Wenger’s shocking decline hits embarrassing new low

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Looking at the fixtures list over the next few weeks, the most drama I felt we’d have to deal with was a testy League Cup semi-finals. Not for a second did I think we’d have trouble facing down a lowly Nottingham Forest without a coach and just 1 win in 7.

I was brutally wrong. Nottingham Forest were more than a match for our hybrid FA Cup team. The mix of fringe first-teamers coasting on fat wages that don’t match their ability, plus incredibly raw talent that failed under a complete lack of senior leadership, gave us a stale drip tray of a game.

Under no circumstances should Arsenal ever concede 4 goals away from home at a Championship side. It’s not acceptable. Forest were legitimately deserving of their win. Ben Bererton – a Stoke youth reject – was absolutely excellent. He picked on Per Mertesacker in the first half, taking advantage of his rapid decline in pace, and in the second half, the 18-year-old absolutely bullied Rob Holding. It was career ending stuff, I’ve never seen something so embarrassing.

The first goal was comical defending from a freekick on the edge of the box by the corner flag. Lichaj camped out at the back post, took a yard on our defensive line that wasn’t inline with the freekick wall. The delivery was fired at the near post because Ospina had left a massive target to aim at. Lichaj slinked in and crushed his header in from a yard. Absolutely farcical.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 17.08.54

The response was fairly rapid up the other end, Theo Walcott delivered an excellent freekick from a similar place to the Forest effort. Rob Holding connected with a thunderous downward header that bounced off the post, Per Mertesacker of all people on hand to finish with an outside of the boot left-footed volley.

The second goal was pretty unstoppable, Rob Holding headed out to the edge of the area and Lichaj volleyed the sweetest looping shot tightly into the top corner. Ospina had no chance and gave up halfway across the goal. Only Arsenal could be responsible for the 6th and 7th goal in the career of a 29-year-old defender.

The early phase of the second half was mostly marked by Brereton dominating Rob Holding. Our John Stones comparable was at a loss as to how to deal with the 18-year-olds pace and hustle. He was being outclassed and you could see the frustration in his increasingly petulant play. His shocking game really took a tumble when he intercepted a Forest back heel in our penalty area, as he turned, a Forest player picked up the run of the ball and flew right over Holding’s leg. Clear penalty. Our 3rd in 3 games. Brereton stepped up and scored sending Ospina the wrong way.

We did claw a goal back, the ever awful Iwobi dropped an unbelievable pass that broke all the lines in one swoop, it found Welbeck who clattered with the keeper, came off with a tap in that he bundled home in his usual clumsy fashion (I think the keeper actually pushed it on target).

The fourth was a little more controversial, and yet again, a penalty. Debuchy chased down Armand Traore of all people (haunted by ex left backs, amirite?), he hooked his foot around the Frenchman’s legs winning the ball, but the ref blew anyway. It looked like a good tackle to me, but anything from behind comes with a trigger whistle reaction. The actual kick managed to be controversial as well. Dowell slipped on his run and two touched the ball into the net. The ref consulted with his lino, but gave it anyway. It’s shit officiating, but without VAR, a tough one to spot. Our 27th penalty conceded in a row. Seaman and Manninger needed.

So, Arsenal out the FA Cup 3rd round for the first time since 1996 against Sheffield United. Shocking result.

So what to make of the result?

It’s par the course for Wenger these days. We know it’s over for him. We know these sorts of results will follow him around forever now.

Wenger blew the FA Cup for the League Cup. I understand resting your best players, but to not even take them when you’re fully aware that the second string were beaten by bottom of the Bundesliga Köln is quite the risk. Another bad decision. He was the only manager in the top 6 who didn’t give his first choice striker a single minute. Fine when you have Giroud as the backup, but when you’re rocking Danny Welbeck and a host of kids as back up, it’s not smart. Also, Ozil was rested against WBA, did he really need another day off?

The defence was a complete mess. When is Arsene going to address it? We’re not managing the basics, and haven’t been for a while. We had a World Cup winner at the heart unable to organize fairly capable players. The whole system seems anti-defending. The midfield doesn’t know what the defence is doing and vice versa. We have no grasp of zonal marking. We’re frantic under pressure. A club of our size should know what to do at all levels from a setpiece. Total basics that are lacking. We have Steve Bould twiddling his thumbs, why isn’t he given the defence to work on? Why don’t we find the best defensive coach in Europe and bring them in to help. It’s not like we’re conceding goals at the expense of expansive attacking either, we’re shite at that as well.

Alex Iwobi created one of our goals, but outside that contribution, it was a pretty pathetic offering today. He’s just not clicking. I’m unsure of what he’s supposed to be offering to the team. He looks out of ideas and confidence. Yet Wenger persists over and over again. Once you become a Wenger favourite, he’ll play you regardless of what you’re delivering on the pitch, like some sort of weird pet project. I don’t see where this one ends.

The biggest issue I took from yesterday was the lack of leadership from the senior players. Per, Welbeck, Walcott, Debuchy, and Elneney were absolutely nowhere. Players of that age and experience should be able to lift a team. They should be able to take the game by the scruff of the neck and destroy weak opposition. If they can’t, why do they remain on the wage bill?

Wenger keeps mediocrity on great money, then flaps as to why we never progress. Those senior players are cloggers, mailing it in on the regular.

The manager is the ultimate enabler of the substandard. Until he leaves, we’ll keep running into results that shock. The issues can’t be cured with more expensive players because at the core of it, they’re not coached. We’re at the mercy of a dead man walking. The biggest fear I have is that there is a pot of glorious failure that’ll save him again, and we’ll be having the same conversation this time next  year.

Onto Chelsea, this years saving grace.

Also, take a listen of our podcast. We discuss the Forest disgrace, we talk League Cup and we jump into Wenger’s fury at his loss of power, and have a look into the weird Arteta story doing the rounds.

Apologies we didn’t get into questions, we didn’t realise so much was going off!

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  1. Ishola70


    “The defence was a complete mess. When is Arsene going to address it? ”

    Never. Not when as you say the whole system is immune to responsible defending as a team. Just look at the midfield options which is just as important as the defenders themselves if we are seriously talking about the team conceding less goals. Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey. That trio is a laughing stock joke in relation to a team that is defensively balanced as a unit.

    And it is highly unlikely this lot can get in the top four places.

