Magic man Mustafi delivers parked bus masterclass

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HEROES - via AFC Instagram @Arsenal

HEROES – via AFC Instagram @Arsenal

Look, I’m going to have to just be totally blunt here, if you can’t accept that result as a miracle, I’m not sure we can be internet friends anymore. That starting 11 was the most League Cup starting 11 since 2008, yet it was actually our best 11 we had to offer. So meta.

The defence was a nightmare. Mustafi had to drop out of the United game because he was so embarrassed in December. Calum Chambers gave a late penalty away against West Brom. Rob Holding was last seen in the pocket of an 18-year-old Stoke reject. Factor in David Ospina was the last line of defence, and in front of him was none other than mistake machine Xhaka, and well, you could see trouble ahead.

I mean, even going forward we were blander than a cold box of McDonald’s chips. Ozil was nursing a ruptured couldn’t-give-a-fuck ligament, and Alexis Sanchez was deemed too much of a risk because he’s dreaming of Pep G tika-taka. Things were so bad last night, Wenger gave Rave-wobi (stolen from a friend) a run out in the starting 11.

I had no hope. But that didn’t matter.

A defensive masterclass from an under pressure Arsene Wenger saw us live to fight another day.

Mustafi took two boys, who had the confidence of wet kittens found in a box under a bridge, and made them man-monsters. I mean, kind of. Rob Holding played really well, a few hairy moments, but who doesn’t have them against Chelsea. Calum Chambers was really solid all night. Mustafi showed leadership, accountability, and defended like a hero. He was so good! Arsenal limited Chelsea to only 6 shots on target out of 21 attempts.

That was against the backdrop of Ospina flapping at crosses, pushing standard shots right back into danger, as well as his customary headless chicken runs under little pressure.

Xhaka actually had a good game, sitting very closely in front of the back 3, closing down space. The wing backs played it tight. AMN kept it disciplined, he didn’t let the occasion phase him, and he didn’t make a mistake like he did in the last matchup at the Emirates.


Going forward, we were pretty pony, but we had our chances. Iwobi didn’t have a terrible game, but it would be hard to say we offered much in the way of service to Lacazette and Welbeck. 3 shots on target is a poor return, especially when you have strikers that are struggling. We are in big trouble in a post-Ozil era (and Sanchez, who was an underappreciated assist king).

VAR weighed in twice, and pretty much nailed both decisions. Shame of the AMN incident was that it clearly wasn’t a penalty, but it looked the same as the ‘foul’ Bellerin made on Hazard the week before that was awarded. Welbeck had a clash in our box and again, judged not a penalty when it so often could be away at a top team. Overall, it worked well. A few home fans bitching they didn’t know what was going on, but look, you don’t know what’s going on when a goal is disallowed because they don’t offer replays in the ground when the incident is dicey.

The game finished 0-0, Arsene continues his great run against Conte, and Arsenal live to fight another day (a day at home).

I can taste our first ever league cup, and Arsene’s standard get out of jail free card!

We recorded a podcast special with Kurtis from Arsenal NYC Supporters. We also did a Facebook live, so you can see what beauties we all are and what banter looks like.

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  1. peter

    hahahaha. Bankz not today. I learned my lesson yesterday. Talk of mental strength to bounce back from a bad performance.(what arsenal need)

  2. raptora

    Great post, Pedro! I agree with absolutely everything that you’ve said. Let’s see who’s the hottest of the banter TAO bunch. I’ll be back with an update on it.

  3. Brian

    A good little read, however I only have one issue, right at the end you say you can feel our first League cup, so I can only assume you are too young to remember and for some reason haven’t checked it out but we actually have won the league cup twice in 1987 and 1993 the second of which was a first ever English domestic cup “double”. As I say good read but please ensure you research before making such a sweeping statement.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    even if we manage to beat Chelsea, can’t see us tucking away City should they progress to the final. See out your years in the cell this time Wenger.

  5. Gooner63

    I have no clue what is going on anymore – not sure if Pedders has 2 personalities, and todays post written by some AKB lover

    Great defensive masterclass?

