Contract rebels throw wrench into Wenger’s starting 11 plans

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It all rests on this lads and ladettes. Arsene Wenger has staked his season on winning the league cup. He blew out the FA Cup at the weekend resting key players, his gamble blew up in his face, now he has to go hard at Chelsea over two legs.

It’s going to be tough. The team news doesn’t look good. Ozil is rumoured to be out with a knee injury according to the reliable AFCcamden on Twitter. Worst thing about this supposed problem is I can’t help but think it’s induced by the notion of ‘MAYBE SOMEONE WILL SIGN ME NOW.’ Add to that the continued absence of Kolasinac, Ramsey, Koscielny and Monreal. Then factor in that Granit Xhaka has an injury. Then remember that Iwobes will likely be tired from heavy raving from last night.

What a pickle we’re in.

Now the good news is if we make it out of the Bridge unscathed, the boss will have a full squad to pick from in the return leg. If we’re absolutely trounced because our back 3 is Mertesacker, Chambers and Holding. Well, it won’t make for pretty reading on Thursday morning. I noted on a podcast or something I did a few weeks ago that Arsenal always has an annual week or two when we drop out of everything. Tomorrow, if it doesn’t work out, could be our 3rd trophy gone of the year.

Chelsea are looking strong, though we put up a good fight at the Emirates a few weeks ago, a firing Morata could have had them winning by 3 goals. That said, we have our fair share of chances, so you just don’t know. My concern is our back 3 were ruffled by an 18-year-old Stoke reject at the weekend. What the fuck are they going to do against a feisty Hazard? How are they going to deal with a Conte who is going to target our defence? I’m even more concerned moving forward. Who are we going to play in midfield? Are we at Elneney levels? Do we have to play Iwobi straight after he’s been destroyed by The Sun? Who is going to create for a misfiring Lacazette?

All the ingredients are there for a tanking, and I have to say, I’m really fearing it.

I mean, even worse, Alexis Sanchez is going to be playing at 70%. He’ll know if he pulls a hamstring tomorrow night, his chances of a move to Manchester City are all but over for 6 months. He’s our only hope, but also our most likely source of let down.

The squad issues we all saw coming since this time last year are well and truly coming home to roost and explode under their own toxic shittiness.

Still, it must be remembered that we all had similar fears heading into the FA Cup final, and the squad dug deep and bailed Wenger out of a hole, making the reward of a new contract all the easier for Stan to award. The manager is often down on his luck, but he is the master of his own mediocrity and has an elite ability to make sure he always does a great job of average.

Let’s see what he brings to the table tomorrow…

Also, listen to the podcast, we’ll be recording a new one for your ears on Thursday morning!

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    I think that VAR is an excellent development, although I think that there needs to be clarity as to how it is being used and more importantly speeding up the
    process of decision making.

    Frankly it should be only used:

    1. To establish whether the ball has crossed goal line
    2.To establish whether a foul is a penalty and also whether a player is cheating.
    3.Where there is a cardable offence, which might result in red card and has
    not been seen by referee.

    When you look at tonight’s game there were only two incidents which might
    conceivably required VAR. That is hardly likely to be disruptive in a game of
    90 minutes. What will of course happen is that extra time will now be longer
    than 2-5 minutes in most games, but that is not problematic if you are making
    correct decisions.

  2. Mark

    If one of our players is slyly elbowed in the guts , fouled off the ball & ref/linesman didn’t see it. I don’t rather wait a minute or two for that player to be sent off, as opposed to waiting a week to hear about retrospective action and a future ban.

    Say the guy stays on and scores the winner, how you gonna feel? VAR would have him off the pitch right there and then.

    All this talk of flow being affected, I’d still prefer the right decision every time.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Surely no one would say goal line technology is a bad addition to the game???

    It’s just a matter of implementing the right tech(which we have) and applying it in the right way(better familiarised and confident refs).
    Atm it is on trial and should not be given the go ahead or condemned.
    It’s working well in some competitions, and not so well in others. Early days and we are all still learning.

    I think this PL diving review panel already shows us where we shouldn’t be looking for definitive decisions with VAR and will still have to live with contentious decisions, which is no bad thing.

  4. Ishola70

    Mark if that has happened then fair enough VAR reviews seen it is a foul play incident and the decision is made to see what people love to say when referring to VAR justice!