    He may bring in a fancy dan attacking player to alleviate the loss of an Ozil/Sanchez or both and there are fans that are still so dumb and are still so loyal/sympathetic to Wenger that they will start banging the drum again and yet again ignore the defensive.

    Arsenal FC is Wenger World and Wenger World says fvck defence. Who needs it.

  2. Ishola70

    Go and see Arseblog post today and look at the pic he has put up of how Arsenal set up defensively for the Notts Forest first goal from the freekick.

    Absolutely scandalous.

    This team is not coached properly defensively and at this level that is scandalous.

  3. Samesong

    “I knew before coming here, it would be a tricky place to go,” said Wenger afterwards. “You know when you come back it was important not to make a mistake again – that’s why it’s disappointing because during the game, we repeated the same mistakes and that’s where we were guilty today. Once, twice, three times, and at that level, you cannot afford that.

    But Wenger you will only buy players that you think are better than what you have currentl.


  4. raptora

    “Just watched the highlights
    That second penalty was never a penalty imo.
    Ref had a shocker!”

    Tell this to Bamford who called me a “dipshit” for asking how is this a pen; to RedTruth and HighburyLegend. Other people also claimed that it was clearly not a double touch when everyone on the pitch and at home saw that it is. Still a tough decision to call but the foul that Debuchy committed wasn’t a hard one imo. Any of the other “top” teams and they get the benefit of the doubt.

    Why do some people think that if they admit, that we got another undeserved penalty given against us, they are doing a favor to Wenger or something?! It’s called being objective. As best as you can of course. Just like I am objective when I said that we absolutely deserved to lose. Doesn’t change the fact that you can draw or win when you are playing shitty. Do you hear me talking about Holding’s pen?! No. Because it’s clear as the day. The second one is the one that shouldn’t have been given. Just like the pens vs WBA and Chelsea. The thought that several people had that Wenger made refs hate us so they have now decided to give easy pens and offside goals against us and not to give clear pens and offsides for us, shouldn’t be a thought that can cross your mind. No way that a ref should get the power to give bad decisions and not give a flying f*ck about it. Who’s keeping them in charge? Just kidding, let’s ban Niasse for simulating. Alli, Rooney, Sterling, Sturridge and the rest can keep on doing it though.

  5. Pierre

    We had international defenders in our defence with years and years experience.

    That goal was nothing to do with coaching. That was negligence on the pitch by any of those defenders who should have a football brain to know that the defensive line should be in line with the wall.

    And I am not saying that to defend the manager as our overall defending was pathetic yesterday.

  6. Ishola70

    Pierre when you have a manager that so obviously champions attacking football over defensive then you are going to get those situations happening regardless of the individual players.

    If the whole ethos of the manager is this way it is going to inevitably going show itself as in that horror pic Arseblog put up.

  7. Vintage Gun

    So we travelled to Nottingham Forest without any firepower in reserve to take on Ben Bereton and his band of merry men, who in turn left us looking like babes in the woods,

    The gigs up, done,finito, nothing left to see folks. This is it for our dark Lord,
    Im absolutely convinced Arsene goes this summer (stop laughing!) He’s simply raging against the dying of the light.

  8. Pierre

    Those players should know the basic requirements in a situation like that… It was schoolboy defending at it’s worse

  9. Biggles

    It’s funny. Before the game I thought about Forest having been a former European giant, managed by a formerly wonderful, but ageing dictator who didn’t know when to quit. And they played in red.

    Then I was a bit confused about who was who.

  10. Pierre

    Don’t worry about the obsessives mate, they won’t admit anything if it keeps Wenger in a job…
    Their opinions becomes worthless when they fail to recognise when a referee has made a mistake.

  11. raptora

    It’s the same pic that Pedro has posted just with other lines and arrows.

    Anyways I went to check on the ratings in that blog and oboi. AMN, Nelson, Willock and even Nketiah supposedly have the excuse because they are young. Wait a minute? Wasn’t this Forest side super young as well? Wasn’t their star player a 18-year old Stoke reject as Pedro said? Aren’t our youth players suppose to be one of the very best in the country? Isn’t Championship the level they are already suppose to dominate? Did we see them dominate? No? Oh well, they are young…!!! Let’s give them a 6 rating.

    We should stop bigging up the young players after just couple of decent games they’ve had and stop excusing them when our expectations have suddenly gone up in the air and we see that they are not as good as we think they are. Some of those young kids are supposed to become our Rooney, our Kane, our Alli, our Sterling, our Bale, our Beckham and so on. They are distant universes away. Yet we are still excusing them.

    Some players are just better than others and have bigger ambition as well. I don’t really dig the “Wenger ruined them” narrative. Sterling pushed through and got sold for almost 50m pounds under Brendan Rodgers. It’s the quality of the youngsters that we have at Arsenal. Same Sterling was brought to Liverpool when he was 16 yo by Benitez for half a million pounds from QPR. That’s what I call good business. Scout the lower divisions for top talent and give them a good place to train and opportunities to play. We are doing all of the rest but working with top talent. And that’s the most important thing. Hopefully the new Greek GK is to set the example of what’s about to follow in the years to come. You can have your star transfers but a team can never be successful if you don’t grow your own stars. Except when you have the freedom of spending 200m on one player or 140m on three full backs.

  12. Arse and vinegar

    Until the final whistle blew, I was among the ones who backed Venga and believed he was the right man for the job. I was in his corner for his whole 20+ year reign. But what happened at Forest was Arsenes’ greatest inexcusable failure.
    How do u go play away to any Championship team in an FA cup tie and not only play with a starting 11 of b-team players, but also have a bench with NO game changing regulars, in case things go wrong? No Ozil, Lacazzètte, Sanchez, nothing! Why????
    Why is he resting EVERYBODY? The only worthy trophy left to us was the FA cup! Surely u would do whatever it took, the bare minimum even, to make sure u didn’t lose that game.
    That to me was the final straw. Arsene has lost the plot for good. Thanks for everything Arsene, u have been phenomenal for the club in many different ways, but time to move on

  13. Vintage Gun


    I have no inside info on this but…

    Wenger is visibly raging at the reconstruction job that ‘Diamond Eye’ and ‘Raul Boy’ are doing around him. Exhibit A – His sniping a Diamond eye claiming he can’t add nothing new to the scouting set up & is consuming his time by wanting to meet ALL the club scouts. Also he refers our latest signing as “The Greek Kid” which is very un-Wenger like and hints to me that he wasn’t tracking him prior.

