Wenger’s shocking decline hits embarrassing new low

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Looking at the fixtures list over the next few weeks, the most drama I felt we’d have to deal with was a testy League Cup semi-finals. Not for a second did I think we’d have trouble facing down a lowly Nottingham Forest without a coach and just 1 win in 7.

I was brutally wrong. Nottingham Forest were more than a match for our hybrid FA Cup team. The mix of fringe first-teamers coasting on fat wages that don’t match their ability, plus incredibly raw talent that failed under a complete lack of senior leadership, gave us a stale drip tray of a game.

Under no circumstances should Arsenal ever concede 4 goals away from home at a Championship side. It’s not acceptable. Forest were legitimately deserving of their win. Ben Bererton – a Stoke youth reject – was absolutely excellent. He picked on Per Mertesacker in the first half, taking advantage of his rapid decline in pace, and in the second half, the 18-year-old absolutely bullied Rob Holding. It was career ending stuff, I’ve never seen something so embarrassing.

The first goal was comical defending from a freekick on the edge of the box by the corner flag. Lichaj camped out at the back post, took a yard on our defensive line that wasn’t inline with the freekick wall. The delivery was fired at the near post because Ospina had left a massive target to aim at. Lichaj slinked in and crushed his header in from a yard. Absolutely farcical.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 17.08.54

The response was fairly rapid up the other end, Theo Walcott delivered an excellent freekick from a similar place to the Forest effort. Rob Holding connected with a thunderous downward header that bounced off the post, Per Mertesacker of all people on hand to finish with an outside of the boot left-footed volley.

The second goal was pretty unstoppable, Rob Holding headed out to the edge of the area and Lichaj volleyed the sweetest looping shot tightly into the top corner. Ospina had no chance and gave up halfway across the goal. Only Arsenal could be responsible for the 6th and 7th goal in the career of a 29-year-old defender.

The early phase of the second half was mostly marked by Brereton dominating Rob Holding. Our John Stones comparable was at a loss as to how to deal with the 18-year-olds pace and hustle. He was being outclassed and you could see the frustration in his increasingly petulant play. His shocking game really took a tumble when he intercepted a Forest back heel in our penalty area, as he turned, a Forest player picked up the run of the ball and flew right over Holding’s leg. Clear penalty. Our 3rd in 3 games. Brereton stepped up and scored sending Ospina the wrong way.

We did claw a goal back, the ever awful Iwobi dropped an unbelievable pass that broke all the lines in one swoop, it found Welbeck who clattered with the keeper, came off with a tap in that he bundled home in his usual clumsy fashion (I think the keeper actually pushed it on target).

The fourth was a little more controversial, and yet again, a penalty. Debuchy chased down Armand Traore of all people (haunted by ex left backs, amirite?), he hooked his foot around the Frenchman’s legs winning the ball, but the ref blew anyway. It looked like a good tackle to me, but anything from behind comes with a trigger whistle reaction. The actual kick managed to be controversial as well. Dowell slipped on his run and two touched the ball into the net. The ref consulted with his lino, but gave it anyway. It’s shit officiating, but without VAR, a tough one to spot. Our 27th penalty conceded in a row. Seaman and Manninger needed.

So, Arsenal out the FA Cup 3rd round for the first time since 1996 against Sheffield United. Shocking result.

So what to make of the result?

It’s par the course for Wenger these days. We know it’s over for him. We know these sorts of results will follow him around forever now.

Wenger blew the FA Cup for the League Cup. I understand resting your best players, but to not even take them when you’re fully aware that the second string were beaten by bottom of the Bundesliga Köln is quite the risk. Another bad decision. He was the only manager in the top 6 who didn’t give his first choice striker a single minute. Fine when you have Giroud as the backup, but when you’re rocking Danny Welbeck and a host of kids as back up, it’s not smart. Also, Ozil was rested against WBA, did he really need another day off?

The defence was a complete mess. When is Arsene going to address it? We’re not managing the basics, and haven’t been for a while. We had a World Cup winner at the heart unable to organize fairly capable players. The whole system seems anti-defending. The midfield doesn’t know what the defence is doing and vice versa. We have no grasp of zonal marking. We’re frantic under pressure. A club of our size should know what to do at all levels from a setpiece. Total basics that are lacking. We have Steve Bould twiddling his thumbs, why isn’t he given the defence to work on? Why don’t we find the best defensive coach in Europe and bring them in to help. It’s not like we’re conceding goals at the expense of expansive attacking either, we’re shite at that as well.

Alex Iwobi created one of our goals, but outside that contribution, it was a pretty pathetic offering today. He’s just not clicking. I’m unsure of what he’s supposed to be offering to the team. He looks out of ideas and confidence. Yet Wenger persists over and over again. Once you become a Wenger favourite, he’ll play you regardless of what you’re delivering on the pitch, like some sort of weird pet project. I don’t see where this one ends.

The biggest issue I took from yesterday was the lack of leadership from the senior players. Per, Welbeck, Walcott, Debuchy, and Elneney were absolutely nowhere. Players of that age and experience should be able to lift a team. They should be able to take the game by the scruff of the neck and destroy weak opposition. If they can’t, why do they remain on the wage bill?

Wenger keeps mediocrity on great money, then flaps as to why we never progress. Those senior players are cloggers, mailing it in on the regular.

The manager is the ultimate enabler of the substandard. Until he leaves, we’ll keep running into results that shock. The issues can’t be cured with more expensive players because at the core of it, they’re not coached. We’re at the mercy of a dead man walking. The biggest fear I have is that there is a pot of glorious failure that’ll save him again, and we’ll be having the same conversation this time next  year.

Onto Chelsea, this years saving grace.

Also, take a listen of our podcast. We discuss the Forest disgrace, we talk League Cup and we jump into Wenger’s fury at his loss of power, and have a look into the weird Arteta story doing the rounds.

Apologies we didn’t get into questions, we didn’t realise so much was going off!

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  1. Marko

    Rams beaten by the Falcons in the playoffs. Normal service resumed at KSE.

    It’s funny Alexander but when I mentioned that they made it to the playoffs you downplayed it and now that they lost its significant they’re back to being shit? They’ve got a young exciting coach and QB in only their SECOND year in the league, they’ve got an excellent defence and probably the best running back in the NFL in Todd Gurley there’s every expectation that they’ll continue to be a play off making team in the future and possibly so no normalcy isn’t resuming at KSE with regards to their NFL team. It’s almost like what I’ve been saying about getting lucky with a QB in the draft is true.

  2. Pierre

    I had a digital file of the match yesterday and was able to reply via a media player in HD on. 65 inch screen.The replays in frame by frame slo mo showed that Debuchy took Traore’s right leg at calf level at the same time as the ball. 100% penalty.Same thing for Nelson’s free kick, no contact made on him.”

    Lucky you,Well I Watched it in on a video recorder VHS…

    I would have thought if the contact was exactly the same time then it would be a fair tackle …I believe the rule says that if you make contact with the player first then it is a foul….thanks for clearing that up.

