Sanchez rumbles greasing the PR wheels for an exit

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One day, we’ll all look back on the internet circa the mid-noughties and laugh at how bizarre it all was. The tribalism, the nastiness, the petty bitching. I mean, I’m not even talking about football here. I thought fans were in a league of our own when it came to weird behaviour, but we’re not. I’m reading sad old shock-journo’s picking on the people of Grenfell Tower, which is bad enough, but then you rummage through the comments and you have perfectly normal looking people nodding along championing being a c*nt like its some sort of enlightened political movement.

When did people get so mean? Who will heal the internet? SOME STEP UP AND SAVE US.

I’m hoping it’s just phase, it’ll pass, the internet is in confused teenager phase and one day it’ll grow up and right the wrongs.

Right, now onto some slagging of Arsene Wenger.

The main news story that carried through from the Palace game was the visible disunity in the squad that was present when no one would celebrate with Alexis. I don’t understand why it’s all been such a shock? You’ve played Sunday league with someone who didn’t go to bed, now imagine that across a season. The players have every right not to be interested. To be honest, Alexis had a bit of a cheek complaining about it.

I think some of the commentary around Thierry Henry and his disdain for Reyes was pointed, he was hardly a standup guy when it came to giving it to his teammates. Remember the daggers he used to shoot Adebayor when he didn’t get exactly what he wanted? Those were dark times. We all saw it.

Anyway, storm in a teacup. Though you can bet your bottom dollar the PR team are loving this, it’ll smooth his exit perfectly.


We have Alan Pardew to contend with tomorrow when we take on WBA away from him. It’s amusing how all the old guard are back in place. Pulis at Boro, Hodgson at Palace, Moyes at West Ham, Allardyce at Everton. The bland gang out in absolute force.

I think we’re in relatively good shape heading into this one. WBA played on the 23rd and lost to Stoke, they drew against Everton on Boxing day, and they have a more winnable game against West Ham on Tuesday. If we score early, it should be game over as they’ll try to conserve energy in the legs of squad that doesn’t normally play so many games in quick succession.

I’m also excited that Jonny Evans is once again being linked to all and sundry, maybe his mind won’t be there. City are the latest club to put their name into the ring. It’s incredible how highly rated he is in the game. I mean, we could probably do with him considering our frailties. We’re playing Chambers at the moment, and that’s not exactly a moment to savour. I like that lad, but he half gets flustered easy. Great on the ball, shaky at the back. I really hope moving forward we prioritise pace in all our players. How we landed a centre back that young and didn’t check how fast he is I’ll never know.

We might see a bit of rotation, though I’m not sure who drops out? Jack Wilshere playing 5 games on the bounce in a thick set of games doesn’t sound like a good idea, but who is the alternative? It’s likely going to be the same with Aaron Ramsey still out. Maybe we’ll see a start for Welbz? Maybe some AMN? Who knows.

WBA will defend deep and try and hit us on the break, hopefully we’ll have the key to unlock them and I really hope we have the big game performances dropping in from the big names.

Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow you little beauties. x

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  1. Dissenter

    Wenger knows it’s not working.
    It’s so fu*king obvious yet he’s going to wait until the 67th minute of his 811th match to make his 50,666th substitution.

  2. Bob

    Wilshere will get a 8.5 rating and called a hero becuse he’s picked out so called pass.
    Give wilshere a pay rise the best player on the pitch

  3. Guns of Hackney

    I can’t think of a bigger charlatan than Arsene in the history of sport.

    The man is still dining out on the meal he served up 14 years ago. He could solve the Africa crisis.

  4. Dissenter

    “I want West Brom to score to liven it up otherwise I’m going to start cutting myself …”

    What size of razor would you like to use?

  5. Marko

    The man is still dining out on the meal he served up 14 years ago. He could solve the Africa crisis.

    On fire tonight lad

  6. Wenker-wanger

    Nothing short of an arsenal win is to be expected here.
    The gulf in class is significant.
    However if west brom get anything then the finger of blame surely gets pointed at the fool in charge.
    Wenger out.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    Jacky boy ain’t winning any psychical battles. Currently he’s 0-6 against the West Brom grass.

    Cech looks solid.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Truth be told

    I think
    Issac Hayden deserved a chance instead of buying 60 m xhara

    Hayden wax arsenal through n through
    Captained all the way up the youths

  9. ArseneisaFraud

    Has anyone got some duct tape? My eyelids are uncontrollably closing.

    And if anyone has a bad cold, please inform them to watch this game as it should help them with going to sleep.

  10. TheBayingMob

    “What size of razor would you like to use?”

    Blunt. I need the pain to make me realize life isn’t as spirit crushingly dull and numbing as this game …

  11. Ishola70

    wtf was that from Xhaka lol.

    Been easy on him but the cameraman made life difficult with a close-up of Xhaka’s gormless face at the start of the second half.

  12. useroz

    Lcca, sanchez, wilshere not good enough for arsenal at all in this form. Lack the extra something top/WC stars could do.