    This coupled with the fact that we’ve won probably 2 of our last 9 or so games (WBA, SOT’ON, FOREST included) amidst Wenger being in the middle of a “Ref War” as we fall further away from 4th with every passing away game tells me that Wengers FUCKED.

    Proper FUCKED this time.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    I think that it is now pretty clear that Wenger’s days as Manager are coming to an end and the club needs to plan for an ORDERLY departure by the end of this

    Keeping him on beyond this season is not only counterproductive, but is now becoming seriously damaging to the club’s future.

    What we saw yesterday is just how poor the club’s resources and most probably demotivated in the case of older members of team we have.

    Messrs Debuchy, Mertesacker, Elneny, Walcott, Iwobi and Welbeck are not good enough to play for an Arsenal team even against modest Championship
    Standard teams. That has to be a real concern in itself.

    When you factor in also that our two best players will be leaving almost certainly in June without the club earning a dime in transfer fees the future is
    becoming bleak.

    No world class player will want to join Arsenal whilst Wenger is running the

    Arsenal’s defence has become a sick joke. It is ill disciplined, disorganised and
    poorly trained. The art of defending is totally neglected and it is clear that no-one at club is willing to take responsibility.

    The fact that we conceded penalties in the third consecutive game tells you that there is something fundamentally wrong with the players and set up of our defence.

    Also there is clearly no progression with the younger players. Bellerin when
    he first joined the first team looked a very promising player and one that every major club including Barcelona wanted to buy. When you take a look at
    his performance today he seems to have had drummed out of him the art of
    good defending. That seems to apply also to Chambers, Holding and no doubt
    will happen to the promising Maitland-Niles.

    You have to ask the serious question what input is being offered by our coaching team. Bould is an experienced coach with an excellent pedigree as a solid
    defender. Yet when you look at our teams and his reaction during games you
    do have to ask what he does at the club.

    The reality is that you don’t need to recruit the most talented footballers on planet to play in defence. You can compensate with good organisation, discipline and above all FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE. That is completely lacking in
    the current regime.

    My guess is that Arsenal’s season will be over by the end of this month. A replacement Head Coach needs to be found to replace Wenger for next season.

    Also the process of rebuilding the first team and squad needs to start immediately. Frankly there needs to be heavy investment in next two seasons because
    the club in final analysis has very few worthwhile quality players with longterm futures with us.

    The deadwood list has been plain for all to see this season. It is becoming a total rebuild job, which is why Wenger must leave as soon as possible and not be
    involved in the process.

  15. Wenker-wanger

    So referees are to blame for consistently failing to even compete for the prem and only beating the minnows in the champs league?
    You fckin idiots that keep on excusing the chief culprit Wenger are a part of the problem.
    Wenger is beyond any labels of incompetence, mismanagement etc….this deluded megalomaniac is a sick addict that will cling on to his job no matter what the results are. You can gripe about penalties but the facts are (by any watching pundit included), that arsenal deserved to lose to lowly manager less forest irrespective of poor decisions.
    This is legrove not untold…..they are the experts in covering the dictators arse with excuses.
    Wenger out out out.

  16. Wenker-wanger

    @ Emirates,
    Very true….the neglect or lack of significant attention to our defense is a continuing theme.
    Wenger has never got to grips with the basics of defending let alone mould a solid defense together.
    His get out style was one where he claimed to give the star players “freedom to express themselves ” on the pitch, and the art of defending was taken care of by George Graham’s drilled players that carried on through till 2005. Conveniently it was the players of that famous defense that allowed Wenger to hide from his inadequacies. (Campbell whilst not a gg defender was apparently shown the ropes by Adams and co…..the structure was in place)

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have on their books a number of players who are UNSALEABLE
    and most probably do not justify a salary in excess of £30K Per week tops.

    I include in that list:

    Then there are a large number of players which no other top 6 club would consider adding to their squad and would almost certainly see their
    current wages halved if transferred/loaned elsewhere:

    This list does not include the players currently out on loan.

    When you factor in that SANCHEZ, OZIL and WILSHIRE are on final year of
    contract with diminishing transfer fee value and could leave in Summer on Bosman it tells you just how mismanaged we are. Arsenal have currently on their books something like 17 players with MINIMAL or NO TRANSFER VALUE.

  18. Bob


    Hold on what about
    No top 6 clubs in any league would want them. One is free but no-one wants him.

  19. raptora

    To be honest if Wenger was to just say that enough is enough this last summer, after 3 FA Cups in the last 4 seasons, it would have been a very decent way to say goodbye to Arsenal or maybe become a director in the club. An exit that would have guaranteed that probably close to 90% of our fans will remember him with good. Not that anything was perfect but we’ve been having our our moment of joy to lift any type of trophy. Now that he kept insisting with his egomania that he is still good enough to compete for the top honors and has failed miserably yet another year, if someone makes a stat for who among the fans still support Wenger as an Arsenal manager and who are against it, it will probably be in the region of – 2 for, 8 against. He has seriously damaged his legacy. Seriously. Of course there is still much to play for this season. Winning the lemonade cup or especially – the Europa League, looks like the saving grace for a man desperate to hold on to straws in an effort to prove he is still good at a job he stopped being one of the best more than 10 years ago.

  20. Andy1886

    Don, you’re deluded. Graham’s sides pre-92 were just as exciting as Wengers, Fall back on lazy stereotypes why don’t you? If you really believe that you’ve already lost the plot. Check out the goals scored, goal difference and top scorer stats for ’89 and ’91, have you forgotten that we won the title at Anfield on goals scored? Boring? You weren’t there were you?

    As for Kolo and Lauren who do you think schooled them in the art of defending? Wenger? Don’t make me laugh. They were drilled and organised on the pitch by those Graham greats including Keown, with help from PV4 (who admitted that TA pulled him up early on and taught him how to protect the back four). Campbell didn’t pick up his skills from Wenger and Cole was on his way out before Silvinho’s dodgy passport came to light. Fact is Wenger wouldn’t recognise a good defender if he sat on his face.

