The deck is stacked against Wenger tonight, will he try something new?

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'Fu*k Dean'

‘Fu*k Dean’

Arsene appears pretty desperate to land that touchline ban in January, who wouldn’t, the football isn’t great, nor is the weather!

“This is the 1950s, where the guy talks to him: ‘If you’re not nice, I might punish you.’ Come on, let’s not waste time,”

You should have to uphold rules of respect in the game, there’s literally no reason to be mean to refs. However, part of me understands where he’s coming from. Players don’t need to be overexplained. Firstly, it wastes time. Secondly, it gives too much credence to players feelings. Make the decision, move on.

That said, PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) need to be moved out of the darkness into the light. It’s unacceptable in a game as intense as the Premier League that match officials aren’t grilled post game for their decisions. If the fans knew the refs a little deeper, maybe it’d make their lives a little easier? If they knew they had to explain their actions after the game like a manager, maybe they’d think twice before doing something rash?

The league should start thinking about paying these guys a little bit more money. £100k is the top out rate. That’s a disgracefully low salary considering the cash swilling about in the game. No person receives more universal shit than the refs and the lino’s. If you make it to the top of your game, you deserve your £500k a year. You also have the added bonus that if you pay these guys properly, a higher calibre of candidate might step forward, because only a weirdo would officiate for a grand a week after tax.

Anyway, Wenger shouldn’t have said what he said, but part of me thinks he’s pulling a Trump and trying to deflect away from the real story. His team has taken 10 points from the last 21. We’ve played 5 of the bottom 8 in that run. Now we play a maybe resurgent Chelsea. I’d be deflecting and trying to land a self-imposed ban if those were my numbers.

I have no idea what Arsenal are going to turn out this evening, but I get the sense it won’t be a Cup Final like resurgence. The players will know they have no chance, and I’m not sure Wenger is capable of mind-bending motivational talks these days.

Arsenal are without Kolasinac, Monreal and Koscielny. Per Mertesacker will likely start with Chambers and Mustafi. There’s not a lot of confidence in there and there’s potential for a lot of weakness physically and mentally.

Our midfield has no Ramsey to keep the tempo going. We’ re looking at Xhaka and Jack to keep things tight, and as we saw against United, they are very susceptible to pace, which is a worry with a rested Cesc finding Chelsea speed demons like the rested Hazard.

Put it this way, the game isn’t set up for us to succeed. I’d be looking to inject some pace and energy into the middle, and I know I keep offering it up, but AMN in the middle next to Jack would be far from a disaster for me. He’s great with both feet, his recovery pace is out of this world, and he’s looked very composed in the games he’s had so far.

Up top, we should be thinking about Danny Welbeck. We need to have a player who can stretch Chelsea and bully them. That’s not Lacazette.  I still think a two-man strike force of Welbz and Laca could be interesting, with Danny dropping deeper when Chelsea break. I don’t think we’ll see any sort of invention with the formation tonight, which makes us sitting ducks with the injuries.

But hey, we’ve seen crazier things happen over the years. Just a shame they rarely come against big teams in the league. Conte will know exactly what his plan is today, and he’s one of the smartest managers out there.

It’ll be a fun game either way, I just hope it’s not a really sad one where I question everything tearfully on a printed 2018 inspirational quote. I’ve already lost Logan Paul, don’t let me lose my Arsenal top 4 hope.

Have good one! x

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  1. Ishola70

    “That fat beast Wilshere scores one goal then proceeds to do fuck all.”

    lol I was very surprised he was in that position to get his goal.

    Nine times out of ten the tubby little fvcker runs out of gas ten yards from the opposition penalty area.

  2. Carts

    “I always think Chelsea under Conte look really poor, flat and slow against Arsenal save for one game last season”

    Pretty much this.

  3. graham62

    Got the prediction right yet again. Shit,why don’t I gamble.


    When Wilshere made it 1-0,I was getting ready to salute you.

