Disgraceful Iwobi and what this story says about AFC

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

So it turns out the reason Iwobi had a slightly better game than usual was an appearance he made a friends rave. He was pictured at 2:37am enjoying himself, likely jumping on the team bus at 10am the next day.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done worse if you’re completely honest. We’ve all done worse with important meetings the next day. It happens.

I’ll tell you what’s wrong here, another young player disrespecting the manager. This is a broader pattern. It’s not just bad behaviour off the pitch, it’s not giving a fuck in general, and it being allowed to fly.

Could be Alexis skulking around like a brat on the sidelines, could be Chezzer smoking cigarettes or doing stupid things at parties, could be Jack Wilshere being a total lad in a London nightclub, could be Theo just existing in our squad.

It all flies with Wenger. Nothing is off limits in terms of discipline.

Iwobi’s behaviour isn’t surprising, firstly, remember he’s a kid and that’s what you do at that age. I don’t really care that much about the incident in isolation, I’m more concerned about what it means for the bigger picture of Arsenal. A place of relaxed rules an norms, because the manager didn’t need to have them when he first arrived. All his key players had already made their mistakes, and were there to keep the younger boys in check.

You wonder where that sort of guidance is in the current setup?

As a side note, people who sell pictures to newspapers are utter scum. Papers that report on the drugs, because it casts doubts over the character of a young black man are even worse. You’ll find drugs in every bar, pub and fine dining eatery in London. Insidious reporting, totally irrelevant unless the player was smashing back fat lines at the kitchen table in his pants while his mates Facebook Live’d it.

Wenger needs to dish out some punishment for this, because the optics when you consider the result are really poor. Leave him on the bench for month, I mean, not like his performances don’t deserve that regardless.

In other news, in a world of consistent footballing inflation, Arsenal have charitably decided to buck the trend. 8 months after the Franny Coquelin penned a new long-term deal, the club are flogging him on for £10m. For reference, Spurs managed to sell Nabil Bentaleb for a whopping £18m last summer. Unreal business from Arsenal. As someone mentioned on Twitter, regardless of price tag this represents a golden moment for Arsenal.

What I hope is this: The removal of the Frenchman is less reflective of an Arsene Wenger flip-flop, and more a sign that the new guys came in and were absolutely horrified a player of such low ability was so tantalizingly close from the starting 11.

Good luck to him, wherever he lands.

Alexis Sanchez could also be on his way out. Rumour has it we’re holding out for £35m. I’m not sure how much leverage we really have in this moment, even with Gabriel Jesus out for 6 weeks. We should probably just take whatever we can land and run to the hills. Or France. Or Germany. Wherever there is a man who can replace 126 goals/assists in 165 games.

Inward signings look super sexy. Johnny Evans is massively on the radar again, a repeat of last year. Be fair though, 3 times Premier League winner, tough, good in the air, with England caps. He’s not sexy, but he’ll do a better job than the utter dross we have at the moment. I know he’s very highly rated in the game by a lot of clubs.

There is such a major rework needed this summer. Santi is finished, Ramsey will likely leave, Cech and Ospina are finished, Koscielny is on the back 9, so is Monreal, Bellerin wants to leave, Ozil might go, Sanchez will go, and I’m sorry to tell you, but Debuchy might not make it.

That’s before you even get into the territory of who should go, like Welbeck, Iwobi and Xhaka.

It’s interesting reading everyone whacking skippy about Szczęsny and his keeping record at Juve this season. He’s conceded 6 goals and collected 9 clean sheets. I’ll give you that he’s performing well, but against the back drop of playing for the best in Italy, with a defensive coach, for a very rich team.

Anyway, would I have him back? No way. He failed with Arsenal.

What this tells me is:

1: Our keeping coach is neither a developer of talent (Fabianski, Almunia, Richard Wright) nor a sustainer of greatness (Cech)

2: The club has lost its way developing raw talent into the types of professionals they need to be in the modern era. Look at Iwobi right now. Look at Jack, Chamberlain, even Aaron Ramsey is unfulfilled. What would proper managers do with some of the talent we’ve had in our ranks?

I mean, you don’t need to ask. Just look at the career Ashley Cole and Cesc have had since leaving us.

Right, that’s me over for the day.

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  1. graham62



    What a Richard Head you are.

  2. Jim Lahey

    Don’t see why we would drop £27m on the guy considering we already have two Sanchez replacements lined up in Theo & Welbeck…..

  3. Marko

    Who else is there to get realistically that could be seen as replacement for Sanchez in the position Arsenal are in atm? You are not going to get a real top player that is already established in Europe not if the players club are doing reasonably well.

