Sanchez rumbles greasing the PR wheels for an exit

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One day, we’ll all look back on the internet circa the mid-noughties and laugh at how bizarre it all was. The tribalism, the nastiness, the petty bitching. I mean, I’m not even talking about football here. I thought fans were in a league of our own when it came to weird behaviour, but we’re not. I’m reading sad old shock-journo’s picking on the people of Grenfell Tower, which is bad enough, but then you rummage through the comments and you have perfectly normal looking people nodding along championing being a c*nt like its some sort of enlightened political movement.

When did people get so mean? Who will heal the internet? SOME STEP UP AND SAVE US.

I’m hoping it’s just phase, it’ll pass, the internet is in confused teenager phase and one day it’ll grow up and right the wrongs.

Right, now onto some slagging of Arsene Wenger.

The main news story that carried through from the Palace game was the visible disunity in the squad that was present when no one would celebrate with Alexis. I don’t understand why it’s all been such a shock? You’ve played Sunday league with someone who didn’t go to bed, now imagine that across a season. The players have every right not to be interested. To be honest, Alexis had a bit of a cheek complaining about it.

I think some of the commentary around Thierry Henry and his disdain for Reyes was pointed, he was hardly a standup guy when it came to giving it to his teammates. Remember the daggers he used to shoot Adebayor when he didn’t get exactly what he wanted? Those were dark times. We all saw it.

Anyway, storm in a teacup. Though you can bet your bottom dollar the PR team are loving this, it’ll smooth his exit perfectly.


We have Alan Pardew to contend with tomorrow when we take on WBA away from him. It’s amusing how all the old guard are back in place. Pulis at Boro, Hodgson at Palace, Moyes at West Ham, Allardyce at Everton. The bland gang out in absolute force.

I think we’re in relatively good shape heading into this one. WBA played on the 23rd and lost to Stoke, they drew against Everton on Boxing day, and they have a more winnable game against West Ham on Tuesday. If we score early, it should be game over as they’ll try to conserve energy in the legs of squad that doesn’t normally play so many games in quick succession.

I’m also excited that Jonny Evans is once again being linked to all and sundry, maybe his mind won’t be there. City are the latest club to put their name into the ring. It’s incredible how highly rated he is in the game. I mean, we could probably do with him considering our frailties. We’re playing Chambers at the moment, and that’s not exactly a moment to savour. I like that lad, but he half gets flustered easy. Great on the ball, shaky at the back. I really hope moving forward we prioritise pace in all our players. How we landed a centre back that young and didn’t check how fast he is I’ll never know.

We might see a bit of rotation, though I’m not sure who drops out? Jack Wilshere playing 5 games on the bounce in a thick set of games doesn’t sound like a good idea, but who is the alternative? It’s likely going to be the same with Aaron Ramsey still out. Maybe we’ll see a start for Welbz? Maybe some AMN? Who knows.

WBA will defend deep and try and hit us on the break, hopefully we’ll have the key to unlock them and I really hope we have the big game performances dropping in from the big names.

Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow you little beauties. x

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  1. rollen

    Wilshere is slower than Granit. Guy is done as top player.
    Next year is the year of Arsenal and Wenger fall and big time.

  2. Dolomite

    Cech – Terminate
    Bellerin -Terminate
    Chambers (modern day Stepanovs)-Terminate
    Mustafi – Keep
    Koscielny -Terminate
    AMN – Keep
    Iwobi – Bench with a view to sell
    Xhaka – Bench with a view to sell
    Wilshere – Keep
    Lacazette – Bench with a view to sell
    Welbeck – Terminate
    Walcott – Terminate
    Sanchez -Bench with a view to sell
    Kolasinac – Keep

    Massive reconstruction job ahead ……

  3. Benjamin

    If the score was 0-0 and that happend on the other end, and Mike Dean didnt give it than people would be saying he was a cunt. It was a penalty and Wenger should just fuck off!

  4. Wenker-wanger

    Penalty? Or not?… I didn’t see it as I don’t watch this shower of shite arsene-al anymore, preferring to listen to some bucket head instead.
    One thing is clear, west brom are not a quality side and to be that close to an upset or wrong decision affecting the result is damning to a team with quality international players like Sanchez and lacazette.
    You know wengers-arsenal are never far away from conceding a sloppy goal and hence throwing a lead away.
    Wenger’s defensive knowledge must be contained on the back of a postage stamp.