    No, it wasn’t a penalty imo.

    Keystone cops defending by Arsenal(no surprise there then).

    Great strike from Bellerin.

    Chelsea should have won it at the end.

    Arsenal been involved in the three best games this season. Not won one of them.

    AMN was excellent. Don’t blame him for goal.

    JW, although scoring super goal, was off the pace a wee bit.

    Who were the prats who left early again. God, our fans are so embarrassing.

  4. Danish Gooner

    If we cant secure a fourth place finish from this position we never will. Apart from two games away from home against Spurs and United where will lose we have a game against City at home where we will lose, the rest is absolute crap watford,everton etc at home.We should easily record another 30 points from the remaining 15 fixtures.

  5. Carts

    Lol VAR wouldn’t have made an ounce of difference. If anything, VAR would’ve rendered Wilshere’s attempt at winning a free kick against Christensen as simulation.

    This victim mentality of Wenger is fucking pathetic

  6. Sky


    We should release Walcot to score 21 goals from the bench in another club. He is just a one trick, kick and follow expensive subsistitute.

    Welbeck is 27 years old. We can all conclude he is never going to improve beyond his present level rather than giving him a new 4 years
    140,000 a week contract.

    Chambers should have been sold to Palace last summer instead of Gabriel.

    Granite Xhaka is Wenger’s new Denilson.

  7. Ishola70

    “This victim mentality of Wenger is fucking pathetic”

    Here! Here!

    And fans that follow his lead on this are even more pathetic.

    Silly people who can’t and won’t acknowledge that Wenger and this present Arsenal team are not good enough.

  8. Wallace


    you don’t think having Jack alongside him has helped Xhaka? I think we’ve looked very good in possession since those two came together.

  9. ArseneisaFraud


    Not with that defence. Saying that we look just as bad with Monreal and Koscielny at the back.

    If Chelski had a bully boy upfront it most certainly would’ve been a different story.

  10. Samesong

    Welbeck is garbage runs around like a whippet with no end product even if Xhaka had slipped that ball into him he probably would of missed. Lads got heart but is a Man U reject.

  11. ArseneisaFraud


    Lads got heart but is a Man U reject.

    They have litterally shafted us after we sold them RVP. How very ManUre!

  12. TitsMcGee

    250k a week on two players that provide zilch to the squad.

    Walcott needs a bottom feeder club in order to score goals and Welbeck needs the ball to bounce in off his knee in order to score.

  13. Marko

    That this present Arsenal team will not get top four because of officials?

    Exactly ishola the lemmings love nothing more than to complain about decisions decisions decisions but make no mention of the fact that all season we’ve been various degrees of shite okay and unconvincing with probably two good games. Fucking referee cost us against West Brom but let’s forget about how god awful we were all game long and how we needed a deflection to score. The fan base is pathetic

  14. Bob

    Jack Wilshere should have been sent off for an outrageous dive at the Emirates but luckily for him referee Anthony Taylor had his view blocked by a number of players.

  15. Marko

    Henry talks like a cunt sometimes

    Wash your mouth Don he’s a bigger fan than you. At least he’s not delusional and isn’t afraid to question the supreme leader. At least he cares

  16. ArseneisaFraud


    Perez why Wenger has to offload that guy made no sense whatsoever.

    Because he disagreed with AW methods.

  17. follow the money

    The victimhood cult is a feature of those on the political left (Wenger). It is insidious and destructive and has no place in sport of any kind. Wenger has been around so long now it has infected the players and alot of the fans. It’s basically why I don’t give a damn what happens with arsenal until wenger goes

  18. Marko

    But don’t make out like Chelsea were superior or are superior to us head to head. They aren’t. The difference is our managers. One is finished. One is in his prime.
    Ya little scut
    Ya little gobshite ya

    Check the records like beyond the last year past Conte we’ve been getting embarrassed by them. So I don’t know what you’re on about even Red the resident loon can see the forest for the trees more dropped points against the top 4/6 but yeah we’re unlucky. Those darn refs

  19. Bob

    Referee: Anthony Taylor – 6.5

    Got the big decisions right even if Wilshere may have been lucky to stay on the pitch

  20. Marko

    Here you go again. Henry talks like a cunt and so do you
    How is he a bigger fan than me??