    But we saw today VAR was referred to for a nothing incident in the area.

    lol we will get situations where the officials will be lambasted for calling on VAR too much. Calling on them for incidents that are not serious or foul play. And they will be calling on VAR too many times because they are not up to speed in the match. Not seeing incidents, not up with play etc.

    So the problem with incompetent officials will not go away just because of VAR. The incompetent official will have a detrimental affect on the match because he calls on VAR too many times.

    And we have not even began to scratch the surface about calls that are challenged or asked for by those that are not the officials.

  5. Emiratesstroller

    Reliable Sauce

    Once VAR is fully implemented decision making will be completed efficiently and fairly quickly. For a start a decision on the penalty award given against Chambers in WBA game would not take 20 seconds to decide.

    That would be a lot shorter than the players arguing and taking a penalty.

  6. Bob

    Wenger on coq:
    The best way to replace him is getting [Aaron] Ramsey and [Mesut] Ozil back,” he said. “Then we’ll see. We have players injured.”

    This guy is just little birch he needs lev

  7. Pierre

    OK Marko, If you want to be a complete numptie.
    Arsenal.. Won 75
    Chelsea.. Won.. 62

    What does that prove.. Nothing

    If you look at results over the last couple of seasons you get a fair reflection of the form between the 2 sides

    There you go… Not too difficult for you to understand is it..

  8. WengerEagle

    Probably worth mentioning as well that of those 7 matches, 4 were draws and we were well beaten at SB last season.

    2 wins out of 7 is hardly ball-tingling stuff now is it?

  9. Ishola70

    There is so much gamesmanship around now in the game that managers and players in the future will have tactics relating just to VAR lol.

    As VAR evolves and conditions are put in place relating to it we will see teams trying to manipulate VAR and taking advantage from it.

    You will see.

    Officials atm are mercilessly manipulated by managers and players.

    VAR will just be seen as an extension of the officials that can and will be manipulated as well.

  10. Pierre

    Go back and try and find a comment where I ” run interference for Arsene Wenger”..which I presume you mean support/praise him.

    You won’t find it.. I will always defend the club if
    1) I think the mugs on here are unfairly criticising the team.

    2)When they keep praising other clubs even though they are not winning trophies

    3)when they wish our players injured.

    Also I will question those on here who say that the hazard pen was a correct decision but when AMN receives the same contact they say its not a pen. It shows how their hatred for the man cloud their judgement.

    I am critical of Wenger as the next man but it will never affect my judgement and the way I watch the game.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Sorry I disagree.

    If there is simulation/cheating it will be much easier to pick up with VAR by
    experienced operatives and the player could land up being carded and even
    sent off.

    I suggest that you take a look at rugby. The introduction of VAR eliminates
    almost all forms of cheating.

  12. raptora

    What ES said. Of course that VAR use should be in the most important possibly game changing decisions. I don’t mind couple of minutes more added to every game just because of VAR usage if it will let’s say not guarantee but help immensely in reaching a fair and just game. Let’s not talk of limiting the refs to influence a game because they are corrupted, but because they are humans and they make understandably make mistakes. Those mistakes though have cost, are costing and will cost football teams across the globe important points, important wins, deciding titles, cups, relegation or qualification for european tourneys. I am not good at remembering bad decisions but I’m not a fan of the saying that everything evens at the end, just because it doesn’t. What about Maradona’s god hand. It decided the mother effin World Champion! Or the France vs The Republic that TH14 was involved in. Or the second yellow that RvP got at Nou Camp. Or the semi final last year between RM and Bayern when a RM player absolutely had to be send off but minutes later Vidal got send off for a play that it was either clean or between a foul and no foul. Same Real scored from on an offside that very game. Or the Suarez penalty dive last season that revived a dead Barca vs PSG and was the goal before the last one that they scored. There has been hundreds of terrible decisions made in the course of the last not 50 but 10 years. Decisions that changed the outcome of whole competitions. If VAR helps the game get even 50% more fair, I will be absolutely up for it. It’s use will get clearer with times but in a game that no one really knows what is a penalty and what is a soft penalty, what is a dive and what is a contact that didn’t cause the player to fall?! (which person does really know that), what part of the body is offside and what is not, what is a handball and what is not. It just sounds lame people to cry against VAR because it will make things unclear and cause more controversy. If it will make for a spectacle, why not? It added something to a dead game tonight. We just witnessed that in every single one of those situations the right decision was taken. If even one of them was called wrong by the ref, there it could be the whole tourney for one of the teams. The Chambers and Moses incident, if I’m not wrong, was important because if there is a hit by a player to another player without the ball being at all in play, it could be a straight red card. Ashley Young got banned for 3 games just days ago for the exact same offense. Now if it happened during the game maybe the game would have been different and United could have lost it. Charlie Austin served a 3 game just a week ago for purposely kicking the opponent goalkeeper in the face and breaking his nose. He did not get punished in game. It’s another game changing incident that VAR would have fixed. Now if the officials show balls and start calling on the big decisions when they see that action is needed remains to be seen. But there has been probably more than 10 bad penalty decisions this season only. Probably around 10 red cards not given when they had to, and several red cards wrongly given. Wrong offside decisions leading to a goal happen every single EPL round. Game needs to evolve. Bad decisions can be limited nowadays. Not only that the game needs VAR or similar technology but it’s introduction comes very, very late.