    Wtf is the like of Iwobi, chambers and even bellerin still in the first 11?

    Mert to come on for Koz.

  13. Elmo

    “The man is still dining out on the meal he served up 14 years ago. He could solve the Africa crisis.”

    Can one of our west African posters contact freshly elected President George Weah in Liberia and encourage him to appoint his mentor Kim Jong Weng as sports minister to help end our nightmare in London?

  14. Ishola70

    Should be looking to take off Lacazette at this stage but the options to replace him to get a goal are not inspiring at all.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are seeing out 2017 in style.

    As welcome as that terrible burn you get a week after visiting a Philippine flop house.

    A repugnant performance.

  16. Marko

    You know certain people on here give United deserved stick for being awful to watch but we’re generally speaking shocking to watch these days. Just going through the motions as a club and it shows on the pitch

  17. useroz

    No fucking souls even thought about blocking tat shot? Just stupidly backing off till chambers tried something too late…

  18. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal aren’t getting the fundamentals right.

    Without a base, no matter how poor…one can not build on it.

    This is the end of the club.

  19. Dissenter

    I thought Sanchez was dividing the dressing room.
    He and Wilshere are the only players that try to make things happen.

  20. Ishola70

    Gonna get one if you keep presenting on the edge of the box.

    Shame that fans were doing the usual smear job on him just because he wants to leave.

  21. Marko

    5 at the back against bottomfeeders that park the bus

    West Brom didn’t park the bus today. They had more chances than us

  22. useroz

    Mike fucking dean DID it.

    1 pen in 28 and today 2 in 29 games. Fuck u.

    Chambers was an idiot with his elbow extended in front too.

  23. TheBayingMob

    To be honest 1-1 is probably a fair result between two clown managers and two teams playing shite shite shite football ….

  24. Marko

    To be fair it’s not a pen and the usual suspects will point to that as an excuse but make no mistake about it we were shocking tonight and West Brom deserved something from the game and those are simple facts

  25. Leftsidesanch

    Thats the problem, Wenger has his excuse gift wrapped because Dean constantly makes bad decisions.

    Arsenal have been poor, can only see it getting worse on Wednesday.

  26. Carts

    Tell Bellerin to fuck off. He’s been utter toilet for 2 seasons, now he thinks he can demonstrate with Mike Dean.

    Only saw about 30mins of the second half, and by God we’re trash.

    Doesn’t Wilshere really want to hang around??

  27. Marko

    Here’s a thought instead of the likes of Xhaka and Bellerin complaining about the penalty decision why not be better players? Just a thought

  28. TR7

    Just looked at that penalty again, right through the middle and still Cech could not save it.

    Chambers hand movement was a bit awkward and perhaps that led to Dean adjudging it a penalty. Still wasn’t one.

  29. raptora

    Chambers had his arms already infront of him. He made no move when he saw the ball coming at him. He had no time. Ball came from 20cm literally. It was ball to hand, not hand to ball. Also not a shoot at goal or anything. I give two fucks for how we played. Teams lose and win undeservedl all the time. It’s should not be a referee giving a wrong decision in order to make justice. Dean has always butchered us. What a massive twat.

  30. Dolomite

    Such a predictable result

    Such utter dross football

    Such a defence that inspires panic from its own fans and confidence for the opposition

    Such a shitty team

    Such a useless manager in WENGER

  31. Davedale

    hard as it is to take we were fucking shit the entire game and didn’t deserve to win. Not one of those players gets more than 4 out of 10 for me. Cech just needs to be let go as I’m sure 197 of his 199 clean.sheets were for.chelsea.

  32. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Mike Dean, without question, is a weasel’s weasel. Wholly unprofessional to the core and should be removed.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    Always thought Mike Dean was a cunt, he’s so fvcking annoying that shitcunt faced goblin. Anyone happy with Mike Dean on this platform is a cunt as well.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Really poor game.

    Both goals were dodgy, a deflected own goal and then a handball which arguably was not a handball.

    Draw was about the right result.

  35. Elmo

    Holy crap! Hadn’t actually realised that West Brom were BOTTOM of the table going into this game.

    We were playing the worst team in the league and put in a performance like that.

  36. loyika

    What is this, a win was not deserved? This is football, do United, Citeh and every other team win games they didn’t deserve? Yes.

    Do we win games we don’t deserve, yes!! But how can one say that because this cunt Dean gave a pen that was not a pen then we don’t deserve to win.

    In the end my point will always be these things even themselves out over the season, but lets not hear any noise when next we get a decision we don’t deserve and win a game.

    FFS! If that was a Pen how the hell was the one yesterday at OT not one. Why the fcuk is Mike Dean still a flipping Ref?

    Was the game a great spectacle, no it wasn’t, but does it need to be a great game for a team to get a result? We were robbed of the 3 points here. We move on.