  5. Dolomite

    “One thing is clear, west brom are not a quality side and to be that close to an upset or wrong decision affecting the result is damning to a team with quality international players like Sanchez and lacazette.
    You know wengers-arsenal are never far away from conceding a sloppy goal and hence throwing a lead away.”

    Spot On WW

  6. Ishola70

    It wasn’t a penalty.

    Gibbs hit the ball at Chambers from close range player just stood his ground and the arm movement looked to be a very quick reaction to the ball hitting rather than Chambers moving his arm towards ball.

    Mind you if that situation arose at The Emirates with Arsenal needing a goal in injury time to win all the home fans would be screaming penalty.

    That’s the way it is.

  7. raptora

    Lacazette and Alexis was as bad as it gets. Obviously they will get slated by me. They are supposedly our best players and they played like a bunch of average players. Wenger or no Wenger they have a reputation to defend and especially Lacazette has been a big disappointment since his arrival. Give me Lukaku every day of the year. At least he has top quality in certain areas, Lacazette is not great at anything.

  8. follow the money

    We’re going to see a lot of Wenger moaning I’m afraid. All the teams outside the top four turn it up a notch after Christmas to avoid relegation. Happens every year. We just don’t have the quality of offensive players to beat anyone except the teams in the relegation zone and quite often not even them. Our collapse may come sooner than next season if ozil and Sanchez down tools.

  9. TR7

    Wenger on Henry

    ‘There are people who are paid to talk, it’s difficult sometimes when you are paid to talk, to talk, to talk and only say things that are true and intelligent.’

    Thierry is not going to get a role at Arsenal. To be honest Thierry is incredibly dumb as a pundit.

  10. Carts

    Wilshere has a bit of acceleration. First 10 yards he good. At which point he needs to relate as it.

    Xhaka on the other hand ….

  11. Ishola70

    “You’re blind, the ref gave a penalty so your opening statement is factually incorrect”

    Of course and it is perfectly understandable why it was given at the time.

    But vid replays show that really it was not intentional handball.

    But as you say given and that’s the end of it.

  12. Pierre

    Cheers for the link for the penalty…

    Can you explain why kieran Gibbs didn’t even Appeal for a pen, looks like he is ready to take the ball to the corner flag.

    Surely Gibbs would be the won claiming the hand ball as he is closest.

    The link actually confirms what any fan with even a low level of football knowledge would know, that the ball was played towards the hand….. end of..

    I look forward to reading Le grovellers comments trying to justify why it could /should /would be a penalty….

  13. Bob

    Out with this British core crap now.
    First team midfield xhaka and cazorla only reason the British crap play
    becuse santi is injured

  14. Samesong


    Who cares about Gibbs reaction? Their fans were the ones shouting for that pen

    Forget about all that.

    You should be questioning why Gibbs was able to get into that position with so much ease.

    As you are the are the groveller king please explain how West Brom was going to be a stroll in the park today?

    As for the penalty seen them given before.

  15. Ishola70

    lol. Good.

    That’s cleared up then.

    For any that think that this present Arsenal team can go on a good winning streak, not unbeaten streak but winning streak well really they are just living in hope.

    That’s why I findit amusing Pedro’s stance that top four is nailed on.

  16. Davedale

    We can debate and dissect all day and night the fact is if you look at each individual starting today I can only make a case for keeping Amn as he’s young and Sanchez and he wants out anyway. The rest would never start for any of the other top 5 sides and I would argue some of the mid table teams too. Nothing changes til the manager goes and then it is going to take 3 to 5 years to rebuildcompletely and become a top side again. Put a fork in me I’m done until then

  17. Pierre

    We were poor and a draw was a fair result and to be honest I just laughed when he gave it because it was such an obvious wrong decision.
    Petr Čech, I would say is a pretty honest and fair man, you should listen to his words as to why it wasn’t a penalty, never seen him so angry.

    The good thing is, the wrong decision was given in a meaningless league game.. The important games, for me anyway, are the many cup ties that are coming up.. At least there will be VAR for the league cup Semi-Final…

  18. Marko

    Wenger on Henry
    ‘There are people who are paid to talk, it’s difficult sometimes when you are paid to talk, to talk, to talk and only say things that are true and intelligent.’

