

  64. Guns of Hackney

    Martial couldn’t make it in a team with Mata, Pogba, Miki etc supplying the bullets.

    What the fuck chance does he have in our team bereft of Ozil and Sanchez?

    Don’t be fucking daft. Martial would be insane to throw his career away on arsenal.

  65. steve

    Cmon now Pedro its getting lazy now. First the bit about Jonny Evans playing for England, now Arsenal host Bournemouth a second time?

  66. Bamford10

    Good tweet re this starting XI:

    “Brave of Arsenal to play the second string in the premier league …….. it’s not? That’s the best we’ve got?! But we were told we would compete with Bayern!!”

  67. Dissenter

    Shouldn’t Wilshere be getting a break after the recent ankle sprain, considering his injury record.
    When you have turds like Elneny in the team, you end up overplaying the reasonably good ones like Wilshere.
    What is Elneny’s role in the team anyway?
    He’s got no desire to improve or break into the starting eleven. Hes not raising a fuss for not starting. I detest those type of players. He’s on a vacation in London and probably thinks he’s won the lottery.

  68. Guns of Hackney


    Oh, I wasn’t addressing you personally…just putting it out there.

    For the record, I doubt if there is a single player in the world that could actually improve us. Not while the vampire is there.

  69. Emiratesstroller


    You said that Barcelona made a mistake in selling Sanchez so cheap.

    Well that is your opinion. Barcelona are not known for making mistakes, but
    more importantly they get “best value” out of players they recruit.

    Sanchez was 25 when he was sold by them so he was in his prime. Players aged
    22-25 normally fetch top dollar. That was certainly not case with Sanchez.

    Reading between lines I do think that Sanchez is difficult to manage and also
    this is not a player who will stay at one club for more than two or three years.

    Arsenal’s failure in its transfer transactions going back several years is that
    we fail to anticipate how players and their agents think. We seem always to
    react and think the best of their motives.

    The club has been naive in too many of its negotiations.

  70. raptora

    I could understand Alexis and Ozil leaving us. Both mentioned a talk to Wenger which was enough to make them join us. Pretty sure that he sold them a dream and then followed by having the summer of Cech being the only transfer in. It is laughable and it’s understandable that whoever has any brain and skills left, is pushing for a move.

  71. Guns of Hackney

    If Arsenal were actually considering getting rid of Wenger, why would they give him anymore money to piss away?

    Exactly. Wenger isn’t going anywhere. Not this, or the next season.

    Give the man £500m and he’s come back with magic beans and a new contract for Giroud.

    No, no, no…

  72. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I’m sure in the ivory tower they are going to declare this to be a rebuild and of course who else would be best to manage such a venture, none other than Boris Karloff himself, Slapnuts Wenger!

  73. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I’m sure that Wenger gave Iwobi a stern talking to -and decided punishment would be to actually continue to play under his divine tutelage.

  74. Guns of Hackney

    If Bournemouth doesn’t win this, Howe should be sacked immediately.

    Honestly, between now and kick off, I could go out and rustle up an 11 that could give Arsenal a game.

    Arsenal. Making humour fashionable in football since 2009.

  75. Bob

    You take away
    bellerin, mustafi,lacazette
    And the team looks like a proper Sunday league team. just the perfect level for Ramsay and wilshere to play in.

  76. Marko

    That bench is fucking awful. No one capable of making a difference if Iwobi and Welbeck don’t perform who can change the game. And just goes to show take Sanchez and Ozil (and probably Lacazette) out and this squad looks very very average looking. It’s worrying

  77. Jamie

    Is Nelson injured? I’d start him over Wellers all day long. I’d also put Macey between the sticks.

    Play the ‘talented’ youth players until the end of the season. I’d much rather watch the kids that the shithouse seniors.

    Cech, Xkaka, and Welbeck should be moved on at the earliest opportunity, along with Walcott, Jenkinson, Debuchy (shame, because I rate him), Campbell, Per and Santi (retire).

    I’d pad those player losses out with more youth players next season, and for as many seasons as Wenger is in charge without giving him a penny to spend for the remainder of his shambolic tenure.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    Every time Iwobi goes near the football, he makes it look like he’s handling a nuclear weapon. Ugly, ugly on the ball.

  79. Elmo

    That’s just about our first XI with Sanchez and Ozil gone, and Kos retired.

    That’s mid-table 7th to 10th, quality-wise.

  80. useroz

    Iwobi is just poor don’t press just retreat when Bou won ball back 5 yard in front…

    AMN good composure and shot hit the bar. Good try.

  81. Dissenter

    Top managers disagree with you regarding Sanchez. They are willing to open their wallets to back up their assessment of the player.
    Guardiola was the one who didn’t play Sanchez often at Barca yet he’s the one who pushed City to bid 60 million for the last year of his contract in the summer.
    Barcelona have had a bit of a mess with there transfers recently with loss after loss. They get away with it because of Leo Messi and La Masia.
    Lets just agree to disagree, shall we.

  82. Samesong

    For all those feigns he still didn’t hit the target. Should be 1-0 up.

    Iwobi looking good but it’s his level Bournemouth.

  83. S Asoa

    Find Lacazete hesitant today . Far off from his poaching instinct. Looks has been ” worked upon” by Arsehole Wenger.

  84. Dissenter

    It gets better.
    Theo Walcott is licking his chops since Laca is limping.
    Theo scores a goal and gets to stay rather than f*c king off to Everton.

  85. useroz

    Three times this game already…Iwobi has absolutely no clue what to do with the freaking ball when gets to 25 yards out. Wot a waste of space.

  86. Marko

    Amazing to think that a player who should have been moved on years ago who’s ultimately not that good truly to begin with will be considered arguably the most important player at Arsenal once Sanchez and Ozil leave. I’m talking about Jack. Goes to show how poor the squad really is that a player who was bit part at Bournemouth last season will suddenly become vital at Arsenal

  87. S Asoa

    Eddie Howe has not placed his players .
    Seems to wait for Arsenal to tire out. Wilshire everywhere. When he is tiring maybe his logic is to go for the kill then. Can backfire if Arsenal place a couple meanwhile

  88. Marko

    Under this manager yeah but someone else could get much much more and better out of Lacazette. He’s still a very good player he’s just stuck with very shit players at the moment. In saying that I preferred Aubameyang and Bellotti in the summer and if we had the chance to swap him for someone like Timo Werner in the summer I’d absolutely lose my shit for that opportunity