Wenger isn’t picking his successor

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Just a quick post before the Nottingham Forest game today.

The story doing the rounds is a very odd one that’s come from The Mirror, and notably, not from John Cross. It basically restates what we already knew – that Wenger could leave in the summer if he does badly – it then layers in a tough to fathom narrative about Arteta being his choice.

It’s confusing story because the gist is that Arteta is Wenger’s choice, which to me reads like whoever planted the story wants to sour the steam behind the rumour.

Secondly, the story guns for the Spaniard, almost alluding to him being a teachers’ pet.

Arteta certainly left a lasting impression with Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis, using some of the money raised in club fines to buy the American a prestigious watch.

As official collector of the money from players’ misdemeanours, the ‘present’ came as a surprise to some of Arteta’s team-mates.

What an absolutely odd piece of information to brief to the press. The whole thing reads like a hit piece if I’m honest. Coming with the Wenger seal of approval is a credibility dampener, telling people our ex-captain took club fines to buy a wonderful watch for the CEO makes him look like a f*cking creep.

So what’s behind this story?

Firstly, it’s hard to take anything seriously about Arsenal from The Mirror unless it comes from John Cross. That’s the first red flag. I suspect he saw it, and there’s a reason it’s gone out under John Richardson. Maybe they’re taking a hit for juicier information at a later date, but regardless, it’d be a Cross piece if it were from a serious source.

Secondly, who would want to spoil the Arteta vibes? Who is hunting him down? Who at the club would be so against his return they’d do this to him?

Anyway, a few things I’m pretty damn certain about from sources I have.

Arsene Wenger is not selecting his successor.

I’m absolutely sure about this. The club are making very clever decisions above Wenger’s head, and there’s plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes that’s very exciting. You can take my word for it, or look at Wenger’s churlish behaviour in the press yesterday. That’ll tell you all you need to know about how involved Wenger is in the #CatalystforChange movement.

The decision to hire a new manager will be made by footballing people, and it’ll be made in a professional way. There’s no emotion or nostalgia in the hire, United already made that mistake. The decision will be made based on a number of factors like culture fit, management approach, pressing philosophy, playing style, tactical beliefs, receptiveness to work in a CEO managed structure, ability to develop players, and vision for the current squad.

Wenger doesn’t know how to run a modern super club. Therefore he doesn’t know what you need in a modern day super club manager. Therefore he will not be selecting his successor.

Right, I’m off to the pub to enjoy the Arsenal game, TOTALLY DRY.

We are recording an AO after, leave us a question if you so desire and we’ll try and answer it!


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  1. E54_

    “Alexis was left out of the Arsenal squad for their FA Cup third-round tie at Nottingham Forest on Sunday, which the Gunners lost 4-2. That would allow him to play for City in the FA Cup, providing a deal is agreed.

    The Chilean could also be registered in the Blues’ Champions League squad. Clubs can register a maximum of one player who has previously played in the Europa League group stage ahead of the Champions League knock-out rounds.”

    Sanchez could finish the season with a Premier League Winners medal!!! Aaahahahaha 🙂

  2. Leedsgunner

    According to Soccerex, the 2nd most profitable club after Man City in the world — and we can’t even beat a managerless Nottingham Forest… at least Wenger won’t have the safety blanket of the FA Cup trophy to hide behind when he limps outside of the Champions League place come May.

    I imagine Wenger will start to field stronger sides in the League Cup and the Europa Cup now — he needs something else desperately to justify his existence if the Board is finally turning against him.

  3. Marko

    nsiders are concerned that Arsenal could try to delay the deal, as they did during the summer when they only became receptive to offers in the final three days of the transfer window, but there is a cautious optimism that they will get their man this time around.

    Classic Wenger delay until the end when you can’t get another player in and then say you didn’t have enough time. Oh and shoot yourself in the foot.

  4. Jeff

    Wenger would have been a great manager if it hadn’t been for these damned competitions. Remove those and he’d be the best manager we’ve ever had.