  21. Terraloon

    It’s amazing how some seem to now been seeking total and utter solace in the refs have got it in for AW those that do are denying what is staring them smack bang in the face.
    Looking at one or two incidents in isolation the problems , the inadequacy and demise of AW, the players from top to bottom is where attention should be paid but no AW has created a smokescreen and whilst I am not surprised so many have bought into this conspiracy theory I am staggered that so many cant see how fast things are declining to a point where a second season out of the CL isn’t just a possibility but most likely reality add that to the fact that in excess of a £100 million worth of players are probably going to walk for free in around 100 days time then these really are watershed matters
    There is no doubt that the WBA was a poor descion . I didn’t hear anyone be they a pundit, player, opposition manager journalist defending the descion . The mistake was obvious end off
    You then fast forward to the Chelsea penalty some said it was probably some say it wasn’t but the reality was you would be crying out for the same outcome if the roles were reversed.Ironically as I type there is an ongoing debate about this goal and what would have changed if VAR had been used. The conclusion was from a very experienced ex PL ref that it was apenalty and VAR would have only supported it as being such.
    So now fast forward to yesterday. I can’t really see that there could be much argument about the first one but some still dispute it The second some suggest it was an obvious mistake. I’ve seen the replays and am still far from convinced the ball was played first and as for the double touch that seems to have been the case but the controversy masks the real problems

  22. Andy1886

    Just for good measure if we’re going to dispute the second penalty then for fairness we have to mention that our first goal came from a free kick when Nelson dived. Having a selective memory just makes you seem paranoid,

  23. Pierre

    Again, I am not defending the club but you are off the mark if you think the list of players you mentioned do not have any value.

    Walcott and welbeck would fetch 20 mil
    Kosielny and monreal would fetch good money if someone like Jonny Evans is in demand for 20+ million.
    Iwobi is worth probably 15+ million.
    Elneny 10

    I am not saying they are worth fortunes but definitely not minimal or no transfer value.

    Add in giroud, lacazette ,Ramsey , kolasinac ,bellerin,xhaka ,mustafi ,coquelin,and a couple of the kids and your assessment looks on the negative side.

  24. Pierre

    Stupid comment ..he was pushed over ,any idiot could see that

    The same as welbeck was pushed over in the box when it was 3-2 but the ref conveniently ignored it .

  25. Pierre

    Yes , in today’s market he is worth at least that , probably more …

    Not saying I would pay it but I wouldn’t pay 20 mil for Johnny Evans

  26. Bob

    Holding £2mil
    Chambers £5mil
    Ramsay £20mil at most
    Wilshire £ free agent
    Total comes to a core of britsh crap.
    Why can’t they scrap this home grown rule. It’s not doing England any good.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    100% agree.

    Most genuine Arsenal Supporters myself included would wish Wenger well in his RETIREMENT.

    However, by holding onto his job in this unproductive and damaging way is
    becoming a major factor in the club’s VISIBLE DECLINE.

    Every EMPLOYEE has a sell by date and his has long past. That applies also I
    would suggest to the coaching team, coaches and many of playing personnel as well.

    Arsenal have been always a well run and stable club who have looked after their staff and employees well. That is why players wanted always to join the club and spoke well of it.

    However, what is going on at the moment is demonstrating clearly our decline
    and this needs to be stemmed before it is too late.

    If Wenger does not understand this then it needs the major shareholder or his son to make the decision for him and call it a day. As I said previously this
    should be done in orderly fashion at end of this season and the agony must not
    be prolonged.

    One thing I can guarantee you is that there is not a Top Manager/Coach on the
    planet who would not jump at the opportunity of taking the job at Arsenal. For
    all the negativity of Le Grove’s perennial moaners it is a PLUM JOB.

  28. Bamford10


    Penalties are often judgment calls and not black and white. Debuchy’s tackle was from behind and got mostly body. Might some referees not have called it? Sure. Might this referee look at the video and say maybe he got it wrong? Sure, maybe. All totally irrelevant. In real time it looked a dubious tackle and in my opinion it was the right call. It was 1% ball, 99% body.

    As for calling you a dipshit, anyone talking about how Arsenal were hard done by this or that call — instead of talking about how shit we were — is part of the cover-for-Wenger or the-refs-are-against-us crew and deserves to be called a dipshit.

    If you don’t want to be associated with this crowd, if you are merely being objective as you claim, then maybe preface your analysis of referee calls with “not to excuse how shit we were” or “not to suggest that we get any more bad calls than anyone else”. Then we’ll know that you’re just a guy interested in the analysis of this or that call, not a member of one of the ridiculous crews above.


  29. Emiratesstroller


    Walcott and Welbeck may be worth £20 Million in today’s transfer market, but not if they are demanding to be paid their existing wages as well.

    You have in Premier League perhaps 6 other clubs who can afford both. None
    of these would be interested in buying these two players.

    Most of the rumours circulating about Walcott revolve around taking him on
    Loan. Most of the players we have managed to offload in late 20s fetch very
    little money.

  30. Bamford10

    Also, people saying one can’t simultaneously not think all that much of our recent FAC titles and be critical of yesterday’s debacle are really confused.

    Just because an FAC title doesn’t compare to the PL or CL or make amends for ten years of inadequacy and failure doesn’t make it OK for Arsenal to be abysmal and to lose to a Nottingham Forest in the FAC.

    We have every right to expect Arsenal to field a good XI and play well in every game — regardless of the competition — even if winning that game or competition won’t redeem another bad season under Wenger.

    This is obvious. So please take that stupid talking point and stuff it.

  31. TitsMcGee

    In true Wenger fashion we’ll probably get a semi positive result from Stamford Bridge and then Wenger will be back on his high horse.

  32. Pierre

    Whichever way you look at it ,it was another goal that should have been disallowed.

    Will this continue until the end of the season, some people are suggesting that wengers remarks to the ref has brought this on himself as the pmgol are out to make him suffer.

    It’s looking that way at the moment.

  33. Pierre

    Bamford…on debouchys tackle.

    “. It was 1% ball, 99% body.”

    .I think you need to look at it again and you may alter those calculations.

  34. Dissenter

    Nelson was pushed by anyone
    He was “pushed” by an imaginary draught of wind .
    It was blatant dive.
    You’re too caught up with this referee bias nonsense

    You keep moaning about the Westbrom Penalty but you forgot that they had a 100% penalty that wasn’t called at the Emirates when Mustafi took out Jay Rodriguez.

  35. Dissenter

    Don is reduculing past eras of Arsenal to defend Wenger.
    Another lemming who thinks Wenger “built” Arsenal.
    I’m pretty sure Don will riducule even the likes of Herbert Chapman just to make Wenger look good.