    How does he talk like a cunt? Cause he questions your supreme lord? Cause he’s critical of the absolute shite that Arsenal FC has become? Yes he’s a bigger fan than you because he does those things and doesn’t blindly support this shite like certain types. It’s so easy to call anyone who criticises Arsenal a cunt but Don they’re right you’re wrong we are that bad

  21. graham62

    What it’s like supporting Arsenal-

    Imagine Sir Edmund Hillary conquering Everest, only to find, on reaching the summit, Tesco Express had beat him to it!

    Driving around in a Bugatti Veyron powered by a Toyota Corolla engine.

    Getting a phone call from Camelot, only to be told that they were actually looking for King Arthur.

    Leaving the Emirates early only to hear the goals continuing to flow……………………….Oh that’s right, fans do that anyway!

  22. Paulinho

    Wallace – Wilshere would help anyone raise their level. Because Wilshere is brilliant and is constantly looking to dribble then Xhaka’s constant sideways passing is actually quite good for a change because you always want Wilshere gets load of chances to find his feet. Other players with more ability like Ramsey might look to go solo themselves so he’s good for Jack in some ways.

    You can’t keep him here just for that though. He’s quite obviously flawed in so many aspects and as much he tries to make up for it in terms of willingness and effort, it’s not enough.

  23. Marko

    We are the biggest club in London and u TIL Chelsea’s have done it for as long as we have and over take our trophy haul then they are.

    More recent league titles and have actually won the champions league… but go on tell me again how we’re the best team in London.

    Come on man

  24. Bob

    fa home grown players rule is just aload of crap. Scrap this rule and let the English players fight for the place in the championship.

  25. Marko

    He said the biggest club in London, and he is right.

    Again Pierre fans like you have us in the current state we’re in? We’re the biggest club in London sitting in 6th and not coming close to competing for a league title in 14 seasons? How do you figure that? We were once but we stopped trying well over a decade ago and now we’re just sad

  26. Wallace


    “Other players with more ability like Ramsey might look to go solo themselves…”

    I like Ramsey, and appreciate what he brings to the team, but I feel like tonight’s midfield and attack is more in sync as a group. all operating at, or near enough, the same wavelength. I’d love to see them all get a run of games together. results have not always been as desired, but we’ve rattled the best sides in the league going forward this season, which is something we haven’t done consistently in quite some time.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    The reason that there is any discussion about the penalty this evening is because of what happened in game against WBA.

    Also I do have some sympathy with Wenger on this occasion, because there have been some poor referee decisions and not just with penalties this season.

    The bottom line is that Wenger in his interview tonight did not discuss once
    the failings of our woeful defending.

    This manager seems to ignore always the inadequacies of the defensive players he recruits, but more importantly does absolutely nothing to work on the
    way that the defence is operating.

    Wenger and Bould sit on the bench like dummies and do not react to the shocking positioning and tactical play of our defenders. They are allowed to
    run around the field like headless chickens.

    I don’t believe that any other club manager would tolerate how we play defensively.

    The tragedy is that our offensive game is excellent. If he had invested properly
    on the back five and employed a proper defence coach we would not be discussing the probability of losing Sanchez and Ozil or failing to qualify for CL next season.

  28. Marko

    But we are London’s biggest club until they overtake our trophy haul.

    Shouldn’t that read until we win the champions league?