    With regard to the nelson foul ,their is no clear camera angle but due to the fact that the forest player (cash I think it was) accepted the decision completely without one word or look to the ref says it all.
    I noticed you never mentioned the blatant push on welbeck in the box when it was 3-2. Which the camera picked up quite clearly …I wonder why !!!

  3. Tomtom

    When you look at the two recent signings by Barcelona of Dembele and Coutinho for a combined total of almost 300 million euro it really shows why Arsenal have been in a state of decline for so long.
    Coutinho and Dembele are very good players but maybe not top quality, I wouldn’t think they would make it onto a world X1.
    Compare this to Arsenal that try to make a profit during a transfer window and it really shows how far off the pace we are.
    Clearly Wenger and Kroenke don’t care about competing with the big teams, they are happy to see the clubs value increase while fleecing the fans and pretending to care about success.

  4. shaun ellis

    it is the fans look at this arsenal fan tv lot who travel all over to put money in wengers pocket and yet they say they love the club and probably do but they are still paying for wenger to stay at the club it’s just straight up dumb.you actually talk to some fans and you can see they still believe in wenger it’s like some alien shit …..never seen anything like it

  5. Buckhurst Gun

    there’re literally nothing to keep moaning about , Arsenal are shit end of , we can’t be surprised at results like this , they are typically Arsenal – I would have been very surprised if we won that yesterday – until wenger goes that’s pretty much it

  6. Bob

    According to The Mirror, West Ham United are interested in signing Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin during the January transfer window.

    That’s going to be a good start to cleaning the rubbish out

  7. graham62

    “We had a world cup winner at the heart unable to organize fairly capable players”

    I do not like to criticize players who, to all intense and purposes, are only following the directives of our clueless manager. However, in respect to PM, my criticism holds no bounds as he is, without question, one of the worst defenders to pull on an Arsenal shirt over the past twenty years.

    Do not let the fact that he is a world cup winner, and holder of 104 German caps, cloud your judgement. Mertesacker did not play after the round of sixteen 2-1 win against Algeria, in the 2014 tournament, basically because he was a liabilty. Hummels took his place and the rest is history. I am convinced that had Mertesacker played, Germany would not have become world champions.

    In the six and a half years at Arsenal he has been a consistent and predictable weakness in a team that has underachieved. I can count on one hand the number of games he has performed to a standard we would expect of him. Yes, he was the MOTM in last seasons FA Cup Final, but based on the fact he was probably the freshest player on show due to his return to first team action after injury, it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

    He is slow(understatement), cumbersome, ungainly, mentally weak, lacks visible
    leadership qualities, is a not brave enough, is detremental to a constructive team structure and is a massive burden to his teammates who, more often than not, have to cover for his many defiences.

    The really amazing thing in all of this is that we have a manager who is unable to see and act on Mertesackers weaknesses and who considers the German as a key cog in the Arsenal engine. Then again why should we be surprised as Wenger is totally clueless and incapable of rectifying any of our frailties.

    I am in the process of recovering from a hip replacement. Even on my crutches and at the age of 55, I still think I could move better than Mertesacker. He should have been offloaded long ago, but amazingly amongst many, he has become a cult figure.

    Can anyone convince me otherwise that PM is nothing more than a total embarrassment.

  8. Buckhurst Gun

    From another blog (sorry Pedro)

    Theo Walcott is 29 years old and he’s been managed by Arsene Wenger his entire career. He went from being the hottest prospect of his generation to a mediocre backup – a player who has barely developed any skills in 10 years. I think Walcott is the poster child for Wenger’s failure to develop players. And I have to think that Oxlade-Chamberlain made the right call to leave Arsenal. Ox probably had one look at Theo Walcott’s career and said to himself “GET OUT… GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT’


  9. TheBayingMob

    “It’s funny. Before the game I thought about Forest having been a former European giant, managed by a formerly wonderful, but ageing dictator who didn’t know when to quit. And they played in red.”

    Main difference is Clough was a raging lush, something we can’t level at Wanker.

    But a healthy amount of narcissism and general aging will reap the same sort of mental damages me thinks …

  10. Ishola70

    You seem to have a bee in the bonnet over Mertesacker Graham if you are stating him as the worst Arsenal defender in 20 years.

    And to slaughter him now is to kick a man in the head when he is already on the floor. Everyone knows that he should already be retired. That Wenger stills plays him is down to the manager.

    The truth is that when Arsenal signed Mertesacker from Bremen he was already past his peak.

    In his first couple of seasons with his partnership with Koscielny he was the senior defender in the partnership not Koscielny. Mertesacker was directing and organising the defence with Koscielny tearing around about him. Mertesacker actually had some defensive nous about him unlike so many other Arsenal defenders. You seem fixated on his lack of pace.

    Mertesacker when suitable for selection which is no longer was twice the defender Mustafi is.

  11. Do One Gambon

    Cygan, stephanovs, nelson vivas, grimandi, Silvestre, squilachi

    All far worse defenders in the last 20 Years than mertesacker.

    Took 5 secs too, there’d be more if I could be arsed to think.

  12. Relieable Sauce

    “…embarrassing new low.”

    8-2 to Man Utd was the lowest for me. Absolutely appalling result that no real football club would stand for.
    But at Arsene-al, Le Fraud then goes on to sell them RVP to clinch the title.

    Cunt manager, cunt fans.

  13. GS88

    Said it here many times before that the whole team needs rebuilding. Ozil and Sanchez won’t be here for next season. So that’s two — and our best players to replace already.

    Criminal how we let their contracts run down. That’s a sackable course of action on its own.

    So we will not be getting any money for those two, if we are luvky, maybe £25-30m for Alexis other than that zilch.

    Its going to take probably £200-500m to rebuild us over a 4-5 year period. Wenger not the man to do this and must be dismissed. I would like to see either: Allegro, Anchelotti or Jardim get the job.

    I wasn’t surprised by the result yesterday or the atrocious defending. We have gotten used to it these past 10 or so years as Gooners.

    Wenger out since 2011.

  14. Ishola70

    Plenty are still defending Chambers. Chambers Of Horrors as he is being dubbed.

    It’s Wenger they say that has made him pony. Well no. Wenger’s so-called management can also be responsible for buying unsuitable duds from the get go as well as being responsible for the regression of players while at the club. Same case with Xhaka.

    On more pressing matters:

    Leave Thérèse be. For she is only dreaming.


  15. Bay Area Gooner

    SO what happens if we lost to Chelsea on Wed? more nails in the coffin for Wenger? This was the year we are supposed to be cranking the league, top 4 etc.
    We are worse off this season at the same point last season.

    His comments about Sven tell me he is desperate. Kinda sad in a way. Mentally ill.

    He says we are actively looking this transfer window. What a bunch of horse shit.

    We all know whats coming next.

  16. graham62

    Based on his fee/pedigree/experience etc……………………THE WORST!



  17. Bob

    Chambers was a pony at Middlesbrough and sent them down and out. He was doing he’s best to reach out to he’s mate In the championship Ron holding

  18. Bob

    West ham fan:
    Please understand these are not words I throw around lightly, I think even West Ham are too good for Francis Coquelin

    Guess they got the other option of Jack wilshere then.