  13. Relieable Sauce

    “You have this notion that VAR will only be used in the most so-called important decisions. Nice thought and very clear cut but it is not like that.”

    By “this notion”, I guess you men – “belief”, belief the football can implement decades old technology…like they have done in rugby.

    “Important decisions” -I guess you mean goals. ie. key decisions, like the ones I listed earlier for the sports that do use referals/VR – one an individual sport, one a truly game of two halves – and like no other. The other is a team sport…with a goal either end.
    I’m not comparing the sports, I’m looking how VAR is applied across those sports and rugby is the most comparable – purely team sport 11 v11/15v15, goals at either end of pitch. Flow is relative.

    You a against goal line technology? – Effectively a video ref.
    You like VAR but with referrals?
    Refs can’t be trusted?
    I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

  14. Pierre

    “Chelsea have won 2 of the last 3 league titles, how is Pierre even kicking off a debate here?”

    Stupid comment
    Are you being ignorant as well.

    Talking about people /experts continually writing us off v Chelsea and getting it wrong… I suppose one day they will get it right.

  15. Ishola70

    ES I don’t think you are even cottoning on about what is being said here about VAR.

    No-one is disputing that VAR can right the wrongs in matches but VAR will be so much more than that. It hasn’t been said that VAR can pick up on things that officials can’t.

    There is a naivete about VAR.

  16. Pierre

    The Welbeck tackle on ces

    One look and you could see he won the ball, why did they stop the game one minute after the incident and then another minute waiting for the decision… Couldn’t quite understand that.

  17. Pierre

    Before every arsenal v Chelsea game we are written off, we are given no chance and they are still saying that Chelsea have a better chance of winning at the Emirates next week..
    As I said, maybe one day they will get it right.

  18. raptora

    Pierre, I almost thought they would give a pen to chavs lol. It’s been a real penalty nightmare for us lately, I still can’t believe that we finished a game where we were not judged to have committed a foul in the box.

  19. Emiratesstroller


    They stopped the game, because someone off the pitch asked for the review. I
    don’t think that Atkinson initiated the call.

    The point is that VAR is experimental at moment. Once it is refined and people
    get used to it there will be much less controversy in the game.

    People will accept decisions as they do in rugby and despite what is being suggested players will be much less likely to simulate/cheat, because they will
    know that the camera will pick up what they are doing.

  20. Pierre

    Do you think I was in agreement with Wenger for
    1)signings of sanogo and kalstrom
    2)letting sanchez and özil contract run down.
    3)his failure to buy a top class holding midfielder and defender.
    4)his failure to replace giroud as our main striker.
    5)his failure to realise that Ramsey will never be the next frank lampard.
    6)his failure to understand that the club needs to move forward with a different manager.
    I could go on and on but even though I believe he should have left after the villa cup final I will always want the team to win I will always argue the case about crappy refereeing decisions (3 pens dodgy pens in the last 3 games is proof enough), I will always celebrate winning a trophy (yes, even the league cup) and I like to think I will always be able to admit if we play shit as in the forest game…

    I just don’t have to keep repeating it day after day and if it makes me public enemy number one on here then so be it…

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Whilst the referee in rugby is the final arbiter in rugby all officials including
    VAR operative can make interventions if they have seen something which the
    referee might have missed.

    There were two or three such occasions in recent match between Wasps v Saracens where that happened.