    I’m surprised he doesn’t respond to criticism by crying fake news like a certain narcissistic megalomaniac cunt does.

  19. Samesong


    I listened to Cech mate
    Pardon the pun and as you laughed st the decision so did I, but beyond my bias I could see why it was given looking at the replay. And my interpretation of it is why does he move his hand towards the ball ?it’s not coming to him at any pace. It’s a very strange reaction. Almost like a spasm.

    Mike Dean is a c***t but are players are and manager are embarrassing.

  20. Pierre

    “As for the penalty seen them given before.”

    The interpretation of the hand ball law changed for this season so I doubt if you can find a decision in the prem similar to today’s penalty.

    I could probably show you at least 50 or more instances this season where the ref has refused a penalty even when it was a more obvious shout (man u yesterday is a case in point)

  21. Marko

    The good thing is, the wrong decision was given in a meaningless league game.. The important games, for me anyway, are the many cup ties that are coming up.. At least there will be VAR for the league cup Semi-Final…

    So you don’t judge the manager or the club on their league performance anymore just how we perform in cup competitions? How convenient. Not European cup competitions surely. Great having fans like you… keep this sinking ship afloat I say

  22. Pierre

    This is my last comment on it (probably)

    He did not move his arm towards the ball after Gibbs had kicked the ball… Cech it out..

  23. Redtruth

    Well if the ball didn’t hit Chambers’ arms, it would have hit his chest/abdomen,so never a penalty

    So according to you he can catch the ball and still no penalty would be awarded.

  24. TitsMcGee

    Top 4 is not completely out of the question because it’s such a low bar to have to clear. Liverpool, Spurs hit a bad patch of 2-3 games at the wrong time and we slide right in.

    That’ll be Wenger’s “get out of jail free” card for the season though so you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be trumpeting that as some kind of massive improvement and point to it as a reason why he should stay on as manager.

  25. TR7


    Are you deliberately playing devil’s advocate? Catching a ball and being hit by it on your arms from 2-3 yards out are different things, the former is deliberately done while the latter is often accidental. The fact that the ball was going nowhere makes the penalty decision look even more silly.

  26. Bamford10

    Arsenal were poor; indeed there were times when West Brom — the worst team in the PL — looked the better side. Yet you still have Arsenal fans complaining about a (fairly straightforward) penalty decision. It’s just pathetic.

  27. raptora

    “People have to stop telling me Lacazette is doing a bad job because he’s getting bad service. Ozil has been supplying him all season. Don’t be ridiculous.”

    Pedro’s take on our french star striker.
    With him all along. Lacks so many qualities for a player with weak physicality.

  28. Bamford10


    Where the ball is going is irrelevant. And intent is not the only factor. Where the defender’s arms were/are positioned matters, and Chambers’s arm was way away from his body. Definite penalty, IMO.

  29. Bamford10


    I don’t think Liverpool or Spurs will be hitting any bad patches and if they do I can see us hitting worse ones. Wenger’s days of finishing fourth no matter what are over.

  30. raptora

    “The decision is a tough one on Arsenal. I’ve seen it and wow, he could not have given it, could have given it, whatever, but we deserved the break.”

    Pardew doubts the decision but our own Arsenal fans, the holy saints, say it’s a clear pen. Laughable.

  31. Marc


    The laws of the game state that it must be deliberate to be handball – that wasn’t a pen.

    If that had happened on the half way line Dean would have ignored it all day long.

  32. Elmo


    Coq, Elneny, Wilshere: keep two. You’re going to keep Wilshere and Elneny, aren’t you?

    He may not be a world beater, but he’s much better than the other MF bench warmers we have in the squad.

    As for Cazorla, if we want to replace him then we should be in for Arthur from Gremio tomorrow morning, but I assume it’s too late as many of the European giants have actually done the prep work needed to actually build a bond with the player and agent over the past few months.

  33. graham62

    If the same incident had happened and it was a WBA defender who had handled the ball, and the penalty had not been given, what would we all be saying. Arsenal were robbed!

    The moment it happened, I knew the ref would point to the spot. Chambers made an involuntary movement with his arm, or should I say ‘twitch’, towards the ball. That’s what Mike Dean saw.

