Magic man Mustafi delivers parked bus masterclass

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HEROES - via AFC Instagram @Arsenal

HEROES – via AFC Instagram @Arsenal

Look, I’m going to have to just be totally blunt here, if you can’t accept that result as a miracle, I’m not sure we can be internet friends anymore. That starting 11 was the most League Cup starting 11 since 2008, yet it was actually our best 11 we had to offer. So meta.

The defence was a nightmare. Mustafi had to drop out of the United game because he was so embarrassed in December. Calum Chambers gave a late penalty away against West Brom. Rob Holding was last seen in the pocket of an 18-year-old Stoke reject. Factor in David Ospina was the last line of defence, and in front of him was none other than mistake machine Xhaka, and well, you could see trouble ahead.

I mean, even going forward we were blander than a cold box of McDonald’s chips. Ozil was nursing a ruptured couldn’t-give-a-fuck ligament, and Alexis Sanchez was deemed too much of a risk because he’s dreaming of Pep G tika-taka. Things were so bad last night, Wenger gave Rave-wobi (stolen from a friend) a run out in the starting 11.

I had no hope. But that didn’t matter.

A defensive masterclass from an under pressure Arsene Wenger saw us live to fight another day.

Mustafi took two boys, who had the confidence of wet kittens found in a box under a bridge, and made them man-monsters. I mean, kind of. Rob Holding played really well, a few hairy moments, but who doesn’t have them against Chelsea. Calum Chambers was really solid all night. Mustafi showed leadership, accountability, and defended like a hero. He was so good! Arsenal limited Chelsea to only 6 shots on target out of 21 attempts.

That was against the backdrop of Ospina flapping at crosses, pushing standard shots right back into danger, as well as his customary headless chicken runs under little pressure.

Xhaka actually had a good game, sitting very closely in front of the back 3, closing down space. The wing backs played it tight. AMN kept it disciplined, he didn’t let the occasion phase him, and he didn’t make a mistake like he did in the last matchup at the Emirates.


Going forward, we were pretty pony, but we had our chances. Iwobi didn’t have a terrible game, but it would be hard to say we offered much in the way of service to Lacazette and Welbeck. 3 shots on target is a poor return, especially when you have strikers that are struggling. We are in big trouble in a post-Ozil era (and Sanchez, who was an underappreciated assist king).

VAR weighed in twice, and pretty much nailed both decisions. Shame of the AMN incident was that it clearly wasn’t a penalty, but it looked the same as the ‘foul’ Bellerin made on Hazard the week before that was awarded. Welbeck had a clash in our box and again, judged not a penalty when it so often could be away at a top team. Overall, it worked well. A few home fans bitching they didn’t know what was going on, but look, you don’t know what’s going on when a goal is disallowed because they don’t offer replays in the ground when the incident is dicey.

The game finished 0-0, Arsene continues his great run against Conte, and Arsenal live to fight another day (a day at home).

I can taste our first ever league cup, and Arsene’s standard get out of jail free card!

We recorded a podcast special with Kurtis from Arsenal NYC Supporters. We also did a Facebook live, so you can see what beauties we all are and what banter looks like.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    “I have been a supporter of Walcott but he gives nothing now”

    So he gives nothing, but only “now” ??
    I’m lost…

  2. Jamie

    Pierre January 11, 2018 16:46:30

    “I think I get so much hate because, football wise, I know what I am talking about (geography not so good)…”

    Atta boy, Pierre! There is no shame in admitting when you’ve got something wrong.

    How do you predict we’ll end this season (league position, europa and league cups), and what would constitute a total failure from Wenger (ie, we finish 6th with no silverware)?

  3. Doublethink

    I think Pierre gets hate because he says shit like ‘football wise I know what I’m talking about’, then follows that with ‘the Villa cup final being the most complete performance I’ve ever seen’. That amount of delusion in one post is enough to annoy people on the internet.

  4. Buckhurst Gun


    Why do you keep telling us that know one is in for Wilshere ?