  19. Do One Gambon

    Mertesacker, at the time was on most fans wanted list as well.

    He was a superb defender who lacked pace, when we played with a deeper line he was fine. But we play with a higher line now, no wonder he’s looking so shit.
    He’s also getting older now too.

    That falls on the manager, as does most things these days.

  20. graham62

    If he was half the player people make him out to be, he should have been able to organise yesterdays defence.

    “Past his sell by date”, most definitely, but should have been capable of communicating to those around him how to handle an exceptional 18 year old novice.

    Then again, poor old Holding was probably more concerned at having to cover for the BFG!!

  21. Do One Gambon

    And stephanovs wasn’t a panic buy

    Wenger always propped up his first 14-15 with a couple of absolute chaff players, even his title winning ones.

    In 1998 it was grimandi, remi garde, luzhniy, Chris wreh (think he was there then)

    2002 it was aliadierre (lol), rami shaaban, inamoto

    Invincibles it was the above plus cygan

  22. Elmo


    Oxlade’s old man, Mark Chamberlain, was a decent player in his own right, being capped for England. Unlike other players who have people around them who primarily only understand money, I’m sure Oxlade’s old man is keen for his boy to achieve his potential as a player and not have a career that tailed off like his did. It’s entirely understandable that he would have counselled his son to get as far away from Arsene Wenger as possible, and choose a club where he could get playing time and the right coaching over purely selecting the biggest pay offer (Chelsea).

    And to think that once upon a time Arsenal offset the inability to pay top wages by offering young players the opportunity to develop. Wenger literally has nothing positive to offer anymore.

  23. UTarse

    “Until the final whistle blew, I was among the ones who backed Venga and believed he was the right man for the job.”

    Arse and vinegar, I don’t mean to single you out but you are the epitomy of what’s wrong with our fan base.

    You needed to wait for the final whistle yesterday ?? The last 10 years didn’t give you any clue that this Day was coming with this cunt manager in charge ??


  24. Pierre

    Mertasacker is not exactly a Tony Adams when coming out to charge the ball down is he …
    For someone who is a man mountain , his whole body seems to shrink as he stands there with a look of fear on his face in case the ball hits him as someone has a shot at goal….wimp

  25. UTarse

    Mertesacker is shit. He’s embarrassing himself by playing top level football. He was done 2 years ago and I’m being kind.

    A fucking joke.

    Bay Area, how many goals has he scored since he joined ?

  26. BacaryisGod

    Wow, just a quick look at the betting sites and we are in complete drift.

    Most fans would expect to see either Mahrez or Lemar come in if we lose Alexis in this window.

    Here are the odds for those 2 players:

    Mahrez: (Liverpool 10/11, Arsenal 8/1, Stay at Leicester 1/1). Basically, it’s Leicester or Liverpool but Arsenal have next to no chance of landing him.

    Lemar: (Liverpool 13/8, Arsenal 10/1, Stay at Monaco 1/2). Again, Arsenal are essentially out of the running)

    There’s absolutely nobody else of note linked with us at this stage. It looks most likely that we’ll sell Alexis (Man City 1/4, Stay at Arsenal 3-1) and not have a replacement lined up for him.

    The only players we have even a shot at are a defender (Jonny Evans) but Man City are ahead of us in the race there (5/4 vs 15/8) and a midfielder (Steven N’Zonzi) who is 11/10 to leave Sevilla but then we’re tied with Everton at 5/2 to land him.

    Others? Goretzka or a shock Griezmann move. Not a chance on either of them when both are at 33-1. David Luiz (please god, no) is 4-1 to come to us and 8/13 to stay at Chelsea. Hard to see that happening. Malcom is likely staying put at Bordeaux but if he leaves, it is probably Dortmund or Man U over us. Aguero and Zaha are 100% staying at City and Palace respectively.

    Theo will probably go on loan to Soton but Wilshere, Ozil and Giroud are all set to stay until the end of the season at least. I can understand the rumours of Lucas Perez coming back from his loan spell if Theo is loaned out. He might even get some playing time this season.

    Things are looking very bleak gooners.

    Based on the chances of us landing anyone, the bet that looks most appealing is 3-1 on Alexis staying until the end of the season. We might have no choice. Think about it this way. What chance do we have of making Top 4 or winning the Europa League if we sell Alexis and don’t replace him. It’s not zero but it’s not far off.

  27. alexanderhenry


    I admit I’m no authority on the NFL. I do know that it’s a lot more egalitarian than ‘soccer’ though.
    I am also yet to be convinced that any team under kroenke can be successful- yes he won a Stanley cup and superbowl but that was very soon after he took over those clubs- before his malign influence could take hold.
    Even if his rams have stumbled into a promising situation I’m sure kroenke and Co will manage to cock it up somehow.

  28. BacaryisGod

    I don’t blame Arsenal on the Alexis contract situation. We tried right up until the end to renew his deal and it was probably worth the gamble to see if he, Lacazette and Ozil could fire us into Premier League contention without Champions League distraction. There’s no chance of that now, so if we can replace him, we might as well take 30 million from City if they need to splash out now to cover for Gabriel and avoid competition in the summer for him.

  29. graham62


    “Things are looking very bleak gooners”

    Have you just woken up?

    I just don’t get it. So many fans with there heads in the clouds these past few years.

    Things have been looking bleak since 2006.

  30. Bay Area Gooner

    Raul, etc, need to be fucking selling so much shit, that City will think that others are in for Alexis, and thus try to get more $$ out of them.
    Create a smokescreen. Say some fucking Chinese, Italian, whomever club is out for him, and have received offers in the 35 range. Make City with their wads of cash pay as much as we can for him.
    Im ok with bringing back Lucas. I felt for him, never got a real chance with the team.
    Did well when he did play is what I recall.

    Who can we buy for 35 this window???? All our targets are wanted by bigger and better teams with more $$
    We have become the AC Milan of the EPL.

    Once a great destination, now just a shell of who they once were. Mid table. desolate and depressing.

  31. graham62

    Bay Area Gooner

    Number of goals conceded due to PM

    155 goals in 155 games!!!!(certainly feels like it).

    Slips/comical tumbles/out of position/poor passes/lack of bravery/ no communication………………….THE LIST GOES ON!

  32. Bay Area Gooner

    Mert is pretty shitty and we want him to work with our youth team?
    What the shit?!
    Someday Tony A will return I hope.
    What the heck is Lehmans role in the team now?
    What does Bould do? besides look pissed all the time
    What do any of them do?
    Seeing pictures of Arsenal training gives me the impression they are just having a good old time. All smiles.

    Wenger out, Stan out!

  33. graham62

    As I highlighted earlier, don’t like criticising the players for Wenger’s failings.

    So, no more Per attacks.

  34. Bay Area Gooner

    I like Auba
    We need the talk skinny fast skillful striker we once had.
    The ghost of TH14 has never left arsenal.

    Any chance we get Nzonzi???
    this just looks bad.