    Once you introduce VAR the game will become much more honest despite what some have written. Cameras do not lie and decisions will be far less subjective.

  22. Pierre

    I know, I was thinking the same.. I couldn’t understand how they could take so long over something so simple..

  23. ArseneisaFraud


    People will accept decisions as they do in rugby

    No. In rugby you are tought from the start to respect the rules and the decisions made by the ref. You disagree too much with the ref and you can be punished for it (stepping back 10 yards).

    That’s why VAR works so well in rugby. It guarantees fairness. Very often you have very borderline decisions (primarily with scoring tries) and that’s where VAR ensures that the correct decision is made.

    Cheating has been forever rampant in football with refs being corrupt, players diving, etc.

  24. Buckhurst Gun

    Footballers and refs need sorting out – var is the way to do it

    Ishola how can you manipulate a camera !!?? Do rugby players manipulate var ? Give me one example of how you could manipulate var

  25. Ishola70

    Buckhurst Gun
    “how can you manipulate a camera !!?? Do rugby players manipulate var ? Give me one example of how you could manipulate var”

    Again as someone else implied why keep bringing rugby into the equation. Rugby is a nice middle class sport for the most part. Everyone knows that football is rife with cheating in comparison to rugby and there are going to be far more headaches with VAR in football than what has been seen with rugby.

    With the manipulation I did say in the future. And the manipulation can come not just by the camera itself but the rulings around VAR that will inevitably be put in place in the future.

    So manipulation of the rulings around VAR. Not manipulation of a lens lol

  26. Gooner63

    I dont think anyone can make any judgement from that game

    Chelsea looked like they just couldnt be bothered, and we did nothing as per usual

    0-0 doesnt favour us either, as any goal by chelsea in 2nd leg just means we have to score 2

  27. Buckhurst Gun

    People bring rugby in because it’s the closest comparison to football

    How can you manipulate a ruling ? Var will show what happened and then the correct decision will be made no ?

  28. Ishola70

    Buckhurst Gun
    “People bring rugby in because it’s the closest comparison to football How can you manipulate a ruling ? Var will show what happened and then the correct decision will be made no ?”

    How can you manipulate a ruling? Happens every day doesn’t it by all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. Rules are there to be broken as the saying goes.

    Everyone just keeps fixating on big decisions that go to VAR to judge and call on. VAR is going to be more than that. It is going to be in use not just for big calls. It is going to be used or referred to for incidents that officials don’t see on the pitch. Players and managers can manipulate officials just like they do now but with VAR in mind if there are certain rules in place surrounding it. Get around the rules.

    Interesting that Pedro put up a tweet from an Arsenal fan who attended the game last night. His verdict on VAR = shit.

    “First VaR stadium experience standing there twiddling my thumbs with no clue what’s being deliberated by telly man. It’s shit”

    What you get from this tweet is very telling and has already been noted.

    VAR really is an extension of armchair TV football viewing.

    Match going fans will feel some alienation from it as this tweet perfectly illustrates.

  29. TonyD

    ‘I am critical of Wenger as the next man but it will never affect my judgement and the way I watch the game.’

    Especially through your rose tinted glasses. You just offer lip service re Wenger.

    You’re only critical of referees’ decisions against us but blind for the wrongs decisions given our way. It’s the AKB way straight from the Wenger hand book.

    Off to supersavers then and then your local travel agent, Pierre

    Just so you know, Thailand is in South East Asia and is a very hot country.

    Wouldn’t want you bringing your anorak, fur lined gloves, woolly jumpers, scarf and bobble hat.

    The only mug here is you, but you’re good value for giving us all the daily Pierre comedy show

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Someone check on D.on. Might be contemplating hurting himself after this latest Wilshere injury.

    Pierre, you should be ashamed of supporting a cunt who steals a living. Wilshere is a disgrace.

  31. TonyD

    “Do you think I was in agreement with Wenger for
    1)signings of sanogo and kalstrom
    2)letting sanchez and özil contract run down.
    3)his failure to buy a top class holding midfielder and defender.
    4)his failure to replace giroud as our main striker.
    5)his failure to realise that Ramsey will never be the next frank lampard.
    6)his failure to understand that the club needs to move forward with a different manager.”

    Of course you were in agreement with Wenger, Pierre, you just tell us differently once in order to appear to be against Wenger, and is why you don’t bring up these points regularly or understand their repetitive nature year on year.