    Do you know this 100 percent ?

    Do you work for the club ?

    Do you know wilsheres agent ?

    Why keep repeating yourself ? We all know that you think that no one has enquired about Jack Wilshere despite there being a few stories that say otherwise in the press , fake news or not

  5. Carts

    If Ancelotti comes, does he bring Paul Clemence along as his #2?

    I can’t imagine him keeping Bould and Primorac…

  6. Tomtom

    Looks like we will have a large transfer surplus during this transfer window once again.
    Wenger will smile and consider this a job well done

  7. Dissenter

    Who cares if Anchelotti brings in Paul Clemence as his number 2.
    How many times does Paul Clemence need to fail before people stop citing him?

    I don’t want Paul Clemence as #2, he’s over-rated. Anchelotti isn’t going to get the keys to the kingdom. He will be a stop-gap manager working closely with the new club football management.

  8. Dissenter

    All the best to Coquelin. He was never the same after Hazard turned him into a spinning top. All the talk about “hard man” was destroyed that day.
    His champion’s league chances are a lot higher with Valencia.

  9. graham62

    The reason that @Pierre gets so much stick on here, is that he not only THINKS he knows what his talking about, he actually comes out and SAYS he knows what he’s talking about. I feel this is a deliberate ploy from someone who’s only objective is to stir it up as much as possible.

    No logical, sane, educated, balanced, rational, streetwise, mature person would promote himself like this unless, that is, he came from the Wenger school of egotistical beliefs.

    Remember, he uses the name PIERRE!! Who else would come on a blog site using a traditional French name? Someone who is either ignorant or just out to gain browney points? Pierre also means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’, which would explain his inability to absorb criticism as well as apply basic common sense or logic.

    For some on here it is a game. Look @Bob. All he does is make derogatory comments about JW. He doesn’t care about the negatives coming his way and will continue on his merry way until the powers that be decide they’ve had enough.

    Notice how, when we say we feel sorry for them(@Pierre), they come back with “I actually feel pity for the obsessives”. This is not the mindset of your normal 62 year old. This is the TOUCH YOU BACK PHILOSOPHY. Maybe someone who is hidding behind a psyudonym, in his own little world, playing a game to satisfy his own warped psyche.

    Social media sites, such as Le Grove, are set up to communicate andexpress heart felt opinions, as well as have good old rants. For some though it becomes a medium where they can do and say things without suffering any consequences.

    I know I get on many people’s nerves.


  10. TR7

    I don’t trust Metro at all. So, still not getting my hopes up.

    Secondly, I am not a big fan of Carlo Ancellotti. He is poor at developing young players and basically relies on top class players to achieve success which he won’t have in abundance at Arsenal. Also, not a fan of his brand of football or of his tactical nous. And like Wenger he is also soft on his players, not ruthless or authoritative.

  11. Bay Area Gooner

    Ancelloti is an upgrade. You bring up some good points about having good players etc. However his record speaks for itself. He is a winner and certainly not Wenger PT2.

    Also, his presence is enough to pull quality players in, as opposed to washed up Wenger cunt face

    I would say he is much better at defense than Wenger- God knows we need that

    I would be happy if he came. Anyone really!!!!!!!

  12. Bay Area Gooner

    I ordered Ancelloti autobiography but its been sitting on the bed side table for months. I will now start to read it. Getting excited about this prospect.

  13. Bay Area Gooner

    what a dream. Ancelloti- coach, PV4 or Henry or Bergy as an assistant? Groomed to succeed him? Time to wreck the fucking league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    back from the dead

  14. graham62

    Ancelloti would be the perfect replacement. Calm/calculated/honest/respected, just what the club needs once ‘Hurrican Wenger’ departs.

    Carlo has the experience of picking up the pieces and remoulding the squad.

    Bring it on(PV4 as his assistant).

  15. Pierre

    Come on Doublethink… Before calling someone delusional its normally a good idea to stop be able to back it up or you look stupid.