  36. Bob

    Nelson to do mma once he’s long term contract is up arsenal. It’s to easy at arsenal for young players . What is akpom doing arsenal? Just like the rest of them getting paid for doing fuck all.

  37. TitsMcGee

    Jesus at the level of intelligence of anyone who thinks there is some ref conspiracy against us.

    We lost 4-2. Last I checked we never scored the 3rd goal so even if you think it’s a bad call we’re still out of the tournament.

    Maybe score more than 2 goals against a club that is 14th in the Championship?

  38. Danish Gooner

    The last 10 years he have complained about us not being clinical enough,our defense making to many silly mistakes and what exactly have he done about it,nothing !!!!!! He simply cant put it right because he doesnt know how to,it is as simple as that.What other supposedly top manager would complain for ten years about something that he himself can rectify,is it because of his values ??? Is it because we have to play in a certain way,i have watched many awful defensive games but the one against Forest were atrocious beyond pale,forest came close to scoring 3 times within a minute,within a minute in the first half Ospina had to stay strong and on the fourth attempt Lichaj scored that wonder goal,we gave away 4 scoring chances within a minute and they are supposed to be professional.After this game i never want to see Walcott,Welbeck,Mertesacker,Debuchy,iwobi and willock in an Arsenal Jersey again,where is the pride in the Jersey guys.

  39. Bamford10


    One, we were already down 3-2.

    Two, are you suggesting that he called it a penalty out of some animus towards Wenger? This is ridiculous and part of the reason this entire dumb bad-ref-call narrative has to be fought and rejected. Ridiculous thinking. If you think it was a bad call, fine. Refs make bad calls. It happens. But to suggest this call was made to spite Arsene Wenger is fucking ridiculous.

    Three, I have watched video of it several times: I’m sticking with it being 1% ball, 99% leg/body.

    Regardless, it’s irrelevant.

  40. Pedro

    Cheerio Don, you had a second chance, you blew it with racism and slagging off GG pre-1993. Shameful on both counts. Don’t come back.


  41. Bamford10


    Even worse: Akpom actually came into the game late yesterday to help us save it. Absolutely pathetic management. Shambolic.

    We are supposedly one of the world’s big clubs. Akpom. Absurd.

    Wenger out.

  42. Bob

    This year will be Ramsay at arsenal for 10 years. Has improved since hoping? Has he got any ambition? Just like Jack wilshere no. It’s to easy to stay and earn money at arsenal.
    If the manger is a failure how expect players to have any abmation.

  43. Dissenter

    Why are you diminishing GG’s contribution to Arsenal’s history?
    That is just as anyone attacking the invincibles.
    GG won a European trophy in 9 years, something Wenger is yet to do in 22 years.
    I started supporting Arsenal in 1986 the year GG was appintemed manager. My
    passion for the club was stronger than it is with Wenger in charge. It could be the innocence of childhood that accounts for this passion differential.
    Wenger has been gash for the past 10 years, even the FA cup won’t mitigate the disaster he has wrought on this club since 2007.
    When he leave, the club will have a wage bill that’s 4th highest with overpaid average players, a fractured fan base and infrastructure that was built to preserve him.

  44. Bamford10


    Ramsey played hard and played well this season prior to injury. Did he make mistakes? Yes, in large part because he has never gotten proper management or instruction at Arsenal. But it’s not because he doesn’t work or doesn’t care.

    Same can be said of Jack: whatever his faults, not caring is not one of them.

  45. Dissenter

    **Why are you diminishing GG’s contribution to Arsenal’s history?
    That is just as BAD as anyone attacking the invincibles**

  46. GoonerInNY


    The question is focus. Did the ref’s decisions go against Arsenal yesterday? Maybe. It’s a fair argument to make.

    But in context of the season (or last 5 seasons), was the ref’s performance the story worth focusing on? Hell no. The club is in major decline and looked utterly lost. You say the first goal is on the players, conveniently ignoring a culture of neglect of preparation and defense that allowed the mistake to happen. Lining up so poorly would be far less likely under a manager who better prepares his team.

    Complaining about the ref after yesterday’s game is like complaining about the low water pressure in a house that is infested with termites and rats. Yeah the water pressure might be low, but there are far bigger problems.

  47. Jim Furnell

    C3PO – Lovable tin robot who flaps and flusters and never really gets much done
    See Through Theo – Affable catastrophically overpaid millionaire who flaps and flaps and flusters and never really gets anything done.

  48. Bob

    Arsene Wenger says it is ‘easier’ for English players to stay loyal to the club as he seeks to build a homegrown Arsenal squad.
    Yes loyal to the wages. Ask Walcott and jenkinson about the loyalty to the wages.
    The more shit u are no more likely you get a contract at arsenal.

  49. Bob

    2015 Wenger:
    If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40m, everyone would say ‘what a signing’. I am sorry he didn’t cost any money, he is still a good player.

    I’m sorry Wenger but you do cost alot of money and you are a shit manger with no sham.

  50. Bob

    Arsenal are preparing to recall full-back Carl Jenkinson from his loan spell with Championship club Birmingham City after only appearing once for the side since the summer, according to a report on the Daily Mail.
    This is leve ofl crap we have they can’t even get into a championship side.

  51. OleGunner


    Always give the pod a listen at work and don’t worry I left a 5 star rating 😀

    Also thanks for binning Don along with his racist remarks, what he was saying last week was particularly horrible.

  52. Alex James

    This is my first post for some time, duecto illness and my ongoing amazement at Wenger’s continuing disastrous management. As some will remember, I come from an Arsenal supporting family of close on 100 years. I have seen some really bad Arsenal sides since 1957, when I first went to Highbury, including the awful 1960s, when Spurs rules the roost. We are well on our way to a repeat of that time, when only the Rolling Stones and the Kinks made life more bearable.
    Wenger hardly had a stellar career before he turned up at Highbury. He inherited probably the best defence ever seen in this country, and DB10. Yes, he brought different methods and bought wisely at first. But since then, has come up with many real football dross. Somehow, he has conned people in believing that he is the equal of Chapman, and that means he is Mr Arsenal. In my time, fan pressure brought about the sacking of Billy Wright and Don Howe. And yet, leaving aside the dead hand of SK, n the debate, Wenger continues to pile on humiliation after humiliation. I fail to understand truly how Arsenal fan can still believe in him.

    I am into my golden age now and know that I shall never see the CL trophy with our club’s name on it. If Spurs were to win it, I think my heart would give out. All it takes is a little bit of luck, and they have that in abundance at the moment.