    You mean against a Chelsea side that lets be real – pretty much came to get a draw, it was the most boring game i have seen for a fair while, neither team had much to do defensively at all

    20 shots u say – yh but did u see how many of them were from 25yds or more and ended up in row z

    All that came out of that game was – we are still in it

    oh and just a quicker pointer – the club existed before Arsene Wenger – we won 2 league cups before he came – so not our “first league cup”

    Ps – GG won the league cup same as he won a european cup – just for all those Wenger lovers out there

  6. Leedsgunner

    Why was Iwobi allowed to play again after his antics?

    Who delivers the discipline at this club?

    So much for the theory that Wenger controls the club with an iron fist. More like kid gloves.

    He is treating Iwobi like he treats all his stars. He mollycoddles them — wants them to think of him like he’s their dad rather than their coach. He wants to liked and respected so much he panders to them… and indulges this nonsense.

    No wonder there are no leaders like Adams and PV4 anymore.

    PS: I suppose since Wilshere is injured again, he’ll be more than happy to sign a new contract…

  7. graham62

    Actually, a very solid performance last night.

    No doubt it will all open up at the Emirates in the second leg.

    Good luck to Francis Coquelin. Anyone who leaves should be congratulated and given our best wishes, irrespective of who they are and where they go.

  8. graham62

    Frankie Coffeecakes

    Now that @Pierre has been found out, give him some slack.

    It must be difficult for him to keep coming on here and pretending to know what he’s talking about.

    The other AKB’s don’t stand up for him(probably out of embarrassment) but out of respect, I feel we should all let him continue with his outlandish input and try not to mock him too much.

  9. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Magic man Mustafi delivers parked bus masterclass

    I must have been watching a different game. Mustafi was erratic. Chambers made an improvement on his recent outings.

  10. steve

    How typical would it be if that maggot Wenger won the micky mouse cup just to buy himself some more time? He can’t be allowed to get anything out of this season. No trophies and no top four finish.

  11. Pierre

    “Ps – GG won the league cup same as he won a european cup – just for all those Wenger lovers out there”

    I think it’s Bamford who you should be giving that information to as he needs educating on arsenal history before 2006.

  12. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Cut him some slack, Graham? I think not, Pierre is the worst kind of Arsenal supporter on display. He needs to be called out for what he is, a lousy person to the core. As with his hero Wenger, Pierre OUT!!!

  13. Pierre

    It’s nice that you and the other geriatric goon show such an interest in me.

    I look forward to reading yours and the “little mans” intelligent and fault provoking posts in the future..
    There it is.

  14. HighburyLegend

    “I can taste our first ever league cup, and Arsene’s standard get out of jail free card!”

    In fact I find very surprising that kim jong didn’t signed his new contract yesterday evening.

  15. raptora

    Back from the 52-minute podcast. Nice talk, solid sound and great banter. Pedro’s jokes were top notch. Kurtis is a top bloke though. Just watched his Ice Bucket Challenge. What a legend!

  16. graham62

    Mustafi had no affect on Chamber’s and Holding uping their games.

    That was all down to self respect and self preservation.

    Getting run ragged by an 18 year old championship novice, was the only kick up the backside they needed

  17. Bamford10

    Number 9

    “Pot,kettle fucking black. And that to all you plastic Jonny come lately NFL loving dickheads. Stay in your lane please.”

    Proof positive that Puma/Number 9’s real issues with some here is that they are American. Never mind that I have been watching football religiously for 30 years (and Arsenal religiously for a decade).

    This guy is a small-minded, provincial dipshit. And in truth, for the post above, he should be binned.

  18. graham62


    Get over it mate.

    If you’d accepted your mistake, you’d have got more respect.

    By saying it was “deliberate” was tantamount to cutting your own throat.


  19. Bamford10

    Pierre isn’t that bad. If you stop with the personal insults and just deal with the arguments, he can be just as pleasant as Wallace, who, btw, is also a reasonable and pleasant contrarian.

    Sometimes Pierre trolls and he has himself admitted to enjoying this, but this below from him is probably the best summation of why he is here and what he objects to:

    “You won’t find [me saying positive things about Wenger. However] I will always defend the club if:

    (1) I think the mugs on here are unfairly criticising the team
    (2) when they keep praising other clubs even though they are not winning trophies
    (3 )when they wish our players injured”

    None of that is all that unreasonable, although I probably often disagree with him along #1 and #2 when you get into the specifics.