  16. Bay Area Gooner

    Just please no Arteta. Seems like such a company man.
    The last thing we need is another yes man.

    Graham, I agree that his style is well suited to get the most out of his teams. He sticks around for a few years and moves on. His record is stellar and speaks for itself. If anything, this show of ambition is new and hopefully will be a show of things to come in the future.

    I dont think Ivan likes living under the shadow of Wenger. His wings have been clipped , since the club gave Wenger the keys to the house pretty much.

    Ancelloti will also make Kroneke open the check book. Denying a coach of this caliber what he needs would be enough I think to lay blame right at Kronkes feet if that were to happen.

    Ancelloti, PV4, Sven, Raul

    Smells sweet!

  17. Pierre

    “Who else would come on a blog site using a traditional French name? Someone who is ignorant”

    I take it you regard Pedro as being ignorant for using a traditional spanish name on a blog site…

  18. TR7

    Bay Area

    Well, he’s certainly an upgrade over Wenger but I personally would like a young, passionate and visionary manager to take over. Ancellotti is more of a ‘steady the ship’ kind of manager.

    Anyway I think Wenger isn’t going anywhere. We all know he will pull another rabbit out of his hat and win the league cup and then will use that victory to sign another 2 years contract.

  19. Pierre

    “This is the TOUCH YOU BACK PHILOSOPHY. Maybe someone who is hidding behind a psyudonym, in his own little world, playing a game to satisfy his own warped psyche.”

    Have you ever thought that maybe you are thinking too deeply about what I’m saying.

  20. UTarse

    Let’s face it, the rebuild is going to take a minimum of 2 years and if this summer is the start we have to be patient… new GK, senior CB, a senior RB, CDM general, creative CM and that’s just immediate needs….. if Carlo has been ear marked then I’m presuming he’s already identified a list with Sven and Raul…..

  21. Gooner63

    The rebuild is determined by where the club is going

    Top 4 – under Ancelotti – maybe 2 years

    PL or CL – maybe 5-10 years – and unlikely under kroenke

  22. Gooner63


    Just being realistic – we still have to sell off the crap we have, replace them with decent players, which isnt a given we will attract them with no CL next season

    Ancelottis name will help but – he still needs to get our players to learn, train and play properly. Instill confidence.

    All that takes time

    As for Titles – imagine what Kroenkes really going to have to spend to compete with city and with little income from sales of crap players

    Even if we bring in 100mill from them – thats 2 players

    To be at the top – we would need another 3/4 £50mill players and even 2 top level players £100 mill each – plus wages

    We talking £300mill spend plus big wages to seriously compete

    Cant see Kroenke sanctioning that

  23. Carts


    Calm your tits, pal. I was simply posing the question as both Paul and Carlo have had relative success together at PSG, Real & Bayern.

    Realise, both of them are unemployed and if Ancelotti is Arsenal’s first choice to take over Wenger and steady the ship, who is anyone to stop Carlo from being Paul along…its entirely his call.

    He may even ask for Vieria or Henry. We’ll see.

  24. E54_

    I love it.

    Wenger supporter logic:-

    “Who does that Sanchez think he is!? He better sort himself out and improve his performances, what team is going to want a moody player like that in the dressing room? He’s playing like shit too, he’ll be lucky if a big team comes in for him plsying like this.”


    I love it..

  25. UTarse

    I don’t dispute what you’re saying, I’m just telling you that if Sven and Raul are already on it, the clear out and replacement work has started and with a decent manager etc I think we will be challenging for title in 2-3 years if le fraud leaves this summer.

  26. Bay Area Gooner

    The rebuild has to happen. Under Ancelloti even better. The boats needs to be steadied.

    I am optimistic with Sven Ivan and Raul we can manage to pull of CL qualifying asap wenger leaves.

    That is a good first step. In addition, I think that some new prospects with Sven and making sure we are giving fair and adequate contracts with Raul, is going to give the club more flexibility moving forward. Tie down Ozil, Jack? everyone else is fair game to leave.