  5. Dissenter

    Wenger knows that his team is full of pus*Ies. That’s why he’s trying to keep Alexis as long as possible.
    Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi, Akpom et al are full of shit.

    City should just wait until the summer to get him for free. That will teach us.

  6. HighburyLegend

    “What is Steve Bould doing at arsenal?”

    Giving blowjobs to arsène, like everyone else in the staff ??

  7. Marko

    After a game like that today I don’t wanna hear anything about transfers from Wenger all I want to hear is that he’s stepping down or some serious apologies and grovelling

  8. Cart

    Steve Bould is keeping his heading down while cashing his cheques.

    Funny enough, I saw that mystery man, Primorac, sitting to Wenger’s left. He’s apparently a coach right? What the fuck does he really do? what has been his contributions during this utter shit show?

  9. HighburyLegend

    2028 will be enough.

    “all I want to hear is that he’s stepping down or some serious apologies” lol very good one.

  10. UTarse

    Well well, lets no be too negative fellow “WOBs” we just took part in the 5th most entertaining game of the season… so a clean sweep so far according to little P and his fellow AKB mugs. 5 most entertaining games this season apparently all inlvolve Arsenal. What a jolly feeling that gives me. Jumpers for goalposts. Ice lollys and fizzy pop.

    Tally ho.

  11. TitsMcGee

    Wenger would have been a great manager if it hadn’t been for these damned competitions. Remove those and he’d be the best manager we’ve ever had.”

    Or if there were no TWs.

    Or money clubs.

    Or referees.


  12. kc

    So not having a manager at all is better than having Arsene Wenger. I think we all knew this already, but there’s your proof for all to see. Is anyone else in the world this bad at their job??

  13. Gooner63

    The penalty decision – in days gone, it wasnt a pen, these days any tackle from behind is a 50/50 call

    However the first arsenal goal – it was as much a foul that lead to the freekick as the penalty was – so we can call that equal

    So we still lost 3-1 to a team that well – theres nothing more to say

  14. Bob

    Coundnt that fucking yes man Steve bould
    motivate arsenal to beat a championship team. Fuck you bould get lost yes man just like pat rice

  15. Bob

    What has bould don’t to improve the defence? Holding and chambers speak the same fucking language as him how hard can it be.

  16. alexanderhenry


    ‘The club are making very clever decisions above Wenger’s head, and there’s plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes that’s very exciting.’….,The decision to hire a new manager will be made by footballing people, and it’ll be made in a professional way. ‘

    Well, let’s hope so.

  17. Bob

    1996 when Wenger took over arsenal where playing europa league 2018 arsenal back to playing europa league.
    Wenger and bould both need to lev this month.

  18. Elmo

    I don’t see much difference to the Preston away FA Cup 3rd round game last season.

    We got played off the park in the first half, were 0-1 down at half-time, though it should have been 3. Gabriel and Mustafi got absolutely roasted by their CF, Jordan Hugill.

    The difference is we managed to squeeze through with an 89th minute winner, because Wenger had started with Monreal, Mustafi, Ramsey, Xhaka, Oxlade, Perez, and Giroud, which eventually was enough to nick it based on them not converting more chances. That’s 5/6 first XI starters, yet today he didn’t field a single one.

    I have no idea how Wenger thought he could get away with his line-up today, in light of both the Preston game last year and the fact that this Europa League reserve group recently lost to Cologne (a team who hadn’t won all season and were well adrift at the bottom of the BundesLiga) and drew with Red Star, who surely can be no better than Championship teams.

    He is such a ridiculously arrogant man, as evidenced by his comments this week about scouting.

    We all want him gone, but he really deserves to be sacked before the season’s end for his staggering incompetence, rather than be allowed to stay until the summer and then quietly slink away ‘with dignity.’