  29. Bob

    More English players play in the championship and if it won’t for the home grown rule they would all be playing in league

    That why arsenal need to have British crap like Walcott,wilshere,Chambers,holding and it goes on

  30. Marko

    The bottom line is that Wenger in his interview tonight did not discuss once
    the failings of our woeful defending.This manager seems to ignore always the inadequacies of the defensive players he recruits, but more importantly does absolutely nothing to work on the
    way that the defence is operating.

    I do believe that you Stroller get it

  31. Paulinho

    Wallace – I agree. I’m fully aware Ramsey can look a bit clunky and an awkward fit at times. I’ve just always took issue with those who think it’s easy to make the runs he does. If you gave players the chance to do what Ramsey does they wouldn’t want to. Firstly, because they would be knackered after twenty minutes, and secondly they very few midfielders these days actually want to be in front of goal, or are comfortable there. It’s actually a talent putting yourself in those positions.

  32. GunnerDNA

    Good game for the neutral but we were so bad defensively, Its scary to watch the highlights. Anthony Taylor delay action with his decisions was a bit suspect.

  33. graham62

    We all know where the problems lie.

    Wenger should be handcuffed, put in a prison van, taken to calais, put on a boat and given back to France.

    I’m sorry, been involved in Sports coaching for 40 years and I can tell you, Wenger is not, and never has been, a coach.

  34. Marko

    Ok then bright spark
    Does that make Forrest and villa bigger clubs than arsenal?
    What about Celtic?
    They won the European cup
    Your logic is flawed. One jammy European cup win doesn’t make the chavs a bigger club

    Woah you just tripped over your own stupid logic there Donald. So let me get this straight we’re a bigger club than Chelsea on past success nothing recently (cause we’re shit the last decade plus) but you say Celtic and Forest are shit because what have they done lately. I would say they’re more prestigious because of the historic victories they’ve had. Our prestige goes as far as a cup winners cup and a champions league final appearance

  35. Emiratesstroller


    Yes the penalty was soft. However, in contrast to the one against WBA there was
    at least a basis for giving it.

    The real problem is that Wenger has managed to alienate an awful lot of EPL
    referees during his tenure at Arsenal and I suspect that we do not get the benefit of doubt from many of them.

    Wenger’s inadequacies are now causing the club a lot of problems and it is really time for the senior management to bring his stewardship to an end.

  36. Bob

    Jan 2017:Kaveh Solhekol of Sky Sports News Tweeted: “Carl Jenkinson move from Arsenal to Crystal Palace stalled when he was offered £35k a week & discovered Jeffrey Schlupp was on £56k a week”.

    Yea they reali love arsenal it’s not becuse of the money. He’s heart is in the right place

  37. Wallace


    “If you gave players the chance to do what Ramsey does they wouldn’t want to. Firstly, because they would be knackered after twenty minutes…”

    on that point, Ozil tonight was a revelation with his direct running. I’ve never seen him move with such aggressive intent.

  38. Bob

    Jack Wilshere told Sky Sports News there has been “no progress” with contract talks at Arsenal.

    Finally some good news.

    Liverpool,man u,man city,Barcelona,Chelsea,psg
    I mean some freaking team has to show some interest in wilshere?
    He’s motm In most games by English media.

  39. Ishola70

    “Wenger’s inadequacies are now causing the club a lot of problems and it is really time for the senior management to bring his stewardship to an end.”

    They are laughing at him over at Arsenal Mania forum.

    Haven’t seen the after match interview but apparently he is now questioning and complaining about officials in matches his team isn’t directly involved in lol.

    As some have been predicting on here for years Wenger will be led out of the club in a straitjacket dribbling from the mouth.

    It’s embarrassing really. He thinks he is a Fergie.

    Alex Ferguson was digging out other clubs and taking on officials but it was at the top end he was doing it in relation to. When United were going for titles.

    Wenger does it when “fighting” for top four lol.

  40. Bamford10

    Anyone have a link to a site where you can re-watch the game? That “Full Matches and Shows” site doesn’t seem to work for me anymore.