    More importantly it shows ambition and drive. Kronke doesnt like it. fuck him. He should sell his shares- God knows there are folks out there who would buy if they knew thats the direction he is heading.

  27. Kwame

    Ancelloti is old school. Enrique would do better. What does steadying the ship mean? Whoever takes over must continue after two years.

  28. Number9


    Your original comment:
    ‘Also, the Rams are one of the best stories in the NFL right now, in a league and sport you know nothing about.’

    My response:
    ‘Pot,kettle fucking black. And that to all you plastic Jonny come lately NFL loving dickheads. Stay in your lane please.’

    Now tell me who the small minded hypocrite is dipshit. I love how you deliberately missed off my comment to devoid the response of any context and then cry out for me to be banned.

    Pompous fuck.

  29. Carts

    Steady the ship, as in going back to basics. You know, sorting out how to man mark and do zonal.

    Implementing effecting team plays. Working to players strengths as opposed to playing CM at LWB. Just those small nuances.

  30. graham62


    Maybe I am.

    I think the real problem lies with you not thinking too much about what you’re saying.


  31. Bay Area Gooner


    Systems need to be changed, coaching, contracts, management, players need to learn new systems, etc. This all takes a bleeding in time. The reign of Wenger runs deep and the club needs to purge itself of all his negativity,

    Ancelloti is the perfect person for this transition. I would rather have him in the beginning then a new exciting type of coach who does not have the pedgiree.

    Most of us would love Carlo and PV4 or Bergy to help out.

    The stench of Wenger will linger for a while. Need to get all that shit out

  32. E54_

    Graham 62

    From about 2 months into the season. Where Sanchez poor performances became more apparent. Up until 3 games ago. This has been the general theme with regards to criticisms of sanchez. As if we we’re in a position to demand anything of him. They would say things along these lines. As if the big teams give two fucks about his form for Arsenal. It’s obvious to them and to any ‘woke’ fan, that he is still WC, he just hates his boss, his lazy unambitious teammates (he still presses more than everyone else) and the unfair fans. Haven’t you noticed how often the fans over the last 2 seasons would chant Giroud and Ozils names compared to Sanchezs? Who’s been the best player at the club the last 2 seasons? Who’s been pressing the opposition the most? It’s not only about what you do with the ball (Ozil) it’s about what you do without it.

  33. graham62

    There’s Mr Angry and then there’s Number9!!

    Limited in so many aspects of his communications.

    An absolute moronic, foul-mouthed imbecile, who loves to label all with his customary gutter language.


  34. graham62


    Those that criticize Sanchez just don’t get it and never will.


    Drives me up the ####### wall!

  35. Bay Area Gooner

    haha just read that Mahrez wants us over Pool.

    Well shit can you imagine this?

    Mahrez, Ozil, Miki
    Ramsey, Xhaka

    True they all seem similar style players but I think our wing situation might be upgraded for sure.
    Interesting possiblities.

  36. Number9


    You’re too old and out of touch to be on any forum grandad. Haven’t you got anything better to do in your twilight years? Bingo? Bowls?

    Firstly I wasn’t addressing you and don’t as has already been agreed. Unless the Alzheimer’s is kicking in.

    I was responding to Peter Griffin the school bully. Nothing I said was undeserved or out of place to that hypocrite.

    So go for a walk, visit the community centre, open a packet of werther’s or just fuck off.

  37. Elmo

    Bay Area

    “Mahrez, Ozil, Miki”

    It sure would be an improvement to the stability of the club to turn over the players to get key attackers under contract, but that line is literally made up of three players who down tools when they don’t fancy it. Add in Wenger and you don’t have a chance!

  38. UTarse

    Be serious, it’s one of the biggest jobs in club football. And given that we are shit, it’s one where many would kill for such a job.

  39. graham62


    Shit! You actually have a conscience.


  40. Bay Area Gooner


    Add in Wenger and you don’t have a chance!

