Mega manager deal lacks ambition: Here’s why

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Dammmmmmmn, it’s like a news MACHINE out there!

The big story, reported by Corriere dello Sport, is that Arsenal has agreed a deal with Carlo Ancelotti to take over at the start of next season. The offer is £10m a year, and the Italian has rejected an offer to take over the Italian national team as part of the deal.

What do I think of this?

The move would be a positive step forward. Carlo Ancelotti is a superb manager, he has a great reputation with players, he’s a project kind of guy who has been looking to develop a club since PSG, and he has a lot to offer the shit show that is Arsenal.

My concern is this, the brief from Ivan shouldn’t be bettering Arsene Wenger, it has to be about hiring a manager that can take Arsenal to the next level. In fact, to get even more prescriptive, it has to be about finding a manager better than Pep Guardiola. He’s the ultimate in world football, and he has a blank chequebook.

Hiring a manager who took over the wheel at his Bayern Munich and crashed it into the central reservation doesn’t fill me with confidence. Rapha Honigstein wrote that Carlo didn’t pay attention to tactics, and his training sessions bored the players. Yes, he’d run better sessions than Wenger, yes, he’s more tactically astute than Wenger… but is Carlo really cream of the crop in Europe at the moment?

Some cry out for his stability.

PAY ATTENTION: Arsenal has been amongst the most stable clubs in Europe over the last 21 years. We consistently make the top 4, Wenger has more CL games under his belt than almost any manager in the game, stability has not been our issue. Arsenal need a shot of vision in the arm. We need to be let loose on a manager who has it all to play for. We need to be finding the heir apparent to Pep Guardiola, not the guy who has been passed by.

Carlo is used to working with the best in the world, he’s not used to building from scratch. He’s the master of managing ego, and making it work for him, but can he work on a smaller budget? Can he develop youth? Is he prepared to scrap?

Not just that, if you’re working with players that aren’t City level, you have to be able to ideate a better game plan. If your players lack talent, they have to be armed with a better strategy. Is that Carlo in 2018?

In my view, if I had the chance to speak to managers, I’d be making my pick from Sarri, Allegri, Nagelsmann, Hassenhutl or Jardim. Guys doing big things for a variety of different reasons. Falling back on stability isn’t exciting, and I think people aren’t contextualising the reality of what Carlo needs to work at his best.

Milan, PSG, Chelsea, Madrid, and Bayern. He always has the elite players, the most prestigious club and the most money. He’s not landing any of that at Arsenal.

Great man. Not my first choice for Arsenal. Also, can you really see Arsenal hiring now to fire Wenger in the summer? Please. I especially have my doubts about this hire considering who they were talking to last summer, and how they’re recruting behind the scenes. But look, I can imagine Ivan wanting to secure his own future with his version of safe hands… that said, it does conflict with how Stan is rolling in the states. I really hope we do something smarter than the best unemployed manager.

… meanwhile, Chelsea are likely to lose Conte next summer, and they’re sounding out Sarri and Allegri. Proper vision.

In other news, Arsenal has had high level talks about moving Theo on this window. Everton and Southampton both see him as an option, and by the sounds of it, Theo isn’t fussed, though he’d like some more games.


The full David Ornstein lowdown above.

Mr Coquelin has left the building, moving over to Arsenal nursing home, Valencia. Marcelino is going revive the best tackler/interceptor of 2015 and the ultimate LOL is he and Gabriel will be playing CL while we slum in the Europa League.

I was kind of glad he’d gone the other day, I jokingly put a tweet out asking for the best moments of his career, and I ended the session sad because he’s a good guy and showed maximum passssshun for the club at all times.

Remember him pulling a hammy and diving like salmon for no reason? Such great memes…

How about the stepovers against CFC in the cup final? Unreal banter!

What about telling the Hull player to shut up? Or the Bayern celebration? Or coming back from loan at Charlton to boss half a season?

So many great memories. Football is a ruthless game, but damn, I’m welling up over here especially over the sweet words he parted on.

“I almost regret not having come before. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for me and I’m very grateful. It’s a big challenge, and a new start in my life for me, which I’m very excited about.”

Back to reality, landing money for him was the goodest thing that’s damn well happened around these here parts in a while.

BANTER that we only landed £10m for a player who only signed a long-term deal 8 months ago.


Ballague, who once told me I had a nice suit (cause I f*cking did, ok), reckons both United and City have tabled £20m bids for Alexis. Pep isn’t going to up his number because he thinks the player wants to be with him, United might up the cash money because they only know how to pay in £60m denominations.

I’d be sad if he went to either, if we had a real Sporting Director, he’d be on the bench with PSG right now. Instead, we’re in a situation where he’ll join a league winner, or the team that’ll probably finish second.

There’s some winger called Malcolm we might sign, as well as rumours we might finally nab Mikki from United. I can’t muster enough energy to write about those two just yet.

Anyway, jump on our podcast, we talk about the league cup and transfers. Good times had by all.


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