    Btw Mike Dean is a c@nt!! Always has been and always will be.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Referees are only human, but this cunt always go out of his way to be a cunt especially against certain teams. He’s so self absorbed that he looks a right cunt

  38. Bob

    Sanchez wins the free kick then scores from it but give wilshere a new contract??

    What the hell did wilshere do today’s game? Was a freaking hero again?

  39. Dolomite

    Thank you Goonah

    The harsh cold facts are that Arsenal SHOULD have beaten West Brom by more than one goal …..that would have made Mike Deans stupid decisions IRRELEVANT

  40. raptora

    Lol at Arsenal saints saying that a draw is a fair result. Their team gets an unfair penalty against them and they say it was only fair. Honorable as the manager. No other fans like ours. All other fans would get an ugly win to a glorious defeat. But not ours. Then they pump mouninho for grinding results. Cannot make it up.

  41. Dolomite

    You know youre going into hostile territory

    You know Mike Dean is a cunt

    You know a fast start and early goal are crucial

    Yet you play Iwobi and Bellerin down the right

    Let Iwobi play 60+mins

    …..and expect 3 points?

  42. UTarse


    This isn’t to do with an ugly win or undeserved. We are an ugly football club with the ultimate ugly fraud at the helm. A divided team on the pitch, divided fans on the stands and all because of a manager that is taking the piss out of both.

  43. ArseneisaFraud

    Definitively not a penatly but considering Dean hates us, the bastard had to give it.

    But unfortunately the scoreline does reflect what we deserved out of this game.

    On another note: AW still complaining about the schedule. The same guy who is against having a Winter break as it would break with the tradition of playing football at Xmas.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Soft penalty, not unfair or clearly wrong. Not like a dive with zero contact.

    Chambers’ hand is not raised fully but it is in a weird position and he is sticking it out as if he’s leaning on something or about to shield his face.

    Honestly the tantrums are embarrassing and smack of a detachment from reality. This is football, you get those for you and get those against you, we get offside goals, we get away with penalties that should have been given and are not.

    Don’t know, maybe it is just apathy, could not give less of a shit.

  45. Elmo


    I think the situation surrounding Wilshere is that regardless of whether he’s a ‘top player,’ it’s clear he is far better than both Elneny and Coquelin. Can Arsenal afford to let a player who is clearly better than the dross in the squad leave for nothing, when if he leaves, he probably needs to be replaced at the cost of £20m+?

    Bearing in mind giving Wilshere a 3 yr £90-100k pw deal will cost roughly £15m, you might as well hold onto him, save yourself the hassle of having to recruit an above average PL midfielder, and get rid of one of the average PL midfielders in the squad (Coq / Elneny).

  46. Wenker-wanger

    When is this selfish, horrible piece of shite Wenger going to leave.?
    End our misery Wenger. You have held us hostage for years whilst you have postured as a top flight manager and miserably failed by any standard.
    We deserve a break, give us back our club and hope for the future.
    Just do the decent thing and resign!

  47. Dolomite

    This isn’t to do with an ugly win or undeserved. We are an ugly football club with the ultimate ugly fraud at the helm. A divided team on the pitch, divided fans on the stands and all because of a manager that is taking the piss out of both.

    Big up yourself UT Arse, this is all on Wenger, not Mike Dean or the fixtures

  48. Goonah

    I still hold a grudge against that african sniper we had on here 5-6 years ago that promised he would take care of Wonga

  49. Samesong

    What was it that lead to Gibbs being in that situation in the first place did we give the ball away? All I can remember is shitty Welbeck trying to cross the ball on the left side with his right foot. Shit cross to their player.

  50. follow the money

    Wenger crying about the refs and the schedule again. Here’s a tip; try not being a smug, arrogant, condescending turd, eh? We are so boring I admit I don’t even bother anymore. I’m waiting for Wenger to go so we can see what the new coach and scouts can do

  51. Pierre

    Congratulations samesong

    You are the only one on here who thinks it was a penalty.

    Very rarely does Le Grove nearly come out in 100% agreement.

  52. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Gonna say it, Danny Welbeck was born with two right feet. As lousy a striker as you will ever find – couldn’t hit the broad side of a county if it stood two feet in front of him.

  53. James wood

    Sorry that’s a Penalty all day he has had time to FEND it away with his arm.
    We really have some shit players and I’m afraid Chambers is one.
    Yes Mike Dean is poor and had another one here but he got the pen right.

  54. Samesong

    Very rarely does Le Grove nearly come out in 100% agreement

    Pierre read what Cesc said very balanced

    And I’ve seen soft penalties like that given

    What happened to the 4 goals we were supposed to score?

  55. Pierre

    “Chambers’ hand is not raised fully but it is in a weird position and he is sticking it out as if he’s leaning on something or about to shield his face.’

    Was his face in front of his bollocks.

  56. Dissenter

    This referee conspiracy manners will be back to remind us why Arsenal are the most persecuted club in the world.
    It happens, Burnley have lost three consecutive games to us with these shady decisions.
    Deal with it and moove ops.

    We were as entertaining as watching paint dry all game.