  35. Marko

    Should have signed Aubameyang over Lacazette even though I like both and contrary to Wallace PEA is the better striker

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    But red
    There will be lees fans interested in the club ,

    Must be many who couldn’t give a shit about the club right now

    That’s a really sad indictment of which we’re i stand righ5 now

  37. BacaryisGod

    By all accounts, we tried to renew his deal in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of his contract. There have been some comments about him deciding not to stay after we got crushed 10-2 by Bayern and for that I blame the club. We didn’t have a strong enough squad to compete against Europe’s big clubs (which we should be). They also spent big money two summers ago to bring in Mustafi and Xhaka. These failures were more to do with bad scouting and decision-making by Wenger than the club itself. They spent big to bring in Lacazette this summer.

    So when it comes down to the decision about selling him for 60m to Man City in the summer, I don’t blame the club for deciding to keep him. They made a calculation that the blowback would just be too great after the RVP situation and that it would make more financial sense to keep him for his final year. I also don’t blame them for being unable to get him to renew his deal before then. You can’t force players to stay.

    What I do blame the club for is allowing Arsene not to strengthen in key areas when we all knew where those areas were. The club (owner, CEO etc) have given Arsene too much automony and it bit them when Xhaka and Mustafi largely flopped last season and we were without a viable goalscoring alternative to Giroud up top.

    Hope that clarifies my earlier comments.

  38. Bay Area Gooner

    The big gamble they made was thinking they could still convince Alexis to stay.
    They should have given them the drop dead deadline to see if he would commit back in the spring. No commitment= sell asap in the summer.

    Arsenal dithered. They gambled and lost.
    We all know this was poorly handled from the start.
    We have no power now. have to sell for as much as we can get.

    We offered good $ but it is clear to all of us that he does not want to be at Arsneal at any cost. How the brass didnt see this is beyond me.

    I hear we are asking for about 11M for Coq. So around 40 M with Sanchez sold.
    We need to go after the replacement now.
    Get Mahrez. bring back Lucas to stop the bleeding until the summer.

    Ozil needs to be tied down. That is a must unless we get a monster offer from someone… 60plus

  39. Bay Area Gooner

    I bet Ozils camp is waiting for the Alexis situation to get resolved. With him gone, Ozil has more legs to stand on asking for the mega wages he wants.

  40. Marko

    We would have been able to convince Sanchez to stay had we signed more and better players and shown that we could compete with the best. Simple as. But unfortunately none of that was possible with this manager

  41. Leftsidesanch

    Chelsea put us out of our misery only for Wengers babies to show kwalitee and mental slength v Bournemouth to get a point.

  42. Elmo


    In isolation, you can take the gamble to keep Sanchez in his final year. Within the context of Ozil also going, most of the stashed warchest having been wasted, the fact that several key first XI players are bordering on retirement, and that we’re out of the CL, it was a ridiculous decision. At some point the responsible adults at the club (meaning Gazidis in this case) have to take stock and see the club is heading into a situation where too much is being gambled at long odds, and elect to cut our losses on a deteriorating situation and look to re-invest / rebuild, in order to remain relevant. Arsenal are acting as if we were 1 point off the title last year and it was worth taking on big medium term downside risk by taking on a huge gamble this season.

    It has predictably blown up in the club’s face, and now we will have to weather the long rebuild, hoping we can slowly close the gap on the clubs who will be quite a way in front of us come next summer when contracts expire.

    Step back and think about it. Arsenal finished 5th last season and decided to take the risk that if we failed again this year (a reasonable likelihood bearing in mind the manager and comparative strengthening of competitors), we’d be in a position where we’d have perhaps £100m (inc Ox money) to replace our two star players, make some headway in recruiting the first XI talent to succeed the 32 year olds (say, 2 players next summer), and bring in the talent to bridge the gap back to 4th. Way too much to ask, so too big a gamble.

  43. UTarse

    If ,as is probable, Chelsea do best us over the 2 legs , I can see a capitulation. I know Le Fraud normally manages to get lucky and rally them to bounce back in previous seasons, but I think what people are seeing now is that players have (in significant numbers) started to down tools….. they know it’s over this time….. surely no more Lazarus come backs for the senile cunt ?!

  44. Marko



    Also, this kind of excuse making and paranoia has to stop:

    ‘It’s quite possible that Mr Wenger has seen the problem, but has simply failed to find the sort of player who will do better than the players we have in a consistent way and who is willing to come to Arsenal, knowing all the attacks on players and management that pour out from the media and some supporters each day.’

    I mean I’d laugh if it wasn’t so worrying. There’s a kind of extreme, pro wenger fanaticism that exists amongst -I hope- a minority of arsenal fans.
    Any anti wenger sentiment is met with either smug indignance or vicious attack. This applies to fans, pundits, journos and ex players.

    Fans who dare to complain are blamed for arsenal defeats.

    Journalists who dare to question wenger’s infallibility are accused of being part of a clandestine, anti arsenal plot.

    Ex players who dare to speak out are accused of treason.

    Other fans laugh at us

    And this is some cunts retort


    alexanderhenry – you will not be missed if you left yesterday as you have done nothing but pontificate on Arsenal & Wenger’s management. Please state some of your achievements in anything that make you sufficiently qualified to judge Wenger.

    Wenger is un-equalled in the game. His influence has transcended the media & all the pundits, commentators and players that try to judge him. They are mites in his shadow.

    I tip my hat to you Alex

  45. Jamie

    UTarse –

    We’ve never ‘bounced back’ to anything other than the top 4.

    The scenes at St James’ Park in May 2013 when we pipped Spurs to 4th on the last day of the season were disgraceful.

    Imagine Pep walked in on that sort of carry-on for finishing 4th.

    Wenger has been out of his depth for a decade. We, as a club, haven’t bounced back since.

  46. UTarse

    I couldn’t agree more mate. My point is the senile fraud always managed to get out of jail just when his number looks up….

    No more FFS.

  47. Jamie


    I get you.

    If he survived the sack after touting Yaya Sanogo as a 50m player in all but his transfer fee, he’s likely survive anything. He embarrasses himself and the club every year and survives.

    He isn’t going anywhere, and it will get worse.

    I despise Wenger.

  48. Bob

    Valencia agree a fee reported to be €10m-€12m (£8.8m-£10.5m) for Arsenal’s Francis Coquelin, say @DepCOPEValencia. 3 and a half year contract on the table. #AFC

    Looks like West ham will move for wilshere then.
    Good bye coq it’s been disgusting watching you play.

  49. Bob

    Arsenal youngster Francis Coquelin would be more highly-rated if he had cost £40m, claims boss Arsene Wenger

    Less then 3years on why wanker is letting go of he’s coq for £10mil

  50. Bay Area Gooner

    Will Gazidis had the balls to get the board prepared to sack Wenger this season?
    Whats going on behind the scenes?
    Secret talks with a replacement coach? Or Bould for the meantime.

    I get ancy thinking about what could be happening behind closed doors.

    Then again, could be nothing.

    We drop out of the carabao cup then its just Europa to save his bacon and I can already hear the excuses at the seasons end…. “it was the loss of Sanchez, we could not recover from, etc”

    Its so old and predictable.

  51. graham62

    Lose to Chelsea, then drop more points in the league and the knives will be well and truly out.