    Amen to that. However, with a new coach, and coaches, it might work. I like that attacking strength. All good passers, creative, decent shooters, technical. Decent pace.

    Selll Xhaka and get a world class DM. Sell Ramsey etc we might end up with a solid midfield

    Again, just dreaming but man, that would be interesting to see in action

  41. Ishola70

    “I don’t trust Metro at all. So, still not getting my hopes up”

    Yeah Metro are shit. They just regurgitate.

    The origins of this Ancelotti talk came from the London Evening Standard.

    And what was said if Wenger decides to call it quits in the summer then Ancelotti is a favoured choice. That is all.

    So as ever it is entirely up to Wenger in whether he continues and sees out his second year of his latest contract.

  42. Bay Area Gooner

    Maybe this Ancelloti stuff is part of the Arsenal spin machine trying to lure players to us over the winter window, with them thinking that Carlo will take over next season.

    How scummy.

    I do think however that Carlo would jump at this chance. Also, he is not as old as he looks. He is only 58. ( not young, not too old)

    Anyhow, Im going to start reading his auto, and find out more about this fella.

    I for one, like his calm demeanor, along with tactical nous. He gets the best of out what he works with. EPL tested as well.

  43. Bay Area Gooner

    Ancelloti from Wiki:




    UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1999


    Serie A: 2003–04
    Coppa Italia: 2002–03
    Supercoppa Italiana: 2004
    UEFA Champions League: 2002–03, 2006–07
    UEFA Super Cup: 2003, 2007
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2007


    Premier League: 2009–10
    FA Cup: 2009–10
    FA Community Shield: 2009

    Paris Saint-Germain[179]

    Ligue 1: 2012–13

    Real Madrid[179]

    Copa del Rey: 2013–14
    UEFA Champions League: 2013–14
    UEFA Super Cup: 2014
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2014

    Bayern Munich

    Bundesliga: 2016–17[143]
    DFL-Supercup: 2016,[138] 2017[146]


    Serie A Coach of the Year: 2001, 2004[180]
    Panchina d’Oro: 2002–03, 2003–04[181]
    Ligue 1 Manager of the Year: 2012–13 (tie with Christophe Galtier)
    IFFHS World’s Best Club Coach: 2007, 2014[182]
    European Coach of the Year—Alf Ramsey Award: 2003
    World Soccer Magazine Manager of the Year: 2003[183]
    Globe Soccer Awards Best Coach of the Year: 2014[184]
    Globe Soccer Awards Best Media Attraction in Football: 2014[184]
    Enzo Bearzot Award: 2014[185]
    FIFA World Coach of the Year (Runner-up): 2014[186]
    Miguel Muñoz Trophy: 2014–15
    Italian Football Hall of Fame: 2015[119]
    A.C. Milan Hall of Fame[10]
    A.S. Roma Hall of Fame[187]


    Cavaliere OMRI BAR.svg
    5th Class/Knight: Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana: 1991[188]

    ITA OSI 2011 Uff BAR.svg
    5th Class/Officer: Ufficiale dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia: 2014[189]

  44. Marko

    Secondly, I am not a big fan of Carlo Ancellotti. He is poor at developing young players and basically relies on top class players to achieve success which he won’t have in abundance at Arsenal. Also, not a fan of his brand of football or of his tactical nous.

    Let’s be honest most managers especially successful ones rely on stars as opposed to young players and the idea that we shouldn’t think about someone like Ancelotti because he doesn’t develop young players or play good football is ridiculous. One we don’t really develop young players or play good football now so what’s the difference between now and with Carlo? Well he’s been super successful wherever he’s been that’s the difference. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth I say. I’d personally prefer others but Carlo would be high on anyone’s list of wanted managers

  45. graham62

    Bay Area Gooner

    Age has nothing to do with it.

    Look at Wenger, he’s 68 but acts like a twelve year old one day and a senile old fool the next.

    Whoever comes in, we need stability and a mature and experienced approach to undoing all the bad that Wenger has created.