    The truth of the matter is that Arsenal failed to hold on(again), as they did against Liverpool. 4 points dropped in two games that were there for the taking.

    It was probably a fair result.

    I ask once again though, what is the point of Alex Iwobi? Probably a nice lad but plays like a headless chicken.

  34. TR7

    Bamford, so you mean to say the ball hitting a player’s arms in the box is always a penalty if the arm is not tucked in ?

    My understanding is and I guess general consensus is if there is a definite intent to stop the ball or arms are too wide inadvertently, only then can a penalty be given.

  35. Samesong

    The moment it happened, I knew the ref would point to the spot. Chambers made an involuntary movement with his arm, or should I say ‘twitch’, towards the ball. That’s what Mike Dean saw.


  36. graham62

    It was a penalty because the ref gave it. WBA scored. It finished 1-1. .

    As @ Redtruth highlighted, if the penalty hadn’t been given it would have been just as controversial and “Pardew would have been spitting venom”.

  37. Ishola70

    His arm was tucked in well enough. It wasn’t a case of a flailing arm at all. The ball was just struck at him from a close distance.

    Jim Beglin on commentary said straight away it was harsh due to the arm being “tucked in”

    Maybe the players should be strapped up with straitjackets

  38. omar

    I can never understand all the hype around Wilshere. All I saw today from him was a burst forward followed by the obvious pass followed by him then stopping dead n his tracks as if admiring his 5 yard pass. How about continuing on to give more options, receive the return pass, pull defenders out of position. No, its a straightforward pass to someone then stop to look on. I saw a play where Rodriguez ended with the ball just outside our box, Wilshere the closest player decides its best to shout at other players to close him down rather than try. Is this the man all the fans are clamoring to take Ozil’s position. Yet again as seen today, when he plays, we drop points more often than when he is not playing.

  39. Wallace

    it’s not 100% not a pen, but it’s 94%/95% ….will depend how much you hate the manager, the position you take on it.

  40. graham62

    JHC! You make an opinion and you get belters.

    As I said, if the shoe had been on the other foot, you wouldn’t be complaining. So all of you belt up and just accept it

    @Pierre you never quite read/fathom the posts of others on here..

  41. kristoman

    Jesus these fans again, we scored a handball against burley last year and you have people here claiming it hit his hand and was not intentional yet we win from that. now that it is against us the referee is a cunt. please, for the love of God all of you get a life

  42. raptora

    All refs + Dermot Gallaher and literally everyone but our fans said the goal vs Burnley last season was a fair goal. Nice of you to bring up a situation 60 games ago. LoL.

  43. Wenker-wanger

    The result helps us avoid 4th place.
    4th place in may and Wenger smirks and spins his “we are back in the champions league after a blip last season”.
    It doesn’t take much speculation to then think that Wenger will believe he is a good manager and sign an extension contract.
    Any shred of success(4th place inc) will have this at sehole clinging to his power like the despot he is.

  44. Samesong

    Petr Cech has failed to save any of the 13 penalties he has faced in all competitions for Arsenal – only two ‘keepers have faced more at a single club without saving one (Brad Friedel at Aston Villa, Craig Gordon at Sunderland both 15).

  45. Jasongms

    Never a pen, doesn’t change how abject a team this is … Still waiting for one of the journalist s to ask Arsene ” so is this the next level ?”

  46. Bob

    Happy New Year!!

    Transfer window open
    Jack wilshere is free to talk to any club he wants now.
    I wonder who wants him??

  47. loyika

    Happy new year to everyone. And Mike Dean is still a c@nt of the highest order.

    Even Pardew said they were lucky to get that, so wondering how the opposition Manager can say that and Arsenal Fans say the opposite. Oh well.

    We move on.

  48. raptora

    Ray Parlour
    It cost Arsenal two points at the end of the game and it was an awful decision. Gary Neville said in commentary that he couldn’t believe it as well.

    I think Calum Chambers had his eyes closed as he went to close him down and he can’t get his arms out the way and I don’t even think Kieran Gibbs is appealing for it. He wanted a corner if anything. His arms are in natural position, what can you do?

    It’s hit him from a yard. He can’t believe it. I feel sorry for Calum Chambers as he’ll be sitting in that dressing room now so disappointed. He can do nothing about it but the referee has cost his team two points.