    Come unstuck against Ostersunds and that will be it.

    Don’t forget, we have the added bonus of the transfer window debacle.

    Not too long to go folks.


    He won’t see out the season……………..I can guarantee it.

  52. Gooner63

    Hopefully Alexis, Coquelin, Walcott, and a few others will go this month

    Hopefully Wenger wont bring in anyone and end up 8th

    Hopefully Stan tells Wenger – ok buddy enough is enough

    Hopefully new decent manager brought in and allowed to sell and buy as he sees necessary

  53. Bay Area Gooner

    The new coach has to be someone with pull.

    Wenger lost his pull to get players to come and play for him. The new generation only knows him as this old guy who was once good. They no nothing of his glory days, except a few you tube videos or stories from older siblings or parents.

    Vieira or bergkamp, or someone that is a known entity, a good player or coach (Ancelloti) etc, is needed to start the new and improved Arsenal- the rebuilding process. Please- No Arteta or some no name.

    We need pull again. Pep, Simeone,etc. attract good players, which attracts other good players.

    Ozil and Sanchez were the last of the crop for us. Not even they help the team when they have one foot out the door most of the time.

    Alexis is gone
    Ozil to get a big payday or leave-

    Lets get Theo out for about 15M if we can. 10M for Coq. 33 for Alexis.
    That is 58M right there.

    Evans and Mahrez for now.
    Bring Lucas back

    Fire Wenger
    Plan on spending 200 M this summer

  54. Bay Area Gooner

    that cunning asshole probably knew if Alexis does not sign on, then he can recall Lucas.

    Expect Jenkinson back too.

  55. E54_

    Let’s go Sanchez! Let’s go Sanchez! Let’s go Sanchez!

    Another WC player who wants to leave the best manager of all time….Wenger..


    He’ll be lifting the Premier League Trophy in May and he’ll be smiling while he’s doing it!

    F*** Arsene Wengers New Arsenal. He can shove it

  56. Bob

    Another WC player who wants to leave the best manager of all time….Wenger..

    This is what I mean the best players want to lev. But you look at Ramsay wilshere Walcott it’s to comfortable for them at arsenal.

  57. David Smith

    Sadly, Stan will never fire Wenger, no matter what he does. Might not give him another contract,,but won’t fire him.
    The best shot, as the British board have clearly worked out, piss him off,take away his power, let him know there will be no further contract, to the extent he walks, this summer

  58. Bay Area Gooner

    Bob all those players have been indulged and fattened up from piglets to fat hogs now. None can be moved on. Over paying for loyalty is a major downfall of Wenger and has been documented on this site ad nauseum

    Wilshere seems to be coming along ok so far, im not holding my breath. Ramsey and Walcott need to leave.

    Walcott is the pig that has been fed the most. the fattest one. cant run anymore LOL

  59. Bay Area Gooner


    You know what gets me? As a professional, where is the ambition anymore? To be paid nicely to sit on the bench for Arsenal and be happy with that?

    Walcott, Ramsey as professionals should realize this. Get off your asses and leave. El Neny, etc.

    The lifespan of a footballer is short. Get off your asses and leave! Why be pushed? Work hard and be a famous footballer like you dreamed about as a kid!

  60. E54_

    Denisk BirdkampfJanuary 8, 2018    14:34:18

    What a disgraceful display yesterday, Walcott should be sacked immediately after such a dismal effort, sulking around, not chasing anything, not helping out at the back. And you can blame Wenger as much as you want for him being shit, or not coaching, but its about time some of the so called senior players stood up, stopped being mummied, and started putting some fucking effort in!
    Theo is the most senior player at the club. No current player has been there longer. Theo… smh

  61. Do One Gambon

    David smith

    Its been widely reported that there’s a break clause in the current contract. If either party wish they can sit down in the summer and cancel the second year.

    I’m not sure how true it is but I’ve seen it in a few places.

    If true kroenke might not have to fire him at all

  62. Bob

    No one good ever wants to stay becuse of Wenger. Out of the 25 man ‘team only about 4 or 5 players are good the rest championship level as they showed on Sunday.

  63. Carts


    I find it incredibly unlikely that we tried to extend Samchez’s Contract in the second year of his 4 year deal. It’s simply not the Arsenal way.

    The contractual negligence has been seen as far back with Nasri and RVP. Our problem is that we only ever give 4 year deals. Rarely do we offer an optional 5th year where WE trigger it. Only time I recall this happening was with Rosicky and Cazorla and look how that turned out.

    Chances are we wanted to extend his deal at somewhere during the 3rd year. Unfortunately for Wenger, his gig had been rumbled and Sanchez could already see the same shite Nasri, Cesc and RVP saw.

    Frankly, the better players among our crap squad probably regret singing for Arsenal. Wenger, imho, doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain. The man either underinvests, or invests incorrectly. Then there’s our tactical approach, which is dated and for the most part ineffectual.

    I mean, someone please tell me what the fuck does Boro Primorac do? He’s this shadowy egg head who clung to Wenger anal hairs for all this time

  64. mano'gunner

    We lost Sanchez and the whole lot of players the summer Wenger chose not to buy any outfield player bar Cech. I reckon he somewhat lost the dressing room then and the team has never played the same after that.
    Imagine the message it sent to the players, no ambition at all.

  65. alexanderhenry


    Thanks, but I should clarify my position.

    I am a moderate where wenger is concerned.
    I believe he has lost his judgement on and off the pitch. I believe he has also lost perspective on his own position as arsenal manager.
    Arsenal fc existed before wenger and will continue to exist after he leaves. Lately he’s been acting as if this is not the case. The whole saga surrounding his contract renewal last season particularly annoyed me.
    His allegiance lies with kroenke and Co when it should be with the fans

    However, I am not a revisionist. I believe he did an excellent job for a number of years. I do not think that he was only successful because he inherited a good defence, and I do not believe that he knows nothing about tactics or chooses not to ‘do tactics ‘.
    In many ways he transformed the club and for a ten year period arsenal was more successful and more exciting then it had been since the 1930s.
    The problems started with the stadium move, change of ownership and giving wenger too much power.

    He should have walked years ago- after the rvp sale. Instead he stayed showing absolute loyalty to an owner who couldn’t care less about arsenal winning, essentially left wenger out to dry and basically views the club as a sound investment, nothing more.

    He was an excellent, even great coach but they say power corrupts.
    Now he’s a has been, something of an egomaniac and let’s be honest, a bit of an embarrassment.

  66. Bob

    Sad time to be a arsenal fan on and of the pitch again.

    Just boycott until Wenger and stan are both gone. Only the fans can take out Wenger and stan. Boycott for 10games let’s see what happens after.

  67. Bob

    Alex Iwobi ‘parties until early hours’ night before Arsenal defeat.

    Please iwobi just go play in the African league.
    Sanchez is going and this prick is in party mood.

  68. Carts


    This is it. What our players are exhibiting isn’t something that developed over night. It’s a catalogue of errors by Wenger, one way or another, which has lead to players simply acknowledging that they’ll hang about on the chance Wenger bucks up his idea, if not they’ll collect their cheque and bounce on a free.