    Wouldn’t mind Pavon but in terms of a replacement for Sanchez? No a replacement for Walcott or Iwobi then yes. Fact is last summer I wanted us to sign Lemar to play with Sanchez and Ozil then it became to replace one or both and now it’s Pavon to replace Sanchez that is simply not enough. You don’t see Chelsea bringing in Kenedy or Nathan and talk about them replacing Willian or Hazard. No for me it’ll be tough to REBUILD the attack rather than replace attackers but that’s what is needed. Malcolm, Fekir and Pavon might go some way to rebuilding the attack after Sanchez and Ozil and hopefully Walcott and Giroud leave.

    For me the most important signing that could be made is a player like Fabinho and a player like Manolas coming in. Not Johnny Evans and a new contract for Wilshere and sticking with Xhaka

  4. Elmo


    Santi replacement should be Arthur from Gremio.

    Barca are likely to have to pass on him this window having committed so much on Coutinho, so we’d have a shot at signing him. Gremio want EUR 50m, but with Barca out the running, we might be able to negotiate down to a lower figure.

    There’s no point in making an approach, though, until the club have a firm idea of what they want the midfield to look like 2 years from now. That involves Sanllehi, who doesn’t start until February, but surely is already in communication with other key figures at the club. Are we obligated to persist with Xhaka because so much has been spent on him and he can’t be shifted? What decision has been made regarding whether to renew with Wilshere, Ramsey etc?

  5. Elmo

    If we did move for Arthur, I’d bet Wenger would block it, though, bearing in mind the signing of young players from South America often involves a payment to the player’s parents etc.

  6. Jim Lahey

    @Elmo –

    I wouldn’t mind Arthur coming in at all! Just don’t see it happening though..

    What do you think of Aleksandr Golovin for around £15m?

  7. Gooner63

    Sanchez debacle?

    Firstly Sanchez is south american – chile

    Plus the debacle is made by a club that has no ambition – if we had showed ambition he would probably stay, but he wants to try n win major trophies – which he wont do under Wenger

    Any player would want to go to City – ambition and a manager who manages

  8. Pierre

    You don’t fool me.

    You can make your contribution to the cause if you are deadly serious… purchase some tickets,show us that it’s not all a load of hot air.

    At least Ufraud is serious about it (I think).. He is the only one on here to put his money where is mouth is and has a season ticket and refuses to go to the games (I think)…

    Redtruth, Tony, dissenter, Graham Wenger eagle, ces Appeal, guns of Hackney, ishola, rspca and the rest, why don’t you all buy tickets to prove that you have some bollocks instead of mouthing it off everday….

    Ufraud, you will soon learn that the Wenger out brigade should be renamed the “Do nothing brigade”… You’re fighting a losing battle if you think this lot will support you.
    Bamford tried it 12 months ago but gave up, he has realised it’s a waste of time that’s why he hasn’t got involved this time round.

    Ufraud.. Your venom should be aimed at the “Do nothing brigade” Not at me….

  9. Doublethink

    Houssem Aouar could be a Santi replacement, the kid looks like he could be special.
    As for Sanchez there’s a few players we could go for, Mahrez being the obvious one but players already mentioned like Pavon, Malcolm, Fekir, Coman, Pulisic, Luis Alberto, Guedes are viable, some more realistic than others.
    It doesn’t matter who we buy until Wenger goes though.

  10. Marko

    We also really need to bring in a Santi replacement!

    We really don’t he hasn’t played for a year and a half we need to replace Xhaka, Ramsey and Wilshere

  11. Doublethink

    Golovin looks decent, seems happy to let the game pass him by though as long as he gets his pass percentage, which can be said about a lot of midfielders today.

  12. Jim Lahey

    “We really don’t he hasn’t played for a year and a half we need to replace Xhaka, Ramsey and Wilshere”

    And has that year and a half been a stellar one?!

    We also need to replace the rest of the midfield but without a play like Santi the team has fallen apart.

  13. Marko

    Dunno if I’d agree with you Jim Santi was a great player but he’s a AM not a CM and even when he was playing the midfield was still an issue. Fabinho and Goretska/Savic would be a good midfield pairing and neither are remotely like Cazorla

  14. Do One Gambon

    League cup semi 2nd leg is the one to boycott.

    Were going to be out by then anyway after getting spanked tomorrow, its televised, its a semi final even though it is only the league cup and a derby. Would really make an impression if the home crowd was empty for that one.

    (I am an STH so qualify for the proactive brigade by calling for this boycott) 😉

  15. Buckhurst Gun

    1- Isn’t Jonny Evans northern Irish?