  20. Vintage Gun

    Good result last night all things considered.
    Quick takeaways:-

    AMN is showing real potential.Especially when you factor in his lack of experience at the top level as well as being played out of position. I agree that he’s capable of replacing Le Coq,

    Iwobi needs a loan. Not because he was screaming and shouting at 3am during his Acid and alcohol fulled flashback techno rave during the weekend, but simply because he’s clearly out of his depth currently.
    A 6 month loan will do him good whilst make him appreciate the great opportunity he has at Arsenal. Brighton will do.

    Welbeck, A good a lad as he is he’s simply not up to par IMO.
    I’d keep him until the summer as a squad player but he aint a yoooth nomore and his lack of finishing has now been joined by a lack of pace lately.

    Wenger regrets keeping hold of Sanchez and is praying that City come knocking with the right coin.

    Oh and it seems that Wenger would have kept hold of his Coq but was “advised” to get rid. Just look at his face when asked post match about Coq’s potential departure. It has pain and frustration etched all over it.

  21. HighburyLegend

    Concerning the Ancelotti rumor… and mostly the board thinking of a new coach…

    Do you believe in miracles ??
    (let’s f*cking pray)

  22. Bamford10

    While I still prefer Morata to Lacazette, is it beginning to look like Aubameyang would’ve been a better signing than either of them? Looks like Liverpool might be in for him and Mahrez.

  23. Bamford10

    Barcelona have signed 23-year-old Colombian defender Yerry Mina from Palmeiras. Fee of £11 million. Of Mina, the club stated: “He will bring a physical presence as his 1.95 metre frame suggests but he is also a quick, ball-playing defender. The Colombian, who is joining from Palmeiras, uses his aerial prowess to impose himself and score goals.”

  24. Danny

    I can taste our first ever league cup
    I guess Pedro was either too young or I am too old but I was at Wembley in 1987 and 1993 when we won it.

  25. Buckhurst Gun

    love Carlo

    D 236

    Or something like that I saw the figure yesterday so I’m trying to remember it but I don’t think I’m far off if someone wants to check ?

    Only thing is apparently he’s never been at a club for more than 2 seasons …..

  26. Jim Lahey

    @Samesong –

    “Who’s this Malcolm I keep hearing being banded about? ”

    Oh you mean Malcom Filipe Silva de Oliveira?! I must defiantly didn’t have to Wikipedia that!

  27. Buckhurst Gun

    When did it become the thing in Brazil to call your kids Fred Malcom Dave bob and Barry and then expect the world to take the seriously as sexy footballers ?

  28. Buckhurst Gun


    Ahhh I didn’t know that , it was a video thing I watched yesterday and one of the ‘facts’ was that he hadn’t spent more than 2 years. As manager of any club he’d managed ?

    Gonna check this one myself – damn you evening standard videos

  29. Dissenter

    I’m yet to see any signs that the new back room staff are changing the club.
    Sanllehi, Mislintat and Fahmy haven’t done jack.
    Why is so hard to move players out?
    I will start to rate fhem when we pull off a deal for a South American player with all the third party ownership complications they tend to have.

  30. Mick Kartun

    Problem is if Le Wank won the Cameltoe Cup, he will get another 2 years extension.

    Rinse and repeat forward the year 2030, and all my pubic hair gone grey and wenker is still around.

  31. Dissenter

    “When did it become the thing in Brazil to call your kids Fred Malcom Dave bob and Barry and then expect the world to take the seriously as sexy footballers ?”

    You mean like Socrates or Oscar?
    It’s Malcolm becuse there’s no Portuguese derivative of the name. Some names stay English, in spelling even though the pronunciation is different.

  32. Dissenter

    “How about bringing in both Malcom and Pavon this Jan and binning Welbeck and Iwobi..”

    That’s what an ambition minded club will do.
    Everyone knows that the 2018 summer transfer window will be crazy with inflated fees and we still won’t have the CL to entice players.
    Iwobi doesn’t have to be moved on, he’s on sale wages and can just be moved back to the U-23 team. Welbeck is really crap and I’m not sure there will be too many takers.

  33. Buckhurst Gun


    Thanks for the informed and educated response but I was having a laugh , jeeeeeeez

    The names Socrates and Oscar are hardly the same as Fred and Malcom are they

  34. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    I could be wrong about this but I don’t think Sanllehi arrives at the club until February??