    Jamie Redknapp
    It’s a horrendous decision, it really is. It’s a grey area in football right now because there’s no doubt at all, that he’s not put his hand to the ball, that’s ball to hand. We want consistency in the games.

    What defenders tend to do nowadays is put their hands behind their backs, just to take it out the equation but there his arms are in a natural position, he’s balanced and if anything he doesn’t want that ball to his arm, it’s a really poor, poor decision.

    Dermot Gallagher
    It wasn’t a penalty for me. I think the player is too close. When Mike (Dean) looks down the line, he sees a slight movement of the arm, but I don’t think he’s aware that that movement is just him getting his balance. He’s taken that as he’s moved his arm towards the ball, but for me it’s too close and it wasn’t a penalty.

    The bad luck for referees is that two incidents occur within 24 hours and they look totally different and have two different outcomes, and that’s why we talk about it, unfortunately.

  49. raptora

    A Man United cult hero, Arsenal legend, Liverpool legend and an ex ref working for Sky precisely to give his take on ref calls.

    All say it’s never a penalty and how bad of a decision it is. The opponent’s manager says they got lucky with the pen. While the ref who gave the kick from the spot was the serial Arsenal offender Mike Dean.

    Yet in this forum Arsenal know-hows claim how we are deluded to think that it’s a pen and how easy of a decision it is.

    Only at an Arsenal forum.

    Other teams forums will twist their own and your hands 75k times before admitting they got a call in their favor. Yet at Arsenal we protest when we get “help” from the ref, and we clap the ref for butchering us. Big effing LOL!

  50. raptora

    Waiting for the day when a Man United fan will say how they played like shit and had to lose to Bayern M in the 99 UCL final by 5 goals instead of winning the game. Or how “play-till-score” or the so-called “Fergie time” is about refs helping them and not “entirely deserved added time”. Barcelona fans to admit that RvP’s second yellow at Nou Camp was part of the usual help they get every single time when things get rough. Or RM fans admit how undeserved they won vs BM last year in the semis when instead of their own player to get red-carded, Vidal got it instead.

    In our very own forums people will usually speak about how lucky the Invincibles feat is. How shitty we played so we never deserved to win. How the other team getting help by the ref was justice in the end cause we played bad anyways. How we probably just edge Burnley to get the 12-th best squad. How spectacular Everton’s summer was and Newcastle through Benitez are going to finish ahead of us while we will be fighting for our survival.

    Happy New 2018 to you guys. May you enjoy your life. Southampton’s nickname should be ours.

    We are a special kind. Only fans in the world of football that prefer to lose through a bad decision, than to get 3 points in a game they didn’t dominate.

  51. Dissenter

    Seriously stop your whining.
    It doesn’t matter what we think or believe. The referee didn’t give it, c’est fini.
    Stop playing the role of a victim. We’ve befitted from dubious penalties in the past.
    Move on.

  52. Buckhurst Gun


    Not a very intellectual analysis, but hey , sometimes we just have to keep things simple

  53. Emiratesstroller

    The debate should not be over whether it was or was not a penalty, but rather
    Dean’s decision making past and present in games involving Arsenal.

    He has cost the club quite a few results and points!!!

  54. raptora

    Sure man, it’s whatever. You’re not going to change your views on things. I won’t either. So it’s pointless.

    I’m just waiting for the next person to say how we lack arrogance, or ruthlessness, or winner’s mentality to grind out results, or we lack ambition, or winning at all costs. Yet we read answers like yours how we’ve been helped before so we should be okay to get butchered by a ref. You get the club you deserve.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    There is always concern whenever Mike Dean is nominated as referee for Arsenal matches. Frankly this outcome was to be expected in a tight game.

    The major issue is of course Arsenal’s poor performance level in this game. In
    absence of Ozil there was little invention or creativity.

  56. S Asoa

    After watching replays from different angles it appears that Chambers hand movement is slightly towards the ball . Might be an involuntary reaction since Gibbs hit very close range . But intention don’t count , only what is seen . So ref would be right.
    After RVP another sale which has come back to bite Wenger arse

  57. useroz

    Happy new year to all.