  46. Marko

    basically relies on top class players to achieve success which he won’t have in abundance at Arsenal

    But he won’t be afraid to bring them in which is kind of the point and something our current manager is afraid to do. Let’s be honest most of Wenger’s problems stem from him being such a useless pussy in the transfer market

  47. Bay Area Gooner

    Marko I respect your position.
    However, I feel that a coach like this demands stars. Why not change our approach. This youth thing never worked for us, bar a few players.

    That feels like such a Wenger project.

    We need to compete with the big dogs. This means getting big dogs on the team.

    We need to abandon the Wenger era frugality and excuses. Im tired of being fed the BS over the years. We have the $$$. We dont spend wisely on the right players, and over pay shit ones. That is the Wenger conundrum. over paying shit for loyalty. Hello Theo?!

    I think signing Ancelotti would be not only stabilize the club for a few seasons but also be a sign that they are changing the culture at the club. If true, this is a wise signing by Ivan. The fans are done with Wenger. They want big names. A big name coach is a great start for now.

    The club needs to rebuild its complete identity. We need to rise again to be the mighty Arsenal. The team that others feared once upon a time.

    Of course this all could be a red herring but starting with a super succesful coach would be the start for me.

  48. Marko

    I think signing Ancelotti would be not only stabilize the club for a few seasons but also be a sign that they are changing the culture at the club. If true, this is a wise signing by Ivan. The fans are done with Wenger. They want big names. A big name coach is a great start for now.

    Absolutely agree

  49. Bay Area Gooner

    The dam youth project was the end of the invincibles. Wenger that dirty rat tried to emulate Barca and failed miserably with his midget, highly technical midfield project. Where is that project now?

    We took what worked and blew it up and failed over and over.

    Look at the blue print of the invincibles. Strong D, Creative smart midfielders who knew how to balance attack and D. Great passers. Men, who acted like men and not boys on and off the field. A devastating fast attack with the greatest finisher(s) in EPL history. Players who played for the team, willing to die for the cause! leaders on the field! take no prisoners attitude.

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this was a successful formula for us.

    Spend the money- rebuild what worked. The players are out there. Just a matter of spending the dime.

  50. Bay Area Gooner

    How can anyone forget the image of Keown basically about the bite the head off horse face Van Nistelrooy?!!!!

    We never see shit like this anymore. That was a team boy. Warriors all over the place.

  51. David Smith

    Ancelotti wouldnt be my first choice, but if he is the chosen one, a very decent manager, a tactician, a winner, and better than we have
    he wil surelyl be head coach only, with a structure in place around him put there by the club, if he turns out no good, we can lose and replace.
    He will be under more pressure than wenger, more accountability, wont be allowed dross in the backroom, and he wont be allowed to neglect the first team to decide the colouring or the walls in the boardroom. He wont be in soul charge of coaching keepers when his keeper coach is off sick. he will be told in no uncertain terms to sort the defence, the keeping, and pressing. he wont be allowed to mess up contracts, to dither and flip flop, to low ball targets at the last minute
    He will coach the first team , surrounded by the best backroom staff, end of, thats exactly what we need
    not long now

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Conte may leave Chelsea at the end of the season and Chelsea are lining up Allegri or Sarri apparently.

    F**k sake going to be pissed if they end up with either of them and we’re stuck with f*****g Wenger still. Will be yet another manager window we miss out on while Wenger stays ‘for the good of the club’.

  53. Number9


    ‘Look at Wenger, he’s 68 but acts like a twelve year old one day and a senile old fool the next.’

    Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it old timer?

  54. Bay Area Gooner

    We are all banking on Wenger walking in the summer and not taking the last year of his contract.

    There has to be buy-out clause in the contract, or a stipulation that the board can let him go after a year, Is it a 2 year contract in totality or is it reviewed annualy to get the last year?
    I wish we could get our hands on that thing to see what it says.
    IS CL qualification part of it, is it incentive laden?