  41. ArseneisaFraud


    I thought I had read somewhere on the internet that Arsenal had the bigger trophy haul in all history but then again it could have been a reference to London.

    Out of curiosity who are 1st and 2nd? (ManUre and ‘Pool?)

  42. Dissenter

    Spuds aren’t afraid to break their wage budget to keep Harry Kane. He is being offered 200k weekly.
    Wenger lovers now realize we could have spent more to keep our best players during those lean years, contrary to Wenger’s assertions.

  43. Bamford10

    It kind of looks like we’re playing a 3-5-2 to start, as Ozil is playing more like a midfielder, with Lacazette and Alexis higher up. Did we play like this throughout?

  44. Bamford10

    Yeah, no question Ozil is playing more in central midfield (and less in advanced positions) in this set-up.

  45. Ishola70

    lol Rodders from Online Gooner commenting on tonight’s “banter ball” and Arsenal’s “banter ball” in general this season:

    “Fucking shambles, absolute banter as fucking usual. Sky creaming themselves over the excitement of it all but it’s fucking joke football if you ask me. It’s been banter ball home to united, banter ball home to Liverpool and banter ball again tonight.

    Fuck it’s been banter ball since the first fucking game of the season – the 4-3 against Leicester. We’re just all over the place when it comes to defending.

    At one up there’s just the inevitable feeling we’re going to concede and we don’t disappoint. Not alone do you expect us to concede it you expect it to happen almost immediately.

    Then when you’ve rescued a point right at the death and you fucking STILL get cut wide open by one long ball over the top. That’s fucking banter ball right there.

    Fucking joke shop but everyone goes home happy coz there were goals innit and they got to suck Cesc off for 90 minutes.


  46. Bamford10

    We were the better team by far in the first 15 minutes, but the positioning and defending of our three CBs was woeful.

  47. Carts

    Wilshere saying there’s been no move on the contract front, eh?

    What a gimp on a player. Begging to get a new deal where it’s all comfy so he can go down as some oddball legend.

    Where is the drives and desire from him? Or is it that no other team besides West Ham want him

  48. Bob

    Sky sports:
    Jack Wilshere opened the scoring in Arsenal’s enthralling 2-2 draw with Chelsea, but should he have still been on the pitch?
    Keep dropin points with him in the team.

  49. Elmo

    I’m surprised that a team like Milan hasn’t come in for Wilshere while they can nick him before the English clubs can get pre-contracts signed.

    Would be an improvement on the sh*te they bought this summer, would be at a level where he could be a star player seeing as they’re in crisis, and they’re one of the few continental clubs who would pay the wages and are sub-elite enough to be interested.

  50. Goobergooner


    You’re a piece of shit.

    You call Bamford out for bringing shit on himself but you just talk like you’re the king of Arsen(E)al fans and nothing you say is wrong. You are such a loser.

  51. Bamford10

    Good finish from Bellerin. Not a bad game from us, though our defending was quite poor.

    Oil is much better in this set-up where he plays more like a central midfielder, and he was excellent throughout.

    Wilshere scored, but he didn’t actually have that great of a game.

    Maitland-Niles played well. Versatile, confident young man, but what exactly is his actual or natural position?

  52. ArseneisaFraud

    Maitland-Niles played well. Versatile, confident young man, but what exactly is his actual or natural position?

    And that is the eternal question with AW. He doesn’t know how to teach and set a player in their natural position as he never coaches them the specifics of that position. He just expects them to learn their position on the field.

    How lazy is that, eh?

  53. Goobergooner


    “I’ll say it again. I want Wenger gone. I have done since long before I started posting on here.
    Ok? I want a new manager for arsenal fc.
    Easy isn’t it?”

    Hahahahahahaha you are so full of yourself. You have only recently stopped blowing Wenger, we all know that.

    I can’t take anything you say seriously, but you talk too much shit on this blog to not notice.

  54. TonyD

    Just watched the game this morning my Thai time.