    After all in an earlier entry to this or the last post you said that Wenger had only taken the club back a little.

    I guess that bizarre logic explains your continual “It was never s penalty” for days weeks and months after a game, as well as your Dubai statement and dumbass rationale regarding our Chelsea record.

    Looking forward to your today’s comedy when you wake up.

    I’m guessing you weren’t a rocket scientist for your working life. Nor occupied a job that needed sound logic and perception.

    Lollipop man perhaps?

    What is sound logic is that we WOBs hate that we haven’t realistically challenged for an EPL tittle for 14 years, even against Leicester, and today are 23 points behind City as well as losing our best players for a pittance or worse: free!

    Winning the CC means nothing other than for Wenger’s preservation, although I very much doubt we can beat both Chelsea and City at this stage of the season.

    Reread that part Pierre, “At this stage of the season season”

    Let’s not forget if there was VAR last season we would never have won the FA cup with the Sanchez handball before his goal.

    Over to you Little P, let’s see what you got?

  32. TonyD

    I know that Bob and others have opposite views, and I can understand their points, but I feel sorry for Wilshire. He is a decent player and probably our best midfielder at the moment after Ozil.

    It’s all a little too late for him, but he is showing the best determination of the squad that ultimately will be his downfall due to his damaged ankles.

    At leas he gives 100% for the club these days and that’s more than can be said for many or most of the squad.

    The one thing that struck me when we were buying him was that he wasn’t automatic first choice for France.

    Rightly or wrongly that led me to prejudging him not to be the marquee signing we needed. So far that judgement has been vindicated.

    I’d bring Perez back to see if they can form a partnership. Perez was never given the chance Iwobi has been given and that is a criminal error from Wenger to be added to the 100s Wenger has made.

    From what I saw of the limited game time Perez had, he was streets ahead of Iwobi and Welbeck, but that’s just my humble opinion.

  33. Rocko

    “I noted on a podcast or something I did a few weeks ago that Arsenal always has an annual week or two when we drop out of everything. ”

    Always preceded by Wenger proclaiming the upcoming week to be a ‘defining week in the season’. Got that right.

  34. TonyD

    “Pierre OUT!!!”

    Keep him in Frankie, every blog needs its whipping boy.

    He may even give up and come over to the dark side…………

    On reflection that will never happen: lapdogs never change their masters.

  35. GuNZ

    VAR has been implemented in Rugby Union games for quite some time. It is a good thing (by no means 100% definitive but good enough) and the inevitable price is a more disjointed game. I think the longest I’ve been subjected to was a game at North Harbour in which there were so many contentious plays that the game extended by 25 minutes.
    If, however, it’s going to prevent that flabby-lipped twat Wenger from blaming everyone and everything but himself for his incompetence then I am all for it in soccer as well.

  36. TonyD

    The Chelsea 2nd leg at the Emirates will be interesting in terms of tactics.

    With our record of saving penalties, the last thing Wenger can play for are penalties.

    Wenger will have to win it during game time.

    Personally I think Conte will beat the hoodoo Wenger has on him.

    Like many I expected Wenger to attack, but he parked the bus to avoid a drubbing.

    Looks like Wenger is learning from Jose.

    At then end of the day does the cup really matter in the scheme of things?

    For me no it pales into significance.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    I will make one final point in favour of VAR,which might be considered.

    Footballers, Managers, Spectators and even Football Pundits may/will interpret an incident according to their own prejudices as we see very often on tv.

    However, both Sky and BT have introduced recently former referees to express their opinion on some controversial incidents and in many cases they have given an explanation for the decision.

    Dermott Gallagher did so when disagreeing with outcome of Dean when giving penalty for handball against Chambers.

    Referees are forced to retire when they reach a certain age or level of fitness,
    but that does not mean that they are not capable of making the correct decision in front of a tv screen.

    Perhaps there is a good case for recruiting the best ex referees to become VDU
    operatives when they can no longer actively referee on pitch.

  38. TonyD

    Does this refer to our current keepers of Cech & Ospina?

    I have to admit my focus has been on this season in stating my opinion.

  39. TonyD

    Good podcast and much better audio quality.

    Re the last section I would imagine Wenger would treat any player bought against his blessing would get the same treatment Wenger gave Ashavin.