    Would love to see that damn thing

  55. Bay Area Gooner

    Ivan if you let him go this summer, please DO NOT PUT HIM anywhere in the club. Not upstairs, not anywhere. Not even a scout to outer Mongolia. No where. The last thing we need is him sabotaging the new coach from upstairs. Cut all ties to Wenger.

    Give him the plaque, watch, tribute game, build his statue and tell him to take a hike.

    Good riddance forever.

  56. Bamford10

    Number 9 / Puma

    Except that when I told Alexanderhenry that he knows nothing about the NFL or American football, I was simply reminding him of something HE HIMSELF ADMITTED here just the other day.

    I wasn’t telling him — as you do — that he doesn’t know anything about a sport or team because of his nationality. If an Englishman has watched the NFL religiously for decades, he can obviously know just as much about the American game as anyone else.

    So what I said and what you say and do here are two entirely different things. See how that works? Perhaps the discussion moves too quickly here for you. You might try Untold.

    Not to mention that you’re a reactionary with an obvious anti-American animus. See your previous remark about “plastic Jonny-come-lately, NFL-loving dickheads” needing to “stay in [their] lanes” and now the “Peter Griffin” comment.

    As I said, you’re a small-minded, provincial dipshit, and given the number of Arsenal fans there are in the US, Pedro would be wise to bin you and anyone else who spews your kind of anti-American vitriol.


  57. Marko

    Oh man Philadelphia playing in Wembley at the end of the year. Could it be possible to see the Arsenal and the eagles the same weekend? My voice couldn’t take it

  58. alexanderhenry

    David Smith

    There may well be some truth in the Ancelotti rumours, but then in theory it really shouldn’t be difficult for arsenal to employ a really top coach. It’s The Arsenal. Note, I said ‘in theory’, not in reality.

    However, it all depends on the terms. No elite manager will take the job unless he is given significant financial backing and without that backing arsenal will continue to slide whoever the manager is.

    The squad as it is needs a major overhaul, and there is an almighty contract pile up to deal with. Add to that the departure of sanchez and possibly ozil, no CL and supporters who are about as happy as a coach load of manic depressives at a funeral and the arsenal job doesn’t look like such a rosy prospect after all.

    We’re approaching a watershed moment for Arsenal football club. It’s time for the ownership to step up and show the fans that they are serious about the club.

    No more ‘values’

    No more preaching poverty

    No more bullshit

  59. Charlie Nick

    I hope Ancelotti comes in the summer to act as a bridge away from wenger in a similar way that Rioch was more of a pass and move manager than GG. Let him have a season or two then if he fails at least players will see an organised defence, players played in their correct positions and the dead wood/wenger faves cleared out.

  60. Charlie Nick

    PS, i dont care if Paul Clemence comes along, i’d be happy with Ray Clemence over any of the wenger yes men!

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Ancelotti would not be my first pick, but what I do think about him is that he is a steady pair of hands as Sanllehi takes over and he brings in new coaches to replace the cardboard cut outs we currently have, but more than that he is disposable.

    Once we have the structures firmly in place a year or two down the line the club will be steady enough to try for an exciting manager who carries a bit of a risk.

    I am all for Ancelotti purely because it gets us moving away from Wenger, it will show us what Kroenke is about and also gets the fans treating Arsenal like a regular football again without Wenger’s sentimental hold over half of the fans. Ancelotti will be judged as a manager and a manager only.

    If he f**ks up the fans will rightfully call for his head.

  62. Number9


    What a load of waffle. It took you 5 paragraphs to write that shite, when you could have just said, ‘I’m a hypocrite and a bullshitter’.

    You have the cheek to slate an English guy (alexhenry) having an opinion on the NFL but then get all butt hurt and cry to Pedro when it’s turned around on you.

    You’re an embarrassment.

    Don’t blame anyone but your parents that you look like Peter Griffin fat lad.

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    Sanchez’s problem at Arsenal has been that he is the world-class player in an average team
    Read Jack Pitt-Brooke’s piece on Independent, you fucking AKB maggots!