    After all the analyses, opinions, whining, etc :

    * can the FA, ref association or what it’s called explain the odd numbers around Arsenal games refereed by MD? Statistically not making any sense…

    * when we played the BOTTOM team, and we were not exactly topping the table with 10 pts to spare, why did we put ourselves in that position of up only 1 nil at 89″?? Shouldn’t it be 4 nil or something instead?

    * why hadn’t Wenger fucked off yet? It’s 2018 already…haven’t you done enough damages to the club you shamelessly devoted your ‘love’ and ‘loyalty’ that has been outrageously pauid for anyway?

  58. James wood

    I posted earlier still think it’s a Penalty.?
    You just can’t defend with your arms waving about
    like Chambers does looks like he’s just come out of the
    Ministry of Sound most of the time.
    Jack looks very ordinary and so difficult for him to pick a pass
    when sides are playing with 10 at the back.
    He has lost a yard and finds himself on the carpet more than on those awkward legs.

  59. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Two things still stand out after a good nights sleep. First, Mike Dean is absolutely the worst referee in any level of football, professional or amateur – he should be removed. Second, Arsenal are a poor team who continue to put up indifferent performances against mediocre opposition. The schedule is the schedule and I fail to understand why Wenger continues to gripe over it – get on with it and prepare in advance of it – stop complaining.

    The result yesterday, despite Mike Dean, was nothing to be proud of and more indicative of what the future will bring. Totally expected given Wenger’s insular view of the game and his inability to adapt to today’s game. Expect more of the same in 2018.

  60. graham62


    Not into making resolutions. More concerned with the world becoming a safer and more tolerant place and that those politicians entrusted in pushing forward our own countries development and progression, start to realize that sometimes you have to do and say things that are for the benefit of the majority, rather than just the ignorant/selfish few. No chance there then.

    As for yesterday, still stand by what I said. Anyway, why should we be surprised by anything Arsenal. Isn’t it now engrained in all our psyches, to accept that anything is possible when supporting OUR CLUB?

    We can sit and argue about the penalty decision, but the bottom line for me is that having to watch these predictable and all too frequent ‘dysfunctional’ performances by a club that should be doing far far better, remains a bore.

    I accept that many of us on here will continue to disagree on things, because that’s the way of the world, nevertheless, my own personal perceptions on everything Arsenal will remain as forthright and honest as they have always been, as will, no doubt, your own.

    If you get time, watch a film called WHY HIM?, with James Franco and Brian Cranston(2016). It will make you all feel so much better.


  61. Pierre

    Frankie c
    Agree..Wenger Talking about the schedule is pointless. Its harder for the lower clubs because they don’t have as much depth in their squad..

    Pointless talking about the penalty as unless people check on the new hand ball rule, they will continue to be ignorant of what constitutes a penalty or not.

    Arsenal’s performance was pretty drab…. Iwobi and Bellerin should have made more of the time and space they had on the right hand side… They played safe every time, never tried an overlap, not good enough.

  62. Pierre

    S asoa
    ” . But intention don’t count , only what is seen . So ref would be right.”

    Read the hand ball rules. Will be of help to you.

  63. Pierre

    James wood
    “You just can’t defend with your arms waving about”

    Read the hand ball rules. Will be of help to you.

  64. Pierre

    “And intent is not the only factor. Where the defender’s arms were/are positioned matters,”

    Read the hand ball rules. Will be of help to you.

  65. graham62


    Happy New Year.

    Well aware of the written rules.

    Problem is, human interpretation is what it all boils down to. Mike Dean may be Arsenal’s bad luck charm, but because the rules are not 100% clear, there will always be controversies.

    Rules should be simple-


    Now wouldn’t that make sense and stop all the arguments?

  66. graham62

    Rules are too complicated and make a referees job too difficult.

    OK you may get a few more penalties, but so what.

    Maybe, just maybe, it will improve the art of defending.

  67. Jamie

    Awarding a penalty whenever the ball strikes any part of an arm in the box is a terrible idea. Strikers would deliberately start aiming their passes and shots at opposition players’ arms looking for a penalty.

    We’d start seeing 5 pens a game.

  68. loyika

    The rule should simply be that Mike Dean should retire as a Ref.

    Besides talking as an Arsenal Fan I believe a lot of other club supporters hate the Git as well.

    Not as if we don’t get decisions for and against us by other Refs like M Oliver and co, but Mike Dean’s fcuk ups against us is becoming blatant.