    Wenger tried to paint a picture, several weeks back, about players having all the power. Nowadays, they certainly are more powerful. But show me a top European side that are being embarrassed the same way we have been in the past. And are about to with Ozil and Sanchez. This is unfathomable. If a top player wants to leave then fine, but get your coin (see: Suarez and Coutinho).

    In our case, players feel demotivated and unchallenged. Wenger is nothing but a joke. Anything could he’s done at Arsenal has virtually been undone due to arrogance and negligence. Good riddance to the man.

  69. Salvage

    Our defending has been worse since Steve Bould joined. He was heralded as one coming in to sort out the defense but he is as useless as ever. Whenever Wenger leaves, he must wrap Stevie up in that his long zippy jacket and drag him along with him. We must not hear any nonsense like Steve Bould being a caretaker manager for anything. It is either Steve Bould is horrible like Wenger at coaching, or he is a yes man without any personality or influence. Either way, it is a mess. Wenger Out, Steve Bould Out.

  70. TonyD

    “Can anyone convince me otherwise that PM is nothing more than a total embarrassment.”

    Couldn’t even begin to get close, Graham. For such a big guy he sure crumbles easily. As I said before he’s like a giraffe on ice far worse than Bambi.

    And this is the idiot in charge of our youth.

    How much lower can our club – 2nd richest club in the world sink?

    “I only have VHS”

    Have you got colour TV yet?

    Very droll. Your bait is getting old, need to freshen it up a little, Pierre.

    You might want to pop into a psychologist on the way to Specsavers to help you with your delusion. You’ll probably meet Wenger in the waiting room. Then again He’s too deluded to know he’s deluded, but there’s still chance for you.

    As I said one down two to go, maybe only one to go after tomorrow.

    Don’t hold onto any hope of us winning the Europa cup, Pierre, I’d hate to see a grown man cry.

    We will be cup less and Top 4 trophy less in May. Will you go with Wenger to his next phase of football club/country destruction?

    On a positive side you could get to learn Chinese IF He can get a job there.

    The Chinese are very clever and nowhere near as gullible as the Americans, just look at the world’s power base these days; not to mention the Chinese have got more US$ than the Americans.

    No slur intended to our American Gooners except maybe DNA.

    On the subject of America, is the new Trump expose book worth reading?

  71. TonyD

    See Forrest has drawn Hull away, so we would have gone out up there anyway with our abysmal away record.

    United have got Yeovil, so Wenger MK II – Jose is now getting the lowly minnows in place of Wenger.

  72. TonyD

    Hope the hip situation improves quickly. Can’t be pleasant or painless.

    What position did you play for Wasps and Saras? Do you think England can win the 6 Nations? We need to if we are going to continue laying down a marker for the WC next year?

    Japan is a fabulous country to go to.

  73. Dissenter

    This Iwobi story is really bad. It just goes to show that we are ship without a captain just drifting until it runs into a massive iceberg.
    A struggling young player is so certain of his starting place that he party can party till 3am the day before a game.
    This club is fu##ing rotten.

  74. E54_

    alexanderhenryJanuary 9, 2018    00:48:25


    Thanks, but I should clarify my position.

    I am a moderate where wenger is concerned.
    I believe he has lost his judgement on and off the pitch. I believe he has also lost perspective on his own position as arsenal manager.
    Arsenal fc existed before wenger and will continue to exist after he leaves. Lately he’s been acting as if this is not the case. The whole saga surrounding his contract renewal last season particularly annoyed me.
    His allegiance lies with kroenke and Co when it should be with the fans

    However, I am not a revisionist. I believe he did an excellent job for a number of years. I do not think that he was only successful because he inherited a good defence, and I do not believe that he knows nothing about tactics or chooses not to ‘do tactics ‘.
    In many ways he transformed the club and for a ten year period arsenal was more successful and more exciting then it had been since the 1930s.
    The problems started with the stadium move, change of ownership and giving wenger too much power.

    He should have walked years ago- after the rvp sale. Instead he stayed showing absolute loyalty to an owner who couldn’t care less about arsenal winning, essentially left wenger out to dry and basically views the club as a sound investment, nothing more.

    He was an excellent, even great coach but they say power corrupts.
    Now he’s a has been, something of an egomaniac and let’s be honest, a bit of an embarrassment.

    If every akb said this, there would be no trouble. No in-fighting, no arguments in the stands. Why is it so hard for so many to come to this conclusion. I could argue some points alex has made and state he’s been too soft on wenger. But whats the point, we have to compromise with each other and meet in the middle. The main point is, we both agree.. as we should ALL agree… times up mr. wenger

    Thanks for the memories

  75. TonyD


    “The truth is that when Arsenal signed Mertesacker from Bremen he was already past his peak.”

    So PM came to us for a fat pay cheque, right? Why didn’t he go into management at that time?

    How many EPL trophies with PM? Just the odd cup, is the answer.

    I agree Mustafi is poor and may never improve, but that is Wenger the master of the defensive TW with signings like:
    Ryan Smith
    Kerrea Gilbert

    Probably missed a few but the list isn’t pretty reading, is it?

    Wenger doesn’t do defense period! Never has and never will.

    Wenger only does Wenger!!!!!!!!!

    This is why we are so messed up now and declining further.

    Forrest ws just a step in the Wenger decline that has been going on for the last 14 years.

    The next step downwards is coming very soon.

  76. Redtruth

    “However, I am not a revisionist. I believe he did an excellent job for a number of years. I do not think that he was only successful because he inherited a good defence, and I do not believe that he knows nothing about tactics or chooses not to ‘do tactics ‘.
    In many ways he transformed the club and for a ten year period arsenal was more successful and more exciting then it had been since the 1930s.”

    Wenger in the first 10 years was found wanting in Europe.
    Wenger in the latter 10 years has been found wanting in the Premier league.

  77. TonyD

    So we supposedly have opened up talks for Sanchez with City but still want £35+million.

    Wonder what we’ll end up with or will we hang on for nothing at the end of the season?

  78. TonyD

    It’s being reported that we’re offering WBA Debuchy plus cash for Evans.

    Guess someone further to add to the above list of wrong defensive signings.

    Then also Bellerin will have no one to push him for his place.

    The farce continues exponentially.

  79. TonyD

    “Whenever Wenger leaves, he must wrap Stevie up in that his long zippy jacket and drag him along with him.”

    Hanging on to their coat tails should be Pierre, Don, Alexander Henry, Mr never a penalty Raptora, and others. lol

    Wallace I’d keep as was said here he’s the , most palatable AKB.

  80. TonyD

    “But whats the point, we have to compromise with each other and meet in the middle”

    A little banter doesn’t hurt, though. At least it masks the pain of Wenger’s destruction of our club a little.

    Said earlier, the fans uniting with total solidarity for ‘Wenger Out is’ all that is needed at the moment.

    When we are mathematically out of the Top 4 trophy and all the cups, we might just see what you hope for from the AKBs and Wenger apologists – certainly not before.

    WOBs and AKBs together? That’s the future of the club without Wenger, though there may need to be a settling in period first.