    Not too many thoughts, which I’m sure have been mentioned here, but I haven’t had time to read the 4 pages of posts.

    So penalty? Yes correct decision.

    Hazard made more of it but there was contact from Bellerin to Hazards leg. Let’s face it Sanchez or any striker would milk it to get the penalty so Bellerin was stupid to make any kind of contact. The ref was perfectly placed to see if from the goal line shot replay.

    Mustafi caught ball watching again for the 2nd goal. He had no idea where Alonso was – very poor defending.

    Chambers is a liability and I can’t see him ever making the grade to be anything less than a bench warmer. Ditto Holding.

    Bellerin needs to be rested and maybe sold if Barca still want him. He was marginally better last night and obviously got his goal.

    Looks like Wilshire got the memo and got into the box a lot more, which is why he got his goal. Happy for the lad. As I previously posted, we should keep him. he had a good game, hope he can stay fit for the rest of the season.

    Another positive is we play better without Ramsey – sell him!

    AM-N looked good for most of the game. Silky touch, great pace and finally a player who can go past defenders. Yes, he was done for the 2nd goal, but he made few errors throughout the game considering he’s still a youth player.

    Pedro was right AM-N is needed in our midfield. To me he’s better than Bellerin, so should be played on his natural right side or in place of Xhaka centrally, who I think should also be sold.

    Obvious that Ozil never had a knee injury and Wenger was saving him for this game. He also had another good game.

    At least we didn’t lose and another great game for the neutral. Although I have to say I enjoyed it, too. Better to watch that kind of game then the lifeless Wengerball we play against lesser teams.

    Begs the question, why can’t we play like that away from home and against every team?

    Long way to go to be pushing City, but maybe not the 4/5 years post Wenger Pierre thinks; I’d say with a new manager maybe 2/3 years.

    All we have to do is wait for Wenger to finally go.

  55. Guernsey gun

    I think last nights result confirms wengers continuing slump from title winner, top 2, top4 to top 6. It’s only because the rest of the league is so dogshit that we won’t slide lower this season. It’s so over for him, we let the opposition have 19 chances during a must win home game. Absolute joke of a manager and a club for that matter right now.

  56. arsene's used sock

    Ishola70 January 4, 2018 00:08:49

    banter ball is the most apt description I have read for our brand of football lol

    a note on who we should or shouldn’t sell, can we please be thinking about getting rid of players from the bottom of the hierarchy and bringing new ones in at the top.

    ie sell your backup, demote your first teamer to bench, and bring in a new key player.
    that makes more sense than selling this or that starter when the bench or reserves remain garbage.

  57. Wallace


    “Spuds aren’t afraid to break their wage budget to keep Harry Kane. He is being offered 200k weekly.
    Wenger lovers now realize we could have spent more to keep our best players during those lean years, contrary to Wenger’s assertions.”

    whoah! love the ambition of your argument. nothing much at all in the way of evidence to back it up, but you’re not going to let that stop you. fair play.

  58. Rambo Ramsey

    To all the Wilshere-wankers,

    Arsenal results with Wilshere starting

    West Ham-0-0-Arsenal
    Crystal Palace-2-3-Arsenal
    West Brom-1-1-Arsenal

    2 wins out of 6, scored 10 and conceded 8. Yes, clearly Arsenal are really for the better with this guy in the team.

    Stop the brainless fawning.

  59. E54_

    WallaceJanuary 4, 2018    06:13:41


    “Spuds aren’t afraid to break their wage budget to keep Harry Kane. He is being offered 200k weekly.
    Wenger lovers now realize we could have spent more to keep our best players during those lean years, contrary to Wenger’s assertions.”

    whoah! love the ambition of your argument. nothing much at all in the way of evidence to back it up, but you’re not going to let that stop you. fair play.
    Well it’s common sence isn’t it Wallace. It’s pretty obvious. Unless that by denouncing the posters comment you’re trying to assert that Tottenham.. spurs.. the spuds, have the ability to pay a player 200k pw but Arsenal don’t? Because we know nobody at Arsenal earns 200kpw. So have we been crying poverty so long now even you believe Spurs have more money than us? Seriously?