    “Welbeck is really crap and I’m not sure there will be too many takers.”

    Same goes for about half of our squad really, overpaid garbage.

  35. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    I don’t see the background staff being allowed to implement great changes while Wenger is still around. I see their appointments as a preamble to his long overdue exit.

  36. HighburyLegend

    Nothing on “why he don’t want to ??”

    Simple really : Arsenal apart, there is absolutely NOTHING in his pathetic life.
    His job keep’s him alive.

    AFC are the young virgins.
    Kim jong is Dracula reincarnated.

  37. Micheal

    How predictable ! Speculation that Maureen has entered bidding for Sanchez. All we have to do now is weigh up which of the two Manchester clubs we want to strengthen.
    The management of our club is a fucking disgrace.

  38. Marko

    Not sure anything about last night’s game could be considered a masterclass. Could you call it a defensive masterclass if the opposition have 20+ attempts and still don’t score? Awful match really. I suppose after conceding 4 goals at Forest any kind of a result other than humiliating is a positive for Arsenal these days. That’s how low we’ve gotten

  39. Dream10


    We should have sold Alexis in the summer & signed both Lacazette and Aubameyang. Auba doesn’t have the technical quality of Alexis or Lacazette, but defenders fear his pace & goalscoring prowess. He’s playing on a good team not an elite one & has averaged one goal per game for the last two seasons. I think we’d easily be the second best team in the PL

    It’s a little bit like Mo Salah. Liverpool can have a garbage performance, but because of Salah & Mané’s pace, they have the ability to score a couple of goals against any team. We’re a five a side team with a bunch of ball to feet merchants

  40. HighburyLegend

    On Eurosport today : “If Arsenal wants to learn from their mistakes, they must target Aubameyang, not Malcom”

    lol do wenger really looks like someone who can learn from his mistakes ???

  41. Marko

    Verbal agreement with Ancelotti to take over once Wenger steps down, is doing the rounds on Twitter.

    If that’s true why not move the cunt on now while we can still salvage something out of this window and season. Cause I guarantee you that if Wenger stays on for the rest of the season we’re not in the champions league next season and we’re trophyless

  42. Guns of Hackney

    Errrr…was Peter at the same rave as the space jockey, Iwobi? Because that game was fucking dismal. I thought our defence looked jittery and quite frankly if it wasn’t for another terrible striking performance, we should have lost that by a handsome margin.

    Chelsea are doing their best to actually make us look difficult to beat but that’s says more about Chelsea’s inadequacies, rather than our resilience.

    We are a broken team that is literally going around in circles. If anyone can actually decipher a formation, a tactic or any sort of game plan…answers on a postcard.

    Last night was a choice between letting wild animals gnaw away at my prone scrotum or watching Arsenal. After 3 minutes of Arsenal, I found some wild animals. It actually wasn’t that bad.

    Wenger OUTTTTTTT!!!!

  43. raptora

    Now Martial for Alexis we would be talking. Seriously though Martial has probably regressed since he joines ManU. The perfect Wenger player as well. Pipe dream though.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    At least we might be able to get a bidding war going between the two Manchester clubs, both have plenty of cash.

    Save the cash we make for the new manager. Haha.

  45. Jamie

    I’m beginning to wonder if Pierre’s support of Wenger is a ‘deliberate mistake’ too.

    Makes just as much sense as ‘deliberately mistaking’ an emirate for a country. He fooled us all with his pretend ignorance, which was quite the ruse.

  46. Jim Lahey

    I don’t think there is much of a decision to be made by Sanchez. City and Guardiola or United and Mourinho. I know which one I would choose especially as one of them is picking up a league title in a few months time!

  47. Dissenter

    This Pavon kid will end up at Inter and we will be talking about his good he is for the next few years. The Argentine league has good pedigree.
    Malcom at 45 million….not so sure. That’s a lot of money.

  48. Dissenter

    City are going all out for the CL, which is why they can’t wait for Sanchez.
    The “oil money” excuse doesn’t hold water any more. We were willing to let £100 million walk out the door last summer so we can’t use money as an excuse. Gazidis spun keeping Sanchez instead of taking the money as an act of ambition.

  49. Bob

    Telegraph this afternoon, Everton are preparing a bid of £20 million for Arsenal winger/forward Theo Walcott.