    2- i was out a few months back in the same place as xhaka he left really late and came off the bench next day – seems it’s a thing at Arsenal to do that …..

  16. Do One Gambon

    No way were getting goretska (so).

    He’s hot shit, there’s no way on earth hell join us. He’s got the pick of Europe, esp as he’s free.

  17. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    If I had my preference for a CM duo it would be two tall players, one b2b one DM both powerful ball winners and good passers with a Santi Cazorla ahead of them (Santi over Ozil any day for me..).

    I thought Santi did pretty well as a CM, if he was fit he would be the best we have in that role (over Ramsey, Wilshere).

    But I think that our entire midfield should be wiped and start anew.

  18. UTarse

    Little P is no STH. He just thinks he can cast dispersions over all and sundry from his make believe high tower.

    Bay Season Ticket Holder

  19. Bay Area Gooner

    I think we are only going to get unearthed gems or washed up vets at this point. No big names. We are not the end destination we once were.
    We are a stepping stone club now.

    Hopefully in the next 4-5 years that can change.

  20. UTarse

    Little P,
    You ridiculed me for making the stand that I make and yet you say I should not hold you in contempt ?

  21. TitsMcGee

    We could sign Messi right now and it wouldn’t change my mind on our fortunes. We are way past the stage of a new individual saving us/our season. Wenger is done.

  22. Samesong

    Can you believe that Wenger played Bellerin left back a few games this season that’s a sackable offence.

    Just remembered.

  23. Bay Area Gooner

    Cant Sven pluck some hot german prospects for us. There has to be one or two right now we can go after.

  24. Bay Area Gooner

    Why is it that so many folks on here engage in fighting with each other?
    Seems like ppl have no better things to do than engage in this shit.

    Everyone, roll up a fat one and smoke it and calm the fuck down.

    Its only football at the end of the day. Sheesh!

  25. HillWood

    Bristol City look like a proper well organised football team with a good support.
    I think Wenger would struggle against them

  26. DaleDaGooner

    Bristol are looking proper here. Stones looks the part of a clumsy defender as well as Mangala….same as a Holding.

  27. Pierre

    I suppose some idiot on here will say it’s not that easy to beat a championship side is it, even at home with a full strength side.

  28. Jamie

    Pierre January 9, 2018 20:35:43

    “I suppose some idiot on here will say it’s not that easy to beat a championship side is it, even at home with a full strength side.”

    If City end up losing this, I can think of one ‘idiot’ in particular who will crow about how difficult it is to beat a Championship side – Wenger. He’ll also note that we played away from home in a hostile stadium as another excuse for our loss.

    “Look, it’s not so easy to beat well-organized championship sides who give absolutely everything.” Pathetic.

  29. follow the money

    I really wish someone would compile a list of all the predictions that have come to pass fans and pundits have made since 2007 so we could we see them in one place. “You’ll never win with kids!”

    Absolutely shocking this fraud is still running arsenal

  30. follow the money

    @Jamie did you see how eager he was to throw out the “We’ve won blah FA cups in blah years. Grasping at straws

  31. Marko

    I suppose some idiot on here will say it’s not that easy to beat a championship side is it, even at home with a full strength side.

    Bet they won’t be beaten 4-2 Pierre you slimy little apologist. Not likely to be beaten 10-2 in Europe either or 8-2 in a Manchester derby. But sure referees aren’t against them am I right

  32. TitsMcGee

    I suppose some idiot on here will say it’s not that easy to beat a championship side is it, even at home with a full strength side.”


    I knew there’d be an idiot that said something like this and I knew that idiot would have been you.

    When Arsene leads the league by 12 points then we’ll go easy on him losing to a championship side 😉 Deal?

    You can’t be 23 points off the league AND get eliminated by Robin Hood and then not expect your savior to get skewered.

  33. Marko

    You can’t be 23 points off the league AND get eliminated by Robin Hood and then not expect your savior to get skewered.

    No no Pierre’s right these pesky championship sides are tough

  34. Marko

    Alexander genuine question how does it make you feel seeing him in press conferences talking about the Sanchez and Ozil situations? Like it infuriates me like hell when you hear him saying stuff like he’s not worried about losing Sanchez this month or he wasn’t worried about keeping them on and possibly losing them for free like nothing worries this man he so nonchalant about how awful things are at the club

  35. Bay Area Gooner

    Wenger and Gazidis fucked up the Sanchez contract situation. What kills me is when Wenger cuntface said that both Ozil and Sanchez were in an ideal spot going into their last year without signing a contract. How in fucks name does that make any god damn sense to anyone except his delusional peanut brain????

    yes 20M for Sanchez. I think realistically, we might get about 25-30M after haggling a little.