    I will stop moaning now, and wish all contributors to this great site a happy new year.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    I have just listened to your Podcast and I want to deal with the points that you
    raised specifically about Sports Psychology.

    Firstly you refer to your experience with Saracens. I played for both Saracens and Wasps during the “amateur” era of the game.

    There is a fundamental difference between rugby and soccer when you discuss players. For a start rugby players are waging “war” on the opposition and
    they expect to suffer pain and injury for a cause. Footballers in the modern game are seldom fighting for the cause.

    Second despite the professionalisation of rugby the lifestyle of rugby players
    at the top of the game is entirely different from that of EPL soccer players.
    Arsenal footballers in particular seemed to be far too cosseted by Wenger and
    the management at the club, which in my view manifests itself when the team
    or individual hits a bad patch.

    Third I do have some experience of the importance of sports psychology. My
    daughter was an international sports woman on Olympic Programme and I
    also was a sports administrator albeit not in football.

    Sports psychology is fundamental to athlete’s performance, but it is not a substitute or solution if you recruit athletes/players who are mentally weak.

    I am sure that Arsenal have recruited competent sports psychologists who work with players. However the real question which should be asked is whether Arsenal have done a proper profile of the players that they recruit before they join the club.

    Many years ago I was told by Ken Friar that Liverpool during their halcyon days profiled all players who joined them looking into their backgrounds. Arsenal followed a similar route certainly when George Graham was Manager at
    the Club.

    Somehow I question whether Wenger is conducting a similar profile when he
    recruits. My instinct is that he is more interested in style over substance.

  54. Jamie

    BBC reporting our interest in Evans is real. Utter madness if it’s accurate.

    Man City probably need HG players and can afford to throw good money after bad all day long. We’d be stuck with him on 100k a week for 3 years minimum, plus the alleged 25m transfer fee.

    Words fail me.

  55. Jim Lahey

    One thing in particular that has annoyed me this season is the overall first team selection for games. Not any specific player, but the fact that our first choice 11 have basically (festive period aside) been playing a game a week.. They are not taking part in Europe, the League Cup or FA Cup and are under performing worse than ever before.

    With no midweek games the squad should be fresh and giving their all, but they are as lethargic as I have ever seen!

    Why didn’t our first team play against Forest?! What else are they playing in?! Previously (for the past 20 years..) our first team played Europe midweek, League and FA Cup games, now they can’t…!?

  56. WrightIsGod


    “Not for a second did I think we’d have trouble facing down a lowly Nottingham Forest without a coach and just 1 win in 7.”

    And here in lies the prob with Wenger and our fan base.

    We should not be making any assumptions on who is easy to beat because we have long since lost the right to justify such arrogance.

    In layman’s we are utter shite

  57. TitsMcGee

    They are not taking part in Europe, the League Cup or FA Cup and are under performing worse than ever before”

    It was always a ruse used by Wenger et al that we would do better if we didn’t have to worry about UCL fixtures.

    It was just another excuse to distract from the pink elephant in the toilet room.

  58. HighburyLegend

    “Pretty unanimous” we are, and since almost a decade.
    But le mighty specialist is still in charge.

    Desperate times…

  59. Wenker-wanger

    Nice comment Alex. Your summation of the managers since the 60s is spot on.
    Wenger is a modern charlatan….a guy that has managed to pick up enough skills along the way to talk a good game. Of course the substance to really acclaim Wenger as good manager has been provided by the team he inherited, French superstars that queued up to play for him and a massive budget to keep bolstering his 4th place ambition.
    He has had everything going for him, with world class players in the club
    yet he has screwed up season after season.

  60. HighburyLegend

    And please don’t tell me that some of you still waiting for some excuses from him after sunday’s humiliation lol

  61. Jamie

    Our first 11 isn’t great either, no matter how frequently or infrequently they play.

    Out of the last 24 points available in the league with our ‘starting 11’ (since the start of December), we’ve taken just 8 points, with only 1 win at home to Newcastle. We lost or drew our home games against other teams above us in the table (Utd, Liverpool, and Chelsea) during the same period.

    We aren’t a good side. We don’t have adequate coaching or management to improve the performance of squad. It won’t get better while Wenger’s in charge.

    If the next manager succeeds in banking 20m a season like Wenger has over the last decade, he’ll have a job for life too. It’s the only remit for the role, although considerably more challenging going forward without CL group stage filler participation monies, or any decent players on which to cash in. Our best players are most likely leaving on bosmans.


  62. Denisk Birdkampf

    What a disgraceful display yesterday, Walcott should be sacked immediately after such a dismal effort, sulking around, not chasing anything, not helping out at the back. And you can blame Wenger as much as you want for him being shit, or not coaching, but its about time some of the so called senior players stood up, stopped being mummied, and started putting some fucking effort in!
    GG did have a fantastic defence apart from Nigel “two steps back before striking a ball” Winterburn, but they did go up another level once they were playing for Wenger.
    Hopefully yesterday just cemented for Stan that he needs to replace the manager asap. Cant wait to start getting excited again about Arsenal, can almost feel it now.

  63. Marko

    Let’s be honest it would make sense for us to target Johnny Evans add more stink to an already rotten club. Put the 30(?) Year old on nice excessive wages and watch him contribute fuck all until the day he leaves… perfect we’ve been doing it for years under this horrendous manager so why stop now. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have a broken back

  64. Bob

    Arsenal without schanez and ozil they will be playing in the bottom half of the table. The reason for that is most of the team is average at very best.
    Can you see Barcelona unveil Ramsay or wilshere at the nou camp.

  65. TitsMcGee

    In fact, that’s probably what he is doing now, waiting for the right moment and right man to hand over to. It isn’t an easy task. Look at Manchester United. Arsenal fans must be patient.

    Their team is one very much in transition when you consider a host of players will probably not be there next summer. Sure, losing 4-2 to Nottingham Forest in the third round of the FA Cup is embarrassing for them.

    But they should give Wenger the respect he deserves and stick with him until the day he does eventually decide to step aside”

    –Matt Lawless

    I don’t know who this guy is but wow at his opinion.

    “Be patient ” he says. 14 seasons isn’t enough patience then? Especially when Wenger takes the piss out of us constantly.

    “The respect he deserves” lol

  66. Marko

    It was always a ruse used by Wenger et al that we would do better if we didn’t have to worry about UCL fixtures.