    14 years of pain and suffering, being ridiculed, shafted, lied to with innumerable broken promises and looked down on by Wenger and the hierarchy is going to take some time for the wounds to heal and for forgiveness.

    I, for one, will get behind the new manager, his backroom team and whatever team/squad we have left on the pitch from day 1, but Gazidis and above? That’s going to really take some time to trust them again.

    I doubt I’m alone in this.

  81. peanuts&monkeys

    You aren’t alone @tonyD. 100% of Arsenal supporters will be thinking and hoping alike. Can’t say same for Arsene FC fans kike Pedro, N5, Piere, Don, Alex Henry and the mucky ilk

  82. Emiratesstroller

    Tony D

    I played wing forward in an era when you did not not need to be 6′ 6″ plus and a
    super heavy weight, but the fundamentals of game are more or less same even if skill set and sports science are more advanced.

    At the moment England and British Lions are playing excellent rugby

    I watched Saracens beat Wasps over weekend. It was a pleasure to see this game in contrast to Arsenal v Notts Forest. The game was exciting and the
    return of Billy Vunipola and Itoje made the difference between the two sides.

    It demonstrated everything that is currently missing at Arsenal. True commitment, team spirit, fighting for a cause as well as world class players who want
    to play for the clubs.

    At the moment Arsenal could learn a lot of lessons from Saracens who operate
    on a fraction of budget and show far more professionalism and personal sacrifice than we are seeing at Arsenal Football Club.

  83. Emiratesstroller

    I know that it is un fashionable on Le Grove to be a non critical supporter of
    Arsenal FC as Alex Henry is, but I understand and agree with a lot of what he has to say.

    It is hard to be an uncritical supporter at Arsenal in 2018 these days particularly when you watch a game like Arsenal v Nottingham Forest in FAC

    Nevertheless there are millions of fans all around the world who support their
    football clubs through thick and thin who have achieved a fraction of the success of Arsenal even in the last decade.

    The key difference is that Arsenal supporters EXPECT a level of success, which Wenger can no longer deliver and one suspects the major shareholder is also unwilling to throw money at.

    Frankly I don’t think that there are many genuine Arsenal Supporters who do
    not believe that Wenger is past his best at 5-6 years ago. However, the responsibility for the club’s current decline is not his alone.

    Arsenal is for all intents and purposes a “PRIVATE” business with a minority of
    shares held by others apart from the Kroenke family. He is the only person who can and will hire and fire the manager.

    No-one else including Usmanov who is a substantive investor in the club can
    force him to do so.

    The idea that the Supporters [including paid season ticket holders] can force
    Kroenke and the Board to sack Wenger as RT and others keeps rabbiting that we can do is not only stupid but demonstrates just how pig ignorant they are.

    Kroenke is a billionaire several times over. He may or may not be a fan of
    Arsenal or football, but at the end of the day he makes the final decisions on
    how the club and business operates. He is not going to listen to a few hundred malcontent posters on Le Grove most of whom don’t spend as dime at the club.

    Personally I think that Kroenke has probably recognised that Arsenal needs
    to make material changes at the club demonstrated by several recent management and structural appointments.

    What seems to be going on at the club as Pedro has surmised in several recent
    threads is an orderly reorganisation of the club management. They are clearly
    not panicking like so many other club owners tend to do.

    I am pretty sure that this is Wenger’s last contract. Whether he continues as
    Manager beyond the summer is debatable.

    There is clearly going to be a mass clear out of coaches and playing personnel
    when Wenger leaves. That process has already started. The loss of Sanchez and most probably Ozil as well is disappointing particularly when you see them being sold for a fraction of their transfer value or leave on Bosman.

    The club and major shareholder gave Wenger a final chance to prove that he
    can turn the club around and he has failed.

    Arsenal will probably not win any trophies this season and my guess is that
    they will finish 6th in the League. If they sell Sanchez or Ozil now that is frankly the best that they are going to achieve.

    So the supporters are going to have to be patient and wait and see what materialises in the summer. Bluntly I do not see anything significant happening before then.

  84. Jeff

    The BBC are reporting that City and Arsenal are both after Jonny Evans. Hmm, difficult choice for Jonny isn’t it? I wonder whom he will choose? A team that has a good chance of the treble or one that will struggle to make top 8?

  85. Carts

    Alex Iwobi has simply shown how naive he is. I mean, nobody is saying don’t have fun, but ., how ever considering how poor we’ve been this season he should know better.

    His form, alone, has been below average at best, when called upon. It’s all contextual. Now he’s goi to have to apologise to the mighty one and get dropped for 6 games

  86. Jeff

    Our day will come chaps, but it won’t be while Wenger is there. The prison sentence is all but over and we’ll soon be free to resume being a football club again and not some stupid experiment in the hands of a lunatic.

  87. Carts

    With PM probably playing his last game this season,; and Kos on the brink of collapse, this will leave Mustafi as our only fit CB.

    Evans will, without doubt, play 80% of our games from now till the end of season, fitness permitting.

    As for Holding and Chambers…anyone’s guess as to what we do with them both. They both look flakey. Chambers has never looked like pushing on. I still remember the abuse he took against Swansea by that South American winger who pulled Chambers’ pants down several times. It was awful viewing. Ofcom has to reprimand Arsenal.

    Holding: He nearly artificially inseminated the whole blog after last seasons FAC heroics. However, he’s looked likes he’s regressed this season. I’m not surprised though.

  88. TonyD

    Thanks for the insight.

    I played 10, 11 and 15 at various stages in my early life, but county and local club level were the best I attained; a far reach to the level you played at.

    I completely agree with you regarding how professional rugby clubs are run, but this is mainly because the game is played and run mostly by educated people who have a wealth of experience from the game from grass roots level though to university.

    As warlike as the game is, it is still a gentleman’s games with most of its traditions held dear and adhered to, which is so unlike or unnatural to football.

    Rugby IS a game with values and respect for the clubs and referees. Their TMO system works relatively well, and it’s good to hear what the referees have to say when dealing with decisions with players and officials alike during games.

    I always thought Lancaster was the wrong man to manage England. While having the knowledge, he lacked the management skills often found wanting in school teachers. No disrespect Banford intended there.

    Jones on the other hand is a revelation for England, and I feel we have more than a fair chance to get the grand slam, and indeed need to do that to demonstrate and consolidate our number 2 world rankings position. It will set us up nicely for out All Black games later in the year.

    An English CEO friend working in China invited me out to Hong Kong for the 7s last year, but I was too busy to make it, but he’s seeing if he can include me in his company’s ticket alliance for the world cup in Japan.

    One of the few things I miss from the UK is the rugby, especially the grass roots level, and the company it keeps. At least I can see all the main international games, especially the southern hemisphere games as I’m about halfway between the UK and Australia.

    Football as whole could learn so much from rugby, but never will. The mentality and breeding are poles apart.

    So we wait in hope and perseverance for Wenger to go, which I fear, as you say, will have to wait until the summer.

    As mentioned yesterday there many more dramas to unfold before that happens.

  89. TonyD

    Perhaps Iwobi read that George Best used to have to be rounded up for Utd games, and I’m told from a reliable source that he had to be doused in the dressing room bath to sober/wake him up – hence the wet hair at the start of games.