    Unheard of management of contracts. Bottom line, if a player is not happy or want to be here, no matter what you do to get them to stay or money, then let them go… sell ASAP!!!!!!

    I do hope Ozil stays. May be he can influence some young Turk or German kid to play for us.

    My guess is that soon as Sanche fucks off, OZil signs on for big $

  36. graham62


    “You don’t fool me”………………………lol

    Not trying to fool anyone, especially you.

    You invest in the club, I DON’T. You line the pockets of those you ridicule on here on a daily basis, I DON’T. You’re more concerned with your own personal benefits, I AM NOT. You justify Wenger’s reign, I DON’T. You think you’re putting the club first, whereas I KNOW YOU MOST DEFINITELY ARE NOT.

    I have no inclination to invest in tickets, just to satisfy your pathetic lust for self gratification. Then again, how do you know that I haven’t done this in the past?
    Afterall, this is a blog site where posters can create their own mythical worlds and mythical identities that no one can truly question.

    Get the gist?

  37. TitsMcGee

    If this is true, it will make January a very uncomfortable, embarrassing month for wenger and arsenal.
    £20 million is peanuts for sanchez, but what’s to be done.? They may up their offer slightly but it’s that or nothing.”

    We can play hardball all we want but City are holding all the cards. It’s 20 million or nada. City can wait and get said player for free.

  38. Bay Area Gooner

    CIty are paying insurance for basically an injury to Aguero or anyone else on their front line.
    Aguero goes down, or Jesus again, or Mane. etc
    They are making damn sure they are prepared the second half of the season to win it all.

    Great management! Wish we could be that ruthless

  39. TitsMcGee

    How in fucks name does that make any god damn sense to anyone except his delusional peanut brain????”

    People that shift blame all the time will say anything. He’s bungled so many aspects of the club. From on the pitch stuff to player contracts to the transfer windows.

  40. Gooner63

    A full strength Man City team?

    Only Missing at kickoff


    So only 6/7 changes from the full strength team

    Bristol city 4th
    Notts Forest 14th

  41. HillWood

    Lee Johnson looked like a breath of fresh air compared to the fossils Wenger,Allardyce,Hodgson Pardew,Warnock, Pulis etc

  42. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Why do you come on here, Pierre? You contribute nothing of value and remain a contradiction of yourself. One moment you spout off sense and at the blink of an eye you revert back to being at your worst. It’s obvious that you kick your kicks being what you are, but the question must be asked, why does Pedro allow you to remain when clearly your intentions have never been honourable?

  43. Carts

    City will will pay about £25m but the back-load it with almost impossible clauses.

    £20m up front. Then extra £5m if Sanchez score 100 goals over contact length; win the CL at least 3 times over course of Sanchez’s contract; as well as domestic accolades.

  44. Carts

    Problem with Lee Johnson is that he’s be quickly undermined when it’s gets rough – due to a number of reasons.

    Look at the likes of : Hasslebaink, Di Canio & Clemence. Relative success as either an assistant or in lower league then all of a sudden wheels for off and it’s a wrap.

  45. Wenker-wanger

    Pierre……haha he snipes at what he refers to as WOBs……..sort of confirms his allegiance to the incompetent tool Wenger.
    Wenger out !!!!!

  46. David Smith

    If they offer twenty million, we should just keep Alexis. Even if he is not at his best, he is better than anyone Wenger is capable of getting for that price,and that is assuming our manager even was willing to try to replace him which I sincerely doubt.
    Even when it is imperative he spends, he is still in the suck up to ,please Kroenke and survive by piling up cash mode.

  47. TonyD

    Oh dear what would your messiah say you quoting his nemesis?

    Your bait bucket must be getting low.

    I gave you my answer, which as usual you seem to take no notice of.

    Seems you were made to look stupid with your penalty trolling.

    Tell you what little P, you come over to Thailand, and we can discuss this and other things Wenger and Arsenal.

    If you can satisfy me with your logic, I will buy tickets online with you in attendance.

    Can’t be fairer than that now can I?

    That’s me calling you out in the same way as I called Puma 9 out, and he went quiet after that, will you do the same?

    Can’t see you ever going quiet what would be the fun in that.

    So come over or move onto to matters football little P.

    Enjoy the game tonight where I expect Chelsea to put the game out of reach for the 2nd leg with maybe a 4:1 result.

    Keep the tissues handy when watching the game as we crash out of the 2nd cup in a week. Perhaps then Wenger can console you with his values explaining the accident or embody your referees’ conspiracy theories.

    Better still come over to the dark side.

    You can fly from Gatwick or Heathrow.