    Remember that. Idea was our league form would miraculously improve cause we no longer had to worry about Bayern whopping us and we were going to play reserves in Europa so somehow without actually working on the squad or the problems that exist within it we’d just improve. Joke really. Very reminiscent of last summer when I’d argue with Wallace that after conceding 60+ goals last season we need defensive signings and he’d retort with no we just need better coaching and the 5 at the back would work. It sure did

  67. Guns of Hackney

    This is what will happen.

    1. Wilshere will get a massive and unbreakable multi million pound deal. He will literally be unsalable and will see out the rest of his days puffing out his chest and warming the treatment table.

    2. Carzorla. Ditto.

    3. Maitland Niles will be rewarded for his one good performance…he will then regress to the point where a Sunday league beer monster would make him look like George Best.

    4. Wenger will ensure he continues with his scorched earth policy by signing up everyone who isn’t Sanchez/Ozil on long term contracts, thus ensuring that the new manager would only have the current low hanging fruit to play with.

    5. We beat Chelsea and everything will look better again. The sheep that follow this pathetic club will feel great and forget about the last ten years. Just as they always do after a ‘result’.

    Arsenal are the following analogy.

    If you run out of water in the desert…your piss will start to taste like Krug Reserve. So long have we been starved of real excitement, we now look on getting draws with Chelsea or beating West Brom as good results. This is what a club like Yeovil would consider good…it shouldn’t be the case for a billion pound club like Arsenal.

    If Wenger survives this, it will be because you haven’t made it untenable for a deranged old man to keep his job. Stop going to games for fuck sake and save your club.

  68. TonyD

    I understand what you’re saying, but it goes so much deeper as to the long term problems (12+ years) with coaching, tactics, transfer acquisitions and team selections and playing players in their right position etc ……

    Had we gone there to contain and defend then get Forrest back to the Emirates, we might just have better players back from injury by then. We let Forrest play and made them look far better than they actually are.

    Wenger needs to go and then we start life again. At least a new manager will be better than Wenger. Might not get us to where we want, but we can start the long road back and change managers as and when we need to.

    The final we lost when Owen scored 2 to win the game for Liverpool was the last straw for for me as far as Wenger went. That loss hurt immeasurably and is responsible for my not caring about cups until we have a new manager.

    Like many here I just hang on for the odd game we can be good as with the Spuds and Chelsea games.Just wish the fans would unite to show the club solidarity in getting Wenger out, as I, Graham, UTarse and others want with empty stadiums.

  69. Marko

    So long have we been starved of real excitement, we now look on getting draws with Chelsea or beating West Brom as good results. This is what a club like Yeovil would consider good…it shouldn’t be the case for a billion pound club like Arsenal.

    Reminds me of Pierre’s list of the best games this season that we were apart of. There was the 4-3 win over Leicester (major alarm bells there), the recent draws against Liverpool and Chelsea at home and the defeat to United. All positives according to Pierre

  70. Bob

    Guns of Hackney
    Your a cool guy.
    One good game Maitland Niles he gets a new long term contract and then does fuck all just like Gibbs.

  71. Denisk Birdkampf

    He ran out of IOUs for respect some time ago, hopefully when we go out of the league cup and Europa league shortly we can finally get someone in who knows what they are doing, but what an overhaul needed, from coaches to pretty much a whole new team.

  72. alexanderhenry

    That’s season over for me.

    No trophy, no CL, finishing behind spurs and them qualifying top four on the eve of their stadium move, and last but not least, arsenal’s two best players leaving probably for nothing. All that will make this the first truly disastrous season for the club in twenty years.

    We’ve had plenty of stagnation, slow decline, underachievement and frustration but no genuine stinker of a season. This is it I think

    Will wenger survive this summer? I’m beginning to think not

    Will the club step up post wenger and deliver the levels of ambition, expertise and finance required to propel arsenal back into the European elite?
    I’d be very surprised but there are background noises.

    Let’s hope they’re the sounds of a dormant football volcano becoming active again, not the sound of arsenal PR bullshit.

  73. Bob

    Steve boulds job is to put a serious face on. How is this so called arsenal legend helped the defence? And if Wenger is not letting him do he’s job why is still at arsenal?

    They don’t love arsenal it’s just easy to pick up the wages at arsenal. No pressure to accvie anything.

  74. Bob

    Not the signing I expected’, ‘Absolute stinker’ -Arsenal fans react to rob Holding,s performance

    Fuck sake what more you want for a £2mil championship player.

  75. Pierre

    ” There was the 4-3 win over Leicester (major alarm bells there), the recent draws against Liverpool and Chelsea at home and the defeat to United. All positives according to Pierre”

    I see you are at it again mis quoting me.
    I said they were good, end to end football matches.
    Whilst our defence continues to be so crap, there is not much to be positive about.

  76. Bob

    I’m sorry but Rob Holding is one of the most brain dead footballers I’ve ever seen. So fucking clumsy. Remember when Wenger was bragging that he only cost £3m. Arsenal got ripped off

  77. Bob

    A lot of talk about Mertesacker being bad but Rob Holding was made to look like the player he was when #AFC signed him – a bottom of the league Championship C

  78. Gooner63

    Why are people still going on about the 2nd penalty

    The rules state that you can not make a tackle from behind unless it involves no contact at all with the other player. Any tackle from behind where u get the ball first but then make contact with the other player IS a foul.

    Maybe its a bit of Karma

    Penalty Karma for Nelsons dive to get the freekick which lead to our 1st goal
    Karma vs Chelsea for Alexis handball goal in cup final

    im sure we could all find many other examples both for and against every team

  79. Bob

    Calum Chambers and Rob Holding put in an impressive display last night to deny West Ham, but could the Arsenal duo become the future partnership for both club and country?
    Both of them at the back would take arsenal back to Woolwich lol

  80. Bob

    Rob holding was already playing championship football and chambers did he’s very best to join him with Middlesbrough and got job done.

  81. Wenker-wanger

    Who is this Matt lawless that advises arsenal fans to be patient and give Wenger the respect he deserves!
    What a complete pr ick this man must be!
    Patient?…..Wenger has been given an incredibly generous amount of time waiting for progress, which hasn’t happened. Does he not know we have been waiting for 10 years for this goon to leave?
    As for respect……it’s a two-way track……Wenger shows no respect for the club, or it’s fans. If he had any dignity or respect he would have gone by now. It’s disrespectful to continue driving down the club, as we are a bit of a laughing stock to the football fraternity.
    Matt lawless…..what a bell-end!