    Iwobi should be sold as he has already proved he isn’t going to make the grade at our club. Antics like that further support he lacks the respect for the club and his team mates.

    Speaking of past legends if anyone is interested there’s a decent DVD released last your about Kenny Dalglish: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7479144/

  90. Ishola70

    lol Coquelin is being ridiculed by snobby elitist Arsenal fans but he is going to be playing in Champions League next season which doesn’t look likely for Arsenal.

    This Valencia manager has done really well since he has come in, completely overhauled the playing side and apparently he wanted Coquelin in the summer and now comes back in for him in January. I suppose this Valencia manager is a complete loon for wanting Coquelin. Doesn’t have a clue.

    Now I’m not saying that Coquelin is a top player of course but the hatchet job done on him by some Arsenal fans is well over the top. As said this snobby elitist attitude. And where else does this emanate from the club? Yes our very own Arsene Wenger. Hilarious that there are self-proclaimed anti-Wenger fans but they show all the traits of the manager themselves.

    Good luck to Coquelin. Valencia big club in Spain.

    Ironic that fans are rejoicing the selling of Coquelin when Xhaka is still one of the first names put on the team sheet by Wenger.

  91. peanuts&monkeys

    “many more dramas to unfold before that happens.”

    Drama?? a club which hasn’t won a PL in 15 years, hasn’t fired its coach in 25 years, hasn’t gone beyond QF in CL in 12 years have seen any drama you mean? any drama at all?

  92. TonyD

    ‘Ironic that fans are rejoicing the selling of Coquelin when Xhaka is still one of the first names put on the team sheet by Wenger.’

    More than ironic Ishola, but realistically both need to go, just Xhaka first.

  93. Ishola70

    “More than ironic Ishola, but realistically both need to go, just Xhaka first.”

    Unfortunately that is not going to happen Tony. Xhaka first that is.

    Now Coquelin isn’t the best around but I find it very strange that some Arsenal fans are celebrating the departure of Coquelin when that dud lump Xhaka is still knocking about and will most likely be around for a good while yet.

  94. Leftsidesanch

    As long as Wenger remains so does Xhaka. Xhaka is employed as a deep lying midfielder who has none of the qualities required for such a role.

  95. shaun ellis

    “I don’t see too much hope for Arsenal on Wednesday” I can’t see a lucky escape this time as Chelsea are at home . Alvaro Morata cannot be that bad again.Think Nicholas is spot on with his 3-1 prediction with lacazette on the score sheet

  96. TonyD

    Here’s hoping Samesong. Evans will not solve our defensive problems, but would be an ok back up for City.

    He’s marginally better than Silvestre and ok for a defensive unit already coached in zonal, positional and collective defending.

    It’s better we get younger more mobile defenders around the age of 24+ for the rebuilding of the squad.

    This season has been over since the Liverpool drubbing at Anfield.

    Better to let it play out the way it’s going and for Wenger to leave or be forced out any time from now and the summer.

    It would be Evans biggest nightmare joining us now.

  97. Pierre

    Tony getting over excited at arsenal’s first defeat in 9/10 games…we have been here before many times when Le grovellers get carried away with a couple of defeats and are then brought crashing down to earth when we walk away with yet another trophy.
    Arsenal’s season will all hinge on one thing, can kosielny, monreal and mustafi stay fit for the remainder of the season. If not then the obsessives will get their wish.

    So Tony and the rest… Pray for injuries.

  98. Samesong

    Le grovellers get carried away with a couple of defeats and are then brought crashing down to earth when we walk away with yet another trophy.

    Don’t think we will win a trophy this season Pierre.

  99. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there is every likelihood that both Walcott and Coquelin will be sold in this transfer window for modest transfer fees.

    Both have a lot in common namely that they are no longer playing in starting first eleven and are also struggling to get on the bench.

    Frankly their longevity and survival at the club has much to do with their ‘home grown’ status. Neither is frankly good enough to play for Arsenal, although I suspect that as part of the furniture there will be some sadness at their departure.

    What is clear is that there is no longer a ‘job for life’ at a club like Arsenal as has been the case in past.

    Sanchez will leave this January, but that is unlikely to have any impact on this
    season’s prospects, because frankly the boat has sailed and I don’t see us finishing in top 4 place and qualifying for CL.

    Our defence is not good enough to reach that level.

    This brings me to the discussion about Evans. He may not be the greatest CB
    on the planet, but it is acknowledged that he is a decent defender who has been in demand by a lot of clubs including Man City.

    That tells you that he has got something to offer and when you see the problems at Arsenal conceding three and four goals in games including a mid table
    Championship Team it tells you just how urgently we need him.

    Arsenal would never spend £75 million on a Centre Back so Van Dijk was clearly not on our agenda. Also there are very limited Centre Back options who meet the Home Grown rule and are used to playing in EPL.

    The club needs also to invest in replacements for both Sanchez and most probably Ozil and that is going to cost at least £100-150 million.

    As matters stand Arsenal have spent in this financial year about £45 million on
    Lacazette. That would have been covered by our sponsorship package. Any
    additional transfer business will have to be covered by sales.

    So far we have raised about £60-65 million in the summer transfer window.
    Any additional sales will be added to this budget.

    If we sell Sanchez, Walcott and Coquelin the club will raise probably another
    £50 million. So that will bring in about £115 million for transfers. Whether that
    is spent in January is debatable.

    The club may buy just Evans in January and hold onto the additional money in
    summer when the Football Director and Senior Scout are up and running at club.

    Frankly I don’t see much point jumping into the transfer market and paying
    grossly inflated prices in January transfer window if it is unlikely to make a
    material difference to this season’s end game.

  100. Ishola70

    Ah another excuse to add to the officials conspiracy lol

    Now it’s injuries to these great defenders that if were all fit Arsenal would be water tight at the back.

    Give over.

  101. Marko

    Ironic that fans are rejoicing the selling of Coquelin when Xhaka is still one of the first names put on the team sheet by Wenger.

    He is a bit shit though I mean I’m not being snobby when I say that he’s contributing nothing now but I agree with you that most of that is down to Wenger’s inability to get anything out of his players these days. And if Marcelino can get him playing like the way Kondogbia is since joining on loan then we’ll know why

  102. Marko

    it is acknowledged that he is a decent defender who has been in demand by a lot of clubs including Man City.

    Look Evans to be fair to him isn’t a bad defender per say but I’ll guarantee you he’ll end up looking bad for us most usually do. He’s a poorly targeted stop gap signing with no real thought of long term future being put in and its worth noting that the city interest is more squad player/bench warming and also he’s not a first choice target. If Stones, Otamendi and Kompany are fit he’d be nowhere near the first team. At Arsenal he’s a guaranteed starter.

  103. Marko

    Arsenal’s season will all hinge on one thing, can kosielny, monreal and mustafi stay fit for the remainder of the season. If not then the obsessives will get their wish.

    I mean there was no real long period of time that any of those players were out for last season and we finished 5th with 60+ goals conceded so I don’t know what you’re on about