  40. Ishola70

    Chelsea will still fancy their chances in the second leg as away goals although not counting over 90 minutes will count after extra time.

    Really Arsenal should play pretty conservatively at home as well for the best chance of getting through but we have seen before that when they play at home they feel that the onus is on them to take the game to the opponents.

    Back to VAR it makes me laugh when we hear Pierre, Raptora talking about wanting to see a fair match. Football fans are tribal as we all see on here so when someone says they want to see a fair match really what they are saying is that they want favourable calls for Arsenal to what as they see as injustices done to the side in the past. This is even more pronounced when enough Arsenal fans think there is some officials conspiracy against Arsenal.

    You can just imagine the scene. Arsenal playing Spurs in the FA Cup final. Game is tied going into the last minute. Spurs player is fouled in the box. Minimal contact and ref hasn’t seen incident. VAR is called on and confirms minimal contact in box and Spurs win the match with last minute penalty. Then we get Pierre and Raptora on here after telling us how great VAR is and wasn’t it so good to see justice done for the Spurs penalty call.

    Give over. All this talk of fair and just match is bollox.

  41. grooveydaddy

    The only shootout we’ve had with either of those 2 is the community shield game last summer. Cech 1 – Courtois 0

  42. Ishola70

    The second leg can only go to a shoot out if the score is 0-0 after ET,

    Can’t see the second leg having no goals after 120 minutes of football.

  43. TonyD

    Thanks for the update.

    The match should be interesting, especially if it goes to penalties although I’m only really interested in the football side of things.

    The actual cup doesn’t interest me.

    Anything that will erode Wenger’s grip on the club is far better than any cup win.

    Once Wenger has gone it will be normal service resumed as far as my unconditional support for the club goes.

  44. Mick Kartun

    Evans must have a tough decision of choosing between afc or city, let’s see:

    Man City:
    Certain PL medal and CL football.
    Decent manager.
    Great squad.
    Plenty of money.
    Board willing to spend.

    Arsenal:…………..Oh dear.

  45. raptora

    Useless to talk to you. I said several times already that AMN’s situation is not a penalty. I wanted a penalty because the contact is similarly small to Hazard’s dying on the pitch last week, but his was given. Both are contact that should not be enough for a penalty. How does that make me a person who’s shouting for favorable calls, only you know. Bitter person who when running out of arguments goes into personal attacks. Fans can still have their own opinion with VAR being used. What’s the matter if the ref can have an informed decision like we do at our own screens?! There will be controversial decisions but not as many as there is at this moment.

  46. Number9


    ‘Also, the Rams are one of the best stories in the NFL right now, in a league and sport you know nothing about.’

    Pot,kettle fucking black. And that to all you plastic Jonny come lately NFL loving dickheads. Stay in your lane please.

  47. Pierre

    “Perhaps there is a good case for recruiting the best ex referees to become VDU
    operatives when they can no longer actively referee on pitch.”

    Great idea

  48. Number9

    It’s very interesting to see why Pierre gets so much shit as an actual Arsenal supporter on an Arsenal blog for actually being objective about matters concerning The Arsenal.

    From other Arsenal ‘supporters’ apparently.

    It’s almost like people have a hard on for him fuelled by a Wenger obsession.

    Absolute comedy at its finest.

  49. Pierre

    Trying to have a meaningful discussion with the Wenger obsessive mugs on here is pointless….
    They can’t fathom that you would want to see a fair game of football and var will help with that.
    They can’t fathom that you can disagree with the managers decisions and think its time for him to move on but still support the club and have a balanced view on the game.

  50. Number9

    Here to talk football if anyone’s interested, alternatively seek help if all you want to do is talk about a a manager that’s gone in less than 18 months.

  51. Pierre

    And finally, Tony the geriatric goon.

    You are definitely living up to your name at the moment.

    Firstly, I would never talk /brag about my private life and possessions on here.

    Only a “little man” needs to try and impress people using these methods.

    And judging you by your comments, you sure are a “little man” with a “little mans” brain.

    Your “little man” mentality and arrogance comes out in every paragraph you write.

    Have a nice day “little man”

  52. TonyD

    That the best you got Pierre?

    So you can be a perpetual wind up merchant dangling bait to get reactions but when you get it back you don’t like it.

    Now you have number 9 to join your comedy act to spew his vitriol and personal abuse in true AKB fashion.

    From now on I’ll just skip past both your future posts.