    Still not a single club show interest in Jack Wilshire

  50. Dissenter

    If you’re seeking one-off the many indictments of Wenger’s poor management, look no further from Walcott.
    A 28 year old English International is being marketed in the 20-25 million range for transfers in the same era where pups are going for 40-50 million.

  51. raptora

    Thing is that I don’t see Auba and Laca playing together. You sell Alexis and you need a winger. Malcom is a winger. Mahrez is a winger. Auba is not. Lacazette clearly has no place on the wings. I don’t see Arsenal looking at Auba at all after we broke our transfer record to sign a CF.

    Imagine this mid/attack though:

    N’zonzi Goretzka
    Mahrez Malcom/Martial

    Pretty good, no? Would be so exciting to watch.

  52. Leedsgunner

    If these Ancelotti rumours are true I expect the team to down tools completely. Wenger is a very very rich dead man walking.

    Dare I dream? Is change actually coming?!?

  53. Cesc Appeal


    As long as it is building to something, if I knew Wenger was finally going in the summer I would take only outgoings this January as the clutter gets cleared out ready for the new manager and Sanllehi.

    While it is good to see players like Coq, Walcott, Debuchy etc getting cleared out, it is all tainted if Wenger and his coaches are staying.

    Almost like you have to keep your fingers crossed Wenger and his staff do not damage what you bring in over the summer too much before he leaves next summer, unless of course he extends again.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    We have similar rumours about Allegri last year, that Gazidis had done a deal with him.

    Looks as if Gazdis is trying but Wenger still is ultimately in control of what he does thanks to Kroenke.

    I don’t think he will walk either just because of Sanllehi and Mislintat, he is a hypocrite, an egotist and a coward. His principles are thrown under the bus when it suits him, I expect him to be a petulant child throughout the next year.

  55. Leedsgunner

    £25m + Mkhitaryian good deal or bad? I know at the moment the player is a Man United reject but before that he was electric for BvB… although under Wenger, even Messi would look average before long.

  56. Dream10


    Looking forward to a blog post with the players and the reasons the club failed to sign because of big Steve Rowley.

  57. Leedsgunner


    ” His principles are thrown under the bus when it suits him, I expect him to be a petulant child throughout the next year.”

    As much as Wenger says he loves the club, his actions demonstrate he loves what Arsenal gives him more than the actual club itself. What does it give him? A reason to look down on people, pure and simple and to get paid millions for not doing very much.

    In Wenger’s mind he is the club. He is bigger than the club and the tragic thing is our Board tolerates it! He should have been let go last year when we limped into 5th.

  58. Doublethink

    Defensive masterclass or Chelsea are just shit going forward, unless Cesc plays a through ball or Hazard comes up with a bit of magic they are so impotent going forward. Conte went with a similar team that struggled against us last week, he’s too negative, Forest a Championship were more ambitious with the ball.

  59. raptora

    I believe that Wenger is doing a whole lot. If that lot is taking good decisions and doing quality work, that’s another story. He surely is trying his very best. He’s just way past it.

  60. Leedsgunner


    He’s doing something alright. I like to call it the football equivalent of scorching the earth as you hastily retreat before superior forces.

  61. Jacko

    ‘Bob, you’re getting boring on the Wilshere thing now.’


    He has been posting the same daft racist crap here for years and you’ve only just noticed?

  62. Bay Area gooner

    I would take miki and 25m
    He had something to prove against our nemesis maureen

    Take Sánchez he will flounder under Maureen and leave to Spain or Italy after a season or 2.

  63. Doublethink

    I think Wenger and the team are somewhat to blame for Lacazette lack of confidence. Wenger continually dropping and taking him off in favour of Ozil and Sanchez both who don’t wanna be here and won’t be here next season. And those two passing between themselves when they’re in a front three doesn’t help, without them in the team though we have little to no creativity.
    Not excusing his poor form but given the current climate I think it’s understandable.

  64. Micheal

    I think that Lacazette is entitled to feel pissed off at the service he gets. My memory is that he received only one decent ball last night. OK, he screwed up. But one decent pass all night ?

    Laca’s strength is getting behind defenders. But as long as we play tippy-tappy, sideways movements, all the space will disappear. Play quicker and feed the right balls and Laca will score in my view.

  65. UTarse

    “Bob, you’re getting boring on the Wilshere thing now”

    It’s either that or berating English players or England, how the fuck is he still on here ?