    SAF would have used all of United’s might to make sure that either Dean was never appointed to a United game or would take himself off that game if it was them.

    I believe in respect campaign for the Refs as its not an easy job and also said I would rather not have VAR in the game if given a choice, but my lord, with Mike Dean still in the game I am begining to change my mind.

  69. Don

    Without Sanchez we are fucked.
    Iwobi just isn’t good enough. If David Bentley couldn’t make it into The Arsenal side then iwobi shouldn’t be anywhere near our team.
    It’s over for Wenger. He’s spent large sums now and we’ve gone backwards as a consequence. Have some dignity and resign this summer, please. We don’t even have our style to be proud of anymore. That zippy arsenal Wenger ball that was so pleasing on the Eye. We have nothing but sanchez and he’s got one foot out of the door.

  70. loyika

    @ Don

    Fcuked as in relegation fcuked?

    Simple fact, Top 4 was always going to be a ding dong/touch affair eitherways. I would rather the club make a decision on him early and push the ball in Citeh or whomevers court. Give a deadline and stick to it.

    If he leaves he leaves, if he is to stay he stays we will deal with whatever consequences of both decisions. Whereever we end up at the end of the season is where we will deserve to end up with or without the Chilean.

    Its bad enough having the Manager holding the club to ransom, Alexis should not be allowed to do the same. If he (and whomever) is to be sold then fair enough, be done with it and we move on. SIMPLE!!

  71. graham62


    Happy New Year.


    “Dignity” doesn’t come into it with Wenger. He is consumed/blinded by his ‘MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY’philosophies and whatever we do or say is not going to make the slightest bit of difference, unless, that is, we ALL show some balls.

    If he was going to walk away, he would have done it long ago. He has no shame because he doesn’t give a shit about other views/opinions/ideas. Does anyone really care what he thinks anymore. I know I don’t.

    Your 100% correct. Without Sanchez “we have nothing” and I’m one of those that advocated for Sanchez to leave in the summer. Wenger got that wrong, but, of course, we all knew he would.

    Wenger’s desire to succeed has become a myth. Asking him to “please leave” is not the way forward. He must be forced out of the club and we all know that will only happen when the fans open their eyes and, stand as one.


  72. Mark

    ” We can sit and argue about the penalty decision, but the bottom line for me is that having to watch these predictable and all too frequent ‘dysfunctional’ performances by a club that should be doing far far better, remains a bore.”

    I couldn’t agree more which is Why I haven’t bothered watching the last two games .
    We make shit teams look good simply because we have no plan and are unable to react during a game . As the person who is supposed to be giving those directions, is sitting so far from the touchline he may as well be in the stands.
    Moreso it’s so clear that they aren’t drilled properly at what to do when they don’t have the ball.( and when they do have it )
    This is going to continue, piss poor performances all served up by le Fraud with all manner of excuses , never anything to do with him of course.

    The knock on effect is that far from fearing Arsenal, teams are relishing us coming cos they know that they stand a chance if , they pressure us, we’ll make stupid mistakes, if they sit back they’ll catch us on the counter , cos we like to leave ourselves wide open.

    It’s nothing new, it’s not rocket science, everyone knows it, yet the same problems still persist.
    It’ll be interesting to see how this window goes, as in let’s see how bad he can fuck this one up!

    It just looks like more of the same. Which is why real fans are not unhappy it ended as a draw . The win would just help paper over the cracks for Wenger. It needs to be as bad as possible so that come May , he has nothing to show other than we did worse than last year.

    No cups and finish 6-7th in the league, people will be saying openly “Arsene, how can you be the man to take AFC forward? When you have performed worse than 2016 you’re going backwards surely?”

    It may be the best chance to get him to walk at the end of the season, especially when the Sanchez and Ozil situation could add more fuel to the fire.
    I’m all for the short term pain for the long term gain. Another season of that cunt in charge is going to be slow torture. Which will see this club fall further behind others.

    How people can’t see this baffles me. We are going nowhere but down with Wenger. So to want us to do well is contradictory to this.
    We will only do well once the cancer has been cut out and removed !

    More shit to come in 2018 I’m afraid. That’s what Arsenal fans have got to look forward to.
    Happy New year.