    ArsenaLosers! Wenger’s dicksuckers!

  64. peanuts&monkeys

    Isn’t this pseudo Arsenal fan blog mostly filled with bunches of ‘50s men who have seen Arsenal rise thru ‘90s and can’t quite get over that maggot’s romanticism even after 15 season failures?!?!

  65. TonyD

    I wouldn’t worry about Carlo not developing youth we don’y have any to speak of ready for the first team at the moment save AM-N.

    If there any others they will probably get their chance (cups) because we need to cull the squad losing around 15 players if it’s done right.

    I’m happy with Carlo & ? PV4 would be my choice as assistant or Begkamp although his inability to fly might scupper that.

    Even if Carlo is the temporary solution he will leave things in a far better condition that we have now.

    I’d say that Carlo could get us into the CL in his first season and do not see us being humiliated when taking part the following season.

    EPL title maybe 3 years and then…………..

  66. Elmo

    If we want to gamble on youth and a team stuffed with goalscoring potential (unlike a future of Welbeck and Iwobi):

    Lacazette (26)
    Richarlison (20) – Ramsey (27) – Malcom (20)
    Arthur (21) – N’Zonzi (29) / AMN (20)
    Kola (24) – Kos (32)- Mustafi (25) – Bellerin (22)

    Could be assembled this window and pre-WC (all players would be interested in joining us) for a realistic net transfer spend (c. £60m).

    Out: Sanchez £30m; Walcott £20m; Oxlade £35m; Coq £12m. Total £97m.
    In: Malcom £45m (20y/o); Arthur £35m (21 y/o; £45m release clause); Richarlison £40m; N’Zonzi £35m (29 y/o; £35m release clause). Total £155m.

    Wages would probably be OK with Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott off the books.

    Obviously a set-up like that would best be managed by Jardim!

    Ramsey can be replaced if no extension is signed by the end of the season (or if you just want him out the club). I’d want to try out AMN at CDM in the second half of this season to see whether he’s up to it. I’d rather the club wasn’t spending £35m on a 29 y/o journeyman like N’Zonzi if there’s someone younger or in-house. If you don’t think Richarlison will progress, Mahrez or whoever else is £40-50m.

    Clearly this offers no progress in bringing in successors to Cech and Kos.

    A boom or bust younger team, but would at a minimum be exciting.

  67. OleGunner

    Can the Aancelotti rumour be true?!
    Do I dare dream!?

    Absolutely not because we had the same exact rumours about Allegri last year.
    Plus Wenger will probably win the Caraboooo cup and gets contract extension anyway lol

  68. Jeff

    Sanchez is simply following a very familiar pattern that goes all the way back to Henry. And at that time we weren’t even on a 15 year PL drought. The best players will ALWAYS want to play for the best teams. It is only by a fortuitous set of circumstances that we were able to secure the services of Sanchez and Ozil and I dare say both have realised now that they have in fact wasted 3/4 years of their playing careers at the hands of Arsene Wenger.

    The exodus of our best players continues; leaving us with the well-paid mediocrity strewn all over the place who simply won’t leave because they’re not really looking for anything other than a nice wage and a long career at Arsenal: a bit like Wenger really if you think about it.

    As a club, we are run by a bunch of pathetic, lacklustre individuals whose aspirations and goals fall short of what the real fans of Arsenal expect. Those others that call themselves fans are also of the same mindset as they are. They don’t really care that much if we win nothing so long as we’re somewhere near the top and win the occasional domestic cup. For them, that is enough and as such worthy of praise. It is not, it never was and it never will be enough for the fans who have been watching the train-crash in slow motion for the last 14 years.

    Wenger IS the biggest obstacle. It was proven by Leicester but the die hard AKBs still turn a blind eye to that and instead blame financial doping, referees or some conspiracy that the world is out to get us.

    It will take time for our poor beleaguered Arsenal to become a football club once again.