  19. arsene's used sock

    didn’t watch the game
    allegedly some club by the name of Nottingham put 4 past us.
    without knowing any more details i’ma just say, that’s fucking shocking.
    what the fuck kinda shit show have we now devolved into?

  20. arsene's used sock

    it’s not about whether the fans rate the competition or not e54, we let a championship side put 4 past us.
    that is simply unacceptable, I don’t care if we have the u18’s out there, you can’t be letting a side a whole 20 places beneath you on the football hierarchy put 4 past you and you not at least match them with 4 of your own.
    if the result were 1-0, or fuck even 2-0, then fine, the kids tried to win it for us and couldn’t.
    but this?
    this is unpalatable, which manager at any other club in the top 10 would survive this result?

  21. Elmo

    Would it surprise ANYONE here if Big Weng still fielded the reserves in the EL R32 game and got embarrassed again?

    My prediction at the time of the draw was that we’ll field a poor XI in the first leg and lose by a goal or two, and then we may or may not dig it out in the second leg at home when he’s forced to play a first XI, depending on how low morale is at that point.

  22. TonyD

    Well you selected and coached the team Wenger, so no one to blame but yourself, but of course you are the king of deluded deflection.

    How can you walk into Colney and the club HQ without wanting the ground to swallow you up is beyond me.

    An honourable man with such high values would immediately resign but that’s obviously not you, is it?

    So what’s your plan for Wednesday?

    “Arsene Wenger angrily blamed his players for Arsenal’s defeat by Nottingham Forest, admitting the Championship side were better in every area.

    Wenger made nine changes to his team but insisted it contained enough quality to beat Forest and reserved criticism for his senior players.

    ‘We were not good enough anywhere, not up front, in the middle, at the back and we paid for it,’ said Wenger. ‘They looked sharper.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5244283/Arsenal-boss-Wenger-refuses-comment-cup-defeat.html#ixzz53ZHryh4h

  23. TonyD

    If I was Wenger and Gazidis the next blockbuster Arsenal DVD should be:

    How Not To Defend

    Could be used by coaches as case studies all round the world.

  24. Pierre

    The problem with the team selection yesterday and trying to rotate the squad is mainly to do with the injury situation.
    Having injuries to Kolasinac, monreal, kosielny, mustafi just back from injury and probably didn’t want to risk him, coquelin, Ramsey and giroud meant that he had to play a far weaker side than he would have liked.
    In saying that we still had 6 players who started yesterday who were involved in our cup final victory v Chelsea.
    I think he was willing to take a gamble on this game and it failed.
    Of course there is no excuse for the woeful defending again. Unless they get that side of the game sorted pretty sharpish then we are in for a bumpy ride.

  25. graham62

    Ask yourself this question –

    If the likes of Adams/Viera/Henry/Bergkamp etc were still paying at the club, do you think Wenger would be able to keep getting away with all this shit?

    I don’t think so!

    If the gateman at London Colney had any balls, he would refuse Wenger entry to the facility this morning.

    How is it possible to get so many pussies working together at one club?

    Beyond a joke now.


  26. OleGunner

    Bizarrely I’m reading a couple comments previous page where people think Wenger might walk or be sacked after this result.

    Why would Wenger ever fire himself before 2021 after his next new contract?

  27. BacaryisGod

    I can’t believe everyone’s getting wound up after this F.A Cup defeat. We have by far the best record in this competition over the last five years and of all the things to hammer Arsene over, this is his least vulnerable area. You can’t have it both ways. If this defeat (3rd round exit away to a poor Championship team with a 2nd choice XI) is so bad then the same people should have been in ecstasy with winning in 3 out of the last 4 years.

    If you’re going to knock him, it’s an easy thing to do:

    1) His failure to compete for the Premier League title
    2) His failure to compete for the Champions League
    3) His mismanagement in the transfer window, most recently seen in the poor handling of the contracts of our two best players

    You see? No need to even bring the Notts Forest game into it.