    Incidentally if you still watch black and white TV and get confused with the kit colour shades, Chelsea will be the the side playing the playing the intelligent and creative football and scoring the goals.

  48. Do One Gambon

    City will will pay about £25m but the back-load it with almost impossible clauses.£20m up front.

    Then extra £5m if Sanchez score 100 goals over contact length; win the CL at least 3 times over course of Sanchez’s contract; as well as domestic accolades.”

    Lol, or 20m should Wenger ever win the league again

  49. TonyD

    Think of it Pierre we can sit and go though all the referee conspiracy decisions frame by frame when you come over.

    Really looking forward to that.

    Your one-man crusade here is coming to an end soon and already you’ve lost your wingmen in Don who lost the plot under relatively no pressure and got binned, Puma 9 & CC.

    Your fast becoming an endangered species little P where your indigenous Wenger habitat is shrinking fast.

    Who will you be a disciple of when Wenger goes?

  50. Dissenter

    Wenger is such a loser manager. Everything about him radiates weakness and desperation.
    Why is he still playing Alexis when he’s on the way out. Does he think any player who has one foot out the door will play with commitment?
    What happened the day after Alexis departs?
    What’s the player being benched for Alexis supposed to think?

    If I were City, I would let Alexis run his contract out and pay him the reported January transfer fee of £20 million as a sign-on bonus in June.

  51. Mick Kartun


    If Alexis is willing to sacrifice his potential 25m signing fee in the summer to join this jan window, then it shows how desperate he is to get away from Le Wank the loser.

  52. Mick Kartun

    Taken comments from other web:
    “Sergio played well alongside Tevez, he’ll play well alongside Sanchez. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Pep tries a 3-3-4 where both Aguero and Sanchez play in the middle up front, which I think he tried before at Barcelona. He’s made playing two number tens in De Bruyne and Silva somehow work by having the full backs come inside, if he manages to somehow make a 3-3-4 work I don’t know what else would be left to be done, it would be fantasy football. Problem is it’s potentially too light at the back and relies too much on Sterling and Sane for width, as the outside centre backs (presumably Walker and Stones) have to be closer together to the middle one. But if someone can have a shot at making it work, it’s Pep.”

  53. Bamford10

    “Wenger on Jonny Evans: ‘No. We are not close to signing anyone. We signed a Greek boy who looks quite good in training.’ ” – @ArsenalRelevant

  54. Pierre

    “how do you know that I haven’t done this in the past?”

    Simple… Because you’re all mouth… I know it, you know it and everyone on here knows it.

  55. TonyD

    Sound like the only raw nerve pain is yours.

    True AKB form to hurl insults when you’ve lost the plot.

    Flight details?

  56. Bamford10

    “Having rotated considerably for the game against Nottingham Forest, the manager is likely to go stronger tonight, although injury problems will dictate his side to a large extent. At his pre-match press conference yesterday, he said there would be ‘nobody’ back for this one, which means we’ll be without Laurent Koscielny, Aaron Ramsey, Olivier Giroud, Sead Kolasinac and Nacho Monreal.

    Francis Coquelin’s imminent move away – something Wenger more or less confirmed – will preclude his inclusion. I’m told that Mesut Ozil will miss the game because of a knee problem, while there will be fitness tests for Granit Xhaka and Shkodran Mustafi. Hardly ideal preparation for a game against a team as good as Chelsea.” – Arseblog

    Not promising.

  57. TonyD

    ‘We signed a Greek boy who looks quite good in training.’

    Obviously a barb aimed at Sven.

    I still maintain my last post comment that joining us will be Evans’ worst nightmare.

    One player can not compensate for for the current level of defensive incompetence.

    In any case what should be apparent is that if Evans is not good enough for United, how then is he good enough for us. Let alone be our defensive savior.

  58. Wenker-wanger

    Wengers work is not fully done here…..there’s still a few things he can fck up.
    It is truly amazing to consider all the fck ups this useless idiot has managed.
    On the pitch , 8-2,6-0,5-1…. The Birmingham final fiasco. Transferred RVP to united then won the prem…..
    Sanchez transfer mismanagement….will he leave for peanuts?…players like Theo on ludicrous wages…..buying some of the worst centre backs around for big money in some cases…. Buying kallstron with a bad back. I dunno, must be loads of other examples…..

  59. TonyD

    You’ve only scratched the surface for Wenger’s willful incompetence over the last 14 years.

    I listed most of the defenders yesterday but midfield and the forwards list is equally as long no doubt.

    Whether it’s 2 days or 8 months or the rest of His contract; His time is going to be up.

    Until that day of reckoning ……… we will have to bide our time.