  66. HighburyLegend

    Zidane have just signed a contract extension lol

    (and anyway, why the hell Madrid would hire a loser like Wenger ??)

  67. UTarse

    If we do have a busy January, I.e out with coq, Wally, debuchy , alexis to mention but a few and whether we do sign Pavon or Malcom then I will start to believe the end of wenger is nigh…..

    it would be our 2 new senior signings clearing the decks for an already agreed new manager to come in….. no way does wenger sanction such a heavy transfer period….. couple this with his quote on the coq ” I LET HIM GO” … reads “it’s still all me , I am god” is a sign of desperation from the senile fruadster…. trying to scream out it was HIS decision…. like a child saying it wasn’t me when no one asked him….

  68. Denisk Birdkampf

    It was a pretty good defensive display yesterday, and even if Chelsea were bad surely its only a good thing we kept them quiet. Also Pedro probably meant Wengers first LC?
    Not sure who said it yesterday but it would be a great idea to stop renaming the League cup, devalues it so much.
    Also not sure why Pierre gets so much hate, its always good to see a different opinion and not many of those these days.

  69. azed


    Looking forward to a blog post with the players and the reasons the club failed to sign because of big Steve Rowley.

    I 100% support this.

  70. Carts

    Man like Pedro in the mp4. Nice settings, mind you. Seriously though, miss me the fuck out with “mirror maaaaaaaayn” riddim.

    Can you not use an instrumental from Moderat, Odesza or Shlohmo? Fuck!

    But yeah, yesterday’s game was weak AF. No stand out performers. Conte seems to be over complicating his approach to dealing with Wenger’s wimps.

    I actually fancy Arsenal in the second leg.

  71. TonyD

    My first thought of Walcott being sold to Everton would free up £140k a week, which added to Ozil’s pay would be what he’s looking for to stay or close to it.

    Plus add £20 million to the transfer coffers.

    Keeping Ozil when rebuilding post Wenger makes sense to me.

  72. Carts

    So if Ancelotti has agreed to takeover Arsenal in the summer, then I can only guess that any signings that happen this month will be based on preliminary discussions between Carlo Mislintat & Sanehlli.

    I mean, using the majority of the proceeds from Ozil, Sanchez and Coquelin sales for us to get 5-7th is utterly pointless.

    Let’s say we’ve got £20m budget left from last summer, + £10m – Coquelin; £20m-£25m – Sanchez, this winter then I’d be willing to accept someone like Malcolm (on the basis that Carlo would be prepared to use him next season)

  73. Pierre

    “Also not sure why Pierre gets so much hate, its always good to see a different opinion and not many of those these days.”

    I think I get so much hate because, football wise, I know what I am talking about(geography not so good) and have an open mind when I give my opinion on arsenal.
    My philosophy is, say it as it is, why have a blinkered view, a close mind just because you want the manager to leave.
    Why should it be a crime to want Arsenal to progress in competitions, to win trophies, to want to see the players fit and healthy to actually enjoy an exciting, end to end game of football as we have seen many times at the Emirates this season.

    I actually feel Pity for the obsessives as I am sure they love the game/arsenal but because of their hate for the manager, their brain is telling them not to enjoy victories, winning trophies, watching football played how it should be played (on the ground)so they have to find a reason to belittle any of our successes by coming out with ridiculous statements as to why the other teams didn’t perform on the day instead of giving credit where it’s due as in last seasons cup final against the league champions who we outplayed and out thought them tactically but because the manager doesn’t do tactics it is impossible for the obsessives to give credit and enjoy the moment.
    All 3 of our cup wins were great occasions in different ways.
    The Hull victory because we came back from the dead.
    The villa victory because, in my eyes, it was the most complete performance I have ever seen in an FA cup final in my life time… The football was beautiful to watch, and don’t give me all that crap about it being only villa… As I have said before, I have seen arsenal lose to Swindon, Leeds, West ham, Ipswich, Luton and more in cup finals.
    And now I will look forward to the Chelsea semi next week and see if Wenger can outwit conte again.

  74. Carts

    Of course, how could I forget Wally Walcott. Another £20m. Can’t believe why anyone would want Wally. Maybe Allardici will finally sold this conundrum and we’ll see Henry 2.0