  28. David Smith

    Just a few months now, even our idiot owner must realise he has made a huge mistake, though I doubt if he cares very much about it

  29. David Smith

    Wenger needs to stop interfering with new appointments who actually will know what they are doing, and start ensuring his players are properly coached and organised
    He is clearly becoming a very bitter man

  30. OleGunner

    Who else has been numb to results this season?
    I mean sure I want us to win but I’m so mentally checked out from this team I would not have believed I could feel this way even 18 months ago.

    I don’t get particularly upset/angry or elated with results anymore (Spurs win was nice fair enough). It’s pretty much predictably tedious coupled with a slow degredation of our football and players.

    Don’t even know the point I’m trying to get across, its all just very meh.

  31. BacaryisGod

    As for this transfer window, and through a combination of tea leaves and current betting patterns, it’s pretty easy to discern what’s going to happen in the window.

    For certain, Alexis and Theo will be on their way out. Let’s assume 25-30 million for Alexis and 15-20 million for Theo.

    Now we play the waiting game. Liverpool will probably take one but not both of Thomas Lemar and Mahrez. Lemar is 50-50 to leave Monaco and sad to say but if he decides to stay (which I think he will do) then Liverpool will scoop up Mahrez. They have the advantage with an appealing manager, Champions League football and they are in a stronger position than us again this season.

    If Lemar does go to Liverpool then we’ll make a bid for Mahrez and will probably have a good shot to get him.

    To cover for Theo’s departure, we’ll bring in a player by the name of Lucas Perez. You may have heard of him.

    Finally, the keep the angry crowds at bay, we’llbring in either N’Zonzi at CM and possibly Johnny Evans at CB. Recent performances from Chambers and Holding have been pretty unconvincing, so I can definitely see at least one of them being farmed out on loan and Evans to step right in to rotate with Kozzer and Mustafi at the back. Of course, Man City might scoop up Evans before we have a chance at him, leaving us with N’Zonzi to provide competition for Xhaka, Wilshere and Ramsey at CM.

    No matter what, be prepared to see the following:

    OUT: Alexis, Theo, Holding (loan)
    IN: Mahrez, Lucas Perez (loan), Evans

    If this were to happen, I think we would actually improve, at least in the short-term. Alexis is a superb player, but his presence has become a toxic one. Mahrez would be a great alternative knowing Alexis is 100% gone in the summer. Evans is a significant upgrade to our naive duo of Chambers and Holding and gives us stability where we most need it. Finally, Lucas Perez was more popular with the fans than with Arsene. Theo has been invisible so even if Lucas sits on the bench, that’s a wash.

    Bringing in N’Zonzi to firm up our midfield would actually make this a good window. Unfortunately, I can’t see all the pieces falling into place to bring in 3 new signings plus Lucas Perez. That would be very un-Arsene, and even more surprising given his stated ‘communication’ issues with the new Gazidis hires.

  32. David Smith

    Bacardi, decent players, but they will arrive in an environment where many do not rate, or in some cases have given up on the manager.
    Sure he has his loyal lieutenants, Kos, Monreal, possibly Ramsey though he has yet to sign a new deal, but the rest, there are some decent players in there, but they just don’t seem to get Wenger, his systems or lack of them. Evans, ok, but this club is a defenders graveyard.
    A proper club would walk Wenger out this morning, as it is , we will have to wait until the summer, and waste the rest of the season

  33. thank you and goodnight

    What s point of stressing. Anyone really think this season was going to be any different? It’s not going to change unless we can force kroenke out, and that’s never going to happen.

  34. raptora

    Good post if it was to happen. With all of our past knowledge we know it won’t. I expect no one to go or come. Possibly Giroud to Fenerbahce, Besiktas or Everton if he wants first team football before the WC.

    Anyways, as much as I keep spitting venom at our youth, the reason we looked the way we did yesterday was not because they are absolutely average which they are, it is because Wenger picked the team, strategy, formation, gave them “instructions” and let them fall to the counterattack trap yet again. We should not look the way we did in all departments. There was realistically not a single blip of good news. Everything and everyone was bad.