  82. HighburyLegend

    “Arsene Wenger accused his Arsenal side of “repeating the same mistakes” as they lost 4-2 at Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup.”

    Yep, same mistakes since 10 years.

  83. Bob

    The presence of Bould, who was promoted to the role of assistant manager over the summer, has had a remarkable effect on Arsenal’s approach to defending.

  84. Emiratesstroller

    The real issue when you discuss our defence is not the talent available, but how it is being organised and balanced.

    Most of the other top EPL Clubs have experienced in recent years similar problems to us and in many cases have thrown a lot more money at the problem than we have done. However, sooner or later they have resolved the problem. Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs have all managed to deliver a
    solid defence this year.

    Van Dyck at £75 million has cost more than Mustafi, Koscielny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Monreal, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding and Maitland-Niles combined and it remains to be seen whether he is the panacea of Liverpool’s defensive problems.

    What has been clear for a very long time and not just in last decade is that Wenger is not a great coach when dealing with defence despite having two
    assistants in Pat Rice and Steve Bould with a decent playing pedigree as defenders.

    Despite Tony Adams obvious displeasure at not being offered a coaching role
    at the club one suspects that there was a grain of truth in his comments about
    Wenger’s coaching ability..

  85. Arse and vinegar

    Until the final whistle blew, I was among the ones who backed Venga and believed he was the right man for the job. I was in his corner for his whole 20+ year reign. But what happened at Forest was Arsenes’ greatest inexcusable failure.

    How do u go play away to any Championship team in an FA cup tie and not only play with a starting 11 of b-team players, but also have a bench with NO game changing regulars, in case things go wrong? No Ozil, Lacazzètte, Sanchez, nothing! Why??? Why is he resting EVERYBODY?

    The only worthy trophy left to us was the FA cup! Surely u would do whatever it took, the bare minimum even, to make sure u didn’t lose that game.

    That to me was the final straw. Arsene has lost the plot for good. Thanks for everything Arsene, u have been phenomenal for the club in many different ways, but time to move on

  86. Elmo


    Liverpool can easily afford VVD because they’ve sold Coutinho for £145m. When they sell their stars, they receive eye-watering amounts (c.f Suarez, Torres). Whether they re-invest well is another matter (they bought disastrously under Dalglish’s recent stint, but look like they’re doing better now).

    Contrast that with Arsenal who have the two best players leaving for nothing, and have a history under Wenger of letting stars leave for below market value as he wants to ‘do right by the player.’

    Even worse: we probably don’t even have any saleable playing assets worth more than £40m at the club (Lacazette and Ramsey might demand a figure close to that). Every other top 6 club has multiple valuable playing assets that could be sold for a large amount to facilitate a re-shaping of the squad.

    The Sanchez and Ozil debacle represents a mistake really couldn’t afford to make. It’s going to take 4-5 years and outperformance off the field, to recover, or an external injection of money.

  87. Guns of Hackney

    Now if only arsenal would refund every single fan who has been manipulated, lied to and cheated…then we would be in business.

    We have the club we deserve. Nothing has been done to get this absolute snake oil salesman out of the club. A plane? Some A4 sheets of 80gsm?

    There isn’t a single club/sporting franchise in the whole of sport that would tolerate such utter contempt for its fans. Not one.

    Arsenal fans are ballless.

  88. TonyD

    Maybe the ST holders should get a class action suit going against Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis for their misrepresentation statements at the pre season and AGM because nothing could be further from the truth of their claims.

    Any manufacturer claiming as such could be taken to the cleaners.

    I had a digital file of the match yesterday and was able to reply via a media player in HD on. 65 inch screen.

    The replays in frame by frame slo mo showed that Debuchy took Traore’s right leg at calf level at the same time as the ball. 100% penalty.

    Same thing for Nelson’s free kick, no contact made on him.

    Suggest a trip to spec savers.

    Ditto Holding taking out the Forrest player.

    Alex James
    Nicely put.

  89. Guns of Hackney


    You may not be too far off. Arsenal are a plc, are they not? I know that means pretty much nothing but the fans who ‘part own’ (ahem) the club should at least make things a bit difficult for the board. Anything that makes Arsene and the board squirm is good in my book.

    The bullshit that they have fed the people for 14 years is staggering. But I don’t blame Arsenal. It’s their job to bullshit. It’s the fan/consumer who decides whether their ticket/merchandise etc is worth it.

    If we don’t want to buy something…we don’t. But arsenal fans WANT to buy what Arsene and Arsenal sell. Then complain about it. Farcical.

    The fans are the food which keeps feeding the arsenal and Arsene machine.

  90. HighburyLegend

    “the fans who ‘part own’ (ahem) the club”
    OMG, are we Americans without knowing it ?!?

    (totally agree with your post, Guns)

  91. Emiratesstroller


    You summarise the situation perfectly.

    The mystery is how the current major shareholder and Board have allowed Wenger to operate in such a financially reckless way.

    The Major Shareholder, Board and Gazidis are not exactly amateurs. They have run substantial businesses.

    What I do know is that Arsenal have probably less than 12 months to put their
    house in order, because both Emirates Shirt and Puma Equipment Sponsorships expire in around 2 years time.

    If the club continues to decline they are going to struggle to replace them let
    alone improve on the current deals.

    Reading the Telegraph there is an indication that BT and Sky are working together to promote football on satellite and could force Premier League to accept a lower financial package in future.

  92. Samesong

    Tony D

    I agree with you on the penalty having looked at it again again and again Debogus knocks his calf hence the way his leg buckles.

    And the problem is not just our back three the wingbacks haven’t got a clue either.

    Debogus should never be having to make a tackle like that in the box.

  93. Elmo


    An apposite point re the sponsorship renewals. Unless things are turned around rapidly (which is almost unthinkable), we’ll both be trying to re-build the squad from the weakest imaginable position (for a club of our size), and be looking to secure attractive commercial deals from that same position (no household name players; no CL football; downward trajectory; culture of mediocrity at club).

    I think the manager staying on last summer, even if it ends up just being one year, will be able to be looked back on as a pivotal mistake in the medium term history of the club. Hope not, but it’s increasingly looking like that.

  94. Samesong

    lol Debogus.
    I prefer Debauchery but it’s a question of taste.

    I don’t what came over me just used that name but usually is Debauchery.