    (You’re still the most palatable AKB)

  60. S. Asoa

    MOM from Arsenal perspective was Alvaro Morata followed closely by Antonio Conte on whom Wenger has a hoodoo so he cannot think clearly or see that he should have taken off Morata early to get at least another 3 in which would have soared Wenger of moaning about referees and inviting their wrath in coming fixtures

  61. Wallace


    tv money is what’s enabling the Spuds to make that offer. and it’s not that we didn’t offer Cesc/RVP/Nasri better money, it’s that other clubs offered more. let’s see if Kane actually signs the deal first, eh?

  62. Wallace

    Rambo Ramsey

    “2 wins out of 6, scored 10 and conceded 8. Yes, clearly Arsenal are really for the better with this guy(Wilshere) in the team. Stop the brainless fawning.”

    only a blind man, or bob, could say we haven’t looked a lot better since Wilshere came back into the side.

  63. Don


    What a moron
    If you had any brains you’d recall that I always said I wanted the manager replaced. However I maintained that he didn’t deserve such spite and vitriol from the fans for what he has achieved. I also said that i would be delighted to see him go out with a title win.

    How Can I now take anything you say seriously when you totally fucked up the details of your misplaced attack on me? You literally got everything completely wrong.

    Are you dizzy blood?

  64. Emiratesstroller

    Yesterday’s game and indeed several others recently highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the current Arsenal side.

    Offensively Arsenal have outstanding players in Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette and most opposing sides including Chelsea and Man Utd have attempted to neutralise the threat by packing their defence and periodically counterattacking.

    It should not be forgotten that Chelsea have won their last 6 games and not conceded a goal. Also Courtois and De Gea’s form in both games were exceptional.

    Yet our defence in the last two seasons has been so fragile that every opposing
    team know that we are going sooner or later to make silly mistakes. Historically Arsenal’s major weakness has been to concede goals from set pieces,
    but a growing number this season have been from counterattacks and conceding silly penalties.

    The weaknesses in defence is not only an ongoing problem, but may offer an
    explanation why so many of our better players grow frustrated at Arsenal and
    want to leave. Players like Sanchez and Ozil must recognise what is the problem at the club and Wenger’s resistance to investing properly in the defence
    over many seasons.

    The only World Class Defender recruited by Wenger in 20 + years was Campbell and he came to us on a Bosman!!!

    Many posters complain about Arsenal’s lack of recent success in the EPL. That
    is undoubtedly down to weak defending. The League has been won in all but
    one year in 21st century by teams conceding fewer than one goal per game.

    Yet when you listen to Wenger he seems always to discount the importance of
    proper defending preferring to discuss our offensive game and entertainment value!

    Yes of course Arsenal should play entertaining football, but as we have seen
    this season Man City are not only good in that department, but also the best
    team in defence as well. A solid defence makes it much easier to score goals,
    because offensive players do not have to worry all the time about what is going on behind them and the silly mistakes made by the defence.

    If there is one good reason for getting rid of Wenger more than any other it is
    his abject failure to redress this problem. A competent manager does not need
    to recruit the most expensive players. You can produce a solid defence by training them properly as for example Burnley a club with modest means has
    shown this season.

  65. Colin

    Why leave it for certain games to show glimpses of what could be, but them again in the same game ,the all to familiar mistakes ,but our manager chooses to focus on his one man fight against referees .Wegner out.

  66. useroz

    Too many reasons to rid of Wenger and a decade too late…

    Defence has always been medicore to shocking last couple of seasons. Those dropped points would have us competing for major honour, or at least avoid the 8 – 2, 10 -2 embarrassment.

    Frankly, even BIG Sam could lift our game for a season or two the way it is.