    Thing is our manager picked a team that is not good enough to advance, because our reserves are obviously not good enough in general, but also our manager made our reserves look way worse than they are with the way that he set them up and maybe should have put a bit more quality here and there to galvanize the squad. If we lose the semi final for the lemonade cup vs Chelsea it would basically mean that Wenger lost both games pretty much on his own.

  35. Ishola70

    I can’t see Wenger bringing in N’Zonzi at all.

    Not when he has enough bodies for his midfield and how he wants the midfield to operate which everyone bar him can see is faulty.

    As for Evans if people are talking about him coming in as rotation that is what Man City would want him for and it is a no-brainer at this time for the player to choose Man City. Simply if Man City want him this window they will get him over Arsenal. Not that it really matters. Arsenal have had a defensive deficiency overall for so long now and it is not going to be remedied by bringing in one defender by the name of Jonny Evans.

    The only signing that may possibly happen this window is a so-called replacement for Alexis Sanchez if he goes this month.

    Forget signings.

    The best that Arsenal fans can hope for is that Wenger fvcks off in the coming summer.

  36. Ishola70

    Gary C
    “Anyone see the blind Arsenal fan interview on AFTV? Absolutely hillarious”

    He’s on it quite regularly.

    He swears a lot lol

    “That was fvcking shit Robbie” “Fvcking shit that was”

  37. Ishola70

    David Smith
    “Just a few months now, even our idiot owner must realise he has made a huge mistake, though I doubt if he cares very much about it”

    Everyone knew that the contract extension to Wenger stunk to high heaven.

    The only reason he got it was because the powers that be knew that they could get away with it and are still only interested in giving Kroenke his pocket money.

    But such a decision will always have consequences in due time as we shall see.

  38. Pierre

    Pity VAR didn’t come in at Christmas from an Arsenal point of view…. Things could /would be looking a lot different.

    Its a common consensus that the hand ball v wba and the double hit penalty would have been overturned and if they want to eliminate simulation then the hazard dive would have been overturned.

    They reckon it will still be the ref that still makes the final decision which I feel is wrong l.

    Why not copy rugby and refer it upstairs and go with his decision as he will be able to study the incident fully with replays, close ups and wont feel under pressure to rush the decision.

  39. jasongms

    “Pity VAR didn’t come in at Christmas from an Arsenal point of view…. Things could /would be looking a lot different.”

    Just maybe if we were actually trained to manage transition from attack to defence we wouldn’t be in a position where the defence is left completely exposed time and again. And guess what bud, that’s on the fucking manager ….

  40. graham62


    Not angry just pissed off and bored

    I’d certainly get him to do a security check and bomb scan.

    Anything to cause him a bit of grief.

  41. UTarse

    Little P
    “Pity VAR didn’t come in at Christmas from an Arsenal point of view…. Things could /would be looking a lot different.”

    HOW ? Please share your wisdom oh intelligent one.

  42. TonyD

    I understand what you’re saying, but it goes so much deeper as to the long term problems (12+ years) with coaching, tactics, transfer acquisitions and team selections and playing players in their right position etc ……

    Had we gone there to contain and defend then get Forrest back to the Emirates, we might just have better players back from injury by then. We let Forrest play and made them look far better than they actually are.

    Wenger needs to go and then we start life again. At least a new manager will be better than Wenger. Might not get us to where we want, but we can start the long road back and change managers as and when we need to.

    The final we lost when Owen scored 2 to win the game for Liverpool was the last straw for for me as far as Wenger went. That loss hurt immeasurably and is responsible for my not caring about cups until we have a new manager.

    Like many here I just hang on for the odd game we can be good as with the Spuds and Chelsea games.

    Just wish the fans would unite to show the club solidarity in getting Wenger out, as I, Graham, UTarse and